Image of light orbs to represent beings from advanced civilizations helping us.

Advanced Civilizations Are Helping Us


The Ancients have documented specific periods including Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Mayan whereby the ancient knowledge of Pure Potential including the Universal Laws of Oneness and Attraction, as encoded in ancient texts including Sanskrit, hieroglyphics, crop circles, mandalas and cave paintings, would be translated and made available for humans to utilize to facilitate Ascension.


Opportunities to return to higher dimensions and densities have been offered in prior cycles and missed. Previously, each time the information was made available, we failed to break through completely indicating we failed to understand the information provided to us.


As we enter the optimal energetic alignment for Ascension in the Golden Age, advanced civilizations from the higher dimensions are assisting us, many of whom have incarnated into human form, to assure we do not miss this opportunity.


What happens on planet Earth affects the Universe, so it is of utmost significance to advanced civilizations that the dark ages on Earth be reconciled within the Light of the Golden Age so we are able to reassume our rightful place among our universal family.


The progressive changes have required and will continue to require the help of Angels, Ascended Masters, Extra-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials and Ultra-terrestrials. Know with your entire being that the world of love, joy, peace, abundance and harmony you have been co-creating is close at hand. Remember that you chose to be exactly where you are right now so you could participate in this unprecedented time in the Universe!

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