Image of the Aspen Trees and their reflections at the lake in the Autumn with bright red, orange and green leaves. Blessings For Opening The Heart

4. Blessings For Opening The Heart


From the Aspen and Birch Tree Kingdom


It is the Aspen and Birch Trees that greet you today. Our kingdom is deciduous in colder climates. In warmer climates, we are evergreen, such as the Fichus Tree that is one of our relations. Asur’Ana had many a fichus trees over time as an indoor houseplant, when she was living in California. It was only as she learned to listen to our kingdom in terms of when it required water or nutrients or not, that the Fichus Tree survived and grew to fill the corner of her living room. She learned in this experience to only water us once every few months and was surprised when we told her that we were not thirsty each time she inquired. This was a good experience for Asur’Ana, as she learned to attune to the plant kingdoms early in her ascension.


Houseplants and Indoor Fountains


While in California, she was guided to have many houseplants in every room of her home. Why is the presence of houseplants important to ascension? Trees and plants provide oxygen and oxygen is necessary to the regeneration of the cellular structure. And so, Asur’Ana acquired many houseplants, and learned to appreciate the consciousness that the plants and trees provided towards her ascension.


For those living or working indoors where windows and doors must remain shut due to the cold in the winter, the Aspen and Birch Tree Kingdom recommend one large tree per room or four to five smaller plants to provide the oxygen necessary to the humans living therein; the larger the room, the more houseplants that it may require to provide enough oxygen indoors. Trees have a symbiotic relationship with all animals including the human species and inhale carbon dioxide that the lungs expel. In placing plants and trees indoors, one ceases to breathe one’s own carbon dioxide in the winter months in particular. Breathing one’s own carbon dioxide cannot support regeneration in ascension.


Asur’Ana was also guided to place running water in the form of a fountain in every room in the house. Running water is important to the houseplants as well as human beings. Running water provides the water element, which allows the experience of “negative ions” to pervade the home. Negative ions have a cleansing affect and allow for proper polarization of energy flow. This may be why humans enjoy time at the beach or at the lakeside each summer. The negative ions are so prevalent at the ocean or near any large body of water that they cause one’s field to ground and the energy to move as it should to support life. One can emulate this support by adding small fountains in every room of one’s home, particularly the bedroom and living room.


Over time and in the unconscious state of being that humans have fallen into, humans have forgotten how to spin their energy to sustain life beyond a short 50 to 80 year life span. In more ancient times, the movement of energy was considered paramount to the sustenance of life. Just as one would choose to eat healthy foods that supported regeneration, one would also strive to move the energy in a way that is conducive to sustaining life. There are forms of movement that remain from such times such as “Tai Chi”, however Tai Chi relies upon moving the body to move the energy in the meridians rather than conscious focus and intention.


Moving Energy


Trees move energy differently than the animal kingdoms that physically move. Moving kingdoms move energy within the etheric body and chakra system just as the consensus of Earth must move her energy to sustain her existence. Therefore, moving kingdoms such as humans should focus upon moving the energy in the etheric body and field at a minimum of once per day to sustain life, and more if one is choosing to ascend. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana has channeled or translated guided meditations in the Ascension Insights series to teach initiates how to move energy in a way that is supportive in sustaining one’s health and life as well as ascension.


Trees move energy upwards through our roots and into the tops of our branches. Because our energy is always upwards moving, we have a cleansing and purifying affect upon all that surround ourselves. Asur’Ana has long noticed how her dissonance rapidly dissipates during a walk in the woods. This is because the trees pull the dissonance upwards, and if there are enough of us, a rapid release occurs and she is supported in her ascension due to our presence. This is the same for houseplants; however, one would require many plants indoors to prevent one’s own dissonance from killing them. Therefore, Asur’Ana learned not to displace her dissonance upon the houseplants, but awaited her walk each day in the hills near her home instead.


Houseplants have derivatives that exist in the wild and are the species from which humans have bred our kingdoms, such as the fichus tree kingdom. One can therefore intend to push one’s houseplants into an ongoing interconnection with the kingdom that it is associated with in the wild. This will ensure that the houseplant can ascend along with oneself and its own kingdom. One may also choose to do this with one’s garden as well, and this will also surround oneself with the wild consciousness of each associated species that can be supportive in terms of guidance as well as in the experience of communion.


