Image of a drop of water causing amazing ripples. Transcending Lack and Impoverishment

5. Transcending Lack and Impoverishment


We, the Ancient Ones invite each who reads of our materials, regardless of level of evolution, to join us at our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) events in the calendar year of 2022-2023. The purpose of these events is to foster the ascent of the human species and the anchoring of future human ascending births. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


This year, all sentient species are focused upon the release of poverty, hunger, homelessness and excessive greed karma along with the retrieval of all dream weaving information for ascension. Poverty based karma causes an imbalance of energies in which some starve while others thrive; furthermore, the lack of dream weaving information allows no other dream to be available to be chosen. For many spiritual initiates, manifestation is a difficult issue, and one may find oneself struggling to make ends meet; or if finances are not so difficult, perhaps one struggles to manifest the relationship or preoccupation that brings one joy.


Extreme Polarity


Humans are polarized in extremes; one may have the beautiful spouse and loving union, but have difficulty paying the bills. Or one may manifest in ease, perhaps even having created one’s own successful company, but have disastrous relationship after disastrous relationship. Polarity pits one manifestation against the other; in other terms, one can have some but not all of one’s dreams. Such an experience is directly related to poverty; one is impoverished in work or relationship, or in association with friendship or family. Perhaps initiates will take inventory in association with what regions of domain one experiences impoverishment in one’s current life dance.


In polarity, one will experience some life expressions in the physical, and some in the nonphysical. Therefore, one will see that one really does dream all things and experience them. It is simply that some of what one dreams falls through the cracks in one’s field and manifests in a parallel life in the unconscious instead of the physical. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” for more information.)


Per recalls attempting to create a singles magazine in the 1990’s; this magazine would have made him a multi-millionaire. It failed as the investors so badly cursed him such that he could no longer hold the dream long enough for it to physically manifest, and they all lost. Such is the dance of greed, and Per was not a good player in the game. However, the magazine did manifest in a parallel plane where it flourishes to this day, although Per has ascended off of this plane, or in other terms gathered up the parts of self tapped in the unconscious.


Our point here is that all dreams do manifest; but extreme polarity causes large portions of certain dreams to be shunted onto alternative planes of reality where they manifest instead, leaving one with the experience of deprivation in the physical. For the homeless and hungry, all dreams are shunted to the parallel lives and no dream manifests at all in physicality. This too is an extreme pole, and it will be expressed in a certain percentage of the human population in any given era.


The Nature of Homelessness and Hunger


We know of an individual who was homeless for 8 years. They found the Aligning With Earth website, and started to read the materials and began to ascend. As they mastered 1024, they were able to procure a job and find a place to live. The ascent to 1,024 minimized polarity enough that they no longer required sustaining the extreme of a non-dream in the physical, which equated to homelessness and great poverty. One can see in this as all humans ascend to 1,024 or perish in the times of cleansing, homelessness and hunger may be left behind as a human expression due to the evolution of the human species out of extreme polarity.


Homelessness and hunger are due to extreme fracturing of spirit in the physical. Sometimes such fracturing is karmic; in the above case, this initiate had a bad karmic dance with their ex-partner, and were so badly fractured in the experience that they could no longer hold a dream in the physical. Holding a dream in the physical requires that one have at least two rotating subtle bodies surrounding the etheric body; if one has no subtle bodies, then one will have no dream, as there is nothing to catch the dream in the physical. If there is nothing to catch the dream in the physical, one will end up homeless and hungry, living upon the streets.


One can see in this that humans are a giant energetic dream catcher. Many are familiar with the dream catchers created by Native Americans; the dream catcher is a sphere or hoop created from a twig wrapped in buffalo hide, with a spider’s web of sinew woven inside. Sometimes a stone or feather is strung upon the web with the intention to catch bad dreams so that they fail to manifest, or assure the manifestation of good dreams in the dance of life. Native Americans remember something about dream weaving in this, as one’s dream is not unlike a dream catcher in the energy field of an ascending initiate. As the field rotates, it catches the dream that one has intended to make manifest into physicality.


Entertainment and One’s Dream


Most humans manifest their dream in the unconscious as they have forgotten the power of their thoughts and intentions. As such, it is the unconscious and nonphysical forces that may understand more about how dreams are manifest than oneself. Many may have read articles from the nature kingdoms where it was pointed out that whatever one focuses upon one calls unto one’s dream. It is for this reason that one should not watch violent movies or read violent books, and be careful of all entertainment one engages with, for if the script of such entertainment is not what one desires to manifest in the physical, one will find oneself inadvertently pulled into the script if one has karma associated.


