Image of a lovely lady's hat and a pair of slippers at the beach, on the sand, next to the sparkling blue ocean. Transcending Greed And The Desire For Fame Or Fortune

7. Transcending Greed And The Desire For Fame Or Fortune


We, the Order of Dari, see that the desire for fame, fortune or wealth to be a big enough stumbling block on the spiritual path that is has become important to bring such issues to light so that initiates can begin to transcend such issues in their own thoughtforms. Outside of judgment, there is no right or wrong. There is nothing wrong with a lifetime of great fame or fortune. However, such preoccupations do not support the choice to ascend nor the spiritual path. On the spiritual path, all such extremes in the personality must be surrendered to the greater goal of what one’s soul desires to accomplish. So, it is the purpose of this particular chapter to explore the thoughtforms behind fame, fortune and greed.


There is a remembrance in the human form of a time less difficult, a time when all needs were met, and there were unlimited objects for one’s pleasure. Such a time was spoken of on a planet in your solar system known as Maldek. We spoke at length about the destruction of Maldek in Chapter 1. Such memories of times of ease underlie the desire for wealth or fame in the human experience, for it is only as a certain level of wealth is experienced that the struggle ceases in the current human experience.


Karma in the Dance of Polarity


However, it has become the predisposition of the current human form to rely on financial success to one degree or another for their internal sense of ‘security’. Each form is different, and for some forms, the level of wealth required to allow one their sense of security is so great that greed and hoarding occur to excess. Within polarity, this causes the opposite of poverty and hunger to also occur elsewhere in third-dimensional form, for all poles of any one given polarity always must be represented in order for balance to be retained in the human experience.


In the dance of karma, one lifetime of fame or fortune creates great debt to all from whom such fortune was accrued. One lifetime of great fortune can require up to one thousand lifetimes of poverty to pay back all of the debt accrued. Karma is none other than an agreement to fulfill a prior debt accrued at another time. Such debts can be financial but also include a variety of other agreements that do not surround money per se.


Some examples of non-financial karmic debts include agreements to give birth or give a new body to another soul; agreements to marry another soul; agreements to be business partners of one kind or another; or agreements to provide for another in some manner such as nursing someone in ill health or in raising a child. Such debts are accrued because the other soul provided such a service to one’s soul at another time in another incarnation. To balance a debt, the like favor must be returned in full in a future incarnation. Such debts bring about the reincarnation cycles that are so prevalent on the Earth plane.


No Reincarnation During the Era of the Mahavishnu


The need for reincarnation to settle such debts was not always so. During the era of the Mahavishnu about 60,000 to 74,000 years ago, debts were generally completed in a given lifetime. This was possible because the lifetimes were so long (2,000 years), and one could create a debt and fulfill the same debt prior to exiting the physical plane. It was human nature during such an era to settle all debts prior to leaving so that the soul was free to either incarnate again on Earth or elsewhere within third-dimensional form.


When debts are left over from a prior incarnation, the soul becomes tied to the place of incarnation until the debt is settled in full. Over time, and with the many falls within human consciousness leading to a shortened lifespan of less than 100 years, it became impossible for any soul to fulfill all karmic debts within a single lifetime. This has resulted in the reincarnation cycle as you have known it on Earth.


Ascension vs. Karmic Completion


Ascension, during the era of the Mahavishnu, was separate and distinct from completion of all karma at the end of the given lifetime. Completing karma allows a soul to incarnate anywhere else but only within third-dimensional form. In ascension from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, the soul completes all karma that ties them to the third dimension and thus is able to incarnate in the fifth dimension.


Many of the souls that ascended during the era of the Mahavishnu have recently been called back to assist our channel in her respective ascension. Each has gone on not only to experiment with fifth-dimensional lifetimes, but some have ascended from the fifth dimension and are currently incarnate in twelfth-dimensional form. This is the purpose of ascension, to allow souls to evolve on to other dimensions of experience. When ascension ceases, evolution also ceases, and so this has been true for your Earth plane for well over 40,000 years now.


In addition to the shortened lifespan, the added debt from a lifetime of fortune ties souls in a dance of karma in a manner in which they may never leave Earth at all. There has been a ‘backlog’ of incarnating souls that have become trapped on Earth because of the karmic dance as it currently stands. Such a backlog will be cleansed as Earth ascends. As Earth ascends, those humans who ascend along with her will clear all karma from both Earth (and of a third-dimensional nature) and move on into the fifth dimension. Those who do not clear the karma necessary to move to the fifth dimension will clear all remaining karma between their soul and Earth and move on to another third-dimensional planet to continue their evolution.


