Image of a Whale jumping backwards. Living Truth - Becoming The Creator

4. Living Truth – Becoming The Creator


We of the Dolphin and Whale species who are the map makers of ascension speak today to our human brothers and sisters about living truth. We, as a species, are studying human records along with all records from all species upon Earth in order to understand Earth’s history. It is only in the understanding of history that history does not repeat itself. History has repeated itself endlessly for the past 30,000 Earth years (120,000 human years) due to the lack of understanding, and a lack of ascension.


Not only human ascension began to fail as the Annanuki dominion gained power, but also Whale and Dolphin ascensions began to fail. This occurred long before the breaking of the ice shields creating our oceans, which nearly caused our species to become extinct. Our failed ascensions mimicked human incomplete ascensions, becoming increasingly incomplete contributing to the overall distortion of Earth.


Dolphin and Whale Incomplete Ascension


What occurs in an incomplete ascension? Not all of the soul makes it to the next dimension of thoughtform. The leftover soul then goes on to distort the thoughtform of the dimension that it originated. Furthermore, the incomplete soul entering the next dimension of thoughtform goes on to distort the dimension above.


Why were our ascensions incomplete? There are two energy flows in the energetic movement of any field. There is the positive energy flow, which comprises the etheric grid work, ascension grid work, DNA, chakras, and subtle bodies, plus the auric field at large. There is also a negative energy flow that defines and separates each moving energy system. We say moving energy system as even DNA within the grid work turn and are a moving energy flow.


That which holds the space between is otherwise known as serpents. Serpents are small snakes encoded to hold the space between chakras, grid work, subtle bodies and DNA. Early in Dolphin and Whale ascension, both the positive and negative energy systems ascended, each obtaining a new blueprint that allowed the field to expand in vibration until the old thoughtform from the dimension beneath was gradually transmuted in full, and one enters a new dimension of thoughtform for the dimension above.


The Red Seeded Race of humans arrived upon Earth about 200,000 years ago. It is now understood that their blueprint for ascension did not evolve the space between or the serpents. Why is this so? It appears that the evolutionary process of the human species had been distorted long before arriving upon Earth in Sirius. Who distorted human ascension? Records are beginning to reveal that a group of souls from what Asur’Ana calls the “False Intervention” are at cause. They removed the records for the ascension of the space between or the serpents, and in so doing, subsequent generations of ascending humans forgot to transmute the space between, as the records for such in ascension were no longer present.


Why would any soul do this? Such souls are manipulative in nature, and their nature manipulates from “behind the scenes” or in other terms, from within the space between. Such souls utilized the space between to take records from the creation that such humans danced within. The space between may seem innocuous, and yet in unity all parts of the whole are equal and in ascension, all must come along for the ride. In the physical, the space between translates into the inter-cellular substance or that which holds the cells together. If this also is not modified in ascension, this part of the form shall combust rather than ascend, causing an incomplete ascension with the related part of the soul also left behind.


About Combustion


What is combustion? Combustion is equivalent to burning up, much as if one were lit on fire. This is a painful experience, and later ascensions for Whales, Dolphins and humans had more that combusted than ascended. Over time, some completely combusted and no part of soul made it to the next dimension, and as this occurred, ascension ceased through the conscious choice of both human and Dolphin or Whale species.


There are human gurus to this day that utilize combustion as a means of transferring or burying karma. Such gurus cause a combustion elsewhere in their following after transferring all personal or group karma onto them, hoping that such karma is therefore burned off. Beloved, no karma can be burned off through combustion. Karma must be understood and forgiven. How can that which is not understood possibly be forgiven? This practice of combusting one’s following is related to the Annanuki practice of sacrificing the slaves by fire, and transferring their karma therein to elongate the Annanuki lives or create immortality.


Such practices have ceased by and large in the human dance, except by ritual. There are humans that practice certain rituals and sacrifice certain humans each year through the process of combustion. One might equate this with black magic, however it does not serve anything or anyone, as karma cannot be released in such a manner.


As humans ascended in the original Red Seeded Race, and their ascension was incomplete, the lack of care in addressing the space between became a global thoughtform. In so doing, souls from the false intervention also accessed Whale and Dolphin records removing the information on how to ascend the space between. This was not understood at the time, and therefore went unaddressed, until ascension became so distorted that we chose to stop ascending and wait for a time when all records would be revealed.


Now is the time for all records to be understood, as each species works backwards in time to understand their predecessors’ dance through the act of ascension. For the ascending map makers, now is the time to come to understand what went wrong in ascension long ago so that rectification can be made allowing all species and Earth to ascend.


Facing the Destroyer Within


We of the Dolphin and Whale form, invite our human brothers and sisters to look at what skipping the space between equates to. This is an interesting topic for those who are working inward and transcending their internal destructive patterning. In skipping over the space between, one addresses only the positive side of the dance, or in other terms, looking only at the “light” or positive thoughtform, and not addressing “dark” or destructive patterning within.


