Image of Agartha, the Eighth Continent.

Agartha-The Eighth Continent


Surface humans only recognize seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. We don’t believe that there is another continent inside the Earth. But there is, even physically for the three-dimensional people there. Agartha is Planet Earth’s eighth continent.


The continent of Agartha is massive, and it exists under the entire surface of the Earth. There are countries, states and different kinds of people, just like on surface Earth.


The network of Agartha embraces over 120 subterranean cities. The inhabitants of these cities are descended from the advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Telos is the largest subterranean city, apart from the capital, which is called Shamballa.


Telos and its district are the only part where surface-dwellers feel really at home. There are huge unexplored forests, fields, mountains and oceans that cover great parts of Agartha. Outside of Telos, most of Agartha is five-dimensional.


Source of Life


There is no religion in Hollow Earth, just a belief in the Infinite Creator. The light of the Creator derives from the inexhaustible Source, the Source of Life. They live in unison with the Source, the Light and each other. Together, these represent God’s Love for them.


Residents believe in the eternal Source, the dwelling place of Love. They are all One in this Love. They call their belief the Faith of Light. Everything is One in Love.


Recognizing the God within them should go without saying.




Shamballa is the capital city of Agartha. It’s in the center of the planet. The place has played many roles in history. It is supposedly in the Gobi Desert, in another dimension, and in Heaven. Even though most of Shamballa is indeed in the fifth dimension, part of it is physical and can be accessed by residents of third-dimensional Agartha.


The streets of Shamballa are made of gold, the beautiful houses of marble and precious gemstones, and heavenly symphonies are always playing. Lovely, silvery light bathe the entire city. To Earthly eyes, it is more like a paradise rather than the capital city.


Shamballa is the high-seat of the great Masters. It is the seat of Love and Peace.


Many different races and various types of beings inhabit Shamballa. There are enormous variations, and some are hardly human, except in form. They all have one thing in common: Love of the Infinite Source and of others. The power of Love flows through this place, filling our hearts with overflowing joy and happiness.


The Love Union


There is sex in Agartha, and it’s exactly the same there as on the surface. But they call it Love there. Sex is depraved on the surface. In Agartha, it’s something positive that they respect. They don’t have marriage in Inner Earth, but a ‘union’ of body and soul. They call it the Love Union.


Divorces, infidelity, mistakes and indiscretions don’t exist in their vocabulary. On surface Earth, we live like we are just bodies. In Hollow Earth, they live as Souls with a much higher level of consciousness. They have as much fun as we do, but they stay together all their lives.


When both partners decide to continue their lives together, they participate in a Love Union. A Love Union is not like an Earthly wedding. A teacher blesses the union. They don’t have vicars, just a symbolic union of body and soul. They don’t have divorce, but if one partner should die, then the union is broken. You can only have second thoughts before the union takes place.


Both partners would wear white at the Love Union. They usually wear white cloaks over the white clothes to represent the unwritten pages of the future. The couple can be alone or surrounded by relatives and friends. Everyone likes to come, so the bridal couple is rarely alone. Most people get “married” in the special ‘bridal suites’ in the Library of Porthologos. There would be plenty of onlookers, as ‘By Invitation Only’ doesn’t exist in Agartha. The reception afterwards goes on until all hours, and there is food and drink everywhere.




The typical Agarthan houses are round, roofless, and surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. There are flowers in abundance, even indoors.


The houses aren’t laid out like on the surface where they are crammed together. Houses in Inner Earth are well-spaced. There’s room for a garden and a vegetable patch. If you can’t grow your own food yourself, someone will help.


There are no dividing walls in the round houses, just as there are no roofs. It’s just one big circular space. There are portable screens in case a separate bedroom is needed. The various areas of the room can also be divided with flowers to make it look cozy and welcoming. In the center is the great “living room” which you furnish in accordance with your desire.


There isn’t really a kitchen, just a place near the wall where cups and plates are stacked on a shelf above an ample table with drawers. As for food, you would order it via a machine in the kitchen area. You would press a button and then decide whether you want foodstuffs or a prepared meal. You can also go to a bar or restaurant for food. The food is prepared in the large, round house and distributed from there.


There is a toilet where bodily waste disappears and dissolves ingeniously. You wash and bathe in a pool belonging to the house.


Work and Creativity


Everyone works four hours a day, which gives them time for creativity and time for exercise to maintain their perfect health. They take time off without needing permission. Because everyone has a job they enjoy, this is never a problem.


There’s no money in Hollow Earth, just service. They provide for each other, exchange goods, and waste nothing. There are collection areas for exchange, instead of shops.


They live harmoniously, without hurry or stress. Time doesn’t exist in Inner Earth. There, it’s always just NOW. As long as they think positively and devote themselves to enjoyment and Love, their NOW will continue.


Animals and Dragons


People and animals are friends in Agartha. There are plenty of wild animals roaming freely. All the animals are more or less tame and completely safe, even the lions and bears, those kings of the forest. They don’t hunt each other or humans.


There are dragons in Hollow Earth. They were neither myth nor legend. They were real animals which had roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. There had also been real dragon-riders. Often young boys chose the job, as the training was long and they had to be supple and fit to succeed. Dragons had taken refuge in Agartha when humans began to hunt and kill them. They wanted to live in peace. They had stayed and made their home in the wild mountains of Agartha. Some of them are tame and used as transport.


Dragons are wonderful animals. They are beautiful, and glint in a multitude of colors, but basically they are as dark green as the forest. Inhabitants have invented secure dragon saddles, and take riding classes. Dragons respect the Agarthans.




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