Some Souls Are Moving to the Pleiades for Continued Evolution


Many of Earth’s souls who are not present to ascend at this time from the third dimension are moving on to the Pleiades to continue their dance as their karma with Earth is complete. This is a great blessing for such souls for the Pleiades hold a humanoid form which still experiences a 2,000-year lifespan. Their next incarnations in the Pleiades will not cause the trap prevalent on Earth and will allow such souls an opportunity to ascend at a future point in time within your creation’s history.


Dangers of Spontaneous Combustion


We have spoken about Earth’s ascension in the past and the potential disaster that awaits if Earth misses her opportunity to ascend. If Earth does not ascend, she will spontaneously combust and will cease to exist within the third dimension. A spontaneous combustion occurs when a planet or form is too low in vibration on entry into the Photon Belt. The kundalini ignites, but rather than an ascension occurring, the embodiment ‘burns up’ or combusts. Such spontaneous combustion will be spoken about in further detail in the next chapter, and is a form of ‘incomplete ascension’.


Such combustion would fracture the remaining souls incarnate on Earth in such a fashion that they would be too small to incarnate elsewhere. It would be difficult for such souls to be repaired until the time that another third-dimensional planet chooses to ascend. Karma is holographic, and the next planet to ascend would inherit such karma to clear as they so choose to ascend. The karma could be great enough that such a planet might also fail in their attempt to ascend, leading to yet another spontaneous combustion. A spontaneous combustion might lead to the cessation of all life within your creation, as the entire creation could collapse in upon itself.


At this time, Earth is choosing to ascend. The support is coming from far and wide to assist Earth’s intent to ascend due to the potential disaster that could occur if Earth combusted. This is also true for any human who also chooses to ascend in this lifetime. We invite you to reaffirm your intent to ascend and see the new era on Earth as it is born. Such intent is required on a daily basis and will bring forth each step of change required to master one’s current phase of initiation. Such intent also brings about the balancing of all karma held within one’s genetics, soul, with Earth, and within the third dimension.


Challenges and Rewards of Ascension


One may wonder, why is ascension so seemingly difficult? Our translator has struggled to ascend. Most who have attained Bodhisattva will tell you that it has been a difficult, although also a rewarding experience. The difficulty lies in the amount of karma that must be released. One might liken it to 40,000 years of biological debt that must come to balance in one’s ascension, along with the relinquishing of the third-dimensional paradigm altogether. The level of karma required to be released by ascending initiates is so great that few in the human paradigm may actually ascend. However, those who choose this road will discover a joy in their personal existence that is beyond description. As such joyous individuals come together, they will create a new form of community that has been long forgotten and will allow for a new form of lifestyle to be born for the human experience that honors all life forms.


The honoring of one another in full requires the relinquishment of all competition. It is competition that creates individuals who hoard to excess and choose to ‘own’ as much property as they can in a given lifetime. The competition inherent in ownership allows such individuals to feel vastly ‘superior’ to all others. Although most reading this material will have neither fame nor fortune in their current life experience, all these patterns are a part of one’s genetics for all human genetics are one system of beliefs. It is for this reason that we wish to explore this subject in further depth.


The Dance of Ownership


Ownership occurs in the human paradigm not only between a person and the objects or property that they possess but between humans as well. Such ownership can be seen in almost all relationships between humans and has become the basis or foundation through which humans relate to one another. Let us explain further.


Ownership is a competitive pattern in which one person believes that they ‘own’ the other. When one owns another, the other becomes ‘property’. Property is valuable as long as it has a ‘use’. If property ceases to have any use, it become dispensable or worthy of being destroyed.


Such ownership can be seen on a personal level between parents and children. Parents often unconsciously believe that they ‘own’ their children. The children become ‘property’ and then can be ‘used’ in some manner or another by the parent. Many are familiar with child labor in the earlier history of the United States or currently in other third world countries. Such child labor is a form of usury that comes from viewing children as property.


