Image of a lovely whale painting in which the universe is within its body. Mastering One’s Own Destiny

6. Mastering One’s Own Destiny


The Whale and Dolphin Kingdoms have much to say to our ascending human initiates at this time in particular of global ascension transition and transformation. Now is the time for all initiates to take full responsibility for one’s own destiny. If one fails to begin to consciously intend not only one’s ascension, but one’s life dream and dance upon a daily basis, one will now become subject to the underlying and unconscious pull towards death that predominates over the human dream during this time of cleansing. Such a dream is being brought to fruition by Mother Earth so that she may ascend.


At this time, humans are being prepared for cleansing from the Earth plane. The vast majority of humans (roughly 60%) are not capable of moving through the impending changes required to ascend into the fourth dimension. Map makers have tried to create a map suitable for a mass ascent of humanity and have devoted the past five years of focus and attention to such a pursuit. Much of such map carving proved to be fruitless in relation to certain lineages that much of humanity is related to.


Much of humanity is associated with thoughtform and genetics that come from another planet and are related to a slave race originating in a laboratory of Pleiadian and Orion design. Such human genetics are radioactive and electrical and not suited to a magnetic creation that Earth resides within. All attempts to create a bridge from radioactive to magnetic energy flow and genetics for those humans without ancient red inheritance has failed. Those therefore who’s ancestry dead-ends either in slave inheritance, Pleiadian or Orion form is destined to complete through death at this time for lieu of any other option available.


Although this appears sad upon the surface, we guide our human brothers and sisters not to mourn. Consciousness carries forward. Those humans who complete in death will carry on. All will go back in the nonphysical to the Pleiades or Orion if their predominant lineages originate there. They will join the dance that is carrying on in such creations and in human, dolphin or whale form. For we too have such lineages and about 30% of our populace is also completing through death. Such human, whale and dolphin consciousness will have witnessed the difficulties and struggles inherent in Earth’s choice to ascend, and carry such wisdom to the Pleiades and Orion. In due course, the Pleiades and Orion will ascend home also, and such humans will carry with them the necessary remembrance to fuel the awakening necessary for their own ascensions. Therefore, it is all as it should be and needs to be, beloved.


Holographic Communication and Knowledge


We guide our human ascending brothers and sisters to tune inward and open to the inner world within one’s hologram. The hologram sits within the heart chakra. All kingdoms upon Earth have returned to holographic communication. There are no longer traveling Light Bodies. Light Bodies remain around all form and communication and travel now occurs holographically. Holographic communication and travel is a wonderful manner to relate, for all that one knows, all others know instantaneously, as such is the nature of holographic communication. To the degree that each human initiate can open to their holographic knowing, to such a degree one will know all that all kingdoms understand, to the degree that one can attune to such knowledge in vibration.


Knowledge is stored in vibrational bandwidths that surround Earth and are interconnected via the holographic planes of reality. As any human or species enters a particular bandwidth and clears all karma for the misuse of related knowledge, suddenly one will know what all others knew and know now inherent in such vibrations. This is how holographic knowledge works; it transfers instantly. One will also instantly know what all ancestors that preceded oneself knew at the time that they too existed within such a vibrational bandwidth. Ascending humans along with dolphins and whales are attuned to one another now through such holographic energy flow, along with all kingdoms upon Earth. This is a major transformation beloved, and one that is not to be discounted. With all species suddenly again knowing what all others know, all now have the necessary knowledge to ascend.


The holographic planes have gone through major modifications and remodeling as of late. Primarily, holograms that originated from the Pleiades that were of human, whale, dolphin, plant, animal or mineral form were removed from the holographic planes. Such holograms were of a different nature and caused friction and discord in the holographic planes. It was the discord that caused the separation of holograms and the cessation of holographic understanding. First this occurred within the human species, separating humans from one another. Later holographic knowledge also deteriorated between species, particularly as holograms entered the dance from plants, animals, dolphins, whales and minerals originating from the Pleiades or Orion. Such holograms from places outside of your creation and related to all kingdoms upon Earth have also been removed as of late from the holographic planes altogether.


This is in preparation for the cleansing of all genetics related to such holograms from Earth so that Earth may ascend and enter the Great Central Sun. No energy signature from another creation, not even one molecular in size, can ascend in this creation. Therefore, all that originated from elsewhere must either modify the energy flow down to a molecular level to become solely magnetic, or die in the impending quarter century of cleansing ahead.


Destined for Extinction to Partial Extinction


The cleansing involves many species. Humankind is only one of 800 species that are choosing partial to full extinction at this time. Whales and dolphins too are choosing partial extinction of those with biology that is too radioactive to ascend. This includes roughly 30% of our population, which are unable to ascend due to radioactive DNA, whereas over 60% of the human population is currently destined for a parallel cleansing. Such cleansing also involves the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Again, the consciousness from such kingdoms shall return to their planet or star of origin carrying their experience and knowledge with them, and fueling the ascension of such places into the future.


Over 90 minerals including opals, tanzanite, pyrite, iron, mercury, lead, fluorite, jasper, and many others that our translator does not know the name of, are too radioactive to ascend. Such minerals shall cease to exist as all of Earth becomes molten lava and all species have moved into the fourth dimension. We point out that sometimes such minerals may have use for ascending initiates. One initiate uses opal in particular to retrieve records that were sent to the Pleiades from her ancestry, as all such information was stored in opal upon arrival. Opal therefore is happy to assist in the retrieval of records if one asks as it settles her karma to allow for completion upon Earth. Fluorite is an excellent barrier from one’s own field and one’s electrical devices or to protect the car engine or computer from the energetic wear and tear of an ascending user. One therefore may find a use for some minerals that are radioactive during this time of transition upon Earth.