Love and Communion


Communing with trees and plants may be one of the easiest places to remember how to love. Trees and plants are absolutely harmless; furthermore, the unconscious harm that prevails in the human world is non-affective in our world. Why is this so? Human unconscious harm carries straight-line energy flow that pierces the moving energy of moving kingdoms. Trees do not have such rotational energy flow; our energy moves upwards and dissipates density. Straight-line movement therefore is simply pulled upwards and dissolved in our flow. One cannot harm the tree kingdom; therefore, there is no fear for us in connecting to any human that chooses to commune with us.


Communion is an act of love. In order to feel the love of the tree kingdom, one must open one’s heart. An open heart requires releasing the armoring that most humans have chosen to place around the heart so that one does not feel the pain that one is in. A state of armoring of the heart leads to numbness of field along with boredom and depression in the life expression in our observation. As one chooses to open the heart and release the armoring, one may also cry a bit as one feels the pain. However, soon the catharsis will lead to feelings of relief and joy. As the heart opens enough, then one will be able to use the heart chakra as a vessel to experience communion with nature. Through intention, one can open the heart while out upon one’s walk in the woods and feel the blessings and love that the tree kingdoms offer along with the land and Earth.


Learning to love again is paramount to human evolution. It is in the sealing of the heart that humans have become so brutal towards one another this cycle. Humans are brutal to their children, who enter the world with an open heart only to seal it shut at an early age due to the lack of love at home. Each choosing the path of ascension and choosing to open the heart may therefore require going back in time to when one chose to seal one’s heart shut in early childhood, and erase the agreements one made with oneself at such a point in time. Then the armoring surrounding the heart will begin to dissolve.


Opening the Heart and Holographic Communication


Psychic armoring is generally a form of pain, anger or fear that is pressed into the heart chakra to create a sort of shield. The shield may well be affective at protecting oneself, as it allows nothing in or out. However, the shield also prevents communion and real love from being experienced and expressed. Why is love so important to ascension? The heart is the primary conductor of chi in any field. If the heart fails to open, one can only ascend so far as one will not generate enough chi to go any further in evolution.


The heart is also the point where Soul and Earth merge in the physical body. Without an open heart, one will also be hard pressed to feel Earth or perceive and hear one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source. There are many levels of heart opening in ascension; the further that one releases the pain and armoring, the greater the room to bud the 1,000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva to open. As the lotus develops, the human hologram can be restored into the heart cavity. It is through holographic communication that all kingdoms speak. As one restores their human hologram, one then opens to the possibility of holographic communication and can hear all kingdoms, along with one’s Soul and Mother Earth.


Holographic communication also opens one up to all that one’s ancestry knew at the time that they existed at the frequency one has attained through ascension. Suddenly one will also be able to commune with one’s ancestors as holographic communication opens up. In so doing, the ancestors may share of their wisdom, skills, talents and other information to support one’s continued life journey and ascension.


Asur’Ana clearly recalls opening to speaking to the ancestors early on in her ascension as she was a gifted conscious dreamer. She was surprised one winter to find herself guided to make all her gifts by hand for holiday gift giving. This was a new experience for her, as she preferred to shop at department stores up until this time in her life, searching for the “perfect” gift. Now instead, each gift was hand crafted in love.


Alas, those receiving the gifts did not appreciate them. However, she learned a valuable lesson in the experience, and that was that as her ancestors merged with her, suddenly she was a fluent craftsperson with her hands. This can be so with any gift or talent that one’s ancestors possessed at another time, including song, music, dance, basket weaving, cloth making, painting and so on. As one learns to merge with the ancestors, suddenly one may find oneself most capable of more than one thought possible.


A Simple Life


Trees also recall the times when humans lived a simpler life amongst us. In the simplicity of drawing upon the natural world for one’s sustenance, there was always enough. Trees and caves were the homes often of such humans; or simple dwellings constructed of leather and branches or mud, grass and wood. Inside of the simplicity of such a life, the spiritual purpose of existence was less lost. Also, such ancestors often heard and communicated with nature quite clearly. We would guide such ancestors about weather patterns and when to migrate before the heavy storms hit; and where food could be found in abundance. Food was not the complex cookery of present time, but simple meals from the provisions gathered all around such tribes that was smoked or steamed and then enjoyed.


