Image of a rose quartz ball. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love

6. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love


From the Rose Quartz Kingdom


This chapter begins a series of materials from a group of minerals associated with a particular set of vibrations that are held through the mineral kingdom for Mother Earth and all sentient species that are ascending at this time in history. The Rose Quartz Kingdom is not the only mineral that holds pink tones of creation: Rhodocroshite, Ruby, and Pink Tourmaline are other minerals hosting the pink ray. Pink is associated with Forgiveness (rhodocroshite), Unity (rose quartz), Oneness (pink tourmaline) and External Awareness or the connection between humans or between kingdoms (ruby) in the Language of Light. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones” for more information.)


Global Warming Is the Result of Increasing Molecular Spin


The mineral kingdom assists in the transmutation of global thoughtform for the consensus known as Terra (Earth). Terra is a consensus reality. Much as each human must learn to transmute polarity based thoughtform into greater unity, so is Terra undergoing this process as a planet. This is what fosters global ascension or global warming as humans perceive it. Global warming is really the result of an increasing spin of Terra’s molecules within her body along with the increasing spin of the molecules in all kingdoms, plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin as well as human.


Most species are just beginning their ascent beyond 1,024 segments of DNA in vibration upon the surface of Terra. Terra has equated molecular spin to the number of segments of DNA that have been restored within the biology. Each additional segment of information causes the molecules to heat up and embrace a new pattern. In the ascent from 1024 to 3000 segments, the molecules shift in patterning from a solar system style of rotation to the Triple Sphere patterning or “Consciousness” symbol within the Language of Light. As the molecules move into this new patterning as defined by the DNA, there is room for additional warming or heat to emanate from each kingdom along with Terra as a whole, leading to a more rapid pace of global evolution.


At this time roughly 40% of Terra’s overall molecular structure has embraced the Triple Sphere patterning. In the coming 5 years, it is anticipated that over 80% of Terra’s molecular structure shall embrace this new patterning. As this occurs, global warming shall begin a rapid pace of “heating up” or “thawing out” of the glaciers that remain upon Terra’s body. The melting of the glaciers is necessary as the frozen regions host non-moving energy; non-moving energy causes imbalances in Earth’s rotation of field as well as the wobble that creates the seasons in her physical rotation around the solar Sun. As the poles and remaining glaciers melt in full in the coming 300-year cycle, Earth’s wobble will also cease and seasons as you know them will disappear. This is something that one’s future ancestry shall experience.


Detoxification and Global Warming


The heating up of Terra’s surface will increase the capacity to detoxify many substances that humans have discarded into the ocean as well as upon the land. Recently, Asur’Ana read a news article online stating that the arctic Orca Whale Kingdom hosts so many toxins in their blubber that they have been designated as toxic as the polar bears, who also host many toxins in their blubber from consuming seals. The toxins are all human made substances dumped into the sea.


For the sake of all kingdoms of the sea, a rapid transmutation is necessary to assure their continued ascent. This shall come hand in hand with warming which shall foster the creation of bacteria that will dissolve toxic substances making them inert. Most toxic agents are only a molecule or two away from an inert substance; as bacteria grow that consume the toxins, they will break off the molecules rendering such substances inert and harmless.


This is not the only time in history that such destructive agents have been added to Terra’s waterways. Following the era of Atlantis, parallel pollution occurred. It took Terra 425 Earth years (1,700 years as humans measure them) to render all toxic substances inert from Atlantis. This cycle and due to the global warming and ascension, it will only take 75 Earth years (300 human years) to accomplish this task. Many of the bacteria utilized to transmute the toxins from Atlantis will become active again now as Terra is pressing this blueprint into the oceans at this time. Many new bacteria are also being designed that will be even more greatly effective at assisting with global detoxification due to the support Terra is receiving from the Tao. Scientists may be amazed to discover nature’s capacity to clean itself of human made toxins.


Consumption of Flesh and the Dinosaurs


Toxins are only toxic as they originated from another creation. Long ago, many species were seeded upon Earth that was from other creations. One of such species was the dinosaur. The dinosaur, like others of electrical nature, overran all other species, reproducing en masse and then went on to consume everything. Originally dinosaurs were vegetarian; due to their electrical DNA and salts within the biology, over time they became increasingly vicious and began to consume one another along with other animal kingdoms. This is the first record of consumption of flesh that occurred within Earth’s experience upon the third dimension.


Nature chose to manifest a large meteor that hit Earth’s surface around the region of “Death Valley” in California. This occurred about 1 million years ago as Earth measures time. The dust emanating from the meteor as it crashed into Earth’s field created a large dust cloud that cooled the planet just enough to kill all dinosaurs at once. Understand that this was a chosen dream on the part of Terra to rid herself of a species that was from a foreign creation and highly dissonant and destructive unto the whole.