Many plant species are also completing at this time and this includes most fruits, nuts and vegetables that are farmed in a non-conscious manner by humankind. This also includes 450 other forms of flowers, weeds, herbs, trees, shrubs and bushes, which did not originate within this creation and are radioactive in nature. Such plants will become increasingly diseased the further that Earth ascends. It may interest humans to understand that much of the flowers and shrubs that are so popular to decorate one’s home and garden with originated in the Pleiades, and are highly radioactive. Such radioactivity contributes to what is known as “allergies” as the radioactivity travels with the pollen into the mucous membranes of the form becoming an irritant.


Replace the plants and shrubs with those that are non-radioactive, or ground out the radioactivity to the Aurora of Earth, and the allergies will go away, or so Asur’Ana has found living in Hawaii. There is little room for radioactivity any longer as the magnetic pull is so strong under the heart chakra or any major chakra of Earth. Radioactivity is therefore grounded out of such shrubs and bushes bringing an end to allergies even if such shrubs are Pleiadian or from Orion in origin.


In the future, organic farming may become very sought after as this may be the only surviving sustenance aside from what one may grow within one’s own garden. Why will such plants go extinct? There is no soul anchored in current human farming practices. All life form without soul will become extinct in the coming 25-30 years. So this is so for plants, so this is so for non-ascending humans who are also soulless. Soul is not anchored more fully until initiation 3000, and therefore as any garden or farm moves to 3,000 segments in vibration, such a garden or farm will survive the coming times of cleansing.


Many animal species are also choosing partial to complete extinction at this time, and this includes over 200 forms of ocean species and 100 forms of land species. Many of such species are again highly radioactive and therefore not suited to ascension. Some of such species includes kangaroo, parrots, and blue jays to name a few that many will be familiar with. Many parasitic insects including roaches, flies, mosquitoes, worms, maggots and wasps are also destined for extinction. One may think, “Oh, do not worms and maggots allow for that which has died to decompose?” Yes, they do, however all form shall transcend decay becoming regenerative again, and therefore such species purpose will cease to be required.


Some creatures of the sea to become extinct that many are familiar with include crab, lobster, electrically charged eel, clams, oysters, some forms of shrimp, muscles, scallops and octopus, along with certain forms of fish that are also highly electrical. Many of such fish much like parrots are very colorful in nature and frequent coral reefs. The Annanuki, for their pleasure and food, imported such species, as the Annanuki liked to eat shellfish, and enjoyed aquariums in their living space. Such species have no magnetic blueprint to ascend into and therefore shall become extinct the further that Earth ascends. Humans also enjoy consuming such shellfish and learned to do so from the Annanuki. Humanity will gradually return to vegetarianism and will not require therefore such kingdoms for sustenance into the future and as they become extinct.


Some other species choosing extinction are all farm animals which are so compromised by continuous human involvement that there is no path of ascension, much like their human counterparts. All “domesticated” animals will die due to the same reasons as plants in non-conscious farming practices. Those who anchor soul into cow will find that the Buffalo Species will ensoul all cows until humans wean themselves from the need to consume milk. Cows for slaughter, however will not be ensouled by Buffalo or any other species, and humans in due course will find those cows designated for such consumption will become increasingly diseased over time and die. Such a change will force humans to become vegetarian again as nature will not participate in slaughter after the thoughtform for destruction has been transcended upon a biological level. Much like cow, the Eagle Kingdom will ensoul chicken for a time until humans wean themselves from the consumption of eggs. Chickens designated for slaughter, however will not be ensouled by any species and will become diseased and die over time just like cows.


Pig, horse, sheep, goat, deer, bison, buffalo, ostrich, and other farm animals will continue to thrive in the wild and ascend or upon farms that are ascending and infusing soul into such species. No species will be willing to be slaughtered for food much beyond 2030, and those designated for such purposes will simply become diseased and die off due to soullessness. Humans who survive the coming quarter century of cleansing shall learn to honor all species and cease to slaughter for consumption, becoming vegetarian in nature. Plants will evolve to provide fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries that hold all nutrients necessary to sustain an ascending form, including increased protein and mineral content. This is the gift of the plant kingdoms to all ascending species, and so it also affects the plants such as seaweed and plankton that are underwater.


All kingdoms will likewise become vegetarian again, and even those who currently thrive off on hunting one another are altering the digestive tract over the coming 25-year cycle to return to vegetarianism. This includes bear, lion, tiger, wolf, coyote, dingo, eagle, hawk, vulture, and kookaburra, along with all other meat-eating animals and birds. In parallel manner, all meat-eating underwater species including shark shall evolve to thrive off on plankton again until the biology becomes more fully self-sustaining and designed to thrive off on air and photonic energy alone.


Dolphin and whales have made the decision to become self-sustaining and not require any sustenance outside of the breath by 2041. Some humans ascending beyond full consciousness and embodying soul infusion shall also become self-sustaining allowing the blueprint for such genetic encoding to be administered to incoming children. Such human children are anticipated to be born after 2050 and may never eat a thing after they are weaned from their mother’s milk. So, it shall be for whales and dolphins after 2041, and all other species after 2070.


Earth is leaving behind the death, decay, and reincarnation cycles, and this is a wonderful thing to behold. Earth is rapidly transcending the thoughtform that caused such an experience in her history. Each species is likewise addressing those thoughtforms that caused such an experience upon an individual basis. Dolphins and whales will make such thoughtform the main focus for the calendar year of 2019. So likewise, will our channel choose to focus upon aging, illness and disease karma in the calendar year of 2019 so that Earth may transcend such thoughtform in her global ascension. In so doing, a new future in which all form, whether they be plant, animal, whale, dolphin, mineral or human, shall not die and shall have the biology necessary to ascend to the next dimension and beyond.


The Nature of Non-Consciousness


Dolphins and Whales wish humans to understand that all nature kingdoms other than our species are non-conscious at this time. All species are ascending towards full consciousness by 2070 in physicality. Non-conscious form means that the soul ensouling species such as shark, lion, bear, tiger and so on have no control over the behavior of the body; the body simply mimics the state of peace or fear that surrounds them. Such is what a state of non-consciousness is. Put a tiger in front of an unconsciously abusive human and the tiger will attack. Put a shark in front of an unconsciously abusive human and the shark will attack. The shark and tiger simply take on the fear of the human and act accordingly. Be at peace, and neither the shark or tiger shall attack, and may even come close to be loved.


