Image of the Language of Light. Using the Language of Light to Facilitate Ascension

4. Using The Language Of Light To Facilitate Ascension


The 48 Language of Light glyphs are a representation of tones or vibrations for a new thought-form. The thought-form of the Language of Light bridges humanity’s current polarity-based belief systems into a new non-polarity or unity-based thought-form.


The tone of the Language of Light can be likened to the tones of creation which are the tones necessary to sustain life in the third dimension. Earth and all living things on her, including humanity, are transiting from the third to the fifth dimension or, in other terms, ascending. In order to accomplish this goal, a bridge of tones that will create a pathway from the third to the fifth dimension must be constructed.


The genetic information to attain Bodhisattva has recently been made available to all in human form who choose to ascend at this time in history. Ascending initiates can use the 48 tones to transform and transmute their forms from 1,024 to 5,024 segments of DNA or attain the state of the Bodhisattva in their physical reality and personal ascension. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Ascension is a biological feat in which the form rises in vibration a little at a time to gradually enter another dimension. As this occurs, thought-forms prevalent and important at another time simply fade away. The further you move up in vibration, the old fear-based thought-forms have no room to continue to be run in your life experience and are replaced by a new paradigm of unity consciousness. 


Incorporating the Language of Light into Your Life


We wish to share with you a few of the ways in which the Language of Light can be incorporated into your life to fuel your personal ascension. These examples are of initiates who use the Language of Light in their healing endeavors.


One initiate, who is a massage therapist, runs the Language of Light all day in a luxurious day spa as she sometimes works on up to seven to eight clients per day. Not only do the clients comment about feeling unusual sensations not generally experienced in a massage, but many return again and again for treatment because they experience a more effective result with this particular therapist.


Yet other initiates have begun to utilize the Language of Light in place of Reiki symbols and offer Language of Light attunements. The Language of Light is the next higher octave above Reiki. Reiki was designed to bring forth a certain phase of awakening in the human experience, and the Language of Light can effectively take the process to the next level. The Language of Light transcends all patterns of attachment and ownership, which is not so for the symbols of Reiki. It is attachment that must be released a little at a time in order for the next phase of ascension to come forth.


Attachment can be viewed as tiny cords of energy that run between a person and all people in their lives, or the objects, pets and plants they own. These attachments must be released in order to ascend, because the cords themselves deplete the field of chi on an ongoing basis. Like a leaky tire, each cord creates a hole in the field through which chi can flow. In ascension, you are forever releasing cords and sealing your field to a greater and greater degree to hold a higher and higher amount of chi, thereby holding a higher vibration. Each etheric change also brings forth a related biological change that allows the form to hold a higher vibration on a molecular and cellular level.


Please note that anyone who is reading this book has already attained Initiation 1,024 and transmuted their form to 1,024 segments of DNA. You wouldn’t be interested in any of this information otherwise. You can begin the next phase of ascension to eventually attain Initiation 5,024 and transform your form to 5,024 segments of DNA which is the state of Bodhisattva. This might take a short period of time or years into the future. It depends on several factors, such as the initiate’s karma, commitment, willingness to embrace change, and life circumstances.


Attaining Bodhisattva Using the Language of Light


As you embody all 48 vibrations of the Language of Light, one at a time in the sequence they have been anchored and have anchored all the biological and etheric changes therein, you have attained Bodhisattva in your personal ascension. Attaining Bodhisattva brings forth a new way of relating to the world that transcends attachment and ownership and embraces unity awareness.


Unity awareness is not easily understood in the current human paradigm. Unity Consciousness places the greater good of the whole over and above any single individual need. An example of this is that any act of an ascending individual that would inhibit Earth’s ascension would not be allowed in the unity paradigm. The greater good of Earth’s ascension would come before any personal issue in a human ascension and therefore prevail.


