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Angel Archive #2: Fostering Your Life in Light


Fostering your life is a preoccupation of each of you. You think about your dreams and how they shall manifest and what to do next. Some introspect over karma you feel with others and choose to forgive and find compassion. Some focus outward upon issues that need to be transfused through in order to make peace with you. Some percolate over life changes that you desire to manifest ahead in your life. Some meditate trying to listen to the angels that translate words for your Dao and Tao. Some hear their angels and many do not. Hearing angels is an opening to spirit that some have fostered and some have not.


Fostering Mindset Development


Generally, if you can hear your angels, you are easier in your life and in your decisions to be made. You hear what is needed and motion in the direction that Dao and Tao offer as angels speak to you as you meditate in a conscious dreaming function of the mind. Conscious dreaming function is an issue of mind development. Mindset development is in part energetic but also biochemical in the brain. Conscious dreaming capabilities require certain nutrients in order to develop the pineal gland in order to open the third eye gland in order to foster perception.


Perception and hearing are two different functions also of the mind. Hearing spirit requires translation synapses that motion as angels motion in their minds. As your mind motions as angel’s minds motion, then you hear us or interpret our words easily. Mindset development requires a specific set of synapses to develop through time. Synapses require sacred nutrients of silver, gold, zeolite (humic and fulvic acids), protein of the right amino acid chains (tofu) along with liquid minerals. The diet of humanity is usually devoid of these substances unless you choose to supplement your diet to develop your conscious awareness of spirit.


Those that have fostered a dietary supplement as recommended in the Light Wave series function of education have sometimes opened to hearing angels and sometimes not. Those who already had this function, developed the mindset to conscious dream possibly a long time ago. Sometimes without nutrients you can lose the biochemical function of hearing your angels within. If this is so, some of the synapses that wave the mind waves in angel interpretation have died. Reviving synapses requires cleansing as often candida or other toxins coats the cortex through time shutting of vital synapses to your perception and hearing of the nonphysical.


There are juices that foster resurrection of the mind if it has gone dead, one of which is fresh apples. Dead mind leads to one who fails to hear your own guidance from within. Dead mind is a state that most people suffer from most of their lives in the oligarchy society that you live. Dead minds lead to soulless and spiritless lives that fail to understand much other than societal teachings of nothing.


Those who awakened amongst the societal system that are non-seeds fostered an opening to perception that may or may not have actually occurred. The genetics are unwell in the mind of most and the diet is atrocious in many. For star seeds, generally there is psychic perception in youth. Most have psychic openings as children and sometimes get frightened by all the demons and other forces in your family. The fear sometimes shuts down the perception as the child cannot handle what they are seeing.


Later in life, the psychic perception may open again. Sometimes it does and sometimes the perception fails to open again due to loss of mindset. Loss of mindset is a fundamental issue of nutrients in the diet. If there is too much junk food and not enough whole foods, this may be the undercurrent of why you lost your psychic perception of youth. As you add the needed nutrients to the diet and motion light, sometimes the cortex begins to reformat itself and sometimes it does not. The fundamental issue is one of the growth hormone or “HGH”. There are supplements of growth hormone you can ingest in today’s happy world of nutritional supplements gone wild, and perhaps this is wise if your psychic perception and hearing of the angelic kingdom is failing you.


Cleansing the Cortex and Juicing


There is also a need to cleanse the cortex. Candida is one of the main problems for most. Candida is sprouted due to time and attrition and temperature variables that allow the yeast to grow too greatly in many parts of the body and not just the cortex. The cortex can inflame if there is too much candida. Synapses then die off and the mind motions less and less. One sign of less motion is depression. As the mind waves not enough, you feel depressed. A good candida cleanse is needed if this is so. Colloidal silver can aid in the cleanse as long as the blood is pure enough to carry it to where it is needed. Sometimes blood is so impure, it fails to carry the nutrients where they are needed.


A good cleanse begins with juicing. Juices will purify the blood. Juicing is a ritual in most galaxies that star seeds incarnate other than Earth. Juicing is usually three times per year at certain festivities for a month’s duration. Following the festivity and a hearty banquet of delight of the reservoirs of harvest, the juicing begins. Juices are prescribed by the medicine people or those gifted at herbal knowing. Juicing includes fresh concoctions along with teas mostly. Soups are sometimes useful if the weather is cold but generally avoided in times of cleansing.




