Image of 6 stones stack on top of each other in a bamboo forest. A Series Of Orders

A Series Of Orders That Direct Creation


This chapter is devoted to the nature of orders of dreams surrounding humankind upon Earth. Orders are sequences of dreaming that depart a series of lore of scripts that then direct the life in a particular frequency of drama. The dramas of life are all lore related and there shall be more exposed about other tantric lore not associated with ancient biology with vast spiritual knowledge. However, before we diverge into the tantric lore fables of the Pleiadian kind, we wish to share of the origins of the human dreaming upon Earth.


The orders upon Earth are held in six bandwidths of frequency that restrain dreams in particular sequences of fusion technology. Fusion is a modality of utilizing light bandwidths to hold the fabric of creation together. Fusion holds dreams together, and to the degree that one learns to manage dreams through fusion, the easier it is to manifest. Dreaming in sequences of light is far more reliable in the sequencing allowing one’s goals to come to fruition.


Light bandwidths are constructed through eons of time of light emanating from somewhere generally, that was alive at some time, but may not be in the now. Light bandwidths come from so many variant creations that it is difficult to derive where they originated; and time is on a standstill here in this dimension leading to distortion of the rays. Rays are sequenced in color and frequency and if pure are filled with radiance; when impure the rays are cloudy.


Cloudy rays are mostly what we find upon Earth at this time, and they are leading to vastly difficult dreams ahead unless the karma is cleared at cause. Cloudy rays originated in six bandwidths of fusion that occurred so long ago that the tales associated are a myth today. The myths survive, however, due to the presence of the orders, which are sequences of dreaming for the human species that remain. The sequences line up to match the cycle associated, and at this time we are transitioning out of a Pleiadian cycle and into a new era that is estimated to provide 1,000 years of peace. At this time, we are still sequencing towards a nuclear war, and therefore the moment is ripe to transfigure Earth into more palatable circumstances.


Cloudy dreams lead to confusion in the dreaming that lead to difficult life circumstance. The orders were designed to retain a purity of dream such that lives could unfold in sequences of unity and honor. As the orders became cloudy in light wave synergy, then dreams of disunity befell humanity. Today we can begin to clear the cloudy waves causing the destiny of war to befall humanity and in so doing a new age may dawn. In order to accomplish this, many more need to master light wave thoughtform, and then the possibility of the new age ahead can unfold.


The Six Transfusion Beings


The six transfusion beings were from variant creations that came together through the prophecy of lore of a multi-creation that directed each unto Earth to fulfill upon a special mission. The modality of fulfilling upon the prophecy was for them to transfuse together from Earth. Earth was a vast wilderness of natural world delights and far from a human civilization. They arrived in the beauty and splendor of nature and fell in love and transfused out of their delight. In the love of Earth, the six beings designed a system of sequencing dreams for anyone else choosing to transfuse from Earth. Over time, the dreams inverted and shattered leading to fragmentation and loss of hope of transfusion as a level of mastery to lift beyond the physical scope of reality.


This chapter is devoted to the six who came to Earth so long ago that their presence is only a myth recorded through time; however, they came in deep love and departed in the transfusion in the splendor that this reality once was. This reality may never be what it was; and yet, we can still each associate with nature in a special manner that remains nonetheless from ancient times. This is the lore of the six beings.


The six lores are also sequences of dreams remaining today to attune unto, and script the life dream from, if you are associated with ancient archetypes. The dreams of this nature direct scripts in six manners of association of the nature of each of the six that transfused. Each of the six came from diverse creations and backgrounds. Some were married and the spouse transfused with their partner; others were single and transfused alone. The tales from this are often held in Indian myths today. It is perhaps due to the truth that the six transfused from the grids known as India today that the myths remain.


Transfusion of Shaktar and Shakti


Shaktar and Shakti were a couple from a constellation known as Sirius and arrived upon Earth with a special internal assignment of providing tantric energy flow unto this quadrant of creation. Tantric flow is an ancient management system of practical and sensual delights that cause stagnation to move into happiness, joy and pleasure. Transfusion of sensual energy management is a very unique manner to evolve and involves relationship patterning between divine counterparts and twins. Shaktar and Shakti were twins on so many levels in their holographic sequencing that they were considered twins of twins of fusion.