Changes within Shamballa


The Language of Light vibrations were anchored on Earth to bring forth the ascension of all species along with Mother Earth herself. The purpose of such vibrations is to cut through the density so prevalent within the third dimension on Earth. Such vibrations simply dissolve those frequencies that would prevent one’s form from moving up in vibration otherwise.


The choice to ascend will bring forth a different future for each who chooses such an outcome for their life experience. Whereas the choice not to ascend will end in the death of the form and the continuation of the reincarnation cycle for the soul, the choice to ascend will bypass death altogether. As such, those humans who choose to ascend will live to see a new future for Earth, humanity, and all kingdoms on Earth. Such an outcome is not 100 percent assured, but due to recent shifts and support from the Intervention of All That Is, such an outcome appears more likely than not for Earth’s future.


Recent changes within Shamballa are supporting such a shift. Such changes include the complete disassociation of the third-dimensional hierarchy, which has had precedence within Shamballa for over 300,000 years, before the seeding of humankind 200,000 years ago. The new form of governance coming forth is collaborative in nature and involves all kingdoms on Earth. Prior to this shift, separate hierarchies existed for human, plant, animal, and the dolphin and whale kingdoms. In a deep sense, there was little unity that could bring forth an ascension of any species, let alone Mother Earth.


The new governance not only has equal representation of all kingdoms, but representation is now based upon spiritual evolution of the form. During the era of the Mahavishnu (60,000 to 74,000 years ago), all human governance in Shamballa was based upon level of spiritual evolution of the embodiment on the Earth plane. Only those who had evolved a form to a high enough vibration were allowed to participate in the governance of Earth. Such a governance allowed for balance between all planes of reality on Earth and assured that spiritual evolution was placed above all else in relation to Earth’s future. At the end of the era of the Mahavishnu, those who held such positions fractured and died. As this occurred, Shamballa also shifted into the hands of those with great non-physical plane power.


36 Planes of Reality


We would like to speak about how polarity works between the planes where all humans and other incarnate beings reside surrounding Earth. The planes surrounding Earth are split into many vibrations. As a soul takes human form, the form simultaneously exists on 36 different planes of reality that surround Earth. These are known as ‘Parallel Lives’.


These 36 planes compile 36 different lives that are lived simultaneously. Eighteen are directly related to the physical form. The other 18 are an entirely separate reality that has involved the directorship of our planet both within Shamballa and within our solar system. Within polarity, if one has physical plane power and has attained wealth, fame and fortune within the first 18 planes of reality, then within the second 18 planes of reality, one will have little to no power at all. The difference in such lifestyles can equate to one who is a movie star on Earth and cleans toilets in Shamballa.


This extreme level of polarity has caused souls to take embodiments of great poverty or disease on Earth so that all of the power could be polarized into the non-physical realms for governance purposes within Shamballa. In a similar manner in which much of humanity does not pay attention to the wishes of soul, such souls who choose non-physical power do not pay attention to the wishes of their embodiments. This is coming to an end at last, and a new precedence has been set within Shamballa requiring all souls who hold positions within Shamballa to ascend the form. To the degree that the form has ascended, to such a degree will souls have earned a greater level of power and therefore receive a higher level of position within the governance of Earth.


These changes have sent shockwaves of change throughout our solar system. Similar changes are currently underway for Sirius A, Sirius B, along with our Solar Sun. It is the return of power based upon love and spiritual evolution of all species. This is a grand thing to have occurred!


At this time, it may surprise you to understand that there are more whales and dolphins holding higher levels of governance within Shamballa than humans. This is simply because dolphins and whales have ascended their forms to the level of the Mahavishnu (15,000 segments of DNA embodied) within 1,200 respective embodiments to date. They continue to move up in vibration each day. Additionally, all species are represented, including humankind, although the number of humans attaining Mahavishnu are 30 to date. This will change in the year to come as others who have already attained Bodhisattva within their respective ascensions continue to push forth.