It is through dream manipulations that bad dreams are diverted upon certain humans who have a difficult life. Sometimes such dreams are for rape, murder, or accidents along with other drama and trauma. Certain humans have a genetic predisposition to take on darkness of others; as such they manifest dark experiences that may or may not be their own focus in entertainment. It is because of how bad dreams are shunted to those of such predispositions that humans collectively believe that they can watch anything that they wish as entertainment and not be subject to such an outcome in this life. Alas the entertainment watched may not manifest in this life, as perhaps one does not host the genetic predisposition for the script attuned unto; but it will manifest in one’s future ancestors life nonetheless.


This is how the concept of victim has come to be; those who feel victim to a certain circumstance are living a dream from the focus of one’s ancestry. Perhaps one’s ancestry read a book about sexual exploitations that included child molestation or rape, and one was molested or raped in this lifetime; or one’s ancestry read a story about life upon the battlefield, and one was sent to Vietnam in this lifetime as a result. Therefore, one will cause the experience of the catastrophe in one’s future ancestors lives of each movie or book of a catastrophic nature that one has engaged with; unless one now chooses to ascend in this lifetime, and ceases to entertain oneself in this manner any further, and releases the karma triggered in all past entertainment engaged with.


As an ascending being, one also has more scripts and karma available unto oneself as one has a larger field to catch one’s dream. It is for this reason that abstaining from entertainment is perhaps the best choice; as one will capture a larger dream as an ascending being due to the ancestral karma that one is clearing. There is a higher likelihood of having karma associated with the scripts one is focused upon in entertainment due to the increase of lineages and associated lifetimes as one assembles one’s tapestry of ancestry in ascension. One will therefore be more likely to manifest a travesty in ascension if one focuses upon dark scripts, as it will trigger parallel dark karma in one’s ancestry.


Each human has dark karma; there is no ancestry that is pure or light in nature. The belief that this could possibly be otherwise given the history of the human dream and the manner in which ancestries are intertwined due to interbreeding is simply a veil of illusion perpetrated by the dark to retain folk in believing they have no responsibility or cause for the current human condition. It is best therefore to acknowledge the dark karma that one has (even if one does not know what it all is) and to intend to release it through ascension, and in so doing; one will be less likely to manifest a travesty for oneself.


Taking on the Darkness of Others


For those that tend to take the darkness on for others and manifest difficulties and travesties in one’s current life, one can also learn not to do so any longer through ascension. Asur’Ana was the family karma burner; therefore, she would take on any negative family karma and live to experience it. For her original life script, this would have included being unmarried (she took on the karma for being an old maid or single from her brother) and manifesting cancer (this was her mother’s and sister’s karma). Asur’Ana also healed her father incessantly and suspended his life into his 80’s when he might have died of natural causes a decade or two earlier.


Asur’Ana released the agreements to live the karma of the clan or family; but found herself taking on the karma of her former spiritual teacher at a later time. This too involved healing this teacher and her school. Over time as Asur’Ana left her organization to go onto a journey of her own making, she released all karma to take on the darkness of her former teacher, and in so doing, avoided manifesting a disease later in life from this karma. This has taken her ascent to full consciousness and beyond to clear in full. One can see in this that being the one who takes on the darkness of others may be a lifelong quest through ascension to cease participating in. However, it is possible, and Asur’Ana is free and clear of this type of agreement at this point in her ascent.


One can clear such karma to whatever level one ascends to, and in so doing, cease to take the darkness on of others, and then go on to create a dream come true circumstance for oneself. Through ascension, one will release agreements. Any transaction within one’s field has an agreement and karmic trauma associated. As one releases the karmic trauma and erases the agreement, then one can return the karma to sender if it is not of one’s own inheritance. Asur’Ana has learned to stamp karma that was not her own “Return to Sender”, and this really assists. In so doing, she has transcended a little at a time the need to take on the karma and density of others.


Earth understands Asur’Ana’s plight as she as a global vessel is just like Asur’Ana; taking on the density and karma of so many other creations that she has nearly gone extinct. Earth like Asur’Ana is learning to release her contracts and trauma to do so, and stamping the karma that did not occur upon Earth “Return to Sender”. For many upon the spiritual path, being the karma burner for family or the clan is problematic, and so we invite those that assess that this is their genetic role or script to choose to transcend. In so doing, one will create a more joyous life for oneself, and fulfill upon those dreams that could not be made manifest otherwise.


Dream, Subtle Bodies and Manifestation


Ascension to 1,024 will cause the development of the subtle bodies to a minimum of two; which generally are either mental and creative, or intuitive and emotional in nature. With two subtle bodies, there is enough energy moving around the field to capture a dream that one will then live to fulfill upon in the physical. In so being, there will be enough dream to prevent homelessness or hunger for those attaining 1,024 segments.