Ecstasy and joy are a part of tantric transfusion. Partners pair up founded upon unique attributes of love and honor and rise to another level of awareness in the cellular structure that transcends the physical. The tales of Shaktar and Shakti are ancient and carry on in a fashion that is held in tantric lore languages. Tantric lore languages speak in parables rather than straight forward communication. Tantric lore is an adventurous manner of understanding the spiritual lessons to be learned in any sequence of mastery life. Shaktar and Shakti anchored a tantric lore dream that many today still catch in association with tantric communities that may have formed in recent cycles of life.


Tantric lore is about the nature of divine relationship in its dance together. In the days of Shaktar and Shakti, there was a purer aspiration of the meaning of divine relationship. The topic of divine relationship shall be explored in articles to come. Divine relationship is a state of being in which synergy is sustained in ecstatic states of union that ebb and flow in the dream of partnership. The ebb and flow of union causes certain reactions within the two that sustain the mastery into deeper levels of union through introspection of why the synergy dissipated. As the two transcend beyond the dissipation, then the union is restored; and as it synergizes into its maximum potential in each evolutionary sequence, a state of ecstasy is returned unto.


Transfusion in the tantric system of mastery requires two who can sustain the synergy enough to master together, and then enter another state of being founded upon a higher vibration sequence of dreaming that is nonphysical. Nonphysical dreaming of this nature is considered fusion. Fusionists abound that have succeeded at attaining this goal. The likelihood of attaining such a goal given the current state of Earth is highly unlikely in this time period, however, may be attempted if Earth begins to heal of her toxic circumstance.


The fables of Shaktar and Shakti shall be written about in another volume of Light Wave series to come as they are entertaining and provide insights into the nature of spiritual mastery between the two who are beloveds of divine order. The divine order of Shaktar remains as an understanding that is sometimes attuned unto and channeled by those who are perceptive. The dreams of Shaktar are often brought forth in poetic prose as this is the nature of tantric thoughtform. There are famous poets that have aspired to spiritual understanding through tantric lore thoughtform including Kahlil Gibran.


Transfusion of Chathan


Chathan was a master coming from a far constellation known as Arcturus. Chathan came not with his beloved but became enamored with Shakti. For a brief time, the two fell in love and shared of a tantric path that was foreign to Chathan’s understanding. Many who find themselves in love from this lore may succumb to the same script of a brief moment of enlightenment through ecstatic union only to part as this was the only agreements to be fostered in their time period.


Chathan relied upon the ecstatic state of union mastered to foster his transfusion. There was competition in this experience between Chathan and Shaktar and sometimes this script too manifests between those associated in present time. Shaktar and Chathan have been at odds since and sometimes this manifests in the dreams of the orders associated leading to spiritual competition between tribes or groups.


Chathan eventually transfused but was the last of the six beings to manifest his circumstance. He transfused up the Arcturian corridor where he was from leaving a legacy of Arcturian gates and encoding upon Earth. Arcturian encoding is extreme magnetism that leads to polarity of hate and love, war and peace, freedom and imprisonment and life and death. It is Chathan’s transfusion that set up Earth to become a place of hatred in time and when the poles shifted more greatly. Chathan has his karma in this and his order often is associated with holding extreme polarity in transfusion leading to times of warfare in history.


Chathan dreaming is also associated with friendship and companionship along with business associations of bead traders and merchants. Chathan’s dreaming is more civilization based than relationship based. All eras of thriving civilization often are associated with Chathan dreaming including the present economic resources and era of consumerism under foot. The present consumption of Earth is an extreme pole in relation to other times in Chathan dreaming in which balance was sustained. The order of Chathan has been in dominion upon Earth and in the West for 100 years and is to fade ahead leading to an era of Shaktar to follow as this is the syncopation of rhythms of dreaming ahead.


Chathan was a vast master in his time and sequenced many dreams into syncopation into rhythms of other constellations. The syncopations opened vast gates through which those transfusing could pass into other realities upon departing physicality. Chathan was also an extremist in his persona. Chathan dreaming tends to create bounty or stagnation, freedom or fear, petulance or peace, and often sequences in dreams of drama amongst those associated with the order. The orders today are all that remains of the dreams of those that transfused so long ago playing out endlessly amongst those with DNA to participate. In this time period, the dreams of those like Chathan are to be edited to allow for new sequences of evolutionary fulfillment to be born ahead.


