Image of a gigantic banyan tree in Hawaii. Blessings For Symbiotic Relations

5. Blessings For Symbiotic Relations


From the Banyan Tree Kingdom


It is the Banyan Trees that address you today. Banyan trees abound in Hawaii although they did not originate here. Banyan trees were imported from India often as gifts to the Hawaiian Queens and Kings of long ago. Banyan trees flourish in Hawaii as we do in our native land due to the tropical climate. Indeed, in Queen Kapiolani Park in Honolulu behind a few apartments that Asur’Ana used to live at are many Banyan trees. Banyans will generate roots from our branches that will extend down to the ground creating another tree without the need to produce flowers, fruit or seeds to generate offspring. Often our trees will grow as a result so close together that they will unite into a wall or many large dwellings that are similar to the rooms of a house.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Asur’Ana pondered that we would make a good home, as one of the Banyan trees in the park was as large if not larger than her apartment of the time. Indeed, we have been the home to many humans in times past and during a more tribal circumstance. Our leaves protected such humans from the sun and rain and our large trunks, which grew to unite in many places, blocked the wind enough to make existence within our presence quite comfortable. Perhaps your ancestors of the future will learn to live amongst us yet again for parallel reasons.


Many Plants Imported to Hawaii


Many plants have been imported to Hawaii over time. The original Hawaiians brought with them coconuts, papayas, ti plants along with pigs and chickens. Later, Tahitian immigrants brought bananas with them to Hawaii. Mangos, guavas and macadamia nuts are not native to Hawaii and were brought with Asian settlers who came to work the pineapple and sugar plantations in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Mangos, guavas and macadamia nuts are a delicacy that the Hawaiians now enjoy. The reality is that most vegetarian food source that humans enjoy today was imported to Hawaii and did not originate as a native species upon this land; this is the same in many regions upon Earth.


In the 1920’s and following the great depression, camps were set up for young men to go to who were unemployed; those in these camps created trails that are still used to this day in many national parks on the islands. Many trees were planted in this time period that came from other regions, including banyans, redwood trees, spruce and other pine trees, and other fruit producing trees such as plums.


Now in present time there is great controversy, as many imported non-indigenous species seem to override native trees in the Ohia forests. Often there is a sense in literature associated with these nature reserves and national parks that the imported plants are violent, vicious and strangling or killing the native species. Banyan trees find this an odd perspective and perceive that humans are projecting their own violence upon the nature kingdoms in such perceptions.


Trees are not violent with one another. Plants and vines do not strangle trees, although from the outside it may appear that this is so within many a rainforest. Vines and trees co-exist in collaboration with one another. The tree provides the trunk that the vines may climb to catch enough sun to flourish; the vines provide in exchange nutrients unto our roots and shade along with water element along our bark, which is very comforting. This is considered a symbiotic relationship where each supports the life of the other.


Yet from a human perspective and if the vines appear to overrun the tree seeming to cause the tree to die, it appears as though the vines are destroying the tree. In reality, the tree chose to withdraw its life force long before the vines overran it. Perhaps the tree was ill of a virus, or perhaps in this time of ascension the older trees are less capable of becoming crystalline and are choosing to exit physicality. Those trees that are failing to become crystalline will die as the kingdom associated pulls the life force from any embodiment that is failing to ascend. This will come to be so increasingly in the quarter century to century ahead.


Although pine and redwood trees or plum trees were not a part of the original landscape of the islands, they provide a service in holding the void of Earth. Even if such trees came to the islands through human hands, it was still the dream of the trees to relocate unto new land so that each plant and tree kingdom could commingle together again. For you see, we too are in need of finding our wholeness. Much as humans migrate to other parts of the world and intermarry creating descendants of mixed races, all species of plants trees are also in need of gathering together all over the world.


Why is this so? In the intermixing of races, humans will be more likely to create the necessary genetics to ascend at this end of cycle time period. In the gathering together of many tree and plant kingdoms in the same forest, wetland, botanical garden or preserve, we also are more likely to share of our genetic history which shall support the ascent of us all. Humans in their own way have done us a great favor in creating botanical gardens all over the world with plants and trees from many climates and regions all in one place as this actually serves the ascent of the entire plant and tree species. So, in your own way, humans are contributing to our evolutionary journey.


