Image shows people embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

A Sustainable Lifestyle


Our lifestyle is the way that we choose to live our lives (such as the values that we believe in and the things that we buy) which reflects who we are. Because all of life is interconnected, our lifestyle not only impacts others but also the planet. Life on Earth will last for many more generations, perhaps even indefinitely, if we choose to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.


Living a sustainable lifestyle means making responsible choices. Some questions we may want to consider are: Am I using the planet’s resources responsibly? Is this my lowest carbon option? Am I respecting the community of life Will this be fair to other people? Am I conserving the planet’s vitality and diversity?


It takes billions of years to produce this wonderful planet which is our treasured home. All life on the planet—including humans, animals, plants, rocks, soils, waters and air—is part of one great interdependent system.  Disturbing or destroying one part of this ecosystem can affect the whole. Our duty as residents of this beautiful Earth is to take care of her so that at the very least the next seven generations will continue to thrive and flourish in peace and abundance.


Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle


Embracing a sustainable lifestyle will gradually realize the vision of a happy and peaceful society, one person at a time. Have you ever had that warm, happy feeling after performing a random act of kindness to help or cheer up someone? Similarly, by living sustainably, we would feel happy and at peace, safe in the knowledge that we are acting responsibly to ensure the survival of future generations.


In our consideration for the welfare of our great grandchildren, we will be able to strike a balance between current needs and future needs. That way, we will make peace with Mother Earth. This is the best way to create a sustainable society. This is how we show our gratitude and honor to the planet.


How does a sustainable lifestyle contribute to an abundant society? This is a hard question to answer as most of humanity is so deeply ingrained in the scarcity principle for so long that even imagining abundance can be difficult. Environmentalists usually associate the concept of “sustainability” with austerity, such as promoting the “let’s ride bikes” philosophy. To them, sustainable does not mean abundant.


What Does an Abundant Society Look Like?


The abundance paradigm is a “win-win” concept that appeals to many people and inspires them to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. What does an abundant society look like? Wade Frazier wrote a very inspiring article, A World Based on Abundance—What it Looks Like; What it Does Not Look Like, which I will refer to in summarizing the specifics. Frazier asserts that free energy is the key to attaining an abundance-based society. He speculates that we currently have the technology to harness free energy to make an abundant world a reality for all on the planet. People living in abundance would never engage in warfare or would want to harm any living beings.  In an abundant society:


  1. Our energy-production methods would not be destructive to humans or the planet;
  2. Our water needs would be met with zero environmental impact;
  3. There would be no exploitation of forests, either to use the forest products or raze the forests to make farmland;
  4. All of our food would be produced with nearly zero environmental impact; we would not dominate/exploit ecosystems to serve human needs;
  5. People would almost exclusively be vegetarian;
  6. We would not need to ravage the Earth to obtain metal, glass and other materials;
  7. Because people would be eating their ideal diet of live food and living in a clean world, almost all of today’s diseases would disappear, and what disease might manifest would easily be cured;
  8. Very little human effort would be required to provide life’s necessities, and that effort would be freely given for the benefit of all.
  9. With an abundance-based reality, human intelligence and efforts could be directed toward Self realization, Self actualization, making the world a better place and having fun, instead of exploiting and violating each other.


Abundance can become humanity’s reality, but do we want to pursue it? The choice is ours.

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