Additionally, many parents treat their children in an abusive or subordinate manner. Such abuse or subordination comes from viewing the children as ‘property’, which is considered ‘less than’ oneself and therefore dispensable. When we speak of dispensable, we mean that the child is not honored. Abuse or subordination of any kind is a form of dishonor. Such abusive behavior dishonors the love the child has for the parent and dishonors the soul present in the child’s form, which is a part of God Goddess/All That Is. As one ascends, one learns to see the soul behind the form and honor another’s soul as a part of God Goddess/All That Is.


Honoring Union of Twin Flames


There is also a form of ownership that can occur between the child and parent in which the child ‘owns’ their mother or father. Such ownership patterns dishonor the union between the parents, often severing the cords of love between the parents’ hearts. This severing of heart cords between parents will often cause the union or marriage to fall apart at some point following the birth of the child. As such, the child fails to honor the parents and the union between the two.


In a state of honor, one honors all souls. One also honors the union between two souls who have agreed to come together as partners or significant others. In a state of honor, one does not seek to sever the ties between others who are in union but learns to embrace the two in their union.


There have been lessons surrounding some initiates who are ‘twin flames’ who have come together to ascend together. There are those who wish to destroy their union by coming between them. These initiates have learned to keep the energy of others outside of their joint field until such others have learned to embrace their union. As others have learned to embrace their union, the unity experienced between the community members that associate with these initiates has become far greater, which has contributed to their collaboration’s ability to ascend up in vibration together. Unity begins between the two and then extends out to all others. However, all others must honor the unity between the two before this becomes possible.


Patterns of ownership are rooted in one’s childhood experiences. As one examines how they related to their parents and begins to release these patterns, they will start to transcend the need to own another or be owned by another.


Group Ownership


These ownership patterns also extend into group experiences. In group ownership, the leader of the group owns all members. Group ownership can be seen in the many corporations that most of humanity in the West are employed by. Such corporations own their employees. The employees are dispensable if the profit is not great enough. Additionally, employees are ‘worth less’ than the CEO who manages such corporations, earning a meager salary in comparison.


It is through group ownership that great wealth is manifest amongst those who are gifted at such patterns. In group ownership, the CEO understands how to subordinate great numbers of individuals to their respective field. The CEO takes energy from every employee and utilizes it to inflate themselves well above the natural size of their auric field. Such inflated auric fields allow for the chi necessary to manifest their visions. All visions begin with the imagination and then require chi to bring to manifestation in the physical plane. Those who are gifted at manifestation are also gifted at harvesting chi from others to make their visions come to reality in physicality.


Such group usury does not allow for the experience of the collaborative paradigm which is based on equality, an equal sharing of energy and resources, and an equal contribution of each member of their related area of expertise. No one member of the collaboration is any better than any other and all receive equally for their given contribution. No one person benefits to a great extreme at the expense of all others. It is the collaborative paradigm that ascension brings initiates towards, the further one proceeds in their ascension process.


The question often becomes, “How do I bridge between the current paradigm of usury and embrace collaboration?” Well, it is tricky. For the cause of all usurious situations is indeed karmic in nature. Any person employed by a given corporation is paying back karma to the souls in charge and benefiting from such agreements. This karma was most likely accrued at another time when one’s soul was the CEO and then indebted themselves to the group they took energy from. Now one’s soul owes energy in return and is enslaved by each of the souls they ‘took from’ in a previous incarnation. One can see why, if the fortune is large enough and enough souls were taken from, that one lifetime of great wealth can require up to one thousand lifetimes to repay.


For those who are ascending and working for corporations, please understand that you are repaying a debt. When the debt is finished, you will also be finished with your current job. Oftentimes, there are more than one debt to fulfill in order to ascend. Therefore, it may require another job or two or more at yet other corporations before all debts to such CEOs are fulfilled. Once all debts to all such souls are complete, one will cease to work for another in the corporate paradigm.


Transition to Soul’s Work


One may wonder, as this occurs, how will I survive? How will I pay my rent? We would like to point out that soul always has a plan. Such a plan has unfolded in each of the Bodhisattva’s lives as they left their current form of employment. One must simply learn to follow soul and allow it to lead one’s life on a day-to-day basis, and everything will unfold as it should. As this occurs, all one’s needs are taken care of, and all flows as it should.


