Image of a cute and sweet looking koala bear asleep on a tree. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree

33. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree


Blessings for Harmlessness


The Koala Bear Kingdom


We of the Koala Bear Kingdom have much to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters. Our kingdom is not really a bear, although we share some similar attributes perhaps in appearance to such species, particularly the Panda Bear. Scientists have called us a “marsupial” because our children, much like the kangaroo, travel as young fetuses up our belly and crawl into a pouch to wean until they are large enough to thrive upon their own. We are one of many of such species around the globe that has such forms of childbirth.


We Came from the Jyreion Creation


Why is this so? Our species along with all others that have this predisposition of birth come from other creations. Our species arrived upon a spacecraft about 46,000 Earth years ago (184,000 human years) along with some humans from the Jyreion creation. Such humans were escaping their own dying creation, and much like Noah and his “Ark”, packed up two of every species, one male and one female, and took off hoping to find a new planet to relocate to. Thousands and thousands of craft left; only 17 arrived upon Earth. Others went to other creations; some never made it ceasing to exist.


Upon arrival on Earth, each of the 17 craft had difficulty navigating through the ice shields that were prevalent surrounding your atmosphere at the time, and wound up upon different continents. Although for a time they could communicate with one another via their radios, each craft was damaged enough that they could not take flight again. This left whatever species upon whatever craft to be released in whatever region that they crashed landed; hence the wide variety of species upon different continents in present time on Earth.


Koala Bear and Wombat were two particular creatures that came upon craft that crash-landed near the region now known as Australia. There were many other species that were also set free from our craft; all have gone extinct over time, as they held not the right energy flow for Earth. Giraffe, hippopotamus and antelope are all that remain from another set of species carried upon crafts that crash landed near what is now known as the African continent. Badger, fox, beaver and wolf are all that remain upon what is now known as North America where most of the remaining crafts crashed. Such species are also found in Europe as at another time, there were no oceans and the continents were not so far apart.


The Koala species is magnetic in origins. We can trace our lineages to others related to our hologram that exited your Great Central Sun. Therefore, we are capable of ascending home with Earth at this time in her journey. This brings our species great joy along with most others that also left our dying creation behind. So, you see perhaps that craft that humanity creates is not so bad after all, as now we have our chance to return Home.


Narrow Perceptions of Right and Wrong


There is nothing really right or wrong, or good or evil about anything in creation. However, the dark forces have pushed Earth and the human species into vibratory bandwidths in which perception is so narrowed that good and evil and right and wrong have become the foundation from which humanity operates. It’s an interesting dance; as it is not that out of the knowledge of what is right or wrong that humans actually do what is right. It is just that humans judge those that do this as having done something wrong; and those that do that as having done something right.


Why is humanity so preoccupied with right and wrong? Ah, this has to do with holographic manipulations and emotionally charged scarring that lock in such thoughtform from long ago. As the Annanuki bred humans in laboratories, each of their slave race received a limited holographic nature. This holographic nature did not perceive things as right and wrong, good and evil at the time that they were first incubated and matured. As a matter of fact, records show this time as paralleling the concept of living in the “Garden of Eden”, where all needs were provided for, and the fruit grew out of the trees so to speak. Then, as in your own myths, humans discovered “sex”, and suddenly the Garden of Eden was lost.


This is an interesting transcription of what actually occurred from Koala Bear’s point of view. It is not that human slaves did not enjoy sex up until this point in their experience; as a matter of fact, sexuality flowed amongst the human slaves much like it does in nature.


Humans in parallel manner as they were created in enough numbers out of the laboratories of the Anu enjoyed the pleasure of sex with great regularity, and intermixed with one another without regards to partnership. It was not the sex that caused them problems; the problem began as the white false gods that ensouled them chose to increase the populations so that they would have more chi to harvest from human form to create more dreamtime castles in the air. The white false gods manipulated the conception of the human slave females from once per year to once per month; suddenly all slave women were pregnant! This mimicked another time that the red false gods caused all red women to conceive at once with parallel manipulations to reproductive cycles.


Suddenly the “Gods” or the Anu were not happy with the slaves. Something had gone wrong; and the slaves felt it had to do with sexuality. In reality, what had gone wrong had nothing to do with sexuality, but rather reproduction, and the manipulation was not caused by the slaves, but by the nonphysical forces that also ensouled the Anu themselves. However, the Anu perceived this as problematic now, and blamed the slaves. Due to the fact that over time the populations increased so greatly, the Anu left the slaves in limited dwellings and without enough food or other luxuries; hence the feeling of “falling out of the Garden of Eden.”


Then on top of it all, the Anu introduced poisons and diseases to decrease the slave populations. Now there was disease and suffering that accompanied the lack of food and lack of physical comforts. This over time still did not offset the increasing slave populations enough, and so the Anu resorted to killing the oldest, weakest, deformed and ill by hauling them off to concentration camps. The manner in which these slaves were destroyed was not pretty; they were gassed to death and then burnt in mass graves, just like Auschwitz. The holographic memory of this haunted the remaining slaves although they lived in a better circumstance, leading to fear.


