Image of the amethyst crystal. Healing Techniques From The Mineral Kingdom

3. Healing Techniques From The Mineral Kingdom To Support Ascension


The Mineral Kingdom wishes to express how we may better support those who are choosing to ascend in this lifetime. We have offered up information on how we hold the Language of Light for all ascending species to modify their genetic encoding in association with our energy movement. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones”  for more information.) We also brought through information on how to build a synthesis altar. (Please refer to Chapter 2 “Building A Synthesis Altar”  for more information.)


Rainbow and Synthesis


Synthesis is a manner in which ascending species are aligning the tones of creation into a rainbow from densest to least dense in frequency in energy flow. If one were to look at Earth in the etheric, one would perceive Earth stratified into many rainbows. The Aurora in the core of Earth has the purest rainbow of all of pastel colors leading into the gold and silver ray; then each layer of her crust leading to the surface also has a rainbow of its own. There are still pockets of radioactive and dense energies within the crust; many of these are the result of minerals that are non-resonant to Earth and are either going to transmute into a new molecular structure, or one day will be dissolved into molten lava as Earth melts down in the third dimension in her ascent into the fourth and fifth dimensions of existence.


Upon the surface of the Earth is where the densest regions of domain still exist. Most of these are in the human cities and suburbs where loads of asphalt and cement exist. Neither asphalt nor cement can ascend as it is constructed from ground up rock and other minerals that has lost all connection with their original kingdom. Over time and due to the increasing frequencies of Earth, cement and asphalt will begin to break up increasingly rapidly until the cities simply become too unsafe to live within and humans withdraw moving out into the countryside instead. It appears that the years 2043 to 2053 will birth the end of most cities as you know them founded upon the dream we see stepping into physicality at this time.


Only those in physical form that have connection with their species are ascending at this time. Anything that has no connection will perish in the coming times of cleansing, including many plants and animals or aquatic species that have genealogy to other creations that came from another Great Central Sun.


As for our kingdom, out of 133,000 species of mineral only 110,000 can ascend home with Earth; 23,000 shall cease to exist over time as they are non-resonant in nature and hold frequencies that cannot support ascension into the Great Central Sun. Some of these species commonly found in mineral shops are fluorite, opals, lapis, malachite and jade. Each of these species originated in another creation and has geometry that is non-supportive of this Great Central Sun associated. Therefore, we do not recommend such minerals upon one’s altar as they will not support the act of synthesis of the Language of Light. We invite initiates to attune to the 48 minerals associated with the tones of creation for ascension as these will be supportive of your spiritual goal.


The purpose of the synthesis altar is to hold a rainbow of the Language of Light tones of creation surrounding those who are ascending in human form at this time, providing an environment that supports evolution. Our kingdom has agreed to support human ascension in this manner. We have recently added new agreements that will augment the healing of the physical ailments that may occur due to the act of biological ascension. Our role is one of creating movement of the synthesis and Language of Light through the human meridians to assist in releasing blockages and stuck points so that a recovery and continued ascent may come forth. Before we explain how we may be of use, we now speak a little more about our kingdom and the nature of our reality which is quite different from the average human experience of life.


Three Ascending Suns Beyond Terra


The mineral kingdom sustains a collective consciousness that expands the globe and interconnects with solar, universal and cosmic level minerals. At this time, we are restraining our intergalactic connections only to those creations that are returning to this Great Central Sun from which Earth or Terra existed long ago. There are three ascending Suns beyond Terra; one is your solar Sun known as Klondike in ancient times. Klondike is a part of another larger solar system revolving around a 12th dimensional Sun known as Osola.


Osola has 13 solar systems revolving around her; one of which is your solar system and is the first to return Home. Out of the other 13 solar systems, it is yet unknown exactly if each fifth dimensional sun is capable of returning to your Great Central Sun, as much like many planets in your solar system, they may have the wrong biochemistry for life in this system. If this is so, some of the 13 solar systems may go extinct instead of returning “home” in the cycle ahead.


