Image of serene Lake Tahoe in California. The Times Of Cleansing Have Begun

3. The Times Of Cleansing Have Begun


There is much that Earth would like to share with those following the books brought forth through Asur’Ana and her website Aligning With Earth. At this time, Earth has passed through the 4th Star Gate out of 36 total required to transit before entry into the skin of the Sun itself, also known as the Photon Belt. Each gate, of which Earth is mastering roughly one per year at this time in her global ascension, escalates the amount of photonic energy available to bring forth genetic changes associated with biological ascension.


Signs of Biological Ascension


Many humans are still under the misnomer that the biology need not ascend; alas the only means of building in chi and vibration is an alteration of the biology to the crystalline genetic structure. We have brought through detailed information about this biology, and for those new to these materials, we recommend reviewing such information so that one will have a working understanding of the changes inherent in adult ascension. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” and Chapter 10 “Changes in the Ascending Energy Field in the Ascent to Bodhisattva” for more information.)


One of the signs of ascension is an overall growth of the form even for mature adults and the development of the “Buddha Belly”, which is really the crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm grows out over the rib cage and contains multiple pockets in which blood is converted into sugar to feed the metabolism of the crystalline form. It is the development of this diaphragm along with many other crystalline organs that gave Buddha such a “chubby” look later in his ascent.


The crystalline form requires 150% more calories in order to sustain itself, and therefore one cannot eat enough to sustain the new biology associated with an ascending form. We have had initiates go onto a week’s fruit fast for detoxification purposes and not lose an ounce in body weight; why? It is simply a matter that of the fact that the diaphragm converted enough oxygen into sugar that they did not starve during the fast. Which brings Earth to another point, and that is one cannot eat too much in ascension, as the food intake may have little to do with weight gain after the Buddha belly has formed.


So many humans are in a state of continued preference for the skinny form; this form is being phased out, not only for the human species but all species upon Earth. Depending one’s lineages and tapestry of ancestry, the crystalline form is between 5-25% larger overall as a fully conscious state is mastered and “rounder” due to the protrusion of the diaphragm; for each species along with humankind develops a “Buddha Belly”.


Much of such growth shall come forth through future generations yet unborn that will have a much taller or larger stature and larger bone structure along with cranial cavity. The head also grows for those ascending to the minimum of 3,000 segments of DNA (one full tube of DNA out of the 12 tubes required to sustain full consciousness.) The brain increases in size to accommodate the emergence of the pituitary and pineal glands; the pituitary gland begins to bud with an additional 250 nodes in the ascent to 3,000 and 600 nodes in the ascent to Bodhisattva level evolution. Each node produces a necessary biochemical substance to allow for continued physical ascension.


Mastering Biological Compassion


What is Bodhisattva level evolution? The Bodhisattva masters compassion in action; however, first the body and cellular structure ascends into compassion upon a biological level. What is biological compassion? Biological compassion equates to a regenerative cellular structure in which all that is necessary to provide for the health and well-being of each cell is made available; this includes sugar, oxygen and all nutrients. Furthermore, viruses and bacteria that would deteriorate or age the form are also transcended.


A world that reflects compassion in action in the physical would also provide for each human with all needs upon the physical plane; peace would reign over humankind, as there would be internal peace in each cellular structure that the outer reality would mirror. War is only a reflection of the warfare that is biological; biological warfare is due to agents that destroy the physical cells such as bacteria and viruses.


The outer dynamics in the human expression is only a reflection of the internal dissonance within that is cellular. The current conflicts in Iran is the result of humanity collectively pushing their internal dissonance into a few regions upon Earth, including Iraq, Israel and Palestine along with parts of Africa and South America. As enough humans master Bodhisattva level evolution, there will be peace upon Earth, as the internal peace mastered upon a biological level shall be reflected back externally in all human relations.


Wars and conflicts are the result of the collective of humanity choosing to disown their own destructive thoughtform and push such dissonance to act out in only a few regions upon Earth. Earth has been in the process of reweaving the dream for the human species such that each must take responsibility for their own destructive thoughtform rather than project it as a collective onto particular regions causing war and civil uprisings.


In so doing, the need to war will be embraced upon an individual basis and cease to be reflected back as global incidents. Earth has been pushing towards this shift in the human dream for the past 20 months. In recent months and upon entry into the latest Star Gate, the human dream has been rewoven to provide the momentum towards a new direction of peace by forcing the collective need to war back upon each individual. Some examples of how a personal war might manifest in each individual life could be a legal battle, or a difficult divorce; or a battle at work, or a battle between family members, or a battle between friends, or an accident.


Pushing the warfare back into the personal lives of the individuals is a necessity to avoid a nuclear holocaust in the future beloved, and in Earth’s estimation. This shall assure global peace and a birth of the new era thereafter.


