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Angel Archive #6: Sacred Brunch


Brunch is a luxurious moment to share with Spirit. Sometimes brunch is helpful to your mindset too for so many of you work too hard and celebrate too little. Brunch is a time of celebration over a midday meal that can delight and also sustain the body in light wave motion if it is of the right food resources. The wrong brunch food resources on the other hand will kill you otherwise over time. What is right and what is wrong? Salads and fruit are right and desserts and pastries are wrong.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana is a vegan and abstains from all alcohol. Therefore, she does not recommend eating eggs or fish or consuming alcohol, however, the Archangels requested that she shares the following information.)


Organic Eggs


Eggs are delightful with vegetables and not potatoes. Eggs should be reserved to three times per month as a 2-egg omelet and not more as the fats cause problems with the heart, spleen and liver over time otherwise in light wave motion. Eggs are gifted at resurrecting tissue if they have gotten blown out. If in a time of resurrection, eggs can be consumed four times per month instead of just three.


Finding restaurants that offer scrambled tofu is another option to choose for breakfast or brunch if you need no more eggs this week. Salads and fruit are also welcome with brunch along with fish if offered on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Smoked salmon is sometimes helpful to the mind but needs to be devoid of the bagel and placed over a salad instead to support your health ahead. There are always means to eat out as long as you choose for what is right minded food in extreme light wave motion. This is an extreme light wave motion cycle and therefore right-minded eating is needed unless you wish to die early in this lifetime of yours.


If hungry, a salad can always be complemented with hummus without the pita and served on top of cucumber, celery and tomatoes instead. Potatoes are always best substituted for fruit or a side salad to retain your right-minded brunch excursion into health. Adding shrimp to the salad is good with eggs but not scrambled tofu. Eggs and shrimp compliment. Salmon should be eaten separate whether smoked or not as they do not digest easily with eggs or tofu. Ahi (tuna) should also be separate from both eggs and tofu to foster a complete ingestion of all proteins associated. Consuming a digestive enzyme following any meal with protein is also recommended to avoid gut rot.


Organic Tofu


Fruit aids digestion in small amounts but not too much. Too much fruit following your eggs or tofu or fish will cause digestive disturbances too. Flatulence and rot in the gut can be the result of too much fruit. One small bowl of fruit is helpful however and especially when pineapple is included. Eggs that are free range and organic are always preferred over others raised in cages in which the chickens poop on top of one another. Some restaurants choose specifically for organic only and this is best for both tofu and eggs always. Organic tofu translates into whole DNA and not partial DNA that fosters better protein strains for rebuilding your body. GMO soy products are missing many amino acid chains sadly enough. Leave the GMO to the cows to consume and be all the better in your health.


Protein is needed in all people when extreme light takes flight. The proteins of the muscles and organs break down in extreme light. A high protein low carb diet is prescribed so that the body can rebuild itself recurrently due to how light motions the cells into gases. As the cells vaporize, the body must regrow each one in order to retain its health. Proteins are needed for cell regrowth and not carbohydrates as much. The high carb diet of most humans in today’s wonder world of a metropolis of fast foods is a death warrant for your life in extreme light. Have less carbohydrates and have more protein and you will feel better in your health.


Salads and Fruits


The mind needs it salads and some fruits. Salads are greens for life. Greens support the blood and the major organ groups in cleansing. Fresh fruit juices cleanse the liver and spleen leading to healthier blood. Blood rot is diverted in extreme light when you have a salad per day. Do not avoid the salad. Some salads are not wise including coleslaw or anything made with cabbage. Cabbage is a blood rot all of its own and to be avoided.


Some fruits are useful and others are not in extreme light. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes foster carcinogens that lead to cancer in extreme light. Other fruits do not, so avoid the orange juice that is fresh squeezed in the mimosa at brunch. Have only the champagne and you will be better off as the bubbles aerate the abdomen allowing digestion to be better for the whole.


Light Wave Brunch       


Brunch is a delightful dream to prepare for yourself at home alone, or with fine company you care and sway with in the heart. Love enhances the motions in any meal allowing more light to be present in whatever is cooked or shared that nourishes the body, mind and spirit of each present. Prepare the meal in deep care and the angels will come near to share in the dreams of your life. Angels love food that is beautiful and does not smell of odors that make them feel unwell. Foods that are odorous to spirit should be avoided including garlic and onions along with cabbage which are the most noxious to spirit. When eating out, eliminate the garlic and onions or cabbage and you will be all the better with your angelic team after. The below recipes are designed to digest well together in a magical brunch you cook for yourself ahead.


