Image of a noble Buddha sitting in the middle of the cosmos. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas

9. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas


We the collective consciousness of Buddha wish to speak forth today. We represent the amalgamated consciousness of seven incarnations of what those in the East have called Buddha. At a recent Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop, the records were gathered through dreamtime in Australia from Tibet where our ascensions took place long ago in terms of grids and ley lines of Earth.


The group at this workshop was working upon eastern and western patterning and creating an ascending blueprint for harmonizing the two variant dances in terms of energy flow. Lo and behold the records of our ascensions surfaced as the group harmonized and moved into a new dream that we ascended from long ago. There is also a strong connection between Tibet and Australia from Lemurian time periods in which the eastern and western civilizations intermixed; and many of Chinese descent had long lasting relationships with those in Lemuria. The interconnection allowed for our history and ascensions to be retrieved and added to the ancestral archives of the surface of the Earth and Inner Earth alike.


The Purpose of Our Ascensions


Our ascensions occurred over a 15,000-Earth year period (60,000 human years) from 22,000 Earth years (88,000 human years) ago when the last Buddha ascended up through 37,000 Earth years ago (148,000 human years) and just following the collapse of the ice shields forming your oceans as you know them. We will write a little more about our individual ascensions to follow. The purpose of our ascensions was to repair the energetic damage to Terra’s field; and we did accomplish this somewhat but also created a large problem. The last of our consciousness to ascend has written an essay about his life and evolution from an ascension perspective; and we bless him along with each that reads of our sharing. We have been recovered in a third dimensional sense and had become trapped upon a fourth dimensional level.


None of us survived very long following our ascensions into the fourth dimension. Now we understand that Mother Earth was not really prepared to sustain life upon her surface in the fourth dimension; and so, there was not enough life force to sustain our existence. Only one of us managed to live for 20 years; and it was a lonely existence as no one else followed us to our destination when we were clearly told by all guidance in the third dimension that this would not be so. We have been crying buckets of tears in our bardo that are yet not complete; as we never received our life review in the fourth dimension.


The forces there appeared uninterested and we could not communicate with those we left behind in the third dimension due to the heavy mirrors that create a barrier between the two. And so, it has been a vacuum of existence more or less until our recovery and due to a small group of Asian participants in the DAS dreamtime workshop. We bless each of you that gathered us back as no ancestor desires to be left behind; and thank you as now we can carry on as consciousness and contribute ascension information to those that are of grand master or larger headed lineages.


The buckets of tears we cry has more to do with how we were used to cause light and dark to expand, leading to a more greatly fractured dream upon Earth’s surface for all humans and nature to dance within. The fracturing of dream led to the nuclear winter at the end of the Anu, which is perhaps the single most devastating travesty for Earth in all of her history in the third dimension.


Ascension in a Non-Unified Dream


Although we ascended, we ascended in only one polarity; and as such we inflated the light dreams. Alas, you cannot inflate only one pole without inflating the other; and so middle and dark polarities also inflated. The dark polarities remained upon Earth’s surface and the middle polarity went into the Inner Earth in terms of dream.


The darkest dreams inflated and caught as an irresolvable war between two family members of Pleiadian descent; and culminated in a nuclear implosion so devastating it sent Earth into a nuclear winter and rolled her upon her side. It took 8,000 Earth years (32,000 human years) for Terra’s energy field to be rebuilt. Although some of our ascensions were devoted to this task and we did support her as we could, our ascensions continued to inflate the polarity of darkness as we ourselves were not in a unified dream.


This is the problem even with ascension today as we view it. The inner and outer Earth map makers are not ascending in a unified pole. Therefore, they are increasing the gap between light, dark and medium; and dark is again inflating and shall cause another nuclear war if not concluded with.


Unifying All Parts of Self


In the recognition that this is what is transpiring and upon a larger part of Earth’s consciousness named Anasonya (translates into Song of My Heart), now there is some hope that there will be a resolution unto the extreme poles that Earth has fallen into and due to human karma. This karma has caught the understanding of the Inner Earth humans guiding the map of ascension at this time; and is to be resolved along with outer Earth map carvers ahead. As such, another dream will begin to unfold that shall unify inner and outer into a middle road dream; and one in which light, medium, and dark are cancelled and integrated in full.