The New Dreamtime Manifestation Planes


The human dream has been rewoven yet again. The dream for humanity has been segregated into continental planes associated with each of the 12 major chakra regions and dreamtime therein. 4 of these chakras are inside of Earth and sustain her Aurora. The remaining 8 include the North Pole (Iceland, Norway and Greenland and the Northern Territories of Canada), North America, South America, Australia, South Pole (New Zealand, Tasmania and S. Africa), Europe, along with Asia and the Pacific Rim (Asia, Hawaii and Tahiti). Each of these regions now holds separate and distinct dreamtime planes that one’s personal dream shall step down through.


Up until this shift, the dreamtime planes associated with physical plane manifestation were still run from Australia for all of Earth and all of humanity, which has been considered the land of dreamtime. It is not that dreamtime has left Australia per se, but that dreamtime is now anchored global wide with seven manifestation planes associated with each continent. This splits the human dream into continental and regional scripts that makes the possibility of manipulation into another cycle of nuclear annihilation less viable on the part of the forces of the dark. Earth has been working towards this goal of separate dreamtime for 15 months. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 5 “New Global Dreamtime Launched” for more information.)


The Times of Cleansing Ahead


It is through these new dreamtime planes that the unconscious of each human is now suspended in one’s own field rather than held as a separate force that the false gods and dark forces can work through or push humanity to war through. For many, this is the time that the cleansing will begin. What does the cleansing mean? It simply means that one shall either ascend at this time, or live out their personal karma ending the life in death.


It is through the unconscious that the karma associated with each set of lineages is held; it would be impossible for karmic settlement to occur without this rearrangement of dream, as the karma simply would not be held within the individual’s field. If the karma is elsewhere, how could it possibly be settled? It is for this reason that this re-orchestration of the unconscious is a necessary prelude to the impending times of cleansing, as it sets humanity up for a completion of karma in this cycle.


Long ago, we have warned of a time ahead when the unconscious and conscious would merge, and one would be living their own unconscious in present time. This time has come beloved. For those who are unaware of this time of ascension, it may be very confusing, for sudden changes may come forth in rapid order, along with bazaar terrorist acts or other random acts of violence, or sudden death.


One example is this recent 2019-2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) outbreak that is causing a rapid death. Such deaths are a blessing if one perceives it from the perspective of soul. Such deaths allow for a conclusion of a given lifetime of karma; the human consciousness carries forward as a living ancestor to all that they are related to in ancestry. Nothing is lost, and there will be far more of this type of plague in the year and years ahead.


Why is this so? If the collective warfare that would lead to nuclear annihilation is redistributed into all lineages that hold karmic liability and in all humans global wide, one manner in which warfare karma will express itself is through disease. Disease is an internalized war with viruses and bacteria acting in a similar manner to soldiers upon the battlefield; viruses attacking healthy cells and systems until they cannot sustain the health and life of the form. The warfare karma must be settled in some manner; Earth chooses to settle it primarily through disease so that a nuclear devastation will be offset and avoided altogether into the future.


In the personal battle with any disease, humans are humbled; they also come to learn many important spiritual lessons. For some the spiritual quest will begin with the emergence of a disease. Humans also learn to respect their temple, or their embodiment, and learn to treat it with love and care, which is felt upon a cellular level enough, it can lead to a recovery. Humans may well ascend out of disease as their time of awakening is triggered through the manifestation of a physical ailment.


Plagues and Diseases


This current Novel Coronavirus claiming many lives will claim many more, and is the third of 18 other viruses that appear to be human-made to surface. The previous two were the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in 2002-2003 and the MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in 2012. Why would humanity turn against itself and create diseases deliberately? As science evolved, the ability to mutate cells was developed and this led to “biological weapons”. Now you are living in a time when humanity’s own biological weapons will be turned against humanity. Why would anyone do this? Well one can only look at the hatred between the East and West at this time and due to the conflicts in the Middle East perhaps to understand. Those unleashing such substances are feeling vindicated in their self-righteousness.


Earth asks ascending initiates not to worry. These plagues are low-level vibration machinery that tears apart the etheric vessel leading to enough weakness internal to self that the bacteria and viruses overrun the form. Such machinery may well not affect ascending initiates at all as it sits at such a low vibratory bandwidth. Such machinery if it even enters the field of an ascending initiate can be transmuted in the matter of a day or so leaving one uninfected. It is only if the psychic machinery is left unattended to over a week to month period that the disease then manifests, and if the shattering of field is great enough, death is the result.


Our point is that any disease is first a nonphysical form of violence that is perpetrated against one’s etheric vessel. If one catches the violence in the nonphysical before it steps into physicality and transcends the associated karma, the physical ailment is avoided. Most initiates will have enough power of thoughtform to transcend this type of low-level destructive machinery associated with SARS, MERS and now Novel Coronavirus.


