Image of the lotus within the heart. Mastering The Pure Heart In Ascension

5. Mastering The Pure Heart In Ascension


In previous volumes, we have written much about what ascending to 3,000 or 6,000 segments of DNA in one’s biological ascension in this lifetime means in association with human lives and human relations. Less has been written about the struggle to ascend. The struggle to ascend is not to be underestimated, as there are those forces that quite frankly would rather one not ascend at all.


One initiate wrote to Asur’Ana that they truly resonate with her books. However, they felt sad because they did not think that they have ascension lineages. They had several aura pictures taken that were completely white, and understood that they were sitting in a load of electricity. Asur’Ana pointed out that it appeared that they had lost their ascension lineages, and as they strove to retrieve these, that the ascension could then move forth.


This initiate thought about it for a time, and then recalled an exchange in which they perceived that indeed the lineages had been given unto another. All that is required in such a circumstance is to retrieve one’s true inheritance, and one’s path for continued ascension will then open up. One must have ancestral information for the crystalline form. Such information does not come through the Language of Light encoding; one must retrieve the knowledge from one’s ancestors who had crystalline biology.


The Nature of Information Brokering


Our point here is that information brokering and loss of records is commonplace in the current human dance. Humans are intertwined through a load of cords of attachment that is really nothing other than grid work from the etheric body that has been turned inside out, and now instead of supporting the chi of the form loses chi instead in its interconnection to another person, place, object, plant, pet or region. Such intertwining creates the very pathway that information that is genetic, holographic or ancestral may be transferred from one party unto another, leaving one with the possibility of losing one’s own biological inheritance in a karmic exchange.


Why would any other desire one’s biological inheritance? Biological records hold keys to such things as dream weaving and manifestation along with channeling. Those in powerful positions worldwide or even in a regional sense or corporate sense are gifted dream weavers, gifted at the manifestation of sometimes a fortune in real estate or other acquisitions, and gifted at public speaking. Manifestation requires an ability to dream weave and this requires the knowledge on how to hold a dream in order to be fulfilled upon.


All communication in human form is a form of channeling spirit; it is just that most humans at 2 segments of DNA do not channel soul; they channel instead fractured bits of soul called the “personality” or “personality entities”. Therefore, information upon channeling is a requirement for any human who is gifted at public speaking or writing, or even the creation of art, music or entertainment for that matter.


Therefore, others desire one’s ancestral knowledge for their own creative purposes and endeavors. However, such an exchange does not work in ascension. Ascension requires one’s own ancestry and lineages to be present so that one may clear karma that is of one’s true inheritance; and retrieve knowledge from those ancestors that were crystalline in structure to create a new genetic template with crystalline biology.


In the retrieval of one’s own records, one’s ability to dream weave and channel along with perceive clairvoyantly the dreamtime realms may also return, as this may be knowledge one has given unto others over time. In so doing, one may then become the dreamer and the dream and open unto one’s unconscious to understand the nature of the energy dynamics that surrounds oneself through ascension. One may also create a new life and preoccupation for oneself as one’s innate gifts and talents are retrieved from those that one has given them unto in this life or in one’s ancestry.


Ancestral Assessment


We invite each reading these materials to intend an “Ancestral Assessment” before drifting off to sleep tonight. Earth offers this to each reading of our books. Intend to retrieve one’s rightful inheritance so that one may have in place what one requires in order to ascend in this lifetime. No one is prevented from ascending to 1,800 segments of DNA; and some may suddenly understand that they have the capacity to ascend beyond this, as in the above case. Sometimes one does not know what one has until 1,800 is mastered and one’s lineages and holograms have been fully assessed. Therefore, intend to ascend, and allow the ascension to unfold as it goes, without judgment and without the need to ascertain how far one may or may not go before one can know exactly what one’s inheritance is.


There are some inheritances that have karma not conducive to ascent beyond 1,800 or 3,000 segments. The reason for this is that such inheritances have karma for misuse of psychic information and knowledge and tend to go into harmful unconscious patterns that could prevent the ascent of the whole. Now this is not a crime; and those ascending to 1,800 or 3,000 can still clear the karma for this in their ancestry and in one’s continued life experience. However, the lives have still changed, and there is still the possibility of clearing karma through the end of the life allowing one’s future ancestry to take the ascent to the next level of evolution.


Each who resonates with and reads of our books is deeply honored. Each contributes to a portion of the map for ascension to whatever level one has mastered. If it is 1,800 that one rests, then one contributed to this level of map. If it is at 3,000 that one rests, then one contributed to this level of map. If it were not for the map carvers willing to gather in dreamtime to create the ascension map, then little would be known that would allow for human ascension as it is being offered up at this time to the map followers. Therefore, each is thanked by Earth for their contribution, and wished the very best upon one’s continued life journey.


For at 1,800 and even more so at 3,000 segments, one has reconstructed enough of a kundalini energy flow that the fire running through one’s field will clear karma at a far more rapid pace than those resting at 2 segments, who have little fire at all. Those at 2 segments barely appear visible in the etheric, beloved; for it is as if their fire has been completely extinguished with only a small flame visible at the base of the spine. It is why Earth says that humans are in an extinction cycle at 2 segments; and either one is going to ascend out of this cycle birthing another new day, or one is going to end their life in death.


Extinction is unavoidable in some circumstances in which the lineages have fallen below 2 DNA segments to 1.5 segments due to exposure to nuclear fission. So, this has occurred through the nuclear testing in many regions worldwide. Those exposed to such radiation may not be able to ascend; however, those that can and share of the same lineages in other regions will allow for the ancestry to ascend nonetheless; just through other embodiments. Nothing is lost really as the human species is really and truly one race.


One initiate was exposed to limited radiation working in a laboratory in a hospital for 20 years. This initiate has had incredible upper body pain develop in their ascent, to a point where they can barely function. The cause was a fraying of DNA to 1.5 segments in pockets of their upper form due to exposure to the radioactive isotopes utilized in the lab tests. This initiate is repairing these pockets by intending her original birth DNA encoding of 2 segments to be retrieved and restored in such regions. Then the crystalline encoding can be brought in on top of this so that the ascent to the crystalline structure may take off thereafter. So, you see in this that nothing is impossible; and through intent, one will correct any problem one encounters in one’s ascent. This is the gift of those with Grand Master inheritance.


Grand Master Lineages


Those with Grand Master inheritance received information from their ancient ancestry that holds the ability to modify DNA, break into the encoding and alter it through conscious choice and intention. Not all humans have this capacity. Those that have tried to acquire such knowledge by taking it from the sincere inheritance of another failed at their attempts to ascend in our assessment. Some knowledge simply cannot be transferred in the act of information brokering; one must have the information in one’s holographic remembrance; and this requires an actual set of lineages to accomplish that goes back in time to the Grand Masters who were seeded upon Earth 200,000 years ago and with large heads and a large level of awareness.


Human tapestries of ancestry cross, intersect and divide much like hundreds of trees that have become intertwined and interconnected over time. When one was building the body in the womb, one chooses 25 lineages to do so at 2 segments of DNA. These lineages determine one’s sex, race, eye color, skin color, hair color and personality along with life predisposition. One of these 25 lineages must be traced back to direct Grand Master inheritance for ascension beyond 3,000 segments. Those ascending from 1,800 to 3,000 may have an indirect inheritance to the Grand Masters. Those without any link must be limited to 1,800 as the next phase of ascent requires an ability to redirect the genetics in a manner that one has not holographic remembrance of understanding otherwise.


As future generations are born with one’s own inheritance that was limited to 1,800 or 3,000 segments in adult ascension, such children will choose a slightly different tapestry that includes Grand Master links. As this occurs, one’s future ancestry shall take the ascent to the next level. Nothing is lost, and there is much to be understood and experienced in adult ascension. One should therefore not judge or compare oneself to other ascending initiates, but rather embrace the experience of ascension that is offered, living one’s life to the fullest that one can possibly manifest in this lifetime.


A New Script for Ascending Humans


Genetics in the current human dance are so limited that an incoming child can predict the entire life, from childhood events, who one will marry, how many children shall be born, and where one shall live and who one shall work for. All are pre-determined in a genetic script that is broadcast through the collective human dream; the script is drawn into the life via the DNA one chose at birth. At 2 segments, the script is so limited that there is little variation in the life lived from the one previewed before birth by incoming souls and personality entities.


