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Image Credit: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas at Arhayas Productions and The AquafereionIndigo Shield

The 12 Feathers of Aquafereion


The 12 Feathers of Aquafereion refers to the 12 specific Aquari Angelic Human hybrid Tribes that were last seeded on Earth by the Aquari 13,400 B.C.-10,500 B.C., to upgrade the Seeding-3 (800,000 Years Ago) Angelic Human DNA with return of the Seeding-2 (3,700,000 Years Ago) NaVA-Ho Spanner Core Ascension Gate Codes.


Prior to this, the “12 Feathers” lineage had been imbued within sections of the 12 Tribes Angelic Human races of Seeding-2. This more recent “12 Feathers” genetic upgrade imbued Seeding-3 Human race lines with the potential of Spanner Core Gate Ascension Passage, which was not part of the Seeding-3 Angelic Human gene code.


The Seeding-3 “12 Feathers” DNA upgrade was orchestrated by the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host races and Krystar Adashi-Adepts, via the NaVA­-Ho Aquafereion hybrid races from Seeding-2, to prepare Seeding-3 Earth humans for Kryst-Host Ascension in the event that Earth’s Amenti Star Gates and Templar, to which the DNA of Seeding-3 Earth races was “keyed,” fell to Metatronic Black hole Alignment before or during the scheduled SAC (Stellar Activations Cycle) Star Gate Opening Period of 2000 – 2017 A.D.


During the period between 13,400 B.C.-10,500 B.C., the Aquareion Races from Urtha were attempting in bio-regenesis with the Angelic Human and Cloister tribes here because they were getting genetically decimated by the continued building of the Leviathan Races and the interbreeding and forced interbreeding. Our races here were losing the codes that would allow them to run the Star Gates. Urtha is USG-3 (Universal Star Gate-3). Earth was hosted into Urtha during the Fall of Tara 550 MYA (Million Years Ago).


Representatives of each of the Seeding-3 Angelic Human “12 Tribes” races (7 Root Races and 5 Cloister Races) were invited into the “12 Feathers” Hybridization Program, resulting in creation of a “Family of 12 Aquari­ Aquafereion/Angelic Human hybrid Ascension Host Races” on Earth, 7 “Aquari-Human” lines and 5 “AquariIndigo” lines. 


The 12 Aquari hybrid human lines were referred to as the “12 Feathers,” each “Feather” representing a Tribe line within the “Family of the 12 Feathers of Aquafereion Ascension Host Races” of Earth. In contemporary times, the dormant Krystal River DNA coding carried by contemporary descendants of the “12 Feathers of Aquafereion” lineage, is progressively activating as the “12 Feathers” are being progressively awakened to activate the Planetary Aquafereion Shield and Krystal River Host on Earth.




During the “Great Netting” period of 13,400 B.C., the Annu races did certain things to the planetary electromagnetic fields that caused a wiping of the race memory through the Epigenetic Overlays of one layer of the NET. The NET refers to the 25,500 B.C. installation of the Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction.


So in this period of 13,400 B.C., we had a memory wipe and whatever was on planet got its memory wiped through something that affected directly the Epigenetic Overlays that shut off portions and fragmented other portions of the DNA. We had no race memory after this point.


Because of the Great Netting, the Angelic Humans and Cloister Race Humans (the Indigos) of this planet, had lost so much of their DNA template coding that they were going into Bio-genetic failure which means they were going to lose their ability to hold Krist frequency. That is when the Aquari races, the AuroraAquari races of Urtha got involved directly.


They approached certain groups of Cloister Races who still had some functional coding left; the Cloisters (the Indigos) were approached first because they had more codes to begin with than the Angelic Human 12-Stranders. They approached them and they asked them if, in couples, if they would like to come and live on Urtha and to participate in a 3-way conception.


Now that doesn’t mean 3-way sex. A couple of Indigos from Earth, a male and a female, would couple and a conception occurred. Once the couple was brought together and a conception had occurred, then the Aquari ones transmitted energy directly into the fetus. It was done through the palms, and that energy exchange would allow the genetic template carried by the Aquari Aurora race to join the template. So, there were 3 sets of template codes: 1 set from the male Indigo, 1 set from the female Indigo, and 1 set from the Aquari.