Dinosaur remains have been difficult for Terra to transmute as they are not carbon-based and do not dissolve with the natural bacteria originating in this creation. It is for this reason that humans have been able to harvest dinosaur remains. Dinosaurs were dissonant or toxic to Earth and so are their remains. Therefore, anything constructed from dinosaur remains are toxic to life upon Earth as well as humankind as a result. This is less so for those of Anu inheritance and silica-based DNA who resonate with the dinosaur remains due to their own genetic structure.


Some of the oil harvested from the Gulf Coast in the US is actually from the remains of silica-based humans. These humans were related to the Anu and were blown up in a large nuclear explosion destroying billions at once in a large metropolitan area known as the capital of Atlantis. Humans in this era were also part silica DNA, and their remains also failed to break down much as the dinosaurs. Now humans harvest their own silica based remains that also have formed a goopy substance known as oil.


Within the goopy substance are the dreams of Atlantis along with other silica-based creations such as the Pleiades. This is where the dream for technology comes from; a foreign creation that does not resonate with Terra. As humans harvested the oil from the dinosaurs in Atlantis, they tapped into a dream from the creation that the dinosaurs were from. The dinosaurs were from Alpha Centauri, a creation heavily manipulated by Pleiadian scientists. Through the dinosaur remains, the dream for the technology of the Pleiadian scientists was anchored upon Terra from Alpha Centauri.


Now as humans again harvest oil in present time, the same dream from the era of Atlantis repeats and the technology associated has emerged again. Terra is choosing as a result to create bacteria that will break down oil and all other silica based remains. There are some silica-based plants as well as animals and minerals that also exist upon Terra due to the many scientific experiments conducted by other creational humans upon her surface over time. These plants and animals are destined to go extinct in the coming cycle, only this time the remains shall fully dissolve as Terra is bringing in the understanding to do so. As such, there will be no further repeat of this cycle or its technological era as the dream for such technology shall be dissolved along with the remains leading to a new day of peace and unity for all remaining.


Human Harm and Technology


Humans have done much harm with their technology. It is less damaging unto Earth and nature to rely upon weaponry that involves stones and knives. Such weaponry allowed the red nation tribes in particular to hunt and gather and grind their gatherings into flour and other necessary food source; or remove the fur from the animals hunted for warmth. This type of weaponry necessary for survival speaks to the harsh conditions that have developed over time in Terra’s weather patterns. As the weather patterns alter and Terra heats up, eventually all of her surface will become a tropical wonderland again as it was in ancient times; as such, food source will simply grow from the vine providing adequately for all remaining species upon her surface.


It is when weaponry is constructed that can destroy billions of humans along with large regions of Terra that technology becomes harmful unto the whole. Terra however must examine her own harmful thoughtform that brought such a dream to her existence. This is a part of the process of ascension for Terra; to understand how and why humans arrived upon Earth, and what they were reflecting unto her in terms of her own state of being. In understanding how and why and what humans reflect, then Terra can begin the process of forgiveness. As humans are forgiven in full, then collectively humanity will cease to have the power to determine Terra’s fate any longer.


This is already coming to be so; there is no longer a dream for World War III looming as a possibility for the human dance. Terra has taken her power back to guide and direct the human dream now towards a day of awakening, forgiveness and momentum back into unity; and so, this now shall come to be over the course of the coming 100 years of human evolution and beyond.


Examining the Destructive Mirror


What do destructive humans mirror to Terra about her own state of being? This we would like to delve into now so that those reading this book may begin to forgive one’s own ancestry. It is only as ascending humans forgive their ancestors for all experiences of destruction, whether they are outward towards others as in abuse, torture, murder or warfare, or inward towards oneself as expressed in disease, that humanity can ascend into a new day of peace, honor, unity and joy.


Terra attracted to herself and at human hands the species known as the dinosaurs. These arrived in human craft as a scientific experience to see if they would survive. Dinosaurs not only survived but proceeded to dominate and then out of the large numbers, became destructive unto the whole. Furthermore, the vibrations hosted in their DNA caused dinosaurs to become increasingly vicious; this caused the dinosaurs to begin to consume one another along with other animal kingdoms in lieu of vegetation.


Animals resonant to Terra in this time period primarily survived from the breath and did not consume anything, even vegetation. The dinosaurs arrived thriving from the breath, but the air held different components than their creation of origin and soon this did not provide adequately enough for their existence. The dinosaurs then mutated into consuming vegetation to subsist. Mutating to consume was the first fall in consciousness for any animal kingdom upon Terra in the third dimension. When consciousness falls and because everything is holographic and interconnected, the shift affects all other kingdoms.


