Image of palm trees in a tropical country somewhere in Asia which are reflected in the river. Working With The Ancestors To Support One’s Ascension

8. Working With The Ancestors To Support One’s Ascension


The Ancient Ones Intend to Ascend


Through our ancestors

Who are you in present time

May we work together to

Accomplish this goal

Learning all the lessons that this

Experience upon Earth

Has to offer and teach

May we learn the lessons in full

Allowing for a completion of the pain

And suffering we have caused

Giving birth to a new day of unity

And a return journey Home

Unto the Tao


The Ancient Ones


Mother Earth wishes to make some suggestions of how one can work with one’s ancient red ancestors to foster healing of oneself through ascension and healing of the land upon which one resides. All humans are associated with a gigantic tapestry of ancestry that is holographic in nature and comprises the records of billions and billions of lives. Such lifetimes go back in time to the original seeding about 300,000 years ago; additional ancestries and lineages were added as the Grand Masters were seeded 200,000 years ago, and with the arrival of the Pleiadian Anu family about 180,000 years ago.


Each human born in present time with 2 segments of DNA chooses 25 lineages from one’s mother or father. For those that are choosing to ascend in this lifetime, one’s inheritance determines one’s fate in terms of how far one may or may not ascend. At this time, all humans may ascend in biology to roughly 1,800 segments of DNA and a crystalline form. Those perusing deeper spiritual goals and evolutionary pathway to Bodhisattva and beyond must have Grand Master inheritance in one of these 25 lineages, or one can go no further. Why is this so? Ascending any further requires the biological ability to transmute DNA into a more ancient biochemistry, and if one has not such innate knowledge, then one simply has not the capacity to ascend any further.


The Nature of False Ascensions


There have been many forms of “false ascension” in human history. A false ascension occurs as the biology fails to ascend in genetic materials to create a fourth dimensional form, and the light body ascends nonetheless. The outcome of this is that the form combusts from internal fission as the light body attempts to ascend into a fourth dimensional reality. Alas, this does not work, and nuclear warfare along with many forms of disease has been the result due to the scarring of the form in such attempts of false ascension. As a result of this, Earth has outlawed false ascension altogether, and will prohibit the construction of a light body beyond 3 to 8 segments of initiation over and beyond what the physical has mastered in biological ascension.


There have been many as of late united in false ascensions number one million humans, half from the West and half from the East. These attempts created such massive wobbling of the entire solar system that solar counsels have recently blocked any further human ascension of this nature. Alas, such humans most likely do not understand how they are being used in the physical by forces of the dark, and the level of electricity running through the form as the light body builds to such a high vibration is exponential. Such electricity only fries the nervous system and cellular structure leading to disease and an early death. For some, it has also led to insanity or a nervous breakdown if the excessive electricity shattered the crown chakra.


Solar counsels have chosen to take action and shut down such attempts of false light body ascensions, as they were only harming physical form. Physical form has been harmed enough through the dance of the red and white false gods from our point of view, and this is their last attempt to retain dominion over Earth, pushing her into an extinction cycle. Alas, they have failed, and Earth is taking charge of ascension in a new manner never before available. (Please refer to the last chapter, Chapter 7, for more information on the red and white false gods.)


New Global Sacred Geometry Launched


Within the past week, a new sacred geometry for the flower of life pattern that initiates run in their subtle bodies, light body, auric field and dream has been launched. This sacred geometry pattern includes the Language of Light, whereas up until now a Triple Lotus pattern (a Figure 8 or infinity symbol with an added loop on the end) had been the primary sacred geometry of ascending initiates and Earth alike. Alas, this geometry was easy to manipulate by dark forces emanating from Sirius, and so a new pattern has been launched encompassing all 48 symbols of the Language of Light into a flower of life patterning. Such patterning changes now as it moves and is more spherical in nature, less elongated appearing much like a field of daisies as it rotates.


New Global Sacred Geometry


Earth offers this new sacred geometry pattern to all ascending humans global wide that have mastered 2,200 segments or higher in biological ascension. 2,200 is the baseline as it is as one masters this that one has embodied the 10 base notes of the Language of Light. One must have embodied the new sacred geometry or one will be hard pressed to run such tones of creation in one’s field. However as one accomplishes this task, one may alter the sacred geometry to include the Language of Light in the subtle bodies, light body, dream and greater auric field. Each may attune to Earth and request this alteration of energy flow, and so it will be.

New Global Sacred Geometry-1


Ascension and One’s Ancestors


Each ascending human is drawing upon their ancient ancestry in order to ascend. All humans whether they be white, black, brown or yellow will find one’s ancient ancestors related to one of seven red root races seeded upon Earth 300,000 years ago by the Sirian race. The Language of Light is a unity-based language that parallels the original language brought to Earth from Sirius, with some minor modifications that allow it greater stability. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 18 “The Dance of the Underwater Worlds” for more information on the 8, 9 and 10-note scale of the Language of Light.)


As one ascends, one accesses both ancestors and genetic information from long ago. Long ago, one’s ancient ancestors held a different biochemical structure that did not age, did not die, lived 2000 years, and held great wisdom. Humans lived in relative peace and unity together at this time in history. As one intends to ascend, one pulls the ancient genetic records forward into present time and embodies them through conscious freewill choice. As such, one’s biochemistry begins to change increasingly into the “Crystalline structure”. For one’s ancient ancestors only understood the crystalline form, and it is for this reason that they lived so long and lived in peace. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on the crystalline form.)