As one ascends, one begins to modify this limitation into a new script, a script for ascension. The script for ascension will bring about changes in the life lived to the degree that one can embody a crystalline form. For the crystalline form will attune to a new dream that is being broadcast to the new consensus of ascending humans; and this dream is not for extinction but rather for continued life and evolution through the settlement of karma. The continued life that ascends may bring about many changes and partings of the ways as the old script is relinquished in full, and karma completed with other parties. It is for this reason that ascending initiates may experience a lot of change in their life experience.


Over time and in the coming times of cleansing, those who cannot ascend may end their life in a rapid death, augmenting even greater change in the lives of those who are ascending. This too is not unknown; however, to the degree that each human chooses to ascend through conscious intention, to such a degree the life script may change extending the years ahead into a new dance, and one that may lead to greater joy and freedom.


Those with clairvoyant gifts and talents may read the script for ascension as it is anchored in the ongoing intent to ascend. The akashic record keeper upon the left side of the neck will hold the script for ascension. Such a script may have one completing upon karma and concluding a particular job or relationship along with living in a particular region, and then giving birth to a new preoccupation along with new friends, hopes and wishes in a region that better supports one’s continued ascent. The new script will also have many young adults giving birth to new offspring that will choose different lineages in the womb, and ones associated with the Grand Masters, taking the ascent to the next level in a generational sense.


Each set of 25 lineages chosen at birth is associated with a human hologram. The human hologram holds a master set of keys for all human genetics. We are bringing more of this information now to consciousness for those reading this book.


Human Holograms


All human DNA originates in one of 38 possible holograms that rotate around Earth in a cyclic manner from the planes of holograms. These 38 holograms are associated with five groups of humans that have entered the dance at different times in human history. We would like to review these holograms so that each may better understand the genetic and holographic or archetypal foundation of the human species.


One inherits two holograms at birth; one is passed from either the father or mother and then the associated 25 lineages are chosen to construct the body in the womb from a range of lineages possible unto such a hologram. Not all holograms cross all lineages, and therefore there is always a limitation as to what an incoming child may inherit based upon one’s parent’s holographic biological predisposition.


The second hologram chosen is founded upon birth time. If one would divide any 24-hour period into 38 segments, roughly every 38 minutes the hologram changes to another around the clock. Any child born within a given 38-minute period inherits the associated hologram as a birth predisposition or archetypal nature that directs the life dance. It is the birth predisposition hologram that directs the personality and life experiences that manifest in any given life.


Holographic Assessment


Birth holograms can also be bartered away. Therefore, in addition to a lineage assessment, we invite those reading this book to have a holographic assessment as well. Earth offers this to each who is reading of our materials. In so doing, one can retrieve the hologram that is sincere to one’s embodiment and birth time. It is only as this occurs that any ascension beyond 1,800 segments can begin. Some holograms will not allow ascension beyond 1,800; primarily these are Annanuki or of the Greek and Roman Gods along with their slaves incubated in a laboratory. If one has an Anu hologram or slave hologram that was used to construct the form, then one has partially to fully silica-based DNA.


Earth resides in a carbon-based system. In order to ascend home to the Great Central Sun, one must hold DNA that resonates and is carbon-based. Anu holograms along with their slave race have fully to partially silica-based DNA. To the degree that one has such DNA, and it was used to say construct portions of the form, such as the skin, eyes, hair, or the various biological systems, then such portions of the form have no crystalline basis for ascension beyond a certain point.


If one were to attempt to ascend beyond 1,800 segments, one would experience portions of the form ascending into the crystalline structure, and portions ascending into a silica structure, and the two are not compatible and would lead to an early death through disease instead. Therefore, 1800 is a safe resting point for such humans, as one will have ascended enough to determine one’s real inheritance, but not so far as to create disease.


The birth predisposition hologram that determines personality and life dance also has restrictions upon it. Those with Anu based holograms as birth personality signs rarely are interested in spiritual endeavors; but instead are interested in more secular pursuits. This is as it should be as such is the holographic archetypal nature of the Anu.


However, sometimes one finds that in a bartering of holograms, birth times have been swapped between parties; now you may have an initiate who believes it is their goal to ascend and their life is about the spiritual path, but has Anu personality in their real birth time inheritance. What occurs as the hologram is altered back to the real inheritance is that the individual then moves on to other pursuits. This allows the one whose real birth inheritance is to ascend beyond 1,800 to recover their truth and persevere in their ascent.


The holograms used to construct the form in the womb are also often swapped between parties; however, this does little good in ascension unless the holograms are privy to the same lineages in the tapestry of ancestry. For in ascension, one can only embody genetics from one’s real inheritance; red carbon DNA cannot be downloaded on top of a silica-based DNA foundation.


There have been many initiates who have tried this who manipulated lineages and holographic inheritance, and the carbon DNA simply would not take hold in physicality, as the biochemistry is simply too variant to allow for ascension from silica to carbon-based genetics. Such manipulations also lead to the development of cancer in several cases, as the silica DNA became confused, then producing a genetic mutation of some sort that was less than healthy. Therefore, it is really unwise to attempt to ascend beyond 1,800 if one’s ancestry is primarily silica-based.


The silica-based DNA came from the Pleiades and Orion Star Systems. Perhaps if one existed in such star systems, one’s silica DNA would be perfect for ascension, and carbon-based DNA would be in the wrong creation to ascend. There has been so much movement between creations of humans who developed the technology of spacecraft that the likelihood of this being so is a great probability. Perhaps it is also the cause of the extinction of many third dimensional creations in such silica and electrical/radioactive based systems.


Humans rode with their stars in a journey outside of their respective Great Central Suns. Each Great Central Sun had its own genetic structure and energy flow that supported and sustained the life therein. Carbon-based life and silica-based life are only two systems out of hundreds that were developed in Great Central Suns long ascended home and eons of time ago. Such life forms left behind from varying Great Central Suns were never designed to be intermixed or interbred.


And yet outside of the Great Central Sun from which one has departed, there were no signs posted “Warning, do not have sex with humans from such and such star system as you may produce offspring, and the mixture of DNA will not be conducive to a long-life span or ascension home.” This is where the human species and Earth finds itself in present time. As a result, human DNA from other creations along with plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin DNA of parallel nature shall be phased out in the birth of the coming six generations assuring that all thereafter may ascend with Earth.


Slave Lineages and Holograms


There is also the problem of producing a human strain that is less than complete in knowledge. This occurred three times in the human dance upon Earth. One strain appeared upon Earth 75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 human years) and roughly 1 million human years after the creation of the ice shields that surrounded Earth’s atmosphere, which much like a terrarium, caused Earth to warm up and hold a relatively even temperature global wide.


Scientists from Sirius spent a load of time and trouble to create the ice shields. Earth believes that this was in preparation for a relocation of a portion of their civilization to Earth. It is the ice shields that eventually cracked becoming your oceans. 300,000 human years ago, Sirius scientists seeded upon Earth a limited magnetic human form incubated upon their spacecraft laboratories with 15,000 segments of DNA. This human form survived, and it is perceived by Earth that this is what such scientists were testing for.


Sirius at this time had ongoing warfare with the Pleiades over territorial disputes, and Earth believes that the scientists were running tests to see if magnetic human life would survive upon Earth. If there had been a nuclear cataclysm in their own star system, then more of Sirian human civilization may have moved to Earth. Alas this never occurred, and the 1,000 or so red seeded humans with only 15,000 segments survived. These strains of human DNA are related to 8 of the holograms within the human holographic planes.


