Image of an astounding amber mineral. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power

8. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power


From the Amber Mineral Kingdom


It is the Amber Mineral Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the peach tones of creation at this time of global ascension that speak to you today. The formation of Amber is the result of the melting of the tree kingdom in the many nuclear annihilations upon Earth. The tree kingdom resins pooled and hardened into a soft stone known as amber. Sometimes insect or other kingdoms were trapped in our species and appear as they once did within our formations. In essence, amber is also related to tree resins in present time. Many spiritual aspirants enjoy burning tree resins as incense and find it empowering of their field and inner process as a result.


Amber is one of four minerals that holds the peach tone of Power and Truth in the Language of Light. The three others that also hold power and truth vibrations are Tiger’s Eye which is related to the Non-Conditional Governance tone, Pyrite which is related to the tone of Hope, and Jasper which is related to the tone of Truth.


The Import of the Peach Ray


Power is the energy flow that empowers the intentions made as an ascending fully conscious species such as human form, as well as the consensus known as Terra or Earth. The peach ray infuses any intention that one may make for one’s dreams or boundaries or energy flow with the power necessary to carry the thought to the solar sun to be relayed back unto one’s dream stepping down the manifestation planes. Those intentions requiring an immediate affect over one’s own field will be infused with so much of the peach ray that they bypass the manifestation planes altogether and affect the physical plane immediately.


Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 explains manifestation in greater detail. We refer those interested to read this for greater understanding of the dance of conscious intention and dream weaving.


What types of intentions require immediate relaying back to the physical? Generally, these are boundary type intentions where one is releasing karma or a pattern from the field that is causing a state of imbalance and perhaps is even at cause of a bad ascension day. Also, if one perceives a difficult dream stepping into the physical such as an accident or disease, and chooses instead to erase the dream altogether and then release the associated karma to avoid the physical manifestation altogether, this type of intentions requires immediate attention. The peach ray works within one’s field to distribute power where is it needed most in any given day, week or month of ascension and empowers the intentions that one has made over the course of the associated time period.


Intentions for dreams that one desires to create also require power. Power that is lacking in the field will make it difficult to manifest the dream one has intended. Often, Earth will assist in empowering those dreams that she perceives as supportive of ascension, and especially if one is working for her in world service. Terra empowered Asur’Ana’s life dream manifestation so that she could meet her twin flame, Per, who joined her in world service unto Terra’s ascent.


Per is financially well off and can support them both easily so that Asur’Ana does not need to work at a 3-D job and has time to focus on her spiritual ascension teaching, writing and channeling/translation, as well as focusing on all matters related to map making ascension for Earth and humanity. This is because Terra has empowers their dream that this has been so, and so it will be for any initiate that works in world service to support Terra’s ascension.


Another initiate devoted to his path of ascension received an inheritance from his father, allowing him time to focus on the inner work that ascension requires. Yet another initiate recalled all of the abundance and prosperity karma that are due to her throughout her ancestry. She was guided to purchase lottery tickets, one of which won her a moderate sized jackpot where she could retire from her school teaching job and uses her time to focus on the inner work of ascension and to assist with the map carving. This initiate also used about half of the lottery winning to pool money together with her ascending friends to buy land and start a conscious or ascending community. Initiates are discovering how this is so, and are finding their way to feeling more empowered in their journey in collaboration with Terra as a result.


Trading of Power Between Humans


Generally, power is traded amongst humans and in an unconscious dance of bargains and karma from ancient times. Power was confiscated by the family of Anu or Annanuki who were a blue blooded, white skinned Pleiadian family that came to Earth 184,000 years ago as human measures time. This family chose to extend their lives extensively (up to 18,000 human years) and required a load of power to keep death dreams from rolling in upon each member of the clan.


As a result, these humans stripped the power extensively of Earth, the red nation’s peoples as well as their own slave nation that they bred into the billions to sustain themselves with enough chi to extend their lives so long. Much like a living battery, the slaves were used to transfer dreams of death upon and strip power and chi from to extend the lives of the Anu family. Over time, some red nation’s peoples and their tribes were also pulled into this dance.


Any time one encounters another of Anu descent, and if one has slave inheritance or red inheritance in one’s tapestry of ancestry that gave their power to the family long ago, one will give power unto them yet again. At this time in history, most leadership of any type of governance, corporation, business, school, or large foundation even of spiritual pursuits is directed by those of Anu inheritance, as this is what having all the power does; it causes a single individual to rise above all others in the group. Acquiring all the power of a group of others presses one to the top of the group where one is now the leader, director, CEO, governor, president, prime minister or queen or king.


