Image of a gigantic wave with the powerful sentence of "I Intend to Ascend." Intents For Ascension

9. Intents For Ascension


The intent to ascend is not to be taken lightly. Ascension is a spiritual choice that will bring forth great change within one’s life experience. Such a choice is not for everyone, and those choosing this path know in their hearts that there is no other choice for their incarnation. Those who choose the path of ascension choose to transcend death, along with aging, pain, anger, fear, illness, deformities, and all destructive based thought-form inherent in the current human dance.


In Chapter 7, Following One’s Truth in Ascension, we described the changes that have occurred as the result of Asur’Ana’s choice to ascend. She has embraced each change necessary to fuel her momentum upward in vibration and frequency, and bring forth the associated biological and genetic changes to her form. Each species upon Earth shall also allow the necessary changes in order for their form to ascend.


Letting Go of Fear


Ascension requires one to give up their fear, fear of traversing the different cultures of our world, and ultimately the fear of oneself. For all fear is really fear of oneself, which translates into the fear of the unconscious. The unconscious, or the unknown parts of one self, has become unknown due to the many drops in vibration within one’s ancestry. Each drop in frequency caused a portion of one’s field to detach, or separate off. The unconscious is nothing other than multiple pieces of detached parts of one self that have become unknown, and then in being unknown, have become feared.


The ascension process brings about the reunion of each of the thousands of parts of self that have detached over the course of 120,000 years of human history, and 3 major declines in vibration. As each piece is embraced, the fear held stagnant within one’s own field is dissolved into the frequencies of forgiveness, compassion, unity and love. As enough of the unconscious is embraced, fear dissolves and freedom follows. It is out of freedom that one chooses to leave behind relationships that no longer serve, or a location that does not support one’s further ascension, or a job that one is complete with. Each step of freedom brings greater joy, expansion, and liberation within the ascending human’s life experience.


Nine Intents for Ascension


Nine intents to become the ascending master were brought forth from the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is to assist initiates to stay on track with their personal ascension. We share these intents with you now, along with a little about why each intent is very important to the ongoing purpose of spiritual ascension. We recommend that you focus upon such intents daily to allow your individual ascension to come forth at a pace that serves both your personal ascension and the collective ascension of Earth. Whatever one focuses upon indeed will manifest in one’s life experience, and so the goal of ascension requires continued focus to bring forth.




The intent to ascend brings forth each day’s worth of increasing frequency and vibration. Such changes are not only biological but also etheric. So each day, as one intends to ascend, the next layer of density falls away in the etheric, and the next layer of yet higher frequency is integrated. Such changes translate down to a biological level in which certain cells become crystalline, or certain decay and scar tissue is resurrected within the form.


Some days or weeks are more difficult than others are. The difficult days are the result of the sloughing off of a dense vibration that is tremendously discordant. As one enters the discordant frequencies in order to transmute them, such frequencies make the form feel tired, depressed, or even ill with flue like symptoms. Know that such days or weeks are simply a part of the process and will pass. Such difficult moments are aided by simple activities such as taking a walk to move the energy, or taking a mineral bath or swimming. Such activities cleanse the field and move the energy in such a manner that the denser vibrations can be transmuted at a more rapid pace leading to an overall sense of well-being.


Ascension is an ongoing process. Each ascending initiate will learn to master their ascension. When we speak of mastery, we mean that the initiate will integrate their choice to ascend into their day to day life experience, and not allow their life experience to get in the way of their choice to ascend. It is in the allowance of the big changes that often the larger leaps upward in frequency are accomplished.




The initiations in ascension are a form of record that is anchored around the form in what is known as “Ascension Grid Work”. Ascension grid work surrounds the grid work of the etheric body, subtle bodies, chakras and auric field of any human that chooses to ascend. Such grid work is anchored by the soul incarnate in the form that also chooses to ascend. Such grid work is also updated each day as the soul incarnate passes each of its tests of harmlessness in the process of ascension.


It is within the ascension grid work that the instructions for the energetic and biological changes are held. As the instructions are downloaded into the field, changes within the auric field, chakras, subtle bodies and etheric body, along with the biology follow suit. It is for this reason that gentle forms of exercise are so highly effective in helping ascension along. In the act of walking or taking a swim, the energy begins to move in one’s field a little more rapidly than usual. This allows the information in the ascension grid work to be downloaded so that the next phase of ascension can come forth.