Initiates with lineages to these 8 holograms sometimes have Grand Master lineages, and sometimes they do not. If there is no Grand Master inheritance, then there is not enough knowledge to create the genetic modifications necessary to ascend beyond 3,000 segments of DNA. Therefore, those with this holographic inheritance with no direct Grand Master lineages are restrained at this level of adult ascension:


  1. God Goddess of Mother Earth Connection (related to the 1st chakra)
  2. God Goddess of Sexual Energy Movement (related to the 2nd chakra)
  3. God Goddess of Authentic Power (related to the 3rd chakra)
  4. God Goddess of Unconditional Love (related to the 4th chakra)
  5. God Goddess of Co-Creation (related to the 5th chakra)
  6. God Goddess of Vision (related to the 6th chakra)
  7. God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge (related to the 7th chakra)
  8. God Goddess of the Sun (solar bridge, related to Earth’s 8th chakra)


The tribal nature of those with just these 8 holograms lived peacefully for 100,000 years before the seeding of the Grand Masters about 200,000 years ago. They experienced a lifespan of roughly 2,000 years per given life. The existence was collaborative in nature and involved gathering nuts, seeds, roots, fruit and grains along with limited farming, as they were vegetarian, romance and procreation. These humans also created a limited language along with spiritual or sacred rituals that generally revolved around Earth and her cycles. Although these humans were never a part of Earth’s dream, as they were seeded in a Sirian dream anchored around Earth, they did not bother Earth, and therefore Earth allowed their continued procreation.


Those that express this holographic nature in present time may be interested in nature and nature spirits, goddess spirituality, moon and mother earth religions, or “Wicca” practices. Those of such inheritance have the capacity to ascend into becoming the dreamer and the dream again at 3,000 segments. Long ago humans with such holographic inheritance knew how to dream the life and then live the life that was dreamt, as this was the original manner in which the tribal life occurred as seeded 300,000 years ago. As the Pleiadian Anu tampered with the dream for those of this nature, such humans lost their ability to understand conscious dream weaving practices. Now through ascension this may change for those of this type of holographic red inheritance.


Dream weaving and “Wicca” practices today are not what we are speaking of when we speak of becoming the dreamer and the dream. Often current Wicca practices involve manipulating another into doing what one wishes, or an attempt to bend the will of another to suit oneself. This is not what conscious dream weaving is, beloved. One can only dream one’s own dream, not the dream of another. Therefore, conscious dream weaving is about intending one’s own life’s choices, and not manipulating another into doing one’s bidding.


Half and Half Slave Holograms


There is a second set of eight slave lineages called “half and half holograms”. These were incubated humans from Pleiadian and Orion laboratories that experimented with a variety of genetic packages before coming up with one that would be of service for the purposes of mining gold. Most of the genetic experiments failed. One of such “failed” experiments produced the Gorilla species, which is a blending of ape and human DNA. The Gorilla unfortunately was too tame to be pushed into mining for the Pleiadian Anu, and so was set free, but has survived not only from this time period, but also through many falls in consciousness upon Earth.


Finally, a combination of 30% Pleiadian DNA, 30% Orion DNA, and 40% Red DNA in a limited genetic package with only 5,000 segments produced a human that could speak, dance, build, create and work as the Anu desired in the gold mines. Unfortunately, in the blending of DNA from so many holograms, all holographic interconnection to any other humanoid race was broken, and so such humans with solely Anu slave inheritance stand separate from any other humanoid civilization. This may be the original feeling of “separation from God” for those of such inheritance.


This is a sad thing; as even the Sirian scientists did not sever the holographic interconnection between the limited red race and all other humans as they seeded upon Earth a limited human form with 15,000 segments of DNA. Holograms unite humans upon all dimensions of life associated with parallel DNA into a common understanding and interconnection; except when due to scientific manipulation, the information is severed from the whole.


Earth has discovered that the Anu Slave holograms can only ascend at this time to 1,800 segments, and this is where they are limited. The problem in ascending beyond this is the result of having 60% silica DNA and 40% carbon-based DNA, which produces a form that ascends into two different systems. The result is disease and an early death if such a form is ascended any further, and a load of confusion. The confusion comes from not knowing who one is; is one red and related to Earth and your creation? Or is one white and related to the Pleiades and Orion?


The confusion translates into confused ascending initiates. It is far better in Earth’s estimation to limit the ascent where one’s health will be retained and live the life out; allowing the next generation associated to choose some red inheritance to construct the form from and take the ascent to the next level of evolution.


The dance of the Anu Slaves set up a limited white tribal dance but with much less knowledge than the red race. Such a dance farmed, built houses, produced art and clothing, bred children, could be educated in how to “serve the Anu”, mined gold, and developed religions that generally revolved around the Anu as their “Gods”. However, this holographic dance has less knowledge than any other human holograms upon Earth, primarily because they were deliberately severed from all other human holograms to assure that they did not ascend, and could not evolve into enough power to overthrow their masters, or the Anu. It is out of such limitation that dogma has become prevalent amongst those of such inheritance, which has led to war again and again throughout human history.


  1. Thanatos (God of Death and Survival – related to the first chakra)
  2. Eros (God of Seduction and Sexuality – related to the second chakra)
  3. Hephaestus (God of Power and Warfare – related to the third chakra)
  4. Hercules (Hero and God of Love – related to the fourth chakra)
  5. Poseidon (God of the Sea – related to the planetary fifth chakra)
  6. Oracle at Delphi (Goddess of Vision – related to the sixth chakra)
  7. Helios (God of the Sun – related to the seventh chakra)
  8. Pan (God of Nature – related to nature)


The nature of human slaves was tribal not unlike the red humans seeded by Sirius. However, there was an internal dissonance due to the blending of biology with two non-resonant genetic fabrics. This caused dissonance amongst the slaves who would sometimes rise up against one another over territory or resources of the land, causing war. The slaves also rose up heavily against the red tribes in warfare, overrunning their land for the resources. One can see that this dance has continued to this day and into recent history with the loss of land upon the part of the Native Americans, the Hawaiians, and the Aborigines in Australia along with the Maoris in New Zealand.


It is those with primarily slave inheritance in present time that are dogmatic, view life as black and white, are simple in their interests or preoccupations, are in search of a savior to change everything, and in their limitation strive to create war if in power or governance over regions or nations. One can look at the Israelis and Palestinians and see two sets of slaves warring it out in their dogma in present time to understand what holographic limitation creates in a civilization sense; such limitation and internal discord creates violence and war, discord and pain.


Later in slave history, another level of slave was bred from the same holograms by the Anu. These slaves only had 1,024 segments of DNA and shorter lifespan, and were brutal in nature. They were specifically designed for the battlefield. One can see in the suicide missions or the experience of 9-11 this type of holographic thoughtform playing out in present time. Such violent forms of lineages have already been phased out of the genetic pools for all incoming children as of this year, as humanity has released the karma associated.


The slaves from the time of incubation knew a lifespan of only 500 years and a biology that aged and died due to the blending of DNA and its internal dissonance. It was why the Anu was considered “immortal”, as they had biology that could regenerate in its original form from the Pleiades and outlived the slaves. The Anu took information from the Grand Master lineages and utilized it to extend their lives up to 18,000 years.


Holograms of the Anu


The Anu interbred with the slaves and red race with regularity, producing offspring that was sometimes half Grand Master and half Anu, or half slave and half Anu, or half red slave and Anu. What is one to do in an 18,000-year lifespan? Sex and more sex; children and more children. Do you know that Aphrodite or Venus married over 500 times to different partners and produced over 900 offspring? And each wedding was more elaborate than the next. One can see in this why those of this inheritance may be so preoccupied with romance and marriage.


It is through the interbreeding that the Anus own holograms became a part of the holographic planes surrounding Earth. Had the Anu chosen simply to not interbreed with any other humans upon Earth, they might have retained their holographic connections to the Pleiades. Instead in the intermixing and blending, their holographic nature became a part of the human dance upon Earth and the human holographic planes.


In present time, it is generally the Anu and those with a direct holographic and lineage-based inheritance that have the most power and wealth upon Earth. However, each holographic expression will have all experiences in the wheel of life; therefore, one’s boss may be associated with an Anu in inheritance, or one’s parent, or one’s sibling, or one’s spouse or child. And so, it is not just the wealthy or famous that expresses the Annanuki nature, but all humans. Although one will find that the power in any group or family tends to gravitate towards those with Anu inheritance. Those with slave inheritance look to those with Anu inheritance as the master. Those with red inheritance generally know better and strive to create equality and unity in the life dance.


Humans tend to congregate in groups that express members of all holographic natures; and so, there is generally one of each hologram in every group of any size, whether such group is a corporation, church, government, spiritual group, or any other type of organization. This has been interesting for us to watch.


