Image of a small, sweet bird standing on a branch. Animals As Messengers

Animals As Messengers


We receive messages from Nature every day. The interrelationship between our planet and every living thing is powerful. If we pay attention and are aware of our natural surroundings, we can make the connection between what is going on in our world and how it affects everything around us.


The animals, birds, fish and insects that share this lovely home with us have our best interests at heart. They continuously communicate with us through their presence and actions. We can learn to take the time to listen and understand their spiritual messages.


Becoming Aware of Messages


Animals, whether they are wild or tame, have an energy that is closely related to that of ours. Our awareness of their energy brings a new perception and an ability to see things differently, creating a long-lasting, mutually beneficial energetic correspondence with all. We are here to teach and learn from one another.


Each animal species has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. When there is an unusual or repetitive visitation by a certain animal, it wants your attention in order to deliver a message to you. It could be a communication from your favorite deceased pet or a message asking you to be aware of something presently going on in your life.


Your attentiveness to these messages can bring you peace, clarity and understanding. Once a situation is revealed to you, you are able to deal with it and improve it. You also learn to appreciate awareness of something greater going on in your life than you may have been previously conscious of.


Becoming Aware of Messengers


As messengers, animals can forward communications from the celestial worlds, from deceased loved ones, as well as bring important information to you about something that is happening now. Animals may show up in your meditations, in dreams, or during an energy session, or they may physically place themselves where you will definitely notice them.


It is often difficult to ignore animal messengers as they tend to appear in ways that are very noticeable. However, sometimes you may not see them as a messenger, but assume something else is going on with them because they are acting in a way that is not typical behavior for their species.


Although any animal can be a messenger, birds stand out in this area because of their proximity to the sky. They are thought to deliver messages from heaven. Once you realize the importance of animal messages, you become more aware of the messenger and are not able to easily dismiss rare sightings or unusual actions.


I pay attention when a bird swoops down in front of my car while I am driving, or if I see a boar sitting on the road waiting until I come quite close before it runs off. I rarely spot a deer, but one day while driving, I saw several of them at different times.


Types of Messages


The messages that are brought to us by animals are intimate and timely. They can be a symbol of hope and unconditional love from those who are no longer with us on the physical plane. These messages can help to raise the spirits of the bereaved, as they recognize that their loved ones have not left them completely. They know beyond the shadow of a doubt that, although the physical body may be gone, the spirit lives on.


Messages come in many forms from different situations. The animals in our lives never hesitate to deliver the information we need to know. We just have to become more aware of the messenger. Often, we already know our best course of action but just need that extra little push in order to make the changes that are necessary, to keep forging ahead on our path.




Although each type of bird has its own unique characteristics, they are collectively known as messengers. As messengers, they bring unconscious thoughts into our consciousness, allowing us to soar to new heights of vibration while increasing our knowledge of ourselves as spiritual beings. Birds can be persistent with their messages and often hang around until we get it.


Birds are the bringers of new concepts and change. They help you to manifest new ideas and create the freedom to act on your intentions. When birds are hanging around you in a way that is unusual, expect your intuition to increase and new, positive energy to uplift you.


The following questions may help you gain some clarity and insight when birds are showing up in your life:


  1. Are you having a difficult time starting or finishing a project?
  2. Have you been placing limits on yourself in any way?
  3. Do you feel stuck emotionally or spiritually?
  4. Have you been moody and restless lately?
  5. Are changes happening around you, but you feel unable to handle them?
  6. Have you found yourself feeling more attuned to other people’s energies?





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