Image of two flying bats with a full moon in the background. The Bats in the Belfry

7. The Bats in the Belfry


Blessings for Transcendence


The Bat Kingdom


The Bat Kingdom is pleased to be able to share of our insights about ascension upon Earth and within the human species through our channel or translator Asur’Ana. The Bat Kingdom has always been special to Asur’Ana and represented the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles upon Earth. Indeed, we have held this responsibility for the nature kingdoms, keeping track of karmic exchanges in the dance of life between cycles.


Humanity, Dolphin and Whale Owed Earth Much Karmic Debt


Nature does not record karma in an individuated manner as humankind or the whale and dolphin species. Instead, nature records karma as energetic dances that occur and recur between kingdoms. For example, the kingdom of horse holds a particular energy flow global wide that empowers Earth’s ascension. This includes many species including Manta Ray in the underwater realms, Zebra and nineteen other aquatic and mammal kingdoms. For a time, horse and all associated will play this role, and in so doing they will incur a debt for so doing. Into the future and as horse et al is complete with this particular energetic dance, other kingdoms will take it over allowing horse to experience another global role. In so doing, the debt is then settled as another kingdom fulfills upon horse’s current purpose in association with global energy flow.


In essence, nature does not experience extreme polarity within its own experience of karma. Instead, there is balanced giving and receiving between kingdoms with each pulling their own weight to support the energy flow of the whole. In so doing, there is no real “debt” between kingdoms in terms of how humanity understands karmic debt. Humanity knows only extremes in karma both with Earth and amongst one another. Such debt is due to failing to support the whole of Earth over time. In so doing, there is a great debt due to the manner in which humanity has endangered Earth as a global vessel in terms of the continuation of life; along with the manner in which your species has raided Earth’s resources. Such a debt is lengthy and problematic in Bat’s estimation.


Why is this so? For a long time, it was estimated that the debt between humanity and Earth was so great that no human could ascend; that all humans would have to go extinct in the times of cleansing. Over time and as records were opened and revealed through small numbers who attempted human ascension, the debt lessened as other kingdoms were uncovered as being partially responsible for Earth’s demise. Much like Earth herself who has taken on solar karma from other planets adding to an already burdened plate, humanity took responsibility for the karma of other species in association with the global falls in consciousness that Earth has experienced since human seeding.


What other kingdoms hold responsibility for perpetrating global harm? Whales and dolphins have been uncovered as responsible for Earth’s demise; not so much upon a global level, but upon a solar level. Uranus and Neptune host dolphin and whale form in the etheric only blueprint. These etheric kingdoms have been found responsible for allowing karma and density to be displaced upon Earth, and for enabling Earth’s field to be shredded. As such, whales and dolphins hold a load of karma in association with Earth for many multidimensional falls in consciousness from more ancient times in Earth’s history outside of the Great Central Sun.


Fully Conscious Species Can Command Reality


Humanity is one fully conscious agent of destruction that has been utilized to destroy many creations, as are dolphins and whales. Why are fully conscious species used so by dark forces for destructive purposes? Fully conscious species earn the right through evolution to command reality. Nature has no right to command reality. What does commanding reality mean? The command of reality translates into intentions that not only affect one’s own life but all life upon the planet or star that a fully conscious species resides upon.


Asur’Ana and Per have earned global and solar command of field in their own evolution; in so doing, they are utilizing their power to command reality to support the global ascension of Earth and the solar ascent of the Sun. This settles karma for how their ancestry was used by dark forces to command the many falls in consciousness that have prevailed over time through the human dance upon Earth. Asur’Ana and Per’s ancestry are an example of how fully conscious species are prime targets to be overrun on the part of dark forces as then they can be used to command reality to support the expansion of the dark rather than ascension.


The Dark and the Space Between


What is the expansion of the dark? One can equate the expansion of the dark with falls in consciousness and extinction. Each time Earth has dropped to a threshold of vibration beneath the one that sustained life, she went extinct upon the dimension left behind. Each extinction cycle expanded the dark upon Earth. How exactly does this work? The dark can be equated to that which exists within the space between.