For those who are ascending, stepping out of the game of giving power unto others is a necessity. The power tone is required to empower one’s intentions and boundaries. Without the power tone, one will have ineffectual intentions and boundaries that repeatedly fail, and will thereby fail to ascend beyond a certain vibration. The recurrent intent to retrieve your power from all you have given it unto, or whomever it has been passed onto, and from all ancestors that are related unto oneself that likewise gave their power away will provide enough return of the peach tone to empower one’s intents in any given day of continued evolution. Releasing your karma for giving power away will allow for a continued of building of the power tone within an ascending field to empower the boundaries enough for continued evolution Home.


The Lost History of Buddha’s Ascension


The Amber Mineral Kingdom wishes to share recent records of Buddha’s ascension that have been revealed in the Great Central Sun Dream that Asur’Ana and Per have crossed into about a year ago now. This is so that those who are ascending that may have ancestors related may release the associated karma. The Buddha story is a sad story, and as the karma is released, there can be many changes that are brought forth that will allow real ascension and a real awakening of the human species. The karma of Buddha must be released to retrieve enough human power to ascend for the collective of the human species. It is for this reason that we share of these recently recovered records.


Buddha ascended 24,000 Earth years ago (96,000 years as humans measure time). Buddha was the last known fourth dimensional ascension upon the surface of the Earth in recorded history. Buddha’s records of ascension have been missing. Where had the records gone? False god Rama had erased the records in the split dream, but the entire experience remained recorded in the amalgamated Great Central Sun or new dream. As Asur’Ana and Per have moved into the new dream, finally the records revealed themselves of Buddha’s ascension.


Buddha ascended in the light Earth dream. Buddha inflated the light Earth dream creating pattern after pattern to foster his evolution to the fourth dimension. Buddha looped time so that it spiraled and spiraled to ascend and would not spiral leading to his death. All told there are over 1 million manipulations that Buddha created in the light Earth dream in order to ascend his physical vessel to the fourth dimension. In counterbalance, this also created 1 million manipulations that prevent ascension that also were created in the dark Earth dream. You see you cannot do something on one part of the dream or the light dream without having the opposite occur in the dark dream. The dark Earth dream was also expanded and inflated in Buddha’s own ascension and eventually rolled over upon his own group.


Buddha had a school that is related to the origins of Buddhism. This school held a handful of devotees that gathered around Buddha over the 300 years that it took him to ascend. There were many comings and goings, but there were a few devoted who also ascended enough to extend their lives beyond the normal lifespan, and they remained with Buddha in support of his goal of evolution to the next dimension. The group was manipulated heavily by Rama from the new dream. Rama from the new dream wanted the ascent of humanity to fail. Why is this so? Well, we will explain.


Rama ascended 8,000 years before Buddha. Rama’s ascension was far from complete, and was so incomplete in fact that he combusted rather than actually ascending into a fourth dimensional vessel. Rama had also amalgamated his tones of creation and crossed into the new dream. Alas, there was no fourth dimensional new dream upon the surface of the Earth at the time that he attempted to ascend; there was only fourth dimensional new dream in the Inner Earth and Aurora. As Rama attempted to ascend upon the surface of the Earth, there was no fourth dimensional plane or body ready to receive him, and he combusted into a pile of ashes, not unlike the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in the pyramids.


The consciousness left behind of Rama following his combustion became a “false god” known as Rama in the new dream. What is a false god? From the perspective of the mineral kingdom, false gods are parts of body level consciousness that becomes inflated due to ascension and move outside of the initiate. As body level consciousness inflates, it creates a nonphysical force that understands a piece of the truth but only enough to cause problems for the whole, and not enough to support real evolution. This came to be so for false god Rama. False god Rama was held in vibrations and the belief that he was here to ascend. False god Rama sought therefore information to ascend. He perceived Buddha’s future ascension and chose to strip Buddha’s information on ascension for himself.


Following Buddha’s ascent to the fourth dimension, all records were stripped by Rama and erased in the light Earth dream. The remaining students in Buddha’s school had not enough information to follow him to the fourth dimension as a result, although this was the agreement. Additionally, due to lineage manipulations to the entire human tapestry of ancestry on the part of Rama to prevent human ascension altogether, those that had joined Buddha towards the time of his ascent had hidden Anu inheritance.