The outer reality is a reflection or mirror of the inner reality. As humanity retained a regenerative form in which the cellular structure was disease free and in balance, life amongst humans occurred in parallel balance. In balance, there were not wars or starvation; only peace and a collaborative dance amongst and between human tribes. As the cellular structure degenerated into disease, with viruses attacking healthy tissue, the outer reality mirrored the inner, and humans began to attack, abuse and war upon other humans. Furthermore, as nature fell in parallel manner, humanity began to war upon nature. The only way out of such a dance is to alter the biology again through ascension, and in so doing relations between humans will return to the peaceful unity-based circumstance that was once known in ancient times.


This is the purpose of ascension beloved; and it is an important purpose. A regenerative biology is the first step towards a self-sustaining biology, which is the biological encoding required to live within the Great Central Sun. We are headed now for entry into the skin of the Great Central Sun sometime in 2048; those who cannot master first regenerative biology shall perish in the times of cleansing ahead. Later and following entry, those who cannot master self-sustaining biology will perish within the first century inside of the Great Central Sun.


Ascension and Mastery


Ascension is about mastery. One masters emotionally, energetically and upon a biological level. Emotional mastery is about transcending the pain, anger, fear, suffering and death that plagues current human victim thoughtform. As one transcends, one fights one’s internal demons, or in other terms, those entities that destroyed one’s ancestry by stripping their genetic materials and thoughtform. As one destroys the destroyer in the nonphysical, one wins, and in the winning one recovers another segment of ancient genetics and thoughtform that one can then ascend into upon the physical plane. As one recovers the genetic materials, first one’s energy field expands in size and alters in flow, and then one’s biology ascends into the crystalline structure.


Such mastery is not easy, as one may fight and fight and fight such internal demons each step of the way. This is why the path of ascension is only for the sincere spiritual warrior; and if one is afraid to fight, then one will lose and fail to ascend in this lifetime. We have seen initiates ascend so far, and then hit a major battle with a nonphysical force, and in the unwillingness to take a stand and fight, lose every shred of genetic material that they had ascended into up until such a time. The body then only rolls back into the fear and pain that had been transcended.


One must take a stand; one must fight back. One’s ancestors failed to fight, and in so doing, fall after fall in consciousness resulted. This did little good for humanity or Earth, and only lead to a point that humans remember so little that they have forgotten that there is an end of cycle time upon us, and that it is time to ascend.


Those that do not have to fight to ascend have made bargains with the dark. In the bargain, the dark do not hunt one down; alas, one is only setting oneself to be used in the dance, and this will lead to a failed ascent in the long haul. It is just such forms of ascension that lead to 1 million united in a false group light body that shattered your solar energy flow as of late. The dark had a use for such ascensions, and so such humans do not fight to ascend; however, those participating now have too much karma with the solar sun to ascend in this lifetime. Some have even created too much karma to be cleared in this end of cycle timeframe, and their associated ancestries will be returned to the Pleiades or Sirius upon death as a result.


Earth desires more “mature spiritual initiates” to emerge in human form. Humans are prone to feeling powerless and believe in an outside god force that is going to save oneself. In such, humans endlessly whine at Earth “save me, save me, save me!”. Beloved, I cannot save you; there is no savior; one must choose to master oneself through the intent to ascend. In the intent to ascend, the archives of one’s past karma will open, and one can begin to clear the karma and retrieve one’s crystalline genetic blueprint. One can then become the spiritual warrior and do unconscious and energetic battle with the forces that stripped one’s ancestry over time. In winning against such forces, one will anchor one’s genetic blueprint and ascend into it, becoming regenerative in biochemistry over time.


Earth cannot do one’s battle for oneself; Earth has enough of her own battle at hand of parallel forces that stripped Earth upon a global scale. Earth is winning her battles and as such the future entry into the Great Central Sun appears more certain than ever. Each species, each human and each whale and dolphin must do their own battle; each must ascend oneself out of the pain, anguish, disease and warfare, abuse, poverty and lack that has plagued oneself in this life and billions of lives long come and gone before oneself.


The Tapestry of Ancestry


As one intends to ascend, the tapestry of ancestry opens. Within the tapestry of ancestry are millions to billions of lifetimes related to one’s current DNA. In the intent to ascend, one begins to access dreamtime temples while asleep that are set up by Earth and Solar Counsels to foster human ascension. Such temples will allow one to access one’s tapestry of ancestry step by step. The further that one ascends, the more that one can pull forward more ancient ancestral lives and history.


In the early ascent to 1024, one is working upon recent human history from the last fall of Atlantis (10,000 Earth years ago or 40,000 human years) until present time. It is only as one builds one’s tapestry back to prior to the fall of Atlantis that one can ascertain if one has grand master or red root race inheritance or not within the 25 lineages one constructed the body from in the womb. If one has not red or grand master inheritance, one is blocked from ascending any further in this lifetime, as one has not crystalline information to ascend into.


Even if one has not crystalline information to ascend into, one’s children may draw from a more extended tapestry that one has constructed in the ascent to 1,024. In the ascent to 1024, 119 additional lineages are recovered associated with those humans that lived in Atlantean times causing the tapestry to expand to a total of 144 lineages.


If such lineages include red or grand master ancestry, one’s children can choose such lineages in constructing the body in the womb, and take the ascent to the next level of 3000 segments, 6000 segments (Bodhisattva level awareness) or 15,000 segments of DNA (Mahavishnu level awareness). Some may even take the ascent to Full Consciousness or 36,000 segments of DNA. Both the ascent to Mahavishnu and Full Consciousness require physical grand master inheritance to accomplish, as one must know how to alter the DNA and biochemistry as biological information from birth to accomplish this task.


