Image of a serene and green bamboo forest. Blessings For Learning To Become One’s Own Protector

8. Blessings For Learning To Become One’s Own Protector


From the Bamboo and Palm Trees Kingdom


It is the Bamboo and Palm Trees that address you today. We much like the gum trees are the most ancient of tree kingdoms remaining upon Earth. At another time, we would not have considered ourselves separate from the Gum Tree Kingdom; however, in the many falls in consciousness, portions of the DNA split into multiple types of trees. As the DNA splintered, attributes that were once a part of all trees associated with the Gum Tree Kingdom today were separated and now are displayed in multiple tree species.


The Gum Tree Kingdom holds the remembrance of a bark that peels, much like a snake, recreating itself anew each season, along with fragrance associated with the leaves and flowers. The Bamboo Kingdom retains the remembrance of how to build a strong trunk that is very light with many pockets of air in the middle. Palm trees on the other hand retain the remembrance of producing edible fruits in the forms of coconuts and other berries, some of which have been used in times past to produce various forms of liquor in the Hawaiian Islands.


Life on Terra Inside the Great Central Sun


Long ago and inside the Great Central Sun, trees exhibited all these characteristics. Each tree had its own fragrance for the animal or human kingdom to enjoy. Each tree had its own fruit. Humans and animals were more likely to breathe in our fragrance than eat the fruits and berries produced during this era. Humans were known to string certain berries into jewelry to adorn themselves with, as well as flowers that were worn in their hair or strung as fragrant bouquets, not unlike Polynesian tradition today.


Tree trunks were light structures that were very strong in this era. We could grow far higher in height than any tree in any rainforest today. The internal spiraling caverns of Earth or Terra as we call her had miles of space between the floors and ceilings. Our kingdom often grew miles in height creating a canopy of sorts just beneath the ceiling of each cavern that was filled with hanging stalactites and other minerals. This type of structure could only occur if the trunk itself was light enough to support such a tall structure, and indeed trunks grew in segments that were hollow in the middle allowing for this kind of height, much as with the Bamboo Species today.


The shade of the canopy of trees allowed other plant kingdoms to thrive underneath us without excessive light that would have hurt their delicate flora and fauna. This is the purpose of the tree kingdom from the Bamboo and Palm Tree Kingdom’s point of view, to be a protector of other plant kingdoms so that they may flourish in all of their splendor and beauty. Animals including humans also lived between our branches and in the shade of our leaves.


In our remembrance of the times in the Great Central Sun, the etheric body and physical was one vessel and not separated as in present time. There was a light body that was even finer in energetic weaving than the semi-etheric physical body. The light body was a vessel that each kingdom could use to experience the consciousnesses of other creations within the Great Central Sun. The light body allowed for travel of our consciousness anywhere inside the Great Central Sun when the physical vessel was a stationary experience for the tree and mineral kingdoms. There was no sense of limitation therefore in a stationary physicality as the light body could project anywhere it was required carrying our consciousness with it.


Inversion of Energy After Terra’s Fall


As Terra fell, separation occurred between physical and etheric; separation also occurred between the consciousness and the light body realms and physicality leaving many kingdoms feeling trapped in their experience of a stationary or immobile body. The cause of the separation was the inflation of the space between. As the space between increased and increased in size, the light running through the etheric body, chakra systems, subtle bodies and light body dimmed; there was a smaller pathway due to the inflated space between. As the space between continued to inflate, the chakras, subtle bodies and etheric body began to be turned inside out; it was as the chakras surrounding the etheric body and subtle bodies turned inside out that the physical lost its connection to its own light body and soul.


Turning an etheric vessel inside out is a very sad experience. What occurs is that nothing functions appropriately in the field thereafter. The chakras spin backwards; the subtle bodies rotate in variant directions; the field rapidly collapses and a fall in consciousness is assured. Each fall in consciousness is the result of the field partially or completely inverting, and this is now understood more precisely due to the ascension of Terra than in any other time of her existence.


