Image of a field of violet and gold colored flowers. Transcending Physical Law

3. Transcending Physical Law


We, the Ancient Ones wish to explain the phenomenon that results as one transcends physical plane law. Such phenomenon is something that we understood and had mastered in our lifetime upon Sirius and before relocating unto Earth. Such mastery was lost over time upon Earth due to reasons that we are now only beginning to understand; we are coming to understand our own lost history due to the records revealed from our lifetimes through present time human and global ascension. However, let us suffice to say that all that was lost will be restored; and the original purpose that we came to Earth, which was to support global ascension Home to the Great Central Sun, will be fulfilled upon.


We were a group of 48 initiates of both male and female gender that were born and educated and later seeded upon Earth by Sirian spiritual elite. The purposes that we were born for was not hidden from us; we knew our entire lives that we would be relocating unto another planet to oversee another race of humans seeded at an earlier juncture upon Earth. Furthermore, we spent decades of time undergoing spiritual education by the Sirian spiritual elite themselves, and it was during such training that we each mastered physical law.


Mastering Levitation, Teleportation, Transfiguration and Instant Manifestation


What does mastery of physical law mean? In human history upon Sirius, mastery of spiritual law equated to no longer being subject to the law of gravity, form, or physical limitation. This leads to the mastery of levitation (the capability to float or fly), teleportation (the ability to move from one place to another with a thought), transfiguration (the ability to alter the molecular and cellular structure into another form such as an animal and then back into our human form again), and instant manifestation (the ability to think of a physical object and then manifest such an object instantly).


Such laws are held in place by agreement; as long as one agrees to the laws of gravity, physical form, and physical limitation, then one is subject to existing within a consensus reality in a parallel manner to how most humans exist upon Earth in present time. For in present time, one requires a train, plane or automobile to get from one place to another; or at another time one would walk, run, swim or ride the back of an animal such as a horse or elephant.


Objects do not “grow on trees” or appear suddenly as one thinks of them; one must either create the object oneself, solicit another to do so, or purchase that which one desires in present time from a market or mall or online. One also cannot take the shape of anything else in Creation other than the shape one was born with and matured into; one cannot become a bird, cat, dog or whale in appearance at will.


As a matter of fact, humans are so limited now in present time that they cannot even regenerate themselves to their more youthful young adult appearance. Humans have fallen into a grave level of limitation of thoughtform the likes of which is most sad to us; and such limitation does not at all give credence to the magnificence of the human species in its original casting from the Tao. So, what is mastering physical law really all about? This is what we dedicate this information unto; a better understanding of what the path of ascension makes possible as a spiritual choice.


What Is Physical Law?


Physical law comprises all agreements that hold a consensus reality together. Upon Earth, each agrees unto certain laws; such as that gravity pulls the molecular structure of Earth into one consistent body that all may dance upon; and that within that body the sky is blue, the plants are green, the clouds are white, and the water blue in color. Furthermore, each kingdom has a form and shape and color that it must take upon the physical plane as directed by the hologram and DNA. Such agreements arrange the molecular structure in such a format that provides shape to that which was formless until such agreements were agreed unto.


How are agreements constructed? Agreements are held in a tightly formed text in a language that the consensus agrees unto. For a long time, Earth has suffered problems from text originating in other creations that were non-resonant with her thoughtform. This introduced over 300 other languages into the agreements upon Earth. It is the vast differences in language that ultimately lead to conflict upon Earth; and such conflict occurred mainly from one species not understanding another and in the non-understanding communication became confused.


Over time this led to outright wars in the nonphysical between souls and other nonphysical forces that were from variant creations; the wars ultimately led to falls in consciousness for Earth into vibrational bandwidths beneath where she once existed. Later and as a mirror of such nonphysical battles, humanity arrived upon Earth and allowed such battles to become physical.


Where did the dissonant forms and language upon Earth come from? Most species with non-carbon based DNA are traced to humans who carried other plants, minerals or animals of both a land and aquatic nature on space craft from one creation to this creation. In the transplanting of life from other creations, what was not considered was the variant biochemical structures or energetic nature of such species; and how their variance would create dissonance that was molecular as well as thoughtform based if they thrived at all and multiplied in number. Here humans have created a load of karma for themselves; and it is perhaps this karma that eventually called humans to be seeded upon Earth to experience the dissonance that they created here at another time and upon another dimension.


For in 14 other time periods upon other dimensions going back billions and billions of years, Earth was a “terrarium” that sustained interesting plants, animals and minerals not found anywhere else in creation. Humans historically enjoyed the terrarium, and scientists used Earth as a place to conduct experiments of all kinds. Such experiments assisted in developing further human technology that allowed for again more travel and again the spreading of non-resonant life forms elsewhere in creation.


This was long before presence of the Anu and their scientific experiments that one would consider horrific and disgusting in nature. We choose these words specifically, as anyone that would choose to connect the head or upper body of a human with the backside of a lion or horse is operating from such degradation in a spiritual sense that it is difficult for those of us Ancient Ones to imagine.