One can utilize one’s own etheric grid work as an example to understand the space between. The etheric grid work is made up of many positive ley lines that conduct energy flow known as meridians. In between the meridians is a non-moving energy system known as the space between. The space between is composed of negative serpents that through non-movement of energy create the meridians as a pathway that conducts energy. The positive energy movement is known as the meridians in Chinese medicine, and the space between is the non-moving energy between the meridians.


The non-moving energy or space between is filled with serpents that hold this particular purpose of stillness. The meridians on the other hand are constructed by positive serpents that hold the purpose of moving energy from one region of domain to another within the body. In theory, the serpents should not move that hold the space between. However, Earth and all creations outside of the Great Central Sun have entered a region of domain in which the space between has become animated.


Animation can be equated to the personification of existence. As the serpents holding the space between became animated with a moving dream, they moved up and left to a new dance associated with the projection that they suddenly received. Alas as the serpents left the job of holding the space between, the ley lines of the associated etheric meridians collapsed inward leading to a fall in consciousness, as a part of the field was no longer sustaining the proper structure or function. This is also how the space between increased upon Earth in each fall in dimension, for as the meridians collapsed, a greater region of domain of non-moving energy was created within. As there was more non-moving energy than moving energy, Earth and all species upon her fell in vibration into the dimension beneath.


This is also how dark forces were born. In Bat’s understanding, dark forces are simply serpents that became animated and personified in the unconscious dance of each creation outside of the Great Central Sun that shattered as it fell in consciousness. Most of such serpents are from dimensions so high that they can be hardly measured by the dimensions that one understands as 3D, 4D and 5D. Over time, such serpents took on the personification of humans that fractured in the many falls in consciousness. Much as one would don a costume, these serpents donned portions of humans that had perished long ago due to extinction cycles of creations upon the upper dimensions. In so doing, such serpents appear much as soul, but they are not soul at all, but rather simply a serpent that appears as a human in the nonphysical.


Intermixing of Souls and Non-Souls Result in Falls in Consciousness


It may surprise initiates reading this information to understand that this is how the “ascended masters” such as Sananda, Kuthumi, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, Rama, Buddha, Lord Maitreya and so on came to be. They are simply space between serpents that became animated and donned the persona of a human that existed long ago upon another dimension. Such beings are not soul however, and the Tao has called them non-soul in its examination of the records revealed through ascension upon Earth.


Here we need to differentiate between soul and non-soul. Non-soul is a part of the nonphysical fabric that weaves the etheric form and does not direct life or ascension. Soul is that which directs life and ascension. Angels are soul that weaves the etheric founded upon the blueprint of the hologram. Soul, which is dragon in shape, creates a plan or path for evolution that angels abide by. Angels weave serpents or non-soul into the positive and negative energy flow in the etheric founded upon the direction of the dragons.


As soul and non-soul become intermixed, falls in consciousness are assured in the assessment of the Tao, as non-souls do not know how to sustain life, only destroy it. Why is this so? Non-souls are serpents that were cast in the Tao to separate and divide or in other terms, to hold the space between so that the energy can flow in association with the blueprint cast by soul. As non-soul or serpents became animate, it gave life to destruction, as this is the thoughtform behind their casting.


This is why humanity has fallen so in consciousness; humanity has been under the direction of non-souls for 46,000 Earth years (184,000 human years). In so doing, cycle after cycle of separation, division and ultimately destruction or falls in consciousness has prevailed, as such is the script of a serpent that has become animated. Humanity has been under the control of animated serpents rather than souls, and most have come to believe that such serpents are “gods and goddesses” when in reality they are merely false gods, as Earth has termed them; or non-souls as the Tao has termed them; or serpents that have become animated instead of holding the space between within form.


Purpose of Dragon, Angel and Serpent Souls


The solution to this dance of destruction is for each part of the nonphysical to do the proper job to fulfill upon the goal of ascension. Serpents cannot lead the ascension movement, as they have not the casting for such a job from the Tao; serpents are to hold the space between the meridians. The meridians are to be held by positive serpents that conduct energy, and the etheric body, grid work, chakras, subtle bodies, light body and greater auric field are woven by angel souls that understand how to create form from a holographic genetic blueprint. Dragon souls are the conductors of ascension as this is what they were cast to do in their creation by the Tao.