Transfusion of Oryn


Oryn was a transfigurist transformatist that was homosexual arriving upon Earth from the galaxy of Taurus. Oryn was flamboyant and learned to transfigure himself into a large palace of gilded and succulent accoutrements including natural world splendor that appealed to the heart and eye. Oryn had companions that were transfused and nonphysical and was happy in his relations in the dreaming between physical and nonphysical realms. Oryn was not lonely as a result and aspired to aid Earth in transfiguring into an even more beautiful place to herald his friends who opened large transfusion gates from many galaxies in response.


Transfusion gates are helpful to transfusion and those who have transfused in times past will venture down such gates visiting creations in existence from dimension to dimension. Earth was considered a revered place to visit in this time period as there was so much love and beauty. Fusionists long for love and beauty and so would venture unto Earth and in time assisted Oryn in transfusing into a nonphysical state to accompany them elsewhere.


Gates from this time period still exist and may open as more choose to transfuse; and some fusionists may return as a result. Earth is not the pristine region of domain as it once was and so the vast numbers of visitors of Oryn’s time period most likely shall never recur. There are records to gather here and karma that needs to be understood and so those fusionists arriving have special spiritual purpose that is associated with end of cycle times of evolutionary fulfillment.


Many who are gay aspirants of the spiritual path may find their way into Oryn dreaming that remains from his transfusion. Oryn dreaming is very transfiguristic and many pieces of literature can be the result of the remaining thoughtform of his transfusion. Transfiguristic literature is very emotional and sometimes introspective in nature along with gifted at depicting scenes and dramas through time. Novelists of all types often attune to Oryn dreaming to write their literature. Sometimes those gifted at psychic endeavors attune to Oryn dreaming for transfiguration support for healing. Oryn dreaming is gentle in nature, soothing the body and soul.


Transfusion of Ramadan


Ramadan was a vastly powerful individual that arrived from the galaxy of Nebulus (configuration of stars in the Orion galaxy). Ramadan was an aspired human that came to Earth in search of something he could not find anywhere else. There were those masters who were known for their proficiency in transfusion upon Earth and offered their guidance in this time period. Ramadan came to study with one great master that did not transfuse in this time period. This master did aid Ramadan in his transfusion but departed and transfused elsewhere in their creation of origin.


Ramadan was so powerful in his transfusion that it took half the time of any other. He aspired to be the greatest transfusionist and acquired the nickname of ‘Rama the Great’ as a result. Accomplishing the task of transfusion upon this dimension of life is no small feat; and therefore, his legacy carries on although the one known as Ramadan has transfused again out of physicality.


Most that transfuse continue to do so until they merge with the consensus at large of a planet, star, galaxy or beyond. As continued transfusion occurs, the consciousness moves closer and closer to homecoming and the ultimate maneuver of this nature is simply to vaporize into particles of gas of pure conscious awareness. It is not assured but Ramadan probably already attained such a state long ago as he was so inspired to fulfill upon his mastery.


Transfusion leaves a legacy of dreaming and Ramadan’s dreaming is about the empowerment of transfusion and mastery as the goal of existence. In some cycles, the over amplification of power has caused distorted abusive leadership to arise to the forefront of humanity. Ramadan would never have agreed unto this, however, this is the underlying struggle with leaving power behind in a creation that could fall into extremes.


The era of Ramadan may inspire another time period of empowering mastery ahead; or may cause further war leading to extinction of Earth. What transpires remains to be seen and is determined by the aspiration of mastery within human consciousness and not by anything else. If enough transfuse into spiritual awareness, the era of Ramadan will lead to the goal of great mastery that can carry Earth into new heights of recovery of her health.


Transfusion of Angelo


Angelo arrived from Sirius as a single man aspiring in his evolutionary fulfillment. Angelo was highly intellectual and anchored portholes of knowledge from 18 galaxies for the purposes of understanding of transfusion. In transfusion, one enters a state of pure conscious awareness. As pure conscious awareness, one understands existence from the magnitude of the viewpoint of God Goddess or the Tao. From the vantage point of Tao, one understands the purest lessons of creation in all of its vast complications as a series of experiences.


Creation thoughtform is what Angelo anchored upon Earth. Those attuning to his archives in present time and bringing them through tap into creation-based theory. Creation theory is an understanding that each is a creator in relation to all others whether in human or other form. Creators are fully conscious consciousness. The consensus is also a creator of the whole and is deemed conscious in its unity, but not in disunity.


Evolutionary fulfillment requires those who have accomplished the task to lead the way. Those attaining a state of transfusion are an example of a consciousness that has mastered, although most of the associated consciousness continued to transfuse into dimensions well above Earth. What remains is what is bringing together a synergy of experience that is multidimensional to exit this cycle of creation experience and move on to other endeavors elsewhere.