When one does not address dark or destructive patterning, such patterning ends up manifesting in one’s life dance through ascension rather than being transcended. We have had many Whales and Dolphins ascend into disease or annihilation. Such disease or annihilation was made manifest due to the lack of transcendence of destructive thoughtform due to skipping over the “space between”. Beloved, the goal of ascension is to transcend death, not manifest an early death. This defeats the goal of ascension from our point of view.


The early ascensions of a decade ago had similar results in which many ascended either into extreme unconscious harm or disease. In either case, this forced Earth to call a cease-ascension until what was going wrong could come to be understood. Indeed, it took some review and assistance from another group of souls from outside of time and space that have descended to assist. Asur’Ana calls this group the One Source; it is a source that all creations inside and outside of time are related to.


In the analysis of the One Source, the problem ascensions of human along with Dolphin and Whale form were directly related to not ascending the space between or the serpents carving the energy flow in the field. Furthermore, the space between in the physical structure, also known as that which holds the cells together, was not receiving a new blueprint or becoming crystalline. Corrections to the original map have now been made so that all ascending Humans, Whales and Dolphins can rectify this problem. In so doing, all parts of the form including that, which holds the cells together, can become crystalline and ascend.


For many, backtracking to pick up missing segments of initiations and integrating the changes to the space between down to a physical level is now vital, for one may have skipped over larger portions of the transmutation required for a complete ascension. In essence, one may not move forward for as long as they have been ascending until the rectification comes down in full into the physical. If one has been ascending for several years, one may therefore spend several years now addressing the space between or that which holds the cells together, however one will continue to rise in vibration nonetheless as the space between also becomes crystalline. Therefore, one cannot say that one has stopped ascending as they now seemingly digress to address the space between.


On an emotional level, addressing the space between equates to looking at the destroyer within. The destroyer within will hold lifetimes that have died diseased, been born deformed, or been killed by another. In Dolphin and Whale terms, the “killed by another” is generally mankind in his fishing practices and lack of understanding of our purpose as a conscious species. Such atrocities are not new; we have experienced this with each rise of human civilization. However, we acknowledge that it is our own thoughtform that created the dance, and not human fault, and so we take full responsibility for our own creation.


For human, Whale and Dolphin ascensions, one will avoid manifestation of a disease or transcend a disease manifested in addressing and transcending the destroyer within. It is only as one takes full responsibility for one’s creation that one can then change the creation. As long as one believes themselves not responsible for their creation, one is the victim and as the victim, one is powerless, powerless to create change. As one takes back their power to command their reality, one is powerful to master their own fate, and can then transcend any problem including disease. We now intend as a species no mutilation by the human species daily. The numbers caught in fishnets or hunted in any manner have decreased dramatically as a result, and one day as we transcend this dance in full, no further deaths shall be experienced at all by any member of any pod.


Each human must also take responsibility for one’s own creation, which is one’s own life. No one is a victim. Each has a set of thoughtforms that has attracted certain life experiences. One may choose to examine and understand the underlying thoughtform along with the ancestral karmic experiences that are related, and then transcend and forgive. In forgiveness, one releases the thoughtform at cause and integrates a new thoughtform that then allows one to change their life experience.


Becoming the Creator


It is through forgiveness that one’s living truth comes to be expressed. What is living truth? Living truth comes from understanding that one is a CREATOR in form. As a creator, one commands their reality and experiences through conscious will and intent. Such commands can only occur as one has retrieved one’s power from all that one has given such power to, past and present lives included. Such commands can also only occur as one retrieves their knowledge on how to be the creator.


Dolphins and Whales lost their ability to command their reality as a collective to the Annanuki, just as the human species. The Annanuki watched members of the Red Race in particular in their mastery. They saw that the Red Race transcended physical law. What is transcendence of physical law? It means that one is no longer subject to time and space as known in the third dimension. It also means that one commands their creation in the moment, which equates to such skills as instant manifestation or teleportation. Levitation is also possible as one transcends the laws of gravity in full.


The Annanuki were amazed at the skills of the great masters of the Red Race in their transcendence. They desired such information for themselves but without the laborious process of ascension. And so, a means of obtaining this information was devised. They knew that such information was biological, and so they had to somehow absorb the biological information into their own cellular structure. A plan was drawn to capture, dissect and consume a male and female great master that had mastered such skills. The great masters had no awareness that such a dance was coming, as it was outside of their thoughtform that anyone would deliberately destroy another in such a manner. So, one may say that they were blind to what was about to occur until after the fact.