Each year in dreamtime, a new group of map makers has been formed as the lineages were called to experiment with the next phase of map carving for human ascension. Each year those that resembled others who left the year before entered the dreamtime program to take the associated inheritance to the next level of work. Such is the nature of holograms in association with humanity; and allows those reading this material to understand that you really are one species, regardless of race, sex, status or sexual preference or holographic predisposition.


  1. Aphrodite (Innana or Venus, Goddess of Love)
  2. Hades (Pluto or Merduk, God of the Underworld)
  3. Artemis (Diana, Goddess of the Hunt)
  4. Athena (Goddess of Intelligence or Wisdom)
  5. Apollo (Mercury or God of Communication)
  6. Ares (Mars, God of War)
  7. Hera (Juno or Goddess of Marriage)
  8. Demeter (Goddess of Harvest and Fertility – Mother of the Slaves)
  9. Hermes (Guides Dead Souls to the Underworld)
  10. Hestia (Goddess of the Hearth or Home)
  11. Zeus (Jupiter, Supreme God, Ashtar)
  12. Dionysus (God of Wine, Addiction or Illusion)


These above holograms essentially were the cast of characters that arrived from the Pleiades as a family to mine gold upon Earth. They were not particularly intelligent or above normal in knowledge per se, nor were they particularly spiritual in nature. The interest of this group turned towards life extension practices instead of evolution, for they held not evolutionary purpose in their holographic make-up. As a result, and as they procured knowledge from the Grand Master lineages that held ascension knowledge, they chose to utilize this knowledge to extend their lives. This created a suspension of the polarity of life and death, leading to a fall in consciousness for all of Earth.


Those with inheritance that is either holographic or lineage based to the Anu generally hold parallel interests in present time. Most are not humanitarian in nature, but self-interested in their own limited dance of romance, acquisitions, real estate investments, financial investments, or governance over humanity in some manner, whether born as monarchy, an elected official or CEO, or a manager of a small department in a firm matters not; such is the nature of the Anu holographic persona.


Those of Anu inheritance shall be limited to 1,800 segments of DNA if they ascend. This is again due to the blending of DNA, which is primarily silica in nature. If one’s main lineages were directly associated with the Anu in the construction of the fetus in the womb, then one is primarily silica-based DNA in present time. Such humans are not suited to ascending into carbon-based biology required to enter the Great Central Sun, and therefore these lineages and holograms will be phased out of all future human births over the coming five generations.


Those with Anu inheritance are often information brokers. This is primarily due to the fact that the Anu stripped the red race of all information to extend their lives. Initiates therefore may learn to become cognoscente of those in one’s current life experience that hold holographic predisposition to the Anu, as one may well have lost information unto such individuals and their ancestors over time or throughout one’s ancestry.


Grand Master Holograms


There were six additional holograms seeded upon Earth 200,000 years ago as 48 Grand Masters who were cloned from high spiritual elite genetic materials in the Sirius star system arrived upon Earth. The story of this group is a sad one. Each of the 48 grand masters died over an eight-month period within 8,000 years of the original seeding. Some died of shattering blows that involved the dolphin and whale kingdoms; others were shattered due to the other red humans who were unconsciously jealous of the amount of knowledge that the Grand Masters had. Many of the grand masters produced offspring before dying, allowing the inheritance to remain into present time and down a lengthy tapestry of ancestry.


As the knowledge of the Grand Masters was transferred onto the Anu, the Anu was able to extend their lives. However, the life extension practices caused a fall in consciousness of their own biology, which lead to extreme war between two parties, and the nuclear annihilation of Earth in the end. This annihilation was the single largest drop in consciousness and vibration that Earth had ever known, and it occurred 120,000 years ago. However, before this occurred, and leading up to it, fission thoughtform had become anchored upon Earth, which later caused the warfare of the Anu.


As the knowledge of the Grand Masters was transferred unto the red nations seeded 100,000 years before them, the dance of the guru was born. Gurus obtained knowledge procured from another ancestry and set of lineages that was not their own real inheritance. Such gurus may have made knowledgeable teachers; however, when they attempted to ascend, they did not have the appropriate knowledge on how to build a fourth dimensional humanoid form. The result was incomplete ascension and the anchoring of fission thoughtform, which is associated with death, destruction, disease and aging. It was the incomplete ascensions of the gurus that lead to fall after fall upon Earth and ultimately the nuclear annihilation of the Anu.


Those of Grand Master holographic inheritance in present time may well be drawn into the ascension movement. These humans believed with all their heart that this is why they were seeded upon Earth. Alas the genetic packages that they received with 36,000 segments of DNA are less than 18% of the entire set of genetics that the spiritual elite in Sirius knows. In the limitation, they were easy to shatter, and as the knowledge that they were bred with went to other humans, the knowledge was only misused for other purposes.


  1. God Goddess of Time
  2. God Goddess of Ancestral Knowledge
  3. God Goddess of Evolution
  4. God Goddess of the Human Species or High Priest & Priestess
  5. God Goddess of Solar Cycles
  6. God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension


Sirius claims that it never seeded humans upon Earth to ascend. However, Earth can go back in time and examine the thoughts and actions of the Grand Masters, and this is what they were told that their purpose was. The sixth hologram “God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension” holds the most keys to altering genetic encoding. This is the hologram Asur’Ana built her form from and her hologram of birth time.


The sixth hologram or the God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension appears to have been an accident as to how it ended up upon Earth. A visiting high priest from Sirius of such holographic nature had an affair with one of the cloned Grand Masters producing an offspring. Had this not occurred and been added to the genetic and holographic knowledge pool upon Earth, then the current ascension movement of the human species would probably fail.


Therefore, Earth ponders if this was really a mistake? Or was it Earth’s intent to ascend that pressed itself upon the human dream causing the birth of a child carrying the necessary knowledge to allow future human ascension? Perhaps it was also caused out of the belief that the Grand Masters held themselves about their purpose, which was to ascend humanity and Earth. Earth leaves each to ponder this. Those with the above genetic and holographic predisposition are the ones map making Bodhisattva level evolution in present time upon Earth (6,000 segments of DNA). Generally, those carving Bodhisattva constructed their body in the womb from one of these six holograms; birth time holograms may vary, but are generally either Grand Master or Red in nature.


Jyreion Human Holograms


There are other humans that came to Earth from another dying creation. This occurred about 192,000 years ago and after the death of the Grand Masters. These humans interbred with other red nations’ people adding their holograms to the human holographic planes. Such Jyreion humans were magnetic in genetic structure and red in skin color. They brought missing information on the elements with them. It was after the missing information for the elements was added to the human holographic knowledge pool that the first attempts to ascend were made upon the part of the remaining red spiritual elite.


  1. God Goddess of Fire and Ash
  2. God Goddess of Air and Ether
  3. God Goddess of Water and Vapor
  4. God Goddess of Earth and Lava


In present time, these holograms have been less useful in the ascent to Bodhisattva level evolution. Therefore, most with this biological holographic predisposition are limited to 3,000 segments in adult ascension. Why is this so? Although these packages have knowledge about the elements, they may be lacking the knowledge on how to modify the DNA. Without the ability to modify the DNA, then ascension beyond a certain point becomes fruitless. Ascending to Bodhisattva requires resurrection of dead cells and dead systems; this requires an ability to innately understand how to modify one’s own genetics. Those attempting such without such holographic knowledge have simply failed in their ascensions to date beyond 3,000 in our assessment.


Grey and Reptilian DNA


Grey and Reptilian DNA have been added to the gene pool through the interbreeding of their species and the human species upon space craft going back up to 40,000 years in history. Much of the Asian race holds Reptilian DNA; many of white origin hold Grey DNA. Holograms for these two humanoid species however have never been added to the holographic planes. Such DNA is generally transmuted and the associated thoughtform transcended by 1,800 segments in ascension.


At this time, there are few abductions that occur in the physical with any remaining around Earth from the Grey and Reptilian race. Most of the manipulations occur instead in the etheric or astral planes. Most of such astral planes have been already dissolved global wide in Earth’s ascent, except in the density of your cities. As ascending initiates embody the Language of Light, Grey and Reptilian programming and machinery dissolves as it is not powerful enough as thoughtform to remain in the presence of the unity-based tones of creation.


