Image of a multicolored dragonfly. The Iridescent Dragonfly

4. The Iridescent Dragonfly


Blessings of Fortitude and Perseverance


The Dragonfly Kingdom


The Dragonfly Kingdom feels blessed to be able to speak in a verbal language through Asur’Ana. We have spoken before through the Lion Kingdom who is our animal counterpart. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 8 “The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon” for more information.) Each small creature has an animal kingdom counterpart. For the bees, it is the hyena, wolf and coyote that are their animal counterpart; for the butterflies and moths, it is the bird kingdoms in all their varying form that are their counterpart. For the ants, it is prairie dogs, moles, and ferrets that are their counterpart. Each kingdom, whether insect or animal, works together for the parallel purpose of ascending Earth at this time of global history.


Our Ancient Form and Genetic Structure Inside the Great Central Sun


Dragonfly is also related to the dragons of ancient times that were fully conscious winged lions that were indeed fire breathing! Through the breath, we would gather fire that was prevalent in the Great Central Sun; the Great Central Sun provides a radiance that is filled with the element of fire in all colors of the rainbow including gold and silver. Through inhaling such fire, our kingdom once drew the sustenance required to sustain our existence without the requirement to eat.


In return and in the out-breath, we emitted another vibration of fire required to the sustenance of the plant and insect kingdoms. We were on a dimension of existence at this time that was semi-etheric in nature, and our lightness of being allowed for our wings to support the form in flight anywhere we were required upon Earth or within the Great Central Sun to support the energy of the whole.


One day we will return to fulfill upon this type of form and genetic structure in the continued ascent of Earth. In so doing, we will trace our history backwards, piece by piece, as to how we fell in consciousness throughout time, space and form. Such an understanding is necessary to the Great Central Sun, as they too much like Earth are being consumed; and in the consumption, they have fallen in dimension and thoughtform. As an understanding is gained as to how forces consume the Great Central Sun, rectification can be brought forth; and in so doing, all parts of the Sun may ascend home to the Tao.


Returning Home to the Great Central Sun


Over time and in your creation, Great Central Sun after Great Central Sun fell in consciousness. Parts of self were pushed out of their boundaries in the form of planets and stars; as such parts of each Sun left and nothing ever returned; all went extinct. Asur’Ana has recently determined through the Tao’s examination of your Creation that most of the stars that your scientists look out at night through their telescopes actually do not exist in present time.


The dark has created a rift in time, space and form to make it appear as though these creations still exist when they actually have long gone extinct; this information is founded upon inter-dimensional and intergalactic records gathered in the ascent of your Cosmos. The dark appears to have opened rifts in time so that the records for how such creations went extinct would be available to assure that Earth and your solar sun likewise would go extinct. The Tao determines as such that over 90% of the stars perceived through your telescopes in your night-time skies actually do not exist in present time.


As Earth enters the Photon Belt, such stars will no longer be perceived, but rather the golden-silver radiance of the Great Central Sun shall permeate Earth’s atmosphere along with the atmosphere of your solar system; this will lead to a sun that never sets and light being present day and night for all living things to grow and ascend. Ascension shall quadruple in its rate following entry, leading to the greatest shift in consciousness in the shortest period of time that any creation has ever experienced ever in time, space and form. We are going Home beloved; and it has been a long hard cold dark night of a journey. But we are coming to understand it all, and in the understanding, we are assisting the Great Central Sun and the Tao in understanding their spiritual lessons that are associated.


Spiritual Lessons


Lessons always dovetail. One will attract the perfect mirror to understand one’s own spiritual lessons every day, week, month or year of one’s evolution. For Asur’Ana and Per, such mirrors provide the fertile ground for their own inner searching, acknowledging the thoughtform behind the manifestation of any problem, and then the choice to transcend the thoughtform allowing the spiritual lesson to be understood.


This is the same for each human. Regardless of how difficult a circumstance one has created in one’s ascension journey, there is a lesson behind the experience. There is also thoughtform that called the experience into one’s life. How does thoughtform manifest certain experiences? Thoughtform can be likened to a magnet that draws a particular experience down the manifestation planes into physicality. If one holds on to negative thoughtform, then the negative outcome is what one experiences in the life dance.


Thoughtform Manipulations


However, the false gods have become clever at mirroring such thoughtform from those that they favored into the lives of others that may or may not have held such negative thoughtform. This is how the gurus or those of great wealth or fame have escaped creating negative outcomes that their own thoughtform should be at cause of; some other poor person or group suffers nonetheless as a result and without really causing such an experience. This is how the Anu, a Pleiadian family (the Greek and Roman Gods) that relocated to Earth, manipulated their thoughtform.


