Image of golden butterflies flying near flowers against a twinkling silver background. Transcending Information Brokering

4. Transcending Information Brokering


It is human nature to believe that one is beyond patterns of mutilation and destruction. However, if one observes the world around them, they would see that for humanity at large, this is not true. If such patterns exist within humanity at large, so they also exist within one’s self. Just the simple act of eating is a form of mutilation. One mutilates the vegetables or meat as one eats to sustain the physical form. We say this not out of judgment, for eating is a requirement not only to sustain one’s form but also to ascend. However, believing that there is no mutilation within one’s life experience is a form of denial.


Humanity is Holographic and Multidimensional


The human experience is holographic. Humanity is governed by a living hologram that embraces all experiences of a human nature throughout all dimensions within your creation. If one part of humanity experiences mutilation or destruction, then all parts of humanity are responsible for the creation. One is a part of a whole, and to think that one’s self is separate is a great illusion and perhaps the biggest lie of all perpetrated within the third-dimensional paradigm.


Humanity is contained in multiple dimensions of reality or parallel lives. Any creation upon one parallel life will bring forth the opposite creation upon another parallel life. For this reason, we say that all of humanity participate in the patterns of mutilation or harmfulness, and if they do not participate in it within their current physical plane life, they do upon another parallel plane of reality.


The sum total of all parallel planes of reality can be thought of as the unconscious. The unconscious parallel life times are what one experiences during dreamtime while one is asleep. It is the unconscious that is gradually brought to consciousness and integrated within the process of ascension. As such, initiates begin to become aware of parallel lives or experiences that they have during dreamtime.


Most initiates on the spiritual path would never consciously wish to harm anyone or anything on Earth. Such is the nature of those who seek spiritual evolution within any given lifetime. Because one is ‘harmless’ in the physical, this also means that one is ‘harmful’ within the unconscious. Such is the nature of polarity.




We have stated that in ascension, one transcends polarity. This occurs as the two opposing poles are integrated within. As such, one must understand that they are not beyond harmfulness and begin to search for how they partake in such patterns in order to understand the spiritual lessons behind such a creation so as to evolve beyond it.


We have written in Chapter 1 about harmfulness perpetuated through the personality, ego and negative ego. In Chapter 2, we wrote about the harmfulness that occurs when one shames another or utilizes electric energies targeted at another or oneself. In this chapter, we will explore mutilation as it occurs within the unconscious of the human species on Earth. Such mutilation is associated with patterns of the ‘Curse’. Curses involve an energetic dance in which one initiate sends a blast of energy at another initiate and removes a portion of their field or information.


In our continued examination of such patterns of those ascending initiates who have attained ‘Bodhisattva’ and mastered harmlessness, we now have categorized a multitude of types of curses that mutilate the field of another. Mutilation can flow either outwards (where one harms another) or inwards (in which one allows them self to be harmed).


Outward-Bound and Inward-Bound Harmfulness


Outward-bound harmfulness occurs without the initiate’s awareness but will result in the power of another being transferred into their field. As one takes the information of another, one gains the benefit of their knowledge, their truth and their power. Most humans who are gifted at power on the physical plane within the current human paradigm are gifted at curses and probably curse everyone around them, thus removing their power and information.


Inward-bound harmfulness occurs with or without the initiate’s awareness, and those who are sensitive to energy may feel when their fields are attacked and/or portions of their chakras, subtle bodies or gridwork is removed. Those who are sensitive will experience physical pain as an occurrence of inward harmfulness happens. Furthermore, it is inwardly harmful individuals who suffer from disease. Over time, and with the consistent mutilation of their subtle bodies and gridwork, disease occurs within the form.


Information Broker


Perhaps you have heard of the concept of an ‘Information Broker’. Within your current third-dimensional paradigm, such an individual would be associated with transferring information from one organization to another, sometimes even subversively. Many may not be aware that such brokering also occurs energetically, and there are souls whose entire existence revolves around swiping records, gridwork, chakras and subtle bodies and brokering such information to other parts of your creation.