As the old patterns are released and the new information integrated, emotional discord can occur in which one feels like crying, or feels angry, or feels agitated. Such emotions are transitory and the act of walking or swimming will help flush such emotions out of the field so that one can come back to balance and move into one’s center again. It is important not to hold on to old emotions, as such emotions must be cleared through the field. It is often in the act of trying to avoid the pain that one ungrounds and soul leaves the form. In the simple act of walking, soul can more readily anchor and assist the body in clearing the old emotions away so that a newfound sense of well-being can follow.


As the old patterns are released, often a form of etheric pus is left over in the auric field. This pus, if it collects in large enough amounts, will bloat the etheric body leading to physical puffiness and water retention. If it is left for longer periods of time and not addressed, it can also lead to weight gain. The etheric body is the blueprint for the form. If the etheric body puffs, so will the physical form. It is for this reason that it is important to pace yourself in one’s ascension.


Sometimes, some initiates wish to race through their ascension, and try and integrate more than they can handle in a given day, week or month. Asur’Ana had this tendency most of her earlier ascension, and it led to days of extreme emotional imbalance, and a lot of puffiness and water retention. She would take mud baths or add Batherapy to her daily hot baths at home to help with her toxicity level due to her choice to ascend as rapidly as physically possible.


If one has the time to spend detoxifying, such a choice to ascend so rapidly is not wrong. However, many ascending humans live a lifestyle that does not have the luxury of many days off to be spent in form detoxification. Therefore, we guide you to go at a pace that serves your lifestyle, not biting off more than you can chew in any one given segment of initiation. In so doing, each ascending human will feel better, remain in better balance and a state of centeredness, and will take the pace that serves their particular life experience.




Balanced giving and receiving is a necessity in order to have an auric field that continuously rotates and moves as it should in order to fuel one’s ascension. Each vibration in ascension requires a specific rotation of each moving energy field around the form. If the field slows enough, the frequency of the form will drop. If the field increases its rotation enough, the vibration goes up. If the moving energy systems increase in rotation beyond a certain threshold, another segment of initiation in one’s ascension is embodied or embraced and one takes an initiation.


Giving can be considered equivalent to extending one’s energy towards another or toward Earth through the act of communion. If the energy is not returned, one feels depleted. If one gives too much energy to another person, group, place or object, the depletion can be so great that the auric field slows down causing a drop in frequency and therefore a backwards movement within one’s ascension.


It is for this reason that ascension brings forth the need to address one’s beliefs in giving and receiving. It is human nature to believe that giving is better than receiving. For an ascending human, if one is forever giving more than one receives, one will also forever be depleted of enough chi that one may not be able to ascend. For ascension requires the ongoing collection of more and more chi to fuel an ever increasing vibration along with building an ever increasing sized auric field.


Asur’Ana learned to think of all receiving from her field as a flowing waterfall of energy from her Soul, Source and I AM Presence along with God Goddess/All That Is. Like many spiritual aspirants, Asur’Ana truly believed in giving. And so she learned to fill herself up with the love of God Goddess/All That Is, and then in turn give all that she wished, provided it was in the boundaries of karma or soul agreements. This came hand in hand with the release of those thought-forms that believe that chi or energy is limited upon the Earth plane.


Chi is not in limitation. However, the belief in limited chi causes the experience of some to not have enough chi and therefore experience aging, illness, or a deformity of one sort or another within the human dance, along with experiences of poverty or homelessness. As each initiate leaves behind the belief in limited energy and limited chi, they will manifest just enough chi to sustain their choice to ascend.


As one learns to both give and receive, balance follows. This translates down to physical plane issues such as manifesting enough to provide for one’s needs. Asur’Ana suffered due to her beliefs of giving more than she received and rarely had enough in her earlier life experience. As the internal giving and receiving came to balance, the outer plane physical reality also came to balance, and she discovered that she always manifested just enough to meet all of her needs. So this will also be true for each initiate that intends to ascend and in the process brings giving and receiving to balance.


