Image of a family silhouette with the sunset in the background. Healing The Inner Family And Ascending Into Unity

4. Healing The Inner Family And Ascending Into Unity


This is the second chapter devoted to exploring holographic archetypal patterning and the embracing of the unity paradigm through the healing of the inner family within. This information is presented in preparation for entering the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun operates in holographic thoughtform. Holographic thoughtform is founded upon equality; therefore, to the degree that one embraces equality within, to such a degree one will be more prepared for the pushes and pulls of holographic thoughtform inside of the Great Central Sun.


Why will the Great Central Sun energy flow be so pressing upon humanity? Holographic flow recalls that which one has left behind in the unconscious; and dispels that which is not one’s own by returning to the source of origin. This is the nature of holographic flow. In our early experiments of holographic flow amongst ascending humans in Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) group mastery program, holographic movement was utilized at their dreamtime workshop this year.


The flow brought back so much displaced darkness of not only the individual but also the group at large that all reeled from it as they could not integrate what was returning fast enough. Those who were solid enough in their mastery of the Language of Light were able to withstand that which was pressed in upon them and was returning due to holographic movement, and organize it in manner that allowed for continued transcendence. Those who were not wobbled so extensively that they had to be removed from the continued dance, until they can master the Language of Light at a later time.


Therefore, we have a little understanding now of how holographic movement may affect ascending humans in particular; it may retrieve so much unconscious so rapidly that one will barely be able to keep up with the onslaught of lost parts of self returning unto one’s field. This could make one ill if one was not prepared for it. As a result of this, we can see now more clearly what is required to prepare the human form for entry into future Star Gates along with the Great Central Sun itself.


What will be required is the building of a strong kundalini energy flow so that one may burn off more karma and density than is currently possible by most ascending humans in present time. Additionally, humans will need to move towards greater unity within as it is only in unity that one has a greater stability of field, and the pushes and pulls of the holographic flow will require great stability so that one is not pulled into disease, particularly after entry. This is what this chapter and future written materials are geared towards; preparing humans for entry into the Great Central Sun.


Mastering Equality Within


This year, Asur’Ana and Per began to offer a Relationship Intensive to those in their DAS Self-Realization Study and Group Mastery Program. This program was specifically set up by the Tao to explore healing the inner family through ascension so that unity relations may emerge amongst ascending initiates.


Unity within is related to one’s inner family. If the inner family is in discord, then one has non-unity patterning and genetic encoding that is associated along with disunity-based relations in the life dance. As one strives to release non-unity patterning through healing the inner family, then a greater level of balance will occur within the ascending field and this will then be reflected in balanced and unity-based relations surrounding oneself. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join the Relationship Intensive or any of these dreamtime events by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


Imbalance can be equated not only to disunity or inequality thoughtform but also to certain parts of the field holding more chi or spinning larger or smaller chakras than other parts of the field. This leads to a field that wobbles extensively when holographic movement is applied. If the wobble is great enough, it can tear at the etheric body and lead to disease over time.


As equality is embraced within, one learns to have chakras that are evenly weighted in size and shape rotating in the field at the same pace; this creates greater balance of field that can better withstand holographic movement. Furthermore, one learns to balance the field with equal proportions of chi between upper and lower as well as right and left sides of the field. This will lead to a field that can withstand the pressure of holographic movement without being thrown out of sync.


Therefore, creating a balanced field is the next step for all ascending initiates, which requires addressing the inequality within, or those parts of self that wish to compete or sit in “better than” and “less than” patterning. The inner family is an excellent tool to look at those parts of self operating out of inequality, and it is for this reason that we are sharing of these techniques today.


About Emerging Ascension Communities Ahead


Unity and equality are also paramount to the success of the emerging ascending communities ahead. Without unity, the group will simply fall into unconscious harm patterns that will cause some to become diseased and yet others to go into emotional turmoil or even insanity in the current group dynamics as they exist in the human paradigm. We are going to explore these dynamics in this chapter and future articles so that those intending to ascend and intending to create community into the future can understand the current predicament and choose to heal and release the karmic bonds of attachment that lock one into participating in competitive patterning.


Adult ascension is limited to 3,000 segments at this time. This translates into many emerging ascending adults at 3,000 segments that have mastered this level, whom then may go on to master living in a self-sustaining community together in unity, honor and joy. In order to create unity in community, each will need to take full responsibility for one’s own personal patterning within, and choose to modify it such that unity with all others can be made manifest in the physical. For the outer is only a mirror of the inner; if the community is in turmoil or struggle, then this becomes a mirror for each member involved. As each member chooses to heal what the mirror of the group turmoil represents, then community may transcend the disunity and emerge again and again into a heightened dance of joy and unconditional love.