We angels know those of you who fast heavily from those who do not. The odors are greater amongst those who fail to fast than those who do. Most who feel better in yourself and this is why you eat the way you do. Fasting naturally straightens out mind bend. Fostering a smoothie and teas for the day along with fresh juices makes the mind sing. The depression lifts and the joy of life returns naturally for those addicted to major or minor fasts each year. Fasting can also include foods prepared in a food mill that parallel baby food. Food that is ground up or pureed is considered edible during a fast in most other creations.


Fasting sometimes needs protein to retain mind balance. Not having protein is unwise in any fast. Protein can be fostered in a mash of tofu and mayo, or garbanzo beans as hummus, or other dips that delight the taste buds. The taste buds need to have all five flavors of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy in order to feel whole. Fasting is unwell when you do not foster all five tastes in any given week. There are means of fostering all five tastes as you fast, and perhaps in this knowing you will learn to foster longer periods of cleansing than you have known before. Fasting is a lifestyle in some creations budding into extreme light as nothing else digests in the intestines otherwise leading to disease.


In order to realize what it is about fasting that you dislike, there is a need to relinquish food programming that is societal in the oligarchy society that you live. For one, the society believes you will die if you do not eat meat or eat every day. This is a sick delusion that will kill many in the years ahead given the light gates that have just opened. Meat, poultry and anything derived from animals, rots in light. Milk and cheese will rot also but not eggs. Eggs (for those who are not vegan) are something that many in other galaxies also consume from time to time if there are birds present. Not all planets host birds but eggs are not considered a problem for fasting as long as they are soft boiled. Soft boil your eggs (not sunny side up or scrambled please) and allow yourself the needed protein and oils to keep your mind straight as you fast.


Learn to fast as your society of star seeds were meant to do and you will be well in this emerging time of big light ahead. Big light causes many problems to the colon if you fail to fast along with the blood. The colon burns due to lack of rest due to longer term fasting. Each requires a minimum of 1 day per week on a liquid fast. Every 3 months a 7-day liquid diet is recommended. About once per year a liquid mash and soup diet is recommended for 30 days. This purifies the cortex and allows the colon to revive enough not to burst. The colon can burst in extreme light and this is the end of the life unless you choose to do what is right for the body as a star seed.


The blood runs thick due to too much of everything not really needed in times of light emulsion. The light feeds the blood by causing the molecules to rearrange into nutrients needed by the cells. All that is really requires is water and air along with certain subtle nutrients through time. Most subtle nutrients can be gained by small amounts of fresh foods prepared as juices or smoothies or mash through time provided that they are spawned in nutrient rich land. Alas, this is not so and therefore adding micronutrients to your smoothies or juices is probably needed to retain your health in this light cycle upon Earth.


By and large in big light of Atlantean fostering, most fasted throughout the day on juices or mash of some sort that was delightful to the taste buds. Most Atlanteans dined a lot of alcohol as alcohol spawns the synapses to balance better than food for happier mindset. Many spawned interesting alcohol tastes by fermenting simple formulas akin to vodka or rum in fresh fruit or herbs. The tastes could be sweet and sour or pungent and bitter and somehow in ingesting a shot of each, the taste buds were satisfied along with the mind. Small tidbits of this and that were offered up at night by chefs of the clan but generally they were appetizer servings of three morsels each. This retained health of the blood and intestines in heavy light emulsion of their time period upon Earth.


There is an art to fasting if you really get into it. The fast begins at breakfast where you begin with tea or coffee. Coffee awakens the spirit and the mind and also cleanses the blood in light. If you add coconut milk, this is better for the abdomen and causes the acids of the coffee to neutralize. Tea can have coconut milk in it too if you like it creamy along with stevia as a dash of sweetener. Stevia allows the brain to function more normally and is a good sweetener for light motion. Simple sugars lead to mind confusion and stevia straightens this out.


