Image of a blue sunset along the rocks and lake. The Act Of Blessing And Living A Blessed Life

6. The Act Of Blessing And Living A Blessed Life


Mother Earth or the consciousness of the planet that all life upon Earth relies upon wishes to speak today about the act of blessing. Blessing everything and everyone around oneself will lead to a blessed life of fulfillment and joy. Blessing is an act of love. As one ascends, the heart opens gradually and more fully with each phase of initiation mastered allowing one with greater and greater ability to love and to bless. As the heart opens, it allows for the love of soul and the love of nature and the Earth to pour into one’s field and through one’s field unto others, which is what blessings are all about, the sharing of love.


Individuals Gifted at the Act of Blessing


There have been many who have been gifted at the act of blessing throughout human history. Mother Teresa is one example of this; she blessed everything and everyone around her, and miraculous change abounded as a result. Mother Teresa embodied Bodhisattva level evolution (5,000 segments of DNA) in the ascension during her lifetime. Although this was a relatively incomplete map, the ever-increasing field and open heart could be utilized by soul to bless others, and the results were amazing.


Mother Teresa and the saints acknowledged over time by the Catholic Church account for only a handful of humans that attained such a level of evolution in their lifetimes in the past thousand years or more of human history. Most of such humans were by and large unknown in present time or at the time that they lived.


A couple of years ago, Asur’Ana read about many Hawaiian elders in the book “Voices of Wisdom”. One story within this book gives a lovely account of an older Hawaiian woman, Margaret Machado, who is a gifted healer and teacher of Lomi Lomi Massage. This woman much like Mother Teresa has mastered Bodhisattva in her lifetime. The story speaks of how many people come to her ill and sometimes with major diseases and leave healthy and strong again after only a few weeks in her presence.


This healer never takes credit for the healing, as she is humble at heart, and understands that the energies simply pass through her unto those who can receive them. This healer lives a rather remote life otherwise and people must travel a long way to find her. She is noted for praying all of the time; but really what she is doing is blessing those who come to see her and in so doing, the elements begin to rearrange themselves leading to health and recovery rather than death and decay of their form. This is love in action, beloved.


Love causes the elements to arrange themselves in a manner that supports life and the health and well-being of the embodiment. It is the elements of air, water, fire and earth that hold form together upon all dimensions of life within your creation. Love is a requirement to direct the elements to hold life.


Most of last year was devoted into gaining understanding of the underlying cause of all disease upon Earth; all species upon Earth focused upon this goal in their choice to ascend. The information and understanding shared in these volumes are the results of a load of record gathering and analysis upon the part of all ascending species upon Earth. As one gains an understanding of what leads to disease, one will be more capable of offsetting the manifestation of disease in ascension, or ascending out of disease if this is what has manifested in one’s life dance.


The Four Elements


Although the information upon elements has been discussed in greater detail elsewhere, let us give each reading this book a brief review. The element of earth is associated with the proteins or amino acids, lipids or fats, and minerals that form is made manifest from. Inadequate earth element equates to a form that begins to fall apart over time or fails to regenerate due to lack of adequate nutrients. One can begin to treat a lack of the earth element through proper diet, nutritional supplements, and the cleansing of the colon, liver and kidneys.


The element water lubricates form and allows for the transportation of nutrients and waste to and from the cellular structure. Inadequate water element leads to a sticky waste management system in which toxins build up to a point of creating disease. Drinking more water is one manner in which to better lubricate the form. One initiate drinks a gallon of iced tea with lemon per day. He finds that the tannins in tea and lemon are excellent for detoxification purposes and the water allows adequate lubrication.


Daily baths and sit baths along with swimming and mud baths for detoxification is also useful in ascension, and another manner of connecting to the element of water. The act of bathing pulls more toxins through the pores of the skin than one could ever clear through the waste management systems alone. Therefore, the ritual of the daily bath or swim or mud bath has become a part of many initiates’ life, and another manner that they attune to the element of water.


The element of air aerates the form. Air provides the space through which nutrients and waste can pass in and out of the cells and travel throughout the form or exit via the waste management systems. A lack of air leads to an inability to nourish or detoxify adequately again leading to diseased parts of the form over time. One manner to create greater aeration is to consciously breathe. Any time one feels tired, try taking a few deep breaths, inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. The breath realigns the field into present time, and grounds soul into form.


With the development of the crystalline diaphragm, the oxygen inhaled is also converted to blood sugar allowing more energy to be made available unto the form. Sometimes when hungry, Asur’Ana simply takes a few deep breaths; lo and behold, the hunger is filled by her own ability to manifest the sugar to keep on going in her busy schedule.


Over time and through ascension, the brain stem begins to create a regulated impulse to breathe deeply every two to five minutes. This is how ascending initiates retain their field in present time, anchor soul upon a continuous basis, create enough blood sugar to support the high metabolism of the crystalline form, and learn to retain a groundedness and centeredness to all of Earth. The deep breaths also assist in aerating the form for better health. If this has yet to develop, one can learn to remember to breathe periodically during the day until the biological changes come forth to activate the breath automatically. Generally speaking, this form of conscious breath that occurs every 2 to 5 minutes develops as 1,800 segments of DNA are embodied in ascension.


The element of fire provides the heat and chi necessary to sustain the life of the cellular structure. A lack of enough fire leads ultimately to death of any region that cannot receive adequate chi to live and flourish. This ultimately leads to failed biological systems and if the system is necessary to the life, then death of the form is the end of the result.


One way to increase the amount of fire available in the field is to take a 10 to 30 minute sunbath each day. Asur’Ana finds occasional sunbaths an excellent way to increase the kundalini fire energy flow to clear patterning in ascension. However, one must also continue to develop the kundalini into ever increasing amounts of fire pushed through the etheric vessel on a recurrent basis and from within in order to continue to ascend. Therefore, learning to work with the kundalini consciously and through one’s focus in meditation is good practice for ascending initiates.


