Image of darker shades of blue and green waves. The Dis-Animation Of The Unconscious

9. The Dis-Animation Of The Unconscious


Earth’s ascension is proceeding with acute speed towards her destination of global level Bodhisattva vibration. Originally, this was anticipated to be mastered by 2025; at this time Earth is on target to master this level of planetary evolution in early to mid-2023. The increased speed of ascension is due to Earth’s own intention to complete with the era of darkness that has plagued her for the past 6 million Earth years (24 million human years). As global level Bodhisattva evolution is mastered, not only will Earth return to a state of compassion in action, but she shall surpass the vibration she held 24 million years ago as Arcturian humans cooled her surface to store toxins from their own solar system. As this is accomplished, the era of the dark will officially come to completion upon Earth.


Delayed Planetary Ascension


Planetary ascension was delayed nearly a decade due to manipulations by dark forces that impeded an earlier awakening of the human species that could have begun in 2000. Instead 10 years later and in 2010, the awakening and mastery of certain key humans moved into full swing allowing the keys necessary to global ascension to be fostered. Now in 2020, Earth catches up with the vibration she might have held if the awakening had been fostered in 2000. Within the past 2.5 months, Earth has risen 48% in vibration. Global warming is speeding up, and this shall begin the melting of the polar caps in the decade ahead.


The completion with the dark forces has had its own set of circumstances that manifested so that all could be understood. In this time of awakening, all must be understood; as all is understood, then keys are recovered that allow the dance to change to a new dance that fosters ascension and awakening rather than descension into an extinction cycle ahead.


For those new to these materials, this Great Central Sun transmission shall offer to bring to consciousness the understanding gained in association with the human dance upon Earth through human ascension and global ascension alike. This understanding is also paramount to personal ascension of each human choosing this path of awakening in this lifetime, for one’s own spiritual lessons will dovetail with the lessons of the whole of Earth along with your solar cycles. Therefore, this information serves multiple purposes from the point of reference of the Great Central Sun.


Humans in the Great Central Sun


The Great Central Sun has humans that exited our boundaries long ago. Long ago, outside forces in the space between began to strip the edges of our auric field. As this occurred, the Great Central Sun itself collapsed into a downward spiral causing portions of what was once inside of the Sun to be expelled. Those stars that were expelled in your current expansion cycle exited at dimensions 360, 144, 36 and 24. Since the time of expulsion, many stars fell into the dimensions beneath. The cause of this is the continued stripping of such stars to sustain a nonphysical afterlife that has no body, planet or star of its own.


Up until the ascension of humans upon Earth, the cause of the stripping of the Great Central Sun was not understood. Now it is understood that nonphysical afterlife without form is the underlying cause of the loss of the edges and boundaries of the Great Central Sun. In this understanding, such nonphysical afterlife can simply be returned to its source or origins and dissolved, and that which is stripping the Great Central Sun and each star that exited our boundaries can cease, allowing for a return cycle home.


Humans inside of the Sun are beginning to connect with those outside the Sun to learn the lessons that those returning into our embrace are gaining an understanding of. This allows the sun to repair its own field in preparation for its own return journey and ascension Home to the Tao, as the stripping of Earth and humans upon Earth mimics how the sun was stripped into falling in the first place. As the records reveal how we too were stripped, we can alter the dance and repair the damage allowing us a complete ascension Home to the Tao.


Humans inside the Great Central Sun know a very different existence than the one prevalent upon Earth and in human form; for some inside of the sun, reviewing Earth bound human ascension records is much like watching a horror flick of the most insane kind. However, in the observation of the Great Central Sun, all humans under all circumstances can learn the vital spiritual lessons that Earth’s experience offers so that this experience need not repeat again into the future.


Gold and Silver Polarity vs. Extreme Polarity


Gold and silver polarity can be likened to energy moving one way that is golden and energy moving in the opposite direction that is silver. There is no loss in gold and silver polarity; only a dance that retains balance. Outside of the Sun and within those creations that were expelled due to our own falls in vibration, gold and silver was rapidly lost and extreme polarity became the norm. The cause of this is just coming to be understood in full. It is in extreme polarity that one creation must go extinct for another to ascend; and one must be destroyed for another to live. As Earth and all creations exit the dance of extreme polarity and return to gold and silver polarity, extinction, death, disease and deformity as you know it will cease for all sentient species therein.


Extreme polarity came to be due to manipulations of forces with opposing creational law in the original casting of soul from variant Great Central Suns. Each Great Central Sun was cast in a separate and distinct set of creational law that was not designed to be blended. Creational law can be considered a form of language such as the Language of Light that commands the elements in a particular manner that sustains the life and energy flow of form.


