Image of the gentle and graceful Quan Yin. Bodhisattva. Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension

8. Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension


Blessings for Real Biological Ascension


It is Ancestor Quan Yin that greets you today. I will explore a little about my life experience and explain the karma as an ancestor that I am settling at this time of awakening. I too like Buddha am first and foremost an ancestor who ascended to the fourth dimension a long time ago, 28,000 years as Terra (Earth) measures time (112,000 years as humans measure time), and 4,000 Earth years (16,000 human years) before ancestor Buddha ascended. (Please refer to Chapter 7 “Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension” for more information.)


I was born in the Inner Earth to two very beautiful and loving larger headed monks and beloveds. The larger headed humans in the Inner Earth live a very different and separate life from other humans who have smaller heads and focus upon secular preoccupations. The larger headed humans live in a special valley and within their own temples and monasteries that sustain their existence to this day.


The valley that I grew up within is perhaps one of the most scenic regions of all of the Inner Earth, with lush green mountains and waterfalls, streams and rivers, and stalactite mineral ceilings high above that shimmer rainbows of color due to the play of light from the Aurora. Some have called this region “Shangri-La”, and indeed in other time periods there were visitors from the outer Earth that would venture to this region seeking the spiritual counsel of the elders of our monasteries.


I was born a hermaphrodite, or in other terms with both sexual organs of a man and a woman. Before I was born, my mother received a vision of my future ascension, and that it was necessary for me to balance both male and female within in order to accomplish this task. This is why I chose genetics that allowed for the expression and hormones of both a man and a woman and in order to ascend alone. Most ascending humans in this time period were couples that chose a life of the beloved and ascended together. Those who chose to ascend in the single chose a specific set of genetics that were different in order to compensate for having a life path alone.


There had been a large travesty 2,000 Earth years (8,000 years as humans measure time) prior to my incarnation. The underlying cause was not exactly understood by the Inner Earth spiritual elite of the time. Now and due to the ascension of the map carvers upon the surface of the Earth, we know of a group of humans from the Pleiades, the family of Anu, fell into terrible discord and to a point of warring upon one another culminating in a nuclear annihilation. This annihilation caused patterns and problems that were not understood at the time. The dream for the Inner Earth humans had been badly shattered. It was my cause to repair the dream as well as the damage to the DNA and set in motion peace in the Inner Earth human civilization through my ascension.


Following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, humans in the Inner Earth became sick, began to argue with one another and even began to kill one another. The DNA frayed greatly due to the radiation that entered the large Inner Earth rivers along with other underwater reservoirs and streams that interconnect with surface Earth lakes and streams. The radiation caused also many in the monasteries and with vaster spiritual knowledge to become ill. It was my goal in my ascension to repair the DNA enough that we could carry on in peace and set in motion a time ahead where all would ascend Home.


About My Early Life


My childhood and young adult years were filled with training of all kinds to support my goal of ascension. It was not until I turned 18 that I realized what my real purpose was. I spent a summer with another ascending human known as Master Shya who was beginning to enter another state of being in which he was translucent, and you could see through the body due to all the light emanating from within the cellular structure. Something resonated so deeply with the journey to such a goal that I chose to make this my purpose in my lifetime.


Larger headed humans had fallen into enough discord and disrepair of the cellular structure that they began to consume small amounts of food and tinctures along with elixirs to provide the necessary biochemistry to repair the damage due to exposure to excessive radiation. I grew up consuming small amounts of food several times a day plus special supplemental tinctures and elixirs to aid the body in my development and also prepare me for my spiritual role. I developed without the difficult genetic patterns that had been in prior generations to my inheritance which prepared me for my ascension. The summer visit as apprentice unto Master Shya made me aware of how far we had fallen, for he required eating nothing to subsist, and appeared to thrive on his own light from within.


My studies with Master Shya continued over a 14-year period in which we would spend hours each day in meditation and reaching inward to understand the karma of our inheritance, and begin to forgive. Something had gone deeply wrong due to the nuclear catastrophe that had developed, and we explored what it is that we had caused in order to create such an outcome.


Thoughtform at cause of destruction was explored and I began to intend to transmute the destructive thoughts by applying vibrations of light and sound until the density and darkness dissipated. This is how I ascended; I continued to apply light and sound to the density and darkness of my etheric vessel until it dissipated, and I would move up to another octave of vibration and thoughtform above it. I discovered that the body was a tuning fork that could hold only the highest of frequencies that the density would allow for, or pull one back into. As the density dissolved, the higher I could climb in frequency.


The frequency changes altered the biology into other bandwidths of DNA that are layered around the field but dormant until one touches upon the vibration that they sit within. The further that one climbs in frequency, the closer that one comes to embodying the hologram of one’s ancestors; the ancestors of prior times who ascended joined in the journey aiding in the purpose for which I was born. It was a long slow journey as there were many problems with the DNA that required reparation of in order to embody without distortion, and this too was the purpose of my journey, to clear the damage done due to the radioactive fallout of the Anu so that ascension ahead would flow more smoothly.