It is through the pattern of information brokering that the harmfulness that mutilates one’s field occurs. For as the information broker comes into contact with one who is inwardly harmful, entire portions of one’s field can be swiped, thereby mutilating one’s field. We have categorized information brokering into a series of portions of the field that may be swiped. Not all souls are interested in all portions of one’s field, and some only swipe one type of record at all times. Others will take whatever they can get, and these are perhaps the most harmful type of information brokers to come into contact with, for they can do great damage to one’s field.


As one ascends, one’s field becomes increasingly larger in size. More and more information, gridwork and souls are required to sustain such a field. A loss of information causes a deflation of one’s vibration and field. If the deflation is quick enough and large enough, the form can be killed.


For this reason, we are bringing this information to consciousness for initiates around the globe, so they can be aware of such a problem and stay on top of their own records and fields at all times. We will explain further how those who have attained Bodhisattva have learned to protect themselves from such souls, thus preventing death or a potential dissension in overall vibration. The following are a list of the types of brokers we have observed over time along with solutions to the problem of losing a portion of one’s field.


Record Brokers


These souls seek to remove Akashic records or biological records from the field. A sure sign of an encounter with such an individual is a sore throat. The Akashic records are stored on the left side of the neck; the biological records on the right side of the neck. Such a soul will cord through the field of their embodiment into the field of the initiate via the neck and begin to suck the records out of one’s field. Because of the loss of chi within the neck region, a sore throat results.


When under the above sort of attack from a record broker, our channel has learned to release all karma with the perpetrator, along with any patterns within their own field. Such patterns within the initiate’s neck region allow for an information broker’s cord to hook into the Akashic or biological records held within one’s field. As the patterns that allow for the presence of such a cord are released, the cord also falls away.


Although Asur’Ana doesn’t do this, some initiates took an additional step of ‘reversing’ the pattern back to the perpetrator. Such a reversal causes the opposite polarity of experience to be made manifest within the perpetrator’s life experience in due course. As the perpetrator experiences the removal of his or her own records, they, too, will have an opportunity to learn and grow beyond their own harmful patterns.


Subtle Body Brokers


The subtle bodies are gradually unified into one body during the process of ascension. Subtle bodies fall into four categories and all are necessary to be present as one attains Bodhisattva. All four types of subtle bodies work together in a synchronistic manner to allow initiates to manifest their visions on the third-dimensional plane of reality.


Oftentimes, the genetic predisposition of most initiates is to have one to three of their subtle bodies present, with one to three missing. Initiates can assess their own circumstance based on their own understanding of their own patterning and begin to recall those subtle bodies that may be missing.


Emotional Body


The emotional body is the subtle body necessary to feel emotions within one’s life experience. It is the body that is designed to translate vibrations into emotions so that the body can feel. Without an emotional body, one lives in a state in which little to no feeling is present. Without feeling, one can be quite abusive to others and not understand how one’s behavior affects another.


Those initiates who discover they are missing an emotional body will discover that it has been brokered to another. Oftentimes, those others may include parents or siblings within one’s current life experience. As one recalls their emotional body and integrates it into their field, the ability to feel will return to one’s life experience.


If one has never felt before, this can be extremely uncomfortable. As all of our translator’s emotional body was retrieved, she cried and cried and cried. This was a necessary part of the process for she released what could not be processed without the presence of an emotional body.


Without processing one’s pain, one never fully understands the lesson of pain. If one does not master the lesson of pain, one’s soul will be required to manifest yet another painful third-dimensional lifetime to come to such an understanding. The lesson of pain is that pain is only painful when one does not allow it to flow through their field. As one learns to allow the pain to flow, along with all other emotions, one becomes free and can ascend and move beyond the lesson of pain.


In order to ascend, all vibrations must flow through one’s field. Because vibrations equate to emotions, this also means that one must allow all emotions. All emotions are related to specific lessons. A good example of such a lesson is the vibration of anger. Anger is red and brings forth change. A higher octave of anger is forgiveness which is pale pink in color. Forgiveness also brings about change. Forgiveness cannot be embodied until anger moves through the field allowing the denser form of red to be transmuted to a form of pink in vibration. And so, it is with all emotions and all frequencies.