You cannot really return to the Great Central Sun Dream either without unifying all parts of self; and this includes Terra, our beloved Mother Earth. Terra is the “Outer Earth” Mother Consciousness. Anasonya is the “Inner Earth” Mother Consciousness. Terra is being gathered back and integrated by Anasonya; and as such there is a larger part of overall Earth consciousness now available to focus upon global ascension. This is a good thing as in part our own ascensions caused problems due to attuning only to the outer Earth consciousness as we could not connect to the Inner Earth consciousness as it had so diversified over time that there was no communication between the two.


It was only as Asur’Ana learned Tao languages that suddenly communication opened up with the Inner Earth who was learning parallel languages in her own Tao connection. Therefore, it is the Tao that is allowing for an intervention now that includes inner and outer and all kingdoms to be reunited; and this shall allow for a potential future return home to the Tao for all consciousness lost upon Earth. This we ancestors see as a more important focus than anything else; however, in this focus all will also come to be understood and healed; as this is the only path that shall allow for the journey Home to be born.


The Seven Incarnations of Buddha


We would like to share a little about each of our lives. We each held a lineage that was similar to the last Buddha that ascended about 22,000 Earth years ago (88,000 human years). We each ascended in a nearby region from one another and relied upon the dreams of each incarnation before for the ascension fostered in each given life. Our ascensions were planned and destinies known before our births that would be fostered. This is the holographic nature of the grand master archetypes; we desire to heal our kingdom and the planet and foster all healing through ascension; as it is only through ascension that anything can change.


1. Rasti Shivi


The first Buddha to ascend attempted this 37,000 Earth years ago (148,000 human years) and 1,000 Earth years (4,000 human years) following the creation of your oceans. This incarnation was of a female Buddha who was known as Rasti Shivi. Rasti was born with a larger cranium and could be seen more directly as a grand master descendent as a result. Asur’Ana reminds us much of Rasti although she is not of Buddha descent; actually, Per is of Buddha descent and relied upon our blueprint to attempt to master sustainable thoughtform. And we are now opening our records for him as Rasti began with sustainable biology before her ascent began.


Rasti was raised in an ashram of a famous spiritual leader of the time and was the offspring of two devotees who had a deep love and the right inheritance. Rasti grew up in a spiritually devoted circumstance and was vegetarian until she mastered enough photonic biology to cease to eat altogether and subsisted from the air from this point forward. Her ascension began at the age of 16 when she received a vision for what she was to do from within. It was such a powerful vision that she told her parents and then spiritual mentor who perceived the same vision and encouraged her in her focus.


Rasti became a teacher of great magnitude drawing others from around the region to study with her for a time. Many of the principles you apply to ascension is what was taught; and initiates learned to modulate polarity into other languages that allowed for another dream to catch. Manifestation and dreaming were also focuses of the time. However, we were not working from a complete set of languages that were light, medium and dark; as something had already shifted in the creation of the oceans that splintered Terra’s core.


Following the breakage of the ice shields, language splintered into light, medium and dark polarities all over Earth including in the Inner Earth of the time. Therefore, Rasti ascended in a middle polarity dream thinking that she unified all of the light and darker attributes of self when only a portion and maybe 2/3rds could be unified. This caused 1/3 of Rasti’s consciousness to be left behind in the ascent to the fourth dimension; and wherever the fourth dimensional body failed to be constructed in association with what was left behind, she fell ill living only 20 years to follow. It had taken Rasti 96 years to ascend.


Rasti became ill in relation to the heart and died of a heart attack in the end. Rasti felt deeply lost without her following that failed to arrive in the fourth dimension as planned. Rasti had a group of about 100 devotees desiring to follow her; they were prepared with all types of techniques and to hold a dream for continued ascension after Rasti had mastered. Alas, the fracturing of Rasti in her ascent flowed back upon the group fracturing their dream; many became ill and/or died; and the dream for further ascension so fractured it could no longer catch.


Those perishing this way and losing their ascension dreams are also ancestors; and it is only now that they are beginning to understand what occurred. Many of these ancestors have found their way to working with those in DAS over time catching a glimmer of hope to resolve what went wrong in their incarnations. They are so happy at last to understand and see the possibility now of correcting what transpired so that a whole and complete cycle of ascension with all parts of self reunited can unfold ahead.