Where does such machinery come from? Such violence is orchestrated by the false intervention that is still working through non-ascending humans through their genetic agreements. This is the last push, the last shattering that should lead to extinction of all of humankind. However, it shall only lead to extinction of those who are not ascending, as those who have elevated their vibration enough and above the bandwidth that this shredding of field is occurring will simply not be afflicted.


It is for this reason that we advise ascending initiates not to panic; not to wear facemasks day and night in protection; and not to give their pets away needlessly feeling that they may carry the Novel Coronavirus bacteria. We also suggest that ascending initiates not cancel their travel plans. You are here to demonstrate, beloved, living beyond fear; perhaps now more than ever such a life well lived can demonstrate to others ready to awaken that one need not acquiesce to fear, but simply live one’s life as directed from within and from one’s own soul, oversoul and source along with Mother Earth and nature kingdoms.


The Nature of the Flu or Common Cold


In all cases of disease, whether it is a case of the flu or a common cold to any other form of illness, there is an impairment of the nonphysical vessel associated. Repair the etheric vessel and the physical form will have an opportunity to ascend out of the associated disease. Often the flu or common cold is simply the result of a karmic battle in which one is being battered in the nonphysical. Transcend the karma and the battering will cease, and the flu or cold will rapidly go away as one reweaves and repairs the etheric vessel.


Asur’Ana and some high-level initiates have experienced flu like symptoms disappearing in a matter of an hour or less once the associated karma has been released and the nonphysical rewoven. Movement of the kundalini energy flow is imperative to a rapid shift from feeling ill to feeling well again. Often ascending initiates waver between not feeling so good and then feeling full of vitality again as one consciously chooses to release the associated karma that is pulling or tugging upon one’s field. The point here is that there is never a time that an ascending initiate need be ill; one may choose to take action in the release of karma and repair of field through conscious intention. After all, this is what becoming the dreamer and the dream along with commanding one’s life is all about in the choice to ascend.


Disease and Karma Settlement


AIDS is a human-made virus that was unleashed against the African population through immunization per the karmic records recovered through African ascensions. This experience is the result of the karma that those with African lineage carry. Those of African inheritance are related to a group of Black Assyrians whose space craft crash landed in the region now known as Egypt about 18,000 Earth years ago (72,000 human years). This group of Black Assyrians numbered less than 100, and were unable to repair the craft enough to return home. Furthermore, those at home could not return to pick them up as their communication devices failed once inside the biosphere of Earth.


The Black Assyrians chose to commit suicide in many cases. Yet others chose to intermix with the then prevalent red race inhabiting the land. Yet others chose to migrate into other regions such as what is now known as Africa. Such Assyrians retained a level of information that the red man living in Africa did not recall. One of such pieces of knowledge was how to create diseases in laboratories. Those from Black Assyria did not get along well with the red race that had become closed minded and non-accepting of those from another planet and of a different skin color. The Black Assyrians chose to poison the red nations in Africa with a human-made virus in order to make room for their presence. The karma for AIDS is the return of the manner in which those with such inheritances poisoned the red nation people very long ago.


This karma is soon to be released in full through the collective ascent of humanity. Many ascending children are coming out of the families that have died of AIDS in Africa; so much so that there are entire tribes of primarily young folk without adults or parents. However, these young people shall prevail and shall be free of the plague that had afflicted their parents as the karma has been cleared. Many with AIDS who are of other nationalities also hold inheritance to the Black Assyrians. As each releases their karma, they too may recover in adult form from AIDS.


Karma holds a record that repeats until the karma has been released. Over time, the Annanuki who were a group of Pleiadians that chose to make Earth “home” for the profit and gain of mining gold, they too created biological agents of destruction. The Pleiadians created a human slave race in a laboratory; one manner to control the slaves was to administer certain diseases that would kill the weakest of the clan. Such biological weaponry was administered periodically and as the slave populations grew to be too large to be sustained by the land. Those that were too weak died off reducing the overall population; this form of population control worked for many thousands of years in the Annanuki history.


As the numbers of slaves increased too much over time and interbreeding went out of control, the old, deformed, crippled and diseased were taken by the Annanuki to “concentration camps” in the region today known as New York and Chicago in present time. These camps were used to poison the weakest slaves en masse via gas much like what was used against the Jews in Auschwitz in WWII Nazi Germany.


This too is karma that can and will play out in the coming times of cleansing, as there are such large genetic records of dying from disease or being gassed to death. The gas itself created a form of asphyxiation that parallels the SARS, MERS, and Novel Coronavirus symptoms in Earth’s estimation. We see that these viruses are actually associated with the karma for annihilation of the slaves in gas chambers by the Annanuki so very long ago. As any ascending human releases this karma, they will no longer be subject to the effects of these viruses.