Pain is energy that has ceased to move and is black in color. As one moves the energy that has ceased to move, anger first comes forth. Anger is the natural response to being violated and put into pain. The pain was recorded because one was violated at an earlier juncture of their life experience or within a past life experience within their genetic family tree. However, the pain was never felt or experienced at the time the violation occurred. As the pain moves, the anger of being violated is felt first, followed by the pain. As the pain releases, joy follows. A catharsis of emotion always leads to peace and a newfound state of centeredness.


As initiates master the emotional body, they will learn to be at peace with whatever emotions are flowing in the moment. If they are in anger, they are angry. If they are in pain, they cry. If they are in fear, they feel their fear. If they are at peace, then they are peaceful. It is in the feeling of such energies as they move that they then can be transcended.


The difficulty with emotions is ascertaining whose emotions one is feeling. Oftentimes, it is the nature of those who are overly emotional to have many emotional bodies of others within their field. As such, they also feel the emotions of everyone else. A quick discernment of the emotions of others is whether or not the emotion moves. If one cannot move the pain, anger or fear in a catharsis, it is a sure sign the emotion belongs to someone else. In such a case, one can send the emotion of another back to the source. We also recommend sending their emotional body along with it and subsequently erasing all ties to such an emotional body within one’s field.


Mental Body


The mental body is the subtle body necessary for an understanding of language on the physical plane. Those who have a mental body and are devoid of an emotional body are gifted at language and thoughts but without the ability to feel. On the other hand, if one has an emotional body but no mental body, one can have difficulties with language. These individuals often suffer from learning disabilities or dyslexia.


We have also discovered that a small portion of the populace will have two emotional bodies and no mental body. Such individuals feel deeply but have difficulty with language and can often be those with the most difficulties in school. Through the Order of Dari, we have created a means for those with two emotional bodies to reconstruct the field so that an emotional body and a mental body are present. All that is required to receive such a healing is to call upon the Order of Dari for support, either as a healer or as an initiate.


Those with many mental bodies will be overly intellectual but without an ability to feel. In ascension, all bodies must come to balance so that emotion, language, intuition and creativity are all present at once. When one part is missing, one also has difficulty with manifestation.


Any manifestation is first generated as a vision sent to a relay center within your universe. Such a relay center requires the thought or language plus the emotion of what one desires to make manifest. If the language is present but without emotion, it is as if the vision was never received by the relay center, and the manifestation cannot come to fruition. Likewise, if the emotion is present without the language, the same result occurs.


This is simply because the relay centers of your universe are clairvoyant in nature and must receive clairvoyant pictures in order to determine what it is one wishes to make manifest. Clairvoyant pictures are thoughts charged with emotion. Without an emotional body, it is impossible to generate the emotion behind a clairvoyant picture. Likewise, without a mental body, it is impossible to generate the thought or language behind the emotion.


Many initiates wonder why they have difficulty manifesting their needs. If one or more of these four components are missing (emotional, mental, intuitive and creative), not all of the ingredients are present to bring forth an effortless manifestation. In the process of ascension, as all four parts of one’s self are reunited, effortless manifestation becomes a way of life.


If one discovers they are missing their mental body, one can recall it from whomever it has been given and integrate it. Additionally, if one is extremely mental, one may discover that they have the mental bodies of many others within their field. To make room for a recovered emotional, intuitive or creative body, one must return the displaced mental bodies to their source of origin. This can be accomplished through intent, particularly just before one retires to go to sleep.


Intuitive Body


The intuitive body receives the input from spirit or soul as to what soul wishes the embodiment to make manifest. Without an intuitive body, there is no communication between soul and the form. Many initiates complain about not hearing their guidance. One manner of repairing such a problem is to retrieve one’s intuitive body from whomever one has given it to and integrate it.