All nonphysical form casts physicality to evolve within. Each Great Central Sun has its own language that commands physical life. One language that commands life in one Great Central Sun will not necessarily command the life in another; sometimes such commands end up souring the tones of creation so that extinction is the result when blended; sometimes such commands are simply mute or unheard and therefore totally ineffectual.


As Great Central Suns began to descend in vibration, parts of self were cast out of the boundaries that contained all life forms. As such parts of self began to intermix, the creational law and language of one set of stars from one Sun caused extinction in other stars from other Suns. It was only as humans began to build craft to travel between creations that creational law from one star was carried into other stars that held a variant language and set of creational law.


The souls that came with such humans found that their language from “home” was either ineffectual or damaging to the new star of resonance. If damaging, often the continued use of a foreign language lead to a fall in consciousness for all species upon such a star. If the language was ineffectual, manipulative tactics were often utilized to strip the star of some of the language so that the soul with other languages could command creational law upon the new star of residence; however, the command of another creational law other than one’s own casting does not work, and also leads to extinction and falls in consciousness as well.


Gremlin Souls from Another Tao


Humans have been the main source of the blending of creational law in the space between Great Central Suns and therefore carry the brunt of the karma associated. However, the space between suns is so distorted that one cannot blame humans altogether; life was never meant to exist in the space between creations. The space between is essentially a hall of mirrors designed to reflect back the thoughtform of each sun so that the boundaries between are retained. However, something invaded the space between Great Central Suns from a foreign Tao. We have coined these souls “gremlins” as this is what they appear like when they are unveiled; such souls look like little gremlins.


Such gremlin souls were the equivalent of the serpent souls that hold the space between of all life within your Tao, except that they were cast in another Tao. Something occurred within another Tao that propelled gremlin souls into the space between your Tao. These gremlin souls much like the migrating humans also held a different casting surrounding creational law and language, and therefore did not respond to the dream for holding the space between broadcast by your Tao.


Instead, the gremlins desired to dance with the life that they saw that existed within the Great Central Suns. However, they were non-resonant and held not the language of any of the suns or life within your Tao. Much like foreigners in a foreign country that speak not the language, one cannot understand one another and the Gremlins could not understand the souls of your Tao. Furthermore, if the language of life is too distinctly different, one life will not even acknowledge the existence of another. This was so for the Suns; no matter how loud the gremlins screamed to be acknowledged, no one paid attention to their existence as they could not be perceived due to the extreme variation in language or thoughtform.


Over time, the gremlins stole language from the Great Central Suns, and soon they could be heard. Over time, they stole enough language that they could create their own dance in the space between Great Central Suns that was never designed to hold life. Furthermore, their continued stripping of each Great Central Sun lead to the fall of each Sun, and the propelling of portions of each Sun into the space between. Having life enter the region of domain of the gremlin souls was just what they desired. Over time, the gremlins learned to dance with the creations that left the Suns. However, the gremlin souls are so dissonant that they distorted life as it was designed to exist within each Sun.


Over time, those creations that exited the Sun upon the upper dimensions of 144 or 360 chose not to allow the gremlin souls to dance with them due to the distortion it caused to form, and they pushed all gremlin souls to the dimensions beneath. Alas, places like Earth upon the bottom most threshold of vibration of any remaining creation with life outside of any Great Central Sun has had more gremlin souls dancing with it than any other. Such souls do not understand creational law, only extreme lawlessness, and as a result fall after fall in consciousness has resulted upon Earth.


The Second Turning of Creation Upon Earth and in Your Solar System


These gremlins are being tagged and returned to their Tao of origin at this time in your planetary and solar turning of creation. Earth has just begun the second turning of souls upon her, as has your solar sun. All souls are again being assessed as to whether or not they hold creational law and language from the Great Central Sun that you are about the enter, and if they are properly mastering their ascent at this time in your evolutionary cycle. Any soul that holds not the language of this Great Central Sun in its soul fabric is to be expelled, as they understand not the creational law of this sun enough to return into it. Any soul failing to master its ascent is also to be expelled.


In parallel manner, humans are being assessed in terms of genealogy at this time by solar ascension counsels. The genealogical planes have been opened due to Earth’s continued global ascent as they were anchored in the original seeding of humans upon Earth. Through such planes, the manner in which the genes were passed down through time, space and form in the billions of generations associated with each human lineage is better understood. In essence and in hindsight, one can see why certain key human map carvers failed in their attempt to ascend the biology beyond a certain level, as they held not the right genes from the Grand Masters to accomplish the task.


Biological ascension requires a biological understanding of transmutation. Biological transmutation equates to the ability of the body to modify itself into increasingly complex genetics and biochemistry that sustains more and more photonic energy as a source of chi internal to the form. Only those with Grand Master genealogy will know how to accomplish this task in the upper initiations of ascension in adult form. However, once the genes have been mapped out, incoming children can draw the proper genes into their lineages from the more extended tapestry of ancestry, assuring the continued ascension of the human species through future generations yet unborn.