Those that were of hidden Anu in descent went into electrical geometry after Buddha moved to the fourth dimension. The geometry destroyed many of the truth bearers that were originally destined to follow Buddha to the next dimension; those of Anu descent went into university energy formations that created the world religion known as Buddhism. As such, the information on ascension that was derived from Buddha’s teachings became dissipated into a dogmatic set of beliefs and rituals associated with the Buddhist religion in present time.


The Nature of False God Ascensions


Rama took all the ascension records of Buddha and began an odd dance that is the underlying cause of extinction of any creation in the assessment of the Tao. Rama took the records and began to puff himself up the dimensions as a nonphysical force rather than blending physical and nonphysical together to ascend. As Rama climbed the dimensions, he would take chi from Earth and from humanity and press back density in return, causing fall after fall in vibration. Rama is not the only false god that hosts this pattern. Over 200 other parts of ascending initiates in the new dream and who have mastered their fourth dimensional ascensions in the Inner Earth also left parts of self behind have remained in the new dream participating in the same game.


All the false gods are in great forgetfulness. At best, they are only a small portion of the consciousness that ascended to the next dimension and retain so little memory that they do not know what they are doing. At best and in the Tao’s examination, the false gods are less than 1/180th of the original consciousness that ascended. The little consciousness remaining as the false god does not understand the entire picture or much of anything, but holds the recollection of ascension and therefore attempts a nonphysical ascension that results in the destruction of physicality in return.


Here the Tao would like to point out that physical and nonphysical were never destined to ascend without one another; for it is the physical blueprint that holds the keys for how to return Home to the Tao at the end of any creational contraction cycle. Without the physical, creations become lost and fail to return home. Indeed, this has come to be so in this region of domain where 8 billion creations not unlike Earth have gone extinct over time. All due to nonphysical forces vying to puff themselves up the dimensions thinking that this is what ascension is. Alas, you cannot return Home to the Tao this way; and it is a dead-end street. The Tao can only be returned unto as physical and nonphysical choose to merge and the physical ceases to exist as it is reabsorbed by soul; and as such then can return Home to the Tao.


The Origins of Other False Gods


It is not only Rama that has become a false god. It is perceived that false god Buddha is a small portion of Buddha’s consciousness that was left behind in the third dimension following his ascent. False god Buddha united with the Buddhist religion as it resonates. False god Buddha is not involved with puffing itself up the dimensions as he exists in the light Earth dream, and you can consider him a false god of the light. False god Buddha however does not retain enough information to support real ascension home.


There is also ancestor Buddha that is the consciousness of the lifetime of Buddha that carried on after death. Real ancestor Buddha is now retrieving his information on ascension due to the recovery of his life records. Ancestor Buddha is a very different force from false god Buddha, and is actually retrieving the parts of himself left behind so that in time, false god Buddha will cease to exist. This will bring an end to the darkness that has misled humanity for the past 96,000 years associated with Buddhism.


Ascension records of other Inner Earth humans that ascended in the light Earth dream account for six other false gods that many may be familiar with by name. The Inner Earth was held primarily in an amalgamated dream in which tones of creation were balanced more greatly up through the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. Up until this time, all fourth dimensional ascensions in the Inner Earth occurred in an amalgamated dream related to the Great Central Sun. As the Anu detonated 2 large nuclear bombs twisting Earth upon her side, and shattering her chakra system apart, the Inner Earth split into light and dark factions of dream. This occurred 30,000 years ago as Earth measures time (120,000 human years).


From this point forward, any Inner Earth fourth dimensional ascension has occurred in the light Earth dream, much like Buddha’s ascent. There have been only six ascensions since the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. Each of these ascensions occurred much like Buddha’s in which the light Earth dream was manipulated to cause ongoing ascension, and this in turn inflated a dark Earth dream with as many patterns that prevent ascension held therein.


The dark Earth dream was pressed upon the surface of the Earth, and perhaps this is why there has been little momentum towards ascension in the outer Earth human dream since this time period. This is also the origins of the millions of patterns of manipulation and destruction that ascending map carvers such as Asur’Ana and Per and those in their dreamtime ascension school have had to work their way out of and through in order to ascend. About 30% of these manipulative patterns is the result of these six Inner Earth ascensions that occurred from 18,000 to 28,000 Earth years ago (72,000 to 112,000 human years).