This is how future ascension shall occur for all humans upon Earth. Each human shall take ascension as far as one can in a given lifetime given the lineages one held upon birth; then the subsequent generations will take the ascent to the next level by choosing the appropriate lineages from a more extended tapestry of ancestry. Even if one is not going to have children in this lifetime, someone else with an identical birth tapestry unto oneself will have children, as one is related to 2 billion humans global wide. Therefore, one’s future ancestry will be associated with all children born unto the 2 billion with the same inheritance as oneself.


Consciousness, Death and Ancestors


Consciousness carries forward beyond death. Such consciousness is known as the ancestors. Each human that lives becomes an ancestor upon death related to all who shared a parallel birth tapestry. Some ancestors are primarily associated with the Anu from the Pleiades or their slave race. These ancestors shall depart from Earth upon death of all associated in present time and be returned unto the Pleiades, where they will ascend at another future point in time when their solar system chooses a parallel path of ascension as Earth.


Yet other ancestors are associated with the Grand Masters and the 7 Red Root Races seeded upon Earth by Sirius. The Red Root Races have not the information for a self-sustaining biology; therefore, those of this inheritance and all ancestors related shall return to Sirius upon death and will ascend at the future time that Sirius experiences her end of time cycle.


Only those of Grand Master inheritance shall carry forward with Earth into the Great Central Sun. Why is this so? Only those of this inheritance have record of self-sustaining biology that consumes nothing to subsist; this is the genetic blueprint required by the Great Central Sun in order to be resonant. Future generations will continue to be born within the human species, and each subsequent generation shall draw upon those lineages requiring karmic clearing for completion, along with those lineages that can ascend Home with Earth to the Great Central Sun and from the ancient Grand Masters.


Over time, all other inheritance shall be phased out leaving only Grand Master inheritance in human form upon Earth; such humans will have the ability to ascend to the fourth dimension and beyond, living to witness the birth of a new era and life within the Great Central Sun ahead. All are related to such inheritance, and so all shall experience this future ascension home either in the physical or as a living ancestor following death.


Earth reminds those reading this book that nothing is lost; each species and each creation must choose to return Home to the Great Central Sun that they left long ago. One cannot return to the wrong Sun, as one has not the appropriate blueprint to do so. With human space travel, there are humans existing in many places in present time with the wrong biochemistry to ascend home to the associated Great Central Sun. This is so for current humans incarnate upon Sirius that are much like humans upon Earth; a blending of many genetic structures from many Great Central Suns. Sirian humans shall face a parallel path of cleansing in order to return Home at their end of time cycle as humans upon Earth.


This is also the same for the dolphin and whale species, along with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms at this time. Each must trace their ancestry back to its origins from this Great Central Sun, or withdraw its life in the impending times of cleansing, returning as consciousness to the planet or star of origin that does resonate with the associated biochemistry. This is the time of the grand sorting out of what can and what cannot ascend home with Earth; alas much can ascend, and much cannot.


Many species shall be returning to many regions of origin upon death; however, their consciousness shall carry forward and share the lessons learned here and upon Earth. Perhaps in the sharing, humans shall cease to travel into creations not founded upon the right biochemistry for ascension, and will cease to carry with them animals, plants, minerals along with whales and dolphins that likewise do not resonate. For this is how all species that are non-resonant arrived upon Earth; they came upon human spacecraft and were seeded here at various times in Earth’s history.


Dolphins and whales trace portions of their ancestry back to the Great Central Sun, and portions to the Pleiades. Those whales and dolphins of ancestry from the Pleiades shall return to the Pleiades upon death carrying the records of this experience upon Earth with them. In so doing, their species within the Pleiades can learn some vital spiritual lessons necessary to their own homecoming. There are also species from other creations that shall return home in parallel manner to the Pleiades, Orion and Jyreion primarily.


Working with One’s Ancestors to Ascend


As one intends to ascend, one opens the next layer of tapestry of ancestry beyond the genetic materials one has already embodied in one’s ascent to date. As one opens the tapestry, a hoard of ancestors will arrive in the nonphysical. Such ancestors will be from whatever time period one is working upon at one’s current level of ascent. Ancestors and genetic materials along with soul fractured at different time periods in human history and were left behind in the vibrational bandwidth associated at the time that they were alive.


Much like layers of an onion, Earth is layered in vibrations from the third, fourth and fifth dimensional life that she once existed within. As one enters the same vibration in one’s ascent that one’s ancestry fractured in, then the ancestors and souls that were left behind in such a vibration become available to work with oneself to clear karma, recover records and recover crystalline genetic information.


Ancestors are not pure. Asur’Ana rapidly learned that ancestors have emotional charge and judgment of their own left over from the lifetimes that they had experienced. As such, ancestors are in need of purification of thoughtform much like oneself. As the emotional charge is released from the ancestral experience along with the parallel records held in the biology, both the ancestors and oneself can transcend the associated judgment, pain, anger, fear, or whatever other emotion is involved. In so doing, one’s ancestors evolve along with oneself, along with the soul.


Soul likewise fractures in the pain, anger, fear, judgment, or shame along with the ancestors. Soul ascends by retrieving lost parts of soul through human ascension. As soul is recast, the emotional charge is released, and in so doing soul grows in size and knowledge and comes to a deeper level of compassion, unity and non-judgment much like one’s own consciousness.


