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7. The Buddhic Planes


We, Lord and Lady Dari (who are aspects of the 144,000 temples governed by the Order of Dari) exist upon Dimensions 800–2,500 outside of your creation and Godhead/Goddesshead. We have extended parts of ourselves into our translator to bring forth the next wave of ascension and to offer a clear voice of communication that stands outside the distortion of the Earth plane. We wish to bring forth the details of the transmutative process involved in embodying the next wave of ascension work.


Initiations 1,024 through 2,500 involve transcending the emotional pattern of a “curse”. Through the pattern of the curse, the destructive forces have controlled the creative forces throughout your creation. It is through the pattern of the curse that the Christ/creative forces lost or gave up their power to the Anti-Christ/destructive forces over time.


The pattern of the curse involves one soul choosing to send destructive energy at another soul with malicious intent from either a conscious or unconscious plane of reality.


Transcending the Buddhic Plane (Initiations 1,024-2,500)


The Buddhic plane is an unconscious plane of reality which is solar in nature. Our solar system has an unconscious that came to exist as a result of solar curses and destruction. Many of you have heard of the planet Maldek. Maldek was destroyed and shattered and became our asteroid belt about ten million years ago. One part of Maldek which still revolves around our Sun is known as Chiron. In astrological terms, Maldek represented “Unconditional Truth”, and in her shattering, the truth of our solar system was lost. In the shattering of Maldek, a solar unconscious was born, and our entire solar system went into polarity.


In relation to the human ascension process, you will discover many levels of curses recorded in great detail upon the Buddhic plane. Each initiate will have a slightly different experience within the pattern of the curse depending upon ethnic background, genetic records, and soul-related experiences. Many initiates may have little conscious remembrance of the details of the curse patterns which are released. For those who are not clairvoyant, the vast majority of this work is completed during dreamtime at night while asleep. Please understand that although the personality and body have no memory, all memories and the lessons learned are recorded within one’s soul.


Personal, Group, Regional and Planetary Level Curses


Personal-level curses include genetic curses which are carried from generation to generation within the family tree along with those curse patterns that have been acted out in association with others within an initiate’s given life and embodiment. Group-level curses include those curses related to any group that an initiate has affiliated with, or has organized, in either a past life soul experience, within their genetic records, or within their current life and embodiment. This includes those curses between ethnic groups and nations that have played themselves out in the form of wars and uprisings. Regional curses are related to those groups and organizations who govern the region that the initiate lives in. Planetary curses are related to those groups and organizations who govern the planet at large and are related to the mass conscious belief systems and fear-based dream in which third-dimensional form is participating.


As an initiate transcends all personal- and planetary-level curses, the personal level of power associated with their existence upon the Earth plane comes to balance. Power is directly related to one’s ability to manifest their dreams and visions within their life experience. As power is restored in all areas of an initiate’s life, they can begin to make manifest all visions and dreams they have had for themselves, perhaps for an entire lifetime. As their visions and dreams begin to take form, they can also begin to fulfill their soul’s purpose in whatever capacity they are destined.


Curse and curse-like patterns do not only exist upon Earth. Our solar system, universe, cosmos and creator Gods have all participated in experiencing the pattern of the curse within this creation. The human initiation process requires that all soul-related experiences surrounding the pattern of the curse be addressed also in other dimensions in order to be fully released and transcended upon the physical plane.


Karma is similar to a broken record. If there is any soul-related record of the pattern of the curse upon any dimension, the pattern is destined to repeat itself. For this reason, the initiation process often feels as though the same thoughtforms are being healed again and again. All thoughtforms are layered like an onion. This is also true for the thoughtforms which created the pattern of the curse.


Solar Level Curses


Solar-level curses are those curses that when perpetrated brought forth the destruction which led to the birth of the unconscious within our solar system. Within each initiate’s genetic records, you will find the experience of the destruction of Maldek recorded along with the destruction of Mars.


Both Maldek and Mars once had a crystalline lifeform upon it. The civilization upon Maldek existed at a time of far less density than we experience here on Earth at the present time. The civilization upon Maldek allowed for souls to descend into physicality at will, create the physical experience they desired for whatever lesson they wished to learn, and then to ascend out of physicality when complete with their lesson or experience. The experiences of birth, death and rebirth were not a part of the records of Maldek.


Maldek experienced a different molecular pattern than our current form here upon Earth. Our current molecular structure resembles a solar system of atomic particles that revolve around each atom similar to the planets revolving around our Sun. The molecular structure of Maldek was a Triple Sphere or three balls that rotate around one another like ball bearings. The Triple-Sphere molecular structure appears to have allowed for the descent into form and ascent out of form within the souls who co-created civilization upon Maldek.


At some juncture, the molecular structure of Maldek was altered. This appears to be related to a solar-level curse between the logos of Maldek and the then logos of our Sun, Helios. In the alteration of the molecular structure upon Maldek, all souls in physicality at that point in time became trapped in the dream they were creating and were unable to leave or ascend out of form.