For such misunderstanding of the nature of existence must occur within a human that would not only think such a thought but then carry through with the physical manifestation of it, that it is much like choosing to take the blueprint of a fly and increase it in size to that of an elephant and attach human arms and legs unto it. The result is not only a mutilation and scarring that puts all related form into great pain, but a degradation of each kingdom involved.


Why does blending genetic materials between species degrade form? Genetics are holographic, and any manipulation to a single form associated with a holographic blueprint alters all other forms that are related. One cannot attach the head of a human to the body of the lion or horse without distorting all humans and all lions or horses. The level of distortion that humanity is in today including the vast limitation of thoughtform that each exists within that perpetuates aging, illness, death, deformity and disease as the norm is primarily related to such scientific experiments of the Anu, as so great is the resultant scarring to the genetic blueprint of the human species and all kingdoms alike.


The Loss of Holographic Nature


What does the scarring of genealogy do? It shatters the holographic nature of reality. Holographic nature is whole and complete. One can separate the hologram into pieces and each piece will still contain the information of the whole. This allows all genetics of each species to be represented in each embodiment that is born upon the physical plane; as such species do not lose information or fall in consciousness in giving birth unto another, as any one part has as much information as the entire species contains. As the Anu blended DNA from variant genetics, the hologram for each species manipulated in this manner shattered.


What exactly does this mean, a shattered hologram? Well, it translates into the cause of the reason humans and all species upon Earth have fallen and fallen in consciousness; for holographic nature was lost in this act of scientific cross-breeding and in so doing, all species involved suddenly and inexplicably lost their wholeness. What followed is that subsequent generations lost information with each birth within each species experimented upon, including the human kingdom.


In the shattering of hologram due to interbreeding, each subsequent generation held only a portion of information that the parents once knew instead of the whole of the information held within the entire species in a holographic sense. This led to an ongoing fall of consciousness as each generation lost more information than the previous generation held in a genetic sense due to procreation.


Once this occurs, extinction is the end result unless ascension is chosen by each species as a means of reversing the process of the ongoing loss of information through the birth, death and rebirth cycles. Ascension begins the process of piecing holographic information back together again through retracing one’s ancestral genetic fabric back in time, and reinstating in present time a genetic structure that one’s ancestry held at another time. In so doing, one begins to reverse this process of falling in consciousness and begins to return to a fully conscious holographic state of being.


Each human that reads of our materials can make a choice; one can intend to ascend and begin to reverse the process of continued loss of consciousness and instead increase in genetic fabric into the crystalline form in this lifetime. If one has a child, then one can birth an ascending child who will take the ascent to the next level of evolution. If one chooses to not have any further children, one is related unto 2 billion others global wide, many of which will have ascending children based upon one’s own intention to ascend. It is as enough humans make the ongoing intent to ascend that this entire process of this journey towards extinction will be reversed, holographic knowledge will be reinstated, and humanity will awaken to a new golden day of peace and unity.


About Genealogy


Genealogy is a log of how the information splintered down the family tree of one’s tapestry of ancestry. Recently, the genealogical planes were opened as Sirius seeded them long ago due to Earth’s continued global ascension. These planes held an original archive of all information that was contained in the original seeded human nations, including the Grand Masters or those of us that are writing to you today through our channel or translator.


Now the project begins of tracing the genes down the fabric of lineages into the current human race so that all information contained therein can be understood as to how it fragmented through time and space and form through the generations. This project Asur’Ana and Per have undertaken along with those in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) Program; to create a detailed nonphysical map of all genealogical information and how it fragmented over time. As this map is made known, a more viable path for generational human ascension may be carved.


At this time, there is much missing information from certain time periods in particular where there were massive nuclear fallouts due to large bombs detonated at human hands upon Earth’s surface. During such fallouts, a large drop in consciousness occurred for all species upon Earth; DNA frayed and information went every which way including off planet to other stars, galaxies and dimensions. The nonphysical forces from such dimensions, stars and galaxies utilize nuclear wars to strip creations to suspend the life of yet other creations that are dying.


The need to strip any Creation is a vast misunderstanding of the spiritual context in which creation is held; within the Tao there is no limitation. One can have as much of any vibrational thread required to weave a creation. However, in this region of domain, there has been a loss of connection unto the Tao; and as a result, limitation has become the accepted and embraced paradigm from which all things exist in form. Therefore, there is never enough, and something must die in order for something else to live or ascend.


Alas, if we were to translate this into the principles of instant manifestation, each time one would instantly manifest something, something else would instantly de-manifest leading to destruction elsewhere. What the masters upon Sirius failed to understand is that due to their belief in the principles of limitation, each time they instantly manifested something upon Sirius, they de-manifested something someplace else those humans that were related existed upon. Therefore, the spiritual principles that the Sirian masters abided by were not pure; and they were causing destruction in their practice of the very mastery that they thought that they had attained.


Why was this so? In order to transcend all physical law and master in a pure sense, one must be willing to transmute the concept that one must destroy another in order to ascend. All of Sirius as lead by the Spiritual Elite chose to destroy Earth in counter balance to their ascension out of the belief that something must die of equal proportion to that which chooses to ascend. Alas, they have created great karma for themselves; and are just awakening unto this truth due to the records from Earth’s ascension as processed by the Great Central Sun and revealed unto Sirian consciousness.