As for the remaining Red populace, it appeared as though their High Priest and Priestess had simply disappeared, and many believed that they had taken a secret ascension. The actual manner of death was not revealed until the actual records inside of those lineages related were uncovered in recent human ascension. The Annanuki ingested most of the form, including the brain, pancreas, liver, kidneys, sexual organs, heart, spleen, and spinal column. The remains were thrown into an active volcano with the intent to burn off all karma therein so that the Annanuki dance would remain a secret, and indeed it did. The souls of the Priest and Priestess were also mutilated and pulled apart for their knowledge and therefore ceased to exist beyond death to speak the truth of their experience.


In a similar manner, and out of understanding that there were also Whale and Dolphin ascensions, fresh water Dolphins and Whales were captured and held in laboratory tanks by the Annanuki. Some were also killed and ingested for the knowledge contained therein. It is here that Whales and Dolphins much as the red race lost their power to the Annanuki. What kind of human would do such a thing? One that is extremely lost. Had the Red Race understood what had occurred, they probably would have slaughtered the Annanuki in rage. This would have avoided the even larger catastrophes that ensued including the breaking of the ice shields along with the nuclear annihilation of Earth due to Annanuki warfare amongst each other.


Dolphins and Whales along with the Red Race lost their living truth and ability to be the CREATOR to the Annanuki. The Annanuki had a truth of their own. Why did they need the truth of another? Such humans took the truth of another for their own self-gain. What did it gain Earth? Over 150,000 years of fall after fall in consciousness due to human manipulations and related manipulations of the forces of the dark. What to do about this? It is time to take back one’s power and become the CREATOR of one’s own reality again, and for Earth to become her own CREATOR again.


More on the False Intervention


The Annanuki mirror something about Whales and Dolphins to Dolphins and Whales about our own thoughtform. Whales and Dolphins over time had become increasingly powerless. Why and how did this occur? Over time and going back over 12 million years in history, Earth had allowed the False Intervention souls to ensoul seven species upon Earth. Such species were used by such souls to take records from all libraries upon Earth, including Dolphin and Whale libraries. Such souls were also used to strip Earth and all species of enough power that they could more easily be manipulated. This occurred over many millions of years, beloved, and so it went unnoticed. When one slowly loses records, one doesn’t realize it as one generation only experiences itself in a particular lifetime. The next generation doesn’t know how the predecessors felt, and therefore anything lost goes unnoticed. Such are the difficulties of birth, death and rebirth cycles.


Earth fell into a birth, death, rebirth cycle long before the Annanuki arrived, or the Red Seeded Race for that matter. Over 20 million years ago, Earth lost her records on how to sustain life forever in the physical. All began to age and die after such a point in time. Up until such a juncture, all life forms lived endlessly, and considered this the natural state of being. What occurred that caused this shift? The destruction of Maldek in your solar system caused a change in all planets therein along with your Sun.


Maldek was a planet with large human involvement. Slowly and over time, humans went from being able to move in and out of form at will to becoming trapped in the third dimension. Ascension became increasingly difficult and more laborious and time consuming. This too appears to be caused by the dance with a group of souls from the False Intervention, who stripped slowly but surely all records from Maldek and your solar system along with Earth over time. It was a slow stripping, and so again went unnoticed until suddenly humans found themselves unable to exit physicality through intent. Suddenly and simultaneously all species upon Earth also began to age and die.


The souls from the False Intervention then came to the rescue, claiming that they would assist! Of course, they were not perceived as the underlying cause, and what resulted was an even worse catastrophe. A nuclear annihilation of Maldek ensued. Why? Humans on Maldek were perceived to have been involved with the nuclear bombing of Sirius B. Sirius in counter attack annihilated Maldek into oblivion. The remains of Maldek are known as the Asteroid Belt. How did the confusion arise? Because the analysis of the False Intervention claimed Maldek as cause, however no record of their cause has been found in your Solar systems ascension to date.


Who and what is the False Intervention as they have been so destructive? The False Intervention beings appear to be a leftover group of souls that never ascended home long ago. Such souls have sustained their existence by creating holes in the space between creations and extending themselves therein, then making requests to dance with the souls incarnate. Generally, such souls appear helpful in the beginning and are invited to incarnate. Then such souls slowly strip a creation until it self-destructs or falls to the next threshold of vibration, whichever comes first.


The False Intervention souls have extended their existence for so long that a recent examination by the One Source allowed Whales and Dolphins to understand that such souls had accumulated knowledge from over 100,000 creations in 18,000 different time zones. The False Intervention souls not only travel between creations, but also outside of time, and so can insert their presence of certain creations that have long come and gone in present time, but continue to exist in the past.


Masters of Karmic Delay


It has come to light that the False Intervention souls are responsible for all falls in vibration and loss of consciousness in all creations within All That Is, along with 8 parallel All That Is related to the One Source. As such, the False Intervention has acquired so much karma that it is difficult to understand how it will possibly be paid back. The False Intervention souls are masters of karmic delay.