Asur’Ana was horrified to hear of a shark attack that took the foot of a surfer off the coast of Maui, and an attack against a newborn whale lost in shallow water that her mother could not enter. Why would the sharks attack whale? Some whales absorb fear from the land and the unconscious humans that reside therein, and in so doing, the fear transfers to shark via the water and then the shark attacks. This is a sad thing, however as all humans who reside in fear either die off or ascend, such experiences will become a thing of the past.


As each kingdom becomes fully conscious again embodying 36,000 segments of DNA, soul will monitor the behavior of each form bringing an end to violence even if presented with the fear of another projected upon oneself. Such a state of being is anticipated to step down into form no later than 2050, and shall emerge beginning in 2035. This shall translate into non-violent behavior by all species upon Earth. In so doing, the lion will lay with the lamb.


Lately, a form of channeling is being devised for certain animal kingdoms that tend to be violent. Perhaps you have heard of a lion that has attempted three times now to adopt a baby antelope in an African reserve. Lion, which is actually related to the “Dragon Kingdom”, is experimenting with taking charge of the behavior of the form ahead of ascending into a fully conscious genetic structure. It is undetermined if the experiment is successful enough to warrant the use of such modalities into the future, however demonstrates that nature will one day not consume one another any longer, and the lion will indeed lay with the lamb.


In a parallel manner, humans act out and mimic the fear that surrounds them. Such fear is often displaced upon Earth by other creations. Humans at 2 strands are almost as non-conscious as nature. This is a difficult thing, as the times of cleansing ahead may cause many humans to absorb the fear cast from Earth and act it out in random acts of violence, terrorism or war. The war-torn regions of Earth, including at this time the Middle East and parts of Africa along with South America, have the greatest fear associated with the land. Such fear has been dumped upon Earth from other creations for eons of time. Earth is in the process of removing such fear in her global ascension, however humans residing upon the land pick up upon the fear being non-conscious, and act it out in warfare and bloodshed. Much like shark or tiger, they appear to have no ability to control the behavior outside of such exterior influences.


This makes whale and dolphin very sad. Although we too have fallen in consciousness, we will not attack even if fear is projected upon us. We have enough control over the vessel that the soul overrides the fear allowing peaceful behavior to continue. This is why humans can swim with the dolphins and whales and not be attacked or injured, even if such humans are in a state of fear; we have retained enough consciousness to override the fear that humanity resides within and choose not to participate in a potentially violent dance.


Humans who are ascending and through the transmutation of thoughtform are learning to take control of one’s own behavior, and act in a harmless manner regardless of where one lives and how much fear is “in the air” due to global cleansing now underway. Such harmlessness is not only physical, in which one ceases to war, abuse or mutilate another, but also non-physical. Non-physical harm is generated through electricity that often runs through humans at low initiatory levels, and such energy mutilates the field of another. Humans who ascend adapt an increasingly rotational and magnetic energy flow that no longer harms, and can dance in communion again with all other species.


Whales and dolphins are well aware of those map carvers pursuing their path of ascension and in particular those like Asur’Ana embodying the upper initiations, and are joyful at the results. There is an opportunity through ascension for all species to relate again together in unity, harmony, joy and peace, and this future is descending now into a viable truth and reality for all to experience in the century ahead.


Electrical Sacred Geometry or the Mer-Ka-Ba


Many humans are in a fantasy of illusion that electrical sacred geometry that is Star of David or Mer-Ka-Ba in structure will ascend a form in the magnetic creation that Earth resides. Such geometry serves in early ascension only through initiation 1,024. Beyond 1024, the electrical geometry is transmuted into a round pattern that is magnetic and related to the Language of Light. (Please see Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information about the Language of Light.) Earth in attaining initiation 3,000 in October of 2017 no longer runs electrical sacred geometry upon a global level, or within her major chakras.


Those humans attempting to hold large electrical sacred geometry in motion will find such geometry turned now inside out and sent inwards into the molecular structure of their etheric body. Why? Such sacred geometry cuts up and shatters Earth’s rotational chakras and it hurts Earth when such geometry is launched and runs for any length of time between many humans. Those focusing consciously upon setting in motion such global electrical geometry under the guise of supporting global ascension are only harming themselves; for all of nature focuses in return upon inverting such geometry inside out and forcing it back into one’s field and molecules. Such energy movement then cuts up the grid work of the etheric body of those attempting such a focus and will lead to disease and an early death if one continues with such practices and intents.


Many humans are still receiving guidance to focus upon such things. Why would any being or entity have one focus upon setting such sacred geometry in motion if this is the case? The beings care not how long humans live or if they become ill as they are of the forces of the dark. The forces of the dark are losing their battle and at this time, there is little room for them to manipulate any longer within the current dance upon Earth. If they can cause hundreds or thousands of humans to focus upon setting such electrical geometry in motion, “maybe” they think, “just maybe we might turn the tides against us and win!” And so, we have witnessed now hundreds of times in recent months. All such geometry is turned inside out and back into the etheric body of those holding space for such geometry, as electrical sacred geometry is no longer allowed upon Earth in any regional or global manner. Earth has transcended the karma inherent in how such geometry came to be, and utilizes her own thoughtform to invert it upon those holding space for such energy movement.


If the beings causing one to focus in such a manner had any honor or respect for the humans involved, they would not ask such a thing, seeing that the focus causes harm to the humans that they are working through. However, the dark has never cared about whether or not they harmed or hurt anyone; they have only cared about creating and sustaining their dominion. All of the dark’s dominion tactics and energy flow have harmed, and harmed, and harmed, shattering all species again and again throughout history, leading to fall after fall in consciousness. There are loads of records of such harm not only in dolphin and whale records, but also human records.