The human field is a living movie; the sun projects the dream down the manifestation planes, and the rotation of one’s subtle bodies catch the dream and one acts the dream out as a living play upon a day to week to month to year basis. If there is no dream, there is no life. Death is simply the cessation of the dream in total. Those experiencing homelessness and hunger still have a dream for the life, but perhaps nothing else. Additionally, Asur’Ana has discovered that if there is no dream for a particular circumstance, it will not occur in the physical.


An example of this occurred that illustrates this point nicely. Asur’Ana and Per had returned to Norway from a journey down under last Spring. They returned badly shattered due to a karmic circumstance involving several false gods with their global service karmic release work in Australia. The shattering left them with no dream. As they went to their mailbox to collect mail, the employee failed to give them a large bag of letters that had collected over the many weeks that they were out of the country. The next day and after the dream was rewoven, Per returned to the mailbox and was handed a large bag of mail. Asur’Ana and Per then recognized that without a dream, one could not even collect the mail in one’s own name! And so, it goes.


If there is no dream, no matter how much one may have intended this or that, it will not be fulfilled upon. Therefore, dream management is an important task for each ascending initiate to learn, and to the degree that one learns to better manage the dream, to such a degree one will create a more joyful and fulfilling life expression for oneself, and avoid great travesties such as the manifestation of an accident.


Dream Catcher Chakra


For those attaining 3,000 segments in this lifetime, one will also have a full set of all four subtle bodies to catch one’s dream. Therefore, one will wish to make sure that such subtle bodies are present and rotating around one’s field each day. One will also wish to send any part of one’s subtle bodies that are not one’s own fabric back to sender, and retrieve and reweave it with one’s own energy. The reason for this is that one will catch the dream of another if one has enough of another’s grid work in one’s subtle bodies.


In the ascent to 3000, one not only reweaves all four subtle bodies to be present, but develops a new moving energy system to catch the dream; which is much like another chakra that spins behind one’s neck, but is egg- shaped and about the size of a grapefruit. This can be likened to one’s own personal dream catcher. It is the dream catcher that will hold one’s intentions made causing the dream pulled down the manifestation planes to align with one’s truth and vision for one’s life. As one intends to ascend, the dream pulled towards oneself through one’s dream catcher will align with the intent to ascend. If one intends unity, joy and peace, one’s dream catcher will pull a dream associated towards one’s life expression.


There is a catch to this all however, and it is known as karma. Although one may intend this or that, karma will skew the dream in another direction. Therefore, if one intends peace and joy and ends up in a fight with their beloved, one must search for the karma at cause. Is the karma between the ancestries? If so intend to release it. Is the karma not one’s own but was pressed upon oneself by the neighbors? Then return the karma to sender. As the karma is released and there is none remaining to skew one’s intentions, then one’s intentions will come to fruition.


One is always releasing karma in ascension. New karmic archives are opened weekly or monthly depending upon level of evolution, and therefore there is always more to clear. Therefore, one can pay attention to their life on a daily basis, and choose to release whatever karma is up and is being mirrored unto oneself in the life dance. In so doing, one is more likely to create greater peace and unity overall in the life experience, as the karma that would cause otherwise has been cleared as it is activated.


How does one clear karma? One burns the karmic contracts and remaining emotional charge off through the movement of the kundalini and then dissipates the associated density of thoughtform, mechanization, entities, curses, hexes or spells with the spin of one’s chakras and subtle bodies. To the degree one can freely move the energy in the field, to such a degree one may clear karma more readily. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana has shared the “Synthesis Meditation” in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 and the “Elements Meditation” in Chapter 13 of Ascension Insights, Volume 4. These focuses allow one to consciously learn to move the energy to support ascension and karmic release. As one releases karma, one is more likely to manifest a dream come true circumstance in the dance of life.


Parallel Lives and Dream Manifestation


Extreme poles cause certain expressions to occur in the physical, and other expressions occur in the nonphysical dreamtime parallel planes. One can also learn to watch the dream one is manifesting in parallel lives to get an idea of how much of one’s dream one may be losing. Long ago and as Asur’Ana was attaining 1024, she perceived 12 parallel lives occurring concurrently. She saw she lived in the countryside surrounded by breathtaking nature scenery and a big garden in one plane; in another she was married and very much in love; in another she was married with a child, but to a different partner and living in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. In yet another, she was a teacher and writer of ascension. She even perceived a dream for a relationship with Per occurring in a parallel life two years before they met!


It was the dream for writing and teaching ascension however that caught her attention the most at the time, and in her early ascent she anchored this dream into the physical. As this occurred, she began to write of her personal ascension experiences, and the written materials lead to the self publication of her books and the creation of the Aligning With Earth website. The nonphysical dream was larger than this; it involved the healing of the East and West and the anchoring of global peace through ascension. However, manifesting this dream required a twin flame partnership. And so, Asur’Ana called in the dream for her beloved to manifest into the physical. As she continued to ascend, this dream too became physical. Asur’Ana finally met Per when she relocated to Norway in December 2019.