Holograms, Lineages and DNA


The hologram received from birth from one’s mother or father allows for a range within the tapestry of ancestry for an incoming soul to choose one’s lineages and DNA. Not all lineages cross all holograms, and therefore some holograms may limit the access to primarily silica-based (Anu or Anu slave ancestry) or primarily carbon-based lineages (red or Grand Master ancestry). Therefore, the hologram chosen to construct the body in the womb is the primary limiting factor in ascension in the present time evolution of the human species.


The hologram chosen as birth time has the effect of directing the life in a particular manner that is associated with the predisposition of the associated hologram. There is one hologram per birth time and there are some who are born on the cusp of two holograms offering a blending of the two in the life dance and persona. Eastern and Western astrology attempts to define this; however, it is more complex than either of these systems, which is why both systems are not 100% accurate.


Western Astrology is quite accurate for those of only Anu slave inheritance as both birth time and hologram utilized to construct the form. Eastern astrology is accurate if a red hologram was used to build the form along with the birth time. As a result, there are some humans with such patterning that will actually find these two systems accurate as one has the holographic biological predisposition associated. Over time and in the blending of lineages, this has become less and less so for most humans. Given on top of this the manipulations of holograms and lineages that have occurred over the past 2,000 years, this confuses the dance even further.


Some ascending initiates have become confused as to what hologram they are associated with, and trying to determine if it is good, bad or otherwise. Earth suggests that one not worry about this; simply intend to ascend and look within at one’s underlying patterning and transcend that which does not resonate at any given level. One may also better determine one’s holographic nature by looking at what one’s heart broadcasts unconsciously day in and day out.


Unconscious Heart Communications


The heart broadcasts a minimum of two holographic communications day in and day out. Generally speaking, these holographic communications often skew the life dream that any human manifests in a particular direction. How is the dream skewed through one’s heart communications? All thoughts that any initiate has are sent in an ongoing stream of consciousness to your solar Sun, and then a dream associated relayed down the planes of manifestation that later step into one’s third dimensional reality.


Therefore, whatever one’s heart is broadcasting tends to draw certain life experiences into one’s dance of life. It is also for this reason that one may desire to learn to not allow harmful, hateful or judgmental thoughts to flow through one’s stream of consciousness, as it is as if one is calling such experiences into one’s life experience.


Grounding and Boundaries


How can one stop one’s judgmental or harmful thoughts? All thoughts are the result of personality entities or soul that enters one’s field and expresses itself. One can set boundaries on what kind of personality entities can come to dance in one’s field; one may intend only harmless and non-judgmental entities. One may also intend to attune to the messages of soul as much as possible, and in so doing one will hear their internal guidance for ascension instead of the endless chatter of the personality, which has little to offer in terms of one’s evolutionary goals.


Grounding is imperative to one’s boundaries holding. Therefore, one must first ground the field and form fully to the core of Earth, and then one can push out of one’s field that which does not resonate with one’s choice to ascend. Sometimes grounding is easier to accomplish in nature, but ascending initiates must become adept at this process, otherwise one simply will be only able to go so far in ascension.


One’s boundaries only hold in a grounded state of being, and boundaries are necessary for ascension, as humans still must interact with members of both the new and old consensus. Old consensus humans are still caught in a particular unconscious dance that often includes taking records from others, or mutilating the field and dream of others. One prevents such forms of unconscious harm that is non-karmic as one learns to retain one’s grounding more out of any given day than not.


The personality can also be molded to hold one’s grounding. Long ago, Asur’Ana demanded personality beings that would retain her grounding in all circumstances, and she tossed out those that would not. She also demanded that the personality only hold non-judgmental and peaceful thoughts, and tossed all others out. One can even at an early level of ascension accomplish this, and the result is not only a greater level of internal peace, but also an ability to hear one’s soul and guidance with greater ease.


Much like a tuning fork, the human species attunes to the thoughts of spirit. Dissonance internal to self leads to dissonant spirits attracted that have dissonant thoughts. Peace internal to self leads to peaceful spirits attracted that have peaceful and loving thoughts. This is why the modification into the Language of Light begins to bridge humans who can ascend to 3,000 or beyond into greater internal peace and unity based thoughtform, as the tones of creation attract spirits and souls that resonate with such thoughts.


Intending to Alter One’s Heart Broadcast


In dreamtime, ascending humans have been experimenting with altering their heart communication through the conscious intention to reprogram themselves to broadcast messages that were more conducive to a loving and peaceful life experience. Each hologram has a pre-set group of thoughts that tend to be broadcast through the heart. The hologram sits within the heart; this is why holographic communication flows through the heart. One can through conscious intention modify these thoughts to be different, and in so doing, alter the experience one creates for oneself in physicality accordingly, as one will skew one’s dream in a new direction that may be more joyful. Below is a list of the holographic predispositions and heart communications and a suggested change for each.


Each suggested thoughtform is associated with the new astrology for ascending initiates. Those ascending embody the new astrology, which are really 18 new holographic archetypal predispositions for humanity that have been redesigned by Earth to serve ascension, and replaces the 38 former holograms in the holographic planes. As the last human ascends into the new astrology and holograms, the old holographic planes shall be dismantled in full, birthing the golden age for humankind ahead. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.)


The new astrology is touched upon even for those ascending to 1,800. For when one’s form masters 1800, one’s light body masters 3,000 and holds the ten few notes in the Language of Light. Therefore, even those at 1,800 begin to touch upon the new unity based thoughtform contained within the Language of Light and the new astrology. Both form and light body must build up in vibration in ascension; generally, the form is one leg behind the light body in genetic materials.


Although this may sound complex, it is much like layers of an onion. The light body holds a layer within one’s field that creates a body double that is an octave higher in vibration, and therefore will be at a higher evolutionary level than one’s physical form each phase of ascension. Through the light body, even those at 1,800 may begin to express the Language of Light and new astrology in their life and thoughtform.


One will also see in this how certain old holograms will have a tendency to ascend into particular new holographic predispositions as there is an underlying association or related truth. There are only 18 new holograms, and therefore more than one of the 38 old holograms will be associated with each new hologram in the new astrology for ascension. Many of the old holograms relay the same heart communication in Earth’s examination. One will find that one may resonate with one to three of the below associated predispositions and heart communications as a result, and may therefore resonate with two or three particular new signs in the new astrology.


Unconscious Holographic Heart Communications


Most unconscious holographic heart communication has two potential thoughts that are generally polar-opposite from one another. Ascending humans that generate these heart communications will find that they will fluctuate between the positive and negative pole, drawing varying experiences into the life dance associated in the skewing of dream in a particular direction. The suggested replacement thoughtforms are non-polarity based and strive to unify the extremes, allowing one a more joyful life outcome and movement towards the dance of unity through conscious dream weaving.


Diana, Artemis and Goddess of Mother Earth Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Want to Live” or “I Want to Die”


This heart communication of “I Want to Live” or “I Want to Die” puts one in ongoing circumstances where one’s survival may be in question, from not manifesting enough to not feeling safe or needing to blend or hide for the sake of survival. One may find that if this were your birth or body hologram, one would prefer not to be in a position of leadership but remain in the background where it is safe.


Those with this heart communication also tend to cling to others in fear or depend upon others in a codependent manner that does not sincerely allow one to find one’s own truth and power within. The “I Want to Die” communication generally leads to disease in all of its many forms, or calls an accident or other life travesty into one’s dance if it is broadcast repeatedly and over a long enough time period. Those with disease may therefore find an opportunity to recover in reprogramming this ongoing heart communication.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Sovereign” and “I Intend Peace”


Peace Bearer






Related to the Peace Bearer, Year of the Dragon Hologram


Sovereignty leads to abundance, as one learns to provide for oneself all that they need upon the path of ascension. “I Am Sovereign” as a heart communication, allows the dream to be cast that shall provide for one’s needs rather than leaving one in survival and without enough. “I Am Sovereign” allows for attachment to be released to other people, places, objects, pets, plants or regions that one has completed with in one’s ascension to date so that one may more readily leave behind that which no longer serves one’s continued life dance. This leads to movement out of codependent relationships.