For a long time, whales and dolphins held all human records, and humans forgot how such beings harmed in the past. As human records have been transferred back unto humanity, and those who began to ascend reviewed such records, suddenly the remembrance that such entities are not trustworthy resurfaced. Humans began to remember, and in so doing could more clearly define those who were of the dark and those who were of the light in the nonphysical realms.


Lo and behold, the very gods and goddesses that one has worshipped for so very long turned out to be forces of the dark in the nonphysical! This is a difficult thing to embrace for so many in your “metaphysical movements”, and this makes us dolphins and whales very sad. Mostly it is difficult to embrace as many therein are simply not ascending, and in not moving up in vibration, they fail to see how they are being used. For those who are ascending, one rapidly becomes aware of how such beings mutilate and harm, as one begins to feel the shattering of the form and field after attending a workshop, or having a healing or reading with such entities at the helm. This is a good thing as each ascending human will have to transcend the need to worship something outside of self, and turn inward connecting holographically to your own species, to Mother Earth, and to one’s own God Goddess within.


The forces of the dark were from outside of this creation beloved. The False Gods will never be communicated from within the heart and within the hologram. Why? They came from the Pleiades or Orion. They are not from your creation, and therefore never had a holographic relationship to any of the original species upon Earth, or the original red seeded race. The red seeded race came from Sirius, which indeed is a part of your creation. Those that came from the Pleiades and Orion shattered holographic communication within humankind, and in so doing, humankind, even the red race, failed to be able to communicate with nature. In so doing, humankind lost its way and began to worship such beings as god goddess and something outside of self.


Now you are on the return trip of this journey into darkness and lost-ness and are finding your way home. The mass ascent of those related to red holograms originating from Sirius has begun. This numbers 3 billion humans in our estimations. Out of the 3 billion humans who shall attain the vibration of 1,024 in the coming few months, only 750 million are anticipated to carry on to initiation 3,000. This is smaller than previously anticipated, and it is simply a reflection of how many humans have not the genetic materials or hologram required for ascension.


At this time, there is no bridge between radioactive and magnetic DNA. Those with such an origin therefore are destined for cleansing. Those who are of the “white” race with ancient red ancestry are learning to bring their magnetic DNA forward and ascend into it. By and large as long as there is ancient red ancestry, this is working, but not for all. Why do we say this? Well there are some red human holograms that are extremely distorted, so much so that there is so much harm pouring through those who attempted to ascend such holograms that they too are now blocked by the Solar and Universal Counsels overseeing ascension. Selective ascension is necessary lest the ascent of humankind prevent the ascent of the whole, and if enough harmful energetic dynamics occurs amongst a large enough group of humans, failure would be assured.


Even as of late there have been harmful incidents through humans all over Earth. Within recent months, the heart chakra over Hawaii, chakra over Tibet, chakra over Peru, chakra over South Africa, and chakra in Banff, Canada were shattered. Such shattering occurred through groups of humans that the forces of the dark worked through to launch electrical sacred geometry. Many of such humans were guided to focus upon launching electrical sacred geometry over such regions to “aid the ascension of Earth”. Sometimes such humans traveled for seemingly spiritual purposes to such regions under the guise and con that the region required clearing and “that they were going to do good”.


This is a large con, and those involved with such global harm not only are blocked from further ascension, but also inherit global karma that their future ancestors will have to settle in order to ascend. We guide those who are aware to stay away from such focuses or meditations. Focus inward instead and listen. Listen to what Earth has to say from within and through one’s heart. From within the heart, true and clear guidance will flow that is magnetic and attuned to the needs of your planetary ascension.


Humans who are ascending and are paying attention are often sent upon global missions. Generally, such global missions involve one’s ancestry who at one time or another set up a pattern that harmed Earth. To pay off the karma, one travels to such a region and undoes what the ancestor participated in. This releases electrical sacred geometry or machinery from the land so that the land may ascend. One does not create more electrical sacred geometry or machinery beloved, and if this is what is flowing through one’s field, then one is only incurring global harm. Such harm will be redirected back into one’s field and one will suffer the energetic consequences.


Such redirection is not only from Earth as a consciousness, but from all nature kingdoms in the region that such geometry is opened. Such kingdoms are harmed and hurt, tattered and torn apart, chakras mutilated and light bodies shredded through such straight-lined energy flow. We draw this to your conscious attention as we understand that most humans really wish to help, and would not like to harm. Those participating in such incidents are simply conned; conned by the same beings that conned one’s ancestors again and again and again throughout history, and each con lead to another fall; a fall for nature, a fall in vibration for Earth, and a fall for humankind.


We hope that our human brothers and sisters awaken to this truth and see it for what it is, and cease to direct one’s energy therefore consciously in such a manner. Earth does not require ascending. Earth is ascending herself. What is required is that each species does their part to ascend. For human form, this requires going inward and ascending oneself. Ascending oneself is enough of a focus for one must transmute and transcend every thoughtform behind the destructive biology that one lives within. Such biology has viruses and bacteria that destroy healthy tissues. As one transcends the thoughtform behind destruction, the viruses are converted into another system that supports the form. Over time and with enough transmutation, the form becomes regenerative in nature.


Regenerative biology does not die, it does not become ill, and it rejuvenates itself recurrently. Such biology will live hundreds of years into the future seeing a new era into existence of peace and joy, unity and love. This we see is the hope and dream of so many humans attracted to the spiritual path. The dream is possible to manifest, but not while in fantasy or in holding on to the “con” of the forces of the dark.


The Nature of Disease


One must become real and authentic as to how the body feels in any given moment. As one feels how the body feels, one will feel the etheric blockages, which hold destructive thoughtform in place. As the etheric blockages are removed one by one and over time, one gradually modifies the etheric body to sustain chi that runs through every ley line and meridian of the form.


