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Angelic Prose


Book Cover Image: “Angel Light Being” Art Print by Finn Olav Olsen


Galaxy of Angels


Galaxy of Angels

I am that I am

In a galaxy of angels

That dream the dreams of life

In its unfolding

In the forever of the celestial sphere

And the undulation of the sea

I am that I am

Divine in a reverie of bliss

In a kiss of Spirit

That loves infinitely

In care of the whole


In the Love of Spirit


In the Love of Spirit

I love that I am

In the fairies of the sky

A mile high in myself

In the care of the angels

That grace the lake

I love that I am

Angelic within

Fostering a human life

In reverie of Spirit

Who blesses my presence

In the love of my Soul


Heart Divine


Heart Divine

I sway with the mountains

In a divine passage

Of the angels of the heavens

That honor my presence

In this life of mine

I shine the light of my heart

Into the love of Spirit

Who graces myself

In a gift of their heart

Sweeping me forward

To foster my dreams


Cascade of Grace and Care


Cascade of Grace and Care

I sway with the canyons

Of the angels

That flower and swirl and twirl

Cascading a motion

Of deep grace and care space

Allowing me to feel awesome

In this play of my life

I love who I am

I am in love with Spirit

The joy expands in my heart

And I am in love


Desert Dream


Desert Dream

In the cascade of the desert

Is a divine ordering of dream

That carries me Home

In the love of the angels

In peace and honor

Of who I am

In this life of mine

I forgive all that is

And all that has ever been

As a blessing of my Soul

I fly high with Spirit eternally


Waterfall of Self


Waterfall of Self

I rush with the angels

In a waterfall of myself

Flowing downstream

Releasing all that is unwell

Blessing each through time

That has crossed my path

Loving myself always

As a self-realizing aspirant

Of a spiritual fostering

Of spirit into matter

I am that I am


Canyon of Your Arms


Canyon of Your Arms

I love that I am

In the canyon of your arms

As an angelic Guardian holding me tight

Through a dark night

Of my Soul

I care that I sway

I weep that I release

The pain deep inside

From the trauma of my life

I celebrate that I love you

For being here for me


Soul Healing


Soul Healing

The sway of the radiant Sun

Blesses and caresses

In an angelic healing of my Soul

That has splintered

I love my Soul

I love the angels of the land

I care that I am

Healing within

Of a vast symposium

Of difficult notions

Embedded in the human kingdom


A New Direction


A New Direction

The love of the cliffs

Caresses my Soul

As angel wings whisper

Anointing my Spirit

To foster my life

In a new direction of change

Bequeathed by nature

To move in a new direction

That serves my homecoming

As a star seed of myself


Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice

The pony from the Land of Fire and Ice

Poses for myself

In the grace of horse nation

Aware of itself

In the love of the land

In love with the people

In care of their kingdom

For all that is

And all that has ever been

On all planets they have existed

In a state of grace


Midnight Sun


Midnight Sun

The caress of the tundra

Is felt as a waterfall in myself

The love of the Land of the Midnight Sun

Is a graceful dream

To foster my life

In the care of the angelic Guardians

Who bless my Spirit

And my Soul

Revitalizing me to carry on

In this life of mine


Garden Isle


Garden Isle

I sway with the river

Of the angels of the Rainbow

In a caress of beauty

In a grace of myself

In love

With the Garden Isle

A home of my heart

A home of my star seed birth

A place I will always remember

In the forever of my life


Angelic Care


Angelic Care

The love of who I am

Is healing within

Due to angelic care

In the love of the Divine

In the notions of truth

Of the care of the whole

I am a part of all that is

And all that has ever been

And I belong

Unto my life

In a sway of Mother Earth


Island of Self


Island of Self

The island of myself

Separates the self of myself

From all others

So that I can know who I am

And what I need to aspire unto

To foster the realization

Of my life

As a blessing of the angelic Guardians

Of the Divine

Who nurture my journey

Into the Source of myself


Apexes of Life


Apexes of Life

The apexes of my life

Foster the glide

Of ups and downs

That trigger my mind

To understand

And interpret my world

As a divine space

To love and cherish each

In my life

So that I may complete

And fly Home


Only Love


Only Love

The rock people of the quarry

Send the love of their hearts

Sharing of all the paths they lived

And for each who realized something

Beyond the human quagmire

Of a need not to love or share

Or not forgive

Or not find compassion

For one another

Somewhere through time

There is only love and nothing more


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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