Although this might sound relatively easy, our experiences in DAS show us that it is not easy; that there is more patterning within that wishes to cause discord in human relations than patterning that desires to retain peace, honor and unity. Therefore, disunity based patterns will be required to be addressed and transcended within each member of the community in order for unity based community to become a viable future; whether the community be 100 gathered together to live and farm together; or simply 10 that gather together and choose to ascend together, garden together and raise their young together.


Ascension to 3,000 segments allows for completion with any pattern that one has held in this life. In so doing, one will change in so choosing to release the internal patterning and embrace unity in its place as one’s foundation. Embracing unity ultimately also requires the biological changes to the crystalline form. As 3,000 segments are embodied 100% into the physical, 80% of the cellular structure becomes crystalline; this translates into 80% of oneself operating in unity upon a biological biochemical level as well as in the relationships surrounding oneself.


Ascending to this level will therefore will cause one’s mirror of the day-to-day life to become 80% unity based. The remaining discord within will still have an influence, and could cause disruptive relations or experiences in the close quarters of a community living environment; it is for this reason that we are offering the healing techniques in this chapter, so that initiates may go inward and deal with their own distraught parts of self rather than taking out such turmoil up on others or the group that one is choosing to create community with. Furthermore, even if one is not in community yet, learning to work with these skills will prepare one for this goal, and further allow one to begin to embody unity within, which will attract a more unity-based life into one’s dream.


What Is Unity?


Unity is founded upon equality and wholeness. Unity based law states that each member of the group must contribute equally unto the group; therefore, there are no freeloaders in unity. Furthermore, each must give equally; this also means that those who tend to give too much will be required to give in proportion to what they receive. Although each may give equally to the whole, contributions may be unique unto the gifts and talents of the individual; therefore, it will be up to each individual to discover what they like to contribute so that the whole of the community flourishes.


There are always those tasks one may also not like to fulfill upon in the physical but require to be done nonetheless, such as cleaning the toilets. But these types of focuses too if they must be done allow one to look at parts of one’s own thoughtform requiring transcendence so that one may be at peace with all things in the life dance. It is out of being at peace with what is and accepting the current circumstance as it is, that unity within or within the community shall be sustained.


The Nature of Extreme Polarity


Most humans wish parts of oneself or others to be different than they are. Alas in extreme polarity, those around oneself are only as they can be; and one only is the way one can be at one’s current level of evolution. Furthermore, in extreme poles, all others will be opposite oneself in nature, and therefore can never be like oneself as such is the nature of polarity. Polarity causes any group to have one representative of all spokes on the wheel of archetypal patterns; therefore, all groups will have diversity within them and no one will be “alike”. Alter the biology, ascend retrieving lost parts of self, and one will gain appreciation for the gifts and talents one can now express that were previously only expressed in those around oneself in extreme polarity.


It is perhaps out of the desire to change others that the most discord occurs amongst humans; whether it be leaders in the West wanting the East to embrace democracy when this is not their nature; or the spouse that wishes that the husband, wife or beloved was more “like oneself”. Beloved, if they could be like you, they would be; they are as they are due to genetic predispositions that will only alter if they too are ascending. However even in ascension, each will alter into their own unique truth, and not necessarily into whom and what one wishes them to be.


Allowing the truth of another is an important aspect of unity. For a long time, Asur’Ana wanted Per to contribute as she did to the materials of the school. She would ask Per to sit and write when it did not feel like his truth or his dream. Per enjoys directing and managing his small sustainable and eco-friendly organic coffee and tea company than writing ascension articles.


Finally, Asur’Ana ceased to force Per to write and allowed him instead to support DAS as he desired to contribute as a reflection of his unique truth. This truth does not include writing; however, it does include being the twin flame and male anchor to bring balance their Dreamtime Ascension School; and to financially support Asur’Ana so that she does not need to hold a secular job outside the home, and can instead concentrate on her daily focus of meditation and writing of ascension materials. Per loves Asur’Ana intensely and this is how he contributes to her and the organization along with ascending initiates global wide. It has been in accepting Per as he is on the part of Asur’Ana that there has been greater joy between them in their day-to-day existence from Earth’s point of view.


Per too has admired Asur’Ana for a long time and understands her nature. So often Asur’Ana is so far out into the nonphysical that she can barely find her way through their third dimensional home without getting lost. This is metaphorical, but Per understands this and picks up after her, taking care of the third dimensional aspects of life, such as conducting business with his company, managing their finances, putting gas in the car, driving, and making reservations for their travels.