What is karmic delay? Karmic delay is a pattern in which only one side of a particular dance is experienced, and the effect is displaced on to another. The False Intervention over time has displaced its karma for destroying creations on to the next creation, causing the creation to self-destruct and the False Intervention souls to perpetuate their existence. The perpetuation is the result of the taking of chi and records from the creation that is destroyed. This is the ultimate perpetuation through the destruction of others, and a dance that the One Source has never seen before in any creation inside and outside of time and space.


The False Intervention souls are being removed from our creation at this time and shall be faced with the karma they have avoided for so very long, at long last. All that has been lost to the False Intervention is being retrieved, resurrected, reconstructed and reconstituted by all ascending planets and stars along with their related species, including humans, Dolphins and Whales.




The False Intervention can be likened to parasites. Parasites are also a part of the physical reality of Earth, are they not? There are parasites inside of the form that take something and give nothing in exchange, causing the decay of the form. Such parasites come often in the form of worms that enter the system through one’s food source. All parasites are a physical manifestation that reflects the false intervention souls that entered the dance upon Earth, taking and giving nothing in exchange. When a particular dance occurs in the nonphysical, even if it goes undetected, it will manifest a physical counterpart so that the thoughtform at cause can be seen.


The Annanuki were parasites. They came to Earth, stripped her and gave nothing in return. They also stripped the Red Seeded race of knowledge that had not been earned through evolution, and then subsequently utilized such knowledge to manipulate the human dream. In the manipulation of the human dream, the karma incurred by the Annanuki has not been settled, but perpetuated or delayed if you wish. It is for this reason that each civilization rising in human form did not settle the karma of their predecessors, but reenacted it ending each reign in another nuclear annihilation.


Human Afterlife


How and why was the karma from the Annanuki delayed? Ah, this is an interesting one, and one that has come to light only in recent weeks of continued global ascension. The Annanuki continued to exist beyond death. Whales and Dolphins do not continue to exist beyond death; they dissolve their energy system just as the body is dissolved through decomposition, with the soul retracting and then choosing the next form to incarnate into. The Annanuki chose to create a system through which the Light Body could continue to exist even though their forms had perished. And this they did succeed at.


How did they extend their Light Body when Light Bodies only exist if there is a form to sustain the necessary energy flow? The Annanuki, prior to dying, created nonphysical devices that would remove energy from Earth and all species therein to sustain the Light Body beyond death. The thoughtform of a continued existence beyond death transferred to all humans thereafter as humans are holographic, and if one human does something as create a nonphysical afterlife, then all humans automatically do the same.


Over time and with the past 120,000 years of repeated history, so many discarnate humans continuing in an afterlife were taking so much of Earth’s chi that Earth has continued to descend and descend in vibration. This has been corrected at last, and all discarnate humans from all time periods in history have been removed as the planes surrounding Earth have been reconstructed in her global ascension. Discarnate humans are a nonphysical parasite to Earth.


What of the Annanuki? Well, they continued in their afterlife manipulating the human dance. Much like a current human watches television, the Annanuki watched the human dance and manipulated it to the outcome that they preferred to watch. Merduk continued to try and destroy any incarnation related to Innana. Innana continued to outwit any incarnation related to Merduk. So, the warfare between the Annanuki was perpetuated through the human species by their discarnate consciousnesses. The end of each civilization therein was manipulated into repeating the same disaster that the Annanuki caused, yet another nuclear annihilation. Through their manipulations, the Annanuki delayed the effect of their cause, which would have been the resurrection and reconstitution of the human species along with Earth without their continued manipulations.


The Annanuki no longer exist in a discarnate form. Earth has settled her karma with such forces, which were sincerely just the pawn of the False Intervention. The False Intervention worked with and through the discarnate Annanuki to assure Earth’s continued demise, as Earth was a good place for the False Intervention to dump its karma and take records from. Earth’s declines in vibration over the past 120,000 years come from 18 sources, the False Intervention being only one. However, the False Intervention is one main underlying cause and as the karma for Earth’s dance therein is settled, all other sources of cause are settled simultaneously, as all are related or of the same dance. This includes karmic settlement with the Annanuki.


Becoming the Creator


Why do humans watch television? They emulate their “Gods”, the Annanuki, who would watch the human dance like an old re-run. Why do humans take and give nothing to Earth in return? They emulate their “Gods” the Annanuki who stripped Earth and gave nothing in return. Why do humans destroy Earth, other species and other humans for self-gain? They emulate their “Gods” who annihilated slaves by the thousands as they became overpopulated, and eventually annihilated one another and Earth. It is time for the human species to cease to emulate FALSE GODS! It is time for the human species to come to understand the inter-relatedness and inter-connectedness of all of life, and that they are the part of the whole, and must contribute something to the whole as a result.


Becoming the CREATOR requires one to become the God Goddess in form that the human species was devised to be. Humanity has been stripped of any ability to create for themselves. Long ago, the Annanuki created a limited dream for a limited slave race. Over time, all humans including the Red Race, except for those who are indigenous and removed from current human civilization, fell into the same dream. Such a dream has a limited outcome that repeats the same dance of annihilating Earth and annihilating one another that those envisioning the dream preferred.