Redirecting Biochemistry for Ascension


Trees and plants are retrieving their power to consciously choose which of our embodiments will live and which will die and are redirecting our biochemistry for ascension. This is bringing about many changes that your scientists may not understand into the future. We will give you an example. In the past decade, scientists modified some of the papaya plants in biochemistry to allow the fruit to become more resilient to certain viruses and fungus that was prevalent in the Hawaiian Islands. The papaya kingdom thought that these modifications were a good shift and chose to embrace the genetic changes throughout their species.


Lo and behold, organic farmers found their papayas altering in biochemistry to match the “GMO” papaya. Some organic farmers replanted their stock and found the new stock yet again going into parallel changes. The farmers insist that it is the pollen from the neighboring papayas that are of GMO varieties that are “infecting” their organic farms. In reality, it is the papaya kingdom that thought that the genetic modifications were a good idea and chose to embrace them, and a stronger healthier fruit was the result. Perhaps this is an example of how human farmers and the consciousness of certain species could learn to work together into the future, by researching changes that would be useful to the plants in sustaining a better health and vibration that ascension entails.


Recently, Asur’Ana has purchased many organic papayas from the health food store. Papayas are generally filled with a large cavity of over a hundred seeds. The organic papayas only had one to a few seeds and the cavity was empty. She pondered this and asked the papaya kingdom what was going on. What she was told was that there was no longer the need to produce so many seeds, most of which were thrown away anyway by human consumers. Papaya was pulling its energy out of producing so many seeds and placing it instead into ascending the trunk leaves and fruit into the next higher level of crystalline cellular structure. Some papayas of this nature tested to be around 6,000 segments, and so these were Bodhisattva level papayas.


Asur’Ana thought that this was very wise. However, the papaya kingdom reminded her that the control of “reproduction” was a crystalline attribute. In parallel manner, women who are becoming crystalline and mastering to 6,000 DNA segments could also turn off their menses and production of eggs each month. The cycles of reproduction take so much chi that it can take away from the energy necessary to ascend, and so perhaps this is a wise intention on the part of ascending women at this time.


Ascension brings about the conservation of nutrients for the purposes of creating a more thorough crystalline structure. Nutrients wasted in the production of eggs or sperm only cause less crystalline cells to be produced. Men may also choose to refrain from ejaculation as a result and to place one’s energy and nutrients into ascension. There are tantric practices in which ejaculation is re-circulated and does not occur during the act of love making. The Banyan Tree Kingdom perceives that these are remembered from a time that humans participating in such practices were attempting to ascend and could not allow the waste of nutrients through the ongoing ejaculation of sperm.


Many other plant and tree kingdoms may produce less fruit, seeds or nuts in the times ahead and put their attention into ascending the plant rather than reproduction. This may disturb human scientists who believe that all should remain as it has been known forever. Beloved, if all remained as it has been known, all would go extinct as either one heads for extinction or one evolves through ascension. There is no such thing as a middle road of remaining the same; if this were so, Earth would not have continuously sunk in consciousness along with humankind over the past 200,000 years of history.


Banyan trees are evergreen as is our counterpart the fichus tree. Each evergreen species has retained a portion of the crystalline knowledge that has been lost over time. Pine trees retained a particular type of crystalline fluid that will not freeze even when the snow hits the ground allowing them to retain their green needles and produce oxygen through the winter.


Bamboo trees retained the crystalline structure for building a strong trunk with less density. Bamboo has many compartmentalized segments that are hollow in the middle and yet are so strong that construction workers in certain regions of the East will build high rises of 10 to 18 floors or more strictly of bamboo. Bamboo is also more resilient to insects such as termites along with dry rot and therefore is a good choice for building structures in the tropics. Why wood is imported to Hawaii instead of the use of bamboo for all building structures mystifies Asur’Ana as a result.


Crystalline Method of Procreation


Banyan trees recall the crystalline method of procreation without the need for fruit, seeds or nuts to be produced. Into the future and as humans and animals alike cease to require food source to subsist and as the biology has become photonic and self-sustaining in nature, plants and trees will no longer require producing fruit, nuts and seeds to feed other species. As this occurs, each plant or tree will learn to generate the young through a direct root method much as our species has always done since ancient times upon other dimensions that Earth has known life.


The direct root method of procreation is a far easier means of expanding a forest or plant kingdom than producing nuts, seeds and fruit. Why is this so? Through the direct root method, the parent creates the offspring direct and provides it life until it can stand on its own. Much like a woman provides nutrients to the fetus in the womb through the umbilical cord, the plant or tree provides nutrients to its young through the direct connection of the roots to the offspring. With young plants or trees spawned from fruit, nuts or seeds, they must grow and sustain themselves without any assistance from the parent. This is a far more difficult means of reproduction than the direct root method.