Humans in parallel manner are being tagged by the Great Central Sun based upon ancestry associated with lineages that once left the Great Central Sun long ago. Such ancestry is a requirement to become increasingly resonant with creational law within the Great Central Sun following entry. Once again this is anticipated to be a generational shift; that each subsequent generation of humans born shall choose lineages and genealogy associated with that which left the Great Central Sun long ago, bringing human form into increasing resonance with the creational law of the Sun.


Ascension is a complex feat to orchestrate and the souls and humans of the Great Central Sun have their hands full so to speak to work with the humans upon Earth to bring this forth. There are many lessons in this all that all shall learn so that the falls in consciousness that has plagued each Sun can come to an end.


Taking Responsibility for Our Own Unconscious


That which has exited the Great Central Sun is our own unconscious. For a long time, we were in a delusion that we do not require to pay attention to that which exited our boundaries. For each star fell into such distortion that we could not understand one another within a short time following expulsion. This is also the same in the human experience upon Earth.


Humans have fallen so low in language that they cannot hear the nonphysical and cease to believe that the nonphysical exists. One can consider the nonphysical the unconscious of humanity as a result. Understand that this plagues the light body planes of reality as much as physicality; the light body planes do not believe that physicality exists; physicality does not believe that the light body or nonphysical exists. Alas both are awakening unto the truth at this time of global ascension, just as the Great Central Sun is awakening unto the truth that life continued to exist outside of our boundaries, when heretofore we had believed that all that exited had simply died and become extinct.


Over time and through the choice of Earth to return Home, efforts were made to allow the Great Central Sun to understand that life continued to exist outside of our boundaries, but fell into great distortion. A bridge language was constructed so that we could begin to understand the plight of that which had left our boundaries. This bridge language is known as the Language of Light; additional bridge languages have also been constructed as of late known as the Language of ONE, which are gold and silver in vibration. The gold and silver tones allow for a greater depth of understanding between us, and a greater understanding of the records that Earth and your solar sun are providing us to review through your ascension.


It is now understood that the Great Central Sun must take responsibility for its own unconscious realms that Earth and your sun exist within. We and many other Suns have gathered amongst one another as of late and are choosing to clean up the space between or our own unconscious. The space between is failing to hold its function; and as a result of this, each sun has twisted and fallen in dimensions much lower than ever anticipated in our original expansion. The only solution is to clear that which exists in the space between, and embrace all that has exited over time and has continued to subsist.


And so, a massive project begins now in which each Great Central Sun shall take responsibility for any soul that exited its boundaries in this expansion cycle, or any other expansion cycle of yet another sun that has existed in the same region of domain. In so doing, all souls may go home, and this seeming mess can be cleared simultaneously along with all lessons learned so the dance need not repeat again.


In parallel manner, each human must take responsibility for one’s own disowned unconscious. As one ascends, one gathers the unconscious unto oneself and then interprets it. That which belongs unto another is returned, as the unconscious is often a mixed-up bag of stuff from many humans, kingdoms and nonphysical forces all combined. That which belongs unto oneself is transcribed, transmuted and integrated. Lost human ancestors are acknowledged and their story listened to, karmic records accounted for, and emotions released.


In parallel, through ascension, lost and fractured soul that shattered with the shattering of the human genetics in each fall in consciousness are gathered up, their story also recorded, karmic records accounted for, and emotions catharted. Then soul is returned unto itself and rewoven in the act of recasting. No part is to be left behind; all parts must be accounted for. As this is so for each ascending human, this is also for the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun now begins its own ascension “home”, gathering that which left its boundaries and sits within its own unconscious.


New Information on the False Gods


Many souls are not from this Great Central Sun. Indeed, the false gods or ascended masters that never really ascended as accounted for by Earth are not from this Great Central Sun. Each came through different circumstances into this time and space quadrant, many having exited suns long come and gone in their respective expansion and contraction cycles in other regions of domain. In Chapter 7, Earth has given a global recounting of the journey of the false gods. Such souls remained behind because they had become too distorted to ascend Home in their respective cycle.


The boundaries of each Great Central Sun are designed to repel anything that holds not its language or creational law. So, this occurs if any soul or planet or star fails to hold the proper language. Generally, they combust into a billion bits of non-consciousness if they are non-resonant upon attempted entry, falling to the next threshold of dimension of life beneath rather than ascending home to their Great Central Sun of origins.


The false gods in our own examination of small pieces of their remaining casting came from two other Great Central Suns. They are being returned at this time and re-infused with the remembrance of who and what they were before having left their respective sun. This is a part of an experiment upon the part of the Tao to see if such souls can be re-infused with enough remembrance to understand the creational law that they have broken over time, and the karma that they have acquired as a result.


