Image of the white powder of ‘Sacred Ash’ or Vibhuti. Transcending The Pattern Of Incomplete Ascension

8. Transcending The Pattern Of Incomplete Ascension


Incomplete ascension is not understood nor written about within the spiritual texts that have come forth for the human species over the past 2,000 years of human history. Those who would understand incomplete ascension would only be those humans governing or directing ascension in times past. Such spiritual leadership has long been lost on the Earth plane. It is our desire to explain what an incomplete ascension is and to bring the karma behind incomplete ascension to light so that initiates who are devoted to their path of ascension can transit in full from a third-dimensional reality into a fifth-dimensional reality in physicality.


What Is Incomplete Ascension?


There are many forms of incomplete ascension. In physiological terms, incomplete ascension is a form of ascension that ends in death rather than transiting to the next dimension in physicality. Many other authors of ascension have spoken of spiritual initiations taken in lifetimes that have concluded in the biological death of the form. Such lifetimes would be considered an incomplete ascension from the perspective of the Order of Dari. These lifetimes also will require the souls involved to return to physicality and transit such initiations and fulfill a complete ascension in order to move on into the next dimension.


Complete Biological Ascension During the Era of the Mahavishnu


During the era of the Mahavishnu about 60,000 to 74,000 years ago, a complete biological ascension was the only form of ascension that occurred. In such a complete ascension, the form was transmuted a little at a time until the soul and form became one vessel, and the form ceased to exist in physicality. All karma related to one’s genetic history, soul history, and the history of the third-dimensional plane of reality was completed so that the soul was free to continue its incarnational experience in the next or fifth dimension. In comparison, an incomplete ascension does not allow all of the karma related to the third dimension to be released. This requires yet another incarnation within the third dimension to resolve the soul’s karma at a future point and time.


When ascension was originally devised as a means of soul evolution, incomplete ascension only occurred in those initiates who ‘dropped out of’ the ascension program or failed their initiations for some reason. The entire point of the process of ascension was to allow soul to experience physicality and transcend physicality within a particular dimension of existence in one lifetime. Such an experience allowed the soul to evolve beyond one dimension and into the next with ease.


There are many records the Order of Dari has transcribed which clearly show that over 10,000 souls ascended from Earth during the era of the Mahavishnu beginning about 74,000 years ago. Many of these souls have been recently called back to Earth to assist with her ascension at this difficult time in her history. Many of these souls are shocked to discover the problems in ascension of all species of Earth, for such difficulties do not exist on the dimensions where they are currently incarnate. Additionally, many of these souls have continued to evolve and have ascended from the fifth dimension to the twelfth dimension of form within your creation. They have great knowledge of ascension as it currently exists for the human species within your creation.


Although the current spiritual literature of the human species contains the names of certain masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, or Rama to name a few, none of the souls who ascended in the era of the Mahavishnu are related in any manner to these beings. Those who ascended during the era of the Mahavishnu left the third dimension altogether to continue their evolutionary pathway home.


Original Ascension Program


The original intent behind ascension was that all souls could incarnate for a time within the third dimension, and then when complete with such an experience, ascend out of that dimension. Then the soul moves on to the fifth dimension, incarnates for a time, and when complete ascends from the fifth dimension. In recent history of your creation, souls were designed to begin in the third dimension and ascend back to the 144th Dimension of your creation in such a fashion over time.


However, as we have explored in earlier material brought through our translator, the dimensions of your creation once never exceeded the threshold of the 25th Dimension. So, the original blueprint for your creation began at Dimension 25. Souls would incarnate into the 25th Dimension and ascend over time back to the 144th Dimension of your Creator Logos, and then on to the 360th Dimension of your Godhead, and then back to the 800th Dimension of the Order of Dari. Ascension was the mechanism that allowed souls experiencing the lower dimensions to return home to their source of origin, which is indeed the Order of Dari within your Ovum.


As your creation continued to fall lower and lower in dimension, ascension became a more difficult task. Additionally, many souls became trapped on lower-dimensional planes of reality with no ability to ascend at all. The Order of Dari has termed such a trap a self-perpetuating thoughtform.