One can see that as Asur’Ana continues to ascend, she has created enough chi to weave a larger screen to capture more and more of the dream for her life as it has been always been broadcast from the sun. So, this is true for each ascending initiate. The ascent to 3,000 will allow for 50% of one’s entire dream as broadcast from the sun to become physical. The ascent to 6,000 allows for 75% of one’s entire dream to become physical. The ascent beyond this allows for up to 100% of one’s entire dream to become physical; the fuller the dream, the greater the sense of internal fulfillment within.


Manifesting the Parallel Life Dream in the Physical


We share this story to point out that each may manifest their parallel life dreams in the physical in the choice to ascend. First one may attune unto what one is doing and how one is living in the 24 parallel planes that surround Earth and then choose to anchor such dreams into the physical. Ascending to 1024 DNA segments unites the first 4 planes into the physical; 3000 segments unite another 4 parallel life planes with the physical. One can manifest into the physical any life circumstance that occurred upon any of these 8 planes of reality in attainment of 3,000 segments.


Many in ascension such as the initiate that went from homelessness to being capable of sustaining a job and apartment, may have brought experiences into the physical without understanding that one ascended into a less polarized state of being. In the above example, this initiate was working and had an apartment in a parallel life when they were homeless in the physical. As they united the parallel lives in which they had a better living circumstance through ascension, so the circumstance became physical.


One can look at the life now, and recognize the changes that have occurred due to ascension. Perhaps one has moved, changed jobs, created a loving partnership, separated from one’s spouse and found greater freedom, or any one of hundreds of other occurrences in one’s life dance. Perhaps these were parallel life expressions that one brought into physicality through ascension. One may muscle test or pendulum if this is so.


One can also pay attention to the other dreams playing out in the parallel lives that one has yet to integrate in ascension. If there is a dream that catches one’s fancy, and one would desire to make it manifest in physicality, then one may intend to reverse polarize the parallel life dream into the physical, and reverse polarize that which one does not like of parallel order into the nonphysical. One can consider this dream swapping between the physical and nonphysical, and all that is required is the intent to do so, and so it may come to be.


For example, let us say that one is single and alone in the physical. If there is a dream for a beloved playing out in a parallel life, and one enjoys the dream, one may reverse polarize the polarity of being single and alone into the nonphysical, and polarize the polarity of having the relationship into the physical. In so doing, one will be able now to create the partnership, and in so doing create a richer and more fulfilling expression in the physical than nonphysical; one may also cause all dreams to come true in the physical. This is the gift of becoming the dreamer and the dream in ascension.


This is also the gift of ascending to 3,000 segments. However, there are catches; and one must be aware of karma that may influence one’s dream in one direction or another. For if one has karma for non-relationship, then one must release the karma in order to manifest the relationship in the physical, or the karma itself will block the intent of reverse polarization. If one has karma for an abusive partnership, then the relationship might manifest but end up painful. Better perhaps to be aware and intend to clear the karma for the abusive partnership before manifesting the partner.


If one has karma for a particular preoccupation, then one must fulfill upon the karma before one will be able to manifest a new job, career or business. In Asur’Ana’s case, she worked on her ascension for four years to bring her dream of becoming the writer and teacher of ascension into the physical, during which time she settled karma with the public school educational system so that she could leave this preoccupation behind. The karma retained her in the old preoccupation until it was settled, after which she was free to alter her life expression. So, this will be the same with each.


About Dream Brokers


There are also dream manipulations that one must be aware of. There are those who are “dream brokers” in the unconscious. Such individuals may themselves never be able to hold on to any dream, as they are forever passing dreams from one to another. Often these individuals change jobs or life partners frequently as well as move frequently. Some initiates ascended out of being the dream broker, and have constructed a more solid foundation of dream for themselves, ceasing to trade dreams so frequently.


However, those like this in one’s life, one will have to watch, as they will be just as likely to unconsciously swipe one’s own dream and give it away to another; which will never allow one’s dream to manifest in the physical. Therefore, any dream that fails to manifest, and if one has no perceived karma that should block such a dream from coming into physicality, then one must look to the dream manipulators to see where one’s dream went. We had an initiate that tried to move to another country where they had karma to live for over a year. Individual after individual in their company received transfers to this country through a dream broker. Their dream of moving continued to be bartered away, until all karma for giving the dream to the broker was released; after which the dream for the relocation rapidly manifest for this initiate.


Dream brokering has become a way of existence for humanity. Humans have long forgotten how to consciously dream weave for the purposes of manifestation. As such, the dream one receives is partially genetic, and partially manipulation by entities that direct the dream in unconscious energy flow surrounding oneself. As an ascending being, one learns to take back their power to direct the dream from the physical from all nonphysical sources. In so doing, the dream intended is more likely to be made manifest as one has envisioned.