Life has become more difficult as each species has lost its fully crystalline blueprint. Humans and nature alike are imprisoned by such difficulties in many ways. One way that humans and nature are imprisoned is in the requirement to eat to subsist. Eating for most species takes up more of any given day just to sustain life. For those that consume grass or other vegetation, they spend the entire day feeding or traveling to the next destination of food source. For those that consume flesh, they spend the entire day hunting, sometimes catching something and sometimes not, and going often for a week or more without food at certain times of the year. Humans and nature alike are confined to the requirement to consume to subsist.


Living from the Breath


Humans are in a situation at this time that one must work more out of any given week to pay for the rent and the food. This leaves little time for the inward spiritual focus necessary to ascend or the spiritual path. This was not always so; there was a time in our ancient memory upon Earth where all subsisted from the breath. Through the breath, all that was required to sustain life was provided for.


The Grand Master humans seeded upon Earth long ago subsisted from the breath. They also came having mastered physical law and were capable of manifesting anything that they desired with their thoughts. These Masters would draw a river unto them through intention if they desired a drink or a swim; these Masters would mold the forest and land to suit their living requirements designing their homes with their minds. One day, all humans through spiritual mastery will again return to such a simplicity of living and in so doing, will live in communion and joy with nature again.


Plants and trees are all that remains of the simplicity of living from the breath, as we consume carbon dioxide that all animal kingdoms including dolphins and whales exhale; and then exhale oxygen to provide for all other animal kingdoms. At another time, oxygen was all that was required to sustain life. The body of each animal, human, whale or dolphin manifested blood sugar in multiple forms from the oxygen gathered in the breath. Through ascension, each species is again moving towards this state of being which is created through the development of the “crystalline diaphragm”.


As each animal kingdom fully develops a crystalline diaphragm, each species will cease to eat, whether they rely upon vegetation or flesh is irrelevant. Asur’Ana has developed a full crystalline diaphragm, however, she continues to consume vegan foods to provide the nutrients necessary for the continued ascent. If she were not to continue to ascend, she could cease to eat in this moment and never be hungry again. Asur’Ana has proven this to herself by going for days without anything but a little water, juice and tea, and not experiencing any symptom of hunger; her ability to manage her blood sugar is so thorough through the breath and through a special form of metabolism that relies upon many forms of insulin to feed the cells in increments that she does not even notice that she has missed a meal.


The Grand Masters and a Fully Crystalline Structure


The crystalline structure is not new; it is an ancient cellular structure that all kingdoms existed within at another time. For some kingdoms, they knew such a structure upon another dimension of life. For some seeded humans, they too knew this structure upon another dimension or from another creation, as even the red seeded race did not have a fully regenerative crystalline biology. It was the large headed Grand Masters that were seeded at a later time from Sirius that had a fully crystalline form that was regenerative. Those with relations to these humans in present time will lead humanity to a new state of being, as one day all humans will be fully crystalline.


What is a fully crystalline structure? A fully crystalline structure is symbiotic; one biological system’s waste is another system’s food. Each system, organ or gland functions in a manner that supports all other systems’ organs and glands. Each cell has the capacity to regenerate if the health begins to fail; the regeneration occurs through providing key nutrients to allow for cell repair rather than requiring the cells to be replaced in part or in full. In a regenerative system, there is no aging and there is no death until death is chosen, as the human or other kingdom feels complete with the experience of the physical plane, or desires to evolve into another type of form.


The large headed Grand Masters known as the Sirian Spiritual Elite upon Sirius had a fully crystalline biology in the third dimension; they knew a 2000-year or more lifespan; some of the spiritual elite chose to ascend to another dimension of life rather than die at the end of their 3rd dimensional incarnation. However, not all humans upon Sirius had such a long lifespan or the larger cranium of the Spiritual Elite. There were those humans that were genetically modified for the purposes of creating a lesser human to wait upon and serve the seeming “greater” Sirian Spiritual Elite.


Fall in Consciousness Due to Pared Down Genetic Materials


Alas this is a vast mistake. The moment humans pare down genetic materials for any reason, whether it be in a scientific laboratory or through the conscious intention of a few thinking that life would be better if there were others to take care of them, all of the associated consensus reality is afflicted. All in any such creation cannot do anything but fall in consciousness as humans in their ignorance of what such a dance creates intends a fall in consciousness for their own species. If any one species in a holographic creation intends a fall in consciousness, then all other species likewise experience a fall in consciousness as this is the nature of the holographic interrelatedness of all things.