Asur’Ana does the laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking, which she loves to create a beautiful home life with Per, whom she loves deeply. In so doing, all remains in balance and all things necessary to third dimensional existence get done. Asur’Ana and Per no longer compete over who does what, as it really doesn’t matter as long as one enjoys the part of the dance that one contributes unto the whole. They each do what they enjoy and do best from Earth’s point of view, and so their life is a relatively smooth dance from day to week to month to year.


This is the template that Mother Earth wishes to expand upon for ascending community. The dream for community will entail separate and distinct roles founded upon the truth and action of each, along with what brings each joy to create and contribute unto the whole of community. The roles will change periodically also so that those doing this or that do not get bored, and have an opportunity to go on and do something else, or learn something new and a new manner of contribution unto the whole.


Peaceful relations in community will have an opportunity to flow if each contributes what brings them joy unto the group. Food will taste good if it is cooked in love and joy; furniture will be a joy to sit upon and fill the room with joy if it is made in love; the land will yield far more out of the garden if it too is loved. This is the new blueprint for Community that Earth is anchoring for the times of cleansing ahead.


The gift of ascending partnerships or community as Asur’Ana and Per have found is that nothing stays the same. Everything changes and continues to change between them and between their associates of the school; the result is that any problem is ascended out of into greater harmony, unity and divine union together as each takes responsibility for their part, and chooses to transcend.


This is perhaps what keeps Asur’Ana and Per going through some difficult times of struggle when personal or group patterns hit; they know that the problems will not last and will be ascended through. Therefore, those choosing ascending partnerships or ascending community can understand this; that nothing will remain the same and that as each party works through their karma and patterning, the dance will change, and change into one of greater joy and harmony together.


Each event Asur’Ana and Per have created has been increasingly harmonious in nature since they began to teach in dreamtime starting in 2020. They have seen living proof of their evolution and the group evolution through their dreamtime events. This can also be the same for community into the future, and Asur’Ana and Per along with those in Group Mastery in particular have carved the beginning of a template for community relations in ascension.


This template is to be offered unto each that so chooses to create ascending community for the times ahead. In time, we foresee many communities coming together through the endeavors of Asur’Ana and Per and those associated with DAS. They will be an opportunity for those who have land, building and architectural experience, farming experience, and experience ascending along with finances to co-create sovereign self-sustaining ascending community.


There may be as many as 300 of such ascending communities born in the decades ahead around the globe through the affiliations in DAS and under the guidance of Mother Earth. Asur’Ana and Per are excited about this shift, as it is only occurring as they and the group in dreamtime have mastered enough of the discordant patterns in group relations to foster the gathering of community.


Healing the Inner Family


Now we would like to focus upon the main topic of this article; healing the inner family. What is the inner family? The inner family is a composite of how one relates within and without with all others. Take a picture of one’s inner family, and one will understand how one relates unto the rest of the world. Take a deep breath now, and close your eyes, and ask for a picture of your current inner family. What do you see? What you see will be a composite about how you relate to the world around oneself in the symbolic picture of the family within.


Are there children in the family? If not, one most likely relates unto the world in great seriousness and does not know how to “play” or laugh very easily. Are there children but no parents or adults? Then one probably plays very well and is very charming in nature but has a hard time organizing or orchestrating one’s life. Are there missing parents? Then one probably tends to like to “break the law” as there are no internalized lawmakers to keep one in lawful behavior. Are there missing adults? Then one may tend to be child-like or approach life much like a teenager.


Understand that the composite of the inner family will change from circumstance to circumstance. One may have one type of inner family at home, another at work, another with friends, and yet another in relationship to one’s beloved, and yet another again in relation to any group one affiliates with, including spiritual groups. Therefore, one can take a picture of one’s inner family for each preoccupation of one’s life, and see how one alters in role and script accordingly in the life dance.


Mother Earth and the Tao have analyzed many inner family relations in association with those in Asur’Ana and Per’s Group Mastery and Self-Realization Study Programs. What we have observed is that to the degree that the inner family learns to support one another, with children, teenagers, adults and parents each supporting the whole within, then to such a degree one has embodied the unity paradigm of the Language of Light. In so being, one is also more likely to create unity based harmonious relations in one’s life dance.


The inner family is a metaphorical creation that is symbolic of the thoughtform that one has created one’s life from, which includes one’s physical embodiment. The physical embodiment also has attributes associated with the inner family. In our analysis, the inner male is associated with the right side of the form; the inner female is associated with the left side of the form. If there is an imbalance in the inner male and female, then one side may be stronger than the other side or may be weaker or have more ailments than the other. The inner children are associated with the fingers of the hand and toes of the feet along with the hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. If there is a problem with one of these regions, there may be an associated problem with one’s inner children.