As a result of the dinosaurs’ experience, there was now a record of consumption of another kingdom in the form of vegetation that is held in the memory banks of Terra. Furthermore, and over time, even the vegetation could not sustain the dinosaurs; they mutated again and began to consume flesh. Yet again another memory of consumption of flesh was now recorded upon Terra. Although the dinosaurs went extinct, the record was never released for the consumption. This was the first mistake of Terra; had she known enough to forgive the dinosaurs and erase the records, the human history as it has gone down might never have occurred.


It is the records from the dinosaurs that attracted silica based human life upon Terra. Humans that were seeded from Sirius were not purely of Sirian DNA. There were 18 root races seeded on the part of Sirian scientists. 7 root races were primarily magnetic DNA that was carbon based; the other 11 were primarily electrical DNA and silica based. The 11 root races of electrical humans like the dinosaurs went extinct as they were non-resonant with Terra’s magnetic flow at the time. Yet again, a record of having silica-based humans remained within Terra’s records; this too failed to be erased calling another set of humans of parallel genetics to the consensus at a later time and who were even more greatly destructive known as the Anu.


Now Terra is learning to be very fastidious with her records; all must come to be known and all karma erased so that the past does not repeat again into the future. This is the same for each species upon Earth; each is focused upon releasing records from prior time periods in the third dimension through forgiveness. When forgiveness occurs, the spiritual lesson is understood, and then in the understanding, the records can be thoroughly erased so that they will not recur again. This is the gift of forgiveness beloved, and is one of the main vibrations that the pink ray minerals hold for Terra. Therefore, we have a very good understanding of how forgiveness occurs in any species along with any consensus reality.


The Nature of Forgiveness


Forgiveness requires magnetic tones of creation when one is in a magnetic creation. Dinosaurs were from an electrical creation. As a result of this, if their species ran the pink ray in an electrical tone, it had the effect of failing to release karma or erase the records of their own existence in each cycle. This is the primary reason that the records of the dinosaurs failed to be released by Terra; they were recorded in electrical tones and Terra lacked vibrations necessary to dissipate electricity. Now Terra has incorporated those vibrations necessary to dissipate electricity and can dissolve the dinosaur records along with the records of the electrical based humans known as the Anu that have been so destructive in nature towards her. Now Terra can forgive all other creational records as she has anchored the vibrations necessary to do so.


Humans are often a composite of electrical and magnetic DNA. Even the 7 remaining red nation root races that did not go extinct host 10% to 20% electrical DNA in their original genealogy. It may be that the root races were partially electrical and this called another more fully electrical race of beings known as the Pleiadian Anu to the dream upon Terra. Most ascending today will host some if not a lot of electrical DNA due to the ongoing interbreeding of the human species over time. It is the electrical DNA that must be transmuted in order to ascend into a magnetic field and biology resonant with the Great Central Sun. This is the primary purpose of ascension today; to bring about resonant DNA and return foreign DNA and associated consciousness to the creation of origin.


Ascension today therefore will allow for a certain level of electricity due to the very nature of the history associated with each kingdom. The Language of Light is an electromagnetic language that fosters unity. Those leaving behind purely electrical thoughtform can embrace the Language of Light in its place and the result is unity biology and unity relations. However, in order to accomplish this, one must have ancestry that is direct to the red nations root races as this is the type of field that they held at another time in Terra’s history. Therefore, not all can work their way out of electrical thoughtform and in particular if one has not magnetic ancestry in one’s birth tapestry of 25 lineages.


Thoughtform and Forgiveness


Those ascending with electrical thoughtform cannot release karma here in a magnetic creation. Why is this so? The thoughtform from an electrical creation does not act the same as a purely magnetic or electromagnetic thoughtform in a magnetic creation. Electrical thoughtform in a magnetic creation causes an inversion of energy flow; the inversion causes increasing density rather than the dissolution of density. Dissolution of density requires a particular spin of the field; in a magnetic creation the field spins in certain manner to allow for ascension. Upon Terra, the field spins to the right if you are female and to the left if you are male; this is also so for the energy within each chakra, ley line or the meridian of the biology; the energy moves in a particular manner to foster increasing vibration and the dissolution of karma along with density.


If one is running purely electrical chi through the field, the energy within each ley line, within each chakra, or the subtle bodies or etheric body will reverse polarize and run in the wrong direction. This will cause the karma and density not only to fail to be spun off, but to increase causing a downward movement towards extinction or into disease. It is for this reason that transitioning to a magnetic flow and magnetic language is so important at this time of evolution Home through ascension.