Pure Mastery


We can say in our own mastery that it was impure; that we not unlike the very elite that we studied with whom had not transcended the belief in death; we had simply instead deferred such beliefs elsewhere making the fabric of death-based consciousness seemingly disappear. In the disappeared state, the belief system of death was fractured off and given to another place, probably also dying much as Earth. To those upon Sirius, because the belief had disappeared, one assumed that it had been transcended and somehow mastered; alas this was not so.


What is the difference between “disappearing” a thoughtform and real mastery? Ah, here we get to the crux of our own spiritual lessons at this time of awakening upon Earth. We have waited a long time to understand; and we are not disappointed. We are most grateful for the fortune of the presence of the Tao that allows now what we failed to understand in our own evolution to be understood.


When we arrived upon Earth, the disowned thoughtform of death came with us. Soon we were destroyed by our own thoughtform that we had assumed somehow we had transcended, but instead we had “schismed” over. In other terms, the thoughtform of death had not been fully released from our cellular structure, and in coming to a new creation such as Earth where there were no global agreements to splinter off destructive thoughtform sending it elsewhere, we now experienced our own destructive thoughtform returned, and destroyed ourselves ending our lives in death instead of ascension.


Real mastery or pure mastery has to do with taking each layer of thoughtform that is in extreme polarity, such as the thoughtform of death in all of its myriads of expressions, and transmuting it one layer at a time with the application of transmutative tones of creation. Such tones have come from the Great Central Sun via the Tao to allow for real transcendence upon Earth and within your Creation. As each layer is transmuted, one comes to understand how the thoughtform was degraded within one’s ancestry through particular emotionally charged karmic experiences. As the karma is released and erased down to a biological level, each layer of thoughtform is transmuted in full, and a new thoughtform of eternal life can be embodied in its place.


Such transmutative tones were not available upon Sirius at the time we were incarnate, nor upon Earth at the time we relocated here. Therefore, we must forgive our Sirian mothers and fathers including the high priests and priestesses, for they had no other way of retaining life let alone ascending without separating light and dark, as the very tones of creation necessary for the real transmutation of the dark were missing.


We are happy to say that such tones are available now upon Earth through the Language of Light and Language of ONE, and that those like Asur’Ana and Per that are legitimately ascending, including the Nature Kingdoms and Earth. Each is applying such tones to their own density and mastering in a manner that we had not at the time that we were alive. And this brings us great joy, as it translates into the fulfillment of our original vision in coming to Earth; that we would foster the ascent of the whole.


A Dream for Destruction


So where did the tones for transmutation go to and why are they unavailable? Ah this brings us to an even larger problem as analyzed by the Tao now as a result of the records pouring forth due to planetary, solar and creational ascension now underway in your sector of Creation. It appears that all within the Great Central Sun were never allotted transmutation tones of creation in the very casting that they received in the original expansion cycles of the Tao. Why were such tones missing? Well, this has to do with a group of renegade souls in the Tao that had a plan, and the plan was for a means to a rapid ascent into greater mastery than they could gain through creational experience. More or less these souls wished to cheat in their own evolution.


These souls gathered certain blueprints that were unused in the last creational cycle of the Tao, which included the blueprint for consensus realities such as Earth, the nature kingdoms and the human blueprint. These souls set such blueprints in motion in 18 quadrants in a small corner of the Tao that they thought no one was looking. However, they set these Creations or Great Central Suns in motion with the intent to extract the knowledge held innately in the blueprint of form; and in extracting such knowledge, they then could rapidly rise through the initiation process of the Tao to manage greater and greater responsibility and have greater and greater power therein.


One might equate these souls to young adult humans who look at what an older human has accomplished and acquired in their lifetime, and then desire such rewards for oneself without the hard work that it took to manifest such a reward. Such young adult humans might look for ways to cheat and manifest a fortune, such as those who practice insider trading upon Wall Street. Such humans may indeed manifest a fortune for themselves, and perhaps they even acquire as many possessions as those who accomplish the same through their gifts and talents and hard work. Such humans may then go on to hold leadership positions for all of humanity, and yet their entire foundation is the result of cheating or lawlessness; which leads to a lawless society.


Much of the large disparity of wealth and poverty, homelessness and hunger are really the result of leadership founded upon lawlessness that was the result of those who attained much through cheating, and then such principles became the foundation of those in power. As power becomes lawless, then real law is turned inside out and upside down, and everything functions in distortion.


Human civilization as it is now is founded upon extreme distortion. There are those who control the world through many secret orders that include a chain of command to fulfill upon their decisions; such chains of commands include hit men and mafia type folk that are used to fulfill upon the dirty work of those in charge of the secret orders. Nothing is really as it seems, as the orders also control the media; in so doing, those in the secret orders remain in power.