2. Ramada’da Bartha


Ramada’da Bartha was born 1,000 Earth years (4,000 human years) following Rasti. He was born to a group of family farmers who raised many vegetables, goats, pigs and sheep for market. Ramada’da was the illegitimate child of a servant of the family who had acquired much wealth; but raised as if he was a part of the family. His special nature however was acknowledged as he too had a larger cranium; and he departed at the age of 15 to study with a spiritual group, moving to their ashram. He was taken under the wing of one who was considered a great master of the time who saw Ramada’da’s special purpose. Ramada’da was not his birth name but became his spiritual name under advice of his teacher.


Ramada’da began his ascension at the age of 26 and completed at the age of 126. His field and form became increasingly translucent as he mastered photonic biology; but much like Rasti before him, he also failed to unify all poles leaving about 1/3 of himself behind. This affected the liver region in the fourth dimension which fell ill causing Ramada’da to pass in 17 years following his ascension.


His life attracted less attention and he took on few followers; only a small group that came to deeply respect what he was attempting to accomplish. Ramada’da spent much of his time attempting to help Terra repair her energy field from the loss of the ice shields. Although this did occur and she stabilized more greatly due to his focus, light and dark were splintered again in his ascension and the darkness rolled over certain regions leading to conflict.


3. Shakta’ali Umanta


Shakta’ali was born 1,500 Earth years (6,000 human years) following Ramada’da’s ascension and at a time that conflict swept through the region. There was a war that may have been the result of the darkness rolling over the region from Ramada’da’s split ascension. Shakta’ali was born with a great deal of information for her journey and a large cranium. Her parents left her as a baby in a monastery or ashram where monks raised her.


She was at home with the spiritual focus of the group and learned many things in her youth that supported her goal of inner focus for ascension. The monks saw her special purpose and hid her from the outside world, dressing her as a man. In this time period, spirituality became exclusively male when it had been both male and female prior; and this too was perhaps the result of a darker dream catching in the region.


Shakta’ali began her ascension early and at the age of 13. She always retained both a male and female essence and many who came to study with her did not know which gender she sincerely was. Much like Quan Yin, she was a hermaphrodite although only the monks knew this and kept it well hidden. Shakta’ali’s ascension altered the dream into a lighter dance and the times of war passed giving birth to a golden era to follow. The monasteries embraced female aspirants once again and Shakta’ali was often their teacher.


It took Shakta’ali over 120 years to master photonic biology and she did ascend, but failed to unify all poles. The implosion of her ascension rolled back upon her followers also making many ill as in Rasti’s experience. Shakta’ali had an incomplete biology as well in the fourth dimension and died of a brain tumor that caused her to go insane and she committed suicide in the end about 12 years following her ascension. Like Quan Yin, she also felt heartbroken that no one followed her. (Please refer to Chapter 8 “Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension” for more information.)


4. Bentonam Midanan “Alalamanan”


Bentonam was the heir and first-born male to a very wealthy royal of the region. He was born about 2,000 Earth years (8,000 human years) following Shakta’ali and also with a larger cranium. Bentonam took on the spiritual name of Alalamanan as he left home and disappeared into a monastery giving all his worldly possessions away to the poor; and following his father’s death. He left his only sister with just enough to subsist feeling that it was her karmic lesson to move beyond material world seduction; and she never forgave him for this nor did she see him again in his lifetime.


In the monastery, soon Alalamanan’s destiny unfolded as a vision of the then priest who had been considered enlightened in his lifetime, but was on the verge of passing; and he was called to his side upon his death due to the vision of this young man’s ascension. Alalamanan was given his spiritual name in that moment upon the priest’s death and his focus of ascension began from this point forward.


Alalamanan was a popular teacher who drew many others to the ashram to study or donate money for their continued aspirations. After 30 years, he chose to depart the monastery as some of his following offered to build him his own temple. He accepted their gesture and moved into a space of his own necessary to his transcendence of attachment. Attachment had grown since the ascensions prior to Alalamanan and this was a sign of a sinking vibration of Earth.


Alalamanan succeeded at his ascension nonetheless and it took him 158 years. He continued to teach and share of his journey until he became so translucent that the dreams between the lower and next dimension, he was ascending into would not hold long enough for anyone to see him. Alalamanan’s ascension also was incomplete; and the wake of his ascension rolled over his group causing them to disperse following. Alalamanan died of liver cancer as this part of the body did not receive a thorough blueprint in the fourth dimension and only 13 years following.