The Nature of Blessing


The act of blessing calls all four elements of air, water, fire and earth to be present in the etheric to sustain the life and health of the form, or any other form that the blessing is directed towards. Blessing is not to be confused with prayer. Prayer is generally a request of a deity perceived as outside of oneself to do this or that for oneself. Instead of prayer, Mother Earth suggests that initiates utilize “intention”. Intention is an act of will. When one invokes “I intend such and such”, one directs the nonphysical soul, oversoul and source associated with one’s life dance to take action to manifest the request made or intention voiced.


The nonphysical must do as the physical directs; the only potential problem in delivering in full upon the intention made is karma. If there is karma that blocks the request from manifestation, then the intention may not be fulfilled upon either partially or fully. Therefore, it is a good idea also to intend to release all karma blocking one’s intention from manifesting, or to return karma that belongs to another calling it null and void if it is not of one’s own ancestral cause. In so doing, it will be easier to begin to see one’s intentions made manifest in the physical.


Blessings on the other hand extend love from one to another. Blessings can send love from soul to the body, from body to soul, from body and soul unto nature, or the nature kingdoms back unto oneself. Indeed, as one blesses nature, nature must return the love in full and in kind, as this is the agreement of nature. Therefore, one will always find the love returned in blessing the plant, animal, mineral, and whale or dolphin kingdoms. However, this may or may not be so for your human brothers and sisters. Asur’Ana intends that whatever blessings offered are to be received only by those who have agreement in human form; in so doing, the act of blessing does not feel like a vacuum which leaves one feeling empty and unfulfilled.


Unfortunately, and in human form there are many nonphysical entities that take take and take whatever they can grasp. Therefore, blessings between humans are more complex and require some boundaries on the part of those directing the love of soul unto others; lest, one finds oneself so depleted there is not enough chi to continue to ascend. This is simply because there is no agreement in human form to retain balanced giving and receiving that this is so. However, in the new consensus for ascension and amongst ascending humans, there are such agreements in place, and in so doing there can be a shared giving and receiving of love offered through the blessings flowing from one’s soul unto another and back unto oneself again. This is a most beautiful experience and is known as divine union in action.


It Is Love That Holds the Universe Together


It has often been noted in human thoughtform that love holds the universe together, and indeed this is so. For it is love that directs the elements of air, water, fire and earth to sustain life. However, in a creation that has fallen and moved into destructive patterning, love has gone missing or has been sent elsewhere. This equates to lost elements over time. Over time, Earth and all kingdoms upon her including humankind have been stripped of the vibrations of love, or some of the elements, and in so doing, disease and death along with destruction became prevalent therein. At this time of ascension, all that has been lost is being retrieved, and this translates into enough love to foster a return to health and the ascension of the whole of Earth and each kingdom therein.


The main missing element upon Earth is fire. Fire has been taken and delivered elsewhere to sustain life of other creations. We have written extensively of this dance in other books and the manipulations of the false intervention that strip creation after creation to sustain themselves in a nonphysical afterlife. This is the main group that Earth’s fire has been sent to. Earth is retrieving all fire lost over time, as is each ascending species along with humankind.


As fire is the main missing element, the development of a fluid kundalini is an important attribute of ascension. For one is gathering and retrieving the love in the form of the element of fire that one has lost through the many falls in consciousness throughout one’s ancestry. As more and more love in the form of fire is gathered, the higher in vibration one begins to climb in one’s ascension, and this does require an active and functioning kundalini energy system and sexual energy flow to accomplish, beloved.


The Thoughtform of Death


The nature kingdoms, dolphins, whales and humans along with land and water begin to die due to feeling unloved. In the dance of non-love due to the loss of the fire element, the communications of “rejection”, “hatred”, “poison”, and “lack” along with “powerlessness” are sustained. Such thoughtforms create disease, illness, decay and death. Such thoughtforms are the result of the “love” and fire being stripped from Earth; and all that remains is non-love as thoughtform thereafter. The thoughtform of non-love instructs the elements to kill life; or pull apart the etheric body and cellular structure rather than hold it together. This is ultimately what has led to fall after fall in consciousness upon Earth.


The thoughtform of love or Language of Light begins to reverse this, causing the elements to sustain life again by holding the structure together rather than pulling it apart. All elements are required in order to sustain life. It is for this reason that we have focused in recent articles upon mastering all tones of creation and anchoring all elements required to ascend. Little by little as one replaces the thoughtform of death with the thoughtform of the Language of Light, the elements respond by sustaining the life of the entire form. In so doing, the form ascends into a regenerative cellular structure that does not age, does not get ill, and does not die. So, this is also for the land and all life held therein.


Directing Love Towards Others Through Conscious Blessing


Directing love is something that only conscious species can master through the physical vessel. The physical vessel is required to direct love onto the physical plane. Most species upon Earth today including the plant, animal and mineral realms have fallen into biological non-consciousness. Therefore, they are unable to direct blessings of love where it may be most required. Whales, dolphins and humans however retain the ability to direct love consciously. How is this accomplished? One accomplishes the direction of love through the choice to bless oneself and all around oneself as often as one thinks of so doing.


When one blesses others, one calls the blessings back in return. All of nature operates in unconditional balanced giving and receiving. If one gives a blessing to nature, nature must return equal love unto oneself. In the act of blessing others and in particular the nature kingdoms, one shall therefore also be blessed oneself, and this leads to having the love necessary to continue to ascend, continue to transcend, and continue to push up in vibration as an ascending initiate. For ascension is not easy; and the difficult moments of catharsis of past traumas or the pain associated with resurrecting the decay of the form can be offset by the love received in the act of blessing.