Transfusion of Brahma and Vishnu


Brahma and Vishnu were a couple that came to Earth to experience the glory of natural world delights and then carried in into transfusion. The transfusion was successful as they were united in tantric completion in a beautiful sequence of love. The sequence remains as an energetic and emotional plane to attune unto in order to experience divine love. Divine love is not sensual as much as a love of the mind. Love of the mind is the recognition that love flows but without the responsibility of the body in relation to its yearning for sex. Yearning for sex is deemed unspiritual although the path of Shakti and Shaktar would disagree.


Love of the mind is a love that is pure and of the light wave synergy of all that is. Light waves are devoid of sound and emotion. Love devoid of sound and magnetism associated with sensuality is a love that is of Tao. Tao is a force that is present upon Earth to understand the consequences of its own creation based thoughtform so that it may forgive and heal. Healing within the Tao requires love of the mind. Love of the mind is felt in the heart and expands the sequences of dreams surrounding union. Love of the mind is a form of union that is devoid of sensuality between the two. This type of love is akin to two creators that love one another but demonstrate their own mastery as unique systems of unity.


Unity is a state of being that is of the mind. Unity harbors systems of synergy that simplifies the energetic flow between the two or many into sequences of beauty, harmony, and synthesis of dreaming. Dream synthesis aligns dreams in sequences of bridging to fruition the goals of the individual or the group. Unity is paramount to successful dreaming. Successful dreams sequence individuals and groups into the paradigm of light wave synergy. Light wave synergy is a system of dreaming that existed long ago and is about to be reinstated for those mastering at this time.


Incomplete Transfusion


Incomplete transfusion leads to a state of being where the consciousness that flows out of physicality is in deep confusion. The confusion arises out of incomplete dream sequences that were not completed upon in the given life. Transfusion really should only occur when all avenues of dreaming are complete and all experiences are fulfilled upon that were desired to be in physical existence.


Completion is a state of fulfillment of purpose and spiritual goals made manifest in the given life. Completion occurs in sequences of dreams that lead to fulfillment. Humans upon Earth rarely have fulfillment dreams, and therefore transfusing would lead to an incomplete state that does not serve. Therefore, it is important for those fulfilling upon transfusion to choose to complete upon all dreams that are desired in the given life before attempting this spiritual goal.


Fulfillment is a state of being where the sequencing of dreams leads to a state of knowing that all that could have been dreamt has been; and that the dreams are whole and complete. Fulfillment has been vastly compromised in the current state of world affairs and the fractured dreaming of the human species. In order to create fulfillment that leads to a time of transfusion, those mastering must first attain the state of a creator where one learns to consciously dream weave. As dream weaving is mastered, there is a greater possibility of creating a life of fulfillment that then could be mastered through transfusion.


The Six Orders


The six orders related to the transfusions of the six beings remain upon Earth as a sequence of dreaming associated with mastery of long ago. Each offers variant focuses associated with mastery over transfusion. Today the orders permeate all cultures upon all continents where human dreams are dreamt. There is a seventh order that came from the Pleiades and is associated with Melchizedek. The being known as Melchizedek came to Earth in the same timeframe and transfused incompletely. The order remaining is incomplete in its dream sequences and leads to extreme polarity where wealth and poverty, starvation and disease are experienced and expressed.


The seventh order later called a group of humans to Earth that were blue blooded that expanded upon the seventh order. The seventh order moves into power each cycle related to this family. At this time, we are releasing the seventh order from Earth in preparation for the administration of the six orders that would lead to spiritual mastery and a state of enlightenment for the whole. We invite those assimilating this information to choose to relate to one or more of the six orders for your personal dream sequencing in association with mastery.


Mastery requires dream sequencing. Dream sequencing of mastery can flow in the realms of relationship, life experience or world experience through the nemesis associated. Nemesis translates into mirrors; every experience in the life or in dream time is a mirror for one’s own mastery. Mastery is about the transcendence of the laws that govern physicality; and this includes the law of matter, the law of truth, the law of peace and the law of order. The laws shall be written about in more details in articles to come.


