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Ananda Love Archive #1


Blooming into the Love of the Love Within


Mastering Beyond the Division of Care and Hate


The Love of the Love Within


Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with self


Love of the Love Within and Non-Hate      


The love of the love within is a system of forensics motion that is not non-hate. Non-hate is a state that mimics love but is not the eternal love of the Dao and Tao born within as the love of the love takes flight. Non-hate can be delightful to experience as a care of the heart, but requires hate to occur in counterbalance through time. Each swing into the extreme of care that is non-hate assures hateful encounters ahead. Polarity is a flux of division within life when the hate or darker notions arise into the dreams of life. Hate is the most divisive of notions amongst all humans. Non-hate or care does unite some and divide others. The monadic soul family must learn to rise above non-hate that appears to foster care of the heart and hate which divides and rise into the love of the love within in order to cease dividing itself through time.


Love of the love within can only be fostered as birth trauma is erased down the spine. The trauma of most births shattered the love of the love within that was experienced in the womb. The entrance into the world was a forensics shock in most cases. The non-astute delivery systems of hospitals and a non-warm water bath entrance is the main cause of the harm recorded in the nervous system. The terror of entering a world unwelcoming unto the physical departs the notion of hate and non-hate as care in lieu of love of the love within. The life fluxes between experiences of care and experiences of hated or dejection due to how the nerves repose the dreams of your entrance into the world again and again into your future life dreams.


As the body ascended, life dreams were routed into light variations of pagan lore fables while others non-ascending experienced very dark dreams in counterbalance and of parallel anthologies. This was a gift from the planetary lore fable keepers and the demons of care from the natural world who desired those ascending to succeed in health. The forensics of darker dreams can lead to disease or accidents through time. Ascension focuses ascended the body and not the nerves in light dreams that sustained health.


Ascending the Nerves    


As light motions on and transfusion begins, the nerves now are triggered to ascend. The act of ascension allows cellular memories to be accounted for and forgiven through time. The ascension of the nerves fostered as transfusion occurs release discordant to terrorizing memories from birth and life and renews the spine into new DNA that works better with light rays. The discord from the birth trauma arises to be processed by each beginning to transfuse at this time due to the need to heal the nerves.


The nerves are wounded due to many problematic patterns for humans. Toxic environments are perhaps the main cause of the wounded nerves amongst those attempting to self-realize this cycle. The toxins can be released and the nerves regrow to foster healthy light motion through time. A big change in diet is also needed along with supplements that are astute in releasing the toxic build up in the blood, bones, nerves, organs, glands and systems to embody light wave DNA in sustainable health through time. Some require very astute substances that latch upon heavy metals or petrochemicals in order to detox to foster healthy nerves and nerve endings. Each biology is different and needs to be attended unto given age, stature, region of origins and other conditions that may afflict the nerves through time.


The more toxic the nerves, the longer a difficult journey to realize through the terror associated in the emotions of the spine may unfold in the life. Light motions the nerves to quiver in order to oscillate enough movement from the developing mindset through all the nerves of the body. There are succinct rhythms from the cortex to the toes in the feet and back to the cortex that are needed in order to foster flowering light wave motions in the brain. If the nerves are coated in heavy metals, they may quiver too greatly and repose terror, fear, depression, suicidal feelings or other dark emotions unto the mind. Generally, heavy metal poisoning is the underlying cause of quivering nerves in light motion of field.


The heavy metals can be detoxified through astute substances such as EDTA and Zeolite primarily. The skin of the nerves may need to regrow in order for the proper mind-feet motions to occur through time. Regrowing the skin of the nerves is a lengthy process in most at this time. It is important to provide the body with all the micronutrients needed in order to foster healthy nerves for the journey of realization to unfold ahead. Liquid minerals, colloidal silver and zeolite are the primarily substances that allow healthy nerve skin to develop.


If the nerves are damaged badly, as they quiver, the mind records the experience of very dark dreaming. Nemesis takes flight in order to process the memories of hatred or terror recorded in the damaged nerves until it is forgiven and the nerves regrow. The quiver of the nerves often causes an agitation that can raise blood pressure or foster the flavor of becoming severely ill or experiencing the recurrent emotions of strife within. For some this is a very difficult experience to witness and work through in order to foster your realization. Once the nerves regrow, a more recurrent flavor of peace unfolds. Walking, dancing, yoga and swimming will aid the quiver in temporarily repose of peace and wellbeing and are important daily focuses for those experiencing a longer period of nerve regrowth in this cycle.