While upon the mainland US, Asur’Ana worked primarily with the Native American ancestors associated with her more ancient tapestry. Although she is of Asian ethnicity in this lifetime, both sides of her parents had ancient red roots and had migrated from Lemuria long ago to what is now known as Europe. As she opened her more ancient archives, the present time Native American ancestors appeared to work with her in dreamtime as they were related. They taught her many things, including how to bless her food, to honor the land, to honor her body, and to honor those around her.


Asur’Ana felt drawn to Native American instruments and opened to working with the nature kingdoms through her drum and rattle. Such instruments allowed her to retrieve her red power and heal the rift between her white and red ancestry that was at war with one another within. Such pieces also allowed her to connect with the nature kingdoms for guidance and perseverance through the tough emotional times in her ascent.


Asur’Ana also felt the red ancestors’ pain and anguish over the loss of their freedom and land in the United States and Canada at the hands of the white man. Although she is Asian from birth, over time and in her ascension, she found herself more resonant with her ancient red truth, and came to understand why the white ways are disharmonious, dishonoring and counterproductive to life and evolution. As she released the karma in her white lineages, over time such lineages were erased and Asur’Ana moved increasingly into her ancient red truth.


Biological Changes and Ancient Ancestors


One initiate who is white in this lifetime would often look in the mirror and think “I should have brown skin and long black hair”. Over time, her skin darkened as she embodied her ancient red DNA, and she grew her hair out such that it is long and black in present time. One will ascend into what one’s ancient red ancestors looked like in present time as one anchors such genetics fully into the physical.


It is perhaps for this reason that another initiate, who we shall call Larry, has a large “Buddha Belly”. Larry’s more recent ancestry came from Germany; however, his family had migrated from China to Europe in more ancient times. Larry has a direct lineage to Buddha, and has developed a form reminiscent of the large round form Buddha had at the time of his ascent. One will ascend into the form of one’s ancient ancestors, and if one continues to ascend, one will embody the same type of form that ascended one’s ancestors in ancient times. Larry is currently clearing the karma for Buddha along with many other fourth dimensional ascensions that were incomplete at the time that they occurred so that a new pathway to a complete ascension can be constructed for all of humankind.


As Asur’Ana moved to the Hawaiian Islands in 2001, she began to work with the Hawaiian Ancestors. Hawaii is loaded with fourth dimensional ascension records from ancient times. Such humans after ascending to the fourth dimension relocated into the Inner Earth through pathways now under the ocean where they continue to procreate and thrive to this day, and are known as the Inner Earth peoples.


The Hawaiian nation carries the remembrance of the crystalline diaphragm, and many of such peoples tend to have large rib cages and are larger in size and stature than many other indigenous nations in present time. Each root race blended with the Grand Masters over time and in ancient times. The Hawaiians that blended with the Grand Masters carry the records of non-conditional love in present time. It is out of non-conditional love that the Hawaiians desire to honor the land. The Hawaiian ancestors remember that they are to be the guardians of the land; this they also taught to Asur’Ana upon her arrival to the Islands.


Working with the Ancestors to Ascend the Land


At first Asur’Ana was overrun with Hawaiian ancestors. They directed her all over Oahu, and showed her how the land appeared to be dying, and how the city of Honolulu held high rises that were abusive to the land in all of the cement and rebar therein. They took her to the Polynesian Cultural Center and showed her how their ancient dances and rituals were considered entertainment and not sacred information. Asur’Ana cried and cried and cried.


Finally, Dara, Asur’Ana’s soul at the time, entered the dance, and said “ENOUGH! It is as it is!”, which is one of Dara’s famous last sayings. “If we are going to change anything, we must first accept what is. So, let us accept the city and the land as it is, and learn to work with the energy flow so that ascension can take off and the land may begin to heal. Besides, in due course, Diamond Head Volcano will blow and Honolulu will disappear under hot lava. Then there will be new land and all will heal.” Indeed, Earth confirms that this is on track to occur between 2070 and 2080 at our current pace of global ascent.


The work with the Hawaiian ancestors began a one-year project in which Asur’Ana lived just on the edge of Honolulu in the Gold Coast region. Asur’Ana worked with the land to move the energy in the city in spite of the rebar and cement. Lo and behold, the life returned to the land. The land ascended to its now 8,000 segments vibrational threshold; the rain began to fall, and all began to regenerate. Humans responded and felt the love of the land, and began to make improvements to the city including the addition of new parks, waterfalls, tiki torches, and bandstands where the Hawaiians could perform their sacred dance against the beautiful backdrop of Waikiki Beach.


On a visit to Honolulu in 2004, Asur’Ana felt teary eyed at how beautiful it has all become. Perhaps, she thought, it is not exactly as the ancient ones would like it, but it is beautiful and alive with love nonetheless. The ascending Hawaiians and others of ancient red ancestry continue to hold the movement of energy in Honolulu to this day allowing the land and all therein to continue to ascend.


After Asur’Ana completed with Honolulu, she moved to the North Shore of Oahu, working with yet another new group of Hawaiian ancestors from even more ancient times. These ancestors had suffered greatly as there were records of disease, and sad tales of red priests and priestesses captured by Pleiadian scientists and experimented upon, eaten for their knowledge or bled to death to sustain the immortality of the family of Anu. As Asur’Ana lived upon this land, the ancient human history unfolded, as the land held all records of what had occurred therein.


This is how the ancient history has been pieced together, bit by bit, in the ascension of humans and Earth alike. As the energy begins to move and the land ascend into a particular vibrational bandwidth, all that occurred at another time when Earth was at that particular vibration can be reviewed and understood. Many ascending humans therefore will be guided to live in particular regions for a time to assist in the recovery of human and global records.