A self-perpetuating thoughtform is one that continues without end and without evolution back Home. It is a self-perpetuating thoughtform in which ascension ceases altogether. Earth in its current state of being is an example of a self-perpetuating thoughtform in which the reincarnation cycles of the human, animal, plant, mineral and dolphin/whale species continue without end and without evolution. This is coming to an end at last as a result of the intervention of the Order of Dari and All That Is who are providing a map for ascension for all on Earth wishing to move off of the reincarnation cycle of the third dimension.


We have written extensively about those patterns that disrupt the process of ascension. These patterns can cause an incomplete ascension in an initiate’s life experience. If an initiate fails to catch such a pattern as information brokering and loses gridwork or the information required for ascension, an incomplete ascension will result. Additionally, if an initiate does not release all of the biological karma held in his or her form, an incomplete ascension will also result. Sometimes such an incomplete ascension simply means a death of some sort, either by accident, disease or exiting through sleep. Sometimes it can also mean a spontaneous combustion of the form.


What Is Spontaneous Combustion?


Spontaneous combustion is a form of death in which the embodiment is triggered to ascend, and instead of moving into the next dimension or non-physicality, the body and soul burn up. The body burns up because not all of the karma has been released in preparation for ascension. Let us say that ten percent of the cells in the form hold karma with Melchizedek and Sanat Kumara, ten percent with Sananda, ten percent with the Pleiadians, ten percent with other destroyed sections of creation, forty percent from past-life genetic experiences, and twenty percent from past-life soul experiences. If all of this karma is not released in full on a biological level, the related cells cannot ascend.


Karma creates a signature that is related to a particular vibration held in the molecular structure of the form. In ascension, all molecules must vibrate at the same rate, increasing a little at a time until the form moves from one dimension into the next in physicality. This feat requires all molecules to be able to move at a synchronistic pace from one vibration to the next. If a certain group of molecules hold karma that is unreleased, those molecules will not be able to increase in vibration at the same rate as the rest of the molecules in the form. This is simply a result of the threads of attachment corded into such molecules held in place by the contracts and karma between two parties, which depletes the chi in the related molecular structure.


If some molecules cannot increase at the same rate as the rest of the molecular structure, a part of the form is left behind in the dimension beneath in the act of ascension. If enough molecules cannot increase at the same rate, spontaneous combustion occurs, and the form literally burns up in its attempt to move to the next dimension. Additionally, in spontaneous combustion, both the body and soul burn up and both cease to exist on any plane of reality, per the review of such cases by the Order of Dari.


Our channel shares this information to trigger parallel patterns in others so that they can come to consciousness and be released. This is a necessity if one wishes to bring forth a complete ascension rather than a spontaneous combustion or incomplete ascension in the future.


Spontaneous combustion is not new, and there are a rare number of cases each year that are a result of the kundalini becoming triggered for ascension when the embodiment is not ready to ascend. Such an incident can be triggered as a form of curse, encountering a vortex of energy utilized for ascension at an earlier time in Earth’s history, or if an entity enters one’s field specifically designed to trigger the kundalini in such a manner. In any case, spontaneous combustion is a very rare manner of exiting the physical plane at this time in human history.


As the Order of Dari began to examine the karmic records surrounding incomplete ascension, the first occurrences of this form of death on Earth occurred at the tail end of the era of the Mahavishnu. During that era, there were three regions designated for ascension that had massive pyramids built for such purposes. One of these regions still exists in Egypt. The other two are under water, one under the Atlantic Ocean and one under the Pacific Ocean. It appears that all three locations began to experience an increasing number of cases of spontaneous combustion rather than complete ascensions over a 2,000-year period beginning 60,000 years ago.