The “I Intend Peace” heart communication will draw peaceful relations and experiences into one’s life dance instead of fearful ones, allowing one to come to a deeper internal sense of safety. It will also lead to an opportunity to recover from disease, if this is what one has made manifest in one’s life expression, as the root of any disease is internal discord.


Aphrodite, Eros and God Goddess of Sexual Energy Movement Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Want to Be Sexual” or “I Reject Sexuality”


This heart communication “I Want to Be Sexual” attracts many sexual experiences into one’s life dance as an ascending being. Or if one has chosen to abstain in the “I Reject Sexuality” communication, the sexual relations are pushed into the dreamtime or parallel lives where one may be having many dreamtime affairs. One may even awaken in the morning with recollection of such dreamtime sexual preoccupations.


In either case, having sex with non-ascending partners whether in the physical or nonphysical can lead to the loss of records due to the exchange of energy associated. Sexual energy can also be lost or taken by others, and often the unconscious cords with those broadcasting this heart communication cause others to plug into one’s heart or pelvis and drain one of one’s chi. Those that suffer from ongoing bouts of tiredness may well broadcast this message eliciting others unconsciously to take of one’s sexual energy or life force in one’s day to day life experience.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Life Force” and “I Intend Freedom”


Freedom Bearer 





Related to Freedom Bearer, Year of the Winged Horse Hologram


This heart communication “I am Life Force” speaks of ongoing abundance of energy to fulfill upon one’s dream along with one’s ascension. It also does not elicit others into the dance of unconscious sexual energy movement. This heart communication equates to abundance, abundance of energy to ascend, abundance to manifest one’s dreams, or abundance to fulfill upon one’s purpose. Abundance of energy will equate to bounty in one’s life dance. The “I Intend Freedom” heart communication allows the sticky cords of attachment that form between parties exchanging sexual energy to release, allowing one greater freedom in one’s life dance.


Hades, Thanatos and God Goddess of Power Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Want Power” or “I Am Powerless”


The ongoing communication of “I Want Power” causes one to either take the power of another unconsciously. Or one may lose one’s power to another leading to feelings of powerlessness in times that the “I Am Powerless” heart communication is broadcast. This causes one to vacillate between feeling adequate for the job some of the time, and inadequate or incompetent for the job at other times. The “I Want Power” heart communication generally leads to one who is indeed in power, or the boss. The “I Am Powerless” heart communication generally leads to one who appears powerless, but is the power behind another or behind the scenes. Often humans manifest both polarities in different circumstances such as the man who is the boss at work but powerless at home with his wife.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Integrity” and “I Intend to Commune with Soul and Earth”


Communion Bearer






Related to Communion Bearer, Year of the Turtle


“I Intend Integrity” leads to the cessation of the game of moving power in and out of one’s field that is not one’s own. In integrity, one has the power that one has earned in their ascension to date, no more and no less. Such power is not to be traded, but used to stand in one’s truth and continue to ascend. As one ceases to broadcast “I Want Power” or “I Am Powerless”, one will cease to draw power brokers into one’s life dance, and draw instead those willing to function out of integrity and in equality with all others. The “I Intend to Commune with Soul and Earth” allows one’s power to come through one’s anchoring as an ascending being; as one grounds fully to Earth, one can stand in one’s power in ease under any circumstance.


Hera and God Goddess of Unconditional Love Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Love” or “I Hate”


The ongoing communication of “I Love” draws others into the dance that wish to love oneself or desire to take of one’s love or heart energy flow, but always with such love are strings of attachment, or agreements or in other terms, bargains and exchanges of information. Why? Love has become a commodity due to the lack of love or non-love that exists in the current human dance. This heart communication also draws others to oneself that are needy and will take of the chi emanating from one’s heart as an ascending being. This will lead to intermittent tiredness and not enough chi to ascend.


The “I Hate” heart communication will draw experiences of hatred into one’s life dance such as a legal dispute, difficulties with one’s spouse or difficulties with others who may end up the “enemy”. Those that have a load of drama and trauma in their life dance tend to vacillate between these two heart communications.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Non-Conditional Love” and “I Intend Divine Union”


Union Bearer






Related to the Union Bearer, Year of the Swan Hologram


The “I Am Non-Conditional Love” heart communication attracts non-conditional love into the life dance. Non-conditional love does not bargain. Non-conditional love understands that there is enough love and that such loves emanates as an ongoing flow from the Earth, the Tao, and all sources inside and outside of time and space. One therefore need not bargain for love, nor does one require giving one’s own chi or love to another thereby leaving one deficient or bankrupt. One can bless another with the love of one’s heart emanating from one’s soul, oversoul and source. The “I Intend Divine Union” communication shall draw soul and Earth into an ongoing dance into one’s field so that they may bless others around oneself with the love of God Goddess through one’s heart center.


Apollo, Poseidon and God Goddess of Co-Creation


Heart Communication: “I Want to Succeed” or “I Want to Fail”


The ongoing communication “I Want to Succeed” leads to one that wishes to succeed at the expense of another. This causes one to take the creative flow or dream of another, or conversely lose one’s dream to another better at the game of dream brokering than oneself. This leads to failure, as one reverse polarizes into “I Want to Fail” as a heart communication. Sometimes such reversal of polarity will lead to the desire to see another succeed in which one gives their creative flow and dream to another, thereby failing oneself. In either case, those with this heart communication suffer from ongoing loss of creative flow and shattering of dream along with living the dream of another rather than one’s own dream of ascension.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am the Dreamer and the Dream” and “I Intend Fulfillment”


Fulfillment Bearer






Related to the Fulfillment Bearer, Year of the Porcupine Hologram


The communication “I Am the Dreamer and the Dream” speaks of the sovereignty of dream that one can weave as an ascending being that requires not taking of another’s dream or bartering with another for success. One is a creator in human form. One has the right therefore to create their dream unobstructed by or through another. This heart communication will allow for less manipulation of one’s own dream or another’s through one’s field. The “I Intend Fulfillment” will lead to dreams dreamt and lived that fill one’s heart and soul.


Dionysus, Oracle at Delphi and God Goddess of Vision Hologram


Heart Communication: “I Want to See” or “I Do Not Want to See”


The ongoing communication of “I Want to See” causes one to seek to see the truth outside of oneself. Often such humans end up as clairvoyants, visionary healers, or psychics that are gifted at seeing into the unconscious and energy field that surrounds the human dance. Often such human visionaries also project their own issues upon others and then read them as true to another rather than themselves. Sometimes such humans also take the visionary knowledge of others to enhance their own abilities. With all who see, often there are those things that one would prefer not to see, and as one reverse polarizes into “I Do Not Want to See” one goes blind to the truth and then is potentially betrayed, or is tripped up in one’s life dance.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Visionary Truth” and “I Intend Illumination”


Illumination Bearer






Related to the Illumination Bearer, Year of the Hawk Hologram


Truth based vision in the broadcast “I Am Visionary Truth” does not require taking the visionary knowledge of another to perceive clairvoyantly. Truth based vision also allows one to discern the difference between one’s own truth and another’s, lifting one beyond the veils of illusion that some humans run. In perceiving the truth clearly, one can be of greater assistance to others as a healer or clairvoyant in guiding another in their own journey of ascension. One can also perceive one’s own truth more clearly thereby avoiding the pitfalls upon the spiritual path. The ongoing thought “I Intend Illumination” will have the effect of lifting the veils of illusion that others or oneself would like to run so that one will get more readily down to the truth of the matter.


Athena, Hercules and God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Take Truth” or “I Give My Truth Away”


This ongoing heart communication “I Take Truth” or “I Give My Truth Away” causes initiates related to these holograms to take the truth of another out of the belief that they have no truth inherently that is one’s own, and give one’s real truth away. In other terms, this is the pattern of the guru, in which the truth of another is confiscated. However, generally this hologram does not produce a guru per se, but rather such an individual is the guru’s right-hand man or woman.


