Image of the bridging of stones. The True Meaning of Independence

8. The True Meaning Of Independence


Each country has an Independence Day, or the day that a group of humans gained freedom from that which was perceived to have oppressed them over time. Within the United States, Independence Day is celebrated upon July 4th. We would like to take a moment to ponder the true meaning of independence from Mother Earth’s perspective.


Earth is a global consciousness, a global life force, that is evolving and experiencing incarnation as a global vessel. This is not unlike the experience of a human being that is an incarnate being of a much smaller size and range of dominion. As a global being, the Earth’s Consciousness is seeking her independence from those who have also oppressed her, and her “Independence Day” will be the day that she ascends to the next dimension and become a star. A new form of Independence Day will greet humankind as those in human form succeed at their ascension and enter a 5th dimensional kingdom of love, joy, bounty and freedom!


Manipulations Toward Earth and Humans


Oppression comes hand in hand with certain thought-forms of ownership and slavery prevalent upon Earth. Humankind has been owned and possessed by many entities that have used the human species as a source of chi. This chi has gone to fuel their own endeavors upon alternative planes of reality, or within other star systems and galaxies. In a parallel manner, Mother Earth has been used as a source of chi and as a place to store souls in forgetfulness or the forces of the dark. That which caused such an experience was not consciously understood until recent shifts in Earth’s ascension revealed the manner in which she was manipulated into such a role. Manipulation, if it is covert, takes place without one’s awareness or conscious agreement. However, agreements are there, even if manipulation is at cause that brings forth a particular experience.


So, Mother Earth cannot deny that she had agreements to be used as a source of chi, and as a place to store souls in forgetfulness, that allowed this creation to be so. She is learning how she was manipulated so that in the transcendence of such patterning, she may release all agreements to be used in this fashion and ascend as a planetary body.


Earth’s lessons and human lessons in ascension parallel. The human process of ascension has shown that the same forms of manipulation towards Earth, as a planetary body, were perpetrated towards the human vessel bringing about fall after fall of humankind. In the greater understanding of how humankind has been manipulated, those that are ascending can release such patterning and transcend the need to be manipulated again by any entity or human. In a parallel manner, global ascension will allow Mother Earth freedom from manipulation in full.


There is a great truth of the oneness and interconnectedness of all of life. As Earth learns and transcends how she has been manipulated as a global vessel, God Goddess/All That Is simultaneously learns how God Goddess/All That Is has been manipulated in a parallel manner, and we all heal and grow together.


Independence Blessings


God Goddess/All That Is would like to extend blessings for the Independence from the darkness of distortion that has plagued this creation and many other parallel creations due to similar manipulations of those in extreme forgetfulness. What does it mean to be “Independent”? In human terms, independent often means not needing anyone, or pushing away others out of the desire to stand alone much like the “Lone Ranger”.


This is not independence in the new unity-based paradigm that is emerging amongst those whom are ascending. Rather, it is a form of interdependence that comes forth. For no human could exist at this time without Earth, and all of the bounty provided for the sustenance of the life and form by her. Mother Earth cannot ascend without the ascension of everything that exists upon her, including humankind. This is a reflection of the oneness and interconnectedness of all of life. A state of interdependence understands that all things are a part.


Interdependence is a form of sovereignty, sovereignty to stand in one’s truth. Each human and each kingdom upon Earth has a unique truth that is expressed in form. Each truth is vital to the overall truth of the whole of the expression known as Earth. Each truth serves a specific function in the overall running of a creation such as a planet. Interdependence allows for the unique expression of each truth in the greater understanding that all truth serves and supports the whole of the creation. This is the new paradigm that each species upon Earth, including humankind, is moving towards.




Interdependence understands the interconnection of all of life. Such an interconnection allows one to embrace the need to honor. For if one dishonors another, either in the form of polluting Earth, or sabotaging another’s well-being, one ultimately destroys one self. One can clearly see this demonstrated in the case of the pollution of Earth, for in such an act, one also pollutes one’s own embodiment as such toxins are consumed in the very food chains that humankind relies upon.


As humankind, and all whom are left upon Earth in human form in the future, ascends, honor of Mother Earth shall be restored in all species. As such, those endeavors that pollute her global embodiment shall cease to be a manner of functioning for the human species. It may be that such a shift will require the complete loss of our current technology in order to bring forth, and indeed this is coming as such technology is reliant upon electricity. In a short time in Earth’s global future, there will be no electricity upon Earth, and such technology shall therefore cease to function. This will bring about a new dawn of a new day in which humankind shall move into harmony once again with Earth.


Once upon a time, humankind lived in total harmony with Earth. These were indeed grand times in her memory. For humankind contributed the frequency of God Goddess in form to Earth’s field. It was for this purpose that humankind was seeded upon Earth so very long ago. Mother Earth looks forward to the day when God Goddess returns in human form to hold her field again in the future. For such a contribution is most joyous indeed. Earth’s future shall also be joyous as this comes to fruition.


For those that are ascending, you are embracing interdependence. The dance of interdependence allows each of you to find your sovereign truth, express it, live it, dance it, breathe it, become it, unbound by the manipulations of the dark and the limitations inherent therein. As limitation is lifted, the joy, bounty, and love return to one’s life experience. So this blessing is for those that are ascending, to restore the heritage of whom they really are in the original blueprint of the human species. For the human species is a grand species in its original design, and that which currently exists upon Earth now is a mere shadow of what once was. Each that ascends will restore their form and field to that which once was and embrace the glory and love of God Goddess walking in human form upon the Earth plane.


Earth Supports Those Who Choose Ascension


Earth will support each that chooses to walk this journey of ascension. The path of ascension is difficult, the distortions many, the veils of illusion so thick that it is difficult for most in human form to see beyond them. But for those that are willing to see and push past the illusion, Earth shall support you. So call upon Mother Earth, as she needs you to ascend, as she cannot ascend without some in human form succeeding at such a goal. As you ascend, you shall indeed support Earth’s global ascension in return. This indeed is the dance of interdependence!


Mother Earth asks you to focus upon the new paradigm of Interdependence that is emerging, upon the new era to be born, and upon the ascension of all sentient species upon Earth. She asks you to focus upon sovereignty, sovereignty of self, sovereignty of all nations, sovereignty of Earth. For it is only in a state of sovereignty that truth is restored to each human, each nation, and each species. Only as each species stands in their unique sovereign truth and contributes in full to Earth that which their unique truth can contribute can interdependence come forth. It is only as interdependence comes forth that Earth can ascend.


So let us utilize this time of focus together to intend to ascend; to intend sovereignty; to intend interdependence; to intend honor of all species; to intend unity of purpose; and above all to intend the infusion of the love of God Goddess/All That Is to Earth and all species therein. May the blessings spread to all in human form and all other kingdoms willing to receive such blessings.


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