Regrowing the Spine and Healing Life Traumas


Sometimes the spine needs to regrow in part or in full. The spine requires other substances in order to regrow in full. The spine requires liquid minerals and purines from shell fish and butter primarily to reform. Those upon a vegan diet may or may not trigger a longer time for the spine to heal and regrow. Being pure vegans, Asur’Ana and Per did not experience any delay in the healing and regrowing of their spine.


Within the spine are the records of each birth and life trauma. Most births today are highly painful. The pain from birth records a deep and distant memory of not being taken care of or loved in an entrance that was harsh and shocked the little body. The shock of birth is worse if soul is present than if it is not. Many humans are soulless today and birth traumas therefore fail to afflict their lives. For those choosing to self realize, many chose for a soul infusion in the womb and not by age three instead. If so, the soul also fragmented in the birth shock.


The original birth trauma is recorded in the base of the spine and tail bone. To access the original birth trauma, an ignition must occur from the tail bone to the mind. For some this is very difficult to foster as the spine short circuits where it is damaged and needs to regrow. Other life traumas are recorded in the spine as well.


Time is on a line from the base of the spine to the neck. The most recent traumas are generally recorded in the neck first and then motioned to the vertebrae regions associated with the age range that the trauma took hold. Birth records and memories through age four rest in the sacrum to tail bone region. Memories from four to eighteen are recorded in lumbar four through nine. Memories from young adult years from nineteen to thirty-six are recorded in lumbar twelve through fourteen. Memories from age thirty-seven on are recorded in the vertebrae above.


As light motions on, the memories from life begin to surface again and in particular those that were the most traumatic. The trauma may surface again as emotional worries or strife to the flavor of terror or fear so deep it is difficult to relive. The repeat of the moments of strife is due to the spine motioning in light releasing the records from the cells of the spine. If the spine is severely damaged in a particular region hosting a particular traumatic memory, the experience of internal strife may last longer than most would prefer and until the cells heal. Sometimes the spine needs to regrow in order for the memory to be abated in full from the physical. Regrowing the spine takes generally four weeks for any segment longer than four inches.


The healing teams foster regrowth in the most damaged regions of the spine or nerves first and then less damaged regions second. The most damaged regions generally take time to heal and may host the most terrorizing emotions. The wounds surfacing from the life memories therefore may last or repeat or recur many times as a result. Cellular trauma is often recorded in bandwidths of self too. The self oscillates forward associated with each cellular trauma to be purified in conjunction with the healing of the spine. The more nutrients you can provide to the body to foster the regrowth of the spine, and the more rapidly you may work your way through all trauma recorded in your spine through time.


Nemesis Processing


Some work upon their difficult life memoirs while deep asleep. Those who need to foster something else other than nemesis in the life are generally those who process while deep asleep. Sometimes darker dreams may spill over in the life of those mastering this way due to a lack of bringing to consciousness what to forgive to abate the circumstance until after it has played out. If this is occurring for yourself, intend to bring more of your nemesis processing to consciousness each morning and forgive what is suggested within your heart by your birth Tao.


Underlying all trauma recorded in the spine is the trauma from birth. In order to reach the birth records, a clear path to the base of the spine and tail bone must flux through the spinal nerve. Some self-development cases have so many shorts in the spine that reaching the original birth memory in the tailbone is very difficult.


Sometimes the sacrum or other vertebrae in the spine needs to regrow first. If this is so for you, yoga is recommended to stretch the sacrum and spine adequately to foster the regrowth and release of the records stored therein. Until the birth records are reviewed and released, nemesis dreaming cannot cease. Nemesis dreaming is a resource for processing difficult memories recorded in the nervous repose of self. The problem today is that the damaged nerves take time to mend leading to a much longer time in nemesis in order to give birth to the realization of something else other than forgiving your personal life trauma.