In recent analysis of disease karma, grid work was moved outside of the form and into machinery to control our species. This allowed the forces of the dark to use our species to mutilate Earth tearing apart her chakras and field, just like humanity has been used in parallel manner. The machinery also made our forms fall in consciousness as subsequent generations fell in genetic material, and eventually made disease a commonplace experience for our species. We too are ascending out of disease by removing the machinery used by the dark against Earth, and reweaving our grid work inside of the form where it belongs. As all grid work is rewoven, a regenerative form becomes the norm, as enough chi is available to sustain the health and well-being of all cells therein.


Mechanized Ascension


Long ago, whales and dolphins ascended into the fourth dimension. Such ascensions were mechanized and occurred 50,000 years before humanity arrived in the original seeding from Sirius. It was during such ascensions that the machinery for the dark to control our species was constructed. Information had been confiscated through other species ensouled by forces of the dark from the False Intervention. Such species took of our ascension information during our ascent and as the records were opened for all to see, causing limitation in the process of ascension. Limitation equates to not knowing how to do something. Subsequently, and to expand the field, and in not remembering how it was done before, psychic machinery was created to expand the field without infusing soul. Machinery blueprints were helpfully brought in by the same false intervention souls and species that stripped our ascension records.


The machines sufficed to allow a pathway for our species to be stripped even further than possible previously. Furthermore, such machinery was used to strip Earth of her records, grid work and chakras, all of which was sent to the false intervention, causing a fall in consciousness before the arrival of humankind. This was not understood at the time, but is now coming to be understood through our own ascension at this time in history.


Asur’Ana has shown us as of late how human ascension fell the same fate. Information was stripped early on and mechanization information brought in to replace soul infusion. The machines ascended the form, but incompletely, and the machinery remaining was used to strip Earth and nature thereafter by the false intervention. Asur’Ana also showed us how certain spiritual aspirants are currently tuning into such machinery and ascending into it to this day. Some even utilize thoughtform transmutation techniques, which cause the human expression to become increasingly more neutral in personality. However, the field is not becoming increasingly infused with soul but rather enlarged through non-conscious machinery.


If there is no soul, there is no way for such forms to ascend, beloved. Ascension requires soul infusion and anything less causes combustion and incomplete ascension. Earth is examining such initiates more closely that are practicing such techniques, and may block further ascension until soul has been anchored into the field and the machines removed in full.


Such machines into the future may cause such humans to become diseased if they are not released. There will be a point after which mechanized energy flow will cease to flow fluidly enough to sustain the vibration of one’s form or one’s health. If more of the field is therefore mechanized than not, and little soul is present, such fields will be pushed further and further down in vibration and become part of the cleansing through death underway in the coming 25-year cycle.


Why will this come to be so? Earth in her ascension will move further and further from second dimensional thoughtform. 2D is horizontal and vertical lines that construct machines that are non-conscious. 3D is rotational energy movement that infuses soul. As Earth separates further and further from 2D in her momentum to 4D, those sitting in second dimensional thoughtform and mechanized fields will die.


Mechanized fields, even if the persona becomes increasingly non-judgmental and neutral, still equates to second dimensional thoughtform due to the nature of the straight-line energy movement. One must recognize that mechanization does not serve ascension; only soul infusion will allow the field to move towards 4D. Therefore, we invite our human brothers and sisters to examine if they are becoming increasingly mechanized in their ascension, or if more and more soul is being anchored and the machines dismantled. Machines lead to non-consciousness, and will lead to a non-conscious ascension. Non-consciousness is equated with the forces of the dark, and such non-conscious ascensions also are simply the vessels through which the dark may attempt to retain dominion over Earth.


Mechanization is also the main cause of disease. Grid work is pulled out of the etheric body to construct the machines, even machines that cause one to become neutral in nature and persona. The missing grid work will weaken the portions of the form around where the ley lines have been pulled leading to disease. Disease is such a commonplace state of being, that humans in their current thoughtform simply accept disease as a part of life. Disease is not a part of life, it is death in action; living in a painful diseased form is not life; it is a living death.


It is time to lift the veils and cons that say “disease must be accepted as a way of life”! Such thoughtform are a part of the cons of the forces of the dark so that they could pull apart Earth one last time rather than allowing her to ascend, and have all species accept this as their fate, and choose to become extinct. Dolphins and whales accept death not as their fate! We accept not disease! There is another possibility, and this we stand for anchoring and allowing all species upon Earth to join us in ascending into. We also know that our translator Asur’Ana feels deeply about this, and takes a stand to create a new tomorrow that is disease free for the human species. We support her therefore in her endeavors, as they support Earth’s ascent out of the paradigm of death and extinction, and into the paradigm of evolution and ascension. We invite our human brothers and sisters also to accept not death or disease as your fate, and ascend with us into a new day and a new tomorrow filled with love and joy.


Taking Charge Over One’s Fate


Ascension requires that one take back one’s power from all that one has given one’s power to over time. One’s ancestry has a long history of giving power away; giving power to the False Gods who govern the non-physical realms; giving power to humans to control the fate of Earth; giving control to human leaders who chose to desecrate Earth with war and nuclear technology. Whales and dolphins no longer give their power to the human species for such things; nor does any other species upon Earth. It is time also for ascending humans to take their power back from the officials that would like to lead your world into World War III and anchor a new tomorrow birthing a new era, a new renaissance ahead. One is the master of one’s own destiny as an ascending being. As humans along with dolphins and whales intend a renaissance or rebirth, the renaissance and a new Golden Era shall be born.


There is not one thing that one has not caused in one’s life experience or expression. As one uncovers the original cause of any dilemma, the dilemma can be ascended out of, including disease. Some initiates have ascended into and out of cancer in their own evolution. So have many a whale and dolphin in their map making done the same. One determines one’s fate by intending one’s own future, and then anchoring the dream that one has intended into physicality. One therefore can ascend into disease, and intend to ascend out of disease, and transcend the very paradigms at cause of the experience within.