The reverse polarization of electrical chi also explains why the 11 roots races who were primarily drawn from electrical DNA went extinct. The electricity caused each root race to spiral down until they became ill and all died. This also explains what occurred for the Anu themselves and why they were propelled towards extinction upon Terra. The Anu also sank continually into disease due to reverse polarizing as a result of running an electrical movement in a magnetic creation; however, the Anu learned to defer their karma and dream of disease onto their slave nations, and later also the red nations peoples. This extended their lives up to 18,000 human years, but caused all other humans to sink in consciousness and become diseased in the exchange.


It may be hard to imagine how much karma that the Anu created for themselves in so doing; and perhaps in the greater understanding of the dance the Anu should have simply returned “home” to the Pleiades. However, the extinction records of 11 root races (some of which hosted 90% Pleiadian DNA) called the Anu to the dance and propelled them also to extinction in the end and due to nuclear annihilation in their own warfare.


Had Terra been able to erase all records of the dinosaurs and 11 extinct human root races, the Anu would have never come to Earth; nor would they have then anchored over 600,000 manipulative patterns prevalent in the human dream that were used to extend their lives. Alas this is what has occurred, and now all humans including Terra must ascend their way out of the manipulative dance. Ascending through 600,000 types of manipulative patterns is not easy. However, if humans and Terra are going to work their way out of the karma for the Anu, this is exactly what must occur; that for each manipulation a solution is found and map carved that blocks the manipulation allowing for continued evolution upwards in vibration instead.


The Anu anchored vibrations that were used to defer karma and density pressing it every which way. Those of sincere red nation lineages will find themselves overrun by the patterns of those of Anu inheritance that one has known in this lifetime. Forgiveness is necessary to resolving the dance so that the manipulation ceases and one can retrieve the records that the Anu took to extend their lives that one requires to ascend. This is what ascension has become about amongst the map makers, an energetic fist-fight over records and information that tends to leave and move to those of Anu inheritance. As this occurs enough, those of Anu inheritance begin to regenerate extending their lives yet again in this time period in lieu of the one with red nation inheritance who is trying to ascend.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Absolute Forgiveness


What is the solution? Absolute forgiveness. This game of moving density and karma around can only be transcended if one forgives one’s own ancestry for participating in the game. Each human has participated in the game of moving density and karma around unto others. The game is so prevalent that density and karma has become like a hot potato that is pushed around until it lands upon the one who will take on all the darkness; generally, this individual then dies of a disease or other type of travesty. Then the next in line takes on the darkness and dies; and so, it goes around and around like a merry-go-round. Absolute forgiveness takes one off the merry-go-round of pushing density upon others or receiving density from others oneself.


How does absolute forgiveness work? This is a new command that Terra and the mineral kingdoms have come up with in collaboration with the Tao. Absolute forgiveness states “I intend to forgive this individual (insert name) and every time that I have ever danced with their ancestry upon Earth or upon any other creation or upon any other dimension of life that my multidimensional and multi-creational ancestry has existed upon.” As one intends to forgive absolute, one begins to release parallel karma and density in one’s multidimensional layers of DNA that surround oneself from all time periods since your ancestry left the Great Central Sun.


In order for this to be effective, one must have the ability to communicate in the Language of Light. Those primarily using electrical languages or spinning electrical geometry in the form of pyramids or boxes will not be able to forgive absolute. Why? They are using the wrong language for this creation.


If one has inheritance primarily to that which originated in the Pleiades, one speaks in a creational language and emanates tones that originated from the Pleiades. Such tones cannot forgive here upon Terra as they are from the wrong creation. The best solution for those of this genealogy therefore is to complete this life in death and then return home to the Pleiades where they can forgive. There are many of this nature that may be reading these materials; if this is so do not despair as your intent to ascend will carry you “home” to another creation where you will have an opportunity to fulfill upon this goal.


Terra has located another creation just beyond the last Pleiadian Sun that hosts electrical geometry and has agreed to embrace human consciousness that cannot ascend Home here upon Earth. There are already counsels set up to assist in the transition. Information is being shared amongst those who attempted to ascend here but failed as they really have only electrical genealogy and cannot forgive. This creation shall learn greatly from the experience of humans of electrical nature upon Terra and shall carry on; as such, there is an opportunity also for this creation to go home to its electrical Great Central Sun of origin.


Consciousness does not end with death; it carries on in the desire to go Home, learning and evolving each step of the way. Therefore, do not feel bad about those exiting physicality in the times of cleansing ahead; those that cannot ascend are going home to a creation that does resonate and will one day ascend “home” in parallel unto Terra. Nothing is lost really, beloved.


Forgiveness and Magnetism


Forgiveness requires magnetic pulsations running through the field. Magnetism causes the field to spin in the same direction as the chi through the meridians and ley lines of the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies or dreamtime self (light body). It is as the chi moves in the same direction over all that the field spins up and up and up, heating up the kundalini. One may break out in a sweat as this occurs. The fire of the kundalini then penetrates not only the core of the etheric body, but each chakra, each subtle body along with the dreamtime light body. It is the element of fire from the kundalini as it surges throughout the field that then burns off the density and karmic agreements or contracts that one is processing through forgiveness.