Into the future, many other plagues will form that will be associated with the types of diseases the Annanuki released upon their own slaves. The karma is the underlying cause of any such disease. Release the karma through ascension, and one will not be subject to the disease in present time. How does one release karma in ascension? One intends it so daily, just as one intends to ascend.


Matching the Vibration of the Great Central Sun


96 million years ago, Earth exited the love and light of the Great Central Sun. Earth was a 12th dimensional vessel at the time that she exited. Now she returns 96 million years later as a third dimensional vessel. In order to make entry without combusting into a billion bits of matter, Earth must match the thoughtform and vibrations of the Great Central Sun 100%. The Great Central Sun is adjusting her tones to accommodate Earth’s requirements in order to succeed. Each of the 36 Star Gates is provided as a means in which Earth may slowly alter her global vibration to emulate the Great Central Sun in preparation for entry. Each increase in vibration will bring an increase to what scientists call “global warming” as Earth shall continue to “heat up” to match the temperature of the Great Central Sun.


The temperature of the Great Central Sun in the third dimension equates to a baseline of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius. One can think of such a temperature as a hot and muggy summer’s day. Earth in order to match this vibration will not necessarily be 120 around the globe, as this is not possible given the frozen ice caps in the North and South Pole that will have yet to defrost in full by entry. However, there will be a range by time of entry of 60 degrees F (16 degrees C) at the poles and over 130 degrees F (54 degrees C) at the equator. Such an increasing temperature is what is required in order to make entry into the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that over the coming 15 years Earth will experience a rapid rise in global temperature. Melting caps and shorelines under water in the northern and southern hemispheres are anticipated to be commonplace by 2030 as a result.


How is this to be accomplished? New energy movement has been orchestrated to cause a rapid warming of the most frozen tundra upon Earth’s surface. As more and more photonic energy becomes available with each increasing entry into the next Star Gate, this energy movement will begin to defrost the glaciers. Already glaciers are receding; Earth anticipates the most rapid recession of glaciers of the coming 15 years as a result of the increasing photon energy surrounding Earth and moving through her chakras.


Photon energy heats things up, including one’s own body as an ascending initiate. Asur’Ana has a base line body temperature of 102 degrees F (39 degrees C); however, she can also push it to 107 to 110 if she moves enough kundalini consciously. Furthermore, she has learned to cause her body to rise to 107 several times per day to kill unwanted bacteria that her crystalline skin is not impervious to. This allows her to retain a disease-free form while living in a non-crystalline world. As Earth’s temperature rises, the current bacteria plaguing humankind and nature will simply die off, better supporting all life that is choosing to ascend into the future.


The tones of the Great Central Sun are gold and silver. As of late, gold and silver dreamtime planes have been added to earth’s biosphere. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 6 “The Return of the Gold and Silver Planes to Earth” for more information.) This is the first step towards bringing Earth up in vibration and temperature enough that she sits more or less in these golden and silver tones of creation of the Great Central Sun. For each ascending species, this has now become the goal, to match the gold and silver so that one may pass into the Great Central Sun in ease, anticipated sometime in 2048 as the point of entry.


Gold and Silver and Human Ascension


Asur’Ana has begun to embody the gold and silver tones of creation as a part of her soul infusion and next phase of ascension. One can embrace the gold and silver tones into one’s field through the kundalini and light body. This can begin to be done with some modest accomplishment at 3,000 segments. It has now become the goal of those attaining Bodhisattva level evolution to weave the entire light body and larger global auric field with gold and silver tones of creation; in so doing there will be a greater readiness to enter the Great Central Sun and survive by those mastering this level of evolution.


Incoming Bodhisattva children will master the gold and silver tones at an early age, and then go on to ascend to Mahavishnu or Fully Conscious biology in many cases. The map for the ascent beyond 6,000 shall begin to be carved this year in preparation for the ascending children, with a small handful of adults taking their ascent to 12,000 segments.


6,000 segments of DNA or Bodhisattva level evolution allows for a fully regenerative form that ceases to age or become ill, and a vegetarian digestive track allowing one to cease to consume flesh to subsist; this is important as flesh contains the “death hormone” due to how animals are slaughtered that would compromise the form otherwise if one was not vegetarian. The ascent to 12,000 level awareness shall bring forth the restoration of the joy hormonal system throughout the form; this hormonal system shall allow the biology of those mastering the next level of ascent to sit in an ongoing state of peace.


It shall be those pushing on to 12,0000 segments in particular that can bring the gold and silver tones into the subtle bodies; this will allow for a mental, emotional, intuitive and creative expression that emulates the non-conditional love of the Great Central Sun. Such humans shall be leaders of leaders as they come forth; however, most in adult form may never be known in the current paradigm, as the current paradigm is not ready for such forms of leadership. However, amongst those creating ascending community, it shall be those of Bodhisattva and Mahavishnu evolution that shall form the core humans that oversees the group based upon non-conditional leadership.


