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7. Following One’s Truth In Ascension


It is human nature to follow the truth of another. It is for this reason that finding a guru or teacher in order to be on the spiritual path is often deemed necessary. Sometimes we take it so far as to believe that we must go to the East, such as India or Tibet, to find the truth from a teacher of greater wisdom and knowledge than that which exists within the West.


Indeed, the East and West have been split and disunited, one assuming great power surrounding spiritual wisdom, and the other assuming great power surrounding material or creative wisdom. Such a split will be healed in due course in the process of global ascension allowing for all continents to contain all wisdom, both of spiritual and material in nature.


The search for a teacher outside of oneself was not always so within the human experience. Long ago, humans had strong telepathic and clairvoyant gifts, which were a part of the original genetic material of the human species as it was seeded upon Earth by the Sirian race. With such gifts and talents, each human could hear and see their own nonphysical guidance, which emanated from their Source and Soul or I AM Presence. With such knowledge flowing from within, there was no need to look outside of oneself for a teacher or for wisdom. Their own Soul and Source freely gave everything that one asked for when one was ready for it within their evolutionary process.


In-Breath and Out-Breath of Evolution


In the course of her spiritual evolution, Asur’Ana has studied with numerous teachers, including those from the West and East. Some were spiritual teachers, while others were ascension teachers, visionaries, mystics, and indigenous elders. Before attaining enlightenment, her goal was to find a unifying principle between various paths as well as to search for Truth that transcends all boundaries. Asur’Ana would study with a teacher and associate with the group for a time period; once she felt that she had learned all there’s to learn with that teacher, then she would leave to find another teacher to study with.


Asur’Ana has learned to function in the flow of evolution, where she studied with that teacher for a time, then left when she’s ready to work with another teacher. This is the result of the in-breath and out-breath of evolution. The in-breath attracts those who resonate and the out-breath expels those who no longer resonate so that she can find a new teacher and group to dance with that does. This is the dance of creation and evolution as it once was within the human experience upon Earth.





It is attachment that interferes with the in-breath and out-breath of the dance of life. For in attachment, sticky cords extend from one person to another, or the teacher and the student, causing them to continue to dance together long after it serves either involved. In ascension, one dissolves all such sticky cords a little at a time over a many year period allowing that which no longer resonates to fall from one’s life experience. As the attachment leaves, change occurs, and sometimes such change is quite tumultuous in nature. However, such change also leads to a greater sense of freedom and a greater sense of self in the process. It also leads to a greater sense of fulfillment, and bringing forth one’s purpose upon the Earth plane.


It is the attachment that causes the student to follow the teacher or guru rather than following one’s own internal knowing. The cords themselves from the teacher often extend into the crown, third eye, heart, and throat chakras, or the second chakra or sexual channels. Such cords, particularly those in the crown and third eye, can block the student from seeing or knowing their own truth. As such cords are dissolved in full, a state of inner knowing can begin to flow again. As this occurs, there is an opportunity for one to become their own guru or teacher, and learn to follow their own guidance from within.


Soul Agreements versus Karma


That which attracts any student to a particular teacher or guru, or any human to another, is either karma or soul agreements. Karma is different from soul agreements. All karma is based upon a debt of some sort. Such debts are often incurred in another lifetime within one’s genetic history (an ancestor) or by their soul. It is karma that creates the cords that attach themselves between the teacher and student, or the husband and wife, or the parents and children.


All karma itself is recorded into the lay lines of the grid work of the etheric body. It is like or parallel karma that causes the cords from the grid work in one person’s form to attach to like karma recorded in the grid work of another person’s form. The cords of attachment create a hole in the auric field that allows chi to be lost.


Such ongoing loss of chi sabotages one’s ascension as one must continually accumulate more chi in order to push up in vibration. As the karma is released in one or both forms, it is erased from the grid work allowing the cord between the two parties to dissolve simultaneously. As the cords are released, the related holes in the auric field cease, and the auric field quite naturally holds more chi, which leads to an increase in vibration or ascension.


Soul agreements on the other hand are agreements that draw two souls together based upon common purpose. Such agreements are not based upon attachment or cords but based upon magnetic resonance. Magnetic resonance attracts those frequencies that are compatible or harmonious to one another. Soul agreements bring forth a different kind of relationship, one that is free of attachment, and one that can freely dance in or out of all relationships or groups based upon resonance. It is relationship based upon resonance that one transcends to as they ascend and release all cords of attachment. In so doing, one leaves relationship based upon karma behind.


How did Asur’Ana ascend? She followed her own internal truth to the best of her ability. She listened and acted from her guidance in all that she did, and she allowed each change necessary to ensure her continued ascension. Moving in such a manner and allowing all of the change was not always easy for her, as each change challenged the very precepts of the current human paradigm and forced her to perceive life from a new perspective.


False Debts and False Payoffs


In ascension, one must cease to pay on false debts. What is a false debt? A false debt is any debt that is non-karmic. Paying upon a false debt incurs karma in the other direction, which then must be paid in return by the soul involved at some future point in time. If enough false debt is paid upon, one can incur enough karma that they cannot ascend in this lifetime and it will require another lifetime in the third dimension to pay it off. So, paying attention to whether or not one owes a particular debt when choosing to pay it off is vital to the choice to ascend.