The element of water then washes away the ashes remaining from the process of transmutation; the element of air blows away the ashes that water will not release; and the element of earth will absorb those patterns that are a part of the consensus upon which you reside and cannot be transmuted by yourself alone. This is how forgiveness and transmutation occur in the act of ascension.


All four elements are necessary to a complete ascension due to the role that each plays in the act of transmutation. Each element has a particular quality that allows for complete transmutation of all karma and density that one is ascending out of. However, the elements must be of magnetic origins to work in a magnetic creation. Electrical fire will have the effect of failing to burn off the karma but may combust it instead; this shall cause the records to disappear instead of being transmuted; this does not serve as ultimately the records then are not forgiven.


This is the problem with false ascension, beloved. In false ascension, electrical geometry is built to a larger and larger sized field; the electrical fire then runs through the field and combusts the karma making it appears as though it has been released. In reality, the karma has not been released and the harm that the electrical geometry causes unto Earth or other humans actually creates more karma. This is why those having false ascensions are actually creating karma rather than releasing karma. It is also for this reason that Terra is choosing to limit false ascension to a low-level frequency where it does not prevent her own continued evolution, or the evolution of those humans that can ascend.


This is the largest problem that the Anu faced in their lifetimes; the Anu combust most of the karma that they had incurred and pressed the remaining upon their slave nations. Over time, the Anu could not combust their karma fast enough to prevent themselves from aging and becoming ill, and so they created elaborate sacrificial rituals with the slaves. In the death of special slaves bred each year with their own lineages, each Anu family member then pressed the karma for disease and death upon those sacrificed. This further complicates the dance between the Anu and their slaves to such an extent that the slaves lived the death and disease karma of the Anu en masse.


In response to the Anu death karma and how this affected the dream of the slaves, the Anu set up elaborate concentration camps to remove unwanted and excessive slaves that were diseased, deformed, disturbed or mentally ill, or too aged to do their job. The extermination camps were not a lot unlike those formed by Hitler in Auschwitz. The slaves lived the extinction karma of the Anu en masse in their extermination. Terra estimates that over 8 million slaves were destroyed in this manner over time.


This is how and why mass extermination of any human nation has occurred throughout the past 30,000 Earth years of human history (120,000 years as humans measure it). It is all due to the karma of the Anu deferred upon an entire civilization of slaves. Had the Anu been from a magnetic creation, they could have forgiven their own karma and would not have required deferment of karma of this magnitude. This would have created a very different outcome than the nuclear annihilation at the end of their era and due to their own warring between family members.


The nuclear annihilation at the end of the Anu era was really the result of the ongoing combustion of their own karma through electrical fire element running through their fields. The ongoing movement of electrical fire element creates radiation akin to combustion. The Anu were going insane as over time their own molecular structure was combusting from the inside out due to the adverse effect of electrical fire spun in a magnetic creation. To extend their lives, the Anu learned to strip the molecules of their slave nation peoples to replace those that were combusting and press the radiation from their own bodies due to the combustion upon the slaves. This led to many diseases amongst the slaves due to loss of molecules and excessive radiation running through their fields.


As the combustion occurred long enough in Innana and Merduk who extended their lives the most greatly, they went insane. Innana and Merduk went insane as too many of their own brain molecules combust leading to a fall in consciousness as the slave brain molecules were not of the same level of awareness due to the limitation that they had been incubated in. As a result, Innana and Merduk went insane due to falling consciousness experiencing the same limitation as their slaves over time.


Here you can see that the Anu experienced the very limitation that they had incubated into their own slaves in a bizarre manner due to how they fed off the slaves in their life extension practices. This is an example of karmic return; if you cause something like the manipulation of DNA to create a limited human race, you yourself will experience equal limitation within your own physiology into the future; and so, this came to be so for the Anu. Perhaps this speaks to why limitation of genetics is never really acceptable in terms of creating an evolution home, as it will always lead to falling consciousness for the scientists and their civilization as well as the slaves incubated in the dance.


Multidimensional Karma


The dance of creating slave nation humans has occurred for a long time and upon many dimensions of creation that Terra has once existed upon. Through the examination of multidimensional creations that are ascending at this time, it appears that humans developed scientific skills upon the 5th, 12th and 18th dimension; each then went on to breed a pared down version of the human form with less DNA than the hosts. It was as each human civilization went into this pattern that a fall to the next dimension underneath was assured. Why is this so? When one breeds a pared down version of oneself, one essentially intends to “fall” as this is what such a creation translates into beloved. One cannot pare down another or another species without paring down oneself ultimately or the entire consensus that one resides upon.