Simple foods may be more of what the body craves in ascension, and as one begins to transmute the food addictions and food machinery that prevail in your current civilization. Simple foods are easier to digest, and in the digestion, better provide the nutrients necessary to the regeneration of the body. Asur’Ana eats simple foods while at home on the islands. Often fresh fruits and simple grains or nuts are her main mid-day meal. Roasted vegetables and salads with simple grains make a fine dinner.


Simple grains such as rice, quinoa, oatmeal, risotto or polenta are also easy to digest and cleanse the intestinal tract with gentle bulk. There is satisfaction when the body feels full due to food that is easy to digest and easy to extract the nutrients from. The body has limited sources of chi; the more chi required to digest one’s meal, the less chi one may have to ascend. It is perhaps why having simple foods such as fresh fruits or vegetables each day leaves one more chi to focus into one’s evolution.


In general, cooking, cleaning as well as one’s work preoccupy human life. Such focuses take away from the time required for meditation and inward focus for those upon the spiritual path of ascension. From the Aspen and Birch Tree Kingdom’s perspective, the average initiate devotes way too much time to these preoccupations than the real time required for inward learning of one’s spiritual life lessons. And yet, we also perceive that the current civilization is set up in a manner in which each is imprisoned by false debts to the banking institutions and governments of your world. Out of such false debts, one requires working many hours to “pay the bills”.


A Simple Career


How does one break free of such a system? One intends it so. One intends to create a means of providing for oneself that does not require the time-consuming nature of most careers. How does one go about creating a circumstance that supports evolution rather than de-evolution? First, one may wish to find a way to move out of the density of the city and find a job in the country. Perhaps the country job will require as many hours of labor as the city job; however, one will be better supported in one’s living environment as the hills, mountains, valleys, lakes or oceans surrounding oneself can support one’s choice to ascend in an ongoing manner. One can also incorporate ascension into the job. How does one do this?  One intends it so. We will give you some examples from our own observation.


A devoted initiate visited Jasper National Park in Canada last year and chose not to return home. Instead, they took a job doing the laundry at a hotel. This job provides plenty of time to read the Ascension Insights books as well as to meditate. Each time this initiate pulls a load of laundry out of the dryer and folds it, they intend to untangle and reweave their grid work for ascension. Indeed, this is a simple job, but it does not take away from their focus of ascension.


Another initiate has taken a position as a door-to-door salesman. This position allows them to walk many miles per day, and in the walking the energy moves allowing the chakras to rotate and expand, leading to further ascension. Movement therefore may be key to an ascending vs. non-ascending job. This initiate also observes the mirrors that her interactions with people provides, intending to release ancestral karma in each exchange. This too is supportive of ascension.


Yet another initiate is a waitress at a local café. The physical movement on the job assists them in moving their energy all day long as well as remaining grounded. They bless the food that is served connecting to the nature kingdoms associated. They find that the café is becoming increasingly popular as people are enjoying the food more as a result. They also intend to release the karma with those dining with them in any given day. Often the act of blessing causes a special exchange between them and their clients. This too is a good ascending preoccupation.


There are probably many jobs that humans could do to provide for themselves that serve ascension. The key is to move oneself out of the density of the city. In the city, energy does not move but rather sits inside the buildings like a thick fog. Without movement of energy, ascension is not possible. In Asur’Ana’s own experience traversing through major cities in her travels, the energy therein is so radioactive that it slows her field down to a mere trickle. Earth and her soul provide enough chi during such stays so that she does not roll backwards in ascension. This is fine for a two or three day transit, but she acknowledges that she cannot live in or near a major city any longer, even Honolulu, as it simply does not provide enough energetic movement for her to continue to ascend.


Energetic Movement


On the other hand, trees along with mountains, hills, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans provide an abundance of ongoing energetic movement. Such movement is not necessarily in a circular pattern such as the triple sphere chakras most ascending initiates are embodying in the journey to 3,000 DNA segments. Tree energy moves upwards towards the moon. River energy moves down the river. Ocean movement rolls waves of energy over oneself. Mountain energy sweeps back and forth, up the mountain and then down through the valley and then back up to the top of the mountain again. Lake energy is a gentler wave action that parallels the energy of the ocean.