By midday you are in need of something else, and this is when a good smoothie or fresh juice is useful. Smoothies are thicker and lead to feeling full. If hungry, have a smoothie. If not, have a fresh squeezed juice. Do not skip the juice or your mind will bend by mid-afternoon and you will feel unwell. If there is no juicer at work, buy one and use it. Juices can also be created by adding some purified water to fruits such as watermelon. Cut up the watermelon and add some water and blend and enjoy as a fresh juice. Other fruits are less compatible with this theory, so make sure to use a real juicer in all other cases.


All juices of the right food sources cleanse the blood. Some juices do not and so it is wise to understand the nature of blood cleansing on juice or smoothies or teas as understood by angels in all galaxies hosting human life. We are not new to this subject ever. Always in any light wave society, there are those that like to bend the rules. Generally, each that does so and fails to straighten out and cleanse enough through fasting perishes rather early in the lifespan. Fruits that serves in smoothies are sometimes also different from what serves as fresh squeezed juice.


Fruit and Vegetables to Juice


1. Apples. Apples are a juice you can have daily to keep your blood in balance. Juicing apples every day causes the blood to cleanse and the lymph to motion. Green and red apples are useful intermixed and not separated. The sweet, sour taste will also balance the taste buds along with the mind.


2. Watermelon. Watermelon purifies the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas along with the arteries. If apples and watermelon are available year-round, have apple juice one day and watermelon juice the next; and not on the same day as they conflict in the blood and mind otherwise.


3. Carrots. Carrots are useful to heal the liver. Carrot juice all by itself is a potent liver healing agent if it is beginning to swell. Do not blend the carrots with anything if liver distress is known. If liver distress is not the reasoning for the carrot juice, it can be blended with apples and celery to balance the salt potassium ratios of the blood.


4. Celery. Celery is a useful resource of 7 types of potassium along with salt. The body requires all 7 types of potassium to balance the salt ratios. Too much salt can lead to inflammation of the major organ groups or the body at large. Juicing celery with apples will reduce the inflammation of the cells body wide leading to a downsizing of your bulge too.


5. Kiwis. Kiwis are an amazing resource of ester C. Ester C is needed in the blood each week to retain the health of the body. You can take ester C supplements and this may be wise too given the nature of the growing fields of humanity that are nutrient deprived. Kiwis should not be blended with any other fruit. It may be best to puree the kiwis in purified water or natural sparkling mineral water or coconut water instead.


6. Beets. Beets are an amazing juice to fortify the blood. Fortification of the blood is needed if the red blood cells begin to burst due to big light formulas in certain gate regions that rage through the land. Golden and red beets are each useful in the need of the blood to rebuild. Beets are best alongside apples and not any other vegetable for curing most blood related problems. For medicinal purposes, it is best not to mix vegetables or fruits in one glass. Foster the beet juice first and wait an hour and juice the apples next. Often mixing too many vegetables in your juice confuses the stomach causing the liquid to fail to be absorbed. As the juice concoction passes into the duodenum, it fails to be absorbed fresh and you lose enzyme value in the blood.


7. Kale. Kale is an amazing super food here upon Earth. Super foods have proteins, micronutrients and vitamins all in one leaf. Kale juice is best to be shared with apples and no other fruit. A small amount of kale goes a long way with apples. Juice 3 apples and 1 kale leaf and you are in a good proportion to mend the mind. Kale works upon the mind if it is unwell or is in need of healing as it is juiced.


Fruit Smoothies


1. Coconut Water. Coconut water is possibly the best base for smoothies as it is filled with electrolytes. It is also slightly sweet so that you need nothing other than fruit to blend it with and it tastes good. Coconut water can be blended with most fruits useful to light wave motion blood but not all fruits available on the grocery stores shelves of the oligarchy society that does not understand light at all. Coco water is best blended with the below fruits.


2. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. All berries are rich in ester C and this is needed daily as you transfuse in light wave motion.


3. Kiwis. Kiwis and berries can be intermixed with coconut water or soymilk or coconut milk but not necessarily nut milks. Nut milks conflict with berries including kiwis. Kiwi fruit is a larger berry than strawberries but of similar biochemical nature.


4. Mangos. Mangos are good blended with coconut water or coconut milk but not soymilk nor nut milk. The protein of soy conflicts with digesting the mango as does the fats of nut milks.