As Terra left the Great Central Sun, her field turned inside out. The reason for this has to do with the drag upon a field in exiting the dream or boundary of the sun. This began a series of downward spiraling experiences or falls that over the past 96 million years took Terra from a 25th Dimensional vessel to the 3rd Dimensional vessel that she is today. Perhaps if this had been understood, all kingdoms would have consciously commanded the field to revert to its original rotation after exiting the sun. However, the inversion was invisible to us as everything appeared intact although the energy was running in the inverse. The inversion of energy went unperceived and led to the first major fall of Terra.


The energy reverted to the proper polarization after each fall appearing as though another drop in frequency would not occur thereafter; then something occurred yet again causing the energy of Terra to invert again, leading to another fall. What was it that occurred? Often Terra would cross through certain barriers or mirrors that were left over from other creations that had existed in the space between suns. As Terra went through each of these barriers, sometimes the nature of the mirrors was not unlike exiting the Great Central Sun, and the effect was another inversion of Earth’s energy flow. This led thereafter to another fall in consciousness and drop to the dimension beneath of life for Terra.


Now Terra is learning to consciously command her own energy flow. So are humans and each species focused upon ascension learning to command one’s own energy flow. If a field inverts, one can command it back to the proper rotation and spin to allow for continued evolution and ascension rather than descension into extinction. This allows for the reparation of a dance that has occurred for over 96 million human years (or 24 million years in Earth recorded time) of continuous falls in consciousness and vibration.


Often dark forces in the nonphysical deliberately invert energy flow causing a period of descending frequencies. This can be called a “bad ascension day”. As one releases the karma for how this occurred at another time in the ancestry, then one can invert the field to the proper spin through conscious intention to sustain evolution upwards rather than in a downward spiral. One then recovers from a bad day in ascension.


The Space Between and the False Gods


What consciousness causes an inversion of field? The false gods or space between consciousnesses generally cause an inversion of field. Why do the false gods do this? The inversion of field increases the space between and then they have more room or space in their region of domain. The fact that this causes the body pain does not occur to the space between consciousnesses as they do not experience the physical; only the space between.


As Terra fell, a larger and larger area developed in the space between. One can think of Terra as a ball of mostly light as she exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th Dimensional vessel. The space between was held in place by tiny serpents that carved the pathway for the light to flow in all parts of her field. As Terra inverted, the chi went into the space between and puffed it up and up and up; suddenly the chi running through the pathways of light diminished as the space between inflated. A fall to the vibrational dimension beneath was the end result.


The consciousness of the space between has increased and increased and increased since the beginning of Terra’s falls. As this has occurred, there is a large shadow or space between consciousness that surrounds Terra along with your solar system and all other creations sitting between suns that are associated. The shadow has grown so large that it now catches a portion of the dream that was intended only for positive moving energy flow or physicality. As a result, physicality receives fewer dreams and has become increasingly limited, and space between consciousnesses has developed an animated persona in catching a portion of dream that belongs unto the physical. It is the animated persona in the space between that are the false gods.


The Dream for Life and the Unconscious


The ability to catch dream was not a part of the original casting for space between consciousnesses. The original casting has the space between simply hold the structure of the positive energy flow; the positive energy movement then catches the entire dream for life. What happens when the space between catches a dream for life?  Life becomes splintered between conscious and unconscious. This is how the unconscious came to be; the space between inflated and inflated and began to catch a portion of the dream for life that should be caught by the physical; as this occurred the physical splintered into a conscious and unconscious attribute.


At this time, so much dream for life is caught by the space between or the unconscious surrounding Terra that there is only a dream for death remaining to be caught by the physical plane. More of the dream for life is caught by the unconscious or space between than the space without or physical vessel. This is reflected in the shortened life span of each species along with the birth, death and rebirth cycles. It is estimated that at 2 strands of DNA, 90% of the dream for life is caught by the unconscious or false gods. Through ascension and at 3,000 DNA segments, about 50% of the dream for life is still caught by the unconscious, but 50% is also caught by the physical vessel leading to an experience of regeneration of the form rather than death; and an increasing sense of greater possibility in the life expression of an ascending human.


Within the Great Central Sun, 100% of the dream for life was caught by the physical plane; and nothing died and all species lived forever. As physicality again catches 100% of the dream possible, then physicality shall cease to die. This shall only occur as 100% of the unconscious is reunited into the field and the proper structure and function of the space between is restored. The space between is to carve a pathway for the positive energy flow of the field and etheric vessel. As this occurs, the shadow shall cease, the era of the dark shall come to an end, and a new day shall be born ahead for all kingdoms including humanity.