The inner mother is associated with the left breast, left lung, left side of the diaphragm and pelvis along with reproductive system; the inner father is associated with the right side of the chest, right breast, right lung, right side of the diaphragm and pelvis along with right side of the reproductive system. Ailments in these regions or organs are associated with problems with the inner mother or father. The head, arms and legs are associated with the inner adult; the right leg and arm and right side of the head is associated with the male adult; the left leg and arm and left side of the head is associated with the female adult. Problems in these regions may be associated with a problem with one’s inner adult.


The Attributes of the Inner Family


The inner family is comprised of two inner children age 0-7, a little boy and girl; two school age children age 7-14 male and female; two teenagers age 14-21 that are male and female; two adults that are male and female to whatever adult years one has lived; and a set of inner parents, a mother and father. In order for an entire family to be present and balanced male and female relations within, all members of one’s family must first be present.


Earth and the Tao first observed that most initiates were missing inner children, teenagers and adults of either one’s own gender or the opposite gender. The tendency in the West in particular has been to polarize into one dominant vibration, either female or male. If one has run primarily male energy over the course of one’s life, then one will have two inner males and no inner female. If one has on the other hand run primarily female energy over the course of one’s life, then one will have two inner females and no inner male. Understand that men can run female energy and often seem “gay” or like “sensitive new age guys”. Women can also run male energy and may be “butch” or strong in nature.


Generally speaking, there is an exchange that begins in early childhood where one chooses to swap the inner male or female with one of one’s siblings or a parent. In so doing, one ends up with two of the same gender inner children; and then this pattern carries on throughout the life leading to one who runs either male or female energy, instead of running the vibration of one’s gender that has both a male and female set of tones associated.


Through ascension, one gradually builds to a new set of tones that allow one to run the proper tones for one’s birth gender. The male form is designed to run at a vibration that is exactly an octave below the female. However, the male vibrations map carved in ascension have a feminine side that is slightly higher in vibration too; this is a reflection of the inner feminine within. Female vibrations in ascension likewise have a lower vibrational side that reflects the masculine within.


Those learning to run the proper gender vibrations in ascension generally must master running the proper gender-based tones for one’s birth gender by initiation 2,200 or can go no further. Female energy appears as an “S” shaped movement that runs down the field. Male energy appears more like rain flowing almost straight down the field. Women who tend to run male energy assume the masculine flow; men who run female energy assume the feminine flow. By 2,200 segments, one learns to move energy appropriate to one’s gender and remain in one’s gender-based vibrations, which are higher overall for women than men. This allows the energy to move down the field, grounding soul into form and connecting oneself unto the core of Earth in a state of groundedness.


Healing the Inner Children


Those working upon mastering 1,800-3,000 segments may find it useful to examine the inner family for missing inner males or females. There should be seven little boys and seven little girls at age birth through age seven. One may discover that one traded one’s inner boy or girl for another’s boy or girl at this time in one’s life; if so, intend to break the agreements for this and retrieve what is missing and then integrate it. It is our young child that allows for playfulness and simple experiences of joy and communion with nature. Without all parts of the young child that is both male and female, one will be limited in the expression of joy and playfulness in the life dance, or may not master communion with nature.


There should likewise be seven young children each at age 7 through 14, seven girls and seven boys within. If parts of self are missing, then one may wish to look at who one gave their inner child unto in this age range, break the agreements and retrieve what has been lost. It is this age of inner child that enjoys adventurous experiences of all kinds from hiking to swimming, boating, to snorkeling or camping or other physical preoccupations.


It is also the 7 to 14 year old that will enjoy working with the land to grow the garden, or to cook a delicious meal. If one is missing this age range of inner child, then one may dislike physical activity, cooking or working with the land. As one retrieves this part of self, one may open up to other pastimes that are not only enjoyable, but helpful in ascension; as physical activity allows the kundalini to move in greater ease, and cooking or working with the land allows one to commune with nature.


Changing Personality


In the current human paradigm, there is a change of personality at age 7. This allows for the learning of language at that time. Young children have a personality that is very limited. It is for this reason that young children often behave the same or express parallel polarities in groups or at preschool. At age 7 and due to the need to learn to read or write, the personality changes to allow for the learning of language. One will see therefore a marked change in one’s inner child after age 7 as a result, and sometimes this can be traumatic in and of itself as the new personality may not resemble what preceded it at all, leading to extreme changes in behavior.