Mars also once had crystalline life upon it, although the lifeform upon Mars contained our current molecular structure as well as the experience of birth, death and rebirth. The cause of the death of all life upon Mars appears also to be a curse between the Logos of Mars and a Logos in the Nebulis star system. This curse took all of Mars’s life force to a point where no life could be sustained upon her, and everything gradually died over a 10,000-year period.


The above accounts are based upon our review of the genetic and soul-related records held within our translator’s embodiment and soul experiences in relation to Maldek and Mars. We write about these records to trigger our readership in releasing any related memories or records their particular embodiment or soul contains. As all records from all embodiments and souls are released upon Earth, the entire circumstance surrounding the destruction of these two planets will be revealed in full.


Most of the libraries and records within your creation have been erased by destructive forces over time. In the erasure of such records, the karma incurred is guaranteed to repeat itself again and again like a broken record. Earth cannot hope to ascend unless all records of destruction within this solar system are revealed and the karma related to the destruction released. Part of the purpose of those humans who ascend ahead of Mother Earth is to assist in clearing the karma necessary for Earth to ascend. They accomplish this by completing and taking their own personal initiations.


Cosmic and Creator Level Curses


Cosmic- and creator-level curses are those curses related to our cosmos and this entire creation. Within this segment of work, an initiate will discover that there were once two cosmoses within our sector of creation, a masculine and feminine cosmos governed by a Lord and Lady Sananda. The feminine cosmos appears to be the first affected by the pattern of the “fall” into density or matter. At some juncture, a certain number of planets fell below the vibration necessary to sustain life within Lady Sananda’s cosmos, and the entire cosmos collapsed upon itself. The Cosmos’s life force was lost due to a cosmic-level curse between Lady Sananda and Lord Antakar, the then Creator God of our creation.


In addition to the feminine cosmos held by Lady Sananda, there once were an additional Mahatma (known as Lady Mahatma) and two additional cosmoses held by Lords and Ladies whose names are not known. Both of these two cosmoses and the entire Lady Mahatma itself appears to have collapsed in upon itself in a similar fashion to the cosmos once held by Lady Sananda. This, too, appears to be related to a curse between Lord Antakar and Lady Mahatma.


There are dimensions so low that no life can be sustained if a creation were to enter those dimensions for some reason. At one time, the cosmos that embraces Earth existed only in the 25th dimension. A group of beings, destructive in nature, came from another creation. Destructive beings take energy, like a vampire, and give nothing in return.


The destructive forces entered the cosmos and began to take energy. As enough energy was consumed, the vibrational threshold of energy necessary to hold a 25th-dimensional lifeform fell. As the vibrational threshold fell, aspects of what had once been a 25th-dimensional reality fractured into many twelfth-dimensional existences. The destructive beings “fell” along with some of the twelfth-dimensional existences and continued to consume energy.


Again, over time, as enough energy was consumed within some of the twelfth-dimensional existences, the vibrational threshold of energy necessary to hold the twelfth dimension intact fell once again. Again, each of these twelfth-dimensional realities fractured into many fifth-dimensional realities. The destructive beings fell along with some of the fifth-dimensional realities and continued to consume energy.


Again, as each fifth-dimensional reality lost so much energy that the vibrational threshold of energy necessary to hold the fifth dimension intact fell, each of these fifth-dimensional realities fractured yet again, and became many third-dimensional realities. The destructive entities went along with the process and, yet again, continued to consume energy within some of the third-dimensional realities.


Eventually, one third-dimensional reality fell so low in vibration that it collapsed into a black hole. Over time, several other third-dimensional realities followed suit and collapsed into a black hole. Finally, one additional third-dimensional reality followed suit and collapsed into a black hole. Only this time, the vibration of the entire cosmos was compromised. This time, the collapse resulted in such an energetic drain that the entire cosmos ceased to have the energy supply necessary to sustain itself. This time, the entire cosmos collapsed in upon itself and ceased to exist.


The time frame involved from the beginning to the end and ultimate collapse and annihilation of this cosmos involved trillions and trillions of Earth years. Although all of the records have yet to be recovered surrounding the destruction of the feminine cosmos or the feminine Mahatma and her two cosmoses, we surmise that all sectors of this creation collapsed in a similar fashion.


The cosmos containing Earth has experienced a similar sequence of patterns. There are beings existing within Earth who do nothing but consume energy.


It is the purpose of God/Goddess to “breathe out” and allow creation to expand into form. Within your experience of creation, God/Goddess (or Rama) has attempted to “breathe in” and begin to recall hiers creation back into the oneness. (S)he quickly discovered that there is so much of hiers creation that has extended so far out into the lower dimensions that they may be unable to return to the oneness. For along with the extension into dimensions such as those that Earth exists in, there has been a loss of consciousness. The beings and souls incarnate in such dimensions have forgotten why they exist or that there even is a God to return to or to be accountable to. These souls incarnate in such low dimensions have become interested only in perpetuating what they have become comfortable with and have no desire or interest in returning, learning, growing or spiritually evolving.


