Image of a magnificent horse. Animals As Teachers

Animals As Teachers


Animals come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves. The types of animals we choose to adopt and take care of are reflective of our selves and the lessons we need to learn. In actuality, the animal often chooses us, rather than we choosing it.


There are short-term connections as well as long-term commitments, as in the case of many wild animal encounters. The short-term lessons are more immediate and may relate to this particular time in your life, rather than an ongoing teaching.


Often the animal teachers move on as the lesson is completed with them, but sometimes the connection is so strong that their energy lingers or comes back in another form.


Whatever the case may be, it is important to be aware of those moments that the animal honors you with its presence. All it asks of you in return is acceptance and unconditional love. Acknowledging its presence with gratitude is a tribute that shows respect for the time any animal has spent with you. 




Horses make marvelous teachers because each horse is unique in character, and they individually respond to people differently. They are also very intuitive and can read people easily. They react to emotions, and if you become very connected to a specific horse, it will almost be able to read your mind.


Horses represent freedom, power and rebellious spirits. Ask yourself the following questions if you have a horse in your life:


  1. Is your rebelliousness taking you where you want to go?
  2. Are you being playful enough?
  3. Are you accepting of your own power?
  4. Do you have wisdom to share but hesitate to do so because of fear of rejection?
  5. Are your manifestations reflective of who you are, or are they a reflection of collective consciousness beliefs?
  6. Are you afraid of success because it will bring more responsibility into your life than you think you can handle?




Dogs teach us about unconditional love, loyalty, playfulness, innocence, strength and courage. Dogs in your life may be asking you:


  1. Do you forgive readily?
  2. Do you embrace life with a sense of innocence and playfulness?
  3. Do you socialize easily and form strong attachments?
  4. Do you stand up for yourself and others?
  5. Are your boundaries clear?




Cats, as most animals do, respond to our energy. They act out our feelings at a subconscious level in order to help us be conscious of the lesson or the message. Cats show us how to be independent and ask for what we want. Ask yourself the following questions in your interactions with the cats in your life:


  1. Do you take enough risks? Or too many?
  2. Are you too independent or not independent enough?
  3. Are you tuning into your intuition?
  4. Do you respect the feelings of others?
  5. Do you take the time to be introspective and find deeper meaning in your life?


Other Animals


Birds teach us about accessing information beyond the physical world.


Fish teach us about perseverance. Insects show us communication and cooperation strategies. Reptiles give us knowledge about releasing the old and embracing the new.




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