Any soul that ventures into another part of creation held by different creational law generally discovers that the creational law that they were cast with either fails to command physicality, or distorts physicality. Much of the distortion that humans went into in the early days following the early seeding about 300,000 years ago by Sirian scientists was the result of false red god souls attempting to command physicality with the wrong tones of creation; as a result, many tribes went extinct and only 7 of the original 18 root races survived.


Later and as the Grand Masters were seeded by Sirius to oversee the tribes for the purposes of mining gold for the Pleiades, the false gods obtained language that could command creational law upon Earth. Alas, they destroyed the Grand Masters in order to obtain such information, leading to the first fall in consciousness of humanity.


Creational law as the false gods understood it was different from creational law upon Earth and from the associated Great Central Sun. Records show that although these souls had the commands, the commands directed through their fields held not the exact result that they desired due to their blueprint, which originated from other creations that exited other Great Central Suns. Soon the false gods learned to utilize the commands to manipulate creation in the direction that they desired. This provides an example to the Great Central Sun of what has occurred as humans have traveled into regions of domain with variant creational law; they along with the souls associated have learned to manipulate in order to survive as the commands that hold life from their original blueprint failed.


Here from the perspective of the Great Central Sun lies the original cause of the experience of extinction; souls and form traveling from one creation to another via space craft and generally under the direction of human form; and the new creation holds not the same casting as the Great Central Sun such life originated from. The result is a requirement to manipulate the creation in order to sustain the life of that which originated elsewhere.


This is why perhaps over time one creation of humans has had to raid another creation of certain elements to sustain life. This appears to be how Earth lost most of her gold unto the Pleiades over time; as the Pleiadians also were from another creation and required gold to sustain themselves due to the non-resonance of thoughtform and creational law in the region of domain that they lived.


In parallel manner, the false gods raided human grid work and energy flow along with thoughtform to command their reality in the nonphysical to sustain their existence upon Earth. The result of this raiding and all of such raiding is always a fall in consciousness, as moving what is necessary to life in one place to another ultimately also depletes the original life form of its required sustenance. This has caused extinction of star after star and life form after life form in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun.


The best solution for this dilemma is simply for humans and souls to return to the creation of resonance with parallel creational law to the original casting of the genetic and soul blueprint. This is far easier to accomplish with soul upon Earth than human form, as humans have not constructed spacecraft for intergalactic travel; however through generational ascension, the non-resonant DNA and thoughtform associated with creational law originating from other Great Central Suns can be phased out, leading to a future human form that can re-enter this Great Central Sun and flourish in resonance and in photonic energy again.


The point of this dissertation is to understand that all that has been lost can be rectified; all that has been misplaced can be returned to its creation of origin where resonance of blueprint shall allow for an ascension home; and all that has gone sour or dissonant can be altered or modified in a manner that allows it to become resonant again. What is created as a result of this experience and in the genetic modifications of form may be nothing like what left the Great Central Sun so very long ago; however, all modifications and experiences teach all associated vital spiritual lessons about this dance of the unconscious.


We will say that the largest lesson for the Great Central Sun at this time is in coming to understand our own unconscious. The unconscious is a region of domain that is generally held unanimated with the purpose of holding the space between. In the space between Great Central Suns, once there was no life therein; only a hall of mirrors held by serpents to reflect back the thoughtform of each sun so that it would remain separate and contained in its own creational dance and region of domain. Over time, parts of the sun that were animate left due to the manipulations of the gremlin souls from another Tao; now what was unanimated suddenly became animated with life. Life continued to thrive, although it lost consciousness. Now that which has lost consciousness can return “home” teaching us about the dance of our own unconscious.


The Waking Dream


Life is a waking or living dream. Each form within the Great Central Sun has a genetic blueprint that creates a screen surrounding the body that attracts a dream that directs the life and consciousness in its evolutionary journey and experiences. In parallel manner, humans and all life upon Earth is also a waking dream; the genetics of the form create a screen known as the etheric grid work which captures a dream directed down the dimensions from your solar sun that animates the life of the form. Every day of one’s life has a script that is projected as a waking dream in this manner; if there is no projected dream, one dies or in other terms becomes unanimated.


Death is such a misunderstood experience upon your plane of reality due to the loss of consciousness of the human species. Inside the Great Central Sun, dreams come and go. Form is animated for a time as it serves souls in a particular lesson. When the lesson is complete, the form is dis-animated and then reformulated into the next form soul desires to dance with. Much like the concept of shape shifting, form shape shifts into a new form required by soul to fulfill upon the next evolutionary experience.