The youth are not in much better of a position in many cases than older adepts. It may be that the rising toxin levels upon Earth is the main cause of nerve damage even in younger aspirants also leading to longer period of nemesis dreaming. The best resolution is to intend the regrowth as needed while working with the light infusion forces of healing teams that foster your mastery levels nightly. The forces are very astute and new teams are arising with better understanding of toxic systems that destroy nerves and how to apply new rays of light to allow for a more rapid regrowth.


In time and as the spine and nerves regrow enough, the flavor of peace in life is restored and especially for those sensitive to the nemesis dreams surrounding your life form. For those who are sensitive, the journey of nemesis from the adept to the yogi of you that thinks divine thoughts can be a very difficult internal journey. Please be well with your journey and call upon the Baba to infuse you with more love in the pink ray of self.


Love Heals All Wounds


Love heals all wounds. Love is the most potent force upon all of Earth and of the Cosmos too. Love is the notion that triggers the cells to renew into new DNA and RNA threads. Love is the notion that triggers the nerves to mend and the spine to regrow. Love is the force that allows for the motions of the star to be born around your subtle body. Love is the space from which you may derive deep joy and gratification at not only being alive but also being capable of witnessing all that you are realizing in your life.


Love is the motion that allows for divine partners of twins or counterparts of fate to find one another and remain together through time. Love is the notion that allows unity to emerge in the community of the monadic soul family. Love is the gift of the Baba in this cycle that desires to cause a rise amongst those realizing something into deeper care of the heart, blossomed through the love of the love within, than possibly fostered in any other cycle.


Love is needed by spirit and soul alike. Love is the motion that allows spirit and soul to repair itself through time. Love is the motion that cares for you and me and others and the nonphysical alike enough to repose in gentleness and honor of all of life. Love is a single word inadequate to interpret all that it means. The nuances of love in the language known as English has all but been lost; but we will attempt to find a few remaining as we write through time ahead.


Love is a force all of its own as an intergalactic interplay that is attempting to heal many regions and creations all at once. There is a pathway to great love opening soon in the Mother Sun dreaming of the planet. As the Mother Sun dream fluxes open in 2026, the love will flourish again in the Aurora of Earth. As this unfolds, the dreams of a potential nuclear war shall be abated off planet.


Love is a fostering not only of the pink ray but also of the blue ray. The two rays do not blend but remain succinct within one another. Blue and pink foster health and regrowth and renewal through time when added together into the small transfusion body. Request of the Baba to infuse your transfusion body with the blue and pink ray to foster your health and sustenance. Some prefer to run white to renew. Although white is helpful, pink is more gracious in allowing the body to feel cared for from within. As the love of the love blossoms within, generally adepts go from running the white ray to renew to the pink ray of sustenance.


The blue ray is for sustainable health when added in small amounts to begin with. Later some may discover that blue is useful in cool transfusion and fosters better sustainable health through time. Hot and cool transfusion systems work together to retain the right temperature of all cells to retain health as each octave is transfused through in time.


Transfusion is an art. Transfusion is also an act of love in its original concept of self. Transfusion is to infuse love and defuse non-love. In the greater schemata of all of existence, this is the only real purpose of transfusion. Some creations hold more love and need to infuse something else. For Earth, she is so diminished of care that infusing love is the main purpose of transfusion now and in many cycles long come and gone. Remember to infuse the love and defuse all else; as nothing else really exists when the illusion and delusion you reside within is finally motioned beyond. All there is is love, love, all there is is love . . .


The Monad in Love


A new monadic family

Is about to be born

To witness the emergence

Of the love of the love within

Amongst a clan of incarnate humans

Upon Earth

Willing to walk their truth

From ascension into mindset development

And realization of self

In deep care of each and the whole

In this life


Monadic Soul Infusion


A new monadic family is about to unfold upon Earth. The monadic family spans time, space and form, and descends into those who are to realize self only in this cycle. The monadic family is regional. Often children who are destined to realize will trigger the monadic infusion of their parents. Sometimes if a large enough group enters a school, a monadic infusion may occur for the teachers along with the entire group due to the need to foster the realization earlier in the lives associated. Monadic infusion is a succinct rhythm of soul that fosters the life to fruition including the dreams of health, beauty, partnership, friendship of kinship, family, community, school and the jobs chosen for. Monadic infusion prospers as there is more dream allotted than in other systems of life upon Earth in this cycle.