Mastery is a difficult thing to explain to another outside of the internal experience of such. Mastery is about examining every thought, every piece of karma, every experience that one’s ancestor has had, and then learning the lesson behind the experience. In learning the lesson, one may forgive; forgive oneself; forgive one’s ancestor; forgive those in present time and in one’s present life expression that have trespassed or seemingly done one wrong; and forgive ultimately oneself for behaving the same way; and if not in this life, in one or many of your ancestors’ lives. It is forgiveness that fuels mastery. As one learns the lesson behind any creation, the next creation one manifests changes. The new creation no longer reflects the karma and patterns or thoughtforms that one has transcended. Furthermore, as one forgives, the cells move into a state of love again within one’s own embodiment.


What is disease? Disease is hatred that has become cellular. The cells that are diseased believe that they are not worthy of love and are hated. In a state of self-hatred, the cells contract and become cancerous. What is cancer? Cancer is a cell that cannot communicate to any other cells. No sustenance can enter the cell such as nourishment, and nothing can exit, such as toxins or waste. The cell becomes sicker and sicker until it dies, and this is most painful.


Turn the love on within the cell, and the cell will begin to open up. Much like a closed lotus, the cell has closed itself down out of the belief that it is not loved. As the love begins to awaken the cell, the cell opens up and blossoms, beginning to receive nourishment again and releases its waste. The cell then can recover from cancer, and then regenerate one step further in becoming crystalline.


Where does the cellular hatred come from? Ah, this may seem mysterious, but it is not really. Cells hold records of painful experiences related to one’s ancestors from the past. Cells hold records of war, injury, emotional abuse, rejection, being terrorized or hunted down, poisoned by an outside substance or radiation, death through injury or child birth, death through murder or torture, death through suicide, and millions and millions of other emotionally traumatic incidents experienced by one’s ancestors. The record itself causes the cell to believe itself unloved. In the lack of love, over time the cells that feel unloved cease to communicate and become diseased. Release the emotional record held within the cell, process the emotional trauma from one’s ancestry, and the cell may recover. This is how ascension out of disease can occur beloved.


One is the sum total of every ancestor that has ever walked the Earth plane in form. One is holographic and carries a holographic and cellular record of every experience ever experienced by all ancestors one is related to. Humans have been upon Earth for 50,000 Earth years (200,000 human years) since the original seeding of humankind from Sirius, and if one has ancient ancestry from the original seeding, one will be related to 4 billion other humans that have also lived and died in the physical. Your form carries 4 billion ancestors worth of trauma! It is no wonder therefore that life is often so painful, and disease is generally the outcome.


The Intent to Ascend


The intent to ascend is an ongoing command that emanates from the dolphin and whale pods that are ascending. So, it is also so for humans in the new consensus who are ascending, the thoughtform of ascension is a daily intent that flows through. It is the intent to ascend that shall carry one forward, each step of the way, releasing each ancestor’s trauma and anchoring a new regenerative blueprint that one can then embody. Over time and with enough ascension, the body ceases to die, and all cells regenerate. As this occurs, one has transcended the thoughtform of death.


If one manifests a difficult experience, or even a disease in one’s ascension, intend to rise above it; intend to ascend out of the experience. In the intent, one will create the necessary steps to bringing to consciousness the ancestral trauma that locks in a particular thoughtform at cause of one’s experience. In order to do this, one will cease to blame another for causing one’s life’s difficulties, and take responsibility for being the creator of one’s own destiny by looking inward rather than outward for a solution. The inner solution is found in forgiveness.


For every human that trespasses upon one’s life or causes a difficult experience, one’s ancestors have behaved the same. There is not one incident that one creates that one’s ancestors have not also created, and from all sides of a given expression. If one has been sexually abused and raped, then one’s ancestors have both been abused and raped and have been the abuser and rapist. As one goes within and forgives the abuser and rapist related to one’s inheritance, one will also forgive the abuser and rapist in one’s present day life. In the forgiveness, one transcends the dance altogether and shall cease to create another abuser or rapist ever again.


It is only the lack of forgiveness that creates the dance again. Fail to forgive, and one will either find oneself abused or raped again, or abusing another or raping another, or one’s future ancestors will experience the same. Forgive and the dance ceases, not only for oneself, but all of future forms related unto one’s ancestry. This is the only manner any species, including humankind, can ascend out of the current dance of dominion, warfare, struggle, poverty, hunger, and disease; to come to forgive the original cause of the dance and move beyond it, rise above it, and then dance to a new beat of unity and harmlessness.


In order to completely forgive, one must arrive at the “original cause”. The original cause is often buried deep in the scar tissue of the form, however as humans have ascended, they have pieced together their own library of understanding of the human history. In so doing, other ascending humans may draw upon such information and in bringing it to consciousness, come to understand the original cause of any trauma or problem or disease that one has made manifest in one’s present life circumstance.


The original cause creates a time warp within the cellular structure of the form. The cells that were injured in the original cause are stuck in time at the moment that the trauma occurred. If the trauma was 10,000 years ago, or 50,000 years ago, or 200,000 years ago, it matters not; the cells remain in time at the moment that the trauma was incurred. Furthermore, any like trauma is recorded over the original cause. Therefore, if one was raped, then each time an ancestor either raped or was raped, the rape is recorded in the same part of the form and over the original cause. Release the original cause, and the entire experience of “rape” throughout one’s ancestry can also be transmuted, and one can be free of the thoughtforms that create the experience of rape forevermore.


Trauma is recorded into the density of the form founded upon certain vibrational bandwidths. As one ascends, one rises in vibration. Each vibrational bandwidth that one enters allows more cellular trauma to be released. In some circumstances, ascending out of disease may require ascending to enough of a vibration to perceive the original cause. Continue to ascend, and so you will get to the original cause sooner or later. Set your intent that this is so, and so it will be, as nothing is beyond rising above in ascension.


Mastering one’s fate requires the understanding that whatever one focuses upon will come to be so in due course. If one continues and continues to focus upon recovery from disease in the act of ascension, recovery from a disease will occur. If one continues to focus upon creating a loving partner and releasing the cause of discord in relationships, so it will come to be, and one will manifest the beloved in ascension. If one continues to focus upon creating community with loving humans to dance with, the continued ongoing focus of all humans present upon such a goal will cause the goal to come to be so through ascension. This however requires that each intending such a goal continue to ascend and transmute the patterning at cause of discord in human relations.