However, there are thousands and thousands of karmic agreements to allow the nonphysical to manage the dream; and there are also karmic agreements to give dreams of one nature or another to another in exchange for other dreams of another nature. As one continues to release such karma, and retrieve one’s dream weaving information, one will learn over time to consciously manage one’s dream. One can also call forward into present time those ancestors that understood conscious dream weaving to assist.


One can look at one’s current life experience and understand perhaps what dreams one bartered for in the unconscious. Perhaps all of one’s friends and siblings are married, and one is single. As such, one traded the dream for partnership and marriage for another dream. Perhaps one has the successful career and one’s siblings and friends are struggling to make ends meet, or are home with the children. One may have traded the dream for success for the dream for children and a stay-at-home life. Perhaps one looks at one’s friend who is at home and appears to have freedom now in great envy. Understand that this is how extreme polarity works; one can have one dream and not another.


It is often the unconscious forces in governance over one’s body level consciousness that choose the dreams that such entities believe that they will enjoy in the current life. However, such consciousness does not always take into consideration the wishes of oneself; and with the great limitation of dream at 2 DNA segments, there is bound to be disappointment in one if not many areas of one’s life experience.


One can look at the released videotapes of Princess Diana’s private life experiences to see that even a life of great fame and fortune can be very disappointing due to the extreme polarity of dream. Diana could have the fame and fortune, but not the love of the husband, or the love of the Royal Family, or the love of herself for that matter. So, it goes in extreme polarity. The only way out of the dance and to a life of greater fulfillment is to ascend, and then through ascension manifest more of one’s dream in the physical.


About Global Dream Weaving: Balancing the Weather


In parallel to human existence, Earth as a global vessel experiences fracturing of dream; it has been in the ascent to 1,024 as a foundation of vibration that Earth began to reweave her dream, causing the extremes to begin to lessen upon her global body. Earth was on course for an extinction cycle; this has been reversed now and Earth is healing. Recently, in February 2019, NASA had established that Earth was greener than it was in the 1980’s. It has been getting literally “greener” since 1999. It had computed the data using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites. It was in 1999 that Earth attained initiation 108 in the physical, or began in other terms to reverse her extinction cycle.


Although Earth is much higher in vibration today than in 1999, there are still extremes in weather. Some regions are deserts and receive no rain, as they have no water element or devas (small angels) to weave the life upon the land. Such regions are deprived of that which sustains life, which is no different than a human life that goes homeless or hungry. Several initiates have been working upon balancing the weather upon the Big Island of Hawaii so that it is green all around. This has been a tougher job than upon the island of Oahu, which retains a balanced weather all around now due to the work that was completed upon in conjunction with Earth by Asur’Ana in 2002.


Upon the Big Island, Asur’Ana discovered ancient karma many years ago when she resided there; the karma is not generally from Earth but from some other creation and was depressed upon Earth, perhaps even in ancient times. Such karma shatters the devas or water element, causing the experience of a desert in certain regions. As the karma is returned to the creation of origin, the devas can be restored along with the water element to the land, and then the rain begins to fall again and the grass grows.


Grass is now cropping up in regions that looked like barren wastelands upon the Big Island up until now. The hills and valleys of Waimea are also now green like Ireland rather than brown as in Wyoming. This has pleased these Big Island initiates as they often take their drives around the island to get visual feedback as to how their work is going with Earth. Earth is very pleased at their work.


For Asur’Ana and Per, they are fulfilling upon their global agreements, which involve opening the fourth dimensional portholes for the ascent to the next dimension. This work will retain them in Norway until they exit physicality through the merger of the physical with the nonphysical about 30-40 years into the future, as is estimated by the Tao.


Now Earth is going on to apply the energy dynamics and shifts that worked upon the Big Island to other regions that are difficult in terms of weather patterns global wide. In the deserts of the Middle East, there was karma from the explosion of a nuclear bomb 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) on the part of the Anu. This has left the region deva-less more or less ever since. This is now upon the repair as the region has been pulled into present time due to work Asur’Ana and Per fulfilled upon in Greece over the past two years. Now that the region is in present time, the karma from the era of the Anu is releasing from the land; as the karma releases, devas will return to the land along with the water element, causing what was a barren wasteland to flourish again.


About Rainforests


In Africa, there are many deserts where the devas have been shattered and the rain element has disappeared. These regions, much like the Big Island, are filled with warfare karma from other creations that had been anchored upon Earth in ancient times. This karma is now being returned to the creation of origins due to global ascension, and the devas and water element restored. Over time what has been desert in Africa will become lush rainforest; this is necessary as the rainforests are being destroyed in South America at human hands.