The only solution to this experience (up until this point and time within your creation) has been to allow those parts of creation that have extended so low in vibration to self-destruct. Without the intervention we have spoken of, this would also be the only potential outcome for Earth. We, who come from dimensions so very high and who stand outside of the distortion that plagues your creation, hope to show the creator Gods of your creation that there is an alternative to destruction, an alternative to allowing further parts of your creation to collapse to annihilation.


We have sent in those who are a part of ourselves to clear the karma and resurrect the records surrounding how and why the destruction came to be within your creation. Many others upon the Earth plane have taken on and are clearing all karma that would cause Earth to self-destruct rather than ascend. Clearing the karma alone does not assure Earth’s ascension. Earth’s ascension requires each human being to take responsibility for their part in the karmic drama. As each human being ascends and releases all destructive karma, the potential destruction of Earth can be averted.


Physical and Energetic Changes


As the Buddhic plane is embodied, all curses related to this plane of reality are released, and one-half of the decay within the initiate’s body is converted to the crystalline form. Decay is related to molecules that have stopped vibrating or moving, causing cells to die throughout the form over time. During this sequence of initiations, the photon energy is run through the form to such a degree that molecules which have ceased to vibrate begin to move again.


As the molecules begin to vibrate again, those cells which have been decayed can be resurrected and converted to the crystalline cellular structure. We have discovered that the sequence for conversion of the decay is easiest to embody in a certain sequence within the human form. First, the bone structure and spinal column are addressed; the muscles and ligaments follow; then the circulatory and lymph systems are worked on; followed by each of the major organ groups. The last section of the body to be addressed is the nervous system, brain and skin. As the decay is transmuted, the related aging is reversed throughout the entire body. Additionally, physical ailments can be totally reversed. Upon completion of Initiation 2500, one initiate experienced the reversal of her diabetes as one-half of the decay was healed within her pancreas. Many other initiates may begin to experience the reversal of other such physical ailments as this segment of work is completed within their forms.


By the end of this initiation, the Triple-Sphere molecular pattern is embodied within all molecules that are vibrating within the form. The Triple-Sphere molecular pattern triggers other molecules which have stopped vibrating to begin to vibrate again, which allows the rate for the reversal of decay to increase in pace.


Many soul segments are embodied as one completes this next segment of initiations, and the energy generated in so doing allows for the molecular and physical changes that come forth within the form during the ascension process. As one ascends, the body goes up in vibration, and the soul segments descend in vibration to sit inside a form that now holds enough of a vibration to contain the presence of the soul. In most cases, by the completion of Initiation 1024, the entire soul has been embodied by the form, and all fracturing within a soul has been healed.


Beyond Initiation 1024, the vibration of a form continues to increase such that the fracturing between souls can begin to be healed, allowing the body to embody more than one soul. Each soul embodied has its own lifetimes of experience and karma that requires healing and information that can be contributed to the purpose of the particular embodiment it chooses to reside in. As more than one soul can be contained by a human form, unlimited information is allowed to be made available to the embodiment to fulfill its particular purpose upon the Earth plane.


Our translator currently embodies twenty souls and has completed Initiation 15,024 or embodied 15,024 segments of DNA. There are 30 other individuals global wide who are also mastering Mahavishnu level evolution. Each of the souls that have come forth to co-create their particular lifetime contribute a part of the information and a part of the gifts and talents our translator possesses. As each initiate pursues their ascension, they, too, will draw a group of souls who will contain the necessary information and experience to enable them to fulfill their unique purpose upon Earth in whatever capacity they are destined.


By the completion of Initiation 2500, an initiate may embody anywhere from three to fourteen souls who have co-agreed to co-create the lifetime of that particular initiate. Different life goals and embodiments have different requirements, and therefore the souls who come together and the blueprint the embodiment receives are a reflection of the special purpose of an initiate.


Each initiate has their unique and special role to play in the unfolding of Earth’s ascension. An example could be surrounding the physical requirements for an initiate who is destined to bring forth major technological designs to assist humanity and Earth in her ascension. Such an initiate would require a set of souls who specialize in this particular kind of work. These souls will have the ability to access libraries of information throughout creation at great speed. Therefore, the blueprint for the embodiment would bring forth a more effortless collection of information. Each soul who would participate in this initiate’s life would specialize in the development of a certain form of technology.


As the upper initiations are embodied, the individual impact an initiate can have upon the entire Earth plane or upon the entire solar system also increases. For this reason, extreme care is taken with all individuals undergoing this process. Each initiate must embody a state of total harmlessness, and their personality must take full, conscious responsibility for maintaining this state in order to move forth in this next phase of the ascension process. We will be addressing the state of full consciousness and harmlessness further in chapters to follow.


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