Coconut Fruit Bowl

(3 Servings)


1 Box (Tray) Organic Strawberries

1 Box (Tray) Organic Blueberries

1 Box (Tray) Organic Raspberries

2 Kiwis

1 Can Organic Whole Coconut Milk

1 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice


Cut the strawberries in half and place in a beautiful serving bowl. Sprinkle in the blueberries and raspberries. Remove the skin of each kiwi and cut in thin slices. Place the kiwi on top for a beautiful presentation. Whisk together the coconut milk and the pumpkin pie spice. Drizzle on top and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.


Scrambled Tofu

(3 Servings)  


1 Package Organic Tofu

¼ Cup Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Thai Yellow Curry Paste

2 Handfuls Fresh Spinach

12 Gourmet Cherry Tomatoes

1 Medium Zucchini



1 Bunch Organic Red Leaf Lettuce

1 Organic Red Pepper

2 Kiwis

1/3 Cup Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar


Cut the red pepper into thin slices. Remove the skin of the kiwi and slice into thin rounds. Place all salad ingredients in a salad bowl and toss. Cut up the tofu into small squares. Slice the zucchini into thin rounds. Cut each cherry tomato in half. Place the oil in a frying pan and add the curry paste. Heat up until the fragrance fills the kitchen. Add the tofu first and stir for 5 minutes. Add the zucchini next and stir for another 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes and stir again and serve with the salad on a beautiful plate.


Avocado Omelet

(3 Servings)


6 Organic Free Range Eggs

14 Gourmet Cherry Tomatoes

1 Ripe Avocado

2 Handfuls Fresh Organic Spinach

Avocado Oil or Olive Oil to fry



1 Bunch Arugula

14 Cherry Tomatoes

½ Cup Fresh Blueberries

½ Cup Walnuts

1/3 Cup Walnut Oil or Olive Oil

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar


Hand whisk the eggs in a bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Slice the avocado and set aside. Toss all the salad ingredients in a salad bowl and set aside. Add a little avocado oil in the bottom of a stainless steel frying pan. Add 1/3 of the egg mixture in a circular shape; allow to congeal and flip. Add the spinach and cherry tomatoes on top but not the avocado. Fold when cooked and place on a beautiful plate. Foster the second and third omelet in the same manner. Top with avocado slices and serve with the salad along with fresh juice of choice for a complete meal.


Mediterranean Frittata

(3 Servings)


6 Organic Free Range Eggs

1 Small Bunch Basil

8 Greek Olives Pitted

1 Medium Tomato



1 Bunch Spinach

9 Organic Strawberries

1/3 Cup Pecans

¼ Cup Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar


Crack and place all eggs in a blender. Add the basil and frappe until smooth. Chop up the tomato and Greek olives and set aside. In a glass proof oven baking dish, add the eggs and sprinkle the tomatoes and Greek olives on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes until fluffy. Cut up the strawberries into halves. Place all salad ingredients in a salad bowl and toss. Serve the two side by side upon a beautiful serving plate.


Hot Greek Salad

(3 Servings)


1 Box (Tray) Organic Strawberries

1 Bunch Broccoli

1 Bunch Organic Baby Carrots

13 Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

13 Greek Olives (no seeds)

1 ½ Cups Organic Vegan Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard

2 Tablespoons White Wine (Optional for those who abstain from alcohol)


Wash and cut the flowers of the broccoli off the stem. Discard the stem. Remove the carrot tops and wash, slicing in 1-inch segments. In a steamer basket, steam the broccoli, carrots and mushrooms until tender (about 25 minutes). Remove and place in a large mixing bowl. Dice and add the olives. Blend the mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar and wine in a hand blender. Add to the steamed veggies, toss and serve warm.


Fresh Watermelon Mimosas


1 Small Watermelon

1 Bottle Fine Champagne


Juice the watermelon including the skin. Fill a champagne glass with ½ watermelon juice and ½ champagne and enjoy (for those who consume alcohol).