In the act of blessing, soul engages with the heart chakra of the form, and shares of its love, filling one’s own vessel first and foremost, and then pushing the love out the heart chakra unto others or unto nature. In order to bless, one must have an open heart chakra and be able to commune. Communion with nature requires all four elements to be present. For most initiates, the heart begins to open adequately as 2,200 segments of DNA are embodied to be able to bless others or the land as long as there are balanced elements of air, water, fire and earth present.


Asur’Ana has learned to bless everything and everyone everywhere that she goes. In so doing, her soul reaches out potentially to activate other humans to ascend, or provide the chi necessary for humans to transcend a particularly difficult moment in their life dance, and also provide the chi and love that nature, the land and the ocean and waterways requires in order to ascend. In so doing, the love is returned by nature unto Asur’Ana for her continued ascension journey.


Blessing One’s Friends, Family and Acquaintances or Workmates and Boss


Blessings others has become a way of life for Asur’Ana. Not a day goes by that in meditation she reaches out to all of her students and each in the new consensus of ascension with the blessings of her soul to foster ascension. Often blessings are sent to everyone she has known or has touched upon through her written materials. “Thank You’s” for lessons learned and karma completed upon are also sent to those that Asur’Ana has known in the past. For each that has crossed her path have provided the information and lessons required to understand the plight of the human dance and to foster the ascension of the whole. Therefore, each are thanked for their contribution.


One may also bless all those around oneself, from family members or work mates to friends, acquaintances or even those who have been problematic unto one’s life dance. The others must be willing and able to receive the blessing however for it to have any affect. In the receipt of such blessings, old wounds or karma between one’s ancestry and another’s may be healed and released. Therefore, blessing others is one way to settle karmic debts with other humans, allowing the slate to be wiped clean and a new dance to begin between you. It is for this reason that the blessings sent to difficult humans in one’s life dance may have the effect of altering the dance into one that is more harmonious.


Blessings sent to your neighbors or those living in the greater region that one lives could activate other humans to ascend. One may intend to reach out and bless all those with parallel ancestry unto oneself that can ascend. In so doing, the ascending consensus shall grow in one’s region in the year and years ahead, providing greater support for oneself and the new consensus for ascension, and assist the land in ascending as well.


Blessings for the Land Surrounding Where One Lives


For a one-year period, Asur’Ana was guided to live in Honolulu to clear the most “stuck point” in Mother Earth’s heart chakra center. Hawaii sits within the heart chakra of Earth, and this stuck energy in the density of Honolulu hurt Earth’s field. And so, she moved to a small flat overlooking the ocean in the Diamond Head region of Honolulu where there were enough parks and shoreline to walk upon, and yet she was less than a few blocks from the heart of the city. Over the course of the year, she blessed and blessed and blessed the land of Honolulu, Waikiki, and all of Oahu each time that she took a trip in the car around the island.


After she moved to spend more time upon the North Shore of Oahu as her work in Honolulu had been completed, a 1-million dollar project began to refurbish the strip that she had lived upon. Humans had attuned to the blessings and love offered, and chose to “remodel”. Ponds, waterfalls, bandstands for performances were added; along with flowers, new grass and tiki-torches that are lit each night after sunset; all of this now lines this one-mile region surrounding where Asur’Ana lived. And the most amazing thing of all was two of the brass statues next to the ponds and waterfalls constructed in the park across the street from her former flat, one of which was of two dragonflies dancing in the wind; and the other of a young hula dancer called “Joy”.


Dragon represents the return of the dragon souls to Earth, and it was during this year that dragon souls were re-anchored upon Earth to foster the ascension of the whole. Joy was the theme of the anchoring upon the land through Asur’Ana as well; it was as if those planning these changes had attuned to the anchoring and added structures that were a reflection of such thoughtform! The Hawaiian ancestors were overjoyed; their beloved Waikiki was “alive” with love and chi again.


Over the years, the love that has been anchored in Honolulu has led to major renovation after major renovation of most major hotels that had become a little run down over time. This is a reflection of the love returning unto the land again; as the love is present, humans will relate to the land out of love, and take care of their property, making it beautiful again. Several years ago, Asur’Ana took the local trolley all around the city. She was amazed at how beautiful, green and lush the city had become from end to end. Love had been restored, and even with the cement and rebar structures along with high rise buildings, the beauty of nature still prevails.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Balanced Elements


Diamond Head (an inactive volcano behind Honolulu) has turned green as there has been enough water element present to create enough rainfall year-round in Honolulu. Blessings will restore balanced elements upon the land. Balanced elements equate to enough water, fire, earth and air to foster life. Water translates into enough rain; fire into enough sun, air into enough wind to blow the rain clouds into or out of the region as needed, and earth into the nutrients necessary to cause the growth of the plant and animal kingdoms upon the land or in the water. As the elements balance in any region, life shall be restored, and the act of blessings over time will fulfill upon this if consciously directed through human inhabitants upon the land.


One can begin to bless the city, suburb or region that one lives in parallel manner. One will be surprised at the result. Recently, several ascending initiates living in Southern California have blessed the land where they reside. The blessings have sufficed to bring in rainstorm after rainstorm to a point that the dessert is becoming green and is still in bloom although it is summertime now. One initiate discovered that there was no soul in the mountains behind her home. She took a trip one day to the mountains and released the karma upon the land and re-anchored soul. It was after this point that the rain began to fall and life began to bloom upon the mountain.


Often where humans reside, the land becomes soulless. The soul retracts from any land or waterway if there is great pain, bloodshed, or too many humans that reside in close quarters and are dissonant, as it is painful for soul to experience. As one begins to love the land again, the dissonance begins to fade, and soul can and will return. It is the soul ensouling the land that balances the elements so that enough fire, water, air and earth can be present to sustain life.


