Image of 2 charming finches sitting on a tree branch. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree

9. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree


Blessings of Illumination


The Small Bird Kingdom


It is the Finch Kingdom and other small birds that address you today. When we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she said “But you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Actually, all small birds fall into the same energetic category as bats, lizards, and frogs, in association with the natural world. We are the keepers of the elements. Small birds are associated with the element of air and the inverse element of ether; small underwater creatures such as muscles, scallops and small fish such as mackerel are associated with the element of water and the inverse element of vapor. Lizards and frogs are associated with the element of earth and the inverse element of lava; bats, dragonflies, bees and ants are associated with the element of fire and the inverse element of smoke or ash.


Keepers of the Elements


Each kingdom assists in holding the four elements along with the inverse elements that are necessary to weave life, as this is sincerely the role of the little crawlers upon Earth; to suspend an energetic dynamic that holds equal proportions of air, water, fire and earth along with ether, vapor, lava and ash so that all life forms may exist in the third dimension. Weaving the elements through our embodiments and fields is no small task; and so, although we may appear small and unimportant, we actually support a very necessary role in the overall dynamics of life upon Earth.


How do elements sustain life? Elements might be equated to the threads that one weaves the serpents from which the etheric body and its meridian system, the chakra system, the light body, and the greater auric field, along with one’s physical form is woven. One can think of the elements as the building blocks of life that direct the threads of creation founded upon the holographic blueprint of form to weave the nonphysical from which then physicality is derived. The inverse elements weave the energy field that surrounds the form; the elements themselves weave the etheric body and etheric cells that then step into physicality.


At this time of ascension, we are busier than ever reweaving each kingdom with new elements that are magnetic in nature and from the Great Central Sun of Earth’s origin. At this time, all genetics of all species are changing; they are being altered to a blueprint that originated from this Great Central Sun so that we will be compatible as we enter her dream. We are going home beloved; in a mere 27-28 years, we shall have crossed the boundary associated with the Dream of the Great Central Sun. In so doing, Earth completes with her cycle of darkness outside the Sun and a cycle of great illumination begins.


The Cycle of Illumination Ahead


Illumination can be equated with coming to understand what one could not understand at a previous time in history. Earth’s history is a mixed bag of experiences that has led to fall after fall in consciousness and dimensions of life. Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th dimensional vessel 800 times larger than she is today. Finch is one of 9 bird kingdoms that exited the Sun with her and recalls a very different time in Earth’s history in which there was more light and love and life force than in present time.


At another time, Earth was effervescent in nature; bubbly with life and semi-etheric in form. Light penetrated everything upon Earth, as there was not density enough to block the light. Earth was held in a shape of a spiral that began with her core which was a sun in its own right, and then extended outwards in a spiral to a size very much larger than today; so much so in fact that it is hard to measure the difference. In between the spirals existed life of all kinds that was animal, plant and mineral in form along with human, whale and dolphin. There were layers that contained great lakes larger than the entire ocean upon Earth today which was filled with water-life. Such life however was not salt water based but fresh water in nature.


The salt in salt water in Earth’s present time oceans comes from what was used by the Sirian race to suspend an ice shield upon Earth; the salt held the encoding of how to form a shield in Earth’s atmosphere as directed by large minerals that then existed upon Earth’s surface primarily. Sirian human scientists relocated some of such minerals from other creations. Such crystals directed the salt to form an ice-sphere surrounding Earth.


As another group of humans from the Pleiades known as the Anu bartered away enough of the large minerals to other humans in other creations, removing them from Earth, the ice shields collapsed creating your oceans. This is known as the “great floods” in many present time human records. However, we would like to state that these floods occurred long ago (38,000 Earth years in her record or 152,000 human years as you record time).


Measuring Time


Time is problematic for your scientists as they do not understand that a single cycle can be however long it takes Earth to spiral around a 12th dimensional Sun that is beyond the perception of the human eye. Time therefore is longer than it may seem as we speak about it; however, as for Earth she records all incidents based upon the number of rotations around her 12th dimensional Sun. Each single rotation around the 12th dimensional Sun takes 4 rotations around your solar Sun. However, over time and as Earth and the solar system alike became more greatly dense, time slowed. It now takes far longer to complete a single cycle of one Earth year than it did at the time that the first humans were seeded upon Earth 75,000 years ago (300,000 human years).


Time is speeding up again. It now takes roughly 25% less time to complete a single Earth cycle; this equates to four years, as you have known them before to be passed in a three-year period. In the coming decade, time will shorten yet again to become 50% less than it has been. This shall equate in four years passing in what you had once known to take two years in time. The cause of the compression of time is complex, but involves the consciousness of Earth and all kingdoms therein that are choosing at this time to ascend, and to realign to time as it occurs in the Great Central Sun.


Time in the Great Central Sun is suspended in “no time”. No time equates to past, present and future being one continuous and contiguous energy movement. By 2056, it is estimated that all of Earth shall exist in “no time”. In order for this to come to be so, all recorded history must be rearranged to be a continuous and contiguous line of experience with nothing missing and nothing left out. Unfortunately, records have been held for eons of time in a haphazard fashion due to the mismanagement of Earth on the part of forces that were lost in time and space, and really did not know how to do their job.