In a parallel manner, there are also false payoffs. A false payoff is the receipt of any gift, monetary or otherwise, whether that be a divorce settlement, an investment, or simply interest from a bank, or even a gift from a friend, that is non-karmic in nature. If one accepts such a payoff and there is no karma, one incurs karma in return. For smaller objects such as a gift, another gift can be returned easily settling the debt. However, for larger payoffs, such as an investment that creates a large profit, if there is no karma owed by the souls involved, one would incur great karma in receiving such a gift. Such karma could be great enough to prevent one from ascending in this lifetime altogether.


End of Reincarnation Cycle


At one time, the human species had a 2,000-year life span. A 2,000-year life span was long enough to pay off any karma incurred in the entire life allowing the soul to be karma free when complete. Due to the shortened life span of the human species, which declined over a 120,000-year period, karma has ceased to be settled in full in any given lifetime. Because there is so much karmic debt, such debt can never be paid off in one lifetime, causing the souls involved to reincarnate again and again.


With the added distortion of false payoff and debt, souls in current human lifetimes pay off some of the previous karma owed, but simultaneously incur more karma again through false debts paid or false payoffs received, thus causing no karma to be settled overall in any given lifetime. Ascension brings forth the end of the reincarnation cycle by balancing all debts in full so that one transits the dance of karma altogether.


In order to bring this forth, one must ascertain when they are complete upon a particular debt or payoff. Such debts include not only credit cards, but such things as taxes, mortgages, investments and interest, divorce settlements, retirement, and inheritance. As one learns to listen within, and follow their guidance from within, and let go of such debts or payoffs when the karma has been settled in full, the related cords to such groups, organizations or family members can be dissolved in full. It is only through the dissolution of all cords that ascension can continue to be fulfilled upon each day, week, month or year.


Leaving Relationships


Ascension also brings forth the need to leave behind family members or relationships that no longer serve. Asur’Ana has learned to release any relationship that does not serve her goal of ascension behind. Such decisions are not always easy, and there is always pain, longing, and a sense of missing the one left behind until all cords of attachment are dissolved.


These decisions would make no sense within the 3rd dimensional paradigm. Within the third dimensional paradigm, one feels obligated to be with their child, spouse, friend, partner, boss, or teacher whether or not it serves the evolution of all concern. In the new emerging paradigm of unity, one only remains in relationship with another that resonates. It is only in a state of resonance that one can continue to ascend. In order to ascend, everything that does not support one’s ascension, or causes enough discord, must be sloughed off and left behind in due course if one is going to continue to ascend.


The timing of such change is also not to be underestimated. Each time that there is a change in which a relationship parts as a result of one’s ascension, it is the result of the fact that all karma is complete between the two parties. How does one know when the karma is complete? This brings us back again to listening to one’s own truth and guidance. One’s own guidance will tell one when the karma has been fulfilled upon and that it is time to let go, or move on, whether one is leaving behind a spouse, a child, a significant other, a friend, a job, a debt, or a region that one is living. And then one must act upon the change and bring it forth.


Without acting upon the change, the ascension cannot come forth because the cords of attachment would prevent it by draining too much of the chi from the form on an ongoing basis. The ongoing draining of chi would cause the ascension to come to a standstill until the cords were released. Sometimes such cords cannot be released unless one chooses to leave or quit the circumstances that created the cords in the first place.


We guide you to allow the change. As the cords of attachment are released, the grief of any loss goes with it. As the grief goes, one is filled with a newfound sense of freedom and lightness of being. This freedom is the feeling of ascension, for as the attachment goes, one expands. As one expands, one feels good, empowered, joyous and loved from within.

Hearing Inner Guidance


One of the most difficult obstacles for many humans is being able to hear their guidance, or know their truth. Mother Earth invites you to go out into nature. Stop. Listen to the wind. Listen to the birds. Listen to the trees. What do they tell you? If you hear any thoughts at all, this is telepathy. One may think, oh, these thoughts are my own. Well, the human form is a channel, and it hears only what the nonphysical has to communicate.


Your thoughts are not your own, they are either of the personality, or they are of soul, or they are from Mother Earth. Intend to have the personality step aside and listen to soul. Now what do you hear? Intend to have the personality step aside and listen to Mother Earth. Now what do you hear? You may surprise yourself in the greater understanding that you have been telepathic all along.


Learning to listen to one’s internal guidance within may involve leaving the media behind along with the television, because such sources of information conflict with one’s truth, and create interference so that one’s messages from guidance, or from Mother Earth, may become distorted or unheard. It is for this reason that we guide you to go out into nature, turn inward, and leave the false forms of entertainment behind.


That which interferes with guidance or with communication from soul or Mother Earth, most of all, is one’s personality. The personality is constructed of many fractured pieces of soul that split apart in the many falls of consciousness of the human species and of Earth. In ascension, the fractured pieces of soul become whole again. Sometimes, such fractured pieces of soul run interference between the body and soul so that one cannot hear one’s guidance clearly. In intending to have the personality step aside, a clearer path is created for one’s guidance to come through.


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