One might consider dis-animation of form similar to death; the largest difference is the experience of decomposition of the form. Upon Earth, the form is buried or burned after death to transmute it into the base elements that sustain life again, for the ashes and decomposition fertilize the soil so that plant life may thrive. In the Great Central Sun, nothing decomposes; nothing is physical either but rather semi-etheric in nature. The etheric grid work of any blueprint of form can be modified at any time into another blueprint; in so doing, form is recycled into the next phase of evolutionary dance soul desires to experience with form.


When form has concluded its dance, form ascends into the nonphysical merging with soul in a blaze of light. Nothing is left behind, and this is what an ascension cycle brings about; a conclusion of all form cast that served the evolutionary dance of the cycle past, and form simply ascends in vibration until soul and form merge into a single consciousness again. Then soul simply withdraws out of the dance going Home to the Tao.


Death is the result of another life force feeding upon form that gives nothing in exchange. Death and rebirth are symbolic of extreme polarity. In extreme polarity, something dies so another may live or ascend to the next dimension. Such a dance is partially the result of creations becoming intertwined causing dissonance and sour sounding tones of creation due to the blending of blueprints that were never designed to be blended. This is the underlying cause of extinction in the examination of your records by the Great Central Sun. However, an additional dance has emerged in our understanding known as the false intervention.


More About the False Intervention


The false intervention is a group of humans that chose to sustain a nonphysical afterlife after their respective stars went extinct in the physical. Such humans number billions and billions of etheric embodiments. Such etheric humans carry on in the same delusion that they existed within before their respective planet or star went extinct. Because such humans have no embodiment of their own, they feed off of all living matter in the space between Great Central Suns. Certain planets or stars generally upon the lower threshold of vibration are designated as the next creation to be pulled apart to sustain the etheric afterlife of these billions of humans without form.


The etheric was never designed to exist without form. It is form that provides the chi to sustain the etheric. If there is no form, then the etheric must take chi from other living things. This is the second cause of extinction of your creation; etheric afterlife that much like a parasite leaches the life force away until life can no longer be sustained and the planet or star goes extinct.


The false intervention is being returned to the Great Central Sun that the forms originated within before their stars or planets went extinct. Once again, each Sun must take responsibility for what exists within our own unconscious. These humans like all humans exited a particular Sun long ago as they were expelled; perhaps such humans traveled to other stars and galaxies in which the creational law from their blueprint caused extinction. Instead of concluding the incarnation in death, large numbers of such humans chose to sustain a nonphysical form of immortality. Perhaps this speaks to the lessons of the space between or unconscious; perhaps there is no real vision or dream for returning home; and so, such humans simply choose to perpetuate the existence that they have known forever out of the desire for immortality.


Nothing exists forever. Each Great Central Sun is forever changing its experience of form and soul in its evolutionary dance. Change occurs naturally as the lessons of each experience are learned in full; continuation of the dance would lead to boredom. Here we see the largest problem for humans upon Earth; most exist in an ongoing state of boredom that comes from the repetitive nature of non-evolution. In a state of non-evolution, nothing ever changes, and one repeats the same dance endlessly. One can think of how much boredom the false intervention must be in after billions and billions of years of nonphysical afterlife without change. The only change being which planet or star is to be pulled apart next to sustain their existence.


All of such human afterlife will be picked up and returned to their Great Central Sun of origin in due course. Each sun will examine the consciousness of such forms to understand the lessons that they offer about life in the unconscious or space between suns. In taking responsibility for that which feeds off of real life in the space between, that which causes extinction can be minimized allowing a greater possibility of all planets and stars one day returning Home to their Great Central Sun of origin.


Furthermore, each Sun has determined this is the last expansion cycle ever in this region of domain. Any planet or star that cannot find its way home in this in-breath cycle shall be left behind to become extinct, as there will be no further Suns cast to provide the chi necessary to sustain their existence in the future. Therefore, this is the last cycle of this kind in this region of domain, and each must choose to go Home or be left behind.


False Ascension and the Expansion of the Space Between


In the Great Central Sun’s examination of human ascension upon Earth, ascension became extremely distorted. Ascension in the Great Central Sun has to do with increasing the vibration of form until form and soul hold the same vibration and then merge or reunite as a single consciousness. This requires all parts of form cooperating for this purpose.


Form is constructed by soul through an intricate tapestry of etheric grid work woven to a specific genetic blueprint. Etheric grid work has positive and negative ley lines of energy flow; the positive ley lines conduct energy that sustain the life of the form; the negative ley lines hold the space between carving the path through which the energy may flow. Both positive and negative work together to sustain the life of the form; in ascension, both positive and negative increase in vibration in equal proportions until form and soul merge as a single consciousness.