Deserts are simply traumatized land that is soulless. Perhaps such land once sustained a city that was inhabited by countless humans, and the land has never recovered. This is so for the Southwestern United States; this was once a giant theme park for Annanuki humans to come to Earth and play. Now those who are ascending are releasing the pain from this experience and re-anchoring soul; and the land is beginning to bloom again as the elements come to balance allowing the rain to fall.


No land is too traumatized to recover; however, some land may take longer than Earth’s early ascent at this juncture in history to be healed in full. The Middle East has known nuclear devastation after nuclear devastation upon the same land; this karma has called yet additional warfare that seems to continue endlessly therein. There are those however who are beginning to ascend who are Arab and of Tibetan root race inheritance. In time this too shall be resolved through ascending human fields.


Those conscious and ascending in the Middle East or even living in Greece, Spain and Turkey can begin by blessing the land, and this will begin to allow the land to begin to heal, and in the healing feel loved again. It is the love that shall call soul to return, and as the soul returns, the elements will begin to balance, and what is desert will turn into a lush oasis again. This can be so anywhere that ascending initiates live.


Blessings to the Nature Kingdoms


Asur’Ana blesses nature everywhere that she goes. If she is out and about upon a walk, she blesses all creatures that cross her paths, from the birds to the bees, to the spiders, to the plants and the trees, and the small critters and land mammals. In so doing, Asur’Ana is blessed in return, and feel filled with love and recharged enough to carry on with her enormous responsibility. What is her responsibility? She is holding the gate open to the gold and silver tones of creation of the Great Central Sun for humanity to likewise ascend into. This assures the continuation of the human species upon Earth through ascension.


Sometimes certain kingdoms show up specifically to receive Asur’Ana’s blessing. One time a large wild white parrot followed her out of the rain forest in Manoa Valley upon Oahu, squawking the entire way and landing in the tree above her head. “Where is my blessing?” The parrot queried. And so, the blessings were exchanged along with a healing from humanity to their kingdom for encaging and enslaving so many of their species over time as pets. The karma also released in her ancestry for having pet birds in the moment of the blessing.


Blessings can allow for a release of karma between species as well as an exchange of love. In the blessing, one inherently states, “I choose to honor your kingdom as God Goddess in form from this point forward. I forgive all atrocities that we have shared in the lengthy dance of our species together. I intend from this point forward to only dance in honor with you beloved.” In the act of blessing, poignant moments of forgiveness may unfold between nature and ascending initiates, between humans and dolphins or whales, or between humans.


Asur’Ana is often surprised as nature kingdoms extend of themselves to be present with her. In Norway where she lives, often one or more dragonflies show up repeatedly to dance around her, dipping into the water, turning and twisting, swirling and spinning. So beautiful they are in their movement and as the sun highlights their iridescent skin. The dragonflies have ranged in color from turquoise blue, to vibrant pink-purple or red-orange in color. Generally, there is also a message from the dragon kingdom that she will channel through as she watches the dance. The blessings flow between the two kingdoms and Asur’Ana feels loved and filled from within. Such is the nature of blessings.


The choice to bless the nature kingdoms will lead to magical experiences with nature. In Jasper and Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, many species have shared their presence with Asur’Ana, from rocky-mountain sheep, to bighorn sheep, to bear, wolf, coyote and deer along with large herds of wild elk. Each encounter has been most magical in her experience. One time, Asur’Ana and her friend drove to a small lake near Banff. Out came a family of bighorn sheep that stood less than a few feet from the two of them. Many other tourists came up with their cameras; but the sheep did not leave until the communication that they had for them was complete.


There was a blessing exchanged both ways that freed bighorn sheep from the astrological sign known as “Ares”. Nature has often been used to hold the old polarity-based astrology in place; and nature is ascending beyond these vibrations at this time in history. And so, this blessing released big horn sheep from this responsibility. This allowed the big horn sheep their freedom from the human paradigm so that they could continue to ascend.


Yet another time a large herd of elk presented themselves to Asur’Ana and her friend on a drive in the Jasper region. They pulled off the side of the road and the blessings began. The entire herd of elk laid down in the moment of blessing, receiving the love offered. Karma was released for the consumption of elk by Native Americans associated with their ancestry along with the current farming practices of their species. The elk were freed of the need to be enslaved for the purposes of human consumption in the blessing. Indeed, many cases of “mad elk” disease in the Alberta region have since become more commonplace as the souls of elk retract from those of their form held in captivity for consumption.


Each human has karma with certain species. Each human has the responsibility of releasing the karma so that honor may prevail again upon Earth between humans and each kingdom. Any walk into nature is an opportunity to bless and clear karma with all species therein. As more humans choose to bless the nature kingdoms around oneself, both nature and one’s own self may begin to heal through the clearing of karma, and in the healing, continue to ascend. In time and through this shared process of healing, humans and nature will one day learn to co-exist in honor and unconditional love together.


Blessings for the Water and Land


All land and water hold consciousness of soul, along with the trees, birds, insects and animals or fish, shark, whales and dolphins therein. Blessing the land or water requires communion; one must first open the heart and connect with the land that one is walking or living upon, or the water nearby. As one communes, one allows for the exchange of love between one’s soul and all souls ensouling all kingdoms surrounding oneself along with the land and water. In so doing, the land, water, plants, animals and minerals feel loved and one feels loved in return.


Often in her deepest moments of despair, Asur’Ana has found comfort in a long walk along the beach and in the communion with water. For a time, she lived upon the North Shore of Oahu and this was during a difficult time in her ascent. She would stop and sit in front of the ocean, exchanging blessings with water. Water would fill her, and then offer up advice for her current predicament. The advice was so useful that over time Asur’Ana worked her way out of the difficulties and into a more joyful dance and continued experience of ascension.