I resonate deeply with Asur’Ana and Per’s journey this lifetime as a result. Their DNA is even more distorted than anything I attempted to clear; and yet they are accomplishing the task slowly, diligently and carefully so that they do not ascend into greater disease or discord. Thoughtform transmutation is a particular skill that not all have the capacity to accomplish. It is in trying to ascend those who have no capacity to transmute their own thoughtform that many travesties in ascension have occurred in times past. So, this occurred in the Inner Earth and upon the outer Earth as well.


Transmutation of Thoughtform


What does it mean to transmute thoughtform? One looks at the thoughtform that one has constructed one’s existence from. The thoughts build the body and cause the life in the particular experience that one has known since birth. Thoughts that one holds as truth then attract a particular dance of life. If the life is unhappy, there are many sour thoughts at cause of why this is so. If the life is happier than most, there are more harmonious thoughts associated.


However, a vast intertwining occurred preceding the nuclear holocaust of the Anu that has not been understood until now. There are those who take the harmonious thoughts of others and therefore experience a happy life when the thoughtform that their DNA hosts is intrinsically sour in nature. In swapping sour thoughts for harmonious thoughts, such humans do not experience their own cause or thoughtform inherent in the DNA, and also cannot ascend.


This was one of the largest discoveries of Asur’Ana and Per’s early attempt to ascend. Those who took all the harmonious thoughts continued to exist in a life dance that brought them greater joy, while Asur’Ana and Per absorbed their sour dissonant thoughts, and became ill. The journey out of illness taught them not to take on the disharmony or thoughts of anyone else. As a result, they have transcended beyond this dance of trading one thoughtform for another, and now are leading a group of map makers in the same corrections. For one cannot clear the density of any thoughtform other than one’s own, and trying to do so only causes ascension to fail and the body to become ill.


The Inner Earth larger headed peoples have not fallen into swapping thoughtform with one another. However, they are now perceiving how in the mass ascent of many smaller headed humans in the Inner Earth, that they are subject to some of the same patterning that the map carvers have experienced upon the surface of the Earth. Some of the patterns run through the Inner Earth masses are causing problems in Terra’s ascent.


As ancestors, we collectively are working upon correcting these distortions at this time, as whatever blocks Terra’s ascent ultimately inhibits our own, and so this we cannot allow. We perceive therefore that the outer Earth map makers are very important to the overall understanding of the dynamics of intertwining in human DNA and trading of thoughtform, as this may never have been perceived for what it is and how it is troublesome otherwise; and this would have ultimately forced Earth to extinction rather than allow for a new day of ascension ahead.


How does one ascend? One goes inward and examines the thoughts and beliefs that one holds that do not allow for a higher vibration field or DNA. As the beliefs and thoughtform at cause of the density are transmuted through application of vibrations that dissipate them, then new thoughtform and DNA can be integrated to allow the body to rise up also in frequency. As the body rises up in frequency, then the field expands into the next bandwidth of DNA to be embodied, and the next bandwidth of denser thoughtform to be cleared and dissipated in the continued ascent ahead. Self-examination of thoughtform at cause of one’s life experiences is therefore paramount to the process of ascension.


Asur’Ana and Per have developed a process of clearing thoughtform that is very useful to those studying with them in accomplishing the same goal. This information has been compiled into a workbook by Mother Earth for all to attune unto that wish to accomplish the goal of real ascension in this lifetime. The process of clearing is simple, but requires inward focus upon one’s own birth nature.


As one understands the archetypal nature that one has been born with, and the thoughts that one holds that has created this life, one can choose through forgiveness to release the denser or destructive thoughts and dissipate them, and then integrate new thoughts that are more greatly harmonious. As this is accomplished, one not only ascends but moves into a new dream of greater harmony and joy in the dance of life. (Please see Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 for more information.)


The Import of Forgiveness


In our observation, many working with the Ascension Insights series that are shared upon the Aligning With Earth website understand this process of thoughtform transmutation through their own techniques learned or intuited, such as inner child healing, or ancestral past life clearing, or erasing and replacing denser thoughts with lighter thoughts as well as transmuting mechanical attributes of the energy flow. Many however have no idea what it really means to ascend, and those without enough introspection capacity in the physical will only cause problems if they are allowed to expand without enough understanding of what they are doing, or through the active choice to forgive as conscious intention.


It is only as forgiveness occurs that the karma releases enough to allow expanding fields to cease to destroy. This is paramount because if many humans were allowed to ascend into more greatly destructive patterns, then it would call a destructive dream of nuclear annihilation again to be experienced upon Earth.