The monadic infusion has just begun for the global soul family. There is a four-year time period for the monadic infusion to descend more fully. There are problems in the monadic infusion with parts of it abating those destined for the goal and parts of the monad flowing to others that it should not. Please stay on top of the monadic infusion in yourself and your region during dream time to assure those destined to participate are the only ones that receive the infusion.


There are birth keys for each that is to receive the new monad. Often the birth keys can be moved or replicated through time. There are screening boards of forces to assess all keys to assure that the monad only descends to where it belongs. Allow those with keys to be pushed to the assessment systems always in your circumference of affluence in your region. There are gates that motion soul and dreams from the monadic infusion descending to where it may not belong. Aid your region in shutting and sealing all gates that interfere with the monad in where it is to descend. Make sure that your monad enters your heart and field and circulates in your light motion of field as it should. Shut all personal gates in your transfusion systems that do not align with the Baba and the monadic infusion at this time.


Soul infusion occurs into the bones of the physical. At first soul infusion will occur into the skull, neck and ribs. Later it will descend into the sacrum and spine. Over time and in the postulation of a soul driven life, the soul enters the bones of the legs and feet. A full body soul infusion takes time and possibly up to three years to accomplish as the initial monadic infusion begins. For those just beginning the monadic soul infusion, the journey is unique unto each. The monad assesses your self-development to foster self-realization to aplomb.


Erasing All Birth and Traumatic Life Memories for Self Realization


Self-realization is a striation of self that is unlike other striations of self you have known in this lifetime to date. In order to receive the new self striations, all birth memories and life memories of trauma must have been fully erased out of the nervous repose of self and the nerves and spine of the body must have regrown. As this occurs, you will abate all other striations of self known through time and with others to embrace a new level of self that is to oscillate its dreams and awareness with the monad in directorship. Self-realization is not only Tao orchestrated but also a function of the monadic soul family.


The monad aligns in deep care of the heart. The monad cannot align when there is fear or other issues associated with birth trauma yet reposed in the nerves. As the nervous repose abates all memories of birth trauma and the fear and terror associated, the monad can descend to be more prevalent in the body and in support of the realization of yourself. Tao will foster your realization until the monad can participate and the birth trauma has sufficed to be erased. Realization through birth trauma is an initial transfusion gate and system all of its own. Most may find oneself in the initial transfusion gates and systems to foster a release of all birth trauma at this time. Be patient and allow the physical to mend so that the soul can descend properly through time.


The monad knows what it is facing in your circumstance. The monad has been witnessing your self-development for twelve months. It knows that this is a very difficult time of forgiveness of birth trauma enough to receive your soul infusion. We are unclear about all of it not. There are many new resources descending to aid the clearing of the birth trauma as it appears to be so difficult for most. Please call upon these resources to get at the base of the spine and trigger a release of all the fear and terror recorded in the nerves in your birth. There are sacred light infusions and love motions and notions to aid in the release now available. Call upon the Baba for support.


The love infusion of the monadic relay is not for many. Please do not share the love infusion with any other, even those close to you at this time. If they are destined to realize, then an infusion will be gifted. Some may live in close proximity to those who are not to realize. They are often demonic affluenced and only wish to take. There will be a flux to depart any association of this nature in about four years’ time from the birth of the monadic soul family as a physical repository of experience. Please flow with the life changes as those of parallel monadic infusions are to unite and find one another through time and foster themselves in unison with new life projects. A new dream and new era await you ahead. Those departed from have another life that is not of a realization caliber of self.


Soul infusion takes time. Soul enters and must foster itself from head to toe. Soul makes many decisions as it infuses. You may suddenly find yourself without work or with other life changes unexpected by the self of yourself. Allow soul to direct you where you need to go next to foster itself in the continued infusion. Some infuse and remain in the life if it aligns with soul. Most will find life changes occurring and maybe not in the direction one has believed is to be so. There are other gifts and dreams to be lived ahead.


Do not fear anything and please embrace where you are going and do not attempt to relive the past. The past is not of the soul descending in your monadic infusion. The past is only that which allowed you to arrive to a point to receive the monadic infusion. Those that depart your life are a cast of characters necessary to the act of ascension into self-development and nothing more. They may or may not be necessary to the act of self-realization in many cases.


