Spectacular and colorful image of the Andromeda M31 Spiral. Andromeda-Aquinos-M31 Galaxy

Andromeda-Aquinos-M31 Galaxy


The reason Earth has been at the center of so much warring and Fallen Angelic attention is because of its place in relation to the M31 Andromeda Galaxy. The Guardians refer to M31 as the Aquinos Matrix or Aquinos Universe (Galaxy).


Aquinos Galaxy is a living matrix; that is our original galaxy. The Milky Way is a part of that Aquinos Galaxy. It fell from there, but not fully yet. Once upon a time, our Milky Way system was a part of the M31 system. There are still gate systems that link them together.


Procyak-Milky Way Phantom Galaxy


Our partial Fall from the living matrix of the M31 Andromeda Galaxy was due to distortions that were created when the natural Krist Codes were bended.


The Procyak-Milky Way Phantom Galaxy was born via the splitting of Aquinos/M31 Andromeda galactic plasma template.


Between 360-350 BYA (Billion Years Ago), the Aquinos/M31 Andromeda Procyus star fell. The part that fell became Procyak-Abbadon, the first star in the center of the Procyak/Milky Way Phantom Galaxy. This initiated subsequent formation of the Phantom Procyak Galaxy/Phantom Milky Way Galaxy Black Hole system. 


A quantum-portion of the fallen M31-Procyus star became Procyon (Canis Minor).


A smaller quantum-portion of the fallen M31-Procyus star became Prolaris, which later engaged encryption-reversal to become the star Polaris.


Polaris is Gaia DN-3, Earth’s Black Hole alignment “North Star”, in conjunction with Vega-Lyra star (which together anchor the “Sextant Clock” mutation to which Earth’s multidimensional anatomy is currently still mal-aligned).


Part of Aquinos/M31 Andromeda ObeYon star also fell to Procyak/Milky Way Phantom Galaxy core, becoming OberYon, discovered and identified in recent times as Sagittarius A* at the center of the Milky Way Black Hole.


So, 350 billion years ago was when the Milky Way Galaxy became independent in space-time from the M31 Galaxy.


Andromeda Galaxy vs Andromeda Constellation


M31 Andromeda Galaxy is different than the Andromeda Constellation.


Mirach, for example, is in the Andromeda Constellation, but it is not in M31. Andromeda Constellation and Andromeda M31 Galaxy are 2 separate things.


The star Mirach (Beta Andromedae) is a prominent star in the northern constellation of Andromeda. It acts as the guide star to three different galaxies: M31 (Andromeda galaxy), M33 (Triangulum galaxy), and NGC 404. When you gaze at this star, it might occur to you that – while Mirach lies at a distance of only 200 light years – it can aid in finding objects that are millions of light years away.


Now, Mirach used to be a part of M31 and the entire Milky Way used to be a part of M31.


Aquinos Matrix


There are 12 Star Gates in one Universal Veca system. Science identifies a Universal Veca as a “Galaxy”. According to the Guardians, the Aquinos Matrix is known as a Universe, whereas scientists identify it as Andromeda Galaxy or M31. Andromeda is just 1 galaxy, central galaxy, around which 12 solar systems orbit.


Science looks up there and sees it and says, “oh, that’s a galaxy,” no, that’s a Universal Veca. And, inside of that there are actually numerous smaller central suns that have solar systems revolving around them. They go in sets of 12; they don’t always just have 12, but they’ll have 12 Primary and then they can have many, many, many other baby ones revolving around them.


Andromeda M31, which is really the Aquinos Matrix, is our natural PCM (Particum) gate system. When we see M31 up in the sky (from the Hubble pictures) we are actually looking at the PCM that is ours that we fell from. We are in the Milky Way or the Procyak Matrix.




Earth being the center of attention has to do with the connection between our system here in the Milky Way Galaxy and the M31 Galaxy. Our planet literally sits in the middle of a larger Star planet called Urtha. We don’t see Urtha when we go out into space because it’s at a different ARPS (angular rotation of particle spin) than we are.


Urtha is actually in the M31 Galaxy. How can it be around this Earth and 2.5 million light years away at the same time? It has to do with the different ARPS.


Indeed, Urtha is around us while at the same time it is in the M31 Galaxy. Earth itself has been a target for all of these ages because it was key to a host for not just this Earth system, or the Sol system, our solar system, but it is the key for the entire Milky Way system. It was the host link. It is through Earth that certain chambers open between M31 and the Milky Way.


Aurora Field and Aurora Ascension Earth


The Aurora Field is an organic Trans-harmonic Multidimensional Spectral Field access to which was set into the Templars of Earth and our Solar System when the Amenti Host Mission was set 550 MYA (Million Years Ago). When activated, it allows part of the frequency spectra from M31 Urtha to blend with part of the frequency spectra from Earth and our Solar System.


The local Aurora Field is part of a larger M31-Andromeda/ Milky Way Galaxy Universal Aurora Field structure that serves as a Universal Host Matrix Field through which the Tri-Matrix Krystal River Host can access territories of the Milky Way Galaxy to keep Ascension Gates open and viable for Hosted Krystic Ascension Cycles.


Therefore, we’re still connected to the Aquinos Matrix through the Aurora Field, and it is an interface field that actually surrounds the Milky Way. It’s larger than the Milky Way but at a different ARPS that allows a connection to still link us in to the Andromeda Galaxy.


So, it’s not just a field that’s between Earth and Urtha. It is literally a universal host matrix that is meant to allow the Milky Way to hopefully, eventually evolve back in to the Andromeda Galaxy. It will evolve back into the Andromeda Galaxy, but the Milky Way is going into fall.


Aurora Ascension Earth is in the Aurora Field.


Giza and Andromeda M31 Galaxy


The ancient Galactic Portal connected from Giza once allowed passage through Sirius B and then through the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda has a Galactic Core that spirals and connects into our Milky Way Galactic Core during the Ascension Cycle.


Currently, there is a tremendous amount of activity underway in this area around Giza on the Earth and the Andromedan Energies. The Giza Portal corresponds to the 4th Gate and the 4th Dimension. This portal is also interconnected to the location of the Hall of Records that releases the Universal memory into the Planetary memory banks (and the Morphogenetic Fields) once the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and Earth Core open.


This makes the Planetary and Soul incarnational memory available to humans with a minimum of 4th DNA strand activations. The Galactic Center and the Andromedan Galactic Core are intersecting. Another way to say this is that we are finally intersecting with the Original Core of our Creation, the Center point of All Union. There is an Aurora Platform that creates passage way between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.


Aquafereion Andromedan Councils


The Aquafereion races were lines that were a part of the original Krystal Star human race lines that became extinct in this Universal Time Matrix after the Electric Wars. When the Mother Arc was ignited in the Earth core, the inner gates which connect to Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the Earth.


The protectors of the Crystal Core are of these Krystic races called Aquafereions or Aquari lines. The Aquafereion councils from Andromeda started to be able to be in contact with the Indigo race lines in 2007-2008.


Many of us are genetically related to the Aquafereion races which have a direct genetic relationship to Christ lineages. Some of us will undergo genetic rehabilitation through our Aquafereion DNA links which connect us to the future planet in Andromeda M31 Galaxy. For some of us this is our future ascended Christos body in the next incarnation.




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