Return of the Divine Feminine


It is the return of the divine feminine that also has great say within Shamballa. Out of the 1,200 whales and dolphins who are Mahavishnu, two-thirds are female. Additionally, out of the few humans ascending to Mahavishnu this year, again two-thirds are female. This will bring the polarity to balance so that the missing feminine octave can be re-anchored on Earth in preparation for her ascension.


The Ten Octaves of Love


We would like to delve into the new Octaves of Love that have been anchored on Earth. These vibrations cut through and rapidly transmute the density so that those who are ascending can move forth in their respective ascensions. We hope each of you will call on these vibrations in meditation, in dreamtime and in your healing work (for those of you who are healers).


For those of you attaining Bodhisattva in your personal ascension, either this year or in the decades to come, you will begin to carry one to two of these Octaves of Love within your heart chakra. Within the heart, a lotus begins to open up as one ascends. At first, two petals open and then four and then six. By completion of Bodhisattva within one’s personal mastery, forty such petals are opened. These petals extend outwards over 100 feet and surround the form and bathe anyone in the presence of the Bodhisattva with the vibrations of Love.


At completion of one’s personal ascension to Mahavishnu, there are 1,000 petals within the heart chakra that are opened, also known as the 1,000-petal lotus. At such a time, the Mahavishnu holds all Ten Octaves of Love for the purpose of leadership on Earth and within Shamballa.


The First Octave of Love



‘Forgiveness in Action’

(Pink to Pale Pink-Silver-White in Color)


The first octave of love carries the gift of change, of determination, of making visions manifest into form and of forgiveness. The pale pink-white color is the color of forgiveness, and forgiveness brings about change.


Forgiveness in action bathes all present in the range of vibrations related to forgiveness. Such vibrations create the space for change within others whose souls are in agreement with such change. These vibrations also allow the Bodhisattva to pave the way for others to follow by bringing into physical manifestation the information necessary to change or ascend.


This information may be seen as the anchoring of the blueprint for ascension (the crystalline blueprint) that becomes a non-physical gift extended from the Bodhisattva to all souls who are willing to accept the gift. These individuals may also be involved with writing, speaking and leadership endeavors that bring the information on ascension to the conscious attention of others within humanity.


For those who are trapped in circumstances of great difficulty, such as a relationship that does not serve their evolution or a job that does not support their spiritual unfolding, calling upon the First Octave of Love will allow the karma to be dissolved between all parties. Then, one can free oneself up to move forth in greater alignment with one’s path of ascension. For those who are ill or have a disease of some sort, the vibration of forgiveness will dissolve the karma that lies behind the illness so that a recovery can be brought forth.


The Second Octave of Love



‘Truth in Action’

(Violet to Silver-Violet)


Truth in action bathes all present in the vibrations of truth. Such frequencies trigger those souls who are ready to receive such a blessing to remember their unique truth on Earth. These frequencies are also utilized to non-physically anchor the remembrance of God Goddess/All That Is into their field if their soul is in agreement with such a gift. Through the remembrance of God Goddess/All That Is, one’s soul can begin to remember that it is time to ascend or time to return Home. It is often the longing for ‘Home’ that catalyzes an initiate to awaken.


For the Bodhisattva, holding the vibration of truth in action will bring forth the awakening of others who have been seeded to ascend. Such seeding is a form of genetic alteration that is designed to trigger humanity to awaken and ascend. The Intervention is responsible for the seeding and altered human genetics so that the human form will not become extinct within Mother Earth’s process of ascension.


In understanding that some are not seeded to ascend, one also recognizes that those individuals will serve other purposes such as the releasing of karma and the playing out of those karmic lessons that souls have incurred over time on the Earth plane. One also acknowledges that it is only those souls who are ready to discover their truth and awaken who must be touched and assisted in this manner. One does not force another to awaken who has not so chosen such an outcome, or this would be considered an act of harmfulness. The Bodhisattva allows all others their choices in all life experiences.


For those who are ascending, you may call upon the Second Octave of Love to remember your truth as soul. Such vibrations will clear away the distortions that have prevailed around your field and soul over time allowing for a clearer recognition of your truth.