Ascending initiates will also be drawn to visit the land upon which their ancient ancestors once lived even if one cannot live there. This is important; as it may be only in visiting the land of one’s ancient ancestors that one may recover the genetic records enough to ascend beyond a certain point in one’s continued evolution.


For Asur’Ana, it took coming to Hawaii to begin to construct a fourth dimensional form, as she has Polynesian root race inheritance from ancient times. Over time, she has been guided to travel to Taiwan, India, Peru, Europe, Canada, the Mainland US, Australia and S. Africa. This has allowed her to recover lineages and ancestors related to such nations. Each trip has allowed and will continue to allow more ancestors to be gathered and more records to be understood from ancient times and history that had occurred upon such land. Although she has not made it to South Africa, the ascending humans and land have revealed what she required to know to continue her ascension nonetheless.


Over time, Asur’Ana has discovered that the records of each of the seven root races and all Grand Masters are held in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is for this reason that Earth recommends initiates to travel there if possible, to retrieve their records and ancestors in order to continue to ascend. If not, one can intend to travel there in dreamtime. Hawaii holds records on love and unity from ancient human times. The new dream for ascending humans calls for a return to a state of being founded upon love and unity. It is also for this reason that Earth suggests initiates to travel to the islands, if one’s finances allow for it, so that one may retrieve their Polynesian ancestors and unity-based records for continued ascension.


Perhaps it is for this reason that in recent history Hawaiians living upon this land lived in relative peace and unity together. Records show that there were over 1 million Hawaiians living upon Oahu before the arrival of the white man; and there was not a water shortage as is complained about today. The Hawaiians lived from the land and in unity together, until the white man arrived and eventually overthrew their Monarchy; another sad tale that is only a repeat of ancient times when the red nations in the region were overrun by the white Pleiadian Anu.


History repeats itself endlessly until the karma is released through the act of ascension. One ascends out of one’s personal history by gathering one’s ancestors, releasing the karma and records of their lifetimes, and through forgiveness, learns the spiritual lessons that one’s personal history has to offer. Such spiritual lessons teach one to remember to honor the land, honor Mother Earth as a conscious and living consensus, honor each species as God Goddess in form, and honor one another as God Goddess in fully conscious human, dolphin or whale form. In a state of honor, one would never deprive another, never harm another, never war upon another, and never pollute or harm the land. In a state of honor, one loves, and as one loves, life returns to all around oneself, and one ascends into regenerative biology.


For love commands the elements of air, water, fire and earth to sustain life rather than disease or death. These are the spiritual lessons that one’s ancient ancestors will teach oneself. As each returns to a state of honor within, a new golden era of honor amongst all species upon Earth shall be born. This is the time that Earth has long awaited for; it is coming, and each who so chooses to ascend shall make it so, HO!


Ancestors and Knowledge


Asur’Ana has discovered that as each group of ancient ancestors are retrieved that the information that they understood is retrieved along with them. This is how she not only ascended into regenerative biology, but also has learned to become the dreamer and the dream again. Asur’Ana has learned conscious dream weaving techniques from the ancient Grand Master ancestors in particular, and as such, has been able to hold a dream through her field for her personal ascension, the ascent of indigenous populations, and human ascension; she has held this dream enough that mass ascension of the human species is now being launched.


For each ascending human, each ancestor that is retrieved will hold lost pieces of knowledge along with lost records of what occurred during their given lifetime and what occurred upon the land in which they resided. One can therefore intentionalize the reconnection with each ancestor that one is releasing karma for at this time in addition to calling the ancient ones forward to assist one in one’s choice to ascend.


One can call upon those ancestors who understood dream weaving to enter one’s field and teach one to become the dreamer and the dream again; one can call upon those ancestors with clairvoyant skills to teach one to see again and navigate through the unconscious dreamtime planes; one can call upon those ancestors who ascended to the fourth dimension to teach one about constructing a fourth dimensional field and form.


Ancestors come in many forms. Some ancestors will be agents of the dark as this was their role when incarnate. Perhaps such ancestors anchored nonphysical patterning that was harmful to Earth or humanity. In the release of the karma associated, one will also remove the harmful patterning that one’s ancestor anchored long ago. This is what has taken Asur’Ana on many an international journey, as her ancestors were as much agents of the dark as ones who ascended to the next dimension. Each ancestry is filled with light and dark players known as a cast of characters. As the present-day representative of the entire ancestry, one inherits all karma associated. As one clears the karma, then one is free to continue to ascend.


It is for this reason that it is useless for initiates to perceive themselves as light and loving only. No one is light and loving; all have ancestors that did very dark things. Some ancestors were warmongers not unlike the current cast of characters in charge of large nations today; some ancestors were black magicians that misused spiritual knowledge for destructive purposes or to control and manipulate the human dream into a destructive cycle.


Some ancestors were simple people subject to the push and pull of those with great power. Some ancestors went to war out of the belief that they were serving those who were deemed “right” at a particular time in history, killing thousands of others upon the battlefield. Some ancestors were the victim to war atrocities or the widow or children left behind by those who were killed upon the battlefield. Some ancestors went insane; yet others became ill; some became the doctors and nurses treating those who were insane or ill. Some ancestors starved, and yet others hoarded resources in excess.


The point of ascension is to understand each ancestral experience, and from it move to the middle path of compassion in action, where one ceases to judge any longer any experience, having understood that one has been all things in one’s lengthy ancestry. Through forgiveness of one’s ancestral atrocities, one learns the spiritual lessons of one’s personal history, and moves increasingly towards a new foundation of unity and honor of all of life.