In the fear, the slaves believed that they had done something wrong. What had they done to cause such terrible and inhumane treatment of themselves? They had displeased the “Gods” greatly. This is where the thought of “original sin” came from within those related to the Anu slaves. For the red nations, they had not such a concept. Although over time and with enough falls in consciousness and limitation of human genetic material, the dogma and shame along with thoughtform of good and evil became the foundation from which all human civilization operates now in present time.


Clearing Karma and Painful Memories from the Tapestry of Ancestry


There is also deep wounding within from the experiences of one’s ancestors who were slaves and were mistreated so. The Anu perceived the slaves of the same worth as farmers perceive their cattle in present time; if the slaves produced something that benefited the Anu or created a profit of some sort, they were valued. The moment that the slaves could not produce, they had no worth and therefore could be destroyed without a second thought.


This is deep dishonor of the physical and of any living consciousness, whether it be human consciousness or the nature kingdoms matters not. However, in this one could say that the deep disregard for nature was now experienced by human form, and related form to the Anu who also held no value for nature either. For the Anu had blended 60% of their own DNA to create the slaves. Unfortunately, the Anu also blended 40% of the red nation DNA to create their slave race; such DNA was procured from the North American Indian and Tibetan Nation peoples primarily.


In essence, the poor treatment of the Anu slaves was transferred in the genetic memories of the North American Indian and Tibetan Root Races as they were holographically associated. This may be why such red nations peoples are more serious or less joyful in nature to this day. Genetics are a holographic set of records all of their own, therefore even though these red nations peoples shared not of the Anu slave hologram, holographically and through the DNA, the trauma that had been created within the slave existence was recorded in the associated red DNA nonetheless. This transferred the pain and shame of the Anu slave nation onto these two red nation peoples.


Each reading this book has an opportunity through ascension to clear the karma and painful memories of such experiences from one’s holographic memory bank. The genetic holographic memory bank is known as the Tapestry of Ancestry. Each human is related to thousands and thousands of branches of human incarnations that go back in time to the original inception of the Anu slaves, the Annanuki themselves, who interbred heavily with red nations peoples along with their own slaves, and with the 7 red root races. Some will even trace their ancestry back to the Grand Masters of great spiritual knowledge.


Within the entire tapestry or wheel of incarnation are trillions and trillions of human lives. Each human in present time is related to a segment of the tapestry, as this is the genetics that one constructed the body from in the womb of one’s mother. As one ascends, one clears the karma for a small portion of the entire wheel. No two humans inherit exactly the same tapestry, not even identical twins. There are always variances as lives are often lengthy in time, space and form, and so one inherits only portions of each given life. Rarely do two individuals inherit the exact same portions of lives even if they have an identical tapestry. This is why many humans are required to ascend to clear karma for the entire tapestry, as each only clears a portion of the associated ancestral experiences that one has inherited.


As one ascends and clears the karma for “original sin” and the shame, judgment, pain, fear, suffering, greed and lust that goes along with it, one transcends into a new thoughtform and a new paradigm founded upon unity. In the paradigm of right and wrong, good and evil, one can punish the one who is wrong or evil and harm another, and not feel “guilty” for doing so. In the paradigm of unity, there is never a time to harm, period. In the unity paradigm, it is further understood that there really is no right or wrong; only karma, and only the spiritual lesson that accompanies a particular life manifestation that one has created to experience.


The Belief in Victim and Victimizer


In the current thoughtform of good, bad, right and wrong, there is a belief that there is a “victim” and “victimizer”. The one who is a victim to a particular dance appears to not have caused the dance; instead, the victimizer is blamed as cause. From a standpoint of unity, there is no victim nor victimizer, only a particular karmic dance. One has karma for acting in a particular way together; if this manner of acting includes violence of one towards another, then both are responsible as each carry the karma. As the karma is released, the dance can change. Karma is released through forgiveness and the greater understanding one is experiencing the cause of one’s own effect.


In the shortened lifespan in present time, cause and effect have carried forth beyond death. This is confusing, as one may experience the effect of the cause of one’s grandmother, grandfather, or great grandmother or great grandfather in this life, or for those who are ascending, from lifetimes in ancient times. Therefore, if great grandpa cheated upon grandma, now two generations down the line, the grandson experiences their current spouse cheating upon them.


The grandson is not a victim; they are experiencing the effect of their cause, although it was the cause of their great grandfather. However, karma does not perceive incarnations as separate; karma travels down the ancestral family tree, and then acts out in future generations as if one was the cause oneself. And so, it goes round and round the karmic wheel; no one is innocent; and no one a victim; all have karma and the karma must be cleared in order for a new day ahead to be born.


If the current system of law were purely karmic, there would be a very different dance in your courtrooms. Instead of punishment, perhaps humans would receive counseling to release their karma. Instead of imprisonment, perhaps they would be sentenced into an experience that would teach them more greatly about the spiritual lessons that they are learning of at this time in their incarnation. Perhaps into the future, this is how human law will function.