As such, this individual takes all others’ truths giving the truths to the guru, and the guru becomes the composite of all truths gathered through those bearing this hologram. In so doing, neither the guru nor the truth gatherer has a truth of their own. Many that exhibit this behavior will go from teacher to teacher always searching but never finding the truth. Why? Their truth lies within, but first one must cease taking truths of others to enable the guru, or giving one’s truth away, and then one must go within and discern one’s own truth.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Truth” and “I Intend Wisdom”


Wisdom Bearer






Related to the Wisdom Bearer, Year of the Eagle Hologram


This suggested heart communication of “I Am Truth” will allow one to find one’s own truth within. This requires a refocusing of energy to become inner directed rather than outer directed and forever in search of the perfect spiritual teacher. It also requires opening unto the unconscious so that one may more readily hear one’s own guidance. The “I Am Wisdom” intention shall allow the wisdom of one’s guidance to flow through so that one can perceive one’s own truth in greater ease from within.


Zeus, Hephaestus and God Goddess of the Sun Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Know It All” or “I Know Nothing”


It is this heart communication “I Know It All” that creates the guru, teacher or expert. This communication draws experiences to oneself that leads one to be placed in a leadership role or a role of fame or fortune. Generally, many others will give their information, power and truth to the one who “Knows It All” fueling the guru or fame into manifestation. This pattern enables the guru to be perceived as all-knowing due to all of the truths confiscated from others over time. However, the guru will never know his or her own truth, unless he or she ceases to participate in this dance. The “I Know Nothing” polarity may be how the guru feels internal to self from time to time, wondering why his or her following believes in them. It is also often those that broadcast “I Know Nothing” that seek guru after guru to learn something.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am the Creator and the Creation” and “I Intend Joy”


Joy Bearer






Related to the Joy Bearer, Year of the Squirrel Hologram


This Suggested heart communication “I Am the Creator and the Creation” acknowledges that each is their own creator of their own creation. This allows for the dissolution of the guru patterning of confiscating information, grid work, chi and ascension records from others, taking the guru off of his or her pedestal and allowing for equality to be born in the group dance. It also acknowledges that the guru need not manifest the ascension of another for another, for inherent in the guru dance is the expectation of the following that the guru will ascend the following, or do all of the spiritual work for the group.


In altering the heart communication to “I Am the Creator and Creation”, all are acknowledged for being their own creator, and therefore responsible for their own spiritual evolution. The “I Intend Joy” will allow the joy of being the creator to be made manifest by those with this particular holographic predisposition.


Ares, Helios and God Goddess of Fire and Ash Holograms


Heart Communication: “I Want to Rule” or “I Want to Be Ruled”


Those that run this particular thoughtform “I Want to Rule” through the heart often end up in leadership roles in their life dance as elected officials, the boss, the CEO, or even are born into monarchy. Sometimes one may run this pattern unconsciously and rule in the energetic dance, or in other terms, be the governance behind those in charge. Often the “I Want to Rule” expression leads to a controlling nature that wishes to be in charge over all others. If one cannot rule in the work environment, then one will rule the family, friends, children or one’s spouse. Therefore, often one with this broadcast may be the boss ruling at work, and then be ruled by one’s wife or family at home, or vice versa.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Orchestrate in Unity” and “I Intend True Spiritual Law”


Truth Bearer






Related to the Truth Bearer, Year of the Great White Buffalo Hologram


Ruling assumes dominion and power that is related to those in charge. “I Orchestrate in Unity” on the other hand allows all to be in their power, but a dance set in motion that serves the whole. Orchestration is the new form of leadership that facilitates the dance between others and for others that maintains and sustains unity in the energy movement between parties. This type of leadership shall emerge as more humans ascend into the new paradigm, both in the public domain and within the community or in personal relations. “I Intend True Spiritual Law” calls in souls and boundaries that allow for the dance of unity to prevail between parties.


Demeter and God Goddess of Air and Ether


Heart Communication: “I Want to Dominate” or “I Want to Subordinate”


Whereas the “I Want to Rule” communication causes one to be like the king or queen, the “I Want to Dominate” communication leads to one who wishes to subordinate others. If one cannot subordinate others in the work environment, one will do so at home, with family or friends, or with children and spouses. Domination is also a primary thoughtform that causes enslavement of others and therefore leads to the master-slave dance. One may be the master at work and slave at home or vice versa in this heart broadcast.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Collaborate in Unity” and “I Intend Compassion in Action”


Compassion Bearer






Related to Compassion Bearer, Year of the White Elephant Hologram


Collaboration in unity along with compassion brings an end to not only dominion, but the dance of master and slave. For “I Collaborate in Unity” calls one into experiences that create equality amongst parties in which no one is the master or the slave. In the collaborative paradigm, all are equal and contribute to the greater good of the whole. The “I Intend Compassion in Action” allows the judgment associated with those one desires to subordinate or views as inferior to melt into understanding and unconditional acceptance.


Hestia and God Goddess of Water and Vapor


Heart Communication: “I Provide” or “I Want to Be Provided For”


The ongoing heart communication of “I Want to Provide” calls others that desires to be care taken into one’s dance of life. Conversely, sometimes one reverse polarizes this communication into “I Want to Be Provided For” in which one may call another to provide for oneself in the dance of life. Underlying this particular heart communication are all the codependent patterns associated with the current third dimensional paradigm, in which one fails to learn how to stand in one’s truth or sovereignty.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Collaborate in Unity” and “I Intend Harmony”


Harmony Bearer






Related to the Harmony Bearer, Year of the Bear Hologram


Collaboration leads to non-codependence. Each must pull their own weight supporting one another for the common goal of evolution. The heart communication of “I Collaborate in Unity” will draw others to oneself that do not so readily partake in the codependent dance of care giver and the one who is taken care of. This frees one up to create new relationships that support one’s ascension and are founded upon the principles of unity. “I Intend Harmony” allows for unity-based relations to emerge, as harmony is the foundation of unity.


Hermes, Pan and God Goddess of Earth and Lava


Heart Communication: “I Create” or “I Destroy”


This ongoing heart communication causes one to have periods of creation or creative movement followed by periods of destruction where through self-sabotage, one destroys one’s own creation. Creations can include relationships along with job opportunities or businesses of all kinds, friendships, homes, and family relations. Often relationships begin with a flurry of romance and then end in great dissonance, argument or strife. This is an example of the movement between “I Create” and “I Destroy” heart communications in polarity. Internal to self, this also leads to periods of creative movement generally experienced in childhood, teenage years and college followed by a period of destruction known as aging, illness and ultimately death.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Honor” and “I Intend True Law”


True Law Bearer






Related to the True Law Bearer, Year of the Crow Hologram


The principles of destruction can only occur in a lack of honor. Therefore, as honor is restored in the “I Honor” heart communication, the polarity of creation and destruction shall cease becoming regeneration and bringing an end to aging, illness and death through ascension. As each chooses to alter their heart communication to one of honor, one will draw others to one’s life dance that honor oneself. “I Intend True Law” allows the dance of life to be founded upon karma; relationships may end as karma is completed upon. This is different from destroying the relationship through destructive patterning. Instead one may end the relationship simply stating that one is “complete”. In so doing, one can honor and part company.


Grand Master Hologram Heart Communications


The remaining heart communications are associated with the Grand Master holograms. These holograms do not have polarized communication, as they were anchored in a unity-based thoughtform that originated from Sirius. Unity has been retained in those with this holographic predisposition, in spite of the falls in consciousness of humankind. One will see that the heart communications of those with these holograms is therefore very different or unique as compared with the prior group of heart communications above and associated with the Anu, Anu Slave, or Red Nation holograms. This type of holographic predisposition creates a unique human with a different purpose that is humanitarian and considers the greater good of the whole above and beyond one’s own personal desires or self-interest.


God Goddess of Time


Heart Communication: “I Am Divine Timing”


The “I Am Divine Timing” heart communication leads to a life that magically falls into place as it should, as this is what divine timing is. As one functions in the heartbeat of the timing of life, all occurs as it should magically with nothing out of order. Humans born with this hologram rarely have much physical plane power, but sometimes others who do have great power use those of this holographic predisposition to orchestrate the magic of the groups that they gather. Those with this hologram are indeed magicians, as this is what divine timing is. The magician orchestrates the timing so that all may synchronize together within the dance of life.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Unity” and “I Intend Unity”


Unity Bearer






Related to the Unity Bearer, Year of the Deer Hologram


Divine Timing is not a pattern that Earth is choosing to emulate as a heart communication for future ascending human masters. It has been determined that humans should not hold keys to divine time, as this is not a role humanity or any single species should play. Instead, humans will learn to align to the heartbeat of Earth, and to the dream of ascension Earth offers unto each human, and in stepping in time with such a dream, one will find oneself in the divine timing and magic of it all nonetheless. This heart communication is being phased into “I Am Unity”. “I Am Unity” will cause one to dance in unity with all others. In a state of unity, all occurs when it should and as it should, which is what divine timing and magic is all about.