Emotions, Ancestors and Spiritual Lessons


As one retrieves ancestors from particular experiences, one may re-experience all of the emotions experienced at the time that they were alive. If such ancestors starved, one may feel deprived or starving in present time. If they were hunted down and killed, one may feel terror in present time. If they were raped and maimed, one may feel fear and physical pain where they were harmed in present time. If they were punished and beheaded, one may feel shame in present time. As one understands that the emotions one is feeling now is from one or a group of ancestors that held a particular experience in their life expression, one may begin to process the experiences and heal, moving beyond the emotions and learning the associated spiritual lessons.


Generally, Asur’Ana has learned to send all ancestors that she rounds up in any given day or week of ascension for “recasting”. In recasting, the experiences of all ancestors are cancelled out founded upon extreme opposites. If one ancestor starved and anther hoarded to an extreme, the two cancel each other out having experienced both sides of the polarity of have and have not. If one ancestor was killed upon the battlefield and the other left behind as the widow, the two cancel each other out having experience both sides of the polarity of warfare. If one ancestor was tried and imprisoned wrongfully and another was the judge that wrongfully sentenced another, the two cancel each other out having experienced both sides of the polarity of justice and injustice.


If one ancestor was the red man who lost their land and the other the white man who took it away in arrogance, then the two cancel each other out having experienced both sides of the polarity of ownership and non-ownership. If one ancestor was a slave who sacrificed itself for the master and another ancestor was the master who demanded that a slave sacrifice of themselves, then the two cancel each other out having experienced both sides of the polarity of master-slave. So, it goes for each ancestral experience in the billions of lives lived in one’s inheritance.


It is for this reason that ascension is not always an easy journey. One may feel the push and pull of one’s ancestors as they surface to be integrated. One may cry and cry over a series of particular experiences that were tremendously painful, as the pain returns with the ancestor and records as they are recovered. The point of ascension is to go into the experience and feel it; it is in the feeling of the experience that one can more readily learn the spiritual lessons therein.


It was in experiencing the pain of the loss of land of Asur’Ana’s red ancestors that she came to understand that property ownership and greed are dishonoring and harmful towards one another and Earth. It is for this reason that in present time she chooses not to own property or much of anything, but rather to be free to travel as needed by Earth and as required for her own continued ascension. It was in experiencing the pain and wounds of warfare in her personal ancestry that she has come to the spiritual understanding that there is never a time to justify physical harm, even the slaughter of animals for food. This has fostered her choice to be vegan and harmless in present time.


It was in experiencing the ancestral pain of disease and deformity from false ascensions that Asur’Ana chooses to have a complete ascension in this lifetime, as anything less simply perpetuates the current dance into extinction. It is through re-experiencing the difficulties of one’s ancestral lives that one will learn the spiritual lessons of one’s history, and transcend to a new day of unity and honor of all living things.


Reunion of Ancestors Within


As one’s ancestor’s karma is released in full, such ancestor merges with one’s persona and carry on in the experience of one’s life as a part of oneself. For a long time, ancestors were free to roam separate from human form as discarnate humans. Over time the discarnate humans took more chi than they produced; furthermore, as humans separated from their ancestors, they held no remembrance of ancient times or the information that they once knew. It is in the separation of humans from their ancestors that all holographic knowledge has been lost and humans have fallen into such great forgetfulness.


Over two years ago, discarnate human form was reunited with all of humanity. Ancient ancestors were called forward to begin to take charge of the human dream and lead humanity towards a new era of unity through ascension. All humans will have the ancestors therefore associated with their original 25 birth lineages. The return of such ancestors does not mean however a return of holographic knowledge for all; for many humans have only slave or Anu inheritance in their original birth tapestry. This leads to ancestors who did not know much or were harmful at the time of their incarnation. Such ancestors will only lead to another cycle of extreme warfare and nuclear annihilation if allowed to dance with human consciousness, and so Earth has restrained such ancestors from reaching physical consciousness at this time.


Those who are ascending are generally a blending of red, Anu and slave inheritance, and sometimes grand master inheritance. Each ascending initiate clears karma for whatever ancestries one has. It is through ascension that the karma for the era of the Anu and their slaves shall be cleared in full, allowing the consciousness from such humans to be returned to the Pleiades where it originated in due course.


Most of those in current positions of power and leadership in the human dance are of Anu inheritance, as these have been the only group to attain such power since the original incarnations of the Anu over 120,000 years ago. Such humans shall be leaving Earth through the upcoming times of cleansing, allowing a new form of leadership with greater remembrance of unity to begin to emerge. Earth anticipates that such leadership shall step forth after 2033 and prior to the entrance into the Great Central Sun in 2048.


The only ancestors therefore available to human consciousness at this time are red nation or grand master in origin. One can look at the vast anti-war momentum worldwide as a reflection of the return of ancient ancestors into all humans global wide. Such ancestors are offering their understanding and wisdom to begin to guide humanity into a new day of unity. Such ancestors know that warfare only leads to further falls in consciousness and therefore cannot be an appropriate choice at any time. The journey ahead is not an easy one; there is much karma for dissonance that must be cleared. Primarily such karma shall be cleared through disease, as warfare would only lead to the possibility of the non-ascent of the whole.