The False Gods and Shadow Consciousness


What occurs when shadow consciousness is given 90% of the dream for life? Shadow consciousness or the space between was designed to separate and divide creating the pathway for the light to flow. When inflated, separation and division consciousness seeks to destroy; seeks to shatter; seeks to separate and divide as this is the nature of the consciousness from this region of domain. This is why the false gods are considered “forces of the dark”; they are shadow consciousness inflated into a state of a god and then worshipped by all who fear them.


Why do humans fear God? Humans fear God as the false gods are not loving and benign; they are destructive and harmful and always have been. The false gods use humans; those that are of use to them receive “protection”; or in other terms, one shadow consciousness will not allow another to destroy one as one is of use to them, and so one is protected from harm’s way; until one is of no use and then it is all up for grabs and anything can happen.


Shadow consciousness or serpents that hold the space between have a job; it is recorded in their very casting. The job is to hold the space between so that the positive energy flow moves as it should. Serpents that are of the space between that receive dreams for existence are not doing their job, nor do they desire to give up what they know and return to the simple job that they were designed for; hence the conflict between the space between consciousness and Terra at this time. Terra is removing the consciousness of the space between entities and removing their capacity to catch any dream so that they then can be commanded back to the real function that they should hold in any creation; which is to hold the space between.


Some ascending initiates began to command the false gods back to their original structure and function several years ago. This was only partially successful as many of the space between persona present upon Earth came from other creations through humans who had migrated on to Earth’s surface over time, along with through plants and animals or minerals seeded here from other star systems on the part of human scientists. One cannot command entities from other creations into the space between of Earth as the entities do not belong here. The space between consciousnesses from other creations are being uncast at this time and then returned to their Great Central Sun of origin. This shall, in time, bring an end to the false gods as we have known them.


Collapsing the Space Between


The increasing shadow that Terra has experienced creates large gaps or space between the global chakras, subtle bodies, moving energy systems and the global etheric vessel. These large gaps are the region of domain that the false gods dance within and believe themselves to be god over. Collapse the space between, reducing it to only a small percentage (25%) of the overall field, and now the false gods have less room to roam through ones’ field. Furthermore, there will be more light or chi emanating through the moving energy systems surrounding the physical vessel as one also increases the size of the positive energy pathways.


Earth is in the process of collapsing her space between to smaller and smaller proportions reducing the space through which the dark have moved and manipulated her throughout time, space and form. This shall allow for her return entry into the dream of the Great Central Sun without combusting. Records retrieved from other combust creations attempting to return to their own Great Central Sun of origins show that they had such excessive sized space between with non-resonant energy flow within them that this created great friction as they attempted to pass through the dream; the friction caused the entire planet to combust into a billion bits of matter.


Ascending initiates may now follow suit and intend to collapse the space between in ones’ own field just as Earth is doing. This will better prepare one for entry into the Great Central Sun dream oneself. There are other benefits of collapsing the space between. When the space between is reduced to 25%, the field naturally puffs up by 50 to 75% greater in light or chi. This creates a stronger field overall and leaves less room for information to be pulled from the field, or the loss of chi, moving energy systems or grid work that often haunts ascending initiates over the course of any given day. The bottom line is that in collapsing the space between, there is less room for the false gods to perpetrate an endless stream of manipulations against oneself as an ascending human.


The shadow surrounding Terra is disappearing. The shadow surrounding Terra was compounded by shadows from 1,800 other creations that had fallen into extinction over time. There was more shadow surrounding Terra than light emanating in her field only two years ago. Now the shadow that originates elsewhere is leaving; there is more chi and energy running through Terra’s etheric body and field as a result. Humans are measuring this as a more rapid pace of global warming.


Life in the Shadow


The human species upon the surface of the Earth has been surrounded in the shadow of humans from eight other creations including the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Jyreion, Sirius, Orion, Andromeda and two other creations less known until recent karmic records appeared showing their ties. There are ties between humans through the Orion star system to another creation that lies beyond it that Terra has called Lyon. Upon Lyon are fully conscious lions as this is not a water-based planet. There are ties to humans to another star system beyond the Pleiades that Terra has called Fuscilia. Humans in Fuscilia have pink skin and a pink colored sun. All eight shadows are in the process of being returned to their creation of origins; this shall speed up the process through which the “awakening” of humanity may begin.