5. Kassanantha’ama


Kassanantha’ama was born 1,000 Earth years (4,000 human years) following Alalamanan. The region was again in conflict and Kassanantha’ama was given up for adoption upon his birth. He had a larger cranium and so he was taken by his adopted mother to the monastery who took him in. The name of Kassanantha’ama was given to him by a priest of the time that saw a vision of his ascension in his meditation. Kassanantha’ama grew up with spiritual focus and a special diet to prepare him for his role. He began his focus of ascension at the age of 16 and it took him 200 years to accomplish.


During his lifetime Kassanantha’ama wrote extensively of information from the Nature Kingdoms and Earth along with the Ancestors of the time about the spiritual path. His written materials were never published but reserved for the ashram that he was associated with. Kassanantha’ama was quiet and did not desire to take students, spending much of his time transforming his inner world in order to ascend.


His ascension so splintered the dream of light and dark due to ascending in a light polarity that it caused a dark dream to catch upon Earth in which the nuclear annihilation and winter of the Anu caught. This was not his intention; and he is very sorry for not seeing the entire picture of polarity or how to unify all poles in order to create a complete ascension. His ascension was so incomplete that he only lived 10 years in the fourth dimension; and died of pneumonia in the end.


6. Bartidarma


Bartidarma was born 3,000 Earth years (12,000 human years) following Kassanantha’ama and after the nuclear winter of the Anu. The Earth was beginning to recover from her demise and Bartidarma’s agreements were to help her repair her energy flow, not unlike Ramada’da. Bartidarma was the child of two monks who were deeply in love and produced a male child with a larger cranium. Bartidarma was a sickly child but somehow pulled through and recovered his strength in his teenage years. He began his ascension at age 14; and it took him 250 years to accomplish. He knew he was to help the Earth and chose to devote a lot of his time to this purpose. He developed a deep relationship unto Terra and all her kingdoms, not unlike Asur’Ana.


Bartidarma took on devotees in small numbers only and worked with those that he perceived as useful in the ascension process. He and a small group journeyed for a time together; and one by one each of the others fell ill which left Bartidarma the only one remaining that could ascend. Bartidarma was sad at the loss of his associates and did not understand what had transpired. He sees now in hindsight and as an ancestor that they were taking on his diseases so that he could succeed; and this makes him sad.


His ascension did attract other interest and Bartidarma did teach but chose not to work with anyone again to ascend after the loss of his group. Upon his ascension his following also became ill. Bartidarma survived only 6 years in the fourth dimension and chose to commit suicide before the body became any more compromised. He would have died of a brain tumor.


7. Buddha or Budai


The story of the last ascension of the one known as Buddha was written in an earlier chapter. (Please see Chapter7 “Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension”  for more information.)


A Message from the Collective Consciousness of Buddha


We have chosen at the guidance of Anasonya’s Tao to unite our consciousness as ascended masters at this time rather than to be called upon in the individual. In this manner, we hope to serve those who are ascending as a resource of guidance and support in terms of healing and fostering your continued ascensions. We each chose to ascend to help Earth and help humanity and our lives were a benevolent attempt to do something good. We each in our own way did not understand the polarity that Terra had fallen into enough to accomplish our dream. Now that more is understood about ascension with Asur’Ana and Per’s DAS and all map makers worldwide, the Tao is guiding the dream for ascension now in a new direction and beyond where we could foster it in our given lifetimes; and by attempting to unify the polarities of Earth.


It was never our intention to cause more harm or warfare; but to heal the thoughtform at cause of the warring that was occurring, sometimes in our region and sometimes in other regions that we would receive news of. The problem that we see is that we ended the war in only one polarity dream of either middle or light in nature; which inflated the war thoughtform in the darker polarity dreams.


The inflated warfare then drove humans to war even more greatly. The Anu who were less conscious than most and had far more technology, than was probably good for them, could then create a dream that was more devastating than any other experience and dream Earth had dreamt. We are seeing our way now to our forgiveness, as Asur’Ana shows us it is a complex set of patterns at cause of it all and not entirely our responsibility. There are also those patterns and problems within the Tao at cause of pressing this region of domain into chaos. We will forgive and ask you to forgive us for however our ascensions contributed to the demise of the whole.