The intuitive body is a ‘gut level’ knowing. One manner in which the intuitive body (when present) can assist one in understanding one’s truth is through ‘muscle testing’, otherwise known as Applied Kinesiology. When a therapist muscle tests a patient, they reach the intuitive body to see what soul or spirit wishes for the form or life of the individual. Although it is the belief of such practitioners that muscle testing is 100 percent accurate, it will only be as accurate as the presence of the individual’s intuitive body. If the intuitive body is not present, the practitioner will be reading their own form and not their patient’s form.


To manifest the wishes of one’s soul, the intuitive body must be present. It is the intuitive body that receives the visions of one’s soul. Without the vision of one’s life coming from soul, one is left living one’s life based on ego or personality. As one does not move in the constant direction that one’s soul guides, one is also unable to ascend. This is simply because soul sees the overall direction of one’s evolutionary pathway and guides each step of the way so that the desired outcome comes to fruition.


The pathway to ascension is long and narrow. It is easy to enter into an unconscious deal with the forces of the dark and make a big enough mistake that can prevent ascension altogether within a respective lifetime. As one retrieves and integrates their intuitive body and listens and follows only the guidance coming from soul, one’s future ascension is more assured.


If one has the intuitive bodies of others within their field, one may hear conflicting guidance from other souls rather than only their own I AM. It is therefore suggested that initiates also determine if they have more than one intuitive body and return those that are not their own to their respective source or origin.


Creative Body     


The creative body receives the vision of the soul through the intuitive body or the intent of the consciousness of the form and relays such a vision to the universe so that it can be manifested. Without a creative body, there is no communication between one’s field and the universe at large. Without communication with the universe, manifesting one’s dreams is not possible.


It is the creative body that is also accessed as one creates any endeavor, including dance, music, art, or a book, novel or movie. Without a creative body, one will have difficulty bringing their creations into form.


If one has no creative body, they can recall it from whomever they have given it to and integrate it. If, on the other hand, one has the creative bodies of many others also within their field, one will receive the impulses to create things that are not truly of one’s own truth. It is best to return such creative bodies to their source of origin.




Subtle body brokering appears to be a common problem amongst all initiates. Each initiate will find they have many of one or more subtle bodies and are missing one or more subtle bodies. As this is rearranged so that all components inherent in the human field are present, a newfound wholeness is also embodied. Such a state of wholeness leads one to feel not only more complete but less desirous of outside stimulus or objects of entertainment.


There are those souls, however, who are subtle body brokers. Therefore, we also advise initiates not to assume that they are beyond losing what they have retrieved and integrated and to check one’s own field on a daily basis for missing information or missing subtle bodies. If something has been lost, it is best to intend that the karma and patterns be released within one’s field and then call back the missing information or subtle body and reintegrate it. Such a calling back of information generally takes no longer than a few hours to reintegrate.


Gridwork Brokers


The ascension process brings forth a new form of gridwork that is laid over the gridwork of the etheric body. The etheric body lies closest to the skin, is below the mental, emotional, creative and intuitive bodies, and contains the energetic ley lines and meridians that feed chi or energy to the cellular structure of the form. As one ascends, a new gridwork which contains the codes for the crystalline form is laid over the old gridwork, and one part of the body is transmuted at a time as the information is integrated down to the cellular level.


Gridwork brokers will remove the crystalline gridwork surrounding the etheric body, thus making it impossible for one to ascend on a biological level. Additionally, some gridwork brokers will remove the entire gridwork and meridian system for a limb, portion of the embodiment, or the head. When an entire limb or portion of the etheric body has been taken, those who are sensitive will feel great pain in whatever region such energy fields have been swiped.


Those who have accidents on the physical plane, thus losing a limb or damaging a portion of the form, will have first lost the limb or damaged the form in the etheric many months or years ahead of the physical accident. Furthermore, those who have an illness will manifest such an illness in the etheric many years prior to manifesting the illness in physicality. The time delay will depend upon the level of evolution of the initiate. Those who are still under twelve segments of DNA take somewhere between 8-10 years to manifest damage to the etheric body down to the physical form. Those who have attained Initiation 1,024 will manifest etheric damage down to the physical plane in less than 2-3 years. This is simply the result of the form resonating at a higher vibration, whereby time becomes condensed.