Those with red and Grand Master inheritance will feel the presence of their ancestors in present time. One may call such ancestors forward to assist with one’s current life predicament, and to guide one’s current level of ascension forward. Much like Asur’Ana, it will be one’s red ancestry that shall teach one about honoring the land again, and honoring the food, and learning to live in harmony with all other kingdoms along with one another again. As one allows one’s ancestors to step forward, one may recall one’s ancient inheritance, and ascend out of the current dance of disunity and pain.


Holographic Knowledge and the Ancestors


Ancient ancestors have access to holographic knowledge. Holographic knowledge is associated with the holographic planes that contain all DNA that has ever existed within human form upon any dimension of life inside or outside of each Great Central Sun. As ascending humans access holographic knowledge, one will have all information one requires to ascend at any given level. Accessing holographic knowledge requires an ascent to a bare minimum of 4,200 segments, after which enough modification to the heart chakra region opens the 1,000-petal lotus to allow holographic knowledge to begin to flow. The human hologram sits within the heart region, but enough chi must be able to flow through before one can access the associated knowledge.


For those with ancestry that allows one to proceed to the initiations to Bodhisattva level evolution (6,000 segments), one can call one’s ancestors forward that had holographic knowledge as a part of their life experience to teach one about accessing such information in present time. Holographic knowledge is not learned knowledge; holographic knowledge allows one to suddenly know whatever one’s ancestry knew at the time that they were incarnate.


If one’s ancestry was a gifted medicine woman or medicine man, one may suddenly open up to information on how to heal or how to work with herbs to heal the form or field of others. If one’s ancestry was gifted at crafts or art, one may suddenly find oneself drawn to creative self-expression of related kind. If one’s ancestry was gifted at leading others in a spiritual capacity, one may be drawn to become a leader in the ascension movement. Perhaps such holographic knowledge will even become one’s new ascending preoccupation. One will not require learning anything; one will simply know and out of such knowing follow one’s truth allowing the gifts and talents to be expressed in one’s life dance.


This is how Asur’Ana became a teacher of ascension; no one had to teach her how to guide others, as this was a part of her ancestral inheritance. Her grand master ancestors lead many an ascending group in a group ascent to the fourth dimension. However, something went wrong that led to a fall in consciousness amongst those left behind. Alas the consciousness fell so low that it was not capable of being recouped in future ascensions, and fall after fall in consciousness followed by nuclear annihilation was the result.


Now Asur’Ana in the examination of these records is correcting what went wrong so very long ago so that a new day of restitution may emerge. In so doing, she is healing her Grand Master karma in present time, and fulfilling upon her soul mission in this lifetime. As this is so for her, this can be so for each reading these materials. One simply requires the intention to ascend, and to open to one’s holographic knowing, and then allow the expression of such knowing to occur upon the physical plane.


Holographic Knowing in Action


Asur’Ana has often desired to give something back to the Native American and Polynesian ancestors that have guided her so in her ascension. She understands that each of these nations is living in difficult circumstances either upon reservations, or they have lost their land due to manipulations of the government in present time. However, it is not her role to emerge as a leader of these nations. Instead, her ancient ancestors have told her that Asur’Ana’s knowledge will simply become their knowledge as they ascend beyond 4,200 segments, as suddenly they will open to holographic information in so doing. As such, all indigenous peoples shall awaken and remember how to consciously dream weave and command their own future in a new direction.


In a recent Big Island Journal, a beautiful article was offered that showed that holographic remembrance was beginning to emerge again amongst the local Hawaiian people. A small group of Hawaiians gathered upon the land that is currently being demolished to build yet another resort and expensive set of homes. This group held a 24-hour prayer vigil in which they called upon the ancestors to anchor space so that the land would cease to be harmed, and so that the bones of their relations would be left untouched. Lo and behold less than a week later the courts ruled in their favor, and the entire building project is to be shut down. This is conscious intention and dream weaving in action beloved; and the more that gather to focus in a particular direction, the more power the group shall have to alter the dream in the direction that they have intended.


Asur’Ana recognizes in this that she need not educate Hawaiians about anything; or any other of indigenous inheritance. As each opens to holographic knowledge through ascension, each shall simply know what to do to realize a new day of unity ahead. Suddenly, each shall remember how to consciously intend and consciously dream weave, and then begin to focus either individually or collectively in the direction that one or the group wishes the dream to flow. In the successful outcomes of such experiences, each ascending human or group will retrieve their power to command their own dream, seeing a new day dawn of greater equality and restitution ahead.


A New Dream for Unity for Humanity


Your ancient ancestors remind humans that are ascending that you are not powerless. Ascending thoughtform has great power, far greater than the thoughtform in the current paradigm, to sway the collective dream in one’s favor. All that is required is that one intends the dream in the direction of unity and ascension, and so it will come to be so. One may intend for oneself the dream that one desires; one may also intend for the collective of humanity a new dream of non-violence and unity to emerge. Such intentions will begin to override the masses focused upon violent themed movies, canceling out the possibility of warfare and violence in the future human dream. One must however abstain from such preoccupations oneself, or one is only adding their ascending thoughtform to the future manifestations of such violence otherwise.


Earth can weave a dream of non-violence and peace for humanity, along with a dream for mass generational ascension; but humanity must choose this dream in order to anchor it into the future. There are always many possible futures ahead; as those with ascending thoughtform intentionalize a dream of unity, peace and joy, so this will become the collective dream for the entire human species. As those with ascending thoughtform intentionalize a dream of ascension into regenerative and self-sustaining biology, increasing numbers of ascending children shall be born. As those with ascending thoughtform intentionalize a dream for cleaning up the toxic mess, big business and governments alike will support the clean-up of their own waste.