Asur’Ana was sad to learn that it has become a requirement in California for children to learn to read and write in preschool and before entering kindergarten. This forces personality beings upon young children that they are not prepared to handle in biological development. This may create the needless sensation of failure in present time preschool age children who do not learn to read or write easily. Ascending children however have more gifts and talents, but may be unruly particularly if they have not mastered running their gender-based vibrations and therefore are ungrounded; it is a state of ungrounded-ness that underlies the unruly behavior of the indigo children in present time. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 11 “Earth’s Perspective on Autism, the Indigo Children, and Ascension” for more information.)


In the examination of Earth, sometimes those who were “little princesses” from age birth through age 7 suddenly become a tomboy in the ages 8 through 14. This occurs as the new personality wishes to be masculine in nature and swaps out the inner girl for a little boy from a sibling or friend, leading to only the expression of male energy in the field. It is why some girls in the west like to ride bikes, climb trees and entertain themselves in the pursuits of little boys.


One initiate was an example of this who had only inner male children in age ranges birth through 14, and all she really wanted was a horse more than anything. Although this was never fulfilled upon, she was the one in her early childhood pictures wearing the cowboy hat and chaps. The young male friend that she exchanged her inner girl child with enjoyed playing with dolls at the time, which worried the mother.


The Enmeshment of Children


As one brings back the inner child male or female that is missing for all age ranges of birth through age 14, one will become more whole within. One may also integrate potentially traumatic memories that one does not recall in present time. Such memories perhaps went to the other who took on the part of self denied; likewise, some of the childhood memories one may have may be from the other that one has been carrying a part of. As one sorts out the inner children retrieving what is one’s own and returning that which is not really of oneself, one will know what memories are sincerely of one’s own experience, and then can process the real trauma incurred in the childhood for one’s own life.


Asur’Ana and Per once knew of an initiate who was convinced that her father had molested her. This actually turned out later to be from an inner child they had assumed responsibility for in this type of exchange and not their own experience. Alas they chose to confront the father who not only denied it, but it caused such needless family turmoil. This is the difficulty of childhood memories; they may or may not be one’s own given how enmeshed humans are at 2 DNA segments. Earth therefore suggests initiates go within and heal oneself, and leave all others to their dance.


Some humans also tend to take on the inner children that others have rejected. There are some that are “mother earth” types or “father earth” types that perhaps one has known and wished was one’s own parent. These humans at 2 segments tend to collect the unwanted, rejected or unloved inner children of others. Sometimes the mother earth or father earth type end up counselors or spiritual teachers and then take on the inner children of all of their clients or students. If this is one’s nature, then one will need to return all of the inner children to others that they sincerely belong unto, as no one can really heal another; each must take responsibility for all lost parts of self in order to ascend.


Working with the Fractured Inner Children


As one assembles a complete template of children from age birth to age 14 that are male and female, then one can begin to search out for gaps or fragments or fractured pieces of each child that is missing in the year that they represent. As one intends to retrieve whatever fractured parts of your child that are not whole in the masculine and feminine sides in each year time span that they existed, one will begin to create wholeness in one’s inner child. As the fractured pieces return, one may intend to drain off the pain, fear, sorrow, suffering, anger or any other emotions associated, and then send the associated part of self to one’s recasting temple in the Aurora to be recast.


Sometimes there is great pain, suffering or turmoil in unrecalled circumstances. The pain, turmoil and suffering shall dissipate following recasting. Be aware that in the act of retrieving a particularly large fractured off piece of self associated with one’s inner child, one may go into the fracture and relive all the emotions associated.


One time during a dreamtime workshop, one of the participants had a sudden recall and retrieval of a part of themselves that was fractured off in a molestation that they as an adult had no memory of. The entire group anchored the healing for this individual, and it took nearly an hour and a half for them to work through the incredible pain, fear and suffering that was recorded in the returning piece of self. Then as the emotions were released enough, this part of themselves could be sent for recasting, and they were able to participate thereafter in the remainder of the workshop.


The point Earth would like to make here is to go into the fractured pieces of self and process the pain; cry if you need to. In so doing, the pain and suffering will release and the fragment can then be integrated. It is the disowned pain that ultimately lies between any fractured piece of self and reunion into wholeness; process the pain and the reunion or recasting is the natural outcome of this type of inner healing work. Through the reunion, there is then more of oneself present to ascend; and this is how ascension occurs, piece by piece by piece retrieved and reunited into a greater sized field, with ancient genetic materials retrieved that one can then ascend into upon a biological level.


Healing the Inner Teenager


The inner teenager is comprised of a young male and female ages 14 through 21. One may first wish to take a check to see if both teenagers are present and retrieve those that are not with whomever one has exchanged the male or female sides of self with, while breaking the agreements to continue to do so. Much as in childhood, humans tend to swap out inner teenagers of one gender for another with others that one is close to, such as one’s first boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend.