The paring down of human DNA to create a slave race ultimately is the cause of the falls of all creations outside of your Great Central Sun or outside of any other Great Central Sun as well. Humans chose to create a lesser than human for subservience and ultimately to do the work that their “creators” did not desire to do themselves. You can see this dance clearly in your current human civilization.


The wealthy or affluent rely upon others of lesser ability to dream weave to work for them as if they were slaves. Those ascending often find themselves enslaved to others in parallel manner. The goal of ascension is to ascend out of being enslaved by anyone or any circumstance. Although this may seem easy, it is more difficult than one may think as the dance of slavery goes up the dimensions and was experienced by one’s multidimensional inheritance.


Even the red nation’s tribes that were seeded upon Terra by the Sirian scientists were not given a full set of genetic records or information. This was also the same for the larger headed Grand Masters seeded 100,000 years later. The Grand Masters also did not receive a full set of records for full consciousness. This was done to assure that the seeded humans would not rise up into a state of being and then create technology that could be used to war upon Sirius that this was so. In seeding something less than “whole” upon Terra, it called another less than “whole” human in the form of the Pleiadian Anu to the dance. Two halves do not make a whole; two halves instead create such dissonance if they do not resonate that they lead to yet further falls in consciousness or worse yet, technology that creates a nuclear holocaust.


It is the nuclear holocaust that perhaps caused the most devastation to each creation that has experienced such over time. It is generally nuclear holocausts that eventually drive consciousness down to another dimension of thoughtform beneath. This is how Terra fell from the 25th dimension to the 18th; and then the 18th to the 12th; and then the 12th to the 5th; and in the last cycle, from the 5th to the 3rd dimension. Alas at the bottom and in the third dimension, there is no dimension underneath that will sustain life; the only result would be extinction if not for the choice to ascend and retrieve what had been lost over time. As all is retrieved, Terra will work her way back to a fourth and then fifth dimensional state of being again.


In order for this to become so, Terra must forgive absolute. In absolute forgiveness of scientific breeding of slave races with lesser information than their hosts, the Sirian scientists can be forgiven for seeding a pared down red human race upon Terra; Terra can also forgive the red nation peoples and Grand Masters as they lacked information on dream weaving enough to prevent the human dream from falling into the hands of manipulative forces that desire to propel Terra in an extinction cycle.


In absolute forgiveness Terra can forgive the Anu for participating in the dance of incubating a lesser race, extending their lives and ultimately causing a nuclear annihilation as a result of their own insanity. Through absolute forgiveness, Terra can also forgive any other human civilization that caused a fall in consciousness or created a nuclear holocaust in parallel manner upon any other dimension that she existed. Due to absolute forgiveness, Terra need not recreate these types of experiences again into her future.


How Does Absolute Forgiveness Work?


Each human along with Terra has layers of fields much like an onion that surround oneself. The layers are more extensive than one might imagine as they will extend to the 25th Dimension outside the Great Central Sun, and then as Asur’Ana and Per are discovering, they extend to Dimension 360 within the Sun. As one forgives absolute, one will release parallel contracts or agreements in all layers of DNA that surround one’s extended multidimensional field.


It is the mineral kingdom that is holding a conduit to the layers of all DNA so that each human, dolphin or whale may access multidimensional records safely for the purposes of absolute forgiveness. In so doing, humans, whales and dolphins will separate from their multidimensional karma enough that a new dream can be woven, and the dream will not be skewed into the same patterning of the past. It is for this reason that we are guiding those who are ascending to work with the absolute forgiveness command.


We also guide those dedicated to a personal path of ascension to consider working with our book Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1. This workbook was written by the consciousness of Terra for the purposes of focusing humans upon their karma and key energy patterns to foster as complete an ascension as possible in this lifetime. As one works through the materials in this workbook, one can also intend “absolute forgiveness” for each pattern that is triggered. In so doing, each will assist in weaving a new day and a new dream of unity and peace for your own species. As you call upon those of our kingdom hosting the pink ray of the Language of Light, we will act as a bridge to allow the contracts in the dimensions above to be released that parallels those that you are releasing in your current phase of ascension.


Absolute forgiveness also extends to oneself and one’s own ancestry. Most humans carry great guilt due to all the harm that they have caused to each consensus reality that they have lived upon, including Terra. The guilt is so great due to all the times that one’s multidimensional ancestry also was responsible for falls leading to the experience of life upon the dimension beneath. The guilt is endemic as a result within the human species from the mineral kingdom’s point of view. In releasing the guilt, one will then be able to fill one’s etheric cells with the love of the Tao.