Life in the shadow is the only life current humans or other kingdoms upon Earth have known. Life within the shadow translates into only really hearing shadow consciousness or the false gods rather than Soul, Oversoul, Earth or nature for guidance. Shadow consciousness is not wrong; it just has only a part of the picture, for that within the shadow cannot perceive the whole which includes the moving energy plus shadow or space between united together.


This is the difficulty with shadow forces as they attempt to lead humans in ascension in times past; such forces only see a portion of the dynamics as they exist within only one half of the human dream. These forces have led humans into incomplete after incomplete ascension and combustion of the physical vessel in many time periods upon Earth; a very painful way to die; and the means through which humans were turned even further inside out, descending or falling in consciousness rather than restoring consciousness upon Terra.


This is what occurred for the Grand Masters with the large heads seeded upon Earth from Sirius long ago. Somehow, they lost their souls as their fields were turned inside out in their arrival upon Earth. As the Grand Masters’ fields turned inside out, they fell into their own shadow and began to hear the guidance of the false gods instead of their Grand Master souls. As this occurred, the Grand Masters were misled into ascending the smaller headed red nation humans seeded upon Earth in an earlier time period.


The ascension of the small headed humans only created a greater distortion in the Grand Masters’ own fields through which they were stripped until death. You see, the shadow or space between consciousness does not know enough to lead one home beloved; they can only lead one into further falls as this is what separation and division consciousness causes: falls in consciousness.


Soulless Existence and the Search for a Savior


Everything has a place. The space between has a place; it should hold the boundaries of the ley lines of energy flow throughout the field. Space between consciousnesses should not direct life or catch a dream; soul should direct life and only physicality should catch a dream. In order for soul to direct life, soul must have enough moving energy to sit within to communicate with physicality. As the space between grew and the positive energy shrank, there was not enough chi to allow soul to dance with the field any longer, and soul withdrew.


Soul withdrew from the physical plane Earth a long time ago; this is a very painful thing to recognize on the part of the Bamboo and Palm Tree Kingdoms, but soul withdrew hundreds of thousands of years before humanity arrived upon the scenes. The Grand Masters essentially entered a physical existence that was soulless, and as such became soulless themselves in the dance losing their lives in the process.


It is from a soulless state of being that humans seek a savior. Without soul, there is nothing to guide the ship known as human life. The God Goddess of any form is one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source. God Goddess is also Mother Earth or Terra’s consciousness. The body is meant to be a vessel through which soul and Terra’s consciousness can merge to co-create and co-direct each human life. When the shadow becomes so extreme, there is too little energy for soul to extend into the physical; and there is too little energy for Terra to anchor either. The result is extreme separation and great fear. Those at 2 strands today are in great fear as they are in extreme separation.


Ascension brings about the reparation of the dance in recreating a chakra system and subtle body system that can begin to hold soul and Terra’s consciousness again. This begins to bring an end to the separation, and as such an end to fear as humans have existed within for thousands of years now. Terra is also creating a new chakra system for herself that is bringing about the end of the loss of soul in the physical; as such, the fear that Terra has been within is beginning to subside.


The shadow consciousness or false gods will never be a true protector of any human vessel. Space between consciousnesses is only interested in separation and division. Such consciousness pits humans of great power against one another to an extreme until nuclear annihilation manifests. In a common human life, such consciousness pits mothers against children, fathers against mothers, spouses against one another, and bosses against employees, or employees against bosses, or friends against one another. As one is pitted against another, then the desire for a protector emerges; for who is going to protect me from my abusive mother, father, rapist, judge, spouse, or former friend? I need a savior!


Then the false gods enter the dance whispering in your ear “I will save you! I will protect you! And you say, “O.K., I am in such fear, I will agree.” And the false gods say, “Ah, but there is a cost for your protection. You must give me all your information on ascension, dream weaving and truth”. And you say, “Oh I am in so much fear, take it, take it all! I want to be protected!” Then you are protected, but your future ancestors lose as now there is not enough information to create the crystalline biology, or the larger cranial capacity that the Mahavishnu of Ancient Egypt and the Grand Masters once knew. This is how 90% of the information was lost for the human genealogy in the Bamboo and Palm tree’s estimation.