As those with ascending thoughtform intentionalize a dream for new ascending leadership, so this too will become the collective dream for the entire human species, and new leadership with a new vision of unity shall emerge. As those with ascending thoughtform intentionalize a new era of peace, peace amongst all nations will become the collective dream for the entire human species, and war shall come to closure in the human dance. The larger the ascending groups that can gather to make such intentions, the more power that one shall have in realizing such a dream. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 8 “Intending a Future of Unity and Joy” from the Whale and Dolphin species for more information on suggested personal and global intentions.)


A Message from the Ancient Ones


The ancient ones stand at the side of each who so chooses to ascend at this time in history. We will assist each in resurrecting and retrieving their lost knowledge and ancestral inheritance. We will strive to provide insights into the karma that one has inherited so that it may be cleared through forgiveness. We shall strive to assist each in clearing their personal karma enough that one may free oneself to live upon land and in a circumstance that supports one’s continued choice to ascend. We shall also provide guidance in accessing the dreamtime ascension temples and maneuvering through the unconscious planes that surround oneself, which often can be very confusing.


Each ascending human requires souls and angels that know what they are doing to ascend the biology and field. Many problems in ascension have occurred due to souls attempting to manage ascending fields with other agendas other than ascension. Some have already ascended into disease as a result. We will work with each to anchor a dragon soul to command the ascension and angelic souls to manage the ascending blueprint of field and form. This shall require that one give up their worship of the red and white false gods and cease to pray unto them, as they will only lead one astray. We will also assist each in releasing their karma with such nonphysical forces so that they cease to interfere enough to allow for continued ascension.


The forgetfulness of the human species is great; the forgetfulness of soul just as great. Perhaps these souls or red and white false gods knew something of value at another time. In all of the massive falls in consciousness, such souls have fallen into the same thoughtform as the human species. As such, these souls are in judgment, arrogance and corruption at this time and cannot be worked with in our experience or Earth’s experience. Therefore, such souls shall be cleansed from Earth and reunited with their source so that they too may heal.


Nothing is beyond healing; this we bear witness to in the ascent of those mastering full consciousness and beyond along with the ascent of Earth and your solar system. All can be reversed; all can be healed. However, one must be in the right creation to heal at this particular end of cycle timeframe. Therefore, one must have the correct biological inheritance to ascend into the Great Central Sun.


Although we will assist all humans in ascending as far as they can go, we will not perpetuate lies about how far or high one may or may not master in this lifetime. There is enough karma to continue to clear patterning regardless of how high in genetic materials one may climb. As long as one has a moving kundalini energy flow, one can burn off karma, and there is enough karma to preoccupy oneself with until the end of one’s life from our point of view.


Each layer of karma has a spiritual lesson to offer that can be embraced and transcended. Karma also has repeated itself so extensively that one may learn the same lesson at many different bandwidths of genetic material. It matters not what vibration one learns a particular lesson within as long as one learns the lesson. As one learns any spiritual lesson, the lesson is added to the holographic knowing of all other humans. As humans attune to the holographic planes, they will suddenly know what one has spiritually learned in one’s given ascent. Therefore, regardless of how far any one initiate may ascend, each may contribute to the collective spiritual lessons of the whole of the human species.


We will not participate in competitive games that humans wish to play. Such competition, whether it be in relation to spiritual preferences or practices, or beauty, wealth and lifestyle patterning are obstructions to the path of spiritual evolution.


Most preoccupations in the current paradigm take humans away from one’s own inner knowing and opening to dreamtime. In particular the preoccupation of watching the television or focusing upon the media, or spending too much time at the computer or upon the internet numbs the field to the dreamtime that surrounds oneself so that one can no longer perceive it in great enough clarity to ascend. Therefore, we guide those that wish to work with us to give away the television, and limit the time in front of the computer to the bare minimum necessary. We will not waste our time upon those who waste time upon such things that could be focused upon ascension instead.


There are lessons in all things, whether it be an encounter with an animal or insect in one’s walk, or a piece of news that one reads about in passing the newsstand, or an encounter with one’s friend, family member, spiritual advisor or acquaintance. All things are mirrors for one’s own internal state of being. We will assist each in paying attention to the mirror that one’s life presents to provide the necessary insights as to what one is transcending in the unconscious in one’s daily ascension. In so doing, the spiritual lessons can be learned perhaps before the karmic two by four hits in one’s life experience.


We will assist ascending initiates in learning to live in honor with one another and in honor of the land again. In so doing, the land upon which one resides can begin to regenerate and ascend. As the land ascends, it shall better support one’s own ascent and the ascending children yet to be born surrounding oneself. There is much to do to launch the coming changes in the human dream, and we are dedicated to foster this evolutionary leap ahead with all of our heart and consciousness. For those dedicated to the same, we stand at your side and will assist you in becoming the spiritual warrior that is required to master and ascend in this lifetime.


Summary from the Earth


We thank you for attuning to this information today. We invite each who is ascending to invite the ancient ones to assist in one’s evolutionary path. Times of great change and possibility are opening up and presenting themselves unto all of humanity. All that is required is for humanity to choose a blessed future, and a blessed future is the one that shall unfold. Perhaps more than not are simply too unconscious to make such a choice. For those who are conscious, now is the time to intend the future you would like to see unfold for yourself along with your human brothers and sisters. Now is the time to intend the future you would like to live to experience in the times of cleansing ahead and in the entrance into the Great Central Sun. In so doing, so it shall come to be so.


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



Creational © 2020, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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