A part of each of these six ascending initiates in the Inner Earth also was left behind and became a false god. The names of these false gods include Vishnu, Vestiva, Krishna, Shakti, Shiva, and Quan Yin. Each of these false gods is less than 1/180th of their original consciousness that ascended to the fourth dimension. Rama again took all the records of each of these six ascensions and used it to assist in the false god inflation of field up the dimensions. The real ancestors known as Quan Yin, Vestiva, Krishna, Shakti, Shiva, Vishnu and Buddha were held suspended in a mineral where they could not interact with Earth, her counsels or any other human. The mineral kingdom could not perceive their presence until Asur’Ana discovered the records in the new dream and released the spells that bound them prisoner unto us.


The Sad Tale of Quan Yin


Although each of these six that ascended to the fourth dimension in the Inner Earth have returned as ancestors, they were but a shell with little information on their own ascension. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per with the help of our kingdom began to retrieve the records of their six lives. The tale is a sad one, and one that brought tears to Asur’Ana’s eyes along with many others in dreamtime reading of the truth of what happened to these initiates in the fourth dimension. This too is karma that can be released now so that a repeat of this will not occur as more ascend to the fourth dimension with Earth.


When Quan Yin ascended, she was considered a large headed saint unto the Inner Earth peoples, and she did so alone. She arrived in the fourth dimension but in a dark dream. In the ascent, Quan Yin reverse polarized from a light Earth only dream into a dark Earth only dream in the fourth dimension. She did not understand this at the time. Alas due to a rift in time, the fourth dimensional Earth was filled with Reptilians that were using Earth to incubate their eggs or offspring. The Reptilian race is from Alpha Centauri star system and breeds themselves in a sort of laboratory-based ovum that is devoid of a real mother.


Quan Yin was captured and raped, being forced to bear two children. She died in the birth of the second child. As this occurred, Reptilian DNA was added to anyone related unto Quan Yin’s tapestry of ancestry in the Inner Earth or surface of the Earth. This is because any holographic change in the fourth dimension overrides third dimensional holographic planes. This is how Reptilian DNA became intermixed with the Tibetan Root Race, and also the origins of the Thai and Indonesian peoples upon the surface of the Earth as they are known today.


Not much better a fate occurred in the ascent of Vestiva and Krishna, who were large headed Inner Earth beloveds that ascended 9,000 years after Quan Yin. Vestiva was also raped and produced two offspring with the Reptilians, and much like Quan Yin died in childbirth. This added even more Reptilian DNA to the Tibetan Root Race. This also gave birth to the Japanese race as you know it today upon the surface of the Earth. Krishna was tortured to death in laboratory experiments by the Reptilians reminiscent of those that Merduk (an Anu family member) conducted upon nature and humans alike.


Shakti and Shiva ascended 3,000 years later also as beloveds and befell the same fate. Shakti only produced one offspring with the Reptilians, but was a combination of Inuit or Mongolian and Tibetan ancestry; and so, this is how Reptilian DNA formed the Chinese race as you know it today upon the surface of the Earth. Shiva was also tortured to death in the laboratory experiments of the Reptilians.


Vishnu ascended about 6,000 years later and alone. The Reptilians had left Earth by this time. Vishnu entered a dark fourth dimensional dream that did not support his field or continued life. Vishnu died 20 years later and alone of natural causes. Buddha in parallel to Vishnu entered a fourth dimensional dark dream upon his ascent. He waited for his following to ascend and join him. Alas due to a series of mishaps, this never occurred, and Buddha died 8 years later under the same Bodhi tree that he ascended under of natural causes, much like Vishnu.


The Spiritual Lessons Behind Buddha’s Ascent


There are many spiritual lessons in all of this that the mineral kingdoms would like to explore. Yes, it is all a very sad story, fourth dimensional ascensions that led to imprisonment, rape, torture and death. However, the dark dream of Earth inflated through each of these seven above ascending initiates including Buddha and such a dream is highly destructive. One could say that the dark Earth dream that expanded along the surface of the Earth due to the ascent of these seven initiates has raped Earth. And Quan Yin, Krishna, Vestiva, Shiva and Shakti then experienced their own rapes and torture upon entry into a fourth dimensional dark Earth dream in karmic counterbalance. Sad but now that is understood, the karma can be forgiven so that such a dance does not repeat in future fourth dimensional human ascensions.