This is what occurred and repeated in the time period known as Atlantis. Many humans upon the surface of the Earth and within the Inner Earth ascended up without understanding what they were doing and failing to forgive and clear the destructive karma of the past. The net result was that another destructive dream that paralleled the nuclear annihilation of the Anu was called in and repeated in the era of Atlantis.


Something deep within Asur’Ana and Per and the high-level initiates worldwide recalled this truth, and they set out upon their path to divert the same dance from recurring, as it would have otherwise and without all their effort. Fortunately, today we can say that World War III is a highly unlikely manifestation to occur ahead, and that all the patterns at cause of how inner and outer human ascension has caused destruction of the whole is more greatly understood so that it can be forgiven, and ascension “home” into the Great Central Sun Dream can be launched instead.


Forgiveness requires the understanding of the spiritual lessons of one’s inheritance as well as one’s current life experiences, and this only comes through introspection. Introspection requires understanding of the unconscious dynamics at play between humans in one’s dance of life.


Upon the surface of the Earth, there are many dynamics that are confusing due to the intertwining and swapping of sour thoughtform for harmonious thoughtform between parties. Sometimes those who take on the sour thoughtform of others experience deep depression, anxiety, inner suffering as well as disease. As the agreements and karma for how and why one takes on the sour thoughts are released and forgiven, the thoughtform can be returned to its source of origin. And one’s own thoughtform that is related to the DNA and biology that one was born with can be retrieved, and then the denser thoughtform that is sincerely one’s own can be transmuted in the act of real biological ascension.


Ascension versus Life Extension


The exchanges of thoughtform in surface Earth human history is related to a small group of Pleiadian humans, the family of Anu, who chose to come to Earth to raid her resources for profit and gain, as well as extend their lives forever. Life extension is an inversion of thoughtform associated with ascension. Ascension is not about extending the life forever, but moving to another vibrational bandwidth and dimension of thoughtform and carrying on in that dimension until the body dies at some point in the future.


However, future ancestors born upon that dimension shall carry on as they are born in the thoughtform one has mastered. Therefore, there is no extension of life forever upon any dimension, even in ascension. The memory of having a life that exists forever is really an ancient recollection of times in the Tao and before entering this creation. In all cycles, those inside the Sun also experienced death, rebirth and reincarnation.


It is human nature to desire to go home, as it is whale and dolphin nature. Recently, due to records related to the intervention of the Tao, a force that sits outside of time, space and form and has pressed its consciousness here to aid this region of domain in ascending, shows us that humans, dolphins and whales chose to enter this Creation only three cycles ago.


Three cycles ago, we came into this sector of creation as a human blueprint, and were cast inside of this dream for the purposes of assisting all in returning Home to the Tao; for all had been lost here for nine prior cycles. It is for this reason that those who recollect why we are here feel it is important to ascend at this time. My inheritance now can trace itself back to the original casting three cycles ago. So dense is this region of domain that little is recalled outside of the experience within it and as a result, my ancestors like all others have fallen into great forgetfulness. Now is the time to awaken to our real purpose, which is to ascend and to guide this Creation known as Terra home to the Tao.


Keys and Truth Bearers


Everything occurs for a reason and a purpose. Here Terra is at the bottom of the dimension that allows for life in this creation, and she has the most keys to provide for all others above us in dimension to also ascend Home. Terra is a key bearer or truth bearer. She was cast with a specific set of DNA that allows all to be experienced and understood. Then when the time is right, ascension is begun, and the keys surface from within her own DNA to guide her in this goal. This is so for Asur’Ana and Per and many high-level initiates global wide; they are key bearers with information held in the DNA from birth to support this time of homecoming and ascension in the physical.


What are keys? Keys can be considered vibrational sequences that allow particular archives of holographic knowledge to emerge that would not have otherwise. Sometimes key bearers must gather together uniting all the pieces of vibrational sequences in each set of DNA, and as they unite, the key is offered and the holographic archives are opened and then a new segment of information becomes available in order for all to ascend.


Last year in dreamtime, 22 key bearers united and opened archives that had been lost 24,000 Earth years (96,000 human years) since Buddha’s ascension upon the surface of the Earth. The holographic information gathered hosts records of prior interventions upon other dimensions and thoughtform known as “free energy” that Asur’Ana and Per and high-level initiates are now ascending into. This thoughtform takes them and Terra alike out of the thoughtform understood by dark forces that manipulate, and into another paradigm related to Tao based thought.


Tao based thought is unlimited, expansive, unending, ever-loving, ever-supportive, ever-hopeful, ever-illuminating, and ever-lasting in nature. As the thoughts are modified in a new direction towards Tao based thought, then a new era shall naturally unfold that is founded upon the principles of free energy or free love. In the principles of free love, there will always be enough, there will always be fulfillment, and there always will be love. Most human hearts long for this as the human hologram in the Tao is founded upon these principles, and so it is a natural recollection that we have of such a state of being that is most beautiful to experience, and that we must return unto.