For those that have a lot of physical plane possessions or savings, ascension can bring forth the releasing of such possessions when the time is right. Such a releasing frees one up of attachment that would otherwise deplete the form of too much chi in order to sustain one’s continued ascension. Each release of such things is often given to another in the settlement of an ancient karmic debt of one sort or another. So, the giving away of such things serves the purpose of ascension in all ways.


This is not to say that one whom is wealthy must give everything away, as sometimes such wealth serves another purpose inherent in one’s ascension. An example of this might be the individual who has accrued the wealth in order to purchase the land that a new community of ascending individuals is to inhabit. In the providing for what is needed, not only is a karmic debt settled, but such an individual contributes greatly to the path of ascension. This is only one example of how great wealth may contribute to the path of ascension both individually and collectively in the human dance.


Giving and receiving can be likened to the in-breath and out-breath of God Goddess/All That Is. The in-breath allows one to receive the blessings and love from their I AM, Soul and Source. The out-breath shares the loves of one’s I AM, Soul and Source with all other humans incarnate upon Earth, along with Mother Earth, and her nature kingdoms. In so doing, Mother Earth also dances with each ascending being’s field, and return all chi shared with her in full to fuel one’s momentum Home.


The problem with imbalance of the in-breath and out-breath come when another that one gives to gives nothing in return. It is in the vampiring of chi or energy that one feels depleted. Therefore, one must monitor their agreements with others, and release those thought-forms that cause one to allow oneself to be vampired by others.


Vampiring often does not serve the one whom takes the energy at all, as often such humans have agreements to give such chi to other solar systems or life forms. Therefore, one must choose to release all contracts to be vampired by other humans or life forms in order to bring giving and receiving to balance. One may ask, well if there is enough chi, why should such agreements matter? This is a tricky question, and we will take the time to explain. Such beings, as the Greys, Reptilians, Andromedans, Sirians and Pleiadians, who take so much of Mother Earth’s chi, have become stuck in a parallel thought-form of the human species in which hoarding and great poverty are a part of their life experience. As a result, they themselves as such a species or solar system, are so depleted of chi that they must take chi from another place in order to survive causing it to fall significantly in frequency. In so doing, they have exacerbated the fall of Earth.


In order for such species to move out of their current dilemma, they must ascend and anchor soul within their forms, which will provide them with the chi necessary to be sustained. They are indeed soulless, and as such, there is no presence of I AM, Source, Oversoul or God Goddess/All That Is to provide them with the life-force that they need. Perhaps in not receiving that which they need, they will begin to look within and find their path home.


Continued giving of chi does not serve them, and it is for this reason that Mother Earth chooses to cut them off from such large supplies of energy that they interfere with her choice to ascend. In so doing, Earth settles an ancient karmic debt and brings giving and receiving to balance upon a global scale.


One can see from this example that bringing giving and receiving to balance are also global issues. All initiations in human form have parallels within the global ascension process, although global ascension is 100,000 fold more complex.




Grounding has to do with connecting with Mother Earth, along with anchoring soul within the form. For a long time now, the human species has been ungrounded. Not all races experience such an ungrounded state, as those whom are related to the Native American, African, Indian, Polynesian, Aborigine and South American Indians have retained biological grounding within their genetic heritage. It is predominately the White and Asian races that have lost their ability to ground.


The White and Asian races have “reversed polarized”. Reversed polarization equates to the male gender running female energy and the female gender running male energy. Indeed, such a shift has created the “women’s movement” in the West. It is not wrong. However, ascension brings forth the restoration of the proper frequencies for God and Goddess in human form. Such frequencies are not powerless, as the feminine vibrations that you have known up until this point in history. They are filled with feminine power that has a different expression than masculine power. So, we guide each of you to embrace the gender that you are in physicality, and release any and all dislike or lack of acceptance for your current expression in form.


Both the masculine and feminine dancing together in divine union requires both parties to embrace the proper frequencies in order to create the experience of union together. In order to create divine union within, which is indeed a grounded state in which soul dances with form and with Earth, the feminine form must run female energy, and the masculine form male energy. When a form does not run the proper frequency for its gender, the energy moves up the field ungrounding the soul from the form.