Rainforests provide a special energy flow that is gold and silver to Earth and hold the photonic energy so that it can be amplified in ascension. Some rainforests such as those in Australia also hold remembrance of the times inside the dream of the Great Central Sun. Earth shall regenerate herself of the needed rainforests; however, this may not necessarily occur where the rainforests once existed, at least until humans cease to destroy such regions of domain.


As humans mutilate the rainforests, the soul retracts, as it is being shattered. This causes the devas that spin the genetics for the re-growth of what has been destroyed to also be shattered; alas the devas are no longer present to fulfill upon the task of re-growth. The end result is that the rainforests do not re-grow but the water element is still present and to a great degree due to the requirement for the rainforests to thrive. The end result is massive mudslides due to the lack of vegetation to support the amount of rain.


This has been problematic in South America, and will continue to be so until humans learn to work with the land to repair the devas that they have shattered. As this occurs, then there is the possibility of regeneration of the rainforests. Perhaps those who are ascending in South America will gather and begin to bless the land, much like some Japanese have been blessing the water with incredible results. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 6 “The Act of Blessing and Living a Blessed Life” for more information.) As the land is blessed, the devas will be restored, and as the devas are restored, the land or water goes from dying to thriving again.


About Causes


Asur’Ana and Per do not take on causes, such as “Save the Rainforests”. Why? Focusing upon causes only polarizes one dream into the physical and one into the nonphysical. Perhaps rainforests would cease to be mutilated in South America, but begin to be mutilated in Australia; as the mutilation of rainforests must occur in human behavior in extreme polarity. The only solution is to ascend; through ascension, one ceases to express extreme polarity at all, and in so doing the desecration of many regions around the globe at human hands can cease.


Causes actually contribute to the swings in polarity. In recent times, you have seen the “green movement” develop in the West. This has caused a non-green movement in the East. Indeed, the East perhaps has more toxic waste per square mile than any other region, including Japan, Singapore and India. Industries that were not permitted to pollute in the West simply moved to the East and carried on. Pollution is pollution; air travels from one region to the other, as does water. One is still immersed in the pollution therefore nonetheless regardless of where one lives.


The only solution is to ascend; through ascension, there will be greater capacity for Earth herself to transmute the toxins that have entered her blood (waterways) and body (land). Asur’Ana recently read a short article about bacteria that was beginning to decompose certain forms of plastic. Yes, Earth is conscious and she is beginning to create mechanisms to allow for her own toxic cleanup at this time in her evolution. What will amplify this process is the increasing temperature also known as global warming; as Earth heats up, all life grows at a more rapid rate. This allows for more generations of plants and animals to be born crystalline, and bacteria and other organisms to mutate more rapidly into new forms that support ascension by devouring and transmuting human-made toxins.


About Dust Bowls: Consumption of Soul and Devas of the Land


In China, the land is overgrazed causing an ongoing increase of desert like wasteland and dust bowls. Such regions have no water element or they would become regions of mudslides instead as in South America. The devas of the land in China are consumed along with the flesh of the cattle, goats and sheep that are grazed upon it. Those of Tibetan Root Race have learned to consume soul through the flesh that they eat; this is also so for many species of the water.


Often those of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese origins that hold Tibetan root race over-fish a region until it can no longer sustain life. There are many dead coral reefs in Hawaii due to over-fishing of those of this origin that relocated unto the islands to work the pineapple or sugar plantations in the 1800’s. Such humans took their habits from home and applied them to the oceans of Hawaii, causing many reefs to go extinct. The problem is not just with the over-fishing. It is that those of Tibetan inheritance tend to consume the soul and devas of whatever they eat; this causes that which they consume to fail to regenerate as there is no soul, devas and nonphysical forces to weave the life in the etheric causing the fish and life to go extinct.


Perhaps those who are ascending can bless the fish and food and land consumed in this manner in China or Hawaii, or anywhere else that it is occurring, and in so doing, the devas will return to the land or sea and life will begin to regenerate therein. The blessings will also allow for the return of the water element so that the rain can begin to flow in regions that were once dust bowls. In so doing, one as an ascending being will assist Earth with the rebalancing of elements and weather patterns so that there are enough provisions for all into the times of cleansing ahead.


This is a part of the focus of our DAS dreamtime events in 2022-2023; to assist Earth in bringing an end to deserts or wasteland that has occurred due to human involvement. Human karma for soul and deva consumption is to be released this year, along with karma for homelessness, hunger and poverty. In so doing, the weather may re-balance allowing the rain to fall where there was none before; this will allow the crops to grow in places in extreme lack, such as Africa where the greatest numbers in poverty and hunger exist in human form. Life will also return in the sea.


Mass Human Dream Manipulations


The discord of the Middle East, Africa and South America is also associated with dream manipulation patterns that flow through the human dream. There are many of such patterns, and they are due to be corrected this year in our dreamtime events. Those that feel called to join us are willing to support these dream shifts so that unity and peace may become the future history of the human species.