Journeys into the Tao


I share with you now about my journeys into the Tao. Asur’Ana first took me into the Tao to explore other creator’s creations as a mirror for my own transformation as an ancestor. We ancestors are continuing to ascend through those that we are related unto in the inner and outer Earth alike.


I have joined many in Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) program along with Asur’Ana herself in her continued ascent as she is directly related unto me, but from another branch of the lineages that remained upon the surface of the Earth for the past 48,000 Earth years (192,000 human years). One part of our inheritance moved into the inner Earth and spawned my lifetime, and another remained upon the surface of the Earth where due to vast complications it fell and fell much further in vibration than those in the inner Earth today.


We ancestors do not judge founded upon vibration or life expression. We are here to ascend those who are capable of transforming inner thoughtform into another type of thought that shall lead to free energy and free love becoming the foundation of one’s existence. For this is the alteration of direction in the map ahead; we are going in another direction that has little to do with what has been lost as we fell; and into another paradigm related to the Tao; for this is the only way we can really return Home to the Tao from where we originated.


The Tao is filled with creators and creations so vast and complex that it is difficult to imagine or view it all from a limited human vantage point. In venturing to the Tao, it is thoughtform that carries one into a particular creation to witness another creator’s difficulties that parallel our strife here upon Earth. These creations are not physical but vast wonderlands of energy flow, sound and movement.


As we visit with the struggling creator, often we have the answers or keys to his/her own troublesome patterns that are at the cause of the dissonant parts of its creation. In the exchange of keys, we too receive keys that are then useful to apply to other parts of the holographic libraries of the Tao, and can bring back movements, tones and sounds that are useful in dissipating the density here upon Earth. This has become the greatest gift of all in opening up to the human hologram in the Tao.


Whales and dolphins were introduced to working with the creators in the Tao in parallel manner recently in collaboration with Asur’Ana. Ascending dolphins and whales were struggling to understand how they could be related to “human form” in the Tao when humans had become so destructive and abusive in their experience. “How could we be related unto this?” This they pondered.


Asur’Ana took them to a creator who showed them how the human species works in the Tao to foster healing and restitution enough that creations can go “home” at the end of each contraction cycle. Humans take on any form, shape, energy movement or flow necessary for the task, and it is not about having two hands and legs and a head. Humans are gifted as consciousness at understanding energetic dynamics. Humans therefore can enter the flow of a troubled creation, understand it and draw in new tones, movements and sounds to cause the distortion to self-heal. As the distortion self heals, then the creation pulls itself out of the muck and into a harmonious energy flow again, and can ascend Home.


This is the gift of human consciousness, whales and dolphins. All of Earth is human consciousness extended from the Tao into this region of domain. Earth has recognized as of late that she too is a truth bearer and a key holder, and is necessary to the Tao to understand all the dances that have occurred here so that they can be rectified and healed, and gather up all that has been lost over time, returning home to the Tao. Terra like the ancestors is also venturing into the Tao and meeting with creators, resolving problems in their creations and our creation simultaneously. There is no end to the possibility of resolution of problematic energy flow or thoughtform due to such exchanges of information; and so, we will go Home and in time so will all other Creations lost in time, space and form.


About My Focus Now


We ancestors work through the collective of humanity. Mostly I, Quan Yin, am working with about 40 larger headed humans ascending in the Inner Earth. There are many corrections to problems that are being resolved as we share records with Inner Earth humans of Asur’Ana and Per’s ascent and the ascent of DAS. Inner Earth humans have schismed or skipped over key karma in their DNA related to outer Earth karma that has been unknown up until now, leaving gaps that have to be taken into account, and the karma associated forgiven. This is how Inner Earth ascensions have contributed to recent difficulties upon the surface of the Earth associated with war.


As those ascending in the Inner Earth failed to release karma due to a lack of records, warfare thoughtform was inflated again and pressed upon the surface of the Earth leading to World War II and the nuclear bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since this time, the karma again has failed to be released leading to 9-11 and a potential World War III. Although Asur’Ana tried to voice the problems occurring upon the surface of the Earth to the Inner Earth peoples, they went unattended unto as the dark blocked the communications. If the Tao had not intervened, then World War III would have resulted from 9-11. Due to the Tao’s intervention, World War III was diverted until Earth was high enough in initiatory level to release global warfare karma in 2019, when she attained 3,000 DNA segments in the physical.


Although this has occurred, and no World War III appears to be in the future human dream, it does not abdicate the responsibility or cause of Inner Earth humans for driving outer Earth humans in the direction of extreme war and nuclear annihilation in many time periods. Now records are returning from Atlantis along with the era of the Anu and the Pharaohs, and they contained information on how outer Earth humans were driven into destructive and life extension-based patterns due to Inner Earth ascensions failing to release associated karma.