In the book “Messages from Water”, the author Dr. Masaru Emoto explores the changes in water following blessings offered by his group unto waterways in Japan. In Japan, this author has gathered groups at various ponds, springs, lakes and streams to bless the water. Amazingly, microscopic pictures of frozen water crystals before and after the blessings show an enormous change.


Before the blessing, the water was often disorganized and held no pattern at all or appeared most tainted. Following the blessing, the water held a magnificent pattern of varying kinds much akin to a snowflake. Many of the waterways blessed by this author and his groups have experienced noticeable change thereafter; with algae, scum and odors that would appear each summer simply disappearing altogether. The water responded to the love offered, and in so doing, began to self-heal from the toxins that had been dumped by the human populace surrounding such waterways.


One can bless the waterways surrounding oneself along with the land and begin to accomplish a parallel shift wherever one lives. This requires not a group focus per se, as the power of thoughtform and field of ascending initiates is immense. One can infuse the Language of Light into the land and into the water. Perhaps that which was once polluted and could not sustain life suddenly will begin to sprout grass and wild flowers again.


Trees that were dying will begin to sprout new leaves and thrive again. Birds that had left will return and nest in the trees. Water that appeared filled with scum and dead of life will also begin to sprout life again, with the fish and shellfish returning and the scum disappearing. Soul will also return to ensoul the land and nature kingdoms along with the waterways and ocean. Soul will begin to balance the elements to sustain life. Such is the gift that one’s blessing of the land and water can fulfill upon. In so doing, one will be surrounded by life again, and land and water that feels loved.


Ascension and Soul


Ascension of the land or water and all kingdoms therein require soul to be present. If soul has retracted, then such regions cannot ascend. Often the largest pockets of non-ascending Earth are inhabited by large numbers of humans in cities and suburbs in present time. Soul will even retract from the waterways and oceans nearby large cities. Why is this so? The land and water is not honored by the humans living upon it, and in so doing soul does not feel loved. In the lack of love, there is only pain, and so soul retracts. The greatest gift one can give unto the land and water is to bless it calling soul to return. In so doing, the land and water may ascend. Even the land in the cities may begin to ascend, as Asur’Ana has proven with Honolulu, a city of approximately 350,000 people. If Honolulu can ascend, all cities can ascend beloved.


But ascension of the land and water requires humans willing to bless and work with the populated regions to accomplish this task. As enough ascending humans unite, so this can be accomplished, creating a far less tumultuous future. Why will the future be potentially tumultuous? If the density of the cities drops too greatly below the vibration of the rest of Earth, there will be natural disaster after natural disaster therein, with floods, firestorms, earthquakes becoming even more greatly prevalent than they are today in your highly populated regions. This can be lessened in the choice of more ascending humans to bless the lands surrounding wherever they live in a united manner, calling back soul to balance the elements therein, and cause the land to ascend.


Blessing the Water One Swims In


Many have heard of Lourdes in France or other places with “healing water” that humans over time have flocked to. What is healing water? It is water that was blessed at another time and assists in those who bathe within it to begin to self-heal by balancing all four elements within the form again. Some hot springs emanating from the Inner Earth hold this ability today. However, one may bless any water that one swims within whether it is a pool, lake, river, or ocean and create the same effect for all others choosing to swim therein. In so doing, others utilizing such water will begin also to self-heal and ascend.


Blessings One’s Food and Food Providers


Asur’Ana blesses the vegan food that she consumes or cooks each day. Each time that she blesses the food upon her plate or upon the stove, the love goes out to all concerned. She blesses the land that grows the food and intends that soul return unto the land and plants so that humans do not go hungry into the impending times of cleansing. She blesses those that raise and harvests the foods, particularly if organic. She blesses those that deliver and stock the food. She intends that more humans choose organic practices into the future, and more importantly choose to love the land and plants grown therein, as in so doing, fertilizer is not necessary; the love of the humans associated shall fuel the growth of the plant kingdoms.


Each who assists in providing for Asur’Ana’s well-being is honored as such, regardless of role. Those owning, managing and running the stores that she purchases food from are also blessed. As often as she can, Asur’Ana also frequents the farmers markets and open fruit stands in Norway, blessing the farmers direct.


As one blesses the food, soul is called into the dance. The Buffalo kingdom is choosing to ensoul all cows raised for dairy products until humans wean themselves from the requirement of such nutrients to foster ascension. Hawk is choosing to ensoul all chickens bred in a free-range manner for eggs. As one blesses the milk cows or free-range chicken eggs, one calls Buffalo and Hawk to ensoul the associated forms. Asur’Ana has witnessed milk cows going from looking like they were on the brink of death to recovering their health due in the act of blessing them and calling upon Buffalo to ensoul them.


In so doing, milk received from such cows and the eggs from such chickens sustain soul; it is soul that allows for the exchange of love between the food and the human eating the food, and it is the love and the dance of communion between souls that ultimately sustains the life, health and well-being of the form. In so doing, all drinking of the milk or eating the eggs produced benefit. In this manner the blessings are exponential, and serve all who eat of whatever is produced from the land.


As one blesses the farmlands, a parallel experience occurs. If organic produce is raised, soul will return to the plants, fruit, nuts or legumes as well as to the land. Such soul shall not only benefit the organic farmer, but all who consume the food. As soul returns to the food, humans shall begin to awaken. As humans awaken, they shall begin to ascend. As humans ascend, they will demand food with soul, as it will taste and feel better and be more fulfilling to eat; this shall augment a greater demand for organic products where food with soul can be produced. This is already occurring, and shall increase in the decades ahead in Earth’s estimation.