The Third Octave of Love



‘Power in Action’

(Peach to Pale-Golden-Peach)


Power in action brings forth the remembrance of power based upon love within those who have been seeded to ascend. It has been the truth of the Anti-Christ to remove the power of others and retain all power on Earth based upon abuse. It is the use of abusive power that has allowed the Anti-Christ to have dominion on Earth. Such power has put humanity in fear of power and holds them prisoner to the experience of powerlessness, depression, and in fear of change or growth and expansion (ascension).


Power in action gives those who are seeded to ascend permission to own their personal power so that they can succeed in their internal crusade against the dark. Without the ability to take up one’s sword and strike at one’s internal demons, one cannot ascend. It is in the shattering of one’s internal demons that the unconscious dark side of any initiate is embraced and transcended.


On the physical plane, such gifts and talents manifest as a crusader for ascension or spiritual evolution on the physical plane. The manner in which such gifts and talents can be made manifest can be to any degree, from one who teaches and writes about ascension, to one who simply demonstrates such power in all interactions within their life experience. The right use of power is power based upon harmlessness. Within harmlessness, one never utilizes their power to harm another but at the same time may redirect the harm sent to the Bodhisattva back to the perpetrator. In such a fashion, power based upon love is embodied, and the right use of power is sustained.


Those who feel trapped in unwanted circumstances, including an experience of disease, can call on the Third Octave of Love for support. Such vibrations will dissolve the sense of hopelessness, despair and powerlessness that prevents one from either recovering or bringing forth change which will end one’s unwanted circumstance within one’s life experience.


The Fourth Octave of Love



‘Compassion in Action’

(Pale Turquoise to Pale-Silver-White-Turquoise)


The Fourth Octave of Love bathes others in the vibrations of harmony, union, unity and divine union. It is the fourth octave of love that triggers those who have been seeded to ascend to remember the love of God Goddess/All That Is. The vibrations of the fourth octave allow for all patterns of dissonance to be transmuted within the process of ascension.


The Bodhisattva who is gifted at holding compassion in action will bring about unity and harmony within groups who have come together for a specific purpose. Compassion in action will harmonize those who study with such a Bodhisattva. In experiencing harmony and unity within a workshop, such individuals can remember what inward harmony feels like within. In so doing, they will strive consciously to attain such a state in their day-to-day life experience. The experience of unity and harmony also triggers others to desire to ascend.


It is the purpose of those holding compassion in action to bring about unity consciousness within the future groups or communities of ascending humans. In anchoring such a form of compassion, these communities can birth a civilization based upon unity consciousness and help transcend current patterns of competition and separatism.


For those who are ascending, you may call on the Fourth Octave of Love to harmonize a disharmonious circumstance. For those who are ill, illness is an internal form of disharmony. One may utilize the fourth octave by imagining it bathing every cell that is diseased with the vibrations necessary to bring such cells to harmony. As such, a recovery then becomes possible.


The Fifth Octave of Love


Breath of Life

‘Breath of Life or Conscious Breath in Action’

(Yellow-Golden White to Pale Yellow Golden White)


Conscious breath in action triggers others to remember to consciously breathe. It is through conscious breathing that one transcends the experience of time and learns to live in the moment. In learning to live in the moment, the body ceases to age.


The breath of life is also the understanding that all chi necessary to sustain one’s existence is freely available in the air. Such sustenance does not require one to be reliant upon anything outside of oneself to continue to exist. This is a reflection of the truth that all knowledge, all sustenance, everything that one needs to exist or evolve, comes from within.


In the current mechanization of our reality, humanity has learned to rely on something outside of themselves in order to subsist. The path of ascension requires that each human learn to rely upon themselves and their guidance from within in order to evolve. This is not only about finding one’s truth and journey from within but also about leaving behind physical plane objects that one relies on for security. At some juncture of every initiate’s evolution, nothing in physicality will continue to be of importance, and they will move into the next dimension.