The Care of the Monad


I am a part

Of a monadic soul family

That cares for myself

And cares for each

And has been awaiting

My arrival into the clan

On the stage of my life

To foster my truth

And the truth of each

In alignment with spirit

In the dance of life


The Sway of the Soul Family             


Sway is a motion of light wave synergy. As the soul family transfuses together, there is a natural sway of light wave motion between parties. The sway causes loft of field and a flavor of wellbeing as well as being nurtured in life. Dreams align to joyous moments in the sway of the soul family. Sway is a natural accord that also is a whole body sensation when the physical is well. When the physical is unwell, it may be difficult to sway. For some, if the nerves are very damaged, swaying triggers grief rather than love due to the vibes striking the sick nerves. It may be better to sway with nature if this occurs repeatedly and until the nerves and spine heal in full. Nature oscillates a sway that does not over amp the nerves through time.


The monadic soul family fosters deep care of the heart. Each motioning in the swing and the sway of the soul family must demonstrate care for one another through time. When well and capable of swaying with your soul family, choosing not to sway with another is an action of non-care of the monad.


Many entering soul family systems may abate sway with others in the clan due to preferences of judgment arising out of parent-child discord in the life. If another reminds you of the mother or father or sibling that you could not sway with, then you may unconsciously choose not to sway with them, although they may be a very kind human being that could enhance your sway as a part of the soul family. Forgive the undercurrent of karma with your parents and children and learn to sway with as many of your soul family as you can. You will only enhance the wellbeing of self and foster kinder and more beautiful dreams in life as you sway with more.


The subconscious choice not to sway was less of a problem a few years ago when swings were planetary in jurisdiction and fostered through the demons of care. You could sway and swing to retain your renewal and youth in ascension with hundreds of thousands of others in most populated regions. Alas the swings fragmented about three years ago and the sway became marginal leading to strife in the continued motion of the sway for self-development individuals. Swings fractured and many fell out of the sway as a result. Swings are due be repaired but there is a motion not to include those who damaged the swings in any region again.


Various Monads Fostering Ascension or Self-Development


There are many monads of many resources of spirit fostering many dreams in this time period. The monads fostering other endeavors still will swing with the new monadic soul family descending to aid in self-realization fostering. Other monads will continue to foster the lives of those ascending but not self-developing. Those who did not ascend are alas soulless at this time. Forgive them as they cannot really foster much other than reactionary mindset and karmic drama through time. Be not a part of the soulless echelons in this cycle but retreat to those who are soul infused instead.


There are many goals and many beautiful humans with variant purposes in this time period. Please love and bless all of them and sway with each that you can. As you sway and they sway, there are many regional upsets that then can also self-heal. There will be many new individuals you will meet ahead that are also a part of your monadic duet. The duets are timed to flux you together ahead.


Honor each entering the monadic soul family in close proximity with yourself in this cycle. Some will have had very different paths from your awareness due to different ascension paths and other derivations of thought-stream that fostered you. You are rare also in your understanding of some things that they may be unaware of. Be caring of each as the journey has not been easy for any this cycle entering the monadic soul infusion system at this time.


The heavens await you in the care of the monadic soul family. Be well with a new future upon your plate and forgive each fellow traveler upon the path of self-development that shall carry on with you as a monadic system of fate ahead. Fostering the love of the love within is upon you. As you realize beyond the birth trauma, love will enhance itself again in your dreams of life.


Where shall the love take you? Will it take you somewhere new or somewhere with those who care? Or will it take you somewhere else into an adroit equation of a new avenue of income? Or will it take you inward to heal something yet more important unto the you of you of you? Whatever the journey, it is a sublime wheel of possibility that only unfolds as the birth trauma is addressed and released within. Birth trauma is unique unto each aspirant. Please call upon the resources present to foster your sojourn into new heights and dreams of other possibilities as a monadic duet of yourself is fostered ahead. Please allow the hate and not-hate to abate and the love of the love within to bloom.


In deep love of the community,

The Tao of Ananda

Tao of Ananda Systems of Self


The Love of the Love Within


Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with self


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Light Wave Art & Glossary



For Mom. I love you.

To all Souls in fostering the Self of you into realization of the Divine. May all on Earth be filled with Love and Light in the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment about to be born.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 6: Mother Sun Dream and Star Seeds. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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