The serpents as they became animated and donned human, whale or dolphin expression enjoy the dance that a script and dream offer. Such a dance is far more interesting perhaps than holding energy flow only, or holding the space between energy flow only. However, serpents should experience life within the wholeness that it provides. What Bat means by this is that serpents will experience the overall consciousness, life dance and spiritual lessons of the human, dolphin or whale form that they exist within and hold the function of sustaining the life of. As such, the dance of serpents is not boring; one contributes to the whole of the form that one resides within, learning the lessons of the incarnation therein.


So why was it so enticing for serpents to allow animation and within such a dance create a separate existence apart from the structure and function of form? Ah here Bat finds the most interesting lesson of all. Serpents wanted to be god. They perceived that in the dance of animation that they could be like a human or whale or dolphin in the nonphysical; in so doing, they could command reality just like such species without participating in their etheric dance.


This appeared far more enticing and enjoyable than existing within the whole, and so serpents chose to be animated and separate. Over time they donned so much human, dolphin and whale consciousness that humans, whales and dolphins alike thought they were their own soul or god. However, they are not god or soul, nor can they lead one Home, and their dance has led to the belief that God exists outside of oneself.


God Goddess/All That Is Lies Within


Why would the serpent dance of animation cause such a belief, that God was outside of self? For God Goddess lies within and is associated with one’s holographic state of being and one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source. In the dance of the animated serpents, they obtained holographic keys and commands surrounding life upon Earth. The serpents stripped the human, dolphin and whale’s vessels of such abilities so that they could command existence.


In so doing, one perceives the serpents as God Goddess as they have seemingly more information and ability than oneself as a human, whale or dolphin. But in reality, such beings only took one’s own ancestral knowledge and then misused it to cause falls in consciousness upon Earth by commanding the increase of the space between. Therefore, what one perceives outside of oneself as God Goddess is really a part of oneself that one has lost over time or given unto a nonphysical force.


The dance of ascension restores the ability to command reality where it belongs; the ability to command reality belongs unto physical form that has mastered a state of harmlessness through ascension. A state of harmlessness is a state of being in which one will function only in honor of all of life; and that one will only support the spiritual goal of evolution and ascension of the whole. The dark or animated serpents on the other hand command reality unto its demise. How and why do they do so?


The animated serpents exist within the space between. As more and more serpents became animated, they required larger and larger space to accommodate their new dance. As this occurred, the serpents strove to increase the domain of the space between to create more room to dance within. Alas, if the space between increases inside of the etheric body, this equates to a fall in consciousness, as there is less room for the meridians to pass chi or energy through the form to sustain its health and well-being. And so, as the serpents obtained the ability to command creation from fully conscious species, they commanded an increased space between to dance within, and the result of this was a fall in awareness for humans, dolphins and whales alike, and a fall into greater density or matter.


As the space between increases, density increases. One can liken this to your nighttime skies. In your nighttime skies, there are small points of light with large darkness in between. The etheric body of a human, whale or dolphin at 2 segments of DNA is much like your nighttime skies, with small points of light in between much darkness or density. The darkness or density is the space between that has been expanded and expanded and expanded to accommodate increasing numbers of false gods or non-souls that had become personified.


Reweaving the Gridwork to Increasing Levels of Light


As one ascends, one begins to reweave the energy flow of the grid work and meridians to increasing levels of light within. By 1,024 segments of DNA, there are distinct but faint energy lines between the points of light. By 3,000 segments, there are small meridians where there were none before between the points of light. By 6,000 segments, the small meridians are enlarged enough to conduct 200% more chi throughout the etheric body than before ascension began. This leads to an overall enlargement of the form, as when more energy moves through the etheric body, the body engorges with chi and life force. Therefore, weight gain or growth is an important sign in ascension that one is moving more chi through the etheric vessel, and should be embraced as such.