Learning to Protect Oneself


Real protection comes from having enough of a moving energy system to ground unto Earth and anchor one’s soul, oversoul and source. When one is grounded unto Earth, one is safe and protected. One is safe in the dream of the consensus known as Earth; in this dream, one can only manifest one’s karma or intentions. Outside of the grounding, one can manifest someone else’s bad dream, and this is perhaps more fearful to humans than anything else; “Ah, what if I end up in an accident?” Intend to cancel that dream as it interferes with ascension, ground deeply unto Earth, and this will not occur beloved.


“Ah, what if I end up in a terrible dispute and am sued and then lose my fortune?” Well, if it is your karma, you can forgive and in the forgiveness the outcome will shift; one will only pay what is owed and beyond that there is no debt as it has been forgiven. “Ah, what if I end up convicted of a crime I did not commit and end up in jail?” Well, if it is your karma, forgive your ancestors for imprisoning others in false crimes and your outcome will be altered.


There are many bad dreams in the shadow dance of the human species. Each witnesses the bad dreams playing out in the world mirror each day and in the news. As the shadow lifts, there will be fewer bad dreams for humans to manifest. As humans awaken and become conscious commanders of their dream again, each can choose to cancel the bad dreams and manifest one’s intentions in their place.


As one takes the power to command one’s dream again and anchor soul and unto Earth, one learns to protect oneself. In protecting oneself, one no longer requires bartering with the dark for protection; and then one will cease to give their ascension knowledge away in the exchange. It is only as one ceases to give their ascension knowledge away that real ascension can take off in this life or your future ancestors lives, beloved.


Teaching Others to Protect Themselves


Protecting others is another problematic pattern that many healers especially exhibit. Those who feel weak and helpless in the physical also turn to others for protection. Those who are gifted at anchoring will often become the unconscious protector of those seeking them out as a healer. The end result is that one tries to play the role of the savior that soul and Terra should play in the life of another. Perhaps one feels “god like” playing this role; however, the codependence it creates causes ties of attachment between parties that will only hinder ascension in the long haul. Eventually, one will lose more chi than one can generate, and then the ascension can go no further until one can release all ties to those that one is protecting.


Perhaps it is far better to work with those that one is protecting as a healer to teach them to learn to protect themselves. Teaching others to ground, synthesize and connect to Terra is a good place to start. Teaching others to tune inward and listen to their own heart for personal guidance is another good place to go. Teaching others to go into nature and attune to the kingdoms and elements of air, water, fire, and earth is another good ascension technique; then nature can become guidance as well. Then those who tend to be the healers will learn to allow others to find their own truth; and one will free oneself to ascend simultaneously.


The reality is that one cannot really protect another anyway; one can move karma or grid work around so that another experiences a different dream. Many healers are gifted at this, and they create great karma for themselves in so doing. It is far better for each to learn to dream weave one’s own dream, and then each will take full responsibility for what it means to be a fully conscious species in human form.


Fully conscious species were designed to be conscious dream weavers. Conscious dream weaving translates into intending a particular dream and then living to experience the dream. At this time of ascension, one can learn to mold the dream in the direction of unity and the release of the karma that one has agreed to transcend in this lifetime. One can mold the dream to be harmless so that one does not manifest an accident or other travesty upon the physical plane. One can mold the dream to create divine union and communion between body, soul and Earth. In a state of communion, one is protected and one is safe; and one need not protect others as they will find their own protection in the act of communion of their own vessel. This is the gift of learning to become the conscious dreamer in this lifetime.


Creating Conscious Homes Using Bamboo for the Tropics


Asur’Ana has always loved palm trees along with bamboo. These types of trees are prevalent in the Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes her apartment or cottage has been at tree level height giving her an opportunity to watch the beautiful dance of the chattering birds and wind moving our palm leaves to and fro. There are many apartments with bamboo and rattan furnishings. Asur’Ana has always been amazed at the simple beauty and sturdiness of a structure so light.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


In Hawaii, bamboo is not a primary building wood utilized in construction. In Thailand and other tropical nations in the East, bamboo structures can be the size of 10 story buildings or used to construct large stadiums or halls. One would not think of bamboo being as sturdy as steel, and yet it is. The bamboo exhibits a form of crystalline trunk that was once a part of all crystalline tree structures global wide due to the strength and lightness of being. Our structure creates a sturdy bark with hollow centers that can withstand as much pressure as a beam of steel.