Those who are moving beyond 1,024 and attaining Bodhisattva are moving closer and closer towards instant manifestation. As such, damage can manifest in just a few months time or less the higher in vibration one goes. At 15,000+ segments of DNA, initiates can manifest a thought in a matter of minutes within the etheric and bring it into the physical in less than a day. One sees from this dissertation why watching one’s thoughts and focusing only on peace, love, unity and joy becomes a necessity the further one ascends in vibration. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.)


It is recommended that initiates check their gridwork each day. Each segment of initiations brings forth another overlay of gridwork covering the next segment of biological ascension. As such, there is always gridwork to be swiped. As one discovers they have lost gridwork or a limb, call upon the etheric surgeons of the Order of Dari to repair and restore one’s field. Also, initiates must intend to release any karma and patterns that created the experience in the first place.


Karma is released through intent. As one intends to release such patterns, so it is. Intent requires all four subtle bodies to be in place to relay the vision of one’s intent to the universe, which is returned with the result that one intends (the release of karma). To the degree that one’s intent fails, to that degree one is missing a portion of one’s subtle bodies.


One final point: we have seen individuals who broker their own gridwork. Each time the gridwork for ascension was laid in, their soul would broker it to another part of creation, and it would again go missing. Until such individuals transcend their own need to broker their own gridwork, they will be unable to ascend. Ascension is biological, and unless the crystalline blueprint can be translated down to the form, there is no means of lifting a third-dimensional vessel into another dimension. Such a feat requires all aspects of the gridwork for ascension to be in place at all times.


Chakra and Moving Energy Brokers


The last form of brokering involves the removal of moving energy systems such as chakras. The loss of a medium or large chakra will cause the entire field to wobble and put an initiate in great pain, particularly those above Initiation 108 who embody a global-sized field. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 2 “Attaining the State of a Vibrational Steward and Beyond” and Chapter 4 “Attaining a Fifth Dimensional Awareness” for more information about Initiations 13-1024.)


If an initiate discovers they have lost major or minor chakras, either a wobble in the field will make one ill or a blockage within the energy flow of the embodiment will create physical pain. In either case, one may call on the Order of Dari to repair and reinstall any swiped moving energy system.


Other forms of moving energy within an initiate’s field are the kundalini and sexual energy systems. Such systems move continuously during the day of an upper-level initiate. They serve a multitude of purposes: one of which is to release or burn off karma. The kundalini is an energy that is hot like fire and burns off contracts and karma during the process of ascension. The second purpose of the kundalini is that its continuous movement sustains the global-sized chakra system and auric field of an upper-level initiate.


The further an initiate moves within their respective ascension, the more efficient the kundalini must become. This is simply a result of one’s vibration. The higher in vibration, the more karma one can burn in a given day. The further one goes in their initiations, the more karma must be processed in a given segment of initiation. This is why the ever-increasing movement of the kundalini is essential to the process of ascension.


There are brokers who will remove the entire kundalini system from an initiate’s field. Kundalini, when it runs, heats up the form, sometimes to the point of an intense sweat. A sure sign that the kundalini is functioning are ‘night sweats’, which occur as an initiate processes karma during dreamtime. Also, one may discover that they heat up during the day, particularly during meditation time, as one focuses on releasing a particular pattern or integrating a portion of their soul or subtle bodies that had previously been fractured.


Many initiates are afraid of sexual energy. A sign of one who has no permission to run sexual energy is a skin condition such as acne. As one chooses to ascend, one also must choose to begin to run their sexual energy. If one is not in a partnership, such movement of energy can be facilitated through a working understanding of ‘Tantra’, or through the simple act of intending to run one’s sexual energy. There is nothing wrong with sexuality or sexual energy, and such energy systems must be in working order in order to ascend. This may surprise initiates who may think of spirituality as separate from sexuality, but in actuality, they are intertwined.