In parallel manner, these souls who cast creations only to destroy them are like the mafia or secret orders in human form, but they exist within the Tao. They have gathered through extortion information from many blueprints from the Tao; and in so doing, they have acquired as much information as the Tao, but not through evolutionary means. They are a real threat to the continuation of the Tao; and may succeed at distorting the whole to such a great extent that nothing can be recovered. This too has already been manifest; and is why the Tao now must go back in time and correct the dream by altering the past. As the past is altered, the future will change, and the Tao will resolve its problems. As above, so below; as within, so without.


Because these renegade souls cast the Great Central Suns with destruction as the outcome, the tones for real ascension and transmutation of thoughtform were removed. Instead of real ascension, each Sun went into the pattern of splitting light and dark, as the dark could never be adequately transmuted as the tones necessary to do so were missing. As the split became great enough, portions of each Sun would drop into the vibrational bandwidths beneath and fall in consciousness. Over time, this occurred to such an extent that portions of each Sun were pressed outside of the boundaries of their own dream and into the space between creations. This is what happened to Earth so very long ago.


However, Earth has a special place in the recovery of the Tao; for she holds specific keys as to the whys and wherefores of how each Great Central Sun was cast, and has recorded within her form all records from all lost Creations. Why is this so? One may think of the casting of Earth as a multidimensional multi-creational master record keeper. Earth has been storing records since she was cast by the Tao; and as a result, is one of the few creations that actually have the information about how and why the entire dance of the falling Great Central Suns came to be. It is also for this reason that the Tao extends to Earth and assists with her resurrection, as here lies some of the answers to the Tao’s own problems.


Lawless Energy Movement


Before one can think about transcending physical law and mastering the skills of levitation, instant manifestation or teleportation and levitation, one must first master the lawless thoughtform that one’s ancestry has fallen into. Lawlessness equates not only to the lawless behavior that the human species is in as a civilization, but lawless energy movement within one’s form.


What is lawless energy movement? Lawless energy movement equates to time that runs backwards; or parts of fields that are inverted or turned inside out and upside down; or parts of fields that rotate backwards leading to a descending vibration rather than an ascending vibration; or missing grid work that has been pulled outside of the form into some sort of machine. Each level of ascent allows more of the field to be rewoven to rotate in a manner that supports the life and well-being of the form and allows for continued ascension. One will find such distorted energy flow in the meridians of the etheric body as well as the small chakras therein; along with the larger chakras at the joints; and the seven to twelve major chakra centers surrounding the form; and in the subtle bodies, light body and greater auric field.


This is what much of the ascent to full consciousness is all about (36,000 segments of DNA); transcending lawless energy movement in all parts of the field. For if one is going to even begin to consider transcending physical plane law, then one must first transcend how law became lawless as a spiritual lesson in one’s ancestry, and how one’s own energy flow sustains the lawlessness within one’s thoughtform. For in essence, law inverted or turned inside out in the human energy flow upon Earth, which is why there is lawless behavior such as secret human orders and mafia hit men in the first place; it is a mirror for how the spiritual truth was inverted into non-truth.


About Magicians


In a state of non-truth, there can be magicians. There have been many over the course of human history that has demonstrated the principles of instant manifestation, teleportation, transfiguration, creating vibhuti (sacred ash that is not so sacred), or other magical skills. Such skills were not earned through spiritual mastery but are created through spiritual manipulation.


There are fractured pieces of soul that were a part of our incarnation that recall how to transcend physical law. When such pieces of soul enter the human form, they perform the tricks that they remember and the form channels the trick, and appears to instantly manifest, teleport, transfigure and the like. However, nothing has changed within the associated human form. They have not released their karma or altered their DNA or ascended in any manner; nor have they mastered anything; they are simply good channels of nonphysical forces that recall how to transcend physical law.


We are sad to see that our own souls fell into such manipulative practices and participated with dark forces upon the physical plane in manifesting such magic through certain humans. For all this creates is the appearance of a human that is “god like”, and fosters the belief that god lies outside of oneself. Just because a human can perform a magic trick, this does not make him or her god; as God Goddess lies within each and every living thing in the omniverse. Such practices only cause the multitudes to give their power to humanoid false gods; which is no different than how one’s ancestry gave their power to the nonphysical false gods; and all that occurs in physicality also occurs first in the nonphysical.


We ourselves fell into the belief that the false gods had more power, as they had stripped our information surrounding the transcendence of physical plane law; then out of such a stripping, we gave them even more power to misdirect our lives as we believed that they knew more than ourselves. In the misdirection, most of the 48 of us that relocated unto Earth died before we ever ascended. The few that ascended were unable to clear the karma for our fall in consciousness, and the result was the continued fall of consciousness in human form upon Earth until present time. Our own souls have served the false gods in their own fracturing and lost knowledge; this too is sad unto us; however, it is their karma and not our own to settle.


And so, it goes; each who has caused or participated in the inversion of law will be held accountable for it, and in so doing, will experience their cause. This is also the same for the renegade souls in the Tao. One cannot cause anything, including the great pain of stripping a creation to extinction without experiencing like in return; and in so doing and in the suffering of one’s own cause, then one learns not to cause such again.