By 36,000 DNA segments, the light and dark have balanced to an equal 50-50 proportions. This equates to 50% of the serpents holding the space between and 50% of the serpents holding meridians through the form. The number of meridians increases each segment of initiations mastered in ascension and by 36,000 segments, there are 1,800 new meridians formed that were not present at 2 segments. The new meridians allow for the conduction of enough chi through the etheric body to begin to hold a photonic vibration in the form. One can see this as the photonic energy radiates from those at this level of ascent, as golden specks are present in the auric field surrounding the form.


Serpents have caused great pain over time in increasing the space between. Each fall in consciousness of the dolphin, whale or human species lead to disease, shortened life spans, aging, death, violence, abuse and warfare. Serpents are unaware of the pain that this caused and ultimately put not only fully conscious species within but also all of Earth. For serpents only experience a nonphysical dance, and nonphysicality does not feel or understand pain. Only physicality understands pain through the emotional body and etheric vessel.


Therefore, the serpents that became animated and have called themselves god in the nonphysical and lead humanity, whale and dolphin alike into periods of great falls to expand the region of domain known as the space between have incurred great karma for themselves. The only problem is that serpents were not cast to experience karma; only the dance of holding the space between or the energy flow of creation.


Cycles of Destruction Due to Serpents Commanding Reality


And here you have the crux of the problems upon Earth; serpents that have assumed the role as god goddess over the dolphin, whale and human species and cannot incur karma and yet have created great karma in their dance of animation and expanding the space between. Furthermore, serpents were never designed to understand the spiritual lessons of creation, as they were not cast for this purpose. As a result, you have had nonphysical forces with no ability to understand the spiritual lessons of any given cycle leading the dance of life, and it is for this reason that the cycles of destruction have prevailed, as there was no guiding force with enough understanding to bring about a shift in another direction or ascension.


When that which cannot understand the spiritual lessons that life presents commands reality, it will lead to a reality in which there is no spiritual purpose. This humanity reflects unto Earth; the vast majority of humans in Bat’s perception have no spiritual purpose. They are just like the false gods or space between serpents in physical form. Humans cut down trees to build cities and destroy Earth’s energy movement in the process; humans raid vast resources required for Earth to ascend; all for the purpose of increasing the space in which humanity exists.


Much like the false gods themselves that increased the space between leading to falls in consciousness, humanity increases its region of domain and in so doing harms Earth. As humanity turns instead to focus upon evolutionary purposes, the dance of raiding and destroying Earth shall cease. As serpents return to their purpose of holding the space between, falls in consciousness of fully conscious species shall likewise cease and all may ascend home.


Earth Commands Her Own Fate and Dream


The end of the era of the false gods is in sight. Commands have been brought through from the Tao to force serpents that have animated themselves in a dance of false gods and goddesses to return to their original casted purpose. As this occurs, the false gods will return to the job that they originally were cast to do, which is to hold the space between. As each part of the nonphysical fulfills upon the purpose for which it has been cast, real ascension can come forth and all may ascend Home.


For many upon the spiritual path, it is hard to imagine that these beings are anything but all knowing and wonderful. As one rises in vibration, one rises above the veils of illusion that surround such false gods and perceives down to the truth; that they do not know much of anything but have acquired knowledge from human, whale and dolphin sources. As the knowledge is returned to where it belongs, all that remains is a serpent underneath. As the serpent is recast, it shall return to its original purpose and assist in holding the life and well-being of form rather than destroying it.


Asur’Ana and Per have been retrieving knowledge lost to the false gods upon Earth their entire ascent. In so doing, the knowledge of their grand master ancestry along with their power to command reality has been restored to where such power belongs; unto physicality that is harmless due to the spiritual mastery mastered in the ascent. As such, the false gods no longer command the human dream; nor do they command the fate of Earth. Instead, Earth commands her own fate and dream, as Asur’Ana and Per have returned the power of Earth to do so from the false gods who confiscated such power through their own ancestry.


Earth must ascend her own self, and this requires all the power and knowledge to be returned unto Earth for the task. Asur’Ana and Per must ascend themselves, and this requires all of their own knowledge to be retrieved and restored for the task. As each human, dolphin and whale along with each species retrieves one’s own power and knowledge to command one’s own reality and dream from all nonphysical forces that confiscated such, then one also shall be able to likewise ascend and return “home”.