This pattern repeated upon Earth. This pattern of intending a fall in consciousness occurred in many ways. The karma for small headed and large headed humans was transferred from Sirius through the red seeded nation and Grand Masters alike that were seeded upon Earth. This karma called a Pleiadian family known as the Annanuki to Earth who incubated a lesser race of humans to serve them in a laboratory, just as the Sirian Spiritual Elite had done through conscious intention long ago. This caused a fall in consciousness for all humans and for all of Earth, for incubating a lesser human is no different than intending a lesser human in the womb; it has the same affect and caused all of nature to fall as a result.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs


Furthermore, the remaining large headed humans many thousands of years after the end of the reign of the Annanuki also intended a fall in consciousness. How did this occur? Well, this is interesting and the Banyan Tree Kingdom would like to explain. This occurred during the time period of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs existed upon land that contained the large pyramids currently in Egypt in present time; however, the continent was in a region known as Banff in present time. This was about 72,000 years ago, and the continents have rotated substantially since this time. The region known as Egypt was not as it is today but rather a land of many waterways and plenty of rain along with forests, hills and valleys; each of which created natural regions for red human tribes to live.


The Pharaohs were the result of a blending of Annanuki and Grand Master lineages due to the sexual exploitations of Zeus and Innana, two Annanuki family members. The Pharaohs much like their predecessors, Zeus and Innana, desired to rule and chose to create armies to do so to conquer and indebt the red nations peoples who lived nearby. As the red nations people were conquered, suddenly they were forced to pay taxes in the form of natural resources or art and wares created by hand to benefit the Pharaohs and their regime. The Pharaohs also chose to gather the remaining large headed humans (Mahavishnu) from each tribe and bring them to live in one region called “Pharaoh Island”.


Rejection of Mahavishnu Women and Further Loss of Consciousness


There were many Pharaohs over a 16,000-year timeframe. Each Pharaoh much like their Anu relations extended their lives many hundreds of years. The longest living Pharaoh was Pharaoh Tut who lived 1,200 years. Tut’s son who was going on age 600 wanted to rule Egypt and poisoned his father in the end. Pharaoh Tut lived so long as he enjoyed sexuality to an extreme and used the sexual energy flow to regenerate and rejuvenate himself, much like his ancestor Innana. Orgies and sex parties were a part of Pharaoh Island during Tut’s reign. Many humans who have remembrance of tantric practices are really remembering this era of Ancient Egypt under Pharaoh Tut’s regime.


Pharaoh Tut introduced concubines that were female with small heads for the pleasure of himself as well as all others upon Pharaoh Island. These females were very beautiful and would often dance, sing and play with the larger headed men along with becoming their tantric partners and concubines. These smaller headed women had a full head of long hair. The larger headed women of the time tended to be bald. The impact of the long hair upon the larger headed women was that soon they felt ashamed of their hairless heads; soon they took to wearing long beaded scarves to cover their heads that are often depicted in Egyptian art. Perhaps this is why Middle Eastern women to this day cover their heads with scarves.


However, the damage to these beautiful and spiritually aware women was far greater than the issue over hair. The Mahavishnu women felt rejected by their partners or the large headed men upon Pharaoh Island, for suddenly they were not the preferred mate or sexual encounter. The Mahavishnu women preferred a life partner and one that would take the time to understand them and share in spiritual practices. Alas, the Mahavishnu men mostly turned instead to the smaller headed playmates rather than taking a life mate during the reign of Tut. The Mahavishnu men treated the small-headed playmates with greater gentleness and kindness than their own kind in female gender. The reason for this is that the smaller headed women was perceived as a child and therefore was treated as such. However, this left the larger headed Mahavishnu women feeling insignificant and mistreated.


The end result was that enough female Mahavishnu wished that they had a smaller head as this appeared to create a better life. In this intention, they also intended a fall in consciousness for their own kind. Alas, within six generations following the reign of Tut, all larger headed humans ceased to be born unto the Pharaohs and the Mahavishnu alike. This is how the larger cranium and spiritual awareness of the original Grand Masters seeded by Sirius upon Earth was lost upon the physical plane.