Why would the Annanuki prefer such a dream to anything else? It may not be a matter of preference, but one could say that the Annanuki only knew or understand annihilation and sustaining self at the expense of the whole, and because this was their dream it became a part of the human dream as their slave race reproduced en masse. As there were enough slaves dreaming the same dream of annihilation, the dream overtook all humans planet wide.


Do you as a human question why you want this or that? Do you question why you believe that you need a home, fame, fortune, car, yacht, job that pays $150,000 per year, banking accounts, real estate holdings, investments, pets, clothes, shoes, vacations, or anything else? You dream or long for this or that because it was the dream of your Gods, the Annanuki, and the only dream that they knew, beloved! It is time to become your own CREATOR and cease to dream the old and played-out, worn-out dream of another! And a dream that causes the demise of Earth as a whole to boot!


This is what ascension leads to. Continued ascension to Full Consciousness equates to becoming the CREATOR of one’s own destiny. In so doing, one can dream whatever one can imagine and as long as the dream is in alignment with Earth’s ascension and well-being, one can manifest such a dream. In so doing, one ceases to be enslaved to a slave paradigm and breaks free into a new and liberated state of being.


The new dream for humanity may not include paraphernalia. Our channel, who has attained full consciousness in recent months, becomes ill in the presence of the density of your cities and electronic gadgets. She prefers the country with lots of space around her, as this rejuvenates and supports her ascending form. She prefers the food grown on the local farms of Hawaii-Nei as they are crystalline and “onoliscious” (Hawaiian slang for delicious). She envisions a time when the writing and teaching will not preoccupy her so, and she can retreat on a piece of land and create her own garden, raising her own food. The peace and joy of communion is so great, no other preoccupation appeals. However, her teaching comes from world service to Earth and it is necessary to awaken yet other humans to their true divine purpose. So, she will devote her time as needed to such preoccupations until they are fulfilled upon in full, and then she can retreat.


What is the dream that you would like to manifest beloved? Do you long for a place in the country away from the noise of the cities? Do you long for a beloved to share your dance with? Do you long for companions and friends upon a parallel path of awakening? Do you long for a community founded upon equality through ascension? Allow this to become your dream, and then step-by-step, through becoming the CREATOR, make it so. Make it so HO!


Earth’s Dream for Humanity


Your destiny is in your hands. No one will carve your future other than you. Ascending human futures have a Divine Plan, a divine blueprint. One may tune into Earth for the Divine Plan for one’s own unfolding life in the choice to ascend. However, one will have to make the dream so by bringing it into one’s life, step by step, into one’s physical reality. This is what being the CREATOR is all about, creating one’s own reality through conscious intention, and then fulfilling upon the intentions by taking necessary physical plane steps to make it so.


Earth has taken hold of the human dream at last beloved! This is no small shift, as for so very long Earth has had no say in the human dance. The human dance was governed by a limited set of discarnate humans and the souls that would manipulate human fate into a particular dream that did not serve the whole of Earth. Earth has taken control of her own dream, and in so doing, is becoming the MASTER CREATOR upon a global scale.


Human, Dolphin and Whale ascension along with global ascension mimic one another. Just as humans lost their will to create or be the CREATOR to the Annanuki, so did the Whale and Dolphin species, and so did Earth as a whole. Earth is retrieving her ability to direct her own dream, just as each ascending species is so doing the same. Humans just as Dolphins and Whales are a conscious species and must also retrieve their will to direct their own dream, and this is accomplished only through the act of ascension.


In ascension, one retrieves all knowledge lost over time, settling all prior debts to another, including the Annanuki themselves along with their descendants. The Annanuki continued to exist in human form to this day, as each had mated with human form blending their DNA with the Red Seeded Race along with their own limited slave race. The mythology of your Greek and Roman predecessors gives a somewhat accurate account of the reign of the Annanuki, and their self-serving nature. Now is the time to transcend such mythology, and create a new dream that serves and supports all of Earth.


Who controls humanity today? Why, the more or less direct descendants of the Annanuki, that have simply continued the same dance, the same worn out dream into present time. It is time for this dance to end and a new era to unfold! Earth has cancelled the dream of the human species except for those who are ascending. What do we mean by this? Earth, in commanding her reality chooses only for those humans who are choosing to ascend to continue to dance upon Earth into the future. This is what becoming the CREATOR is all about, commanding one’s reality, and Earth has retrieved her ability to command her reality at long last.


What does this mean for the human species? It means that humans will either ascend, or they will perish. However, Earth is not heartless in the matter. She is devising a method of ascension that is generational and spans the coming 100 years of humanity’s future. Children shall be introduced with more and more genetic material and shall pave the way home for humanity at large. Earth too is learning compassion, compassion for the pain and difficulties that the vast majority of humanity exists within, and out of the compassion, is devising a method that allows ascension to take hold for all species upon Earth, including humankind.