Now that the records are understood, the Inner Earth ascending humans are releasing their karma through forgiveness so that outer Earth life can be pressed towards awakening and ascension home. Much of this is now occurring due to the return of the ancestral planes where clear communication about what needs to transpire can unfold through the Ancient Ones both upon the surface and within the Inner Earth alike.


About My Ascension


There are ancient ones that ascended to the fourth dimension like me. Alas, they did so at a time before the dream upon Earth became so shattered following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. I ascended in a split dream of light and dark. The light dream remained in the Inner Earth; and a dark dream was pressed upon much of the surface of the Earth like a checkerboard. In ascending the light dream, I also inflated the dark dream just as Ancestor Buddha in his ascension.


This I did not understand at the time, as the Inner Earth had fallen out of an amalgamated dream of blended light and dark due to the radiation from the fallout of the Anu. In the fallout, light and dark split, and this is what radiation does, it splits light and dark. Some humans wind up in the light and fare well; and others in the dark suffer or experience periods of misery, depression, fear, disease, discord, abuse, or even torture.


In the Inner Earth, we are close to the Aurora or Terra’s internal sun. Terra’s sun is a bright molten lava ball aglow that refracts rainbows of colors throughout the caverns and minerals of the Inner Earth. The sun is so bright inside Earth that it creates ongoing light that grows vegetables, fruits and nuts and provides light for all human endeavors. The light never fades and so night time is not our experience as it is upon the surface of the Earth. In the close proximity to the light of Terra’s core, it is difficult to experience a dark dream; and so, the dark dreams were pressed to the outer Earth, even those dark dreams that I inflated in my ascension.


Alas as I crossed into the fourth dimension, I crossed into a dark dream as this is the nature of polarity. One will move from one pole of great light into another pole of great darkness if one has not blended the two into a single octave of tones. With the darkness outside of the Inner Earth, it was difficult to perceive that we were operating with only one half of the tones that we required to create a complete ascension.


The net result was that although there was healing fostered for those in the Inner Earth in my ascent, the darkness pressed to the outer Earth that inflated caused another fall in consciousness for those incarnate upon Earth’s surface. This is the karma I have to rectify, as it was not my intention to cause this anymore than it was Buddha’s intention to do the same. It is for this reason that I will work with ascending humans upon the surface of the Earth to aid in my goal of clearing my karma for what I have caused.


I bless Asur’Ana for she is the one who perceived my fractured fourth dimensional state of being residing in the mineral kingdom. She aided me in piecing myself together from a tragedy that I experienced in the fourth dimension following my ascension. I anticipated meeting up with others who had ascended like me upon my arrival to the next dimensional platform of physicality. Alas there was no one there; and this mystified me. I expected at least to connect with Master Shya, and yet his presence was nowhere to be found, although I ascended in the same location as he had. What transpired next was as great a dark night of the soul experience as the light I had embodied in my ascent.


There appeared to be a group of humans that were very dismal and with little light surrounding them. They were in a fourth dimensional dark dream and related to the Reptilian Race from the Alpha Centauri galaxy. These humans had come to Earth on space craft and were incubating children to assist in restoring the life upon their own galaxy. Their own home planet had been destroyed in a nuclear war, and they were those that flew away hoping to survive. They were drawn to the dark dream that had expanded due to the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. They perceived me and chose to use my body as a source of eggs for their offspring, hoping that this would restore their own consciousness as a species. This was done through force and they used scientific methods to remove my eggs against my will.


The Reptilian scientists blended the eggs with their own sperm and incubated two half Grand Master half Reptilian offspring. I felt victim to the circumstance and knew that this was a vastly difficult problem, as now the discordant Reptilian DNA from our dimension would be reflected into the third dimension causing extremely dissonant patterns to show up in the thoughtform of those related unto me. After two years and in not desiring to allow for any further procreation, I committed suicide to end the possibility of my eggs being used again. I threw my body into the Aurora to assure that the eggs would not be stripped following my death.


Upon my death, vastly dark and destructive nonphysical forces shattered and locked my remaining consciousness in the mineral kingdom so I could not speak out the truth of what had occurred unto my ancestors in the third or fourth dimension. I have watched the unfolding of events in the inner and outer Earth from within the mineral kingdom since this time; until Asur’Ana perceived my presence and aided me in resurrecting and reconstituting my consciousness.


Asur’Ana cried when she saw what had occurred, as this is the origins of the Reptilian DNA in the Asian race today. My inheritance was related to Grand Master, Tibetan and Polynesian root races, not unlike Buddha. However, in time, now I perceive that the cause for how Reptilian DNA has come to be upon Earth shall be released, and as this occurs, the dissonance associated shall fade from my Eastern relations. I anticipate that this shall be accomplished in the coming twelve years of continued Inner Earth ascensions, as now my story is understood by my present day larger headed human ancestors.