Communing While Dining


All plant kingdoms have soul, and as the soul enters the food, there can be the experience of communion in the act of eating. Communion requires an open heart and a desire to commune. One can choose to commune with one’s food in each meal, opening the heart and blessing the kingdoms and farmlands involved therein. It is the experience of communion that also allows for a magical dining experience in which the food tastes wonderful, one can eat as much as one wishes and not feel overly full, and one feels filled with love from within. Asur’Ana has learned that eating without such an experience is very unsatisfactory, and so she strives to have magical dining experiences all of the time as a result.


Often while out in restaurants, Asur’Ana first tries and chooses a place that has a chef that understands food magic. Some humans are gifted at loving the food as they cook; generally, such humans enjoy the art of cooking as well as their job. Magical dining experiences are always easier to create with a chef that has food magic; then Asur’Ana can request that her own ancestors dance with the field of the chef and “cook for her”. The end result is a magical dining experience for her and all around her, including the staff.


Over time, Asur’Ana has noticed that not all restaurants can receive her blessings. Some restaurants anchor death, death entities and the planes of death or Kumara of Death. In her early days of ascension, one of the more popular restaurants in Calistoga was of this nature. The walls were covered in pictures of guard dogs with colored eyes; the candleholders were made of heavy metal that was reminiscent of a dungeon; and the staff looked grey and dead of mechanical instead of filled with soul.


She rapidly came to understand that the vibration of death was being anchored through the food. People perhaps found this comfortable as it numbed them unto the pain that they were in; hence the popularity of the restaurant. However, the death tones of creation added by the chef does not foster ascension, and she avoided this restaurant thereafter.


A decade ago, while living upon the Big Island, an Italian restaurant that Asur’Ana was fond of relocated into the former space of a steak house. Although this provided a much larger space for the restaurateurs, the death and death planes associated with consumption of meat is so prevalent that the magic has gone out of the Italian food that she once enjoyed. Sometimes one cannot bless something enough; for perhaps the owners are not ready to receive the blessing offered. This is the case with this particular restaurant, and so she chooses not to frequent it any longer. However, this also speaks to the nature of death and consumption and the slaughter of flesh and how such records are anchored upon the land in which they occur.


Blessing Food at Grocery Stores and Health Food Stores


Grocery stores along with health food stores will often host the planes of death, in particular in the meat or deli section. The planes of death tend to accompany any flesh that is slaughtered; it is for this reason that both the vibration of death and the death hormone is present in meat, fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, or beef. This is so even if such flesh is raised “free range” or is “wild”. Such sections of the grocery store generally make Asur’Ana’s stomach go “icy cold”, which is simply many death entities moving into her field.


It is for this reason that we advise ascending initiates to eat a vegetarian diet, as the death vibrations and hormones do not serve the process of resurrection to the crystalline form in ascension. Asur’Ana has also learned to bless the grocery stores and health food stores that she frequents and rolls up and removes the death planes and entities to the degree that she can. She then blesses all of the food each time she enters the store.


Canned and boxed food cannot be blessed. Why is this so? There is heavy ownership upon the food due to the large manufacturers involved in processed or canned food. The more processing the food receives, the more ownership of each associated party is planted into the food. Each processor places their stamp of ownership onto the food that then prevents the chi from moving; in so doing, death planes and entities will abound within the processed food, as they require non-moving energy to be present.


It is for this reason that Asur’Ana purchases wholesome organic rice and pasta and season them herself rather than “pre-packaged” rice or pasta meals. She makes soup from scratch rather than purchasing canned, frozen or pre-made soup. Purchasing a bag of beans is far better than purchasing a pre-packaged “rice and bean meal” or “three bean soup”. Why? With the bag of beans, there are only one to two ownership signatures from human handlers to clear; with the pre-packaged “three-bean” soup, there are six to eight ownership stamps of all who have handled the food in the processing.


As one blesses the food as one cooks it, one removes all ownership from all parties. This leaves only the food in which the soul may be then anchored. Removing a few ownership signatures is far easier than many, as it requires less chi. It is only after the ownership is removed that soul can be restored unto the food for the experience of communion with one’s meal.


Fresh foods and produce do not hold ownership signatures from humans as readily. Therefore, Asur’Ana tries and purchases fresh produce in place of dried or canned food if at all possible. She notices the stickers placed upon most fresh fruit and vegetables these days. Interestingly enough, the stickers hold the ownership patterns of those that grow and market the produce; however, once the stickers are removed, the produce is free and clear of human energy and soul can be readily re-anchored therein. It is for this reason that she tries to make everything from scratch and from fresh ingredients whenever possible; the blessings exchanged in the meal are always heightened as a result, leading to a more enjoyable meal and a greater experience of communion with the associated nature kingdoms.


Many restaurants are also learning to grow their own vegetables, or to choose the freshest of ingredients possible making food from scratch again. In selectively choosing where one dines out and dining only in such types of restaurants, one can have a magical meal in which one is also waited upon and cooked for. In blessing such types of restaurants, they will become more greatly sought after by more humans over time. In so doing, one will begin perhaps to bring an end to pre-packaged, pre-cooked, pre-frozen foods that many restaurants rely upon, which are devoid of chi, devoid of soul, devoid of love and filled with death entities and death planes of reality.


Fast Foods


Fast food is killing humans faster than ever. Not so long ago and less than 100 years ago, “cooked from scratch” was the only kind of food available. Many initiates’ grandmothers canned their own vegetables, fruits and pickles for the wintertime and served them fresh when they were in season. Because the canned food was canned by grannies and generally out of love, the canned food in those days was as nourishing as the fresh food when in season. Much of such food came from their grandmothers’ own backyard garden as well. They also made bread and yogurt, and tried to give their children the best possible nutrition they could.