As the proper gender based frequency is run, the energy flows down the field to the center of the Earth naturally grounding spirit into form. Therefore, ascension of those with Asian and White heritage includes the information necessary to ground, and for the proper gender based frequencies necessary to sustain a grounded state of being.


Grounding can be likened to a portal through which soul is anchored in the grid work of the form, and then further anchors via another portal to the center of the Earth. In the act of grounding, the soul can be present enough to provide the chi necessary for one to ascend. It is also when soul is grounded to the center of the Earth that there is a pathway for the denser frequencies that one is detoxifying upon a daily basis to leave one’s field in the act of ascending. Without grounding, soul is not present, and therefore one will be tired as there is nothing present to fuel energy within one’s etheric grid work. Without grounding, there is no place for the pus or entities that one is releasing in the act of ascending to leave the field, as there is not a connection to the center of the Earth, which leads to a toxic buildup and potentially flue like symptoms.


Therefore, grounding becomes essential to the ongoing process of ascension to sustain the health and well-being of the form. When one hits a particularly difficult part of one’s ascension that is very discordant or painful, it is natural to unground and have the soul leave the embodiment. One often ungrounds in order not to feel the pain. It is the soul that feels as it engages with the emotional body.


No soul present equals no emotions felt in the human experience. Without soul, one is like a flag blowing in the wind and subject to the energetic manipulation of others, as it is soul that anchors the field. It is soul that brings forth the ascension, and it is soul that holds one’s boundaries so that one cannot be manipulated. Soul requires a state of grounding in order to be present in the form.


The White and Asian forms are in a greater degree of biological pain than other races overall. Why is this so? It has to do with the numerous nuclear accidents and wars that such races have experienced over time which altered the genetic content of their form into greater pain. It is from the pain that such races disconnected from Mother Earth, and the souls incarnate further disconnected from the form.


It is also the nuclear energy that caused the reverse polarization of such races. As the biology is altered, releasing its pain and reversed polarization tendencies, it is more effortless for soul to anchor into the form and to connect with Earth through the vessel of the human embodiment. Such a transmutation requires the releasing of all karma from such nuclear experiments or wars, and as it is released, the pain is released along with it from the form and field.


Why is pain held in place by karma? Karma is nothing but a record of a particular experience at a particular time within one’s ancestry. Often such ancestors were in great pain as the karma was recorded. Sometimes such karma may have even been recorded in the act of a very painful death or trauma of one sort or another. So, karma and pain are often united, and as the karma comes up to be released, the pain associated comes up to be processed simultaneously. As the pain is processed, it is released and erased for good out of the form so that the form can know a new beginning in which pain is not a part of one’s heritage. This is what ascension brings forth, the erasure of all pain that is in both the biological and etheric bodies surrounding the human form a little at a time over a many year period. In so doing, one receives a new beginning and new life based upon joy, abundance, good health and an inner state of well-being.


Tips for Getting and Staying Grounded


1. If ungrounded, go for a walk or swim. The act of moving the body will move the energy allowing the pain to be released so that soul may re-anchor in the form.


2. Eat chocolate or drink coffee. Both chocolate and coffee contain caffeine, which will ground soul into form in less than 5 minutes. As such, this is a good quick fix to take on the road!


3. Sit in meditation and run the Kundalini energy system clearing the field with one’s own internal fire. (Please see Chapter 5: Supporting the Human Form in Ascension for more information.)


4. Eat protein. Protein will allow soul to anchor for many hours. For some ascending humans living in the denser regions of Earth, eating protein daily may be a good solution to the need to remain grounded in order to ascend. We do not recommend protein powders, which are toxic to the form because they are so highly concentrated. Instead, we recommend food that is raw or freshly cooked that contains high amounts of proteins from plant or grain sources, such as nuts, beans, quinoa, and legumes. If allergic to chocolate, take some trail mix with you on the road.


5. Take a 10-minute sun bath or walk in the sun. Sun bathing will bring one into communion with Earth and our solar system allowing soul to be re-anchored into the form. The sun will also burn off the etheric pus that accumulates in the process of ascension allowing one to feel rejuvenated. As the pus leaves, soul more readily anchors into the form.


6. Take a candlelit mineral bath. Watch the flames flicker in the room. Candles are fire, and fire is a part of Earth. As one communes with the fire of the candle, they commune with Earth. As one also communes with the water in the bathtub, they also commune with Earth.