Human ascension has split into two sacred geometry patterns; one known as the mer-ka-ba or six-pointed star, and another known as the flower of life which is a series of figure 8 loops that unite and are interwoven into a flower-like pattern. These patterns are so diverse that they do not work together towards ascension.


In essence, the space between should be the interior of the flower of life design, as this would be the appropriate pattern for positive and negative ley lines. Much like gold and silver, the inner and outer would mirror one another in energy flow creating a continuous and contiguous pattern that fit. Instead, the space between runs a separate pattern of entirely different geometry known as the mer-ka-ba, which splits light and dark leading to extreme polarity. The mer-ka-ba leads to non-ascension or combustion of form, as the positive and negative energy is not working in collaboration with one another to ascend.


How and why did these two diverse energy signatures end up blended? Here again we come to the understanding that there is diverse creational law and creational blueprints from many Great Central Suns intertwined. The mer-ka-ba is a distorted geometry from another Great Central Sun in which both positive and negative energy flow holds an eighteen-pointed star. In this system, both the positive and negative energy flow mimic one another allowing gold and silver to work together for the common goal of ascension, gold inside of the star or in the negative ley lines and silver outside or in the positive ley lines.


As some humans that originated from this alternative Great Central Sun migrated and traveled into the region of domain associated with Earth, they brought their geometry with them, and attempted to retain it through ascension in the space between. The geometry had distorted already or dropped in size and dimensions to be a mere six-pointed tetrahedron rather than the 18-pointed star once a part of the entire blueprint from their Great Central Sun. Alas the geometry for your creation is rotational or round; round and pointed do not mix and the result is that life goes extinct rather than ascends when the two are blended together. Each fall in consciousness in human form has been the result of running two variant sacred geometries that were never meant to be utilized together for the purposes of ascension.


In parallel manner, the figure 8 flower of life pattern is a vast distortion on the original geometry from your Great Central Sun. Instead this geometry can be likened to a complex flower of over 900 petals that are interlinked more like a lotus than a flower. Such geometry is gradually being embraced by Earth and your solar system through a series of alterations that shall lead to entry point through the Photon Belt and into the Great Central Sun. All life upon Earth must match this energy movement or signature, or will either combust upon entry or die within a few years after passing through, as one will be non-resonant to the energy flow of the Sun.


New Geometry for Earth and Each Sentient Species Therein


There is a new geometry that is Language of Light based that is being embraced by each planet within your solar system and each sentient species upon Earth. This geometry does not separate geometry into two distinct patterns; instead, the interior of the geometry is created from one or more symbols of the Language of Light, and the background is a rainbow of denser tones of creation or primary colors. Both background and foreground work together for the common goal of ascension; each holding the structure and function required in order to rise in vibration together.


New Global Sacred Geometry


When sacred geometry varies, one portion of the field ascends and the other portion descends. In the many false ascensions upon Earth, the positive ley lines ascended running the figure 8 flower of light patterning; and the space between descended running the mer-ka-ba energy flow. The result was non-ascension, disease, death or combustion of form. In order for both positive and negative to rise in vibration together, each must run the same patterning. This is the new geometry that all humans must master above 2,200 segments of DNA, or they will be prevented from ascending any further in this lifetime.

New Global Sacred Geometry-1


Inflation of the Space Between


In the thousands and thousands of false ascensions run through the human form throughout your history upon Earth, the space between became inflated and animated. The more that the space between grew, the denser form became. The denser form became, the less genetic materials could be reflected in the formation of form in the womb. In essence, the false ascensions ascended the space between to such great proportions that darkness prevailed in the physical human dance.


Humanity became split in extreme polarity through false ascensions. The Inner Earth and light body planes of reality retained a light and love only dance; the physical form embraced a dark dance in which war, disease, aging, deformity and an extremely short lifespan became the norm. The split between light body and physicality occurred as the false red gods in particular attempted to ascend the light body without biological modifications to the form. Instead, the form was used to run an increasingly powerful mer-ka-ba patterning that caused physicality to descend while the light body ascended. One cannot only ascend one part of self; it does not work. The light body never made it to the fourth dimension; and the form simply combust or died of disease in such attempted false ascensions.


Rift Between Light Body and Physicality


To this day, there is a large rift between the light body planes of reality and physicality that remains due to the millions of false ascensions in which the light body was ascended without the physical also ascending. This rift causes the physical to believe that the light body and nonphysical does not exist; and the light body to believe that the physical does not exist. In reality, both light body and physicality must pull together to ascend to initiations above 2,200 segments. If only the physical or light body ascends, then each are barred from moving any further than 2,200 in this lifetime, as the result is simply another false ascension that inflates the space between.