Decompression Leads to Expansion


Ascension brings about the gradual releasing of all records of all incidents that occurred in any time in Earth’s history. This is also so for human ascension; even the limited ascension that has occurred in human form has revealed your history upon Earth enough that Earth could release the karma and offset a future nuclear war that could end her possibility of ascending Home altogether. As all records of each incident come to be known, the karmic trauma associated can be released. Each release allows a portion of Earth’s grid work to decompress. As the grid work decompresses, Earth expands, and in the expansion she “warms up”. This really and truly is what is causing global warming; Earth is decompressing from a contracted state of being that was the result of trauma after trauma in her experience outside the Great Central Sun.


For those that ascend in human form, one also decompresses. As one decompresses in the release of ancestral trauma from the cellular structure, one likewise warms up and expands. Sometimes the expansion feels uncomfortable, as now one has outgrown one’s clothes; however, the overall health of the form has improved greatly as each segment of initiation is mastered. This leads in time to ongoing regeneration where one ceases to age and ceases to be able to become ill. In time, your future ancestors will have an ageless disease-free form, as this becomes the norm for all life forms upon Earth. Earth estimates that this is a mere 60 years away from becoming so; therefore, it is not long in terms of time.


For some humans, one is choosing to decompress and ascend now. As this occurs, each has an opportunity to not only grow and heat up, but also come to understand the spiritual lessons that one’s ancestry failed to understand at the time that they were incarnate in physicality. This is the greatest gift of ascension and is known as illumination. One illuminates upon the truth about one’s current life expression and at the same time, triggers the truth to be understood by all ancestors held in parallel predicaments in times past.


Ascending Truth


And what is the truth? The truth is the nature of the experience that one has created for oneself. Asur’Ana and Per have a truth; their truth has come from their own experience of ascension and what it has taken to gather a group in dreamtime willing to ascend in human form with them. The nature of their truth is expressed in their books and upon their website. Their truth is an ascending truth.


Ascending truth is different from other truths expressed in human form at this time in history. Ascending truth analyzes the facts of the circumstances. The facts come in many forms; they come in behavior that is expressed between humans or species as well as the energy dynamics that occur both subconsciously and unconsciously. It is perhaps the unconscious energetic dynamics that reveal the most in ascension, as it is here that the underlying cause of why one’s ancestry fell in consciousness can then be derived.


It was a mere 100 years ago that the first human defined the concept of “unconscious”. This was a result of the push to ascend that had already been launched on the part of Earth and the ancient human ancestors who knew that the time of awakening was ahead. The unconscious is a region of domain that was once a part of one’s field, but fractured as one’s ancestors dropped in vibration due to a fall in consciousness. In ascension, one retrieves what has splintered off and comes to understand the dynamics held therein. As one understands the dynamics held in why a part of self that fractured long ago, then one also comes to define why one’s ancestry fell in consciousness, or in other terms shattered as an energy field. What is in the unconscious is not to be feared; it is to be understood.


Forgiveness and the Process of Illumination


The process of illumination allows for the understanding. Illumination is caused by the application of certain frequencies of energy unto the unconscious piece of self retrieved. As the tones are applied, the fractured off piece of self begins to move or rotate, and as it rotates, much like a movie one can now perceive what occurred so very long ago. As one reads what occurred, one can understand the nature of the dance, and choose to forgive. For perhaps the ancestor related unto one’s friend, family member, spouse or parent was a destructive energetic force unto one’s ancestor, and shattered their field leading to a drop in consciousness. One can forgive the friend, family member, spouse or parent for participating in such patterning, and in so doing, one will also forgive oneself.


For one has many ancestors; and for each ancestor that was abused or destroyed, there were equal numbers that abused and destroyed others. In this understanding, the act of forgiveness is as much internal as it is an external experience. As one forgives another, one ultimately forgives oneself and one’s own ancestry for participating in like patterning. Does the choice to forgive those around oneself alter the dance? Well, perhaps those around oneself are not ready to forgive themselves, and their behavior will remain the same. However, one’s response to such behavior will alter, as one has forgiven; and in the alteration of one’s own behavior, the behavior of another will also change.


One initiate whom we shall call Wesleigh discovered this during her early ascension. Long ago, her mother had been incredibly abusive physically, energetically and emotionally, along with invalidating in nature. Over time and through forgiveness, Wesleigh’s mother’s behavior altered; over time, her mother became softer and softer to a point of actually validating and complimenting Wesleigh. This occurred, as Wesleigh no longer had emotional reactions to her mother’s behavior. One can see in this that any dynamic is a two-way street; that one does something and another responds and vice versa; as one in the dance changes, both shall shift.


It is this type of dynamic that shall lead to world peace in time and in the human dance. As enough humans forgive their own ancestry for the atrocities of war, humanity will respond in a different manner when presented with the opportunity to create war between nations again. In so doing, negotiation and other means will be utilized to settle the disputes, and world peace shall reign. This too is coming beloved; and the greatest contribution that you can make is to forgive; forgive yourself for being all things human. In so doing, a new “you” and a new world shall be born.