Uniting the Human Dream into Wholeness


I have great compassion for those ascending upon the surface of the Earth due to my own experience of falling into great darkness in the fourth dimension. For you too sit in great darkness, and are vying to retrieve the light and reunite light and dark into wholeness again. This is very difficult in this time period as Terra’s dream is so fractured and there is still so much pressure to displace darkness from the inner to the outer Earth.


However, a plan has come to be so amongst the forty Inner Earth larger headed humans that the ancestors are working with. The plan is to weave a single human dream reuniting inner and outer Earth ahead. Those included in this new dream upon the outer Earth will be ascending and most likely will require mastery over 6,000-9,000 segments to participate. The Inner Earth is vastly ascended beyond 6,000-9,000 segments as a bandwidth of vibration and so weaving a dream beneath this threshold is very difficult. However, those mastering Bodhisattva and learning to restore love as your foundation will be sustained in this new dream as it is woven. It is anticipated that it may take upwards of two years in order to fulfill upon this goal of uniting inner and outer Earth dreams.


There is great hope amongst all ancestors at this time. Our hope has been restored as we can now perceive a pathway out of the predicament that each of us has caused in the ongoing falls of Terra, our mother. Terra is our mother and we love her deeply, and as a human blueprint we desire to support her and aid her in her return journey Home to the Tao. There are also vastly more interesting and beautiful creations to be experienced within the Tao; and this too brings us joy to dream of ahead, as there is no end to existence, only the experience, only the journey, and ultimately only the lessons learned and the knowledge gained from whatever has transpired.


About the Love and Law of the Tao


It is the law of the Tao that nothing can be prevented from returning home. It is the law of the Tao that nothing can prevent the love of the Tao from penetrating all creations. It is the law of the Tao that nothing is to be left behind or become so lost that it cannot return Home. It is also the law of the Tao that love is the foundation of all existence.


The love of the Tao is infinite. There are so many variant patterns of love that creates such a vastly magnificent series of creations in each expansion cycle, that it is most breathtaking to witness. All types of love dancing together, moving, sounding, toning, sprinkling creational light, winding, spiraling ever out in the expansion cycle and ever inward in the contraction cycle, until all becomes ONE again returning home with each experience gained. It is time for humans and all creations here that have been lost for so very long to rejoin the dance of the Tao; and we shall accomplish this as I perceive a pathway for my future ancestors to accomplish this goal. And so, it shall come to be.


I ask for your forgiveness of what I have caused in allowing very dissonant DNA to become blended with mine. The dissonance has caused vast suffering that I am only beginning to understand; and it causes me to cry and cry and cry, for I would never have ever desired to cause anything to suffer as the suffering occurs today. Suffering occurs in so many ways upon the surface of the Earth; rejection, abuse, hatred, imprisoning others, torturing others, the suffering of disease, the suffering of extreme poverty and lack along with starvation, and the suffering of greed that leads to emptiness and depression as one cannot replace the lack of love with possessions.


This is the suffering of the Reptilian Race brought to the human experience upon Earth. Karma was also added for nuclear annihilation in the incubation of the offspring from my DNA that led to another annihilation in Atlantis. However, Asur’Ana and Per are planning on releasing this karma this year at their DAS dreamtime events; and the Inner Earth humans are also going to release this karma this year. Humanity and Earth will then be propelled in a new direction and a new dream of awakening and ascension ahead as a result.


I also ask that you cease to worship me as a God or Goddess. I am no greater than you. You too are God Goddess in form. Look inward and find your way Home, as nothing can lead you home outside of you. Look inward and you may discover that I am related unto you and can help; look inward and you may discover that others of equal capacity to lead and guide are related unto you and can help. The help will come only from within and from those ancestors related unto oneself in one’s own genealogy; along with guidance from Nature and Terra as well. However, the guidance from nature and Terra also only comes from within in opening to the unconscious that exists all around you.


The Import of Compassion


The Eastern cultures have recognized my essence in their very DNA. This may be why there is such love of Quan Yin in their lore. I am perceived as compassionate and the Goddess of Mercy. Indeed, when I was alive, I was deeply compassionate; however, the struggles of Inner Earth civilization were not nearly as difficult to witness as current circumstances in human life upon the surface of the Earth.


And so, the goal of embracing compassion never ends, even as one passes the physical plane. There are always more openings to another bandwidth of thoughtform that leads one towards greater compassion and the love of the Tao. This is what I choose to fulfill upon through those that I work with, to bring forth the love of the Tao not only as an inward expression for healing, but also as an outward expression of blessing, so that all others and Terra can experience the love flowing through human form again.


It is not human nature to kill; it is not human nature to torture; it is not human nature to destroy or slaughter; it is not human nature to starve another and fail to share; it is not human nature to destroy the consensus we reside upon or Mother Earth. It is human nature to love; it is human nature to bless; it is human nature to understand; it is human nature to forgive; it is human nature to honor; it is human nature to live freely and allow all others to live freely as they choose to express; it is human nature to guide others towards self-healing and the spiritual journey Home. It is human nature to be compassionate. This is real human nature not only reflected in my life and ascent, but also the nature of humanness in the Tao.