5. Watermelon. Watermelon can be blended with mangos, berries, or kiwis anytime. Adding coconut water is best as watermelon conflicts with soy milk, coconut milk or nut milk in its digestive capacity.


Other Useful Fruits


There are many other fruits that are useful from time to time to ingest but not always as they can distort the blood in the wrong direction. We suggest muscle testing all other fruits to consume to discern what is needed in any given week of light wave synergy. Here is a list of fruits that may be useful from time to time and why. Avoid all other fruits as they are not helpful to the mind or blood otherwise in extreme light wave motion. Remember you are a transfusing star seed and the foods of the oligarchy society are not always for you. Be selective and be well in your health ahead.


1. Plums. From time to time another type of vitamin C is needed in the blood. If another type of vitamin C is needed, purchase a small bag of plums and enjoy them. Never make plums or the fruits listed a regular substance to ingest. Too many plums will ulcerate the intestines in light wave motion as the vitamin C is too acidic.


2. Cherries. Cherries are delightful when they are needed by the blood. Cherries foster a cleansing of the liver, pancreas and spleen ducts. Cherries should be enjoyed possibly only twice per year in larger quantities for this purpose but no more. Dining on too many cherries will cause the stomach to grow cancerous through time in extreme light.


3. Apricots. Apricots also provide another type of vitamin C. Sometimes having a small amount of apricots accompanies having a small amount of plums as the two do provide a more complete version of vitamin C for the blood than when consumed alone. Too many apricots will trigger hormonal imbalances in light wave DNA and are to be avoided as a result. Hormonal imbalances can cause circulation distress and tiredness.


4. Oranges, grapefruit, lemon and lime are very toxic to the blood in extreme light. Oranges causes the colon to hemorrhage. Grapefruit can cause the mind to hemorrhage. Lemons and limes go acidic in light wave motion.


5. Dried fruits can be enjoyed from time to time. Dried cranberries are helpful to the heart and mind. Dried mango is to be avoided as it is toxic to the blood. Dried apricots and cherries can be enjoyed too but not frequently or they damage the liver in extreme light. Other dried fruits are really not useful in our perception as they aggravate the colon if consumed heavily.


Healthy Eating


Be well as a star seed as to what you may eat and what you may not. On the odd occasion you may foster something that you normally do not and the body does adjust. You may have a bite of chocolate cake for the coco effect or something like potato chips just because they are there and you need salt. Be aware of why you are eating what you are craving. Sometimes cravings are accurate but sometimes they are not. Muscle test and see what the body is really in need of and eat that as it will satisfy the blood and mind better.


Chocolate is great as long as it is sugar free. Chocolate like coffee is a non mind bend but be mindful of enjoying it without the sugar and be well. The need for salt is also an issue of the blood. When you need salt and muscle test this is so, then add it to your evening meal and be well; and skip the potato chips as the fats are rancid and will cause pus in the blood in extreme light.


Pus in the blood comes from rancid fats primarily. Rancid fats come from potato chips and crackers or other snack foods unless they are “fat free”. If you can find fat free potato chips this may appeal but potato starch is also not useful to the blood as it also causes pus. Pus can also grow to an extreme on a diet high in milk products or flesh. Push causes so many problems in blood it is useful to explain here to gross you out enough that you will cease to eat what is not right for you ahead. Pus causes gangrene. Gangrene are regions of the body that are so rotten that they now create a major infection that could kill you unless you choose for antibiotics or a medicinal dosage of colloidal silver.


Gangrene in extreme light wave motion probably will become the number one killer of many ahead that fail to understand the nature of blood and nutrition and diet in a big light motion cycle. Gangrene can grow in the abdomen and go unknown until blood poisoning grows to be the result. Blood poisoning makes you feel tired and not necessarily sick. As the blood poisoning reaches a pivotal point of loss of life, the person falls asleep and never awakens. The cause is only known if there is an autopsy to ascertain the infection that went unknown.


Give up the milk and flesh and any food that does not work out and you will avoid gangrene poisoning. Also foster the colloidal silver cleanse once per year with 3 quarts over 1 week following by ½ cup per day for a month and ¼ cup per day for life and you will knock back emerging infections that could lead to your death ahead otherwise.