The dream manipulations involve a swapping of segments of the human dream between continents. In principle, the collective human consciousness should generate the dream for those living in any given region upon the land. Alas, dark forces manipulated the collective human dream in many times in human history. Around the turn of the century, the collective human dream was manipulated yet again; this time the dream for prosperity and power was taken from regions such as South America and Africa along with the Middle East, and sent to North America and Europe primarily. In exchange, the dream for discord and warfare from North America and Europe was displaced upon the Middle East, Africa and South America. This leaves these “third world” nations with great darkness and little hope.


In addition to this, there has been an ongoing dumping of karma upon the human species from the Sirian star system. Such karma does not belong upon Earth. It is now understood that 9-11 was caused by karma from Sirius. Sirius sent a multidimensional blow to Earth that contained the karma and dream for 9-11; and then dark forces shunted it into the physical plane, bypassing the manifestation planes. It is why 9-11 was such a surprise to Earth, Asur’Ana and Per alike.


The region known as New York along with 17 other regions are the prime places that Sirian dark forces can manipulate Earth and humanity alike in this manner. The goal of the dark was to create a global war leading to an extinction cycle. This became a near miss of circumstances that could have led to WWIII; instead, this was offset by the intervention of the Tao upon the part of Earth and all sentient species therein. The Tao intervened because Earth was not yet at a high enough initiatory level in 2001 to release global warfare karma. The release of global warfare karma became possible 18 years later in 2019, when Earth attained 3,000 DNA segments in the physical.


The nature of this type of collective manipulation of human dream is now better understood, and the ability to prevent this type of manipulation again into the future is now viable. However, the dumping of unwanted karma from Sirius continues. Our 2022-2023 DAS dreamtime events will assist in the return of all Sirian karma that is not of human cause upon Earth and the reweaving of the human dreamtime planes into a new state that stands beyond manipulation; in so doing, the likelihood of another mass human manipulation such as 9-11 into the future is less viable.


Terrorism continues. Recently in France three people were killed in a stabbing attack at Notre-Dame de Nice, a Roman Catholic basilica in Nice, France. Terrorism that is occurring in present time however is watched carefully upon the manifestation planes before stepping into physicality. Such acts are only allowed if they are karmic for those involved. All other non-karmic acts of terrorism are deferred by Earth to the nonphysical parallel planes that all humans co-exist upon.


In so doing, karma is beginning to be settled now through human experiences, some of which are indeed a travesty. However, such travesties teach humans greatly; it teaches humans to stand in unity; perhaps it even triggers the spiritual awakening of some. Therefore, such experiences serve. Those who died exited the physical plane becoming ancestors who now remember more than when they were alive, and can become a beacon for ascension for those whom they are related.


The Middle East and Africa continue to be hotbeds for human dissonance and warfare. These regions of domain not only receive the dissonance of North America and Europe, but also warfare karma from Sirius is shunted upon them. As the karma from Sirius ceases to flow unto Earth, and all is returned unto Sirius that originated therein, human behavior shall alter accordingly.


As other continents cease to depress their dissonance upon other continents, then there will be the possibility of peace that develops between all nations. For karma only skews the dream according to the nature of the karma. Karma that is for warfare skews the dream into warfare and violence. As the karma in the Middle East and Africa becomes only a reflection of the karma incurred upon Earth by those humans living upon the land, then and only then peace can begin to be born.


Changes in the Collective Human Dream Ahead


As all humans in all nations direct the collective human dream founded upon the personal and collective karma held within their fields, the dream shall change accordingly. Humans exist in thoughtform that experiences all polarities in the physical; there are some who have a lot and are wealthy, and there are some who are equally poor to those of great wealth, and there is everything in-between. Because this is the collective consciousness at two segments of DNA, each nation should experience equal proportions of wealth to poverty, and a relatively large middle class. One knows from the current state of affairs that this is not what occurs; Europe and North America experience a larger population of middle class at the expense of third world nations who have mostly lower-class citizens.


As the dream is altered to reflect the ascending collective human consciousness of each nation, there will be a redistribution of resources that is a reflection of the thoughtform of those residing upon the land. This will lead to an increasing middle-class population in third world countries, as well as an increasing middle-class population in Europe and North America. As such, those living in North America and Europe who have known more wealth and a higher standard of living may find that the new dream causes less wealth and more middle-class status into the future. How exactly this will come to be is unknown; but we perceive that there will be a global set of circumstances that may cause an economic crash in the latter part of this decade.


Those living in Africa, South America and the Middle East may enter a time of greater peace and prosperity. This may also be so for many Eastern Bloc nations along with Russia who has received a dream of oppression and lack also from other countries in Europe (Germany, Austria and France). One will see in this that the exchanges we speak of are not only between continents, but also between nations or upon each continent. All of such dream swapping is due to cease in the human dreamtime planes by the end of this year, leading to human life that is a reflection of the personal and collective consciousness of each group living upon the land.