Therefore, one can break such agreements and retrieve all parts of one’s inner teenager so that both a male and female side is represented for each age. Those without an inner teenager tend to be hopeless and lack the passion to create something new that one enjoys expressing. Retrieve the inner teenager, and one will change finding one’s hope and passion to create again. So, take a moment to take inventory of your inner teenagers of each age range.


As one has recreated a complete template of all teenagers, male and female, ages 15 through 21, one can then look for fractures between teenagers of different ages and choose to retrieve the missing pieces of self lost during traumatic experiences in one’s high school or college years. As one retrieves all the parts of one’s teenager, one will find one’s hope and inspiration in life again. For it is the teenager that feels that one has one’s whole life ahead of oneself and that anything is possible. It is the inner teenager that holds the vibrations of hope and passion; passion for life, adventures and creations of all kinds. Those with a strong set of inner teenagers therefore will find preoccupations that give them joy and fulfill upon them, perhaps even creating a new business that also provides an income simultaneously.


It is the inner male teenager that enjoys physical adventures into nature or sports, recreation and movement of all kinds; it is the inner female teenager that enjoys creative self-expression of all kinds from painting, to singing, to dancing, to making music, writing, speaking or teaching and healing. As one retrieves one’s inner teenager in full, one may discover a bevy of new interests one had not known one had before and then go on to fulfill upon them.


The fractured teenager can also be expressed as the rebel that wishes to live life “one’s own way” or “break the law” or “argue” with others. It is often our fractured teenager that causes one to behave lawlessly; such as speeding on the freeway while driving, or throwing trash upon the road, to real illegal endeavors such as stealing or drug use. It is also the fractured teenager that likes to argue or create turmoil in the family. As the fragmented inner teenager heals, one will become less rebellious in the current life dance with all others and create greater harmony with those around oneself. One will also cease to have difficult experiences with rebellious or argumentative individuals that mirror one’s own fractured teenager within.


Healing the Inner Adult


The inner adult develops as one chooses at some point in one’s life to become “mature” or a “grown-up”. Sometimes this occurs at age 21, but for most it is whenever one decides that one is now an “adult”. For many, one determines that one is an adult when one either marries or has one’s first child, or moves in with one’s first boyfriend or girlfriend. Some never choose to be an adult and remain a teenager the rest of their life. This is unusual, but does occur in some humans who generally have not had any children of their own.


There should be one inner adult male and female for each year that one has lived and considered oneself “mature” or an adult. As one examines one’s inner adults, one can retrieve any missing segments of oneself lost due to exchanges with others. It is human nature to exchange the inner male or female with others, and so one may need to figure out whom one’s inner male and female went to and then break the agreements to exchange these parts of self with another.


In so doing, one may retrieve all parts of one’s inner male and female. If one has had many intimate relationships, parts of one’s inner male and female may be with different former partners during the ages that one was involved in the relationship. As one retrieves all parts of one’s inner male and female, then one moves one step closer to feeling whole and capable within.


As one examines one’s inner adults, one can also look for fractured parts of self in any adult age range that one experienced a trauma or difficulty. One can then intend to retrieve the fractured pieces of self, and transmute and release the associated pain, anger or fear. In so doing, and with continued work, the inner adult can become more and more powerful and strong within in both masculine and feminine capabilities. For it is the inner male part of self that holds the dream for one’s life and the female part of self that fills the dream of the manifestations that one desires to come to fruition. If the male or female part of self is missing, then dream weaving or manifestation can be very difficult, as it requires both the feminine and masculine aspect to hold one’s life dream.


The inner male also holds short-range vision and knows the next steps upon one’s journey, or the next steps to take to fulfill upon the dream one is holding. The inner female perceives the long-range vision and will guide the life in the direction that leads to fulfillment of dream. If the inner male is missing, one will have no short-range vision and will tend to fall off a cliff in one’s path, as one did not see what was coming.


If the inner female is missing, one lacks long range vision and therefore may make great day-to-day decisions, but have no overall life purpose and direction. As one retrieves all parts of self, then one will have both short and long-range vision so that one’s dreams for the future may come to fruition in greater ease, and one will have a greater understanding of the path that one is to follow to fulfill upon one’s spiritual goals in this lifetime.


Intimate Relationships and the Inner Adult


The inner adult male and female allows one to perceive how one relates in intimate relationships, whether one is homosexual or heterosexual. Homosexual relationships tend to polarize into a male and female role, with one taking on one gender-based predisposition and the other, the other role. Therefore, those who are homosexual also require retrieving whatever part of self one has tended to exchange with another that one has been in relationship to in order to become increasingly whole within, with both the inner male and female present within.


