Image of rainbow angel wings in the clouds to represent Angelic Humans.

Angelic Humans


Guardians’ Dispensations (From 2000-2012)


Earth humans that have 12-Strand DNA potential are of Angelic Human Heritage. They can reclaim their rightful Ascension heritage of the Christos (Kristos) 12-Strand DNA Template Potential and serve as conscious guardians of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates on Earth and be free to exit the Time Matrix into the Energy Matrix consciousness level.


Angelic Humans with 12-Strand DNA Template are born with three strands of 12 activated.


Prevention of the Anti-Christos (Anti-Kristos) Agenda (Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest) is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560 million years ago.


Guardian Races


Angelic Human and Indigo races were sent into this Time Matrix as a guardian, protector and healer force, intended to protect the living Time Matrix from the Phantom Matrix system and to assist, if and when possible, in the reclamation and redemption of the Fallen races and Universal Systems.


The primary earthly human lineage is an Angelic Human Christiac (Kristiac) Grail Line that carries the dormant 12-Strand DNA Template potentials. Certain portions of earth human Grail Line population carry the 24-48 Strand DNA Template of the Rishi and Yani (Yanas) “Eieyani Grail Lines.”


The Eieyani Grail Line humans presently incarnate on Earth are known as the Type 1 and Type 2 Indigos.


Eternal Life Ascension


The ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within a physically manifest form is conditional upon having a minimum 12-Strand DNA potential, a “Holy Grail Line” or “Christiac” (“Kristiac”) genetic code.


When the frequencies of the Density-4 (Dimensions 10, 11 and 12) and above are embodied, a biological being can undergo full cellular transmutation, returning to the Density-4 Liquid Light Pre-matter state for full Ascension out of Density, rather than experiencing repeated cycles of death and rebirth within the Density system life cycles.


A being with a sustained activation of 12 DNA Strands and resulting embodiment of the Maharata and its corresponding 12 Dimensions of conscious awareness is known as an embodied “Mahara” (bearer of the Maharata eternal life current), “Avatar” or “Christed Being”.


Divine Commission


Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the first time since 208,216 B.C.


The Angelic Humans on Earth are being reminded of the need to fulfill their original Divine Commission as Planetary Stewards and Keepers of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex.


The Angelic Human Race was created as a race line that could embody 12 activated DNA strands in a biological form and could bring that possibility of 12-Strand DNA activation into the lower frequency bands within the Time Matrix.


The Angelic Human Race was created as a race line that ANY other race line could incarnate into and pick up the codes needed to reclaim the possibility of 12-Strand DNA activation and reconnection with their Christos (Kristos) God Self. This mission is part of the much larger mission of the Christos (Kristos) Realignment Mission.


Guardians’ Dispensations (From 2012 – Present)


Due to Fallen Angelics’ infiltration and exploitation of all 12 Tribes of Angelic Humans since Seeding-1 (25,000,000 Years Ago), Seeding-2 (3,700,000 Years Ago), and Seeding-3 (800,000 Years Ago), The Guardians have modified the Cosmic Dream regarding Planetary Ascension and 12-Strand DNA activation for Angelic Humans.


Guardians’ Vision For Angelic Humans


1. To engage and achieve bio-regenesis of the earthly Ancient Angelic Human and DhA-Yah-TEi Phim genetic lines in order to prevent extinction of these lineages.


2. Angelic Humans may resume the original purpose of Planetary Templar Command for which they were created after successful bio-regenesis.


3. To assist planet Earth and its life field in progressive expression as its Eternal Authentic Identity A-RHI’-Yah, through progressive transfigurative ascension into the Eternal DhA-Yah-TEi Planes of Internal Creation.


Guardians’ Mission For Angelic Humans


1. To assist contemporary and future humanity in reclaiming its Ancient Angelic Human and DhA-Yah-TEi Phim Bio-Spiritual Heritage of Freedom, Eternal Life, Eternal Authentic Self Expression, Biological Transfiguration and Elemental Command.


2. To help people create powerful, tangible Positive Life Shifts by progressively clearing mal-adaptive patterns from the KarUsic/Chiasmatic Plasma Templates and corresponding neuron-networks and biological systems.


3. To redirect, detangle and neutralize old mal-adaptive neuron bundles (faulty bioelectrical pathways), while simultaneously stimulating growth (neurogenesis) of new multi-dimensional neurological pathways that will regenerate and awaken dormant, ancient bio-sensory (the 12 Human Senses) and atomic transfiguration abilities.


4. To engage progressive evolution and re-genesis of the contemporary earth human biological form and identity toward the objective of enabling continued biological environmental compatibility with the UpShifting frequency/radiation spectra of the planet.




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