Sacred Ash’ or Vibhuti                                                    


The cause of the combustion in lieu of a complete ascension is just beginning to come to light based on the retrieval of records from this time period by the Order of Dari. For those governing ascension on the physical plane, because the body burned up, and only a pile of ash remained, it was probably difficult to detect that a complete ascension had not occurred. When a complete ascension occurs, only ‘soma’ or a white powder remains. The soma is also known as ‘sacred ash’ or vibhuti. Such vibhuti should be white in color if it is pure. The ash remaining in the spontaneous combustion of a form is gray in color and is a reflection of the soul and body burning up in the process rather than ascending.


Some may wonder, what about the vibhuti I have now? Such vibhuti is not pure if the color is gray which is a reflection of the burning up of soul to produce it. Vibhuti is produced through a form of minor spontaneous combustion. Real vibhuti is white if it is pure. The production of pure vibhuti requires the movement of the kundalini to a degree of heat that one’s form ignites to a high enough vibration, causing each cell to cast off a form of potassium chloride no longer needed in the next dimension. Such potassium chloride is white in color. Real vibhuti cannot be produced remotely from a form. Remote production of vibhuti is the result of souls who agree to burn themselves up or sacrifice themselves to produce the vibhuti as a form of magic.


Our translator has not attained a vibration high enough to produce pure vibhuti and will wait until it can be pure. The reason for this is that the act of burning up a soul to produce vibhuti at a lower vibration is considered an act of harmfulness by the Order of Dari because it is a form of destruction. It is out of the deep desire to remain harmless in all that she does that Asur’Ana is not interested in magic for magic’s sake. She is only interested in mastering biological ascension and the process of building one’s form to a high enough vibration so that it can move into the next dimension at will.


The Order of Dari has determined that during the end of the era of the Mahavishnu, the incomplete ascensions rose in numbers as more and more of the gridwork and genetic material was brokered from the human species. (Please see Chapter 4). The problem of spontaneous combustion also appears to be directly related to the added electrical frequencies to the human species that occurred as the Andromedan species mated with humanity at large. (Please see Chapter 2). Additionally, the spontaneous combustion appears to come hand-in-hand with an electrical form of seating the soul in the human form and an electrical form of holding soul together in the form. Let us explain this concept further.


Group Souls and Soul Fracturing


Perhaps you have heard of the term ‘Group Soul’. Group souls are fractured souls that have united as a group force. The group soul phenomenon is directly related to increased fracturing of soul that occurred as the vibration of the human species declined on Earth over time.


We wish to distinguish the difference between ‘Soul Group’ versus ‘Group Soul’. A Soul Group comprises of ‘whole souls’. Your Soul Group is like your Spirit Family or Family of Consciousness. Together, you all have a specific mission and purpose to achieve that is part of a greater vision for the Cosmos. All the members of your Soul Group vibrate within a certain frequency and your soul is in harmony with that vibration. We have made reference to the Dara Soul Group from the Order of Dari whom Asur’Ana is connected to.


Group souls as they appear to exist on Earth at this time did not exist during the era of the Mahavishnu. During the era of the Mahavishnu, only ‘whole souls’ danced with form based on magnetic resonance. If an embodiment held a particular vibration, only those souls who resonated with the particular vibration the body held would be magnetized to participate in the given lifetime. Such souls were free to come and go as they chose and to experience any portion of a given lifetime at will.


The first soul fracturing occurred with the introduction of electrical currents to the human species. This is simply because soul is magnetic in nature, and electrical energy cuts through and shatters magnetic signatures, and therefore electrical frequencies also shatter soul. So as the electrical frequencies became a part of the human genetics, those souls incarnate in form began to fracture in the interaction with the human form.


As soul fractured, the fractured pieces of soul lost contact with the Oversoul or their Higher Self. Over time, such fractured souls learned to unite for power and knowledge rather than remaining in a fractured state of being. As fractured souls began to unite as group souls, they were tied together or united via electricity. Such electrical weaving indeed can hold large numbers of fractured souls together as one soul. However, these souls are not necessarily resonant or harmonious in nature.


The level of discord in any given group soul can be small to great in nature. The greater the level of dissonance in the group soul, the greater the level of dissonance experienced by the form when channeling such a group soul. All group souls thus far examined by the Order of Dari appear to demonstrate an ongoing level of disharmony not present when souls are united solely based on magnetic principles.