Those who have attained Bodhisattva and are gifted at bathing others in the breath of life remind others that everything one needs comes from within. This allows those who have been seeded to ascend to begin to turn to their own internal guidance and leave behind external influences over their path and direction.


For those who are ascending, you may call on the Fifth Octave of Love to bring you into present time. In present time, one moves outside of time. As one moves outside of time, there is no pain. Pain only occurs as energy ceases to move. It is only within time that energy stops. Outside of time, all energy moves, and therefore there is no pain. For those who are ill and have great physical pain, the fifth octave can be consciously applied to the region of difficulty to alleviate pain.


Additionally, for those who have difficulty releasing unwanted and unnecessary objects or property within their life experience, the Fifth Octave of Love will dissolve the ties of attachment. Then, one is able to freely let go of all that does not serve in one’s continued evolution and path of ascension.


The Sixth Octave of Love


Non-Conditional Love

‘Non-Conditional Love in Action’

(Pale Silver to Pale Silver-White)


Non-conditional love in action anchors the corrected blueprint of non-conditional love to all those who are seeded to ascend. Non-conditional love is a love that moves beyond the co-dependent patterns of love that prevail within the human experience. Non-conditional love extends the vibration of love to any soul willing to receive such a vibration. This vibration assists those souls who are willing to receive it in transmuting any soul-related karma that would prevent them from ascending.


Soul-related karma is different from genetic karma in that it is related to experiences of the soul within other sectors of creation or even other creations altogether. There is generally a relationship between soul karma and genetic karma, and it is because of such a relationship that any particular soul chooses to incarnate or walk into a particular form.


Anchoring non-conditional love in action through the Bodhisattva will allow others to open a pathway to becoming the Bodhisattva themselves. It is often soul-related karma that prevents a soul from knowing they too can ascend to a new level of awareness. In creating the space for the release of such soul-related thought-forms, the Bodhisattva who exemplifies non-conditional love in action creates the space for others to become the Bodhisattva in their personal ascension.


For those who are ascending, the sixth octave, when called upon, will assist one in dissolving those ties to others that do not serve one’s continued evolution. Attaining the state of the Bodhisattva often requires the leaving behind of other humans who are unwilling to ascend. This is simply a reflection of resonance. As one moves into harmony, those who wish to continue to live in disharmony fall away. This allows others who are also in a state of harmony to come together based upon soul agreements rather than karma to fulfill a specific purpose together. It will be those gifted at anchoring the sixth octave who will gather others to form a new type of community based upon ascension in the future.


The Seventh Octave of Love



‘Freedom in Action’

(Pale Gold to Pale Golden White)


Freedom in action that is run through the Bodhisattva bathes others who have been prepared for ascension with the remembrance of freedom. This creation and Earth itself along with the human experience is a form of a prison. With the remembrance of freedom, and only with such a remembrance, can an initiate also begin to remember to ascend. It is out of the deep quest for freedom that one does battle with the dark within and releases all agreements with those entities that have perpetuated imprisoning thought-forms on Earth.


Ascension brings about freedom in all areas of one’s life experience. As each Bodhisattva moves forth into the next phase of work and embodies the Seventh Octave of Love, they too will free themselves of all forms of imprisoning thought-forms in their life experience. This will bring forth a very different lifestyle than what the initiate (along with humanity) currently experiences. To some, this may mean giving everything away and traveling as they are guided by spirit. To others, this may mean collecting together to form a new type of community. However such freedom plays out in the initiate’s life experience is unimportant, but it will be based totally upon what gives the initiate joy and pleasure in the moment.


Freedom allows all others whatever creations they choose to make manifest, even if such creations appear painful to the Bodhisattva. In a deep sense, freedom is allowance of all truths as expressed within oneself and within all others on all planes of reality. In bathing others in such a vibration, it gives others total permission to be who they are in the moment and express their unique truth. In giving permission to others in this fashion, it assists initiates in remembering to unconditionally accept all other expressions of truth around them.