We realize that there is so much to repair within Earth and within the human species now and due to all the techno poisoning of Earth’s surface. The oil spills occurring in many regions worldwide for the past 2 decades is an example of this. We have been working with Asur’Ana and Per and Anasonya (Inner Earth Mother Consciousness) to press in a dream for a shift and healing in these regions.


We see that we can cast another dream where clean up technology that is natural and organic and possibly utilizing mushrooms may become the dream that resolves the damage done. This could inflate the use of mushrooms into a larger dream that can catch to aid in the toxic clean up necessary not only to the oil spills but other regions dying due to human negligence. Ultimately, however the oil spills are a mirror for the toxic circumstance that humans reside within due to the nature of big business and how irresponsible it has become in relation to the environment.


Although this is sad, we are shown that it is the only dream that has been available; and humans have not enough consciousness yet to redirect their dreams in a new manner that better serves. The consciousness necessary to direct the dreams however is coming through the consensus consciousness known as Anasonya, and we will see what she can accomplish in the year and years ahead that may allow for her dream of ascension home to the Tao to be realized.


At this time, there is still a greater possibility that we face extinction beloved. We are to work with Anasonya and those map carvers upon Earth’s surface to see if we can redirect the dream otherwise in this time period. Time is running out and humans are not responding as greatly as needed to allow for a cycle of regeneration rather than extinction ahead. Therefore, this becomes our goal now. However, we are here to attest that consciousness does not perish in death; or in ascension; it carries forward and seeks ultimately to return Home to wherever we were spawned.


We are grateful to understand now where we were spawned; and are finding our way to communicating with our Tao. As such, we have greater hope even if this cycle of homecoming cannot be realized here upon Earth; and understand that it may be realized in a cycle ahead where the consensus like this one falls less into density. Ancestors span time, space and form and cycles. And so, we shall all carry on regardless of whether or not we can succeed this time through; and if we cannot, then we will put our attention to another time period ahead where success can be fostered and we can all return home.


The Emerging Golden Age


Asur’Ana is much like ourselves as is Per in their attempt to fulfill upon ascension this lifetime. Each was destined for this role before birth much as ourselves. The current goal of ascension is to learn to dream weave in all manners possible; unite the polarities of light, medium and dark gathering all of yourself back into wholeness; and learning to exist in a wholeness dream that resembles the Inner Earth from which Anasonya can then redirect the dreams of all other humans in a new direction of a Golden Age ahead.


At this time, we see the possibility of an emerging golden age. This therefore is the direction we are to help propel humanity towards. The Inner Earth has its own dilemmas; but is far less toxic from which life spans are longer and the wisdom gained is greater; and so, our first goal is to restore a longer life span for the human race. Out of such a shift, then the wisdom can be fostered amongst emerging leaders who will then help lead humanity in a new direction of spiritual awakening. This future dream is but a glimmer at this time of possibility; and so, we must strive to widen this possibility until it is the only one remaining and then catches upon the outer Earth human race.


We are coming to see that our ascensions were not for naught; but have much inner healing and introspection ahead to come to terms with what we have caused. What we caused was the opposite of what we intended in our lifetimes; as our ascensions inflated darkness rather than healed the human species and planet at large. We also see that there are many Inner Earth ascensions in our same time period that caused the same; and the ancestors associated are coming to understand what they have caused and how it affected the Inner Earth.


But the outer Earth was affected the most greatly and alas the inflated darkness has led to nuclear annihilation in two time periods; one at the end of the era of the Anu; and one at the end of the era of Atlantis. Now we are coming to the end of another era and the surface Earth humans have built armament capable of a vast destruction of Earth; and the Inner Earth humans are coming to understand this more greatly at this time. Whether or not the Inner Earth human governance choose to intervene is uncertain in the dream ahead; however, it may be one possible resolution if humans are propelled into attempting to create nuclear war again.


Anasonya is good at modulating the human dream and Asur’Ana understands this; so, our goal is to change the dream so that what humans focus upon shifts ahead. What also lies ahead is a vast cleansing of outer Earth human populations that have gotten too large for Anasonya to support; and also, too toxic for your own health. The net result will be an end to war and a feeling that the human race is going extinct which shall frighten your leaders and scientists alike.