7. Burn your favorite incense, frankincense or sage. Smoke clears one’s auric field of entities related to the patterns that one is releasing. In essence, such entities do not like the smoke and leave. As the entities leave, soul enters the form with greater ease.


8. Apply essential oils to one’s body or burn essential oils in a room. Asur’Ana often travels with a little bottle of essential oils of lemon, spearmint, orange and eucalyptus mixed together and applies it to her wrist and forehead. The smell from the oils cause the entities to leave that she is either releasing or have attached to her field due to the crowd that she is in.


9. Take a shower utilizing the salt scrub formula. Moving water assists one in communing with Earth. The salt scrub allows entities that do not like the smell of the oils to leave, and etheric pus moves with the water down the drain.



Sovereignty comes forth as each ascending initiate learns to allow. Allowance is a difficult thing for the current human dance. For humanity has founded their current dance upon ownership and possession. Ownership and possession cause humanity to try to control and manipulate another into doing one’s bidding out of the belief that this will make one happy. The need to cause another to do what one wants comes from the belief that power is outside of oneself. Power is not outside of oneself, and as one learns to retrieve and anchor their own internal power, one will know that one can master any obstacle within one’s life experience and creation from within.


In trying to control or change another in order to bring forth one’s own happiness, one is forever reaching outside of oneself to change or alter their reality. Ascension brings forth the understanding that as one changes their internal reality and releases the patterns at cause of a particular creation, one’s creation or reality changes automatically. As such, internal change is the only form of change required to bring forth one’s experience of happiness. However, there is a catch to all of this, and that is one cannot internally change themselves and expect another to come along for the ride if the other is not interested in ascending themselves. For another to accompany one upon their chosen path of ascension, the other must consciously choose to ascend.


No one can change another’s internal landscape and patterning. Each ascending human must do his or her own internal work in order to bring forth the path of ascension. Here is a second catch. In polarity, the one that chooses to ascend will quite naturally attract its opposite, or the one who does not choose to ascend. It is for this reason that ascension often brings forth the ending of some long term relationships, as such relationships are based upon polarity, and inside of polarity, opposites attract. As one ascends, opposing forces are united internal to one self. Such a shift makes possible two in relationship who are consciously choosing to ascend together. It also causes those who are not choosing to ascend together to fall away from one another.


Ascending humans could only come together as a couple after enough of the polarity had been integrated within allowing them to dance together upon the chosen path of ascension. Such a shift has required the completion of the state of the Bodhisattva or Initiation 5,000. So those of you who are ascending must be patient and allow the opposition to be united within. Then the potential of meeting a partner that will support your ascension becomes possible. Be not attached to whom such a partner might be, as ascension is a very special path that not all in human form is choosing at this time in history.




Non-Attachment has to do with the releasing of the energetic cords that tie one to another person, place, object or group. Such energetic cords lie between the etheric body and the grid work of the other person, group, place or object. Such lines of attachment create holes in the auric field causing one to leak chi much like a leaky balloon.


In ascension, such etheric cords are released a layer at a time between the grid work of one’s own etheric body and subtle bodies and all others. As each layer of cords is released, the auric field naturally holds more chi, and as such, ascends up in vibration and expands outwards in size. Vibration can be equated to a particular spin in the auric field, subtle bodies and chakras. The spinning of such energy systems requires chi. The more chi that one has available, the faster such systems can move. The faster that such systems can move the higher the vibration of the field. The higher the vibration, the more of the form that can become crystalline in cellular structure and the more that one has ascended. This requires the releasing of attachment.


As the attachment leaves, the pockets of decay and scar tissue can be transmuted upon a biological level within the form. The decay and scar tissues are the result of those areas in the etheric body that have been the most heavily corded with attachment. As a result of the attachment, such regions have never had enough chi leading the related cells within the biology to decay, die or scar. As the attachment is released, more chi is available to such regions allowing the pockets of decay to be turned crystalline and into healthy alive cells again. This results in the reversal of aging, and the potential reversal of all disease within any ascending form. All energetic attachment translates down to emotional attachment to others. Sometimes the energetic attachment cannot be released without the ending of the related relationship, job, or group affiliation.