Non-Conditional Leadership


What is non-conditional leadership? It is leadership that is founded upon guiding a group of others based upon spiritual law. Spiritual law only allows those that have karma or soul agreements to remain together. If all karma is settled and no soul agreement was present, then the associated human would be removed from the group. Dispute alone would not be the reason to push another out of the group; it would require karmic completion, as such is the nature of spiritual law. This may be hard, particularly if the individual at cause irritated enough folk in the community; however, if the purpose of community is to ascend, then clearing karma with one another is paramount as this is the foundation of ascension.


Only those that had mastered enough peace within could guide others who perhaps had not mastered such in a manner that would serve the evolution of the whole community. We see that it is in the community setting in the coming quarter century that such leadership and those mastering the next phase of ascension will have their greatest capacity to serve. It is for this reason that Earth is pursuing making a map for adult humans to this next phase of ascension, as it will allow the foundation of community to come forth in greater ease and with gentle loving guidance from those who have mastered a state of greater inner peace.


Most of those who will master 12,000 will be primarily inwardly destructive and prone to creating disease in their pre-ascension life dance. Many may ascend out of disease only to recover enough power to lead others after mastering the next phase of ascension. The candidates for this next phase of ascent are humble, quiet, non-assuming, and yet focused upon their personal evolution above and beyond all else. They have demonstrated the willingness to leave behind the conventional human dance along with the family ties enough to push on to the next level of evolution.


It shall be those pushing on to 12,000 segments that will more greatly master the gold and silver tones of creation in their communication skills. They shall hold the gold and silver in group circumstances or community to assist in creating an environment of harmony, unity and collaboration. Much like a dance, each does their part to sustain the energy flow of the whole; those with the greater mastery orchestrate the flow of the whole so that harmony, balance and unity are retained. Earth shall work through each ascending community to orchestrate such a dance. It is only as the map makers live a community lifestyle that is ascending and unity based that the map will be carved for all humans to ascend into as a collective to move towards a unity-based civilization.


The Limitations of Ascension


Many entities that channel forth spiritual knowledge through humankind presume that this map already exists and that the journey shall be an easy one. Perhaps the recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus and the conflicts in the Middle East provides a reality check for those existing in such fantasies. The times of cleansing shall not be easy; there is much difficult karma to be released yet, and such karma is associated with disease and war primarily. Many map carvers are on the verge of transcending disease and warfare karma; this is a requirement to master Bodhisattva level evolution. Those that accomplish this now shall create a life of peace while the rest of the world may be in chaos. However, it shall be such humans that shall inspire others to ascend out of their chaos in demonstrating living without fear.


It is anticipated that by the end of 2022, there may be as many as 8,000 having mastered Bodhisattva level evolution global wide. Although the numbers may be small, the thoughtform is perceived as powerful enough to redirect human history and the future human dream towards unity consciousness. Out of these 8000, yet a handful again or less than 200 shall take the ascent to the next level of 12,000 segments.


Why is ascension so limited? One becomes a living saint at Bodhisattva level evolution. How many humans would like the life of a Saint???? Most would not; this is neither right nor wrong, but the truth of the matter in association with one’s genetic inheritance. The life of a Saint could be considered parallel to Mother Teresa who moved only as spirit guided her in all that she did; and she moved through some difficult circumstances at that. So, this is so for the Bodhisattva; and it may create a rather reclusive lifestyle as so few resonate with one’s emerging vibration, and one’s field is so sensitive that being around many people or in the density of the cities may leave one feeling ill at this level of evolution.


Ascension is about purification; purification of field, purification of the tones of creation or the colors in the chakras, subtle bodies, light body and etheric vessel, purification of one’s thoughts. The Bodhisattva cannot afford a violent or judgmental thought to be directed at another at will. The purification of field of the Bodhisattva will be augmented by the addition of the gold and silver tones of creation to the light body and larger auric field and large chakra system. This has now become a part of the new emerging blueprint or map to this level of evolution.


The map to Bodhisattva is not complete yet; the map to 3,000 segments has just been released to the map followers as of late. It is hoped that some will transit to Bodhisattva as map followers; mostly it is anticipated that there will be many children born at Bodhisattva level evolution in the decade ahead. These children shall bridge humanity into a new day. Children will not mind living the life of a Saint. Why is this so? Children have no prior history to recall that would push them to act in a manner in which the field may be misused to do global harm or harm to another.