The Spiritual Path and Fame


There is not one dream one cannot fulfill upon through ascension, except fame. Fame and the spiritual path are a diverse energetic phenomenon, and fame itself will prevent ascension and lead to disease. Why? Fame causes one who becomes famous to suddenly be corded by thousands to millions of others who suddenly know of oneself or one’s gifts and talents. Cords penetrating the etheric body from all those knowing of oneself and will cause an ongoing loss of chi such that ascension cannot occur. Furthermore, over time, the body will become ill as the cords interfere with the regeneration of the tissues related to wherever they connect within the etheric body. Therefore, if your intent is to ascend, do not intend fame, or take upon oneself a preoccupation that could create fame, and one will avoid this pitfall upon the spiritual path.


Why do humans desire fame? This is not really understood by whales and dolphins. Dolphins and whales have worked together collaboratively and in pods for eons of time. There is no one whale or dolphin or group of dolphins and whales that are known by all other whales and dolphins for a specific reason. We recognize ourselves as ONE SPECIES. As one species, we operate together in the greatest good of the whole. This means sharing food if food is scarce; this means supporting one another as necessary if pods travel together to particular destinations; this means honoring one another as a co-member of one’s species and in relation to all species upon Earth.


From our point of view, no one dolphin or whale is any more or less than any other. All whales and dolphins sing; most have children; many have sexual relationships that are either homosexual or heterosexual; all eat particular foods that sustain the form; no one song is any more or less than any other sung by any other dolphin, whale or their related pod. All songs are shared telepathically so that whales and dolphins may attune to one another in our collaborative journey of ascension and continued rising in vibration. All dolphins and whales anchor the Tao to support Earth in her ascent after one has mastered a state of full consciousness.


What makes it seem so imperative in human form to have “fame” then? Fame as we perceive it is the desire to be loved. Form feels so unloved, and unloved upon a cellular level, that the pursuit of fame comes from the deep level of self-hatred that humans live within. Fame will never fill the cells with love. If anything, fame will cause a deterioration of the form into greater loveless-ness as the form ceases to have enough chi due to all of the hundreds and thousands of cords into the etheric body. Therefore, fame will never lead to an internal sense of love, only death and disease.


Ascension on the other hand allows love to become internalized. As each cell receives the chi that it requires in order to live, the cell feels loved. As more cells feel loved than not within the form, then the consciousness of the form feels loved from within. By and large, such a state of being is sustained as initiation 3,000 is embodied 30%, and to a larger degree the further that one ascends. Therefore, we invite our human brothers and sisters to give up the quest for fame in all of the varying ways and manners that it might be made manifest, and choose to ascend instead. In the ascension, the love that one is yearning for will come to be known and experienced from within. As one loves from within, then one can create loving partners and friendships without.


Preoccupation and World Service


Whales and dolphins have simple preoccupations. Our preoccupations revolve around eating, love making, sleeping and conscious dreaming. Our conscious dreaming interconnects our species to all others and all other species upon Earth. The united focus of our dreamtime is to bring the patterns and karma to consciousness so that all species may ascend. As a fully conscious species, we also have our individual ascension that one is working upon, just as within human form.


Sometimes dolphins and whales are directed to particular parts of the world to assist with Earth’s global ascent. Recently, Asur’Ana read an article from scientists in the Hawaii area that commented that the number of whales has quadrupled in the past few years and that they wondered if there would be enough food to feed us all. We have been asked by Earth to remain in Hawaii at this time to support her global ascent, and this is why we have come. There is enough food, as nature has responded to our requirement to support the heart of Earth and is providing plenty for our continued sustenance and ascent. Such is the nature of working collaboratively with Earth in one’s service work; one goes where one is required and is amply provided for. For each human that can learn to live in such a way, so it will also be so.


In the tropics such as Hawaii food grows very rapidly. Papaya trees can grow from seed to a 10-foot tall tree in a year. This is also so for sustenance grown in the warmer oceans in tropical regions around Earth. Therefore, it is easy for nature to provide in tropical regions at this time for whales, dolphins and humans. Earth is heating up, and over time all ocean will become increasingly warmer. What is tropical and nice today may become too hot into the future, causing us to move again as it is necessary. This may also be so for humans upon the land.


Listen to where you are called as an ascending human for world service. Are you called to move? Then begin to intend that such a move come to fruition, and take the necessary steps to bring it forth. Real world service requires each human or dolphin or whale to be where Earth requires one to be to support her global ascent. Sometimes such locations may not be where one would like to live for a time. Make your needs known and when your service in a particular region is over, then you will be free to move on to the next service location and choose one that is more desirable unto oneself.


Most humans are mechanized into living where they live. Machines repeat the same thing day in and day out. Dismantle the machinery and one will free oneself to move wherever one is needed. All will be provided, as this is a part of the world service contracts with Earth. One may think in human form, “Oh, I need a job, house, car and so on to live in.” This too will be provided in the dream for your relocation by Earth, or so Asur’Ana has found. Whales and dolphins need not such things, as we are more self-sustaining in nature. In time, humans will also become more self-sustaining and learn to live from what the land can freely provide.


For dolphins and whales, we need not work the land. Nature provides pockets of untouched oceanic typography that provide for all our needs including food and places to rest or birth our young. We travel from place to place allowing yet other pods to rest or birth their young also, or treat themselves to the bounty of the ocean. We live a simple life, which allows us our dreamtime focus upon ascension.


Humans have gotten out of rhythm with Earth in their housing and technological practices. In so doing, it is difficult for Earth to provide for humans as they have cut down the very forests and rainforests that would naturally provide the sustenance they require otherwise. Why do humans mutilate the land under the guise of making it more beautiful or habitable? This too was an Annanuki (Pleiadian) phenomenon. The red race did not build cities. They lived comfortably from the land, taking of the fruit of the rainforests as necessary to sustain the life; taking of the natural provisions for building a home to sleep within; and utilizing nature as the temple for which one could commune with the God Goddess within and without.