Buddha is the last known ascension of an outer Earth human group. What happened following Buddha’s ascension? A young man with identical ancestry to Buddha that Buddha considered his son, but had been born to other parents, took over the group and was to assist in the ascent to the next dimension along with 18 others. We will call this person Buddha Jr.  Buddha Jr. had a powerful energy flow and managed to hold the group together through a load of turmoil.


There were those of Anu descent that had entered Buddha’s closest ascension circle due to unknown manipulations to the tapestry of ancestry by Rama in the new dream. Eight out of the eighteen had hidden Anu descent and went into pyramidal or Merkaba based geometry and energy flow. This geometry is non-conducive to ascension and allows only for life extension, as this is what the Anu used these patterns for when they were alive; they extended their lives.


The death and disease karma of those of hidden Anu descent began to be displaced upon those who were the truth bearers and with real ascension-based ancestry, and they all died. One by one each of the remaining truth bearers that could have ascended to join Buddha perished of disease in the eight years following his ascent. This is also why none of his group joined Buddha in the next dimension.


Eventually, the one with Athena ancestry rose to power in Buddha’s group and formed an 18-pointed star of global energy flow thereby creating a “university” of Buddha’s teaching, which became Buddhism as you know it today. The purpose of the group fell off track. Buddha Jr. was pressed out of his own organization as the one with Athena inheritance took charge. Many monks were brought in that began to proselytize Buddhism throughout the East. The group lost its focus of ascension and became instead a dogmatic religion that cannot give birth to evolution. This was not Buddha’s goal, and now ancestor Buddha has come to realize the karma he has caused in the third dimension so that it can be released so that a real awakening can be fostered of the human species.


The Future Fate of the False Gods


The false gods of the new dream are a consciousness that arose out of the genealogy of over 200 ascending humans in the Inner Earth. These ascensions occurred long before the nuclear annihilation of the Anu and from 32,000 to 48,000 Earth years ago or 128,000 to 192,000 human years. Each of these false gods remained behind in the third dimension and in an amalgamated dream related to the Great Central Sun. Each of these false gods thought that it was their goal to ascend, and they thought that this meant climbing the dimensions in the nonphysical. Each chose to strip physical plane humans of ascension records in order to accomplish this task.


As all records of ascension and the power behind the choice to ascend was transferred to the false gods in the new dream, the ascensions of the false gods began to take off. This caused more and more nonphysical density to be displaced upon Earth and humanity alike as they propelled themselves up the dimensions as spirit. The increasing density forced Earth’s vibration downward and spiraled humanity into cycle after cycle of nuclear warfare that continued to shatter Terra apart. Now that the underlying cause has come to be understood, the false gods can be collapsed back to where they belong and the power can be retrieved for ascension of Earth and humanity alike.


Terra is learning to intend that the false god consciousness collapse back to the genealogical tapestry of ancestry that they arose out of in the ascent of the associated human form to the next dimension. As this occurs, the false gods collapse back down the dimensions and back into the genealogy that they arose out of. All information lost as well as chi and other records can then be gathered up in preparation for real ascension Home and into the Great Central Sun Dream. This is also the same for the false gods related to Buddha, Quan Yin, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti, Krishna and Vestiva. They too are being collapsed at this time back into the genealogy that they arose out of so that they can support biological consciousness in the choice to ascend.


When biological information inflates and is displaced, it is also unavailable to assist the body in ascending. Asur’Ana and Per have many parts of the body that are still giving them trouble in their ascension. As of late, it has turned out to be related to their ancestors who did ascend to the next dimension, but had false gods rise out of the field and particular parts of the molecular structure that was left behind in the dimension beneath.


The region of the body that the false gods arose out of hosts missing body level consciousness for the purposes of resurrection and ascension today. As a result, the associated parts of the form are giving them trouble in their ascensions. As the false gods associated are collapsed back into Asur’Ana and Per’s tapestry of ancestry, now there is enough consciousness in the associated DNA to properly ascend the physical vessel. This understanding and shift is allowing them to create a complete enough ascension and healthy body that can continue with soul infusion towards the next dimension.