In ascension, the molecules of the form must move up in vibration in a synchronistic and even fashion throughout the embodiment. Moving molecular rotation up in an even fashion requires a soul to have great harmony and unity of vibration. It is the perspective of the Order of Dari to attribute spontaneous combustion as experienced at the end of the era of the Mahavishnu to the group souls that then began to incarnate in such forms. Such group souls were laced with electrical frequencies and combined souls that were non-harmonious in nature. As the soul attempted to ascend the form, the level of dissonance in the soul created an uneven molecular increase of vibration in the form thus causing the form to spontaneously combust.


The Order of Dari does not see the uniting of group souls as wrong but rather that in the ascension process now available on Earth, the need to unite a soul in this fashion has ceased. In ascension, one’s soul is healed a little at a time and integrated into the form. Those fractured parts of soul are returned to the ‘whole’ state where they once existed. Because ascension makes it possible for both the soul and the embodiment to heal, the need for fractured parts of soul to unite as a group force becomes obsolete and unnecessary.


Stay Grounded When Channeling


Form has a vibration that attracts like vibration souls or entities to channel through the form. If the form has a lot of electrical current running through it because of a large amount of Grey, Reptilian or Andromedan DNA present, this form will attract entities that are electrical in nature to channel through the form. These electrically-natured entities or souls trigger the emotional body of the human species to feel shame, anger, pain or fear.


One might say, “But I have channeled a group soul, and I didn’t feel shame, pain, anger or fear!” Our question to such a channel is whether or not they were grounded and present in the form as they channeled. If one is ungrounded, there is no transference of energy to one’s emotional body. Also, if the channel has no emotional body present because they have brokered it away, they have no ability to feel in the first place.


Asur’Ana has learned to channel or translate only when grounded in the form. Such channeling leads to a conscious expression of soul through the form. As a result, our channel feels the vibrations of spirit as it enters the form. If spirit is discordant, she feels it and casts it out. We do not recommend channeling by leaving the form, because one may not be able to detect the type of being they are channeling. Such discordant beings can do great damage to the form if they are non-resonant.


From the perspective of the Order of Dari, electrical vibrations create harmfulness in a form designed to be solely magnetic in its original inception. It is for this reason that attaining Bodhisattva requires the relinquishing of all electrical current within one’s field. It will also require the relinquishing of any group soul tied together via electrical current or anchored to the form in an electrical manner. Additionally, for those who push on beyond Bodhisattva to the state of the Mahavishnu and on to a complete ascension, embodying a soul based on magnetic resonance alone is necessary unless one wishes to spontaneously combust rather than ascend.


Incomplete Ascension Due to Not Integrating One’s Dark Side


There is another form of incomplete ascension we would also like to speak of that is not a spontaneous combustion. This form of incomplete ascension occurs as not all of one’s ‘dark side’ is fully integrated in the process of ascension. As such, the unconscious aspect of one’s reality splits off and is left behind, while the conscious portion ascends to the next dimension. Additionally, the unconscious portion of one’s reality left behind will continue to perpetrate harmfulness that one’s soul will be accountable for even if such a soul appears to have ascended to another dimension.


This incomplete ascension does not allow for the full integration of one’s dark side and is the result of inadequate chi in ascension. When one has adequate chi or energy to ascend, all of oneself from all planes of reality can be unified and leave at the time of ascension, thereby bypassing the experience of this form of incomplete ascension.


Buddha’s and Rama’s Ascensions


In the examination of both Rama’s ascension about 40,000 years ago and Buddha’s ascension about 30,000 years ago, both ascensions were incomplete. Both Buddha and Rama appear to have left behind a portion of their dark side on Earth that was never integrated as they ascended. We believe that there was not enough chi available to launch a complete ascension at the time of either ascension. As a result, both Buddha and Rama are required to return to Earth and ascend another embodiment to recollect what was left behind the last time they ascended and release any karma such a dark side incurred since they left Earth.