There are some ascending initiates who are leaving behind the current paradigm of employment and moving forth into their soul’s work. Such shifts come hand-in-hand with becoming the Bodhisattva. For as one attains Bodhisattva, one moves forth in ‘world service’. World service means being in service to Mother Earth, along with humanity and humanity’s ascension. One leaves behind the old paradigm and becomes sovereign. Sovereignty brings forth an independent source of income separate from the current paradigm altogether, and soul understands each step necessary to make manifest such a shift in one’s physical reality. All that is required is that one follows their soul’s lead each step of the way.


Each initiate’s journey is different, for each initiate has their own genetic karma and soul karma that must be balanced. For some, it will require many job transitions to balance all such karmic debt from the past. However, as initiates balance all such karma in the process of attaining Bodhisattva, they each will find their sovereignty in due course.


As one becomes sovereign, a balance in giving and receiving is sustained. In balanced giving and receiving, one gives to the world and receives back in monetary form whatever is required to sustain one’s physical plane existence. The energy expended in giving is equal to the energy returned in monetary form. Then no further karma is accrued.


Some may be surprised at the level of giving that flows through our channel to sustain the balance as she gives greatly in service to All That Is. She also receives greatly, as she receives not only in monetary form from her teaching and writing but also in energy. You see, her field is extended and require much support, energy and ongoing repair to sustain. Such energy is gifted to her by All That Is in return for all she gives to humanity and the Earth plane. No karma is accrued between Asur’Ana and All That Is as all is in equal balance.


The above example is what every initiate will strive for on the path of ascension. As all giving and receiving is brought to balance, each initiate will sustain themselves on all planes of reality in balance. No plane is any more important than any other plane of reality, and each plane deserves equal support.


Balancing Power on All Planes of Reality


In Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, we spoke about the imbalance between the physical and non-physical realms and how some souls polarize their realities so that great power can be sustained in Shamballa, the governance of your planet and solar system, on non-physical planes of reality. These souls will take embodiments of great poverty or disease on the Earth plane so that all of the power can be polarized on to non-physical realms. In such a circumstance, the soul dishonors the physical vessel by not giving to physicality what is required to allow the physical experience to be joyfully sustained.


We wish to point out that poverty and wealth also extend to the souls who have incarnated over time on the Earth plane in human form. These souls have learned to hoard their resources of power to the non-physical realms at the expense of the physical form. Such souls also experience occasional lifetimes of great wealth in counterbalance, although as we spoke of earlier in this chapter, such lifetimes guarantee up to a thousand lifetimes of poverty in exchange. These souls created the lifetimes of wealth for the subsequent lifetimes of poverty, which polarizes their power into the non-physical realms governing Earth. Such souls created this type of polarity specifically to have great non-physical plane power in your solar system.


In ascension, power becomes equally balanced between all planes of reality. One sustains both physical plane needs along with non-physical plane power simultaneously. Equalizing the disparity between the planes of reality is accomplished through the ascension process and requires completion of Initiation 15,000 or attaining the state of the Mahavishnu.


Rebalancing Earth’s Energy Field


As all of humanity ascends, the power between all planes of reality will be brought to balance. This is necessary, as Mother Earth requires an equally distributed amount of chi in each plane of reality surrounding Earth. The disparity of chi created through the human vessel causes some planes to have almost no chi and other planes to be overly abundant in chi. This disparity between planes must be balanced in order for Earth to move up in vibration.


The rebalancing of Earth’s energy field will not occur overnight and will take up to 25 years to bring forth. The difficulties in human civilization will be a reflection of the re-balancing of energy surrounding Earth, along with her ever-increasing vibration. The continued increase in vibration will heat Earth’s surface, bringing forth a melting of the polar caps. The melting caps will increase the amount of ‘ocean’ surrounding Earth and decrease the landmass of all continents global wide. This along with numerous natural disasters will bring forth a cleansing of once highly-populated regions on the land, which will also rebalance the energy in such regions.


Those initiates who are ascending will learn to listen to their soul. Soul will guide them to relocate to regions in which such disasters will not occur. Therefore, we suggest that those reading this book not go into fear but learn to listen to their internal guidance. Not only will one complete all earthbound karma in their ascension process, but one will be guided to move to those locations that will be separate from such trauma when the time comes.