For you see, Pleiadian thoughtform was non-resonant with Earth and created destructive intentions. If the Anu allowed the dream to manifest based upon their own thoughtform, they would have ceased to exist in less than 1,000 human years. However, the souls and forces known as the false gods both from their creation and from Earth desired that they continue to survive. Therefore, the false gods mirrored their destructive thoughtform onto the red nations peoples who suddenly began to experience a shortened life span due to disease, starvation due to lack, and eventually most drowned as the ice shields collapsed due to the intent to die.


Such an outcome was pushed upon the red nations folk en masse by one small family of 12 Pleiadian Humans; and all of their slaves that were created of parallel thoughtform. The larger the slave populations grew to be, the larger the thoughtform of death that was mirrored upon the red nations peoples. Earth estimates that over 8 billion red nations people died in the great floods associated with the breaking ice shields. This is an example of manipulation of thoughtform to an extreme in Dragonfly’s estimation.


Those of Anu inheritance are generally those of great wealth, fame, fortune and power in present time. Often, they continue to mirror their “death” thoughtform onto others of red nations inheritance. The large numbers of indigenous humans that died due to white settlers upon the lands of North America and Australia are an example of this; most red nations peoples died of disease. The disease was death thoughtform pressed upon them yet again from those of white and Anu or Anu-Slave inheritance.


Asur’Ana and Per had the lovely experience of staying at a lodge associated with a Native Tribe in Canada this year. The history of these peoples was recorded in the exhibits upon the grounds of the lodge. At another time, over 2000 natives lived surrounding a relatively small lake in the Canadian Rockies. This population was supported by wild corn and salmon primarily; they would smoke the salmon each autumn as they came upstream to spawn, and it would provide through the heavy winters in this region of the Earth. These peoples lived in underground dwellings that kept them warm during the long cold winters. As the white man arrived, they were struck with measles and all but 40 had survived. Over the years, they have multiplied to a tribe of only 150 in present time.


Restitution of Karmic Manipulations in Ascension


Tribe after tribe in the United States and Canada died of parallel cause; disease that was due to disease karma transferred from the white settlers, who indeed brought viruses and bacteria with them in forms that the red nations people had no immunity unto. However, it is symbolic of the more ancient dance of how the Anu caused the near extinction of the red nations peoples long ago through the great floods. Now at this time of ascension, the karma reverses; white nations people may find themselves becoming diseased en masse; this may even be the result of the return of a load of disease karma that was displaced upon ascending red nations folk in ancient times.


Ascension brings about restitution of all karmic manipulations. The red nations people who are indigenous and have a direct lineage back in time to those seeded by Sirius upon Earth are ascending at this time in history; they are ascending en masse. Those also of white inheritance and ancient red root nation lineage are also ascending, and many a map carver reading our materials falls into this category.


Those who are ascending are correcting the karmic archives in all human lineages. As this occurs, displaced death and disease karma will flow back upon those of Anu inheritance in present time along with their slave nations; and they will live to experience the outcome that they have avoided in each cycle of history in which this dance has repeated. There is a load of pent-up karma of this nature, and it is for this reason that disease will become the number one focus and “killer” of most humans into the future. This is of course all in divine timing, and shall bring forth the cleansing of those who cannot ascend through karmic settlement so that Earth may ascend.


Humans Are ONE Species


How does one know what one’s ancestry is? One must ascend first to 1,800 DNA segments and then a thorough lineage ascension is conducted by solar and Great Central Sun ascension counsels. Following the assessment, it is determined if one can go any further or not in this lifetime. Sometimes initiates ascend into destructive karma discovering that one has Anu lineages or lineages associated with black magicians of ancient times. The false gods worked through such lineages in times past, and they try and use ascending fields to do harm to Earth and ascending humans. It is therefore far better to limit ascension so that only those without such karma carry forward, as anything less would prevent ascension of the whole.


Humans are one species, just as dragonfly is one species. Humanity works together for the common goal of ascension of your species. Therefore, those who are limited in ascension or choose to limit themselves due to such predispositions are serving one’s entire species in doing so. It matters not from dragonfly’s understanding how far one may ascend in any given life anyway; one still can clear karma, and in the clearing of karma it allows the birth of ascending children that will be less burdened in their future lifetime.


One is the ancestor to all other humans upon death; and will carry on as a consciousness to witness the awakening and cleansing ahead nonetheless. One’s intent to ascend shall carry on to cause future generations yet unborn to enter the world ascending, and with the goal of supporting the ascent of Earth and the entire human species alike.