There were additional problems with Buddha’s and Rama’s respective ascensions that the Order of Dari has examined in great detail and would like to bring to consciousness for those who are also ascending at this time in history so that the karma can be released. These problems are the result of missing gridwork and information on ascension at the time when both Buddha and Rama ascended. It appears upon review of the karma surrounding such ascensions that as many as 150 close disciples of both Buddha and Rama died following their ascensions. These deaths were the result of the disciples giving all of their gridwork and information on ascension to Buddha and Rama so that they could ascend. This stripping of information also had the effect of killing each of their forms within a few years of both respective ascensions.


We wish to point out that the giving of information to another to ascend is no longer necessary due to the intervention of the Order of Dari and All That Is. All information required to ascend is provided as each initiate passes each level of initiation. As a result, the death of a group of disciples in order to bring forth ascension of a master is no longer necessary to achieve the goal at hand.


Additionally, chi is being provided via the intervention to make sure each initiate integrates his or her dark side and unconscious in full prior to ascending. The map for ascension has been radically changed since the time of Rama or Buddha. A part of the change is the Triple-Sphere molecular structure, chakra system and Light Body written of extensively in our earlier material. The Triple-Sphere pattern, which is a magnetic pattern, generates more chi than the old molecular structure. This chi will be utilized to allow for a complete ascension and the full integration of one’s unconscious dark side. Additionally, because Earth and all kingdoms are to ascend together, the chi necessary to ascend will be available as Earth pushes forth in her global initiations.


Group Soul Phenomena in the Animal Kingdoms


The last subject we would like to touch upon in this chapter surrounds the animal kingdoms of Earth. During the era of the Mahavishnu, all animals were ‘fully conscious’, although non-verbal and telepathic in nature. Each embodiment of any embodiment within the animal kingdom contained a ‘whole soul’ much like the whale and dolphin communities today. Because all species were conscious, they were not eaten as food source, and all humans were vegetarian in nature. Each species also held the vibrations necessary to sustain Earth’s vibration as a conscious guardian of the land.


Over the many falls in vibrations that have occurred on the Earth plane, the animal kingdoms ceased to hold a vibration high enough to anchor a ‘whole soul’, and much like the human species, the souls incarnate into all species began to fracture. These fractured souls also grouped themselves together and became one group soul, eventually governing each species.


There were some species that chose not to participate in this group soul dance and chose extinction in its place. The last known land species to contain a whole soul was the buffalo that once freely roamed North America, along with three other forms of bison prevalent elsewhere in the world. Such species were the last known guardians which helped to hold the frequencies of Earth on the land in their physical existence. These species chose to become extinct rather than contain a group soul. The souls of buffalo explain that they withdrew from their forms 100 years before the white people destroyed their herds.


The only exception to the group soul phenomenon appears to be the dolphin and whale communities, who, because of the salt water they live in, never dropped so low in vibration to necessitate a group soul to contain the form. Also, the electrical current that shatters souls was avoided in the whale/ dolphin experience due to the use of their sonar, which emits a vibration that transmutes electrical currents from harming or fracturing soul.


At this time, the Order of Dari is examining all karma surrounding the fracturing of the souls of the animal kingdoms on Earth. These group soul phenomena in the animal kingdoms must cease in each species respective ascension. If these species were allowed to continue to retain the group souls currently governing their kingdoms, each species would spontaneously combust rather than ascend due to the lack of resonance within such group souls. It is anticipated that beyond Initiation 7500, all animals will begin to once again hold a whole soul in their respective forms. It is anticipated that Earth will attain 7,500 sometime between 2026 and 2031.


We hope each of you have found this information useful on your personal path of ascension. It is the greatest wish of the Order of Dari and All That Is that enough of the human populace ascends to see a new era of peace and joy born on the Earth plane. Such ascensions can only occur if initiates are most diligent in their ascension process and are careful to release all karma held within their respective biology and soul. The Order of Dari has set up special temples to assist initiates through such initiations when called on. Please call on the Order of Dari as needed in your personal ascension.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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