Take a moment to close your eyes and look at how your inner male and female relate in the moment. The inner male and female can provide one with an understanding of how one relates in intimate circumstances with the beloved. If the male or female within is missing, then the opposite gender is abandoned or rejected. Then one may go on to create experiences of abandonment, unrequited love and rejection again and again in intimate partnerships. As one retrieves one’s missing inner male or female and releases the patterns at cause for why he or she is rejected, then one will be more likely to attract a partner that remains in the relationship with oneself through the ups and downs of life.


If the inner male is present but has his back turned upon the inner female or vice versa, this is a reflection of non-communication and non-union. Such an internal circumstance will cause one to attract partners in which there is difficulty communicating with one another or understanding one another, or worse yet there is ongoing argument or fighting. As one chooses to release the patterning at cause of why one part of self turns his back to the other, one can begin to rectify this circumstance within and create intimacy and union.


Intimacy requires that both heart chakras in each party be open enough to allow for the free-flowing movement of energy between the beloveds; this is what love is. If one has their heart closed and the other’s heart is wide open, there can be no union. Furthermore, the one with the open heart is often stripped of information or chi in attempting to love another with a closed heart. Therefore, having an open heart in both the male and female within is paramount to real union between the two.


Take a look at whether or not both the inner male and female within each have an open heart. If one does and the other does not, then one is likely to attract partners that are also closed hearted. In the intent to open the heart in both the masculine and feminine side of oneself, one will begin to release the patterning within that is associated, which will allow one to create a partner that loves.


Asur’Ana worked upon creating an ascending partnership with one who loved deeply for years, and in time created her partner Per who loved deeply and had an open heart. This was a joyous outcome of a load of inner work that took 10 years to make manifest from start to finish. Therefore, be aware that as one seeks to clear the patterning associated with non-love between the male and female within, it may be a long process of clearing work necessary to finally create the ascending beloved in the physical. However, in staying in touch with the patterning between one’s inner adults, and choosing to transcend that which is non-loving, in time one will heal enough within to attract a partner that has also healed and has an open heart into the life dance.


Healing the Inner Parent


The inner parent is constructed of all of the records of one’s own experience of being parented as a child by one’s mother or father, grandparents, aunts or uncles, or whoever raised oneself. Generally, such records are not equality based and therefore are not useful for ascension into unity. What Earth suggests is that each ascending initiate intend to erase their inner parent in full and replace it with information from one’s more ancient tapestry of ancestry with the archetype of the counselor or priest and priestess.


In so doing, the inner parent can go from condescending, controlling and a state of absolute dictatorship into mature adults who have loads of life experience and are willing to counsel the family to embrace unity relations. One can intend this so before falling asleep calling upon the new Temple for Healing the Inner Family that Earth now provides for ascending initiates, and so it will be by morning.


One must also intend to release and transmute all thoughtform associated with parenting styles that are omnipresent, fear-based and dictatorial in nature. In so doing, a new form of guidance will begin to pour within from one’s inner parent that shall play the role of counselor unto one’s inner family. One can also request that one’s ancient ancestors assist in playing the role of inner parent to provide guidance unto the inner family as needed to retain a greater state of unity within.


If one of one’s inner parents is missing as perhaps one’s father or mother died or abandoned the family in childhood, then one may need to retrieve one’s inner parent before one can replace the parent with the archetype of the counselor. One may also need to process and release any remaining trauma and integrate any fractured pieces of self that split off as one’s parent died or left. As the trauma is released, the inner parent can be recreated, and then modified into the new archetypal pattern of counselor. There is nothing that cannot be healed in ascension; and as this is such, one can really and sincerely create a new foundation for oneself from which one will be able to manifest a very different life of greater joy and a dream come true circumstance.


Sometimes if one has been a parent in this lifetime, there is trauma associated with parenting. Sometimes one may feel guilty about how one treated one’s own children; or feel as if one was not enough for them; or could not provide enough; or could not be there every moment that they were in need. If this is so, one also needs to forgive oneself and one’s inner parents in the greater understanding that one was the best that one could be at the time that one parented. Humans are not perfect; parents are not perfect; at best humans do the best that they can or know how to do in any given circumstance.


If one has left one’s children behind due to particular circumstances in this life, then one may require forgiving oneself for abandoning one’s own children. Generally speaking, it is karma that directs the dance. If one had no karma to raise the children beyond a certain age, then this is what drives one to leave and move on to other endeavors. Perhaps in understanding this, one may more readily forgive oneself for leaving one’s children behind, as one had no further agreements to parent.