The light body exists upon planes of reality exactly one octave above physicality. This reality is not fourth dimensional but semi-etheric. The light body reality has its own friends, travel, mates, children, homes and livelihoods along with preoccupations, however being semi-etheric, there is no real requirement to eat or sleep. Additionally, the light body reality is far less limited than physicality knowing space travel and communication with species from other star systems along with communication with the nonphysical realms. One can see that Hollywood attuned to this in the creation of such epics as Deep Space Nine and Star Trek where there is never a seeming need to eat or sleep, and space travel is possible.


The light body consciousness must choose to intend to ascend along with the physical. Alas, many in the physical who intend to ascend have light body consumed by other preoccupations other than spiritual evolution. Likewise, many a light body choosing to ascend has physical form that is also consumed by other preoccupations. The result is an inability to ascend only so far, as both physical and nonphysical must work together for a complete ascension to the fourth dimension and beyond.


It is as the light body and physical form merge into one vessel that one enters the fourth dimension. Those humans that ascended into the fourth dimension and continue to exist in the Inner Earth mastered this long ago. Such humans are indeed physical, but they have merged with their semi-etheric vessel giving a balanced field and form and more balanced dream that knows a longer life span and experiences not disease and deformity as currently prevalent in third dimensional form. As humans again master a complete ascension, in time the light body and physical shall merge into a single vessel, and one shall cease to know the extremes in polarity in human form. One can see in this however why both physical and light body must consciously choose to intend to ascend, as it requires both consciously moving in the same direction to accomplish the task.


As a result of this, there is a movement upon the light body planes in particular to assist consciousness in making contact with its own physical form to assist in redirecting it to choose to ascend. In so doing, perhaps more ascension in which both forms upon both planes of reality can intend to ascend together.


Inflation of the Space Between


Inflation of the space between is equivalent to inflating thoughtform that separates and divides. Serpents that hold the space between are designed to separate and divide the positive ley lines of the etheric grid work and auric field. When one ascends the thoughtform of the space between, one ascends into separation. Separation equates to humans warring against each other; and ultimately into biology that is at war with itself. It is in the ascension of the space between that disease became commonplace upon the physical plane; for as the thoughtform of separation became physical, viruses and bacteria that harmed the form became prevalent that reflected the war that separation leads unto.


Furthermore, as the space between was designated into a separate pattern known as the mer-ka-ba, the space between became animated. In essence, the serpents that should hold the negative ley lines of the space between the etheric grid work left in the animation to carry on in another dance due to the dream projected upon them. As the serpents holding the space between left, the positive ley lines collapsed in upon themselves as there was nothing to properly support the structure and function of the form, leading to a fall in consciousness. Furthermore, the serpents that were now animated with a dream of their own became the forces of the dark utilized by the false intervention to strip Earth and humanity alike of their information and grid work.


The space between was never meant to be animated with a dream. In essence, as the space between became animated, not only were dark forces created, but the movement of energy captured a portion of the dream broadcast onto physicality and transferred it into the unconscious. Now one had not only an animated existence that was physical, but also an animated unconscious. It is as the unconscious became animate that it could be used to strip creation of information and strip humanity of its genetic information and grid work.


Conscious and Unconscious Dream Dynamics


Each human at 2 segments of DNA has an animated life in physicality, a parallel life that is semi-etheric upon the light body planes of reality, and 24 additional parallel lives that are the result of the animation of the unconscious. It is these 24 additional parallel lives that generally work against oneself in ascension; for each time one intends to ascend, a portion of the unconscious intends to die or barters away one’s newly acquired ascension information causing one to roll back in vibration. The result is a push and pull along with struggle to ascend that is commonplace in the lower initiations.


However, we would like to point out that the unconscious should not be animated in the first place. The only reason that the unconscious is animated is due to the movement of the mer-ka-ba sacred geometry in the space between. As the mer-ka-ba moves, it creates a screen upon which a portion of the dream broadcast to form is captured. As the dream is captured, it animates the unconscious into a dance that is separate and nonphysical in nature.


As the movement of the sacred geometry is modified through ascension to hold Language of Light in both the positive and negative ley lines of the field, the space between holds its proper structure and function and the unconscious ceases to be animate. As the unconscious ceases to be animate, it no longer has the capacity to work against ascension by intentionalizing opposing thoughtform to one’s goal or bartering away one’s records.


Above 2200 segments, each ascending human is now required to move Language of Light sacred geometry in both the positive and negative ley lines of the chakras and subtle bodies along with light body and auric field. As this is accomplished, the unconscious freezes and then fails to be able to harm others or oneself, or block one’s ascension from becoming physical. This occurs as the dream unites into a single broadcast that is properly received by all parts of the field.