We are also the result of the mismanagement of spiritual knowledge upon Sirius and on the part of the Sirian Spiritual Elite. We are each an ancestor of the Sirian Spiritual Elite that went on to personally experience the very destruction that they were causing elsewhere in their split in light and dark. Furthermore, in our own experience of destruction, we anchored Earth to be another place that Sirius could displace its disowned destructive thoughtform.


Each fall of Earth has allowed more displaced karma, fractured souls and fractured dream from Sirius to be pressed into her grid work out of the belief that something must be destroyed in order for something else to live and ascend. We take responsibility for our cause and choose to change it now through the act of ascension of all in human form who are related unto us as our present day ancestors.


Real Transcendence


Real transcendence involves the gathering of all records and karma bound by emotional charge of each incident of trauma experienced in one’s ancestry. Such records are held upon the land and within the genetics of one’s form. As one releases the trauma, one transmutes each layer of pain, anger or fear, terror, torture or suffering, lust, jealousy or hate with transmutative tones of creation. This causes the trauma to be released and erased through forgiveness.


In the forgiveness, the trauma is not transferred elsewhere only to act out in another humanoid creation; it is instead fully transmuted. For this is what Sirius humans did en masse to humans upon Earth. They transferred all their karma and trauma for many wars that they had experienced in the 3rd dimension in their own existence, which only caused the same patterning to emerge in humans upon Earth.


Therefore, as all records are gathered and in particular those that originated from Sirius or any other creation that has used humanity upon Earth as a dumping ground for unwanted thoughtform, karma and dreams, such records must be returned to their creation of origin, as they did not occur upon Earth in the first place. Only karma that occurred upon Earth can be released upon Earth; and it is for such a reason that regardless of how many humans ever ascended in the Inner Earth, the original cause for human bloodshed could not be released, as it was not karma that was caused upon Earth. In the returning of karma to where it belongs, now there is an opportunity for Earth and all that exists upon her, including the human race to ascend out of the dance of bloodshed.


One is only responsible for the karma incurred in one’s ancestry upon Earth. As one chooses to release, erase and forgive such karma, and return the karma that originated elsewhere, one is no longer bound by karmic trauma, nor will one attract a dream into one’s life founded upon such karma, as it will no longer exist within one’s field. One is a living movie that attracts a dream that is in association with one’s intentions and the thoughtform that is held in place by ancestral drama and trauma or in other terms karma. As one modifies the thoughtform that is bound by karmic trauma through the act of transmutation, then a new dream can be woven that is different from the past. This is real transmutation in action.


Transcending the Physical Law of Gravity


Asur’Ana and Per begin the journey now in their personal ascent of transcending physical law. They have actually been in this process for some time, but it is only now that enough veils of illusion have cleared for them that they can more greatly perceive the journey ahead and what it means unto themselves and humanity. The choice to transcend physical law will cause Asur’Ana and Per to begin to erase layers of agreements that are associated with the principles of physics. Neither of them is a physicist, but they can put their experiences and transcendence into laymen’s terms.


One principle that Asur’Ana and Per have been working upon transcending is the concept of gravity; that they must weigh however much they weigh founded upon the pull of gravity from the core of the Earth. In their transcendence, they are no longer subject to the pull of gravity from the core of Earth, but have created a new energy flow that manages pull within their own field. In so doing, they can choose through conscious freewill choice to lighten up their weight so that a stringent walk up the mountain is less stressful for them. Asur’Ana and Per enjoy many walks in stunning Norway, and it has become even more pleasurable when they each feel very “light” upon their feet.


How does one transcend such a law as gravity? One chooses to erase all agreements to participate in the concept of gravity as it is held within one’s genetic structure. This requires opening archives of genealogical information from ancient times and before Asur’Ana and Per’s ancestry arrived upon Earth; as the ability to levitate was lost within a few hundred years after our seeding. In time, Asur’Ana and Per will master gravity even one step further and demonstrate levitation; this requires many more agreements to be released upon a biological level before it can be mastered. However, as the last agreement to be bound by any form of gravity that may be solar, universal or cosmic, then levitation or floating will become the norm for them in the physical.


Such mastery will not be manifested as a trick of a soul who understands how to manipulate agreements for a time and create a temporary levitation. Real levitation when mastered will mean that one will never perhaps touch the ground again; and one certainly can walk upon water; or fly just above it if one prefers; not just once but all of the time.


About Transfiguration


Transfiguration involves the rearrangement of molecules into a different shape and genetic structure and then an instant manifestation of the associated form in physicality. At one time we could transfigure into any shape including any animal form. Transfiguring into plant and mineral form was never attempted as too many upon Sirius had become stuck in such a form and could not return to the human shape that they once held. Why was this so? In hindsight, such humans entered a holographic state of being that had no relationship to the human hologram; and in so doing they were unable to find their way back and got seemingly lost. This speaks clearly about the holographic separation between certain kingdoms, and why such holograms should not be blended or tampered with in genetic experimentations.