Asur’Ana ponders why these types of structures do not prevail in Hawaii where it would make good sense for bamboo to be utilized, as it is less subject to termites and dry rot that prevails in the tropics in other kinds of wood. Bamboo also grows very quickly; why? It is because our blueprint calls for fewer cells to be constructed to fill the interior of our trunks. Hawaiian contractors could grow their own bamboo and harvest it instead of importing costly lumber from the mainland. Our kingdom would also allow a tropical community to grow bamboo for their own construction purposes in a few years time by planting a forest of our trees upon the property. Asur’Ana dreams of a community built in the tropics one day all out of bamboo, and perhaps this will come to be so as the new era unfolds.


Over time, the plant and tree kingdoms will bring forward construction suggestions for ascending community. Each region has different needs and therefore will require a different type of structure given the weather and temperatures in the winter or summer. In the tropics, it is best to build above ground to make use of the trade winds that can blow through the building. This will minimize the requirement of fans to cool oneself when electricity ceases to run. Having sliding doors that can open to allow the breeze through the house makes the most sense therefore in this environment; closing the shutters and sides of a house or patio is useful in the heavy rain or if the temperatures drop to retain the warmth within the premises.


We perceive an octagonal type bamboo structure with six rooms on the first floor, and three rooms on the second floor. The entire structure is constructed a half story above ground so that there can be ventilation beneath to keep the flooring cool in the heat of the tropics. Under the home can be shade loving plants that are beautiful.


We see that the center of the octagonal structure is open and within it is a beautiful garden and bubbling stream with waterfall that all rooms look out upon. A large tree graces the center for some added shade for hot days. In the center, the most delicate of herbs may be grown due to the protection of the building around it. Each wall of this bamboo home slides open with shutters and moving doors. There is a porch surrounding the exterior of the home giving added protection from sun, wind and rain as there are two sets of shutters and doors that can be shut and sealed if need be. This increases the living space as well as the porch can be a living or working area as well.


Bamboo can be tied together and does not require nails if one knows how to put together the joists. Bamboo and rattan furnishings are rarely nailed; they are tied together sometimes with banana leaf and sometimes with leather. Banana leaf actually creates a sturdier tie that will outlast leather which would be subject to molding in the humidity of the tropics from our point of view.


A bamboo roof can also be very creative because one is not limited to the shape of the walls per se as within conventional construction. Conventional construction relies upon the four walls to support the roof; in bamboo construction, the structure and roof are entirely separate creations. As the structure is built, there will be supporting beams to hold the roof; the roof is created separate and hoisted on top as the supporting beams are put in place. This allows the inside of the home to be any shape one would wish and is not dependent upon the four walls. Bamboo construction can therefore be far more creative than conventional box-like structures.


Bamboo housing can also be put together very rapidly. There is no requirement for insulation as the wind will be the main coolant, and the sun the main warmth providing factor. Bamboo flooring is a beautiful natural substance to walk upon and is easy to clean. The bottom joists on the first floor can be tethered to large rocks in lieu of cement so that the foundation is of a living substance. Bamboo consciousness will remain in the home as long as one calls upon our kingdom, even if the structure itself has long dried and ceases to live. In so doing, humans can create living conscious homes in the tropics that support ascension.


Final Words


There will be other kingdoms speaking to other building styles that may be useful in other climates in future chapters of this book. We hope that you find this information useful upon your personal path of ascension. We invite each to become one’s own protector by connecting to Earth and one’s soul. We invite each to begin to collapse the space between and amplify the light or moving energy in one’s field so that a conduit for soul and Earth is present. Finally, we invite each to return the shadow dream surrounding one’s field to those creations that the shadow dream emanated from; and to retrieve one’s own shadow and integrate it in the act of ascension. In so doing, a new day may be born for each and for humanity at large.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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