Strawberry Brunch Smoothies

(3 Servings)


1 Large Box (Tray) Organic Strawberries

1.5 Cups Organic Vanilla Soy Milk

1 Cup Ice


Wash the strawberries and remove the tops. Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth. Serve cold or refrigerate until serving.


Hot Maca and Soy Milk

(2 Servings)


4 Tablespoons Maca Powder

Vanilla Soy Milk

Hot Filtered Water


Place 2 tablespoons of maca powder in each coffee mug. Add hot water and then a dash of soy milk. Mix and enjoy. 🙂 Maca is a good coffee substitute that is very healthy for the blood and mind.


About the Blood in Extreme Light    


The blood grows thick in light if there are not enough enzymes. Adding enzymes to the diet is useful to the blood but meals high in raw foods in combination with proteins are best. Carbohydrates conflict with thick blood and should be reserved separate from proteins and consumed only 2 servings per day max. Carbs are useful for the mind in small quantities only. We will foster an article next on sacred grains with suggested menus that will work well in the blood. Sacred grains also need to be eaten with only certain vegetables and not all as they then grow into thicker blood yet.


Thin blood is another issue that sometimes occurs if there are extreme stress levels in the life. If thin blood emerges, then carbohydrates in the form of sacred grains and certain vegetables may be combined in order to heal its consistency. Once the blood is balanced, a high protein low carb diet must again be consumed in order to retain the health of you.


Blood analysis is something that natural doctors often do foster. If unsure about a thin blood condition, go to a natural doctor and have the blood looked at to see what is really so. Never assume that a high carb diet is good for you otherwise. It is easy to be in a delusion of your own making and muscle test for yourself incorrectly about blood. So do not rely upon muscle testing to know your blood condition. Go to the natural doctor instead. Blood and health go hand in hand in terms of light wave motions to an extreme.


Generally, thick blood is the outcome as the fluids vaporize heavily in addition to the muscles in heavy light transfusion. Make sure to drink fluids all day long to offset dehydration. Electrolytes are also needed for mind balance. Although coconut water is helpful for electrolytes, please also use the humanmade versions for sports enthusiasts, as they are more potent. You may require electrolyte supplements 2 times per week to retain proper fluid ratios in the blood in extreme light.




Teas are wonderful fluids too for you to consider drinking each day to retain your fluid levels. Red tea hydrates the mind. Green tea hydrates the liver. Ginseng tea revives the adrenals for stamina. Chai tea nourishes the spirit and stimulates digestion. Peppermint tea cools the abdomen if your digestion is off. Mango Ceylon tea purifies the blood. Orange zest black tea is useful to stimulate the mind if you are tired. Rosehip tea nourishes the blood.


Make sure you purchase your tea loose leaf and organic. Purchase a glass coffee press or tea strainer that is stainless steel as this is better for the mind. Make large pots and drink hot or iced all day long and you will preserve your spleen. When fluids run low, the spleen begins to die. As the spleen dies, less and less blood substances are produced causing the blood to grow very sick rapidly. So, enjoy your teas daily sweetened with stevia or milky with soy milk and be well in your fluid levels always.




Coffee is also useful to the blood in extreme light wave motion. Coffee is a blood purifier and mind boost too. Skip the milk or cream and use soy or coconut milk instead and you will preserve your liver. Milk destroys the liver in extreme light so shop for those cafés of exotic coffee bouquet that serve milk alternatives instead. It is best to have coffee only once per day and then many types of teas thereafter to preserve the mind. Coffee can over stimulate the mind disabling synapses if ingested more than once per day. So, enjoy your coffee and then your teas thereafter and be better in your mind always. Extreme light produces an issue that is easily remedied with enough fluid. Often the mind bends into extremes of anxiety or un-wellness within. Drink more fluids and your mind will straighten out rapidly.


In extreme light there is a need to know yourself. Knowing yourself requires time to contemplate who you are and where you have been and what you need to do next to live your life to the fullest possible. Taking time to introspect is a need for every human light transfusing. Failing to take time to acknowledge the emotional patterns you are forgiving can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. The liver inflames as the stress of failing to know you is so great unto the biology. Non conscious light transfusion leads to a load of illness due to the failure to realize something about the life. This is a sad time ahead of many diseases for a humanity that fail to know themselves. This need not be so for you, therefore please take the time to introspect daily or into the night when you cannot sleep and be well with what you realize about you.


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