As one places oneself in the valley between the mountains, one can allow the sweeping of the energy from peak to peak to also sweep through one’s field, assisting one in releasing the density one is transmuting in ascension. If at the seashore or lakeside, one can allow the water energy to wash in and out, also assisting in pulling the density from one’s field. By the river, one can allow one’s density to be pulled with the river to its destination. Out in the woods, one can allow the trees to pull one’s density upwards to assist in dissipating it. In these manners, nature will assist ascending initiates in their personal process of transmutation, and one will also feel better after a day in the country as a result.


The largest density in the country accumulates inside all human dwellings. Human dwellings tend to attract radiation. In any region, there is radiation from the sun as well as what is released from the land due to global ascension. The movement of the trees, mountains, ocean and waterways generally dissipates the radiation from the land and sun. Inside human homes or other dwellings however, the radiation sticks like a fog. Why is this so? A part of the problem from the tree kingdom’s perspective is the building materials humanity utilizes. Much of such materials are radioactive to begin with being derived from petroleum products. In the radioactive nature of the building materials, the buildings then tend to attract more radiation as it resonates.


Petroleum products are the remains of silica-based civilizations and creatures such as dinosaurs that could not decompose, as Earth is a carbon-based structure. Silica-based structures cannot decompose completely in a carbon-based system leaving a sticky gooey substance known as oil remaining as a result. Silica-based substances are also from radioactive creations. Earth is a magnetic creation that is carbon-based. Therefore, inherent in all petroleum products is radiation that is the energy signature of silica-based form.


Such radiation is found in all things derived from petroleum including fabric. The Aspen and Birch Tree Kingdoms therefore advise that ascending initiates wear natural fibers if at all possible such as rayon, linen or cotton. Creating homes from natural fibers is also useful. Early on in ascension, Asur’Ana discovered that a cotton Futon was preferable to sleep upon with cotton sheets rather than poly-cotton bedding and a spring based traditional bed. She found that her energy movement was interfered with by the springs in the mattress and switching to a futon resolved this problem. Radiation would catch in the old bed and sheets slowing her energy overnight causing her body to be in great pain by morning. Turning to natural fibers for the bed and sheets eliminated this problem.


Natural fibers for carpeting, furnishings and wall decor is also useful from our point of view. Natural fibers will allow the energy to move rather than stagnate. Hardwood or tile made from mud, clay or glass is also a better choice than linoleum or carpets made from polyester. In parallel, furnishings made from wood or natural materials will be more resonant and allow for greater movement of energy inside the home, making it less likely to retain as much radiation over time.


There is a movement towards “greening” the home, and there are many more available products that support magnetic movement of energy within a home than were available a few decades ago. However, from the Aspen Tree Kingdom’s point of view, if the structure of the home itself is filled with synthetic petroleum derived materials, then the radiation will become trapped in the walls nonetheless.


Minimize the Use of Electricity


In addition, most homes are surrounded in electrical matrixes of energy that simulate in the etheric the physical shape, size and design of the premises. The electrical matrixes are held in place by the electrical wires that run through the walls of the home. It is the electricity that attracts radiation from the region surrounding the home. The fewer homes in any region, the less electrical grids will cut up one’s ascending field, which is why living in the country is preferable for ascension than in the city or suburbs. Asur’Ana has also learned to turn the matrixes inside out through intention; as this occurs the electricity held in the etheric is more easily dissipated.


Perhaps some humans will learn to live again without electricity. This may be hard to fathom, as all seems so dependent upon electricity to subsist in your current civilization. However, only a hundred years ago, your ancestors lived a fine existence without any electricity at all. They had tools and devices that made life comfortable that required not electricity to fulfill upon their task. Perhaps those who are ascending will strive to obtain electricity free devices into the future in preparation for a time when electricity is less available to draw upon, and also to surround oneself with less radiation. There may also be magnetic forms of energy supply developed and mass marketed into the future and as electricity begins to dwindle.


Electricity in and of itself tends to take people outside of themselves rather than allowing for attuning inward. This is especially so in the use of television as a form of entertainment. The radiation of the television tends to numb the field in such a manner that one is less likely to hear one’s own ancestors, soul, nature or Earth. Why is this so? Radiation has a hum or buzz unto its energy flow. The hum and buzz of radiation in the cities is so dense that it requires much more focus to hear holographic communication as an ascending being. Radiation is non-resonant to holographic communication and therefore interferes with one’s ability to hear one’s own internal guidance.