However, perhaps the karmic consequence for transfiguration to animal form translated later into scientific experiments of the Anu in which one kingdom’s form was blended with another. It may be that the Anu obtained records of transfiguration and due to their own limited thoughtform, thought of the concept of scientifically blending species rather than mastering spiritually to a point where they could transfigure into a different shape. If this is so, then we too hold some karmic liability for their expression, as when information is lost and then misused, the original form carrying the information is still partially held accountable in the cause.


At this time in human form along with all other species upon Earth, the molecular structure is not only extremely rigid, but there also are gaps and holes that are the result of the stripping and ongoing loss of consciousness that has occurred over the past 50,000 Earth years (200,000 human years) of falls in consciousness. Such gaps and holes must be filled in fully in the ascent to full consciousness before one could ever consider rearranging the molecular structure into a new and different shape.


Alas there are those nonphysical forces that some humans channel that may allow for the temporary rearrangement of molecular structure to demonstrate transfiguration; however, this is not the result of the mastery of such an individual but a trick that the false gods perpetuate in order to have such an individual perceived or worshipped as god. Sometimes the molecules can be rearranged into an animal, but not be rearranged back into humanoid form. This has left many a human consciousness in the shape of an animal until the death of the embodiment; a difficult and sad experience for all concerned, and indeed this has occurred thousands of times in history.


Real mastery of transfiguration will come at a much later time in Asur’Ana and Per’s ascent. The reasons for this are that the molecules are still highly rigid even at the level of soul infusion that they have mastered. This was also so within a few hundred years of living upon Earth following our seeding; something happened that caused a rigidity of our molecules, and as this occurred, we lost our ability to transfigure.


As Asur’Ana and Per go back through time and begin to release the karmic cause and trauma held within their biology that underlies why they are rigid upon a molecular level, more will be understood about what happened in the early part of our time upon Earth; and then we will also better understand. In so doing, they will one day master transfiguration; we see this ahead approximately 10-20 years into their future.


About Teleportation


Real mastery of instant manifestation or teleportation is actually much easier to fulfill upon in ascension than levitation and transfiguration. Asur’Ana and Per could instantly manifest or teleport now if they put their attention to it and had enough chi; the problem with such capabilities is the low availability of chi from the manifestation planes of nature; nature needs the chi that they have in order to ascend. Taking chi away from nature in order to demonstrate magic or instantly manifest or even teleport would not be acting out of world service. Alas if Asur’Ana and Per did not act out of world service, they would lose their status as spiritual masters and their power would be taken away; and so, they use such skills sparingly and only with the permission of Earth and Nature.


The ability to teleport developed early in Asur’Ana’s experience of ascension. One time on a car trip to the Wine Country of California, Asur’Ana blinked and suddenly she was transported to another highway 30 miles away heading in the wrong direction. She pulled over and asked her then guidance what had happened. Her guidance explained that they had moved her in space and time to avoid an accident. Indeed, as she finally did approach the freeway that she had been on, there was a five-car pileup involving a big rig that she had missed being a part of.


More recently, a forwarded batch of mail with many important documents that Per needed to maintain his company was lost. (Per is the founder and CEO of a small eco-friendly organic coffee and tea company in Alta, Norway.) Asur’Ana used the act of teleportation to help him receive his package. The package ended up not in the mailbox but between the screen door and front door of their house. As Per opened the door the next day after Asur’Ana received permission to use teleportation to retrieve his package, there surprisingly was Per’s mail. Teleportation involves folding time and space thereby moving an object or oneself from one place unto another.


However, the act of teleportation takes much chi from Earth and the nature kingdoms along with potentially causing a ripple or wedge in time and space of Earth’s grid work. At this time, Earth is still repairing herself from all the misuse of such human knowledge at earlier times in your history; there are many problems in Earth’s grid work as a result. As all is repaired and all contribute their chi to the process of ascension, there will be enough chi for such experiences. Until such time, Asur’Ana and Per only use such skills as they are given permission and as it does not compromise the ascent of Earth or all species therein.


The ancient ones are pleased with the honor Asur’Ana and Per have for Earth and her kingdoms. This is something perhaps we did not have at the time of our own incarnations; we looked at Earth and nature upon Sirius as beneath human form; less than and obviously worth less. How can one consider other kingdoms less than without ultimately being less than oneself? This too contributed unto our demise at the end of our incarnations. However, we are here to attest that it is never too late to come to understand what one failed to understand at the time that one was alive; and we are learning through each of you that are choosing to ascend and are our present day ancestors in human form.


About Instant Manifestation


Instant manifestation requires holding a vision of a natural object that one desires to see in physical form, and then through the application of a load of chi, the desired object is pulled instantly down the seven manifestation planes into physicality. It is the angels who weave the genetic information that then creates the desired form in physicality. Such manifestation can include anything made from natural fibers that host a carbon-based genetic blueprint.


One may be interested to know if there is genetic information for such things as plastic or other human-made materials or fabric? No, there is not and so one could not instantly manifest a computer, car, or any other object of human-made materials, as such things do not host angels or carbon-based genetics, and angels and a carbon-based genetic structure are required in the instant manifestation process. Even the Sirian Spiritual Elite tried to manifest human-made objects in the time that we studied under them. They never could accomplish this goal no matter how hard that they tried; as even Sirius had foreign substances and minerals that create products that were non-conducive to the energy flow of the two planets.