Symbiotic Relations


One can see in this that the large headed humans lost their understanding of symbiotic relations during this time period in Ancient Egypt. Symbiotic relationships would never allow that which was problematic unto the whole to occur. Symbiotic relationships have to do with equality; in symbiosis, all is equal. It matters not the size; from the tiniest of insect that nurtures the soil or provides substances in the waste that feed the plants, to the largest of trees, all is equal as all is necessary unto the whole to sustain life.


If symbiotic relations were functional during the era of the Mahavishnu, then the large headed men would have rejected the smaller headed women and chosen life partners with their own kind, as this would have ensured the continued existence of their genetics and future large headed ancestry. Symbiotic relations are all about the continued existence through birth, death, and procreation of each species and each kingdom in the whole of any consensus reality that one resides.


Symbiotic relations are also equivalent to crystalline biology. In crystalline biology, the biology seeks to support the health and well-being of each cell, organ, gland and system without aging, deterioration, disease or death. In crystalline biology, one organ gland or system is not deemed superior unto another; all are equal as is each cell, hormone or nutrient necessary unto the whole. As each part of the whole is deemed equal, no part is deliberately destroyed and this assures the continuation of the life of the form as well as the future of the ancestry and associated species.


As the large headed women desired to be smaller headed, they also inadvertently intended to lose the remaining crystalline biology that they knew. Perhaps had they known that this would be the result of their intention, they would have altered their thoughts. In so doing, they also lost symbiotic relations with one another along with all other kingdoms. As humans fell out of symbiotic relations, dissonance and abusiveness became the norm. Up until the loss of the Mahavishnu upon the physical plane, there were still those remaining in human form that understood peace, unity, and unconditional love along with living in harmony with all other kingdoms. As the larger headed genetics were lost, so was the remaining possibility of a dream of unity for humankind likewise lost.


Piecing Together the Magnificence of the Fully Conscious Hologram


Furthermore, as a result of the intent to lose consciousness, nature lost its crystalline biology and fell in genetics along with the larger headed human relations. Why is this so? Life is holographic. If humans intend a loss of consciousness so will all kingdoms follow suit as all is intertwined into a unified dance founded upon resonance. Resonance requires ongoing harmonizing tones or sounds in order to sustain the vibration that one exists within. If one species goes sour due to a fall in consciousness, all music ends up sour and then all other species likewise fall in consciousness.


It is interesting to note that up until the reign of Pharaoh Tut, there were many animal species that did not consume vegetation or flesh to subsist and were crystalline in form. These kingdoms lived from the breath as in ancient times. As the crystalline biology of the Mahavishnu was lost, so was the crystalline biology of the remaining kingdoms that subsisted from the breath; and all fell into consumption after this time period. Many of the crystalline kingdoms were rounded up before this fall occurred and mummified and then placed into chambers within the pyramids that the Pharaohs used to extend their lives. In the mummification process, the genetics of the crystalline biology and living from the breath was preserved. Had the crystalline members of the animal kingdoms not been mummified, the information might be more difficult to piece together in this time of ascension.


Through ascension, humans and nature alike can return to symbiotic relations as well as the crystalline biology that was known long ago. Through the intent to ascend, humans can reverse the intent to fall in consciousness set in motion so long ago and most likely without awareness of the Mahavishnu women. Through ascension, one day all human genetics will be restored not only to the crystalline structure, but also with the larger cranium, spiritual awareness and gentle nature of the Grand Masters of long ago. Then humans will sincerely contribute to this consensus known as Earth in the fullest possible capacity and in a symbiotic manner.


Earth is choosing to disallow greater and lesser humans in the form of smaller and larger craniums in her consensus into the future. There will be only one kind of human and it will have the whole magnificence of the hologram that the human species is a part. Humans are only violent, abusive, unconscious, and unaware of the spiritual time period that we are entering due to being a partial reflection of the human hologram.


It is in the fragmentation of the hologram that a lesser human is created, or a lesser kingdom of any species, plant, animal, mineral, whale or dolphin. Through ascension, the hologram is pieced together again into the contiguous and magnificent whole that was once known before Earth and each kingdom left the Great Central Sun. As this is accomplished, all kingdoms will become fully conscious again including humankind; and all will live in peace, unity, abundance and wholeness.


We leave you with these thoughts. Call upon our kingdom for assistance in mastering symbiotic relations and the crystalline form through ascension. We are here in service unto the whole and unto each who is choosing to evolve at this end of cycle time period.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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