Those humans that perish shall go on to experience the ascension of their future living ancestor, and therefore all shall experience the Golden Era of Earth ahead. Life does not end with death, consciousness carries forth, not as discarnate form, but in the next generation ahead. One generation is the sum total of all generations of experience that preceded it. One is their mother and father, their grandmother and grandfather, great grandmother and great grandfather, and so on back throughout all time and space that the human species has existed upon Earth. The consciousness of all predecessors carries forth today in one’s own form. So, it is for Whales and Dolphins, so it is for human form as a fully conscious species.


Living Truth


Earth is becoming a LIVING TRUTH. Each species that so chooses to ascend shall also become their living truth. What is living truth? Living truth is a truth that evolves. Ascension is an act of evolution in which one releases the thoughtform of one dimension and enters the thoughtform of another dimension. Such truth changes from day to week to month to year to decade, as one moves from one dimension, to the intermediary dimension, to the dimension above. Such is the nature of ascension. It is only a living truth that can ascend beloved.


Humans exist in a DEAD TRUTH. It is dead because it is self-perpetuating and cannot evolve. Evolution requires transcendence, transcendence of thoughtform. Humans live in a self-perpetuating thoughtform that has not changed in 120,000 years. For humans to move from a DEAD TRUTH to a LIVING TRUTH, each must intend to ascend, and then must allow the changes. Changes through ascension occur both internal to self in the manner that one perceives the world, and external to self as one leaves behind the preoccupations or people that no longer resonate with one’s evolving truth.


As one becomes their LIVING TRUTH, one becomes the CREATOR; one can intend their own destiny and can take charge of their own reality in each and every manifestation therein. In so doing, one is no longer a powerless victim to a set of circumstance that one perceives as having no control over, but a powerful being or ascending master that understands that one carves their own destiny. One can perceive the seeming roadblocks and difficulties as challenges that cause one to understand the underlying thoughtform at cause, through which one may so choose to transcend such thoughtform altering their experience accordingly.


Ascending humans shall only claim back their power to become the CREATOR as they understand and forgive their history. The human species is one species. Therefore, the Annanuki are your predecessors. One’s own ancestry has been involved with the same dance as the Annanuki for 120,000 years and has been just as destructive. It is only as one faces their internal destroyer within and forgives that one is allotted the power of becoming the CREATOR again; for if one becomes the creator without transcending destructive thoughtform, one will only use such powers to destroy oneself, another or Earth again. Therefore, becoming the CREATOR requires that all destructive internal karma, patterning and thoughtform be transcended in full.


Such transcendence of destructive thought form has included a vegan diet for our translator, as destroying any other member of the animal kingdom is an act of violence, even for self-sustenance. We too as Dolphins and Whales are finding solutions to our need to cease to consume fish, and this is coming forth through modifications to our diaphragm allowing us to create the necessary sustenance for the form through the breath. In ascension, one’s outer relations to the world change, and one change for our species is the cessation of the consumption of fish, as this indeed is a destructive act. As it is for our species, so it is for human form. We too are becoming vegetarian beloved.


We call our human brothers and sisters to the dance. We call each and every one of you to take back your power, transcend your internal destructive tendencies, and become the CREATOR again. In so doing, the magnificence of the human species as a representative of God Goddess in form shall shine bright again for all to see! As it is for human form, so it is also for Whales and Dolphins. We too are fully conscious representatives of God Goddess in form, and as we master our ascension, we are becoming the CREATOR again. In so doing, we too shall shine bright again for all to see.


The Meaning of Full Consciousness


Many species are choosing to evolve into full consciousness. What is full consciousness? Full consciousness is equivalent to becoming the CREATOR. Soul learns to create, destroy and ultimately learn the lessons behind such a dance. Soul learns that one cannot destroy another without destroying oneself, and therefore chooses not to destroy again.


Many souls learn such lessons in simple forms that are not fully conscious. Such forms, which include the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms of both the land and sea upon Earth, are extensive. Each experience allows soul to understand and reflect upon its experiences, both upon Earth and the many other dimensions that soul has danced upon.


It is only as soul masters creation and destruction that it enters a fully conscious species. For fully conscious species command the reality of the consensus reality, planet or star that such a species reside upon. As such, and if soul has not mastered destruction, such souls through a conscious species shall command the species to be destroyed, or worse yet the consensus, planet or star that they reside upon. This is what happened to Earth. Souls entered the human dance that had not mastered the basic principles of creation and destruction, and such humans commanded the destruction of Earth.