Dips to Enjoy as You Fast       


On a long term fast of 30 days, there is a need to balance the nutrients needed to retain consciousness along with your stamina. Each long term fast requires certain smoothies, fresh and raw juices, and other tastes for the taste buds to feel whole. Whole and complete tastes also lead to a balanced mind through time. Dips are a useful preparation to enjoy any time of the day you are craving another taste other than those that your smoothies or fresh juices provide.




1 Cup Dried Organic Garbanzo Beans

9 Sun Dried Tomatoes

2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

¼ Cup Tahini (sesame seed butter)

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

¼ Cup Sesame Oil


Soak the dried garbanzo beans in water over night. Place the garbanzo beans and sundried tomatoes in a covered stock pan with enough purified water (about 2 inches above the beans). Bring to a boil and then simmer covered on low for 2 hours. Strain and place in a food processor along with the tahini, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Blend until smooth.


On a carb free diet and when not fasting, hummus can also be enjoyed on cucumber slices or inside of baby red, yellow and orange peppers, or with celery and carrots. While fasting, it is best to consume your hummus by itself as spoon at a time until you feel satisfied within.


Tofu Pesto Dip


1 Package Organic Tofu

1 Bunch Organic Basil

½ Cup Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

¼ Cup Rice Vinegar


Place the basil, avocado oil, soy sauce, and rice vinegar in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Cut the fresh tofu into cubes and add it to the pesto in the food processor. Blend again until smooth. Taste and add more soy sauce or rice vinegar to taste. When on a high carbohydrate diet and not fasting, the tofu pesto dip can be enjoyed with a multitude of vegetables julienned on a serving platter. In times of fasting, the dip can be consumed as much as you need to feel satiated in your taste sensations of life.


Artichoke Tofu Dip


1 Jar Organic Artichoke Hearts (preferably in water)

1 Package Organic Tofu

1 Cup Organic Vegan Soy Mayonnaise

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar


Place all ingredients in a food processor and spin until smooth. Place the dip in a glass baking dish. Warm the dip in the oven until heated slightly and enjoy. When not fasting, the dip can be enjoyed on top of a large array of veggies that are cut up. We do not recommend chips or crackers in times of very thick light wave motion as they will tend to clot the blood.




3 Ripe Avocados

½ Cup Organic Vegan Soy Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Chipotle Chili Pepper (or other chili pepper)

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce


Mash all ingredients together by hand with a fork. When you are not fasting, you may enjoy your guacamole on an array of cut up veggies. Corn chips sometimes are helpful to the mind and sometimes not. Sesame blue corn chips are the best but always; muscle test if this is really what the blood needs as you chow down.


The Need for Protein in Fasting


There is a need for protein to stabilize the blood and the mind as you fast. On a fast you can enjoy tofu mashed as in the dips offered above or as you concoct for yourself. Cooking tofu while on a fast is a no no. Warming a dip slightly is okay. Cooked tofu will cause the blood to fail to purify. Raw tofu along with soymilk purifies the blood rather than detriments it. There are also two other options while fasting that might intrigue you to create more protein for the mind. One is to foster a kind bowl of pea soup. The other is to have a large glass of soymilk which is very high in protein. Chocolate soymilk may be a nice treat too.


Learning to purify the body requires resting the gut. The gut is always churning as you consume hard foods. The gut needs to rest in order to renew and not break ahead causing the end of your life in major light motion of field. The gut rests only as you consume juices, smoothies, dips or soup. As the gut rests, the abdomen fills with light evenly. If the abdomen fails to fill with light evenly, there are four problems that are known by light wave angels everywhere. One is that the liver inflames. As the liver inflames the abdomen swells. Over time liver failure occurs. The liver that fails will kill the body through time. The second problem is spleen deprivation. The spleen burns out and fails to produce enough blood fluids. The dry blood sticks and leads to strokes through time.


The third symptom of failing to fast is a dying intestine. Intestines can die off in major light cycles in any galaxy. The solution is to limit the diet to only fluids and mash for 30 days once per year to avoid death of your gut. Mash in other cultures is often a soup prepared with light wave vegetables. Sometimes as many as 9 to 12 herbs can be added to adjust the taste to what the body needs on any given day. Today there are many soups that may work with light wave motion and many that may not. We will explore soups in another chapter ahead.


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