This is why there was so much discord to displace onto other creations in the Sirian ascent; as they chose to ascend foreign minerals and objects that served human culture and civilization. The ascent of such things produced a great deal of discord and this discord was offloaded onto Earth and 24 other planets that are likewise dying. We perceive now that the Sirian Spiritual Elite were lazy; that they did not wish to go to all of the trouble of forcing human civilization to give up those things that they were addicted unto and did not serve ascension.


We are happy to say that human ascension upon Earth is impossible without giving up one’s addictions along with those relationships that do not support one’s evolution. If one fails to give them up, then one will only ascend so far in this lifetime. Furthermore, future generations will release such attachments, as they are being removed from the human dream on the part of Earth. Earth perceives that human-made goods interfere with the process of inward searching and therefore are necessary to be removed from the dream for humanity to evolve as a whole.


Human-made products such as computers and cars, planes and trains, plastic and human-made fabrics host a nonphysical force that is not associated with the angels that hold the natural world upon Earth. In essence, such things are derived from silica-based substances that were left over from the era of the Dinosaurs or Anu. Silica-based substances are held in a foreign dream due to their biochemical nature.


One cannot command a foreign-based object to manifest unless one had command of foreign-based nature or angels. Even the Anu did not have such command and had to use physical means to create and maintain their own spacecraft and other scientific machinery. We suspect that the Anu never had spiritually mastered anything given the nature of their thoughtform at the time of arrival upon Earth. Therefore, such information is simply unavailable in human form.


Into the future and as Earth passes through the final Star Gate and enters the energy flow of the Great Central Sun, there will be ample chi for instant manifestation. In so doing, humans who have earned such capability through ascension will be able to manifest any food that they envision; or anything else that they might need that hosts a physical blueprint and genetic structure that is carbon based. Such humans will learn to work with the natural world to create homes in nature that provide for their own needs.


One will be able to envision a tree house and then instantly manifest a tree in such a shape that is perfect to dwell within, that keeps one dry, safe and off the ground. One could envision the perfectly shaped cave with its own protection, warmth and natural lighting from above and have the rocks rearrange themselves instantly according to one’s vision. One could alter the pathway of water bringing it nearby one’s home to fill one’s thirst and to bathe within instantly through intention. This we see ascending humans will master after entry into the Great Central Sun, and in so doing, humans will learn to live in the natural world in comfort, pleasure and ease. When first relocated to Earth, we created many mineral structures for our living pleasure with running water nearby along with hot springs to bathe within through such skills.


At this time, Asur’Ana and Per do not use their instant manifestation skills. Several years ago, it was explained unto them that the manifestation planes were already severely damaged and twisted from the misuse of such knowledge in earlier human history. Even in present time, there are those seeming spiritual masters who are the pawns of the false gods, that continue to demonstrate such skills and in so doing, continue to harm Earth. Therefore, Asur’Ana and Per have turned their attention instead into correcting the manifestation planes so that a new dream could be anchored that supports human ascension and global ascension alike.


Asur’Ana and Per are humble; they have a simple life. They do not hoard; they are choosing to be a living example of ascending master who honors the needs of the consensus that they reside within. In so doing, they act out of non-ego and world service in all that they do.


About Limitations in Present Day Ascension


So many are confronted in the potential limitations in ascension; many out of ego would like to ascend to full consciousness; alas one may or may not be able to accomplish this goal in this lifetime. Limitation in ascension has to do with one’s genealogical inheritance. Most will not be able to master full consciousness, instant manifestation, teleportation, levitation or transfiguration in this lifetime. The reason for this has not to do with one’s intention, but rather a lack of biological information.


Over time and due to the fracturing of holographic information into a non-holographic state, one’s genealogy may have become depleted of certain key segments of crystalline genetic encoding. If one lost crystalline information on to another through manipulations involving a curse, hex or spell between ancestries, one may recreate the experience in present time to recover one’s crystalline knowledge. There has been so much manipulation of knowledge between parties over the past 20,000 Earth years (80,000 years) of human history, that much of the ascent to 3000, 6000 and 9000 segments is about retrieving that which one’s ancestry lost due to being cursed, hexed or spelled by another.


In addition to this, each ancestor that gave birth to a child below the vibration of 15,000 DNA segments lost a portion of his or her genetic knowledge unto the child. This is the result of the fracturing of holographic genetic encoding which occurred as humanity fell beneath 15,000 segments. Some children of each ancestor will continue to be associated with one’s tapestry of ancestry and therefore one still has access to such genetic encoding; some will not if in particular the child chose none of the lineages of one’s ancestor.


Choosing no lineages of the mother causes the child and all information therein to remain in the tapestry of ancestry of the father; or conversely choosing no lineages of the father causes the child and all information therein to remain solely in the tapestry of the mother. In such circumstances, information given to the child flows into the tapestry of the parent that the child chooses to carry the lineages of.