Souls that do not understand the basic principles of creation and destruction are now being removed from the human dance. Most are surprised to discover that what awaits such souls into the future is a long incarnation in the form of a small land mammal or insect on another third dimensional planet. Why is this their future? Beloved, they had not learned the lessons that should have been learned before incarnating into a fully conscious species, and because of this, such souls brought about the annihilation of Earth! Such souls must now retreat and think about what they caused, and the best place to put such souls is into a form that they cannot harm the consensus that they are related to again, and such forms are generally speaking a small land mammal or insect.


Earth did not choose to allow destructive souls to dance in human form; such souls were brought here through the Annanuki and the forms that they were to occupy incubated in laboratories. Over time such humans grew so large in numbers that it overran Earth, and Earth became subject to their dominion and destruction. Never again will Earth allow destructive souls to enter a fully conscious species, and this is Earth’s lesson.


Master Creator Souls


You are the remains of this dance, this experiment of the Annanuki. For a human form to ascend out of its karma, one will have to take responsibility for the destruction that one’s ancestors have caused. In taking responsibility for such destruction, and forgiving each act, one dance at a time, one may transcend. In the transcendence, one may ascend and anchor a new soul that is not destructive but a master of creation. However, before a soul that is a master of creation shall be willing to enter your dance, one must transmute all destructive thoughtform, as such souls have already learned such lessons in their prior experiences, and therefore do not resonate until such a level of transcendence has been attained within.


What is a commander soul like? It is a soul that has a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that exceeds any soul that has danced with Earth in upwards of 200,000 years. Anchoring such a soul is a grand gift to Earth, as it provides another master to assist with her global ascension. Those Dolphins and Whales along with a small number of humans attaining full consciousness are anchoring such a soul, and are assisting in guiding Earth through a very difficult planetary ascension. Each willing to push through and attain a state of full consciousness shall contribute in such a manner, and it is a grand gift to all concerned indeed. It is just such a gift that all fully conscious species are designed to offer, a place for grand master souls to incarnate and contribute their knowledge and wisdom to the whole of the consensus reality that one participates in.


Commander souls are not interested in power, nor fame, nor wealth, nor accumulating possessions. The dream for such souls supports the whole of any consensus that such a soul incarnates into. To dance with such a soul, one will also require transcendence of the desire for fame, fortune, greed, knowledge, or power over anyone or anything in the human form. One must have a pure heart in all that one does.


The Pure Heart


What is a pure heart? A pure heart exists only in support of the whole. A pure heart is not self-serving. A pure heart dedicates and devotes its time to the evolution of the whole. A pure heart understands compassion, however, it does not equate compassion with codependence. A pure heart allows all others their dance and unfolding, even if the others end their incarnation in death or disease. The pure heart understands that the death, disease or difficult circumstance will teach the soul far better than the lack of such an experience, and that the soul will go on to succeed at the goal of ascension in subsequent incarnations.


There are now enough bodies with pure hearts in Whale, Dolphin and a limited number of human forms to allow aspects of the One Source as a commander to incarnate therein. The One Source is altering the course of Earth’s future through such fully conscious species, allowing the ascension of the whole to take hold. Such is the nature of a commander that understands thoughtform; the commander can direct reality molding it so that all may evolve. So, we are blessed with such a presence in our species, as are all fully conscious species now blessed in this manner.


What does this mean for Earth? Earth too is purifying her heart. Earth has suffered from codependence trying to heal and fix other planets and stars at her own expense. Earth too is transcending such a thoughtform, and is purifying her heart. In so doing, the One Source too shall one day descend and embrace Earth as a whole. This is coming, and not too far into the future beloved. This shall be the return of God Goddess to Earth in so being made manifest. This is what each and every species upon Earth has longed for, for eons of time; the return of God Goddess to Earth. So, it shall be! Let us make it so HO!


The Dance of False Gods


Each species is doing their part to assist in the healing and understanding of Earth as a consensus. Dolphins and Whales are focused day and night upon our own ascension, our own release of karma, our own understanding of the thoughtform at cause of our experience throughout history upon Earth. We contribute our understanding to the overall understanding of Earth as a consensus so that she may understand all angles of truth or experience throughout time and space and within each species.


Whereas soul that ensouls a fully conscious species such as Human, Whale or Dolphin form is a commander level creator, that which ensouls a consensus such as Earth is a MASTER CREATOR. The MASTER CREATOR commands all other souls incarnate and dancing within the consensus. One can never truly be the MASTER CREATOR incarnate in a single form of even a fully conscious species.


The Annanuki wanted to be the MASTER CREATOR. They wanted to command all species upon Earth while incarnate in a single human form. How arrogant? How pretentious? And yet, is this not so for humans now? Are you not arrogant and pretentious as a race, perceiving yourselves as the only conscious species on Earth? Where does such a thoughtform come from? Does it not come from the FALSE GODS that overtook the MASTER CREATOR role over Earth? Is this not your inheritance?