The fast food system in contrast is devoid of chi, devoid of love, and filled with death and decay entities, as are frozen pre-packaged food sources, microwavable meals, or instant noodles, even if they are organic. Many humans are so addicted to television that the time for meal preparation is limited to 20 or 30 minutes in the evening rather than a couple of hours leading to the avid use of pre-cooked and frozen foods. Such food along with the TV shall indeed numb the field to the pain it may be in; however then one does not feel the pain leading to disease until it may be too late, nor will there be enough nutrients or nourishment in such meals to fulfill upon ascension in this lifetime.


Earth invites humans to get rid of the television, and to take the time to cook from scratch again in the evenings and weekends. In so doing, one will better support their continued ascension in this lifetime, creating magical meals that lead to communion and joy. Earth also invites humans to buy organic produce and create meals from fresh ingredients. Much like Asur’Ana, once one has taken the time and trouble to do so, one will be hard pressed to settle for less into the future.


Working with Farmlands to Ascend


While in Australia, Asur’Ana was so pleased to see most restaurants and cafes created food from scratch, even in the heart of metropolitan Sydney. Veggies and fruit downunder tasted better in her experience than many places worldwide. Perhaps the soil has not been farmed so long that it has lost all of the nutrients. However, Australian farmland like most farmland is still soulless. Soul however was easier to anchor back into the Aussie farmland, as it appeared less chemically polluted with fertilizers and insecticides than US farmland in the Midwest.


Soul cannot return to farmland that has been heavily sprayed or fertilized. The sprays and fertilizers will interfere with the ascension of the fruits, plants, nuts, legumes or grains grown. If the produce cannot ascend, then soul is not interested, as soul at this time upon Earth is only interested in ascension. It is for this reason that Earth perceives that it will only be organic farmlands that will be able to hold soul, and begin to ascend the produce that humanity consumes.


Ascending produce will hold more nutrients than non-ascending produce. Why is this so? Soul is modifying the blueprint for food to accommodate the needs of the ascending human vessel and adding the nutrients necessary to foster ascension. This is so for the wild foods eaten by wild animals. Therefore, ascending food sources shall be far better for ascending humans to eat than non-ascending food source.


Asur’Ana has noted the difference in produce originating from Hawaii which is generally at 3,000 segments of DNA and produce from the mainland US which is often between 2 to 1,024 segments of DNA. The produce from Hawaii is far tastier, and far more fulfilling.


However, some food changes in texture in the ascension, such as watermelon, which has become fatty. This is because crystalline cells are coated in lipids or fats that hold a higher vibration. The fatty watermelon however is less sweet, and therefore less tasty in Asur’Ana’s experience. What is required therefore is for the soul ensouling watermelon to increase the sugar content. She has requested this, and so it appears to be fulfilled upon in last year’s harvest. Plants will work in modifying their genetics and biochemical nature to suit human taste as well as human nutrition requirements. Perhaps many of our readers will do the same and write to us of your experiences!


All however may bless the organic farmlands daily, and buy organic in the meantime, fostering an increase of organic farming practices around the globe. In so doing, the food will ascend and will provide oneself and the ascending children of tomorrow with the vital nutrients necessary to evolve. Non-ascending food source and animals bred for consumption are going to become ill and die in the coming times of cleansing. Meat may become contaminated with diseases that can spread in the consumption of the flesh into human lives. Organic may be the only remaining food source, and therefore the more of such that is available will assure that few will starve in the times of cleansing ahead.


Blessing Oneself


Blessings oneself is an act of love between the soul and embodiment along with Mother Earth and the embodiment. The ongoing blessing of oneself is vital to the choice to ascend. Why is this so? Each blessing received from soul and Earth causes more of the elements of air, water, fire and earth to be present to direct the body to reconstruct itself into the crystalline form. The crystalline form is a regenerative cellular structure that does not know disease, does not age, and does not die. Therefore, the ongoing blessings received from soul and Earth provide the love necessary to redirect the DNA into a new structure that sustains life.


Earth and souls associated with ascension bless each ascending species each day to provide the love necessary for the continued ascension and the continued resurrection of the form. It is for this reason that Earth guides initiates to take time daily for meditation and synthesis, and take time daily to walk and go out into nature if at all possible. The body requires the love provided in the exchange of blessings of soul and between oneself and nature in order to ascend.


Many humans have difficulty receiving, especially those choosing the spiritual path at this time of awakening. The underlying cause of this is great guilt from karma that caused destruction. However, often this karma is not of one’s real ancestral inheritance, but rather was displaced from other humans in other creations or from the gurus onto the disciples and following. We will be writing more about this in the next chapter, but let us suffice to say that it is often great guilt that prevents humans from receiving the love that soul and Earth offers. We invite those reading these materials to go within and heal the guilt through forgiveness. There is nothing one’s ancestors have done that is so evil that one is not worthy of love, beloved.


The love is also vital to one’s health and one’s ascension. Asur’Ana has learned to push the love of soul into the most decayed and aching parts of the form. In so doing, the patterns associated and holding records of great pain are released; as they are released, the associated cells can embrace the love and resurrect and reconstitute themselves in their continued ascension. As this is so for her, this is also for each who is ascending and reading of our materials.


We will close with these thoughts, and they are from the ancient Lemurian ancestors who came here long ago to facilitate global ascension.


Om nanu noni nanu om. Om lomi anu nonu nan. Taki tako tutu too.


“One is the divine light and love. The love will prevail over time. Call the love unto oneself and expand.”


Everyday Blessings Meditation


  1. Take a moment now to close your eyes, open the heart, ground unto Earth, and inhale deeply, and then exhale slowly. Bring yourself into present time. Intend to synthesize the field into a rainbow of tones. (One may wish to go through the Synthesis Meditation or Elements Meditation spoken of in Chapter 4 in preparation for their blessings so that one’s field is clear enough for this purpose.)


  1. Intend to anchor soul into one’s heart region. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Push soul fully into one’s heart center.