Taxes, Interest and Investments


We now delve into the issues of taxes, interest and investments. In the paradigm of ownership, the banks ‘own’ those who utilize their services or investment programs. Banks collect chi from each person who banks or invests with them to further their corporate visions into manifestation. Such visions are generally of further profit and greed. Additionally, all governments ‘own’ all individuals who reside in their respective countries. Chi is collected from every resident to further the power and wealth of the governing bodies into manifestation on the physical plane. This accrual of wealth often comes in the form of taxation of the populace.


Taxation, interest and profit from investments are always the result of a form of karma between the initiate and those souls in governance of the given government or banking institution that the initiate participates with. Such karma was accrued at another time when one’s soul was in governance of a country or a bank and wealth was accrued through the collection of taxes or earning of interest from others. One’s soul then owes equal compensation to each soul collected from in a future incarnation.


Each initiate will allow their soul to direct their utilization of banks or the paying of taxes to bring any karmic debt to balance. As the karma is balanced, continued earning of interest or payment of taxes will create further karmic debt thus tying one’s soul to a future third-dimensional lifetime. For this reason, those who are ascending and have balanced all such karmic debt will remove themselves from the system entirely. This shift generally comes hand-in-hand with becoming sovereign in one’s form of employment so that pulling from the system goes unnoticed to those governing taxes.


Additionally, one may also be guided at some point by their soul to pull their investments from certain ‘interest bearing’ accounts or other type of investment programs, as continued participation in these endeavors may create further karma. Once the earnings earned from such investments have been balanced and the karmic debt owed has been paid to the initiate in full, continued earnings of such a nature will create further karma that will again require the soul to have an additional third-dimensional incarnation to pay off.


Each initiate will have their own journey in relation to taxes, interest and investments. As each initiate learns to follow their soul’s lead, soul will tell one when the debt has been settled and therefore when to either stop paying taxes or cease to participate in activities such as investments or interest. This is a necessity at some point in each initiate’s life experience, or they will be unable to ascend.


Credit Cards


We would also like to speak about the utilization of credit cards and how the use of such things creates karma on an ongoing basis. Fees are charged in two directions in the use of credit. One direction most initiates are familiar with, and that is when the amount charged on a particular card is not paid in full within thirty days as the bill is received. Interest charged and paid in this manner will create karma over time unless there is a debt being settled to the soul related to the credit institution. In the case of Asur’Ana, she had accrued much karma in her current life through interest paid on many credit cards when she did not owe anything to the souls behind those cards. In time, her soul guided her to default on many cards in order to balance the debt so that she could ascend.


Asur’Ana had learned to listen to her soul’s guidance above all else at this juncture of her evolution. It just so happened that the default on the credit cards came hand-in-hand with leaving her high school teaching job, and that the money she earned from her substitute teaching job and ascension teaching/writing was not enough to pay her credit card debt. In listening to guidance and defaulting on the credit cards, she earned ‘just enough’ in her new endeavors to cover her physical plane expenses. In so doing, she balanced the remainder of her debt with the souls governing the credit card companies that she had indebted herself to. This in turn allowed her to take the ‘chi’ once given to the credit institutions and put the chi toward manifesting her own ‘visions’, which happened to be soul driven and surround assisting with the ascension movement on Earth.


In a similar fashion, as an initiate pulls out from the credit or taxation system, the chi given to the banks or government where one resides can then be utilized to manifest one’s soul vision.


We point out to you that soul does not function in the human paradigm of debt but only in relation to the debt known as karma. Soul is only concerned with the balancing of karma. If a soul is interested in ascending, it will therefore lead an initiate to balance all karmic debt. The manner in which karma is balanced may seem inappropriate from a third-dimensional viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of Spirit, it is the only manner in which a physical ascension can be brought forth. As one ascends, all third-dimensional principles are left behind altogether, and one learns to follow Spirit or Soul in all that they do. In following soul, one learns to live their life based fully upon the principles of soul alone and disregards the current third-dimensional paradigm rules and regulations if such rules and regulations do not so support one’s ascension.


There is a second form of karma created with the use of credit that we would also like to touch upon. This karma is accrued in the charges placed against the merchant when one purchases the merchandise through utilizing credit. In general, most merchants are charged three percent on any credit card transaction. This three percent is deducted from the price of the merchandise purchased. The karma incurred in such a transaction is carried by the one who purchases the merchandise, not the merchant.