In the current paradigm, parents have little support of extended family or community and this only creates frustration and a feeling of being stretched beyond capacity in trying to handle it all from Earth’s perspective. Alas, this is the current Western paradigm of parent-child relations. Perhaps one does not have the mother-in-law present all day that might be difficult as one does not get along with her, but one also has little support as a parent; furthermore, one has no break from the day and night job of taking care of small children. Perhaps as more humans create ascending community, there will be better balance; in so doing, mothers and fathers will be better supported, and then the mothers and fathers will have more to give to their children.


One perhaps can forgive one’s own parents in this understanding. Let us give an example of an initiate by the name of Abigail. Abigail’s own experience of parenting her son was that it was very tiresome and that she felt stretched to ascend, sell real estate, and care for him. As she and the father split up residences as her son turned age 2, and the father took him half time, this was the first time Abigail had any time to herself since her son was born.


Abigail found that she enjoyed half time parenting much more than full time parenting thereafter. This is because there was enough time for herself and her inner journey of ascension, and then time to enjoy the raising of a child. Perhaps mothers and fathers of the future will intend circumstances that are less stressful and have greater support than the current paradigm offers, and await having children until such can be made manifest in the physical.


About Large Fragmented Pieces of Self Returning


Sometimes when fragmented parts of self are really large and are retrieved in ascension, one goes into the associated feelings and re-experiences the emotions behind the fragment for a day or longer. This can be so for inner child, teenager or adult fractures, parallel lives, and past life experiences.


Sometimes initiates have written to Asur’Ana thinking that they are going “insane”. “I am crying and crying and feel like no one hears me and I feel like I am going to die”. This was from an initiate who was re-experiencing an ancestral experience in which their ancestor had been the wife of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt and sent into the tomb alive upon his death.


The ancestor died of starvation in the tomb along with their two young children, as this was the custom during this era of Egypt. In addition to this, this initiate also was recalling how they were ignored when they cried and cried with colic at six to nine months of age in their current life experience; their mother had simply put them in a closed room and walked away not knowing what else to do. One can see in this how past ancestral experiences compound present day life trauma as one goes to heal such incidents in present time.


In another experience, an initiate went into deep depression, hopelessness and despair that would not lift for weeks and weeks. This initiate was integrating a parallel life in which they had MS and were confined to a wheelchair; there were also past life ancestors that had been diseased that were triggered to heal during this period of integration that contributed to the feelings of depression.


Last, they had been ill and hospitalized in early childhood and this too was triggered for healing concurrent with the other patterns. Such is the nature of ascension; Earth recommends going into the experience and releasing the pain associated. In so doing, one begins to have compassion for others of other life experience than oneself as one has now experienced such a dance through ascension. This is how the tone of compassion is mastered in ascension.


It is through the act of recasting that one reunites parts of self that have fractured in any time period; whether it be in this life, an ancestral life experience, or in a parallel life; such pieces of self are gathered into ever-increasing wholeness through ascension. Once the fractured pieces are reunited, the trauma is dissipated and whatever gifts or talents or information that such a piece of self holds can be recovered.


This is how one works one’s way out of polarity in ascension. For as one recovers all parts of self that are inner children, teenagers, adults or parents along with parallel lives and ancestors of a particular experience, then one begins to recover the information about unity relations that one had all along but was polarized into the unconscious and unknown. As such information returns, now not only does one feel more whole within, but also one’s capacity to express in a new manner known as unity becomes a viable possibility.




Working with the inner family may become a new method that one utilizes in ascension from this point forward. Many may have worked with the inner child before, or participating in rebirthing. This information is not in any way to disvalue the healing of another time, but to take such healing one step further for the purposes of mastering unity through ascension.


Many who are healers or therapists may also choose to work with the inner family in one’s clients. The symbolic dance of the inner family is perhaps the easiest manner to create a quick template of how any individual relates to the world and others around them. Through the intention to heal, any discordant pattern perceived can be transmuted. This is the gift of intention to ascend; that one has an opportunity to edit and change the past through the act of transmutation, and then due to such work create a new future that is different; different from what one’s parents and ancestors have known for 30,000 Earth years of human history (120,000 human years).


The next articles to come will focus upon the patterns between groups of humans, as this too contributes to the dance of the inner family. The inner family is a group of its own; within the dance one will find all manners that one also relates to groups of all kinds. As one heals the inner family, then one also heals how one relates in group dynamics. It is in the many coming together each willing to heal group dynamics that ascending community can be born.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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