How could we have fallen so far from our truth as a species? This is what I see expressed in human form today upon the surface of the Earth and within those related unto me, vast non-truth. Perhaps it is in the journey into such great non-truth that something will be learned by humans everywhere within the Tao; for I cannot imagine the purpose of this suffering that humans have caused. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I witness my relations upon the surface of the Earth.


However, I have not lost my hope, for within all humans is the remembrance of real humanness and the love in the Tao. This remembrance can be fostered and will lead to the recollection of how to love again; and as love is restored, a new day in which the suffering that is so great can disappear. This requires those who are willing to walk the path of ascension to Bodhisattva to accomplish this goal at this time, for without this there is no pathway to this goal.


What Is Bodhisattva?


What is the Bodhisattva? Some have said I was a Bodhisattva. Well, I ascended far beyond what this is considered in present day surface Earth Bodhisattva level evolution; however, it is about becoming a master of compassion. Mastering compassion is not about having compassion for that which is lovable; it is about having compassion for that which is ugly, irrational, painful, filled with suffering, and difficult to understand.


Asur’Ana has great compassion for all circumstances upon Earth. This has been learned through going inward and exploring her own karma for destruction and disease, and transcending through forgiveness; forgiving the hateful ancestors within her own lineages, and in so doing, understanding the bitterness that can drive a human to be very abusive, torturous or violent. Through forgiveness, mastery of compassion is attained.


Compassion is not false words of honor or behavior that really destroys another in the unconscious. Many spiritual aspirants today along with the big gurus are really in false compassion; and their unconscious is used to vastly manipulate Mother Earth without their awareness. In the physical, they are loving humans thinking they are doing good; in the unconscious, they are used to create problems that have led in times past to annihilation of Terra.


This all ancestors are now understanding more greatly, how the split in light and dark has separated physical and unconscious so vastly that the unconscious of humanity can be used in greatly destructive ways when many humans are united into a single energetic flow. From this understanding, there are vast changes now to separate all human into an individuated flow that must take full responsibility for one’s personal ascension.


Humans are a fully conscious species. They are not to unite into a group flow like the animal kingdoms and then puff themselves up and up in vibration, carrying those who are failing to forgive their karma in a false ascension. This type of false ascension founded upon uniting many humans will only cause a repeat of Atlantean karma and nuclear annihilation as this is how a dream for annihilation was caught in this time period.


Now that this is coming to be understood, there is a vast movement on the part of the Inner Earth ascending elite to deflate those ascending falsely so that they cease to be capable of catching a dream for warfare. This is important or the new dream ahead will move into a destructive pattern again, leading to warfare at a later time rather than ascension fully into the new dream. This is what the Inner Earth ascending humans are working upon at this time.


By and large, the same entities that ascended me in a light only dream used the inflation of the dark only dream to set up a system in which Terra’s extinction could be caused. Through the amalgamation of light and dark, the entire system that the dark have used is coming to conclusion. As light and dark are blended into a single bandwidth of frequencies, then the dark dream that the dark forces rely upon ceases. This will be more fully accomplished as inner and outer Earth ascending dreams are united. It is only in an amalgamated dream that one can enter the Great Central Sun Dream, as this is how the tones of creation are held within it, as a single bandwidth that encompasses the whole.


The Import of Forgiving One’s Darkness


What does the return to the Great Central Sun Dream really mean? Returning to the Great Central Sun dream fulfills upon the return to wholeness within, where light and dark are united again. One cannot unite one’s darkness with one’s lightness until the patterns at cause of darkness are forgiven. This is why exploring the dark karma of one’s inheritance is a prerequisite to ascension. It is in the avoidance of the dark that false ascension occurs, as then the patterns at cause of destruction fail to be forgiven and inflate in the expansion of field, overrunning the dream causing a dance of annihilation or extinction to occur instead of ascension.


Therefore, I advise that those reading these materials intend to gather up your darkness and integrate it, and sort out what darkness you carry that is not your own and return it. In so doing, you will begin to move towards a complete ascension rather than creating a false ascension this lifetime.


The Nature of Ascension


Ascension is complex, ascension always has been complex, and ascension always will be complex. It is not for those who are unwilling to bring to consciousness all that occurs in the energy dynamics of one’s thoughtform. In bringing the unconscious to consciousness, then one understands the fuller picture of each experience one has created. In bringing the unconscious to consciousness, one will perceive patterns associated with the thoughtform that one was born with underlying why one has created the experiences that one has this lifetime. As the thoughtform one was born with is understood, then it can be forgiven and released from the field and DNA, allowing new thoughtform and DNA to enter and be integrated in the act of biological evolution.