So, just imagine, one goes to charge a trip of several thousand dollars on their credit card. Now $60 in karma has been accrued between oneself and the souls governing the credit cards that are utilized. Again, imagine that one utilizes credit for everything they purchase in a given year. Over the course of a year, one could accrue thousands in debt to the souls governing the credit card companies that one utilizes. If the debt continues to be accrued, and there is no karmic debt between one’s soul and the souls behind the credit institutions involved, one may not be able to ascend, as it will require another third-dimensional lifetime to balance one’s karma.


Asur’Ana has learned to utilize a debit card or cash in all transactions. She holds an interest-free banking account and either use a debit card, cash or write a check for all purchases. She does not accrue karma in the above manner, which enables her to ascend.


As initiates cease to pay taxes (once all karmic debt has been settled) or earn interest or cease to utilize credit in any manner, they also cease to be ‘owned’ by the banks or governance of the country they reside within. In ceasing to be ‘owned’ by such institutions, one also ceases to give their ‘chi’ to such institutions. Then the chi becomes available to fuel one’s own visions into manifestation along with one’s own ascension.


Each initiate will have their own journey in relation to taxes, credit cards, interest and investments. Please follow one’s internal guidance. In our translator’s case, Asur’Ana continues to pay taxes as her soul still has karmic debt to the country that she’s residing on.


As one ascends, one is continually building the amount of chi the embodiment can hold to move up and up in vibration. Wherever one is giving chi to another needs to cease a little at a time. As all ownership patterns are transcended in the initiate’s life experience, one also becomes ‘free’ or liberated from giving chi to those whom one is ‘owned’ by. The sense of freedom that occurs in ascension is a most joyous experience that is almost indescribable in its ecstasy. We encourage everyone embarking upon this path to continue to push forth, through the tough times, for what awaits is most wondrous!


Being Conscious of Giving Away One’s Chi


Which brings us to our last point. We invite initiates to become cognizant of where one’s chi is going. It is the nature of those of great fame (particularly movie stars or physical plane governing bodies) to take chi from all who give them fame. Does one ever wonder why they go to a particular movie or read a particular novel or magazine or listen to a particular musician? Every time one engages with another of great fame, they give that individual their chi. It is the multitudes giving chi to a particular star, author, governing body, movie producer or musician which fuels their fame and fortune, for they take the chi of the multitudes and utilize it to fuel their visions into manifestation.


This is not true of all individuals of fame, however. Asur’Ana has discovered certain musicians who anchor healing through their music also give chi back to their audience. The only music she buys and listens to is of those who give back something in return. She has discovered, however, that few governing bodies, movie stars, movie producers or authors give anything in return, and only ‘take’ chi from their audiences. When one ascends, one needs their chi for their own evolution and cannot afford to be giving chi away to those individuals.


The engagement with such individuals and the giving of chi to them is also karmic in nature. It is the settling of karmic debts that often cause one to entertain oneself in such a fashion. As all debt is complete, one will be guided by soul not to entertain oneself in this manner any further. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana does not go to the movies, does not read the newspaper nor watches television. Furthermore, she only goes to those events which are ‘live’ in nature in which there is balanced giving and receiving between the actors or musicians and the audience. She has given away all music in which there is not a balanced giving and receiving between the musician and the audience.


You may wonder, “What would I do without entertainment? I’d be bored.” We invite initiates to watch the sunset instead of the television or go for a walk and become one with Nature. We further invite initiates to swim in a lake or the ocean or take a bath and connect with water. Do you ever wonder why one comes back so refreshed from swimming, surfing, walking, skiing, or any other of the multitudes of outdoor activities that are possible? It is because Nature dances with one’s energy field. Nature gives something in return when one focuses on her and gives her one’s chi. Finding entertainment through Nature will allow for a balance of giving and receiving that assists initiates in refueling their fields for their continued upward momentum in their personal ascension.


One may say, well what about your channel? Are we not giving her our chi by engaging with her books? Well, yes, you are. But all chi given is returned in full in a form of healing and gridwork that supports your ascension. In this manner, Asur’Ana keeps the giving and receiving in balance between her and all who read her books.


As all humans ascend and cease to give entertainers or governing bodies their chi, those entertainers or governing bodies will lose their fame, power and their related fortunes. Then such entertainers or governing bodies will have an opportunity to ‘think about life’. Perhaps this will also give them the motivation necessary to intend to ascend.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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