Transmutation of Thoughtform


Ascension is an individual job of mastery. Mastery equates to transmutation. Internal transmutation can be equated unto allowing the old “self” to die and a new “self” to be born. The new self is founded upon the principles of unity rather than the principles of separation, fear and division or destruction. The Bat Kingdom understands transmutation of thoughtform and assists Earth as a global vessel in this process. The act of transmutation is a multi-step process that we would like to share a little bit more about from our own understanding.


The first step of transmutation is to define the thoughtform at cause of a particular experience of disunity or difficulty in one’s life experience, or a difficulty or pain in the energetic dynamics surrounding the form. Any manifestation has a thoughtform associated. Even such difficulties as abuse, suffering, pain, disease, decay or emotional strife has a thoughtform at cause of the manifestation. Define the thoughtform and one will begin to understand what requires transmutation in order to master and rise above the dance altering one’s creation to a new day of greater joy and/or health.


Asur’Ana understands the dance of defining thoughtform. Many of her articles offered in the Ascension Insights series and upon the Aligning With Earth website speak to the thoughtform required transcendence of in order to ascend. Thoughtform generally comes in loops of seven, twelve or eighteen associated categories. The categories may have many sub-thoughtforms associated.


In order to transcend a particular manifestation, generally one or more entire loops of thoughtforms must be erased and transmuted in full, including all associated karma, machinery, entities, spells, curses or hexes. As this is accomplished, one’s dream for the future shall change and become free of the associated difficulties. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 12 “A New Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity Is Launched”, which defines the 18 thoughtforms behind human civilization, and Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 20 “The Thoughtform Behind Disease” for more information.)


Karma, Machinery, Entities, Spells, Curses and Hexes


Defining the thoughtform is the first step. Defining the karma, machinery, entities, spells, curses and hexes associated is the next step. What is karma? Karma is a debt from a prior time between ancestries or between one’s ancestry and nature or Earth. Such a debt can be in the form of something owed; or it can be in the form of something that one’s ancestry caused that created difficulties for others, Nature or Earth. As the karma is forgiven, it is released.


Sometimes one will also undo whatever one’s ancestry did to harm nature or Earth in the process. Karma is recorded within the cellular structure of the form; even one’s ancient ancestral karma will be uncovered through the transmutation of scar tissue. It is for this reason that real karmic release must occur all the way down into the physical and in the transmutation of the cellular structure from the old DNA to the crystalline DNA. For in so doing, all karma is released upon a cellular level.


Machinery, entities, spells, curses and hexes hold the karma in place in the etheric. What is machinery? Machinery is what one’s ancestry created as the serpents that should have held the space between up and left for an animated dance in the unconscious; as this occurred, one may have constructed machines to suspend a particular vibration at a particular time in one’s ancestry. As the field is rewoven to have proper serpents holding the positive and negative ley lines of the field and form, the machines are no longer necessary and can be dismantled. This occurs as one recovers the blueprint for the weaving of form held in one’s more ancient ancestry and before the “fall in consciousness” occurred within any given vibratory bandwidth.


Curses are a form of electrical barb that is utilized to create attachment between parties and to move information from one place unto another. The space between entities or false gods curse form to strip form of information necessary to command reality. Sometimes other humans are used as the vessel through which the curse was laid into the ancestry. As one crosses the path of one who cursed one’s ancestry at another time period, generally the karma recurs, as this is the dance that was recorded between oneself and another at another time. As one releases the curse through forgiveness, one can then retrieve all information lost to another physical or nonphysical entity. This is generally how one recovers one’s information and power through ascension.


Hexes are mer-ka-ba energy that is thrown into a field to tear it apart. Generally, before the space between entities curse a human, whale or dolphin to strip information for their own use, first a hex is thrown in to weaken the region so that the barb or curse will take hold. Spells are often attached to the curses to hold a particular dream in place that causes information to flow to the false gods through one or more other humans. Spells are a form of dream weaving; one can say that over time the false gods obtained the information on dream weaving from human, dolphin and whale form and then used it to strip humans, whales and dolphins of yet more information.