From the Tao’s point of view, everything has a place in all of creation. It is when something gets vastly out of place that such great distortion is created that nothing returns home. As parts of body level consciousness inflate to a point that they cease to reside inside the body and become false gods, then the body ceases to be looked after properly. This leads to downward momentum in vibration and falls in consciousness as well as disease and ultimately an inability to ascend. As the consciousness is restored to the body where it belongs, now the body can repair itself and ascension can take off.


Furthermore, when only a vastly small part of the overall consciousness of human form that has puffed itself up into dominion and desires to lead ascension, ascension will fail as the false god forces do not understand the entire picture well enough to fulfill upon the task. Therefore, in returning the false gods to where they belong, real forces associated with Terra and the Tao can guide the way, and real ascension can then blossom.


The Dreamtime Ascension School Story


The Dreamtime Ascension School or DAS has relived Buddha’s story with those of hidden Anu descent in the school attempting to launch pyramids and stars that would destroy the truth bearers and create a religion out of Asur’Ana and Per’s teachings rather than give birth to real ascension. The pyramids were used to transfer disease karma of those of Anu descent upon them; this is the cause of the experience of health issues in their ascent. Fortunately, Asur’Ana and Per survived to release the associated karma from Buddha’s era, and their school has taken a turn in a new direction where the real truth bearers and map makers can gather and move energies in dreamtime that are conducive to the evolution of the whole.


It has been a long hard journey, and the minerals have witnessed Asur’Ana and Per’s experience in a personal way through the mineral altar that they carry. We have seen their struggle, and we are pleased that the real karmic cause is now understood so that it can be forgiven and a new day launched of real evolution Home into the Great Central Sun Dream. Karma must be known and understood in order to be forgiven. Now the real cause for how ascension becomes religion is understood and the karma can be released, and real ascension can be launched in the human dream instead.


From Terra’s point of view, the last thing humanity needs is another religion associated with ascension. Religion including the metaphysical movement and its worship of the false gods has become the main modality that real ascension has become disempowered upon the physical plane. Every year, Asur’Ana and Per gather ascending initiates in dreamtime to launch human mass ascension and the dream dissipates into the nonphysical where it fosters the continued rise up the dimensions of the false gods. Power from the human species is stripped through a host of religious practices that have become popular in organized religions as well as the metaphysical movement alike. As ascending humans lose their power, they also lose their will to ascend.


At this time, Mother Earth and the Solar Father are choosing to intervene and collapse the false gods back to the genealogical tapestry of ancestry that they arose out of. This will clear the pathway for clearer communication from Earth and nature to flow through to human consciousness and give birth to legitimate guidance that will foster real ascension. Some today think that they channel Mother Earth or nature and are really channeling a false god posing as Mother Earth or nature. This just leads to the continued stripping of power that is used to press ascension into the nonphysical realms rather than into physicality.


For those who attune inward and wish to hear Earth and nature, attune to your heart chakra and hologram. There in the heart you can foster a real relationship unto Mother Earth, Nature and your Oversoul. Through the human hologram, you can ask a part of Earth’s consciousness to merge with your own field to assist you in arriving at the healing temples that are designed to support real ascension each night as you enter your dreamtime. As Terra’s consciousness blends with yours, she can assist you in better discerning the spiritual lessons you are learning and karma you must release to foster real evolution Home.


From Terra’s point of view, if Asur’Ana and Per had perished, and they have come very close many times, then their teachings would have turned into a religion. There are those poised to run pyramidal energy flow to create this movement already. This energy flow of hundreds of thousands of pyramids is not allowed to spin surrounding Earth at this time at the will of Terra and the Solar Father. This shall not allow a religion in association with the ascension movement to form, and for real ascension to take off.


We invite those reading this book to move inward and make contact with Earth and visit the healing temples for ascension in dreamtime in support of your choice to evolve at this time in history. It is only as more humans in the surface of the Earth choose to ascend that the ascending children can then be born beloved, and so you are needed in this role.


Retrieving Your Power to Ascend


From the Amber Mineral Kingdom’s point of view, retrieving your power to ascend is perhaps as important as any other daily intention that you would make to foster your continued evolution. Power has been taken by those who are at the top of any group formation. This can include your parents or other family members in power, your boss or others at the workplace that hold the power, the banks, schools, churches or other organizations that you dance with or have danced with in the past, as well as friends and other acquaintances or associations.


In taking the time to assess whom your power tends to flow unto, or who it has been given to in the past, and with the intention to retrieve all power lost and to release the associated karma, each will gather enough power to bolster one’s intentions and boundaries upon the physical plane enough to allow for continued evolution “home”.