Sometimes crystalline information that was lost in one’s ancestry in this manner is difficult to recover, or so Asur’Ana and Per have found in their own ascension, along with those initiates who are limited in the ascent. Generally, when limitation in the ascent occurs, there is a difficult karmic sequence in which a large portion of crystalline information was passed on to a child who chose none of one’s ancestor’s lineages. When this occurs, one may not be able to recover the genetic information that was given away, and if it is a key piece of knowledge to the continued ascent, one’s ascent may cease at such a juncture.


If this occurs, one can intend to manifest an encounter with an ancestor of the child that received the lost knowledge, and then in the encounter choose to release the karma and recover the missing segment of genetic encoding. As Asur’Ana and Per will attest, and each had many missing sequences of this nature to overcome in their own ascent, drawing the right ancestry unto oneself to allow for the karmic release may be difficult. Fortunately, in their gathering in association with DAS, Asur’Ana and Per have been able to create such experiences, not only for themselves, but for others encountering parallel problems in their ascent in DAS; which has indeed fostered a continued ascent of the group through some difficult times. This may or may not be easy to accomplish for others of different preoccupations or circumstances.


In the limitation at 3,000 segments in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience, generally speaking, there is a karmic dance in which the crystalline knowledge that is required to transmute scar tissue (cells that can manufacture and/or carry enzymes to dissolve scars held in the cellular structure) was passed through a child out of the family tree and ancestral records. Without such knowledge, one can go no further than 3,000 DNA segments in this lifetime, as one will not be able to transmute the next level of problematic cells into the crystalline format. Ascension is ultimately biological; although one works closely with the etheric in the act of transmutation, the transmutation must come all the way down into the physical, or one will make oneself ill in the ascent instead.


If those who are held at 3,000 were allowed to go on, an early death would be the end result, as the imbalance of a growing field that is unsupported by cellular transmutation to the crystalline form only creates a field that can wobble, and then in the wobble tears at the etheric body. Where the etheric body is weakened, then a problem in the physical will develop over time, and as this occurs and if it is a vital enough system, the body may die.


One ascending initiate not associated with DAS recently passed; this initiate could not bring the continued ascent into the physical. Alas they continued to build the energy field until a wobble developed that tore so badly at the lower back of the etheric body that it created the rapid physical experience of liver failure. One cannot build a field far above the size and vibration that the body can support through biological evolution, or one will simply create an early death instead. It is for this reason that ascending the biological form and field to the same level of mastery and holding it there if one can go no further is vital to the continued life of the form.


However, please remember that death is not an end. We are your ancestors and we have not ceased to exist; even through 50,000 Earth years (200,000 human years) of falls in consciousness, we are still present. The afterlife experience is also liberating as one ceases to be bound by physical limitation of thoughtform. Generally, there is far greater understanding of what one failed to understand in one’s given life as one exits the physical plane. There are also many projects all ancestors are involved with to foster human evolution; this also leads to personal growth through revelations of spiritual lessons one failed to learn in one’s given life.


Death is not an end and should not be feared; and most who intend to ascend today will ascend as far as one can, but end the life in death nonetheless. Death is nothing but releasing the physical form; one’s consciousness and whom one has been carries on. Therefore, perhaps death can be embraced if it is time in the greater understanding of the truth of the nonphysical reality that surrounds all form. The nonphysical or spiritual is eternal; and physicality merely a vessel through which the nonphysical can be expressed.


The Dream of the Tao


One may wonder what makes Asur’Ana and Per so special that they can ascend further than most? Long ago, the Tao sent in a dream for some humans to be born who would choose specific lineages through the union of a man and woman holding ancestry to ancient times. Asur’Ana and Per attuned to this dream and created a union of parents whose genealogy goes back to the times of the Grand Master seeding. They did so founded upon a dream that has led to their ascent and their leadership in the dreamtime ascension movement.


Asur’Ana and Per are not here to be worshiped, as they are no more god goddess in form than anyone else. However, they serve a special function in creating a pathway of mastery that all humans may follow; and if not in one’s present embodiment, then through one’s future ancestors. And one will experience such future ascensions nonetheless as one’s consciousness is eternal and shall carry on to support the ascent of the entire human species.


The dream that the Tao has projected onto Earth and into your creation is no small feat; it is necessary to the recovery of the whole. Those who are drawn to the dream of ascension may like Asur’Ana and Per have ancestry back into ancient times; or one may have limitations in ascension as spoken of above. Regardless of how long one may ascend or live, one’s intent to ascend shall mold the future of the human species in the direction of evolution; evolution out of warfare and abuse and into unity and love again. One will experience such a new human civilization through one’s future ancestry if not in this lifetime.


And so, for the sake of oneself and one’s future ancestors, intend to ascend. Intend to ascend and all may change; first and foremost, in one’s own life as one transcends whatever difficult karmic circumstance that imprisons oneself and finds one’s way to greater freedom within and without. Intend to ascend and one’s future ancestors shall carry forward, building a new human civilization that is in balance and harmony with Earth and the natural world. Intend that you and your future ancestors master completely transmuting each and every layer of destructive thoughtform. In so doing, peace, honor, love, unconditional acceptance and joy can become the new foundation of the human dance.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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