We would like to point out however that in the act of making love, one initiate opens their field to another. If the other is an information broker, they can do great damage. It is for this reason that we suggest that one limit their sexuality to others who are on a parallel path of ascension only or to the privacy of one’s own bedroom and embodiment. As one moves the sexual energy alone, they commune with their I AM, Oversoul and God Goddess/All That Is, which leads to a state of ecstasy and assists in moving the kundalini at the same time.


If one loses their kundalini energy system, their night sweats will suddenly disappear. Additionally, if an initiate never heats up at all and is always cold in the physical, it is a sign that there is no kundalini moving whatsoever. Following a request to repair such a system by the Order of Dari, it is recommended that such individuals learn to move their sexual energy of their own accord through masturbation or tantric practice. Without an active kundalini, one cannot ascend period.


Ascension increases the rate of molecular rotation or, in other terms, increases one’s vibration a little at a time over a many year period. It is the running of the kundalini that causes the molecular speed of rotation to increase, which increases the amount of chi flowing through the gridwork of the etheric body. As the chi increases, those molecules that have ceased to vibrate and related cells that have become decayed can be resurrected. As all molecules vibrate at a high enough rate (through conscious intent), one can move the kundalini to such an extent that the molecules rise to vibrate at the rate of another dimension. From the physical plane, it will appear as though the form has disappeared. To the form, it will have entered a semi-etheric fifth-dimensional reality. This requires a fully functioning kundalini and molecular structure to accomplish.


History of Information Brokering


When one gives information, gridwork, a subtle body, or a chakra/moving energy system to another, it is a karmic agreement. Such agreements are often genetic in nature or can also be between two souls. Such agreements involve the birth, death and reincarnation cycles of the human species on Earth. We will give you an example of this.


One’s grandmother is still alive at the time her granddaughter is born. The granddaughter swipes all of the grandmother’s gridwork, certain subtle bodies, and certain chakra systems. The agreements for such an exchange are genetic. Grandmother knows she will be dying soon and, as a matter of fact, exits within a few months of the birth of her granddaughter. This is an example of a genetic agreement to give information to another.


Another example can be seen between two souls. One lifetime, the two souls incarnate into forms that become husband and wife. In this lifetime, the husband is well but the wife becomes quite ill and is bedridden for ten years before dying. All of the gridwork and certain subtle bodies and chakras were given to the husband at the time they married. The agreements for such transference of information were between the two souls. Now, many lifetimes later, these same two souls incarnate. Again, they marry, only this time the husband is ill and bedridden for ten years before dying. The wife receives the benefit of all of the gridwork and information at the time of their marriage. The pattern has been reversed and, in so doing, the karmic dance is completed.


The reason humans remove gridwork in the first place is the result of a lack of information that has prevailed over time throughout your planet. In Chapter 2, we delved into the genetic history during the era of the Mahavishnu. We spoke of a mating that occurred between the Andromedan and human species. It was through the mixing of these two genetics that information brokering became prevalent on Earth.


The Andromedan species is a species that is from another creation. They are also soulless. A form that has no soul cannot ascend. It had been the desire of Andromedan scientists to create an ascension, without the understanding that without a soul, this is not possible. They came to Earth in search of the gridwork for ascension. Indeed, it was sufficiently swiped from humanity, along with the Mahavishnu then incarnate, to bring forth the ascension of the Andromedan species from the third to the fifth dimension on a biological level. Although they now exist within the fifth dimension, the Andromedans are still soulless. Without a soul, they can evolve no further without again pillaging another reality, only this time a fifth-dimensional reality.


The Order of Dari is making known this problem so that other fifth-dimensional planets with humanoid life within your creation do not fall subject to the same problem as Earth. As humanity ascends, all karma from such an occurrence will be released, and in the releasing of such karma, a repeat of such an experience will not occur again within the future of your creation.


There are those who are clairvoyant in human form who have much contact with the Andromedan species. These Andromedan brokers have been the biggest information brokers. Some of these brokers swiped all forms of information possible from some initiates’ fields. As initiates become conscious of such problems and patterns, they can discern who they can spend time with and who they cannot, particularly if such individuals wish to sabotage their ascension and spiritual evolution.