Inward attunement is necessary in ascension to hear one’s guidance clearly enough to know what the next steps are upon one’s path, and to understand the spiritual lessons that soul is learning through form. Therefore, the Aspen and Birch Tree kingdom advises that initiates not only move into the country, but also give away the television. Television creates more radiation in human living environments than the land or sun produces in any given day. Many humans living nearby all watching television in the cities is why the radioactive frequencies are so much greater than they were 100 years ago in the same regions. This is the same for any home or group of homes in the country.


In giving up the television, one also has more time; more time to meditate and more time to get out into nature and commune with the trees, lakes, oceans, rivers and streams. The act of communion expands the field, which is supportive of ascension. The act of watching television slows and collapses the field, which is non-supportive to ascension. It is for this reason that we advise that ascending initiates give away the TV.


Non-Spiritual Media


Secular movies, magazines and books are almost as radioactive as the television. Why is this so? Movies, magazines and books that are not spiritual have dreamtime planes of reality associated that originated with the Anu. Such dreamtime planes are constructed from radioactive frequencies. In essence, the same modalities of entertainment that prevail today, including television, magazines, books, and movies, were originally imported to Earth from the Pleiades for the Anu theme parks.


The dreamtime in present time associated with all secular written media is simply a recreation of the same dreamtime from the era of the Anu that is radioactive. Attuning to such dreamtime through reading non-spiritual books and magazines tends to slow the field rotation down as greatly as watching TV. It is for this reason that the Tree Kingdoms suggests that initiates minimize their time associated with any form of secular written media if one is focused upon ascension as a spiritual path.


The bottom line is that radiation numbs the field. Many humans are addicted therefore to the media and television to avoid the pain that they are in. Ascension requires acknowledging the pain and processing it to learn the spiritual lessons associated and not avoiding the pain through the use of the media. Many humans are so numb to the pain that they are in that they are unaware of the heart attack or disease stepping down the dreamtime planes into physicality until it becomes physical.


Ascending initiates on the other hand will feel the pain long before the disease becomes physical. In feeling the pain ahead of time, one can do something about it by choosing to release the karma instead of manifesting the disease into physicality. Watching television or engaging in the media however may numb even ascending initiates to a point that they fail to release patterning before a disease sets in. It is also for this reason, to prevent ascending into disease, that the Aspen and Birch Tree Kingdom suggests that ascending initiates give up the television and other forms of media focus.


What about computers? They too are highly electrical and addictive much like television, numbing the field in a parallel manner. The Tree Kingdom suggests using a laptop computer, which is lower in radiation, and to minimize the time focused upon the Internet. Even Asur’Ana notices how bad she feels after an hour on the Internet searching for places to stay in her travels. Often, she feels quite ill and must go for a walk or out in nature to dissipate the radiation she has collected in her web surfing. Similarly, one may be causing the field to cease to move altogether if one spends too much time at the computer.


A non-moving energy field will roll backwards in vibration instead of forwards. Energy either moves up or down in frequency. One will either descend into disease and extinction at this time in history, or move up in vibration and into greater health through ascension. Finding focuses and making life choices that support a rising vibration is imperative to those who are going to succeed at the goal of ascension in this lifetime from our point of view. More in your civilization desires to cause one’s energy to cease to move than supports an increasing rotation of field. Those who are devoted to this path may have to separate from those endeavors that cause one’s field to cease to spin as a result.


The last point we will make is that the media is not harmless. There are forces that use the television, written materials, movies and the internet to strip humans of their information, lay in curses hexes and spells, or manipulate the field by compromising moving energy fields. Such forces utilize the electrical and radioactive flow associated with such things to accomplish this goal. Therefore, ascending initiates potentially are at risk in the ongoing use of such forms of entertainment and preoccupations from succeeding at their goal of evolution.


Always and in each creation that has gone extinct, two diverse energy movements were melded together in a single creation. The divergent energy flow has been used time and time again to strip creations of all life. Radiation and electricity are the divergent energies upon Earth. Those who are ascending therefore must be aware of this and minimize their presence and use in one’s day to day life if one is going to succeed at the goal of evolution in this lifetime.


Call upon our kingdom to assist in the opening of the heart. We are of service to each who so chooses to ascend in this lifetime.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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