There are examples of this type of sentencing in your current human judicial system. Asur’Ana read a news article about a man convicted for forcing his son to sleep for two weeks in the outdoor doghouse, where the child got badly bitten by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. After becoming so ill that the child ended up in the hospital, the case was taken to social workers. The judge overseeing the case sentenced the father to two weeks himself sleeping in the outdoor doghouse, and sent someone to oversee the experience. Now here is an example of utilizing law to create spiritual lessons for the purposes of learning, growing and moving beyond harmful behavior towards another.


Those Who Are Harmless Can Ascend


What is harmful behavior? Harmful behavior has to do with doing anything to another that abuses the form or field. Humans are more aware of physical abuse patterns than energetic ones. Often harmful behavior is an energetic phenomenon; one can be saying the most loving thing and shattering the field of another simultaneously. For most humans, they feel not the energetic blows, until disease or a heart attack steps down into the form generally many years later. How and why did this come to be so?


Long ago, law was inverted in the human dance. In the inversion of law, harmlessness was inverted into harm. Harm became the dominant theme that power was founded upon. The greater one could harm, the more powerful one would be upon the physical plane. If one were to view the energetic dynamics of your most powerful human leadership, you would see that they are the most energetically harmful humans of all currently incarnate upon Earth. However, harm is not limited just to those of great power or fame; it also occurs in the day-to-day dance of the average human life.


For within any group, humans are stratified from most powerful to least powerful in pecking order. Such pecking order is solely founded upon nonphysical ability to abuse or shatter another; the greater the ability to shatter another, the greater the power within the group; the less the ability to shatter another, the least the power within the group.


Those with the least power generally are harmless in nature; and it is a harmless nature that has the capacity to ascend at this time in history. For as one ascends, one’s field increases in size and power to a point where one affects the entire globe and solar system and beyond; if one is inherently abusive, then one will abuse Earth and the solar system. Therefore, those of powerful or abusive natures are not generally suited to the work of ascension as a result of such patterning; or at best can have a very limited ascension in this lifetime.


Those that hold the power in any organization are often deceiving. Generally speaking, the one with the real power to shatter is not the leader him or herself; they are not the CEO or president, but their right hand man or woman. Why is this so? Over time and in the holographic fracturing, those who hold power in the greatest manner are generally not very popular. Unless they are monarchy in which one simply inherited the right to be King or Queen without election of the masses, such humans are not liked very much, and do not win the support of the group.


Therefore, the powerful ones who are unpopular lurk behind a “popular” individual who is charming and kind, and perhaps even virtuous in nature. However virtuous the popular individual may seem, there is an energetic dance behind the scene, which is far from loving or kind; and this is run through the group that holds the power behind the elected individual or CEO.


Extreme Law


Group harm is so a part of the human unconscious energetic dance, that Earth, the Solar Sun and the Great Central Sun has chosen to intervene. Harm by and large in the human unconscious is a dance that was set in motion long ago by a group of false gods that ensouled humanity. These false gods inverted the law so that they could dance in a particular way, and take of the information embedded in the human DNA for their own gain. They pitted one human against another to shatter each other so that the DNA would break apart and then could be stripped. There is a long story of how and why this came to be so, and it is not Koala Bear’s desire to go into the details, but let us suffice to say that this dance became so prevalent that there is hardly a group of humans today that do not participate in harm unconsciously.


Therefore, Earth is choosing to invert law again in the other direction in the nonphysical of the human species. She is inverting law into what is known as “extreme law”. In extreme law, one cannot harm or shatter another period as it is against the law. This shift goes into effect immediately, but it will take the coming few polarity reversals and entries into future Star Gates to bring fully into all human energy dynamics. As this comes to be so however, the dance of abusive power shall end, and a new dance of unity shall have an opportunity to be born.


What does this mean for current human leadership? Most will lose their power in the coming cycle as the unconscious abuse that they and the group behind them and empowering them rely upon will cease to occur. However, this will lead to a new group of emerging leaders that are harmless and ascending. Such leaders will begin to bridge the human dance into the unity paradigm. This is coming, but may take well into the years 2033 to 2043 to really see the fruition of. A new world is about to be born beloved; and the dance that the family of Anu set in motion so very long ago come to completion and closure at long last.


Koala has witnessed another creation destroyed at the hands of those who were no better and no worse than the Anu or the red and white false gods. The wars raged until the bitter end and the last nuclear annihilation after which no life upon the planet from which we escaped survived. So, it has gone with many places that went extinct; the Tao has measured these to be over 8 billion since this dance began so very long ago. Koala appreciates therefore the opportunity to experience another dance; a dance of evolution and future homecoming.


What does Koala wish to close with? Intend to anchor extreme law in the nonphysical realms that surround you; intend to anchor extreme law in all others around you and in the region that you live. In so doing, you will assist greatly in anchoring the changes necessary to birth the era of unity ahead. In so doing, one will step out of the dance of harm that has prevailed in the human nonphysical dance and enter a new state of harmlessness. In the harmlessness, each who can ascend shall be allowed to do so in greater ease.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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