This is the problem of ascending adults that are not committed to the life changes of a Saint but whom master powerful global thoughtform nonetheless; their continued addictions or predisposition to intertwine or intermix with the old consensus sets their field up to be used by dark forces who then attempt to prevent global ascension wherever they live. We have had so many ascended of this nature we sincerely understand the dance. It is far better to limit those who are not willing to live the life of a Saint at a lower vibratory bandwidth in which the field cannot be used to harm others or Earth. This is the reason that the restrictions are so great upon adult ascension, beloved. And they are the best given the current circumstances within the human dance and genetics.


Inner Earth News


The Inner Earth people have chosen to release yet again additional substances into the air and water to assist in the toxic cleanup of Earth. These additional substances will also help the glaciers begin to melt, offsetting the chemicals left by the Arcturians about 24 million years ago as they froze Earth to deposit large toxic amounts of sulfur dioxide. The Arcturians are humanoid but androgynous and from a parallel creation associated with your Cosmic Sun that is 12th Dimensional in vibration.


Humans in the Inner Earth have studied the cause of the “great freeze” or last ice age of Earth and are now utilizing their technology to support Earth in thawing out. It is perceived by Earth that without this support, matching the temperature of the Great Central Sun by 2048 would be impossible. For those living near the shoreline of continents greatly north or south of the equator, the water tables will be on the rise. Perhaps it is best to move inland and into the hills as a result, or find property for community that is well inland.


The Years Ahead


Earth is always amazed at the inflated price of living and housing in most regions that Asur’Ana travels. The banks of course are behind this dance with their interest rates that generate money for doing nothing, making wealth out of non-service. Non-service is the result of the Annanuki that did nothing more of any given cycle than not. They lived off of the prosperity of the gold mined by others and were waited upon hand and foot. Those emulating this today are only living the karma of their predecessors who existed in a parallel manner.


The days of great wealth or great poverty shall come to an end in due course. The cause of this may be more greatly associated with the large numbers of humans exiting the physical plane than anything else. For if enough die, who will pay the mortgage? Who will pay upon the debt accrued in any given lifetime? It shall be the banks that greatly suffer first and foremost, with many collapsing as loan after loan is defaulted upon due to plagues claiming the lives of millions of people.


Your entire civilization will experience a bit of a breakdown as this occurs, as there may not be enough to work to sustain the current manner in which the vast majority of humans live and are fed. Who is going to raise the vegetables upon the farm if the farmers die off? And what if the plants and animals die of unknown viruses and plagues themselves, just like your human counterparts?


Plants and animals farmed in non-conscious manners or that which is genetically modified are choosing to exit physicality at this time and in the coming decades. No soul is choosing to ensoul that which is raised in such a manner, as it is too painful. Small examples of this can be seen already throughout the world with new viruses destroying crops, or even the weather playing a part. The consciousness of the plant kingdoms is strong enough at this time to alter the weather if it is their choice to retract from physicality.


What is the solution? One solution is for humanity to turn more greatly to organic farming along with creating one’s own garden. Even if one is not ready to move into community, perhaps it is time to plant one’s own garden. Organic farms will flourish into the future, as agreements have been struck between ascending humans and the souls ensouling organic plants and animals raised for milk and eggs (not flesh for consumption) to survive the coming times of cleansing. Perhaps for some it may be time to start or purchase an organic farm of some sort; for those ascending it is time to buy organic, even if it costs more, so that more will be encouraged to move into such farming practices. In so doing, there will be enough food for those remaining upon the physical plane and in human form.


Many ascending initiates global wide have orchestrated blessings to the organic farmlands of the world; as such they hold space for soul to enter the physical plants and soil of such farms and animals utilized for eggs and milk only. This too shall augment the ascent of the organic farmer and their family along with the staff. In time and as other crops die, such farmers will earn more than they do now, offsetting all the times in the past where the farmer barely earned enough to plant their crops from year to year. This will be a sign of the return of balanced giving and receiving within the human dance as it occurs.


Humans are used to high priced housing and the low cost of food and clothing. In the times ahead, this will reverse itself beloved; suddenly there will be many homes vacant due to countless deaths from plagues yet unknown. Housing will become cheap. Food on the other hand will go through the roof as farmers die of leaving harvests unpicked, or crops fail. However, Earth sees that it will all balance out and each will have enough to survive nonetheless.


Corporations will have to provide better benefits to humans willing to work in the years ahead. For there will be less available humans due to the plagues to fulfill upon the multitude of jobs required to continue to attempt to run civilization at its current standard. This will be quite the change within most countries in which 9 to 5, five days per week, and 50 weeks of the year is expected in most industries. Asur’Ana was pleased to hear that Kuwait has the most vacation days with 43 days of paid leave, while Cambodia is ranked second with 42 days. Georgia ranked third with 39 days of vacation, and Austria at fourth place with the country providing 6 weeks of vacation per year; 4 for time with family and 2 for retreating to health farms and mineral springs to support one’s health and well-being.