The Annanuki arrived and tore down the rainforests building cities for their slaves to live within. The cities had not food and were covered with concrete. Food was moved to farms designated to grow the sustenance to feed the slaves, and shipped into the cities. When times changed and food in the farms would not grow, the slaves starved. Humans are facing yet another time in which yet another change will bring about similar and parallel circumstances. Will you handle it differently this time beloved? If so, working the land will become the prerequisite to survival over the coming quarter century.


Self-sustaining community can become the focus and dream for ascending humans. Finding a place that is easy to grow food will resolve most difficulties. One may therefore wish to choose a place with ample rainfall and perhaps tropical in temperature. The major difficulties we foresee for human community is the dissonance and lack of unity that human persona lives within. This will create perhaps the greatest difficulties in all such communities as they come to be in the physical.


Perhaps humans wishing to create community can learn from us whales and dolphins. Dolphins and whales live in a state of ongoing unity. This occurs as each honors the other, does not judge, does not fight over which truth is right or wrong, and does their part to support the whole of the pod. Within human community this will translate into each honoring one another, non-judgment of truth or physical appearance, and each doing their part to raise the food, clean the toilets, cook the meals, weave the cloth, make the clothes, weave the baskets, make the pottery and so on that sustaining a community requires. As each honors and does their part, unity and collaboration can become the new foundation from which human community can function. All blueprints anchored through ascending communities shall transfer over to the remaining human populace allowing all humans to enter the dance of unity as a civilization in the coming century. Such are the agreements of the map carvers of ascension in human form.


We invite you to play with us, to tune into us, to learn with us, and to share with us. We have much to teach you about communion, community and living in honor. Asur’Ana has learned to work with us each night, sharing her experiences of ascension, asking us for advice of particular problems she has encountered, and utilizing her gifts of vision to assist us with some of our problems in our ascensions. Such an experience is most beautiful to us and is allowing whales and dolphins and humans to learn to live together in the common goal of ascension of the whole of Earth, sharing the gifts and talents in support of all species therein.


However, we ask you not to commune with us expecting us to heal you. We cannot heal you. Each that requires healing must go within and attune unto one’s own ancestral karma. We can assist however in perceiving beyond the veils of illusion that perhaps do not allow the karma to come to light fully. In so sharing, your ascension can come forth in greater ease, and we can learn from whatever matching issues that one is processing and we may be processing ourselves in our respective ascensions.


The Thoughtform of the Savior


Humans are not the only one who have the thoughtform of the savior. Dolphins and whales also fell into such a thoughtform, however it was mostly nonphysical in expression. What we mean by this is that whales and dolphins never expected a physical savior to descend to Earth; but rather a savior in the form of a soul that would make it all okay, perfect and beautiful again. Our quest for this lead us off track as we turned to the same False Gods and Goddesses as humankind falling into a dance that only lead to our demise and not our salvation.


Over time and in the ongoing observation that the False Gods really are only self-serving, we pulled away from such nonphysical support, searching inward. It was through our inward search, much as with Asur’Ana, in which the connection to the Tao or the Force from which all life emanates, was made manifest. Such a connection is holographic and a part of all that exists inside and outside of time and space. No one is separate from the Tao; except those in form that are so pared down in genetic material that the hologram that one is functioning from is disconnected.


This is a sad thing to understand. As the Annanuki bred a slave race of humans, such humans received a hologram that was separate. Such a hologram has no connection to anything outside of the other slaves that bred and populated Earth over time. As such, there is no connection to the Tao in such humans. The only solution is to allow such humans to become extinct in the coming quarter century, as a holographic connection to the Tao is paramount in ascension. This also affected some dolphin and whale lineages, which were bred in large tanks and imported from the Pleiades to Earth after the ice shields broke creating your oceans. Such whales and dolphins just as your human counterparts lack a connection to the Tao. It is such dolphins and whales that shall also become extinct in the coming quarter century of global ascension.


Into the future, no form will be born without a connection to the Tao. This is so for whales, dolphins, humans, plants, animals and minerals. Each will have a holographic connection to the Tao, or they will likewise become extinct. Those species choosing extinction indeed have holograms that have no connection to the Tao and therefore cannot ascend “home”. As such physical vessels perish, soul that has been trapped in such physical vessels can move into vessels that can ascend, or return to the creation of origin. In so doing, all will one day return to the Tao.


Extinction therefore need not be viewed as a negative thing. One is freeing consciousness and freeing soul so that it can evolve. Such consciousness and soul will understand the mistakes made, and will choose not to make such mistakes again into the future. This will bring an end to the creation of slave races or manipulation of genetics into a non-conscious and non-evolutionary form. May such a problem never occur again! Let us make this so, HO!


Human Bloodshed


Those humans warring upon your plane of reality have no holographic connection to the Tao. They are isolated and alone, and afraid. In the fear, they attack one another competing over territory or wealth. Such humans have no other potential behavior as they are separated off, non-whole, and afraid. Allow. Understand that such human lineages shall cease to be in a short time. Allow all souls dancing in such a circumstance to learn their lesson so that this need not be created again anywhere in the future.


Please understand that it is not just humans that created the slave race or pared down genetics within dolphins, whales, or plants, animals and minerals. Soul also participated. Form could not be created in any laboratory without the nonphysical realms’ cooperation. All would die otherwise. At this time, the nonphysical realms will no longer cooperate with such purposes as creating life in laboratories. We have learned our lesson well, and will not choose to repeat such a difficult dance again. We forgive ourselves, and ask humans, whales and dolphins to do the same.


We thank you for taking the time to tune into our thoughts directed at ascending humans. We hope that our sharing sheds light upon your own process of evolution. We invite you to play with us and dance with us, not in the physical, but in the nonphysical and through the heart and hologram that lies within. Let us support one another in the ascent Home!


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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