If one chooses not to end the relationship, the attachment remains, and one’s ascension will cease. It is for this reason that a state of non-attachment brings about so much change within the life experience of those whom are ascending, as the releasing of attachment and change go hand in hand.


We ask those in human form to allow the change. Know that the change will result in a greater sense of freedom, and a new life born out of the old that is far more joyous than that which is left behind. In so doing, you support Earth’s ascension and Mother Earth shall support all of those in human form that choose to ascend. So, call upon Mother Earth to support you through the difficult moments inherent in the change, as that is what she is here for.




A state of harmlessness is a state in which one does not act in a vicious or malicious manner upon any plane of reality. There are many planes of reality that surround Earth. Most alternative planes, of which there are 36 in total, humanity has little understanding of or conscious remembrance of. Such planes are those that one traverses during dreamtime while asleep.


Often those that are the most gentle and harmless in the physical are often harmful and non-gentle in the nonphysical. Such is the nature of polarity. As one ascends, polarity ceases, and one integrates the unconscious and often harmful parts of themselves a little at a time. It is for this reason that ascension can often be equated to a battle, in which one does battle with their own internal demons, and conquers them through love.


Sometimes such love also includes anger and rage, and the taking of one’s sword of light and shattering that which threatens one’s continued evolution out of existence. As such an internal demon is shattered, it can then be embraced and forgiven as it ceases to threaten oneself, and then is integrated fully into one’s own energy field. So ascension truly is an internal dance, and internal choice, sometimes an internal battle, and ultimately an internal form of mastery.


Such demons also surround Earth. However, Earth has taken responsibility for her part in the dance, and is changing the manner in which she handles such demons. Long ago, Earth failed to act as such demons united in human form into a collective unconscious shattering Earth’s field and vibration. At this time, the collective unconscious for the human species has been dismantled surrounding Earth so that it can no longer prevent Earth from ascending. This has come hand in hand with recent global initiations that Mother Earth has taken that have allowed the karma from such experiences to be released in full.


Global and human karma parallel, and are similar. The pain humanity has created has caused pain in Mother Earth’s auric field, and upon the land that you know as Earth. As Earth’s global consciousness ascends, the pain in her field and form is transmuted, transcended and erased. As such, a new future of joy is born in Earth’s experience as a global vessel. So it also is for all species incarnate upon her, including those in human form that choose to ascend along with Earth.


Because Mother Earth has altered her dance with humanity, humanity no longer threatens her frequency or continued choice to ascend. As a result, human ascension is now just an internal battle in which each must choose to embody harmlessness in order to ascend. Such harmlessness will be reflected in one’s life experience, if one pays attention to the “mirror”.


All creations in anyone’s life are a mirror for the unconscious planes that one knows little about. An example of this might be the creation of someone whom is vicious and abusive as a partner, lover or boss. If one has created an abusive example outwardly in the physical of another, then one is also vicious and abusive in the unconscious realms. As the inward viciousness and abusiveness is addressed in ascension, with such unconscious parts of oneself conquered and integrated in full, the outer experienced of attracting another whom is abusive will shift. As such a shift occurs, either the abusive partner will leave or will change accordingly. This is an excellent example of how, as one changes the inner landscape of patterns and beliefs inherent in one’s genetics, ancestry and field, one’s outer reality shifts accordingly in the process of ascension.


As one masters harmlessness, one receives greater and greater levels of authority within the inner plane governance over Earth. This is power based upon love and harmlessness. The old governance of Earth and the “Ascended Masters” is over, for this was a form of governance based upon abusive power. One may say, well I experienced such masters as being so loving! How can they be abusive? Such abusiveness has to do with the manner in which such power was acquired. You see, such masters did not master harmlessness in their acquisition of power.


Instead, they ascended and seized power over Earth, forcing others into their dominion. In the forcing of others from a position of dominion, the fields of others were shattered. This is considered a harmful act, that of shattering the field of another, or shattering the field of Earth. Such beings are being cleansed from Earth and a new form of governance anchored. Those anchored in governance of Earth are ascending humans, dolphins and whales that have mastered harmlessness in their own initiations by ascending their form.