Employers of the future may offer even more benefits if there are so few humans to do the job at hand available to fill the role. This too will be a sign of the restoration of balanced giving and receiving to the human dance as the current system is more or less a form of slavery that is highly imbalanced in favor of the corporation.


Weather is on its way to be rebalanced worldwide by 2028. This shall bring rainfall to the barest of deserts at this time in history, allowing all living upon such land to grow whatever they need to subsist. This shall bring an end to the starvation that is generally the result of difficult weather patterns, and an unwillingness of humans of wealthier countries to share food resources. This too shall be a sign of the emerging balance between giving and receiving in the dance between nature and humankind.


Most of the wealthiest of humans have no lineage for ascension. This means that even their children shall perish in the coming 25-year cycle. Who will inherit their wealth if there are no heirs left? Perhaps the people will, and this will bring an end to the extreme imbalance of financial resources within the current dance. This is the new dream that Earth is broadcasting upon humanity from the new dreamtime planes.


War will fade into a distant memory as each plague further claims human lives by the thousand. However, those who ascend in adult form along with ascending children shall be by and large immune to such difficulties, as one will have risen in vibration above the bandwidth in which the plagues are occurring. Again, this is karma from the era of the Anu and primarily afflicts those of slave origins in genetics. Those with ancient red inheritance or who are indigenous have a different genetic pool to draw upon that will allow one to rise rapidly at this time in history above the vibration that the plagues occur within.


Pain and Strife


Is there any way to ease the pain and strife? One may wonder. The pain and strife is primarily a third dimensional experience; for soul there is no pain and strife; only a cleansing of that which cannot ascend in the physical. Each human that dies shall carry on as a living ancestor to all other humans beyond death. There is no loss experienced other than in the physical.


For the physical and those who are ascending, ascension leads to a non-attached life expression in which one is joyful in the present with whatever the circumstances are. One moves from living in the past or future to living in the NOW, especially as the ascent to 6,000 is mastered. Those who are ascending will learn to let go of their friends and family that pass along with the houses and properties and mortgages if the banking systems collapse. Those remaining will learn to pull together to farm the land and make up for the food shortages inherent in the loss of non-consciously farmed food.


For some, it will be a difficult journey from attachment to non-attachment, pain and strife to joy. However, those who are ascending now can tell you it is a difficult journey even if consciously chosen; and so, it is simply the journey of ascension beloved. It is this journey as it unfolds en masse for humanity that will create the requirement to leave the attachments behind and learn to live more freely with one another and from the land.


The path of ascension requires such; and as each human attains a state of full consciousness by 2093, property ownership and most expressions as you know them will fade also into a distant memory. Humanity is in for a rapid rise in consciousness from an ownership and enslaved form of civilization to total freedom; freedom to be and do what one wishes; a return to the Garden of Eden where the fruit grows from the vines and nature provides natural places to inhabit.


The Nature of Full Consciousness


Fully conscious humans live in joy and in the moment. There is no way to force a fully conscious human to do that which they do not choose to do, nor that which brings them not joy. The point here is that one will only do what brings them joy after attainment of a fully conscious biology, as one cannot force the form to do what it hates.


What will civilization be like when all humans are fully conscious and only capable of doing what brings them joy? A joyful civilization shall emerge in which each contributes what they love the most to the community or tribe. For some it may be little as they are off in an internal spiritual quest that takes them into their unconscious for the purposes of continued ascension. However, each who ascends still contributes to the whole, and so such humans also contribute to the overall goal of continued ascension of the tribe and Earth.


What kind of clothes, furnishings, equipment and so on will fully conscious humans create? If one only creates out of joy, then one will create a piece of art. Humans will live amongst and within the art that they create and this too will bring joy unto the individual, community or tribe. What will humans do for entertainment?


Earth foresees certain instruments that are non-electrical such as the guitar, drum, harp, piano and so on passing through the Photon Belt, and humans utilizing such to entertain one another in community or tribe. There will be a need to sing and dance together. Perhaps such times will be reminiscent of the “Merry Monarch” era in Hawaii in which King Kalakaua brought the Hula out of the closet and allowed women to dance, swaying their beautiful hips to the beat of the gourd and bamboo sticks and to the sound of the Hawaiian chant and music.


There will be love and romance in the community or tribe or between tribes; there will be new ascending children born out of such loving unions. Relationship shall turn from a bored mechanized state often ending in divorce or separation into the path of the two and founded upon the love between souls. The light surrounding one’s face and not the physical structure will measure beauty. Relationships may be homosexual or heterosexual and will be accepted as love between the two regardless of gender. Love is love; the tribe will think.