This is how they began putting in the Aquari codes into the Indigo Cloister line of Earth, and they started that in 11,600 B.C. That first generation of babies that were born by that 3-way conception was called the Aquafereion. Aquafereion refers to the ones that are hybrids between Cloisters/Angelic Humans and the Aquari lines from Urtha. The first-born Aquafereions were raised on Urtha and remain there. Their race lines remain there. Some groups of them later were brought to Earth.


After the first group of Aquafereions were seeded or birthed on Urtha, they were the prototypes for the rest that came later. They were raised on Urtha, and then their children were offered the opportunity to come back to Earth as the 12 Feathers Cloister line. So, they were seeded back on Earth after the first generation that came from Earth and went to Urtha for the bio-regenesis.


Then from that, there were the 12 Feathers made where all the Angelic Human tribes were offered the opportunity to have the same type of conception but not have to go to Urtha to do it. They would have the 3-way template set by the races of the children of the ones that were raised on Urtha. This occurred around 10,550 B.C.


Then there were more generations progressively brought in, the 12 Tribes. So it was a huge regenesis experiment going on. They did it to try to salvage the Angelic Human and the Indigo Races here. They brought in the Aquari gene line so that each of the Angelic Human races had a chance to bio-regenerate their Kristiac potential back.


Kristiac Race Imprint


Carbon-based life is mutated. The Angelic Human imprint, the Indigo imprint, any of the Kristiac Race imprint is the Silicate Matrix, the 12-Strand pattern of the Krist. We are supposed to be silica-based life forms and interestingly the Aquari Lines are also silica-based. The Aquari Lines were the original prototype used to create the prototype in this Time Matrix for the Oraphim Angelic Humans, the original ones before the Turaneusiams. Therefore, they are probably more human looking than we are.


So it was after the Aquari Lines that we were modeled in the first place when this Matrix was being seeded with its Angelic Human Race Lines. This means that we are very connected to them. Full silica-based Race Lines are breatharians. They don’t have to eat things; they self-generate, they self-perpetuate; they don’t die. They are not just Immortal; they are Eternal.


They can shape-shift; they can change form if they get bored with being in that form. For example, in regards to races, they can experiment with having blond hair and white skin one day, then black hair and black skin the next day, then black hair and brown skin another day, then brown hair and yellow skin, then pink hair and orange skin, then silver hair and blue skin, etc.


The Aquafereion races of Urtha look quite human. They look like human with a little bit more elongated heads because they were the races that were first combined with the Aquari races. They are the first generations of the Aquari races that were first combined with our Seeding-3 Cloisters from Earth when the Aquari bio-regenesis was done. Therefore, they have many similarities to us and we to them, even still, even now.


Assembling and Activating the Aquafereion Shield


The Aquafereion Shield is more than a collective of people or hominids. The shield also includes other life forms such as plants, animals, birds and crystals. The Aquafereion Shield in its larger context is literally full of the world around us and is full of “hiding members of the Kristic family.” In other words, the people of the NET Earth Aquafereion Shield are “not alone here” as “standard bearers of the NET Earth Host”. Our “greater Earth Support Teams” are now beginning their own awakening!


The diverse groups of individuals from all across the globe and from various race lines and cultural persuasions whom comprise the contemporary Aquafereion Host Shield are intrinsically united by both the presently unconscious soul agreements through which they chose their current incarnation, AND by an as yet unidentified inherent DNA genetic link. Through this genetic link, which each member (regardless of race or cultural affiliation) shares as biological and spiritual descendants of the ancient “Aquafereion-hybrid Aquari-Human lineage,” the planetary Aquafereion Host Shield is a globally unified (albeit sleeping) Ascension Force, long ago entrusted with the safekeeping of the life field of the planet upon which they reside.


The Aquari Krystics of Urtha are helping the “Aquari-line” (Aquafereion descent) Indigos and Angelic Humans of Earth to progressively awaken to our macrocosmic purpose of assembling and activating Earth’s “Aquafereion Host Shield.”


With the Aquareion Krystic Ascension Councils assistance and activation, Earth’s Inner Domain “Aquafereion Shield,” the “15-Ring” Planetary RashaLAe Body Host, would progressively awaken one Ring at a time, enabling Earth’s critically damaged Ascension Passages a final opportunity to open via Earth’s Host Star, Urtha.


The Aquafereion Shield will allow Earth to ‘survive’ (and continue to be able to support life) during the next 500-1000 years before the Sun’s final Nova Cycle begins.




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