Humans, whales and dolphins that are ascending, are not “special”. Nor are they “God”. Nor are they to be worshiped. They are like any other of their species that chooses to ascend, and in the act of ascending, will also be granted equal levels of power and authority within the governance of Earth. All forms of power granted will be based upon mastery of harmlessness and love. Very long ago, all governance was also based upon mastery, mastery of love and harmlessness. Such governance is being restored so that a new era of peace, love and light can be born upon Earth.




Truth can be likened to a multifaceted diamond. Each human upon Earth holds a different facet of truth that when put together creates the gem of overall truth inherent in the human experience. Likewise, each species upon Earth is another facet of truth and expression in form, and when all species are combined together, the overall gem known as Earth as a truth is experienced.


It is human nature to pit one truth against another. It is also human nature to believe that one has “THE TRUTH” to the exclusion of all others. There is not one truth. Truth is multifaceted, complex, and most joyous when all components resonate in absolute harmony and joy together.


What humanity has experienced, along with Earth, within the many falls into density and subsequent loss of consciousness, were truths that are in discord with one another. The truth of Earth to ascend and humanity’s continuous poisoning of Earth through toxic dumping, along with humanity’s forgetfulness to ascend, are two non-resonant truths. The truth of the human species to kill the dolphin and whale communities is non-resonant with the truth of such species. The choice of one human to kill another, or one populace to war upon another, is the result of non-resonant truths between humans or groups of humans.


It will only be as humanity learns to embrace all truths as equal and of value that a new era can be born. Ascension brings forth the embracing of a new truth that is unity-based. Unity based truth does not pit one truth against the other, but perceives one truth as a part of the whole of all truths upon Earth. As each expression of truth does its part to the overall sustenance of the whole of all truths upon Earth, unity consciousness in action is sustained. Ascension brings forth unity consciousness in action.


Unity-based truth allows all expressions of truth that are unique to be experienced in harmony together. Such is the new paradigm for those that are ascending, and each will embrace such unity consciousness in due course. First such a shift shall occur within, and as one embraces all internal aspects discordant to one’s own truth, and applies the transmutative frequencies to such discord, allowing unity to be embraced within. As unity is embraced within, one can begin to dance with others in a unity-based manner.



Honor is greatly misunderstood in the current human paradigm. The current human paradigm believes that honor must occur at the expense of oneself. In such a system, one worships another and this is deemed honor. Or, conversely, one is worshiped by others and this is deemed honor. This is not what honor is within the new unity-based paradigm.


Honor is both internal and external in the new paradigm. One cannot honor another until one has honored oneself in full. This is because honor is an internal issue, in which one honors self, honors form, honors soul, honors Earth, and in so doing, communion of soul, form and Earth follows. It is only from a state of honor that communion becomes possible. Communion is a requirement for unity consciousness and unity-based relations.


Without communion, there is not harmony. Without harmony, there is no unity amongst the many. So, honor is the foundation of communion, and ultimately of ascension to the new paradigm of unity consciousness. Ascension is more than biological changes, or etheric changes, or a very large auric field that expands to your solar system in size. Ascension is about biological consciousness that becomes fully conscious. What is full consciousness? It is a state of being in which one has embraced their unconscious in full.


Embracing the unconscious in full translates into full consciousness, in which one has full access to all planes of reality that surround Earth and our Solar System. As one has access to all planes of reality, and has integrated the parts of themselves that had fractured in the many falls of the human species upon such planes, the human is restored to full consciousness. As the human is restored to full consciousness, the joyous and harmonious state of being that humanity once knew so very long ago upon Earth is simultaneously restored. Consciousness is biological.


Such a shift in awareness cannot occur unless the biology changes. It is for this reason that ascension brings forth both biological and energetic changes for the human form, along with all other species upon Earth. It is only as the biology exists in a state of honor that honor can be expressed in full within the human dance.


There are many within our current metaphysical communities that wish to believe that ascension is magical, that the human form suddenly goes “poof!” and appears in the next dimension just like that! Although this is a wonderful fantasy, it just is not so. Nor is it so for Mother Earth that has this global body known as Earth to ascend. Earth’s ascension, just like human ascension, occurs due to the biological and energetic transmutation of every cell upon her global body, which is indeed held in the form of many species. As each species ascends, so does her overall form known as Earth ascend.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.


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