For those who are ascending, you may call upon the seventh octave to dissolve ties to those individuals or circumstances that prevent you from ascending. Such vibrations will also allow initiates to find their own freedom of expression so that their purpose may be fulfilled on Earth.


The Eighth Octave of Love


Divine Union

‘Divine Union in Action’

(Violet-White to Silver-Violet-White)


Divine union in action bathes those present with the Bodhisattva in the vibrations of divine union so that the remembrance of divine union can occur. It is in the remembrance of divine union that one remembers to reach for God Goddess/All That Is along with their I AM Presence and Oversoul. God/Goddess and the I AM never force themselves on an embodiment. The embodiment must consciously choose to connect with the I AM and pull the I AM into one’s life experience. This is what the Eighth Octave of Love is designed to assist initiates in remembering.


Divine union in action causes initiates who are bathed in such a vibration to begin to release those patterns that cause the masculine and feminine within to be in conflict. Before one can embody divine union, the masculine and feminine must cease to be at war with one another within. Such changes will also bring about the cessation of competition between men and women in the initiate’s life experience.


Within a group, the vibration of divine union makes possible divine union between many individual’s souls and embodiments. A state of divine union within a group requires each member to attain divine union within and then expand that union outward to include many others who have accomplished the same within their initiatory process.


Those gifted at utilizing the vibration of divine union can give groups that gather with them a taste of the state of ecstasy that comes from being in divine union together. In so doing, they will transfer the kinesthetic knowledge of union to many groups that are seeded for ascension. Such transference of information is in preparation for a new civilization based upon divine union coming forth within humanity’s future.


For those who are ascending, you may call upon the eighth octave to heal patterns of dissonance within your current life experience, particularly surrounding conflict between the masculine and feminine. The eighth octave may also be called upon amongst those who are ill, for all illness is a form of dissonance. Such dissonance is related to conflict between the masculine and feminine or the body and soul. As such dissonance is healed, the opportunity for a recovery can come forth.


The Ninth Octave of Love


Unity Consciousness

‘Unity Consciousness in Action’

(Silver-Pink-White to Bright-Silver-Pink-White)


Those who attain Bodhisattva and anchor unity consciousness in action will bathe all they meet with the remembrance of a civilization based upon unconditional love. It will only be as humanity remembers that another type of civilization is possible that such a civilization can begin to come forth.


Those bathed with the unity consciousness in action and whose souls are in alignment with ascension will receive a new blueprint for a new civilization on Earth. This blueprint is designed to allow those who awaken to remember all the details of community based upon unconditional love. Those who awaken to this information will bring such working knowledge forth for a new form of governance for Earth and humanity.


The unity consciousness vibration does not affect individuals in their personal ascension, per se, but affects groups of individuals who choose to ascend together. It is the utilization of this type of vibration that will also draw together those souls who have agreed to ascend together.


The Tenth Octave of Love


Non-Conditional Governance

‘Non-Conditional Governance in Action’

(Bright Silver White to Bright Golden White)


The tenth octave of love or non-conditional governance in action is anchored as the Mahavishnu embodies the 1,000-petal lotus compassion center in the heart region of their form. It is made up of all nine octaves of love together and brings forth a new type of governance based upon the nine principles of love.


Anchoring all nine octaves at once allows for the application of all nine octaves with all groups that meet or study under such an individual. The blessings possible as all nine octaves are received at once is for the purpose of awakening those with soul agreements to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Such leadership extends to both the physical and non-physical planes within Shamballa and the governance of Earth. Such principles, when applied, bring forth a crumbling of any other form of power surrounding those individuals. In a deep sense, it required a certain number to attain such a state to bring forth the recent restructuring of Shamballa. We are happy to say that this has been accomplished as of late, bringing forth new hope and a new potential future era for Earth.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



Universal © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Universal Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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