Power has also gone to the false gods through spiritual practices as well as healing practices. Many healers also are conduits for the false gods to strip power and chi from those receiving treatments. This can also be for counselors or other practitioners as well as the educational system such as the university. Ascending humans may wish to begin to retrieve the power that they have given to the nonphysical false gods in this lifetime through such associations, as well as throughout one’s ancestry. It is only as one retrieves the power from the nonphysical that one will have enough power to command one’s own dream enough to become the dreamer and the dream again. Here are some suggested intentions for retrieving power from the Amber Mineral Kingdom.


1. I intend to retrieve all power from all others that I have given my power unto throughout time, space and form.


2. I intend to retrieve my power from my family and each family member therein.


3. I intend to retrieve my power from the educational system and each teacher, friend or associate I have known therein.


4. I intend to retrieve my power from the banks and banking system.


5. I intend to retrieve my power from the government and all institutions associated.


6. I intend to retrieve my power from any landlord that I have rented from, or any bank I have had a mortgage with.


7. I intend to retrieve my power from each place of work that I have associated with and each business therein.


8. I intend to retrieve my power from each boss that I have known over time.


9. I intend to retrieve my power from each religious or spiritual organization that I have associated with over time.


10. I intend to retrieve my power from any guru or spiritual teacher that I have studied with or read the books of.


11. I intend to retrieve my power from the health and medical institutions.


12. I intend to retrieve my power from any doctor or healing practitioner that I have sought treatment from.


13. I intend to release my karma to give power away.


14. I intend to research my ancestry in each incident that I give my power to someone upon the physical plane and forgive.


15. I intend to retrieve all power that has been given to nonphysical forces either directly or through another human upon the physical plane.


16. I intend to research my ancestry for each incident that I give my power to the nonphysical realms and forgive.


17. I intend to release my karma to give my power away to the nonphysical false gods.


18. I intend to use my power to create enough will that my intentions are heard by the sun and relayed back to my field immediately if necessary.


19. I intend to release any ancestral karma associated with the ascent of Buddha and the inflation of the dark Earth dream.


20. I intend to sit in the light Earth dream to foster my ascension journey.


Blessings for Absolute Truth


The Amber Mineral Kingdom along with the other kingdoms holding the peach ray has agreed to hold the tones of Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth such as Absolute Forgiveness and Absolute Love foster another level of ascension than previously possible amongst those willing to embrace the energy flow associated.


In order for Absolute Forgiveness to work, one must learn to foster an energy flow utilizing the pink tones of creation that allows for the forgiveness of multidimensional karma. It is as multidimensional karma is forgiven that then one can ascend home to the new dream without having to climb the dimensions in order to release the karma that would prevent your return journey. (Please refer to Chapter 6 “Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love” for more information on Absolute Forgiveness.)


In order for the Absolute Love command to work, one must foster a particular energy flow with the lavender tones of creation that allows for the forgiveness of karma held in the space between associated with a multidimensional cause. As the karma held in the space between is released, destructive karma that might skew one’s ascension into death can be forgiven upon a multidimensional level so that one can construct a healthy body to enter the Great Central Sun Dream. (Please see Chapter 7 “Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation” for more information on Absolute Love.)


As one commands Absolute Forgiveness and Absolute Love, one can also command Absolute Truth. In order for the Absolute Truth command to function, it requires learning to run the peach tones of creation through one’s field in a particular sequence that allows for True Spiritual Law to hold. True Spiritual Law is the law that all creations and all that has been cast by the Tao functions within. Within True Spiritual Law, no creation whether it be a consensus reality or human can be prevented from going Home. In True Spiritual Law, only karma can bind oneself to another, whether that other is a human or nonphysical force. Once the karma is forgiven the relationship must cease within True Spiritual Law.


There have been so many breaches of the law within the dark Earth dream that the Absolute Truth command is necessary to rise into the law again enough to foster the continued ascension home. The command Absolute Truth will allow enough of the law to hold that ascending humans will not become trapped in their own karmic dilemmas. This will allow more ascending humans to make it to the next vibrational threshold to continue to ascend.