Why is this so important? Karma cannot be settled unless it is present upon the land and within the human lives that it is to be released. Manipulating karma for the purposes of creating times of great ease upon one continent or nation and times of great poverty and difficulties upon yet other continents and nations only mixes up the karma that must be settled in order to ascend.


Nations or continents that have sent their karma for poverty unto other nations will find in the return of the karma that poverty may manifest to an extreme for a time until it is balanced out into the future. This shall also be the same for violence and power exchanges. More violence may occur in odd and strange ways due to the returning violence to the dream of nations or continents that have deferred such unto others over time. One can see if one listens to the news how this has already been occurring for some time, but may increase now within regions that formerly knew peace and great freedom.


A New Dream for Humankind


At this time, there is not enough power in the collective ascending human expression to override the difficult times ahead that Earth perceives stepping down into physicality for humanity. However, the birth of millions of ascending children will have a vast impact. Adult ascension is limited due to the unconscious harm ascending humans tend to go into collectively; ascending children therefore have become the main momentum for potential change in the human dream. The ascending children will anchor a dream for unity as they are born in large enough numbers. Earth is preparing the human dreamtime planes for this purpose at this time in her global ascent.


Therefore, the collective human dream that occurs in the physical later in this decade ahead may be different than the possibilities that are perceived at this time stepping down the manifestation planes. As enough ascending children enter the world, the collective dream will alter; and in particular as the collective consciousness of the ascending humans supersedes the collective consciousness of the non-ascending populations, the dream for unity will be born. This is anticipated to occur as the one-millionth child is born at Bodhisattva level (6,000-9,000 segments). This may occur as early as 2026 if all goes well. As this occurs, a new dream for humankind will begin to step down into physicality that shall lead to peace and equality along with unity for all.


What will the new dream entail? First and foremost, there will be a cleansing of current human leadership to those with legitimate karma to lead. This is anticipated to occur over the coming decade. Then as this group of leaders fade into the past as they have completed their karma, a new group of leaders shall enter the dance that are ascending. This is anticipated to begin around 2033 with the first group of ascending leaders entering the dance upon each continent that the human species resides. As this occurs, a new era shall dawn that is founded upon spiritual mastery rather than dominion based abusive power and warfare.


At this time, more ascending adults are required to intend the birth of the ascending children. The dream for the birth of the children is in place; enough must intend such a future, which shall alter the births of those with the proper inheritance from a non-ascending biology to an ascending biology. To the degree that this occurs, to such a degree the future of the human species shall be less fraught with difficulties. It is why Asur’Ana puts her attention to the manifestation of future human ascending children at this time.




We hope that each has found our information of use upon one’s personal path of awakening and ascension. Call upon the ancestors for support in one’s goal of evolution in this lifetime. It is one’s ancestors that may have incurred karma that requires releasing in order for one’s personal ascension to take hold; or for the birth of ascending children associated with one’s ancestry.


One’s ancestors may be a more useful form of guidance than other nonphysical forces. For the ancestors are of the physical plane and we have a vested interest in ascension, as it is only through ascension that the wheels of death, rebirth and reincarnation can be concluded leading to another day for the human species, and evolution to the fourth dimension. Although we lived in many cases long ago, we continue as a consciousness associated with all who are alive today. As one closes one’s eyes to go to sleep at night, invoke the presence of one’s ancestors. One will see us surrounding oneself with one’s inner eye. You may also communicate with us telepathically or holographically through the heart chakra.


The ancestors will assist in weaving a dream for ascension for oneself. This shall include the completion of karma that one can fulfill upon this lifetime, and many dreams that one thought perhaps one would never live to experience. We can assist with difficult or traumatic times by searching out the original cause in one’s lineages so that the contracts can be released, and one may be free to create a different life dance. Karma often cannot be released until the original cause is located in the family tree; we will assist with this as we too have a vested interest in one’s transcendence. For it is only as you transcend that we as your ancestors also transcend; as you ascend, we ascend.


Be aware that there are forces that wish to pretend that they are ancestors, when they really may be false gods. Listen carefully to what is said, or feel kinesthetically how our presence feels. Cast out anything that feels or sounds harmful or unsupportive of one’s ascension. Then go into nature; attune unto the trees, birds, lakes, mountains or ocean around oneself. Now intend to gather your ancestors. Many ancestors have been lost from their relations upon the land. Gathering ancestors therefore is an ongoing experience in ascension. As you travel anywhere, intend to gather any records or ancestors that have remained behind from one’s ancestry. In so doing, they too may contribute their gifts and talents unto one’s life dance, and ascend and go home with you.


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With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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