Evolution has always been biological and will always be biological. One cannot ascend only the nonphysical, although there are many forces that desire those upon the spiritual path to believe that this is so. Ascending only the nonphysical is much like splitting light and dark, with one part going in one direction and the other the other. The physical is not to go extinct so that the nonphysical can ascend. There is no relationship between this type of ascension and the real act of biological evolution. If anything, causing physicality to go extinct is the creation of more pain on top of an already painful experience that is the result of the momentum towards falling consciousness. Momentum towards destruction or extinction is not ascension. Ascension is about momentum towards love and life and towards a state of compassion for all others.


Ascension will restore one’s health and move the biology towards a more vibrant form where more chi moves through the meridians and kundalini energy system. For those aging upon the outer Earth, ascension will begin to restore one’s youthful appearance and extend the life span, as there will be more chi running through the vessel to allow for such an experience. Ascension is not for the purposes of extending the life forever, however.


There will come a point in most inheritances where the ascent can go no further, and the body will begin to age as the vibration of Terra exceeds one’s own level of mastery greatly enough. Those who begin to age can complete and will be able to simply choose to die in their sleep when ready, and need not take the body through the horrible experience of death through disease and failing body systems. Those with larger heads in the Inner Earth never lost the capacity to choose to die when it was time; and simply go to sleep and do not awaken. The loss of memory of how to consciously die is perhaps one of the patterns that most deeply saddens me, as it causes so much more suffering due to old age and failing, decaying bodies.


Over time and through ascension in this first wave of map making, those mastering Bodhisattva will be able to consciously die. Over time and as all surface Earth humans master this level of genetic biology, conscious death shall be restored, and this shall end this long cycle of suffering due to an inability to exit physicality through conscious choice. Those who commit suicide today should not be punished; they are simply vying to exit physicality without the capacity to consciously choose to die in their sleep. This will bring me great joy to see fulfilled upon as an ancestor as it will bring conclusion to so much human suffering.


About Eastern Ascension


There are many Bodhisattva level births planned upon the surface of the Earth in both the East and the West. Eastern ascension is different from ascension in the west primarily due to how heavily families are tied together. In the West, humans can ascend separate from family. In the East, the entire family must be ascended along with the one mastering who may be guiding the group. This is a very different form of ascension, but requires the same carefulness to assure that all karma is released individually and collectively by the group. This is what I and Buddha and many others who have karma with the surface of the Earth are working upon orchestrating at this time, as all humans with ancestry for it must ascend in order for a full and complete map to be carved.


There are those in the East that are attempting to ascend with greater awareness in certain monasteries related to the Buddhist religion. Buddha is working directly with several of this nature. The eastern monasteries also unite in parallel flow to families in the East, and so the ascensions of this nature will have to be watched carefully so that they do not carry those upwards that cannot embody the genetic changes and forgive along the way.


It is when genetic changes fail to be embodied that then gaps or holes occur, and then the gaps and holes cause the fields to begin to invert of those ascending together. The inversion of field could make those ascending that are needed to fulfill upon the map to become ill; and so, a pathway out of the interconnections must be constructed to allow for the journey to Bodhisattva to be fulfilled upon sovereign in the East.


The Path of Fame versus the Spiritual Path


Many might have thought that the path to Bodhisattva in the East had already been accomplished, as there are large numbers of Buddhists that are considered accomplished in their spiritual life. However, spiritual accomplishment is not about publishing books, or having many students, or becoming famous, or being considered god like or goddess like in nature, or being worshipped by many around the world.


Spiritual accomplishment is about inner mastery; and the mastery of those who are worshipped is nonexistent as one cannot choose a path of fame and the spiritual path simultaneously. The reason for this is that fame creates so many cords of attachment that the capacity to reach up and master frequencies above where the physical resides simply cannot occur; as the cords cause the energy to dissipate unto others that one is attached unto long before one reaches the next bandwidth of vibration and thoughtform to be mastered.


It is for this reason that Asur’Ana and Per have not chosen the path of fame, nor will they become famous into the future; although their books, materials and website are present for those who need them and freely available as this is the nature of their grand master inheritance. Asur’Ana and Per’s nature is to ascend and make available the tools for others to ascend and find their way home.


For those of you that are related unto me, I invite you to commune. For those who are not, I thank you for choosing to listen to what I have to say, and I will arrange other ancestors who are related unto you to work with you towards your goal of ascension in this lifetime. There is no end to life; there is no end to love, and may you master endless love and life as it is known within the Tao. As one masters the love of the Tao, then one will find one’s way Home, either in this lifetime or in a future ancestor ahead.


If you feel you resonate deeply with me and hold the goal of mastering Bodhisattva this lifetime in your spiritual path, I invite you to consider joining Asur’Ana and Per’s DAS study programs. It is only as those with the right inheritances complete the map that the Bodhisattva level children can begin to be born. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Many blessings and in the love of the Tao.


Ancestor Quan Yin


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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