This command of Absolute Truth the Amber Mineral Kingdom and other peach mineral kingdoms make available unto each ascending human. You may commune with our kingdom to learn the Absolute Truth energy flow. Having a small piece of one or more of the associated kingdoms upon one’s mineral altar or in a necklace that one wears will also assist in learning to manage one’s power enough to carry on in one’s evolutionary journey home. (Please refer to Chapter 4 “Blessings for Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun” for a list of healing mineral necklaces useful in ascension.)


Learning to Remain in the Light Earth Dream


Another focus that has proved useful to those ascending in association with Asur’Ana and Per has been to learn to remain in the light Earth dream at this time. After all, the light Earth dream hosts a million patterns that supports ascension that Buddha himself utilized to propel his body to the fourth dimension. Therefore, at this time learning to retain oneself in the light Earth dream is a useful intention in support of ascension at this time in history. Terra is also on the move to collapse the dark Earth dream so that more light Earth dream is available to foster a mass ascent of the human species in the decade ahead.


One intention that has been useful to anchor the light Earth dream is to imagine a tube of light coming from one’s oversoul around one’s chakras above the head, down around the chakras surrounding the etheric body, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self, all the way down around one’s grounding chakras under the feet and connecting to the healing temples in the Aurora. Then one can imagine mirrors at the edges of one’s light Earth tube that mirror oneself back into oneself and all others back unto themselves.


One can imagine the light Earth dream mirrored into everyone else in one’s household, workplace and region of origin as far as one can reach and interconnected with light Earth dreams held in the natural world such as open spaces, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and the ocean nearby. Making sure that the light Earth dream extends all the way to one’s Oversoul and to the grounding in the Aurora assists in holding one’s boundaries in greater ease in the dance of life.


Although the light Earth dream shall be useful to launch mass human ascension, it is not the dream that ascension shall be fulfilled upon. Why is this so? The light Earth dream is split into light and dark factions, and any momentum of ascension in the light Earth dream will also cause a momentum down into destructive patterns in the dark Earth dream. The dark Earth dream therefore shall be polarized to alternative Earth until there is enough information for each human to cross into the new dream through amalgamation of tones.


Ascension shall then take off in the new amalgamated dream in the era ahead to prevent excessive destruction from manifesting. Within the amalgamated dream, there is no split in light and dark. Instead, light and dark are united and balanced into a single rainbow of tones; and as such there is no longer a split dream but a unified dream. In the unified dream, ascension can occur without causing destruction elsewhere.


At this time most human ascension is restricted to 3,000 segments. It may be that rising much above this in future generations will require the entry into the new unified dream and an understanding of how to amalgamate the tones of creation enough to do so. Terra perceives that this will probably occur through the ascending children who may be born in the new dream as they carry enough information to know how to amalgamate. Those giving birth to such offspring will learn with their incoming children also to enter the new dream and this is how ascending humans shall enter the new dream with Terra in the coming quarter century ahead.


Those who fail to enter the new dream will discover that their time is coming to closure upon the physical plane. By 2043, there may be little dream to sustain anyone that has not entered the new dream through amalgamation of tones. This is the future that the mineral kingdoms perceive ahead. Those failing to enter the new dream may simply die of many diseases due to an inability to ascend and keep pace with Earth’s global evolution. As the molecular rotation heats up upon Earth, the molecules of all living things will heat up as well. If the body is not prepared for the impact of the higher rotation of field, it will become rapidly ill and die. However, death is not an end, and there is an opportunity for each that ceases to exist this way to carry on as a living ancestor to the human species.


There are many lessons in death and death is not a negative experience for the one who passes. The one who passes leaves a very limited vessel behind and expands into greater awareness and understanding. It is perhaps a greater struggle for those who are left behind and particularly if one is unaware of the nonphysical. If one is aware of the nonphysical, one will see one’s friend, family member, spouse or child exit physicality as a nonphysical vessel that carries on. If one is telepathic, then one can communicate with those that have departed in meditation, and there will be a lesser sense of loss.




The Amber Mineral Kingdom wishes each reading our information blessings of Absolute Truth. It is only as True Spiritual Law is restored to the physical plane that real human ascension can take off. The Amber Mineral Kingdom has agreed to hold the vibrations of Absolute Truth to foster a return of True Spiritual Law to the human dance. If True Spiritual Law is not restored, it is doubtful that the ascending children of tomorrow will survive. Therefore, the return of True Spiritual Law is a necessity that shall allow the future of the ascension of the whole to come forth. Please call upon our kingdom in support of your continued evolutionary journey Home.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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