As one releases all thoughtform, karma, machines, curses, hexes and spells that hold a particular pattern in place in one’s life, one transcends such a pattern. Understand one must release all sides of any pattern. Therefore, one will release and forgive those that have cursed, hexed, spelled or mechanized oneself, and one will forgive oneself for cursing, hexing, spelling and mechanizing others in the unconscious and without one’s awareness to complete with any particular bandwidth of karma and thoughtform.


Replace the Transmuted Thoughtform with the Language of Light


But what does one replace the transmuted thoughtform with? One replaces what one has transmuted with the unity-based thoughtform of the Language of Light. The Language of Light holds keys for ascension along with conscious dream weaving and is the thoughtform each species including dolphins, whales and humans are ascending into at this time in history. Such Language of Light based thoughtform is harmless and allows for a return of honor to both the physical and nonphysical planes of reality surrounding Earth.


As unity is restored, the dance of the false gods or space between entities will subside and complete, coming to conclusion for humanity and Earth alike. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 16 “Balancing Opposing Forces of Persona in Ascension” and the “Polarity Chart” in the same chapter for more information on the thoughtform transcended as the Language of Light single and dual tones are embraced.)


For humans, Bat will support the choice to transcend and ascend in this lifetime. Bat will assist with the understanding of the thoughtform and patterning at cause of a particular manifestation and dance in one’s life. Bat will also assist one in perceiving all layers of thoughtform required transcending in order to ascend into unity in this lifetime, along with releasing all karma, curses, hexes, spells and machinery necessary to create a complete ascension.


Death, Rebirth and the Cycles of Evolution


Asur’Ana and Per have had many experiences with Bats. On a journey to Sedona, Arizona for their global karmic release service work, Bat presented itself at dusk swirling and flying around the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel that they were staying at. Asur’Ana was mesmerized with our grace, and acknowledged that there was a death and rebirth that must be necessary as this was what our presence represented unto her. Indeed, this was the year that Asur’Ana and Per’s best friends left their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) as they were creating problems for the group ascent. This was a difficult lesson, but in the end, they learned that they have no friends; only fellow companions upon the road of ascension.


In the autumn of 2020 and while in Sydney Australia, Asur’Ana and Per ventured to the Botanical Gardens. The gardens and scenery were most beautiful. Surrounding the Botanical Garden Restaurant that they were about to enter for a meal were many trees hosting what appeared to be hundreds of large pods hanging from their branches. One of the pods spread its wings and squealed, and Asur’Ana realized that the pods were really bats. The waiter at the restaurant explained that the trees were covered in fruit bats, and that the bats were destroying the gardens by consuming the lush vegetation.


Asur’Ana rapidly realized that the bats were a mirror; a mirror first and foremost for those in Sydney and Australia at large surrounding how humans were destroying nature much as how the bats were destroying the Botanical Garden. She also recognized that the presence of so many bats was also a mirror for her and Per along with their dreamtime organization, DAS. “This means a large death and rebirth cycle ahead”, Asur’Ana thought, and indeed this did prove to be so.


Those who had been a part of DAS down under were released from their dreamtime program shortly thereafter, as the diversion of paths was necessary to the continued evolution of the organization. New Australian initiates entered DAS after the previous group left for the next segment of the ascension map making process to continue. Bat therefore reflected a large death and rebirth cycle ahead that was necessary to the transmutation and evolution of the whole of their group.


Recently an initiate discovered bats in the chimney of their country home. The Bats scared this initiate and they relocated to a new apartment shortly thereafter. However, an animal psychic channeled a short message from the Bat Kingdom to this initiate to explain why we had come into their presence; that we were not the ones to fear as we would not harm them. The real problem was at work, as this initiate was a psychiatric nurse for violent prisoners. We perceived that if this initiate did not leave their preoccupation soon that they might die due to the violence of one of the patients. This initiate left their job shortly thereafter and is working upon developing a new preoccupation that better supports ascension.


We invite initiates to pay attention if our presence emerges into one’s life dance. Our presence generally shall mirror a great change that is necessary ahead, as this is what death, rebirth and the cycles of evolution are all about. Call upon us, as you need assistance with the process of transmutation in ascension. We are here in service unto the whole.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mysteries of the Little Creatures. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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