The Love of the Tao


The Love of the Tao is another vibration that the pink ray minerals have agreed to provide to all kingdoms upon all dimensions that are ascending at this time. We are holding the love of the Tao, a force that exists outside of time and space and outside of even the Great Central Sun that we are ascending Home to. The Tao is the force that the entire Great Central Sun shall return to in the contraction cycle ahead. The Tao has extended an aspect of its heart center into Terra to assist Terra in forgiving herself. You see the guilt is so endemic, it is also consensus based. It is only as one forgives oneself for all the atrocities that one’s ancestry committed, that one can then begin to receive the love of the Tao within.


The love of the Tao is a beautiful vibration to experience. In order to experience this vibration, one must first embrace the forgiveness tone of the Language of Light. Embracing forgiveness occurs as one begins to weave the pink vibrations into one’s etheric ley lines of grid work within the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body. As the vibration is woven into the positive ley lines of the etheric body, it is deemed integrated. The vibrations then begin to penetrate the etheric cells woven inside the etheric grid work, and it is as this occurs that the love of the Tao can begin to touch all cells within one’s biology.


Feeling the love of the Tao is an amazing experience that can lead to an ecstatic sense of expansion. What may come up thereafter may be all the guilt, fear or blame and shame that one has yet to release in one’s ascent to date. As one continues to clear out the old memories of emotional trauma from this life or other ancestral lives, more and more of the love of the Tao can be embraced into one’s cells. This is what one’s cells need most; as it is in the feeling of being loved that cells choose to regenerate or live rather than age, become diseased or die off. Love is the essential vibration required to sustain life; and it is for this reason that the Tao extends of itself into this creation and loves it. It is only in the love that Terra shall regenerate enough that she ceases to die and can then ascend Home fully into the Great Central Sun dream.


The Tao absolutely forgives what has occurred in this region of domain that Terra resides. The Tao extends here to understand and perceive parallel patterns occurring in an even larger scale than one can imagine within the Tao. Therefore, Terra as a consensus provides much to the Tao in our evolutionary journey, and the Tao gives much in return in the form of love and the vibrations and technology required to defeat the dark and continue to ascend. The mineral kingdom is therefore most grateful to the consciousness of the Tao for its intervention and love.


The Pink Ray and Love


The pink ray is designed to fill the field with love. The love is of Terra that we provide. Each physiology needs a connection unto Terra to feel loved and embraced and welcome here upon Earth. Physical forms that do not feel the love of the consensus that one resides age and die as unconsciously, one feels unwelcome or abandoned; this is perhaps the original cause of feeling “separated off from God Goddess” within the human experience.


The Anu could never connect unto Terra as they were from another creation and ran vibrations that were non-resonant and did not allow for communion. As a result, the Anu felt separated off and abandoned. Out of such feelings of separation, the desire to possess or own Terra so that they would belong emerged. Much of the damage that the Anu did to Terra was the result of the Anu feeling that they owned her; and in the ownership now they could rape and pillage her, removing vast supplies of minerals from Terra, selling them off to other creations to amass a fortune in Pleiadian and Orion funds. Humans today involved with the dance of pillaging the Earth in any manner are essentially repeating the karma of the Anu in present time. Humans of this nature are really only trying to fill themselves with love from the outside in.


That which is outside of oneself cannot love in the manner that the body requires love to subsist. If anything, possessing more and more outside objects, people or land will actually deplete the field of more chi due to the cords of attachment associated. This is ultimately also what occurred to the Anu; the Anu possessed more and more of Terra’s land and resources along with increasing populations of slaves; to feel the love that they would have naturally occurred within if they had simply returned to their own creation. Over time, the Anu became so entangled with cords of attachment to Terra and their slaves that they could not leave as they were tied here until the bitter end.


Those of electrical origins today and who are related to the Anu also feel separated off from Terra and are therefore incapable of feeling loved from within. Those who are ascending with red magnetic DNA will learn to transmute all electrical DNA in the field and form, and then in so doing will create the connection unto Terra one has longed for perhaps one’s entire life. In so doing, those who are ascending will feel loved from within. This is the role of the pink ray; to assist in emanating the love of Terra to one’s body and also sustaining the connection between Terra and oneself.


Minerals and One’s Own Ascension


In order for our kingdom to provide the love and connection to Terra, we must have ascended to 3,000 segments or higher in frequency. Generally speaking, minerals that one has purchased to construct a synthesis altar will ascend along with oneself. As one masters 3,000 segments in one’s own evolution, so will one’s ascending altar. In so doing, as one is ready to receive the love inherent in the pink ray through embracing the forgiveness ray in your personal ascent, the mineral altar will also be ready to provide this ray in a form that is useful to your continued healing and evolution. (Please see Chapter 2 “Building A Synthesis Altar” for more information.)