Balancing the Polarities


However, it will be their wakeup call as to what was caused at large that is also causing the human immune system to fail. The wakeup call can lead to a larger green movement than anything else you have witnessed to date; and this is the direction we too are striving to press the outer Earth humans towards. It is just that until polarity is unified, then the desire to press one pole only increases the other; and so, the green movement then increases equal to the non-green movement.


So, what is the solution to this? The solution is to balance the polarities so that when one direction is pressed, it does not inflate the other; as the other has been integrated into the middle path road. The solution also must include the Inner Earth; for as much as the outer Earth map makers have desired to unify the polarity into the middle road, it is failing due to the Inner Earth’s failure to unify with the outer Earth dreams. As a result, the momentum of ascension in the Inner Earth is driving the outer Earth towards greater toxicity and also nuclear war. Therefore, a large shift must occur to offset this outcome; and the cause is not really the outer Earth map makers; it is the Inner Earth map makers that have desired not to see or understand what is transpiring upon the outer Earth.


Outer and Inner Earth Working Together


What does it take to cause an awakening in the Inner Earth? Perhaps the recent whale implosion has created the awakening necessary. This implosion was a vast travesty and the global field of Earth is still reeling from this experience. It may take Anasonya another year to stabilize; and also retrieve what fractured in the experience. The Inner Earth whales and humans alike are forced in another direction to understand what went wrong; and are coming to understand many things; one of which is that they cannot continue to ascend in the manner that they have; and that their ascension is driving another kingdom to combust and the outer Earth to move towards nuclear war again.


So, what is wrong with Inner Earth ascensions? Well, there are those leaders of the movement in the Inner Earth pondering this and now they can hear of our experiences when they wished to deny that any outer Earth descendants existed of the larger cranium ancestry; and also, that there is a map making movement on the surface albeit small.


So perhaps the outcome of a combust whale is worth the travesty that it did cause if it also causes the inner and outer to realign their polarities for a new dream and direction ahead. Therefore, we are not without hope that this becomes the outcome of this experience; and that maybe the inner and outer map carvers can learn to work together to heal the whole of Earth rather than just a part and the limited part that they know.


Asur’Ana admits that there is little she understands about Inner Earth dreams; however, she is learning to live in one as she has mastered sustainable biology and this is the only dream that resonates. In her mastery however, there is the possibility now of understanding what it takes to create an Inner Earth dream on the outer Earth; and unify the polarities between the two enough to do so. Therefore, perhaps without her success none of this would be possible; and it shows you how close we are to finding our dream possibilities ahead limited only to extinction.


There is a ray of hope; and it is shining from the Tao who does not desire to give up yet in this time period. There are patterns that must be healed within the Tao; and as they shift, the dream possibilities here also shift. We are all related beloved; we are all ONE. Whatever in the Tao that caused this experience of implosion to extinction is a vast problem; it is causing the Tao to fall and fall imploding its foundation in upon itself.


The Tao must self-heal of this and whatever is the cause. The implosion is ripping holes in time and space causing past cycles to go into distortion when they were not in distortion at the time that they contracted home. Oh, what a mess it is, and so we now as ancestors are seeing and through the eyes of our Tao. All messes in the Tao eventually resolve themselves; and generally, through understanding. Here we get a glimpse of a small piece of the cause of the Tao’s problem; and whatever we see as cause helps the Tao understand its own cause so that it can be forgiven and repaired. We are all therefore in this together beloved; Ancestors, Terra or Anasonya, Nature and the Tao.


We bless you each bigger than we know how. We thank you for choosing to ascend in this lifetime and for those of you who are map carvers, for your willingness to venture through all that you have to fulfill upon your spiritual goals. We see that ascension is far more difficult in this time period than what we knew; but we also only knew a portion of the puzzle. Somehow, this current group of map carvers worldwide have faced the darkest of dreams to ascend within; and so, you understand something in your mapping that the Inner Earth humans do not; as they have ascended in a middle to light dream; and this does not teach them about the darker patterns at cause of why all is falling apart in this region of domain.


Therefore, you have done something in your mapping that is essential unto the whole beloved; and essential to the understanding of the Tao. We are sorry it is so difficult; and yet apparently is necessary to the healing of the whole. We bless you and love you therefore larger than we know how; and will intend a larger vision for our future than we know how to dream weave. And with Anasonya, we will put our attention to changing the dream to one of homecoming of the whole of Earth.



The Collective Consciousness of Ancestor Buddha


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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