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Animals As Companions


Animal Companions’ Roles


Animals are best known to humankind in their role as companions. Our animal companions often become beloved members of our family. For some people, they are a protector, confidante and playmate all in one. It can be as difficult to lose a pet as it is to lose a family member.


Our animal companions also serve an important role on a spiritual level than we often realize. Some animals may help their human caretakers with opening up to give and receive love in their lives. Others may be helping you to release past life karma such as negative or abusive behavior toward animals or the particular animal that’s adopted.


They also assist you with communication, as it may be easier for you to tell your feelings, hopes and dreams to someone who will listen unconditionally, without fear of being judged.


Sometimes pets take on our emotional or physical issue, choosing to do this because of their love for us or because we aren’t able to handle things on our own.


Whatever role our animal companions have chosen to play in our life, they do it with unconditional love and deserve to be honored and respected. It is all too easy to take our animal friends for granted. 


Letting Go


It can be difficult and often painful to let go of our pets when it is their time to leave because so many of us become attached to them. Our animal friends know when they have served the purpose they have come for and will either depart our life in death or loss in any way. Although it’s not easy, rest assured that they are still looking out for you from wherever they are. Just as you move on from one job to another or from one relationship to another, they need to move on as well, once their purpose has been served in a particular area.




Dogs are generally warm, loving and loyal, no matter how they have been treated by their caretaker. Each day is a new beginning, and all is forgiven when the sun rises. Whether you have been gone ten minutes or ten days, you are greeted as if you have been gone for ten years!


Dogs are devoted to those they love. They will never abandon or betray their human caretakers and will set aside their own needs to ensure the safety and happiness of those they are here to help and protect.


A sociable animal, dogs love the companionship of other animals and people. They have a strong sense of duty and fairness, as well as an immediate intuitive knowledge whether or not someone is to be trusted.


Due to their ability to socialize and display unconditional love, dogs are usually the most sought-after pet of any other animals. By observing their behavior, we are able to learn social skills and methods of interacting with others in a way that brings ourselves and others joy.




Cats are known for their mysterious qualities. They can move from charming to vicious within seconds. Very unpredictable, the cat’s self-absorbed, introverted, introspective manner often fools us as to what their intentions are from one minute to the next.


When in the mood, cats love to be stroked and petted and are very loving and calming. However, their independence will tell you when they have had enough. They will move away from you and expect you to respect their fickle moods. As they listen to their own inner guidance, they expect you to do the same.


Cats’ intuitiveness allows them to feel the energy and tune in to the emotions of other animals and humans. This is part of their magic. One day they may be loving and gracious and on another day may hide from you or angrily hiss at you.


Cats are the divas of the animal world. They are known for their gracefulness, sensuality and sophisticated appearance. They expect to be treated royally and bring charm, personality, and often a look of luxury to the home, of which they are very protective.




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