Orders and Dreaming Today


Today the orders from the six Beings who transfused completely remain. The Order of Shaktar directs relationship in all of its configurations in the east and west. Relationship dreaming is about tantric fusion in his time era and those arising into light work will discover their relationship dreams best held in Shaktar dream sequences. Dreaming in Shaktar scripts is a spiritual pursuit of relationship mastery all of its own. Shaktar dreaming is useful to add to the dream sequencing for the life experience in relationship to the beloved, partnership or marriage.


The Order of Chathan is best relied upon for business interactions of any kind. Chathan dreaming is associated with the art of liaison and communication in association of dreams of the material world. Dreaming in Chathan sequences for spiritual mastery leads to the belief that wealth or accomplishment somehow equates to mastery when this is not the case. Mastery requires focus inward upon patterning and issues of the heart associated with karma in each inheritance which are not a part of Chathan dreaming. Many in the metaphysical world are caught in Chathan dreaming when it does not serve.


Oryn dream sequences are useful for beauty, art, dance, musical expression or anything related as it is so transfiguristic in nature. Transfiguration can be about beauty in dreaming but is also about mastery. Oryn dreaming allows mastery over transfiguration to transpire. Anchoring an Oryn sequence of dream into any circumstance will beautify the experience in the nonphysical and then the physical. For mastery, anchoring an Oryn dream will allow the experience over transformation to become beautiful in dream sequencing.


Dreams of Angelo sequencing are associated with medical and education-based dreams. Theories of all types at a university level are generally Angelo based in dream weaving. Angelo dreaming is useful in spiritual mastery to understand the creation-based concepts of Tao. Creation based concepts are a manner of relating to one’s world as a creator over one’s life principles. Tao dreaming is a natural level of dream sequencing associated with Angelo. Pure conscious awareness is actualized through dreams of Angelo.


Dreams of Ramadan often involve material world pursuits such as merchants and industry of all kinds. Industrial dreams are necessary to human civilization and the sequencing of Ramadan provides the necessary vision of the structure of human cities and suburbs. Law is also sustained through Ramadan dreaming. Law can be equated to law as currently considered within the legal paradigm but is really about spiritual scripts that sustain karma and the settlement of karma in the world dream. Ramadan dreams sequence karmic settlement and are good to call upon for this purpose in any life circumstance.


Dreams of Brahma and Vishnu are associated with mastery over spiritual concepts of vibration, movement of light waves and synergy of thoughtform. Thoughtform of light waves creates a level of awareness generally lost upon Earth but retained in certain bandwidths that few attune unto except possibly for the sages throughout the ages. At this time, many more are arising into light wave thoughtform and dreams of Brahma and Vishnu may one day be far more greatly prevalent as a result.


Dreams of the orders are sequenced into the home or region through intention. One may discover that there are dreams of the above orders scattered through the region where one lives; with one dream in one restaurant or shop and another in another; or one in particular regions and another in the other. Dreams of the orders remain in certain regions from ancient times associated; or are called into the sequences in the lives of each founded upon spiritual knowledge and genealogies.


Genealogies are associated specifically unto one of the six orders in relation to the ancient archetypes. Genealogies of spiritual mastery will most greatly align with either Shaktar or Brahma and Vishnu dream sequencing than any other. Therefore, for those mastering we suggest attuning unto which of these two dreams will better support your choice to move towards light wave synergy biology and light work mastery. Not all mastery is relationship associated, and for those who are single and do not desire the beloved, then Vishnu dreaming is better. For those who desire to master through relationship, then Shaktar dreaming is the better choice. Either path will cause mastery but are very different paths. We will explore both paths of mastery over time.


Dreaming in mastery is difficult as it presumes that one will focus inward and clear the karma and patterning that leads to non-fulfillment of love within. Love is a cornucopia of problems in present day human experience. The expression of love is vastly misunderstood to be the result of creating a beloved and the seduction that this entails or having a family. The purpose of love is much larger in its context and it is about loving the two and the many in equal proportions and in sequences of dreaming that sustain a state of love as a foundation of existence. Mastering a state of love is for those desiring to fulfill upon the prophecy of an age of enlightenment ahead.


Love is the foundation of existence in all of the Tao. Tao is a concept of a larger creation order yet that directs cycles of expansion and contraction for spiritual fulfillment, purpose and destiny. The destiny of this era is to draw humanity out of the potential threat of nuclear annihilation and into a new age of the possibility of hope of mastery. Mastery in and of itself does restore hope, but it requires those willing to walk the path of this journey within to cause. It is our desire to restore the hope of a new age ahead in the materials offered and in new bandwidths of light wave thoughtform.


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