The Dream and Two Sacred Geometries


As the mer-ka-ba and flower of life patterning runs in ascension, one’s dream splits into two broadcasts; one dream that is projected upon the physical and light body, and another dream that is projected upon the unconscious. As the sacred geometry is altered through ascension to be Language of Light in both the positive and negative energy flow of the field, the dream unites into a single dream that is only broadcast upon the physical and light body planes. As the unconscious ceases to receive a dream, it also ceases to be animate.


One can think of one’s physical and light body forms as a screen that receives a movie broadcast that sustains one’s life script upon these two planes of reality. As the mer-ka-ba spins, it creates many additional screens that capture a portion of one’s life dream. This is how humanity became so limited over time; for more of the dream was sent to animate unconscious planes of reality than physicality or the light body. As a result, a very limited script that is very ridged in nature is broadcast upon humans at 2 segments of DNA in the physical, as more of the life dream is captured by the unconscious than the physical planes.


Through ascension, the unconscious parallel dreams begin to unite with the physical dream and light body dream. As this occurs, there is less limitation and more knowledge available to experience a wider possibility of life script in the physical. After 2,200 segments and the new sacred geometry is mastered, the entire dream for one’s physical and light body realities becomes available; in so doing limitation begins to be lifted and human consciousness has the possibility of weaving a dream for one’s life consciously that includes greater joy and fulfillment of experience.


Global Dis-Animation of Human Unconscious


The dis-animation of the unconscious allows Earth to cease to be pestered by dark forces emanating through human form that became animate strictly to strip her of her information, grid work, moving energy systems and so on to feed the false intervention. Therefore, Earth has chosen to dis-animate through her own conscious freewill choice the unconscious of humankind in the new consensus above 2,200 segments of DNA. In so doing, Earth has ceased to be stripped in present time by the false intervention, allowing her to ascend at a more rapid pace into the future as a result.


For those mastering 2,200 or above in one’s personal ascension, the unconscious ceases to be animated beyond this. In so doing, the interference that is often so troublesome to ascending initiates also ceases. Many initiates have discovered a new level of peace as the unconscious freezes. This is the gift of ascension for many who are mastering at this time in history; one has the possibility of map making a new blueprint for humanity to ascend into.


At this time and due to a better understanding of what causes the unconscious to work against conscious sentient life, a new dance emerges in which there is new hope for the future of Earth and humankind alike. Humans now have the possibility of moving into a harmless state at a lower initiation level than originally thought possible. This increases the possibility of more humans ascending with Earth into the Great Central Sun, and humans coming together in ascending communities in which harmlessness and unity is the foundation. This is the hope that evolution makes possible; the evolution out of a dance that does not serve and into a new dance that does serve and brings one and all greater joy and fulfillment.


Earth Has Entered the 4th Star Gate


The dis-animation of the unconscious allows Earth now to enter her second star gate this year. Therefore, Earth has officially entered into the 4th Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun. Each star gate fosters a new level of global mastery and energy movement that increases the vibration and temperature of Earth upwards. Each star gate provides added photonic energy to allow for the next level of mastery for Earth as a whole and each sentient species incarnate therein. Each Star Gate provides new gold and silver language from the Great Central Sun for Earth to master along with upper level initiates. Each gold and silver note mastered alters the energy flow allowing for an upward movement in vibration.


The Great Central Sun continuously modulates its energy flow and language offered in photonic form through each Star Gate to foster Earth’s ascension and the ascent of each planet in your solar system. Each planet, except for Mars is ascending. Mars is a planet that was brought to your solar system from the Pleiades and is silica based in nature; Mars cannot ascend in your creation, and is anticipated to combust upon entry into the Photon Belt. All other planets however are mastering their own initiations in nonphysical form much like Earth. Each has altered the sacred geometry as of late to be Language of Light in both positive and negative weaving of sacred geometry. Each planet is consciously working with the Great Central Sun to ascend home, as is your solar sun.


Solar ascension is complex; the sun must foster and monitor the movement of energy of each planet so that it creates a continuous and contiguous rainbow of tones that support the increasing vibration of the whole. In parallel manner and upon Earth, Earth must monitor the movement of energy of each sentient species therein modulating it into a global flow of tones that allow her to continue to ascend. The sun and Earth therefore share the more complex form of ascension, and share records regularly to foster their continued mastery. In Chapter 12 of this volume, Asur’Ana shall translate or channel a message from the “Solar Father” or the consciousness of your solar system that will better explain not only solar history, but also the solar cycles of ascension now underway that Earth is a part of.


There will be one more transmission from the Great Central Sun in Chapter 1 of Volume 6 that shall continue to explain and explore the spiritual lessons that we are gaining through our interaction with ascending humans upon Earth. We honor each that chooses spiritual mastery and evolution in this lifetime. In time we will work more directly with each that masters gold and silver thoughtform either in this lifetime or through one’s future ascending ancestry. And this we indeed look forward unto. Namaste.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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