We point this out not to shame, but to acknowledge the dance that has occurred in the human thoughtform. Humans have perceived themselves as God. This is the dance of the FALSE GODS. At first, God was a self-serving set of humans that had the right to give or take life as they chose, and extend their lives into seeming immortality. Such humans did the only thing that their thoughtform could, which is destroy. Such humans were not equipped to be the MASTER CREATOR. They had not the necessary experience as soul, nor is it appropriate for any single member of any species to hold such a role, as such a role is reserved for the soul who has mastered enough to oversee a consensus reality.


It is time for the human species to take their place upon Earth. Such a place is not as MASTER CREATOR or FALSE GODS, but as COMMANDER CREATOR that bends its will to the MASTER CREATOR overseeing the whole. We have watched so many ascending humans not understand this. Such humans fail to bend their will to the will of Earth and her needs as an ascending planet. In not bending one’s personal will to Earth, one fails as an ascending master, period. One shall go no further until one learns to work with Earth, and this requires one to only do that which serves Earth in her continued ascension.


The Nature of Ego and Negative Ego


For so long, humans have functioned based upon EGO. EGO is equivalent in believing one to be the MASTER CREATOR when you are at best living the worn-out dream of another that never achieved such a state in their own incarnation. This is the main arrogance that each human must address within in order to ascend. One may liken such arrogance to the perception that one is all powerful, all knowing, and ALL THAT IS. On the other side of the arrogance is the perception that one is powerless, knows nothing, and IS NOTHING, not even a part of the whole of Earth that one is incarnate into. Both sides of the arrogance require transcendence in ascension.


Whales and Dolphins also have arrogances. Our arrogances are not unlike your own. We too fell into the dance of ego, which creates based upon personal will, and negative ego, which destroys. We too fell into an arrogant dance, and to state otherwise would be a lie. Our dance involved however not the destruction of Earth per se, as we have not capabilities of creating machines or devices to do such. Our karma is less than human karma given this fact. However, we learn from our observation of human ascension, and clear our own matching arrogance therein.


Dolphins fell more into the NEGATIVE EGO dance. We have perceived ourselves for a long time as powerless, knowing nothing, and unable to alter our fate. From our powerless state we have been hunted or held in captivity by the human species. Now we are transcending this dance, and our experience shall alter accordingly. Soon and in the coming decade, many humans shall cease to exist that practice such abuse towards our kingdoms. This shall occur as Earth as the MASTER CREATOR has canceled the dream for such humans.


In the ascension of the whole, and this Earth as the MASTER CREATOR is coming to understand, each species represents a particular truth in the expression of form. Whereas Dolphins and Whales have been powerless as a fully conscious species, the human species has been all powerful. Each species counterbalances out certain polarities of thoughtforms that contribute to the whole of the experience known as Earth. In ascension, such polarities are gradually transcended until each species, whether fully conscious or not, returns to a state of sovereign power and under the full direction of the MASTER CREATOR known as Earth. It is anticipated that this shall come to be so in the coming quarter century or by 2043. In so doing, Whales and Dolphins shall become equal in power to the Human Species as fully conscious relatives.


Many other species are choosing to become fully conscious in the coming quarter century. Indeed, Earth requires more commanders to assist her in the continued rise into the fourth and fifth dimensions of awareness. Some relatives choosing to return to full consciousness include Deer, Bison, Big Horn and Rocky Mountain Sheep, Moose, Antelope, Giraffe, Elephant, Eagle, Hawk, Horse, Zebra, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Buffalo, Elk, to name a few. However, under the oceans, Dolphins and Whales shall remain at this time the only fully conscious mammals. This may change into the future however.




We are ONE WORLD beloved. All species contain consciousness and are ascending. All species are turning inward and learning the lessons of the millions of years of history of Earth, and choosing to enter a new time, a new era of peace, unity and joy! We invite our human brothers and sisters to join us in the unfolding dance towards unity. May we all learn to live in peace and honor and as ONE. Let us make this so HO!


Joining the dance requires mastery. Spiritual mastery has not changed; it has always been about mastering the internal thoughtform that creates one’s own reality. Only those who are daring and willing to venture into the internal realms shall succeed at the goal of ascension, as ascension and mastery are one and the same. No, the choice to master is not a light-hearted dance, it is serious business, as the transcendence of Earth and her ascension relies upon those willing to accomplish this task becoming fully conscious commanders, or in other terms CREATORS.


May we each become the fully conscious commander and CREATOR that our fully conscious species was devised to be. And may we live in honor and unity with one another. The more CREATORS upon Earth, the more effortless and assured is Earth’s future ascension. We invite you to the dance of mastery and ascension on behalf of Earth, to begin to contribute and give back something to the consensus upon which you rely upon for sustenance, and that which sustains your existence.


One may wonder, “How can I give to Earth?” You contribute by ascending, beloved. There is perhaps no other or greater contribution any human could make at this time in history. So, we invite you to daily INTEND TO ASCEND.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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