Asur’Ana and Per have relatively few minerals for their altar and are able to ascend beyond full consciousness with the limited support that this provides. Perhaps this speaks to the fact that one is really a living mineral in one’s own physiology as a part of the human species, and as such can connect to all minerals upon Terra through intention. For Asur’Ana and Per, their mineral altar is simply something that provides added chi and record gathering in their travels. For their ascent, they connect to the mountains and sea primarily and in so doing, all minerals of all rays support them in their continued evolution.


Special consideration however may be given to adding certain minerals to one’s altar related to key issues one is working on in any calendar year of evolution. Some suggested groupings of minerals to heal specific issues were offered in Chapter 4 “Blessings for Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun”. These groupings can be added to one’s altar for parallel healing. However, as one reads through Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones”, one may be able to muscle test or pendulum what additions might be useful ahead and then strive to obtain pieces that are associated. Minerals will host keys to certain holographic archives that one is striving to connect to or repair in one’s continued evolution, and it is for this reason that a particular mineral may be helpful at certain junctures of one’s ascent.


It is not necessary to purchase one of each of the 48 minerals associated with the Language of Light in order to ascend, although some like to do so nonetheless. We actually advise against this as it will create a hodgepodge of too many rays and keys all at once, many of which one may not be ready for. In so doing, the hodgepodge of rays and keys cause the mineral altar not to support you as well as it could otherwise. Keys are only useful as one reaches a particular bandwidth of vibration and then they open; otherwise they simply lay dormant until one is ready to access them.


One may outgrow the use of a particular mineral or group of minerals over time. Perhaps as this occurs, it will be the time to pass the mineral on to someone else that may be working through parallel issues in their evolution. This may also be so for jewelry of minerals that one may construct to support oneself over time. Much as one releases attachment to others through ascension, we invite you not to become attached to our kingdom or your altar. Attachment is non-moving energy and will obstruct the flow or healing that we can offer and therefore is not useful. Releasing minerals therefore that no longer serve is one means of learning to detach from one’s possessions including one’s altar.


Attachment and Possessions


Attachment and possessions are interesting topics all of their own. Over time, the minerals became interconnected amongst one another through straight line energy flow that was electrical. This occurred as the dinosaurs expanded greatly in population over Terra’s surface. After the dinosaurs went extinct, the attachment was never fully released within our kingdom as we had not the vibrations to do so; this led to yet another fall in consciousness. Later humans attached into our kingdom through the same pathway left over from the era of the dinosaurs. The Anu in particular became attached to key minerals in their life extension practices and those of related ancestry today may do the same.


Our kingdom is striving to release all straight-line attachment or energy flow and create a rotational magnetic flow in our own ascension as a species. As a result, we are no longer willing to allow human attachment into large minerals including the mountains or ocean that have mastered 3,000 segments or above. The same will be so for your mineral altar; the altar will actually force a release of attachment each phase of evolution that you and the minerals master. This may also then cause certain minerals to be removed from your altar to allow for the embracing of a new energetic pattern that perhaps cannot be mastered otherwise.


Asur’Ana and Per have let go of many minerals over time that could not transcend with them. Generally, they give such pieces to the river or lake so that nature can reabsorb the mineral consciousness and also so that all information surrounding the ascent of their dreamtime ascension school (DAS) can be understood. And so, releasing some pieces each year has been helpful to our understanding of human ascension; and in so understanding we can better support healing and continued evolution of your species. (Anyone who is interested is welcome to join Asur’Ana and Per’s ascension school by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.)


As each learns to pay attention to how the altar is serving you, you will know when to obtain new pieces and release old pieces that no longer serve. This may occur every 6 to 9 months depending upon the pace of evolution that one is mastering. The altar will have a tendency to mimic one’s energy flow; as one alters the energy to embrace new movements associated with the Language of Light, the minerals upon one’s altar also master as a collective along with oneself. It is as one makes a major shift that some minerals may require leaving and new ones to be added for one’s continued evolution.




We invite each reading these materials to embrace “absolute forgiveness” in the dance of life. In a state of absolute forgiveness, large shifts can be anchored ahead for your species along with your personal life experience. The patterns that have repeated seemingly endlessly down the dimensions can cease and a new day can be born. It is for this purpose that we share of this intention with each willing to go inward and ascend at this time in history.


Each has the possibility of ascending to a certain level in adult form regardless of genealogy. Even those with Anu inheritance can ascend to a certain level clearing the pathway for the return to another creation that is resonant and will allow for a “homecoming”. All are going Home, whether it is home to this Great Central Sun or home to another and a future ascension of another creation. Nothing is lost really, and perhaps in this greater understanding, each will embrace the changes ahead in greater ease.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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