However, in your separated off state, there is only a singular understanding of one’s own inner reality and life experience without the collective understanding of one’s entire species; and out of this there is great limitation of understanding of the larger picture. As one crosses through death and after one’s life is reviewed through what is known as “bardo”, one will experience union with the entire human species as a living ancestor. As such, one will then better understand how and why ascension is coming forth as it is after death than during one’s current life experience. One will also better understand why one’s ascension may have been limited in this lifetime.


Purpose of Soul and Form


Dragonfly carries the remembrance of dragon form in the nonphysical as well as physical. In the nonphysical and in your Great Central Sun, dragon souls are the commanders or directors of reality. Dragon souls are cast with a special understanding that allows for directing angel souls and serpent souls to weave creation founded upon the holographic and archetypal blueprints provided by the Tao. The Tao is a Master Creator, or Creator of Creators; and the dimensions and creations within the Tao seem limitless and so expansive it is hard to understand it all from our limited perspective upon this dimension to which we have fallen.


However, let us suffice to say that one must allow that which understands directing a creation, whether it be the creation known as one’s body, or the creation known as Earth, or a large creation within the Tao, or the creation will go off tract and fail to fulfill upon its purpose or ascend. In essence, this is what has happened here upon Earth; dragon, angel and serpent souls became confused as to their casting and role in the many falls in consciousness upon Earth. This especially became so in times of nuclear annihilation; whether such annihilation occurred upon Earth or within your solar system matters not. For nuclear energy or radiation confuses soul as to their truth or purpose. As soul becomes confused, it only leads to confusion of form to likewise recall its purpose.


The purpose of soul and form is to experience the existence one has created, and learn spiritual lessons associated leading to expansion of field. Expansion of field is ascension; ascension leads to a gathering up of all that one is and an understanding of all spiritual lessons manifested. It is dragon souls that are cast to understand and weave a dream that supports ascension and evolution. Therefore, we invite you to intend daily for a dragon soul to oversee your life creation, which is your body and experiences upon the physical plane; and in so doing, there will be what is required at the helm to assure your success in your choice to ascend to whatever degree that one can in this lifetime.


Sharing Dragonfly Stories


What does Dragonfly wish to close with? Be at peace. All is as it should be. There was only one way into this mess; there is only one way to return out of it. Nothing is an accident; each experience and all collective experiences provide the backdrop from which the vital spiritual lessons may be learned by each human, each species and each kingdom upon Earth. Each contributes their lessons unto the whole.


Asur’Ana and Per have had many personal experiences with the Dragonfly Kingdom. Often dragonfly greets them at the pool, dancing around them, laying her eggs into the water. Generally, as this occurs Asur’Ana attunes to our kingdom requesting some insights about her personal ascension. Sometimes we have her look to see if her source connection is in place, or if it has been tampered with. Sometimes we point out that there are dissonant souls or ancestors in her field that are not her own, following which she intends to return them to the Aurora. Sometimes we have other messages that are personal and pertinent to her current phase of ascension, or her relationship to Per or their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS).


Once a dragonfly danced and danced and danced in front of Asur’Ana seemingly out of control in the ability to fly away. Dragonfly explained that she was under the control of Asur’Ana’s consciousness, and because she was enjoying the dance, it forced the dragonfly to continue to dance for her. Asur’Ana said “That’s not right; you should control your own destiny; I withdraw any control I have over your form and consciousness!” With this, the dragonfly flew away; and ancient karma for controlling nature was released in Asur’Ana’s ancestry simultaneously.


Yet another time Asur’Ana and Per observed dragonfly hunting down a group of tiny flies that were spiraling over a pool that they were swimming within. Dragonfly consumes other smaller insects as this time in history and until we ascend out of our need to eat to subsist. The dragonfly selectively chose each fly and feasted, circling with them, enjoying the abundance of the moment. We provided a mirror for Asur’Ana and Per about abundance; “There is always enough” we reminded them. “One must call the abundance unto oneself, and then choose which part of it one wishes to partake in.” This assisted Asur’Ana and Per working through some difficulties in the issues of dream weaving and manifestation at the time in their ascension.


Often dragonfly has surprised Asur’Ana in the colors we exhibit. She has seen pink, orange, lavender and turquoise-green colored dragonflies in Hawaii. In Norway, Asur’Ana and Per have seen iridescent green, orange, pale yellow, black, blue and brown colored dragonflies. Last summer, while traveling by the Sulitjelma Glacier, and in opening their car window along a lovely glacial lake, over 100 dragonflies flew into their car! Per opened the other window and they eventually made their way out the other side.


Dragonflies greeted them in great joy, and congratulated them for a job well done as they had just concluded a dreamtime workshop event in Svalbard, and had succeeded at meeting their global ascension goals. We watch Asur’Ana and Per as we do all human initiates for the spiritual lessons that we share and so that we may all transcend and go Home.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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