There will be the elders who will guide, lead, counsel and raise the young. Humans will pull together to do the necessary chores each day, easing the load and allowing time for the inner quest that ascension requires. Spiritual masters will emerge in each tribe and assist in leading the group through continued group initiations. After 2100, there will be so much light as Earth penetrates more deeply into the Great Central Sun that the sun will never set; with light around the clock all shall grow more rapidly and the continued biological changes will occur more rapidly until humans, plants, animals, dolphins and whales along with land and sea emerge into the fourth dimension. This is anticipated to occur around 2300.


Fourth Dimensional Earth


In the fourth dimension, there is greater balance. There is no hot or cold, no light or dark, no heavy or lean, no form of extreme polarity whatsoever. This is what fourth dimensional Earth was like long ago. Magnetism and fourth dimensional form will allow one to be light upon one’s feet. Some animals will sprout wings again at this time and begin to fly; this is where the memory of the winged horse and lion (or dragon) comes from beloved, as it was so in a fourth dimensional state.


In the fourth dimension, magic shall flow and humans shall remember things such as instant manifestation and teleportation, as these were once a part of fourth and fifth dimensional human life upon Maldek. It will also be at this time that those who are mastering the upper initiations shall begin to ascend Home to the Tao to assist Earth in preparing for the same journey as a consensus over the following 1,000-year period.


Asur’Ana recalls a time in ancient days when her ascending ancestor just prior to taking their ascent Home demonstrated their ability to levitate and move a fabric scarf with their mind in a dance performed in front of the entire ascending audience. To the beat of the drum and other instruments along with chanting, this ancestor levitated and danced above the audience while the scarf twirled in a rhythmic manner above her head. One’s ancient ancestry has memory of such things and so they will be again, beloved; they are all about spiritual mastery in which one transcends physical plane law the further that one ascends and is infused with soul. And so, it will be again for the pure of heart, the gentlest of nature, for it is the meek only that will be able to master such skills.


Over the coming 100 years, human lineages that cannot ascend will be phased out. Lineages from the slave race that has little awareness shall be the first to perish in the coming 25-year cycle; then those who are not associated with ancient Grand Master inheritance will perish in the following 50 years. Life will not end, and each that passes will continue as a living ancestor to those who remain, bearing witness to the changes in human relations and civilization along with the ascension into the next dimension and Home to the Tao. Nothing is lost; and limitation, pain, starvation, death, warfare, brutality, parasites and parasitic behavior, slavery and disease shall be left behind forever more.


The Nature of the Dance


Our point here is that there is nothing to fear, although we see that the media is in practice of amplifying fear to a point of terror surrounding such things as terrorist acts, disease, plagues and war. Why is the media so hip on fear? Fear sells papers and turns humans to read the news or watch the news. Through the news, the corporations behind it all take the power and chi from the masses who watch out of terror. Those behind the news inflate themselves to be larger than life; it is in the larger than life state that the wealthiest of humans sustain their wealth. Therefore, terror serves.


We invite ascending initiates and those reading our books to turn off the TV; to cease listening to the news; to cease surfing the web and learn to turn inward to the real news. What is the real news? The real news is that Earth is ascending; that Earth is passing her initiations in each increasing Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun. The real news is that everything is going to change, however the change need not be out of fear, but out of understanding of the larger picture of what is occurring and why.


Why are there conflicts in the Middle East? Karma is being settled. Why are there plagues? Karma is being settled. Why are there murders, terrorist attacks, folk gunning others down, children disappearing and other seeming catastrophes? Karma is being settled in the experience so that we may all go home, beloved.


Why are the food crops failing and the farm animals dying? Such kingdoms are complete with their karma with humankind. Is there any other way to cleanse your human reality other than karmic completion? No, beloved there is not; however, behind each incident and in particular upon death each human remembers; they remember why this particular life was chosen, what karma was to be settled, and the larger picture of ascension that was agreed upon long ago. For humanity agreed to ascend with Earth in the original seeding of the red human race from Sirius upon Earth.


There is no need to live in terror in this understanding. Each has a role to play; each has karma to settle this lifetime; each has an opportunity to ascend through karma that might create a catastrophe in one’s life experience if not attended to. Many shall have an opportunity through ascension to witness a new era unfold and witness entry into the Great Central Sun. And even if one does not live to see such, one will experience it nonetheless as a living ancestor to all associated to one’s inheritance. We are going Home beloved.




We hope that this information is of assistance in your personal path of ascension. Earth invites ascending initiates in their dreamtime gatherings to focus upon the release of the remainder of all karma for poison so that a complete template for the ascent out of disease may be mapped. This shall assist many who may ascend into disease to find greater balance of biology and field in order to live to bear witness to entry into the Great Central Sun.


Towards the latter half of this year, we shall begin to focus upon the balance of the divine feminine and masculine and the return of divine union to the dance of life. The divine feminine is returning and retrieving her power beloved; as this occurs, the long-awaited rectification of the imbalance that has plagued Earth for eons of time shall be fulfilled upon.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



Creational © 2020, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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