  1. Inhale again deeply and slowly exhale. Intend to push soul fully into the second chakra region and one’s sexual energy system along with Kundalini.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Push soul fully into the feet and one’s grounding unto the Aurora of the Earth, allowing one’s soul to dance now with the souls of Earth. Allow the communion of body, soul and Earth to begin now.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Begin to move the kundalini and sexual energy allowing it to flow up the spine and out the top of the head. Wiggle the toes and allow the side channels to open with the kundalini fire moving up the legs, up the torso, down the arms and out the hands, and up the neck and through the head. Allow the fire to be the conduit of soul to bless.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Let us begin with ourselves. Let us open to receiving the blessings of soul and infusing the love into every cell within our embodiment. Pay attention to those areas that may be aching at this time due to the resurrection process of ascension. As you touch upon the places in pain, intend to release the records of trauma stored therein. As the records release, the love can begin to be infused into the region so that it may begin to self-heal. Take some time to focus upon each region of the form and all of the cells therein.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us infuse the love of soul into all moving energy systems of the etheric vessel. Let us allow the love to move up the meridians of the legs energizing all grid work therein. Let us allow the love of soul to enter the pelvis and solar plexus region energizing all etheric grid work therein. Let us allow soul to repair or replace any part of the grid work necessary to foster our continued ascent in the lower half of the form.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us allow the love of soul to enter the diaphragm area along with chest, arms and hands energizing all etheric grid work therein. Let us allow the love of soul to enter the neck and head region energizing all grid work therein. Let us allow soul to repair or replace any part of the grid work necessary to foster our continued ascent in the upper half of the form.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us push the love of soul into each major chakra center that spins around the etheric body. There are generally seven sets of grounding chakras under the feet plus seven to twelve chakra centers surrounding the etheric body depending upon level of one’s evolution. Let us push the love of soul into each spinning chakra system, allowing the love to repair or replace what is required to foster our continued ascent.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Let us now push the love of soul into the four subtle bodies; mental, emotional, intuitive and creative that surrounds the etheric body. Let us allow soul to repair or replace any part of the subtle bodies necessary to foster our continued ascent.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Let us now push the love of soul into the light body or body double and all of its chakras and subtle bodies. Let us allow soul to repair or replace any part of the light body that is necessary to foster our continued ascent.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Let us now push the love of soul into the greater auric field that is global in size. Let us allow soul to repair or replace any part of the greater auric field that is necessary to foster our continued ascent.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us extend blessings to all other humans we have known or know today. Let us intend that the blessings serve in triggering the awakening of those that hold lineage for ascension, and allow for the release of karma between all ancestries. Let us also intend that the blessings only go unto those who can receive them, allowing each their freewill choice in the dance of life.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. If there is a problematic dance occurring in your current life circumstance, let us extend blessings unto the circumstance and those who are involved so that it may begin to be resolved and heal. Request of soul to assist in this healing process. Intend to release all karma associated until completion. Intend that future ancestors will not have to experience the same difficulties, as the karma will already be completed upon. Intend to call those ancestors forward who hold karma for the circumstance, and ask them also to complete through forgiveness. Intend forgiveness of all associated. Take the time now to extend these blessings into each life circumstance that is difficult.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us extend blessings of soul to all of those in circumstances that are working in our current life dance. Let us thank each for their participation in our spiritual life lessons. Let us honor those who are our friends, beloveds, family or soul family and children. Let us intend to trigger the ascension of those who hold lineage for such.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us extend the blessings to everyone within a 100-mile radius from where one lives. Let us intend that all who are willing receive these blessings. Let us intend to connect to others who are in the new consensus for ascension within this 100-mile radius, and through the collective fields of those who are ascending, bless all living within one’s region. Let us intend that all who can ascend be triggered in this moment to begin their evolutionary process.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us extend the blessings to the land and waterways, parks, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, ocean and all kingdoms therein within a 100-mile radius surrounding where one lives. Let us allow soul to unite with all other souls of those ascending within this 100-mile radius and in the new consensus for ascension for this purpose. Much like an orchestra of love, let the blessings of the Language of Light flow now bathing all that surrounds oneself for 100 miles. Allow the tones of love to clear out and ground out to the Aurora of Earth the tones of non-love or death.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us bless the food source that we have consumed in this lifetime and in this day. Let us honor each species of plant, animal, bird or fish that gives of its life to sustain us and provide for our ascension. Let us honor the fruits that we enjoy, the nuts and legumes that provide for us, along with the vegetables and grains.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Let us also honor the animal, bird and fish kingdoms that have provided for our ancestry when no other food source was available following nuclear fallouts in human history. Let us intend to live in honor with all kingdoms from this point forward and cease to slaughter in any manner. Let us intend to bless each meal that we consume in honor of each kingdom that provides for us from this point forward.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us bless the organic farmlands that grow the foods that we consume. Let us request that soul return unto the land and ensoul and ascend the vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes or grains. Let us request that soul modify the genetics to provide all nutrients necessary for our ascension and the ascending children of the future. Let us also bless the farmers and all involved from beginning to end in providing the food unto our table.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now let us bless our home, Mother Earth. Let us honor Earth as being the planet and consensus upon which we reside. Let us thank Earth for assisting in our evolutionary process. Allow the love to flow between your soul and Earth and back again.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now fill your cellular structure, etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body and greater auric field with the love of Earth. Allow any guilt that you may feel for harm or wrongdoing unto Earth to be dissolved into forgiveness and love.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Call the ancestors forward that carry the guilt for the harm of Earth. Request of the ancestors to forgive themselves and also receive the love of Earth now.


  1. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Now sit in the union that this meditation provides. One may wish to take this moment to request guidance of soul or Earth for the next steps upon one’s spiritual journey.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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