The finch kingdom will assist in supporting one in the choice to become more greatly magnetic and in resonance with the Great Central Sun through the process of ascension. Call upon us and we will support the reweaving of one’s elements to a magnetic format as one releases the karma for how one’s ancestry embraced electrical or radioactive frequencies.


Sharing Finch Stories of Illumination


Asur’Ana and Per have had many experiences with finches and other small birds. Asur’Ana in particular has a love of the small birds that would come to dance with her after relocating unto the Hawaiian Islands from the mainland US over 2 decades ago. The finches would come to dance upon her lanai or enter the open doors of her cottage, sometimes sitting upon her feet. Over time, she learned to feed us seed and bread. We would then come to dance with her each day, and often Asur’Ana derived more entertainment from watching the birds on her lanai than anything else.


We also mirrored unto her many things. If we were fighting over the food, Asur’Ana had to look within and query “What part of me is in such dissonance that the birds are mirroring in their squawking and disputes?” She would then go within and release the patterning that was being mirrored unto her, and indeed our behavior would change.


One time a red cardinal would come each morning and sing unto Asur’Ana, standing upon the front porch. The cardinal was returning the blessings that she was offering through the seed and bread provided. This made Asur’Ana feel filled with joy internal to herself, and in so doing, she learned to commune with Nature and fill herself with love. Most human encounters deplete ascending initiates. This was so much so for Asur’Ana that a simple trip to the grocery store or mall would cause her to return home exhausted. She learned to fill herself with the love of the birds around her apartment to offset the depletion that occurs recurrently in human interaction.


Why do humans deplete each other so? Humans do not love; most human hearts are sealed shut and there is no exchange of blessings amongst one another. If there is no exchange of love, then there is an ongoing loss of chi instead. It is for this reason and out of the lack of loving one another that humanity has created such shortened life spans along with disease and deformity for themselves. As humans learn to love again, all will change, as the act of love will provide enough chi to suspend an entirely different dance both upon a biological and energetic level.


Yet another time a young chaffinch came to sit on Per and Asur’Ana’s porch in their home in Alta, Norway. This young bird would revel in the peace and blessings exchanged with Asur’Ana and Per, and in so doing, would fall asleep in bliss. Sometimes Asur’Ana would worry that the young bird had died as it would sit there for hours; however, in watching her, she recognized that the little bird had not stopped breathing. As the young bird matured in time, it eventually returned with its own young to feed from Asur’Ana’s offerings. This was a mirror of cycle completed, and indeed, an entire cycle within their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) had concluded.


Yet another time a dead bird appeared upon their porch; this made Asur’Ana very sad. Then dead bird after dead bird crossed her path the following week. She knew she was in for becoming “dead” herself. Indeed, this was one of the most difficult times in her ascent; but she transcended nonetheless. Out of determination and great will, Asur’Ana reversed the death that awaited her, and continues to ascend to this day.


Asur’Ana also has had many young finches with their young come feed from her offerings. The young often appear fully-grown and capable of feeding themselves, and yet they would squawk and ruffle their feathers requesting their parents to feed them when there was food literally under their feet. “Why do you not feed yourself?” she would ponder.


Soon it became obvious that we were mirroring something else important unto her; that there were many students in their program requesting that Asur’Ana and Per regurgitate teachings and information that they should be understanding from within. Such students were taking of their information rather than uncovering one’s own ancestral information through ascension. Asur’Ana and Per reminded these students that they are God Goddess within and requested them to uncover their own information within; in so doing, the mirror of the young birds upon the porch altered and they would feed themselves instead.


Yet another time, Per and Asur’Ana observed a young Pine grosbeak bird learning to fly in the pool area of their home. The bird had safely left the nest and ended up upon the roof of the storage unit. This little bird stayed upon this roof for three days, with its parents feeding it periodically. On the third day, the little bird chose to try and fly and made it up to the lowest branch of the tree above. Asur’Ana and Per were there to witness the first flight, and applauded the little bird’s success! This too was a mirror for the two of them that some of those that they had gathered to work with in their school would actually learn to “fly” as ascending beings on their own. Indeed, Asur’Ana and Per have a small group now moving on in the ascent to Mahavishnu level awareness and have learned to fly in ascension of their own volition.


At this time, Asur’Ana no longer feeds small birds or any other animal. She has learned that we really and truly have enough provided for us by nature. Asur’Ana and Per still watch us however out in their porch and in our life dance in the birch trees and pine trees that are abundantly present in Norway. And we continue to mirror unto each their own state of being within; and Per and Asur’Ana continue to take the mirror literally and choose to transcend whatever we offer up to be cleared.


More recently a group of Pine grosbeaks nested in the birch tree outside Asur’Ana and Per’s porch; this reflected the birth of a whole new group in their dreamtime program. And indeed, this is beginning to occur, as to the degree that Asur’Ana and Per transcend and transmute within, to such a degree the group gathered in their school must shift to become gentler and more greatly loving in nature; as one is the center of one’s own universe and will only attract that which resonates with one’s own internal state of being, whether such creatures are human or of the natural world.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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