God Goddess of Ancestral Knowledge


Heart Communication: “I Am Recorded Time”


“I Am Recorded Time” are those humans of holographic nature that tend to retain records of all events in human history. Humans with this hologram are natural biological historians as they have also retained copies of each human incident within their own biology. It is through the ascent of such living record keepers that much of the ancient human history is being recompiled at this time. As such, humans with this holographic archetypal nature are gifted at their own ascension as they have all of the records built into their own DNA to construct the crystalline form. One could consider such humans living record keepers, much like the whales and dolphins.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Ascension” and “I Intend to Ascend”


Ascension Bearer






Related to the Ascension Bearer, Year of the Tiger Hologram


It is perceived by Earth that all humans should be record keepers of their own ancestral experiences and ascension knowledge. It is perhaps because record keeping was designated only to a few humans that humans became so lost and so many records could be manipulated over time. Now all humans will be responsible for holding one’s own records within one’s own biology along with maintaining planetary and solar archives that one is related to as a species. Therefore, this hologram is being phased into the Ascension Bearer, or one who carves the map of ascension in the physical for others to follow. Those with this hologram will find that they are natural map carvers of ascension.


God Goddess of Evolution


Heart Communication: “I Am Future Possibility”


This hologram holds the future possibility for all potential dreams for the human species. Such humans born under this holographic archetype are often gifted visionaries, as they perceive future possibility of oneself or others, or entire nations with great ease. Most recent time prophets are examples of the gifts and talents of those born under such a holographic predisposition.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Evolution” and “I Intend to Evolve”


Evolution Bearer






Related to the Evolution Bearer, Year of the Fox Hologram


Earth has determined that humans should not hold future possibility for others or one’s own species, but only for oneself. Earth now holds the future possibility or dream for all humans upon each continent that humanity resides. Therefore, all humans will attune to Earth to receive their future possibilities, and hold their own future possibilities in one’s own field as one’s own dream, and then choose which possibility that they would like to make manifest in the physical as the dreamer and the dream. This heart communication is being phased into “I Am Evolution.” The heart communication of “I Am Evolution” will anchor evolution as one’s own possibility as an ascending being. The “I Intend to Evolve” will draw such a possibility into physicality into one’s life dance and biology.


God Goddess of Ascension


Heart Communication: “I Am Creative Movement”


Those with “I Am Creative Movement” heart communication have been responsible for holding the dance of creative energy flow or sexual energy for the human race. Such humans are often gifted at manifestation or creative endeavors of all kinds; or of pushing creative energy into the projects of others. Often the current leadership or gurus use such humans to foster their particular truth and dream into physicality.


It has been determined by Earth that humans should not hold creative movement for their own species, but rather that creative movement is an energy flow that Earth herself shall direct through all species including humankind. Earth shall hold creative movement and each human shall tap into a balance giving and receiving of such flow to manifest one’s dream. Therefore, the heart communication of “I Am Creative Movement” is being phased into “I Am Evolutionary Truth”.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am Evolutionary Truth” and “I Intend Evolutionary Truth”


Evolutionary Truth Bearer






Related to the Evolutionary Truth Bearer, Year of the Antelope Hologram


The heart communication of “I Am Evolutionary Truth” will anchor evolutionary truth as a possibility for oneself. Each who ascends experiences an evolutionary truth that adds to the tapestry of truth experienced as each species ascends. It is only as each lives their evolutionary truth that the map of ascension is carved for others to follow. The “I Intend Evolutionary Truth” thoughtform will allow the evolutionary truth lived to be a valid expression of one’s own truth as an ascending being.


God Goddess of the Solar Cycles


Heart Communication: “I Am Solar Time”


Humans born with this heart communication “I Am Solar Time” often have multidimensional vision or understanding that is related to solar time and creational cycles. Therefore, such humans are often gifted at multidimensional awareness or perceiving changes that may occur upon Earth or within the human dance that are influenced by creational cycles.


Earth has determined that humans should not hold keys to solar time again. The solar system holds within its own dance of energy flow a movement that directs time both in the solar system and upon Earth. Humans likewise are not to direct time but to syncopate to time as it is pulsed upon a solar or planetary basis. In so doing, humans move into sync with the ascent and creational cycle of the whole, and one’s ascent thereby comes forth in greater ease. Therefore, this heart communication is being phased directly into the thoughtform of “I Communicate in Unity”.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Communicate in Unity” and “I Anchor the Language of Light”


Communication Bearer






Related to the Communication Bearer, Year of the Wolf Hologram


The heart communication “I Communicate in Unity” is predisposed to bringing forth communication that is direct, authentic and unity based. Those bearing such a hologram will be destined to write, speak, teach and lead others in the new paradigm of unity or the Language of Light. The “I Broadcast the Language of Light” will allow some humans to make the Language of Light available to all other humans so that those ascending within your species may begin to attune to the new unity paradigm.


God Goddess of the Ascension to the Fifth Dimension Hologram


Heart Communication: “I Am Evolutionary Cycles”


The heart communication of “I Am Evolutionary Cycles” is designed to trigger human ascension when the cycles are present for such a dance. In so doing, humans with this holographic predisposition may be at the forefront of the ascension movement. However, inherent in this heart communication is the responsibility for one’s entire species. For a long time, Asur’Ana and many others of this holographic nature have felt responsible to assure the evolution of humanity. Alas, humanity must ascend itself; and it is beyond any one human to fulfill upon this or anchor it for the whole. Each must do their part. And so, Earth is phasing this heart communication into “I Am True Purpose”.


Suggested Heart Communication: “I Am True Purpose” and “I Intend My True Purpose”


True Purpose Bearer






Related to the True Purpose Bearer, Year of the Owl


Earth has determined that no single human or group of humans should trigger human ascension. Instead, each human should be encoded to ascend of his or her own volition when the time is right. The “I Am True Purpose” communication causes each to take their role in the dance of life and in the ascension of the human species. Each bears a particular purpose and those with this heart communication shall demonstrate living an ascending life purpose and in so doing inspire others to do the same. The “I Intend My True Purpose” will cause one’s dream to align with one’s truth so that it may be anchored into physicality and physical expression.




Earth invites ascending initiates to look inward and determine which heart communications one is broadcasting from the list above. Then each are invited to alter the heart communications through intention to embrace a new and unity-based foundation for one’s life dance. As one intends these new heart communications, understand that all of the patterning that holds the old predisposition within the field and form will come up for cleansing. It may take many months or even a year or more of continued ascension to break down all patterning that supports the old heart communications, and embody and embrace the new. However, as one accomplishes this goal, one’s dream for one’s life manifestations will cease to be unconsciously skewed in a manner that would bring one less joy or failed dreams.


One may wish to muscle test or pendulum which of the communications are broadcast from one’s heart in present time. Also be aware that one may emulate many of the patterns spoken of within this chapter, even if it is not inherently one’s holographic predisposition. Therefore, one can intend to release all patterning triggered, which will foster a more complete ascent in this lifetime.


This is the first article to begin to address the necessary unconscious changes to begin to balance the male and female energy flow within. Earth, ascending humans and all ascending species upon Earth now turn their attention to creating a more balanced male and female energy flow to foster the continued ascent of Earth along with each kingdom. We have completed and concluded as a global consciousness with warfare and disease karma. This does not mean that there will be absolute cessation of all warfare or disease upon an individual basis for any human, dolphin or whale or within nature. Each must do their part to ascend beyond the very thoughtform that creates such upon an individual basis by embodying the crystalline cellular structure. However, global war or a World War III has been diverted into non-physicality due to the global transcendence of these two related patterns, war and disease.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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