As initiates transcend all Andromedan genetic material within their biology (which requires embodying 15,000 segments of DNA at this time within the ascension process), all agreements to broker information will also be released.


Becoming Harmless


We would like to say something about thinking about something or understanding it intellectually vs. the act of becoming. There is a difference between thinking about harmlessness and becoming harmless. Becoming harmless requires the ability to feel and to have all four subtle bodies (mental, emotional, intuitive and creative) present. As this is accomplished, one becomes harmless and can sustain harmlessness on a day-to-day basis.


We have seen those who have attained harmlessness and then subsequently could not maintain it. In each case, one subtle body was missing, and often it was the emotional body. It is through the emotional body that one detects if one is in pain. It is through the emotional body that one detects if one has electrical energy running through their field which will create harmfulness if directed at another. Electrical energy when detected by the emotional body will cause the experience of pain, fear or shame. In feeling such emotions, one can detect if one is still utilizing electrical frequencies and seek to release such patterns and thoughtforms behind the use of such signatures. Without an emotional body, an initiate does not feel enough to sustain harmlessness.


In seeking to become the ascending master, one flows with what the soul desires to make manifest within one’s life. If the soul tells the initiate it is time to sell your home or quit utilizing credit cards or leave your job or stop watching television or going to movies, one listens and follows their soul’s lead. Not flowing with soul may incur karma or, worse yet, may cause one to enter into a deal that perpetrates great acts of great harmfulness to Mother Earth. Following soul requires an intuitive body to be present to communicate the visions of soul to the form.


As one ascends, one will withdraw from such things as property ownership, investments, and many other third-dimensional preoccupations such as movies, television, newspapers and other forms of entertainment. This is simply because inherent in such activities are unconscious forms of harmfulness that continue to be perpetrated until one relinquishes participation in such activities.


The harmfulness perpetrated through the act of watching movies or television is that one gives their energy to such thoughtforms. If such thoughtforms are violent, one contributes or fuels violent manifestations on Earth by giving such thoughtforms energy. If one is watching a violent act upon the news, one also gives their energy to such thoughtforms. As one ascends, the power or energy behind one’s thoughts increases. The more powerful the thoughts of an ascending initiate, the more energy is given to a particular thoughtform as one engages with it. It is for this reason that our channel has withdrawn from such preoccupations and forms of entertainment as television, newspapers and movies within recent years.


Withdrawing from Third-Dimensional Paradigm


One who fuels violence into physicality by engaging in such thoughtforms also collects the karma from such actions. Karma must be balanced to ascend. If one is accruing more karma than one is releasing, one’s ascension ceases. It is for this reason that initiates will discover that they must withdraw from the current third-dimensional paradigm in order to ascend and embody harmlessness.


For many on Earth, a corporation or business trade that is based on the third-dimensional paradigm sustains their physical plane survival. As one ascends, they contribute their energy to such corporations or businesses. If such corporations are creating or incurring karma, the employee of such corporations each also takes on a portion of such karma. If the karma is great enough, the employee will not be able to burn it off fast enough in order to ascend.


Those corporations or business that are involved with polluting the Earth is one form of karmic example, and the karma incurred exists between all employees of such corporations and Mother Earth. Some examples of companies that are continually incurring karma with Earth are those companies that fuel war, weaponry or destruction of humanity. Other examples are those companies that fuel the destruction of the rain forests or natural habitats of the animal kingdoms, or those that distribute fossil fuels and any related products which pollute Earth, or those involved with the production of any food source that does not honor the animal or plant kingdoms. Such preoccupations create karma on an ongoing basis with Mother Earth.


Any initiate working for such corporations who intends to ascend will need to leave such preoccupations in due course. The timing of leaving such a preoccupation will vary from initiate to initiate. Initiates who work for such corporations are often also settling a karmic debt with their employers. Under such a circumstance, the settling of the karma with the employer will override the situation, and the initiate is advised to stay in their current occupation until all such debt has been settled. The dance of karma is complex, and as one learns to listen to their soul and follow its lead in all that one does, one’s intent to ascend will be fulfilled.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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