In this sense, Terra is very lucky to be a part of a solar system that has a sun that is related to your Great Central Sun, as there would be no hope of any third dimensional creation returning otherwise. Therefore, any planet in any of the 13 solar systems that hosts a sun that is non-resonant will also fail to return home this cycle. Although this may be sad from a physical point of view, all nonphysical forces shall retract and carry on, returning to those creations that they are resonant with for their own return cycle ahead.


Beyond Osola is yet another sun that resides in the 18th Dimension known as Tytanie. Tytanie, Osola, Klondike and Terra were once a part of a single mass or star that exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th dimensional vessel about 24 million Earth years ago (96 million human years) as we measure time. It is for this reason that these four vessels can return Home together and carry with them all other parts that splintered off that were once related.


Terra and these three stars have formed a multidimensional consensus for ascension that is an interlinking energy flow held by the mineral kingdoms within each creation. We have created this flow within recent months of global ascension as we have recalled a holographic energy movement from ancient times and before Terra left the Great Central Sun. This flow shall support Terra in her entry into the Sun.


Terra is the most vulnerable of all the creations lined up to return Home. She is vulnerable due to the density that she has fallen into and all the forces that have preyed upon her over time that prefer her to combust and fail. Why do they prefer this? Well, it is how these forces have continued to exist for eons of time when they missed their own evolutionary cycle home to their own Great Central Sun of origins. Instead of returning, they have chosen to destroy other creations so that they can continue to exist outside of the Sun; thereby, they prevent the ascensions of many creations over time, and have a vast array of information to do so.


Human and Mineral Karma


There are 48 Great Central Suns; each has lost creations outside of their boundaries. Many creations have co-mingled due to the travel that humans constructed in the form of space craft. Had this never occurred, then there might be less confusion as to who can and cannot ascend, particularly in the third, fifth and twelfth dimensions. Beyond the 18th Dimension, humans never created crafts to travel and so it is less confusing. Perhaps this is why there are records of creations ascending home upon dimensions 18 and above in times past but nothing beneath this as the confusion was simply too great. So, you see, humans have their karma to release for scrambling creations in many ways, just as our kingdom has our karma for participating in the dance.


Our participation includes being used as destructive agents to blow up other creations of life including humans, plants and animals. Generally speaking, it was foreign minerals that held an energy flow non-resonant to another creation that were taken and then could be used to harm others on the part of human hands. If the foreign energy flow is amplified enough, there can be laser like energy that flows through that can implode the physical form of most kingdoms, even the mineral kingdom. This is one type of weapon that has not developed upon Earth in the current cycle, and will not due to the changes ahead that will begin to limit human technology, especially as electricity begins to dwindle.


Our participation in destruction also includes the pattern of combustion and nuclear annihilation. When the molecular structure and fire element from one creation is brought into another creation via the mineral kingdoms and then contained and ignited, it causes nuclear fission. So, our kingdom holds karmic liability with the many nuclear bombs imploded upon Earth over time and on the part of humans.


All told, over nine larger scale bombs have been detonated over time upon Terra. The first three were detonated at the end of the era of the Anu and almost distorted Earth beyond recovery. A repeat of this era has occurred three other times. In the era of Atlantis, six smaller bombs were detonated and were not quite as catastrophic, as a nuclear winter was not created. It is the nuclear winter when it becomes global that is the most devastating, as most plant life dies in such an experience leaving Earth almost barren.


What remains must move underground to survive and begins to eat flesh until the vegetation finally regenerates. During Atlantis, only 1/3 of Earth experienced such a winter and it was the region surrounding Lemuria of the time, now located in the grids known as China. Those living in this region began to eat meat; and over time consumption of meat has not faded, but increased to a point that the parasitic and consumption based thoughtform prevails in almost all regions upon Earth, including most animal kingdoms.


Minerals are not consumed or ingested so much in present time, although some cosmetic companies have learned to make creams by grinding our kingdom up, and yet others to compile us as “minerals” to be consumed by humans along with their vitamins. Primarily, humans harvest our kingdom for our beauty; much as the Anu themselves harvested many minerals exporting them back to the Pleiades or to Orion.


It was in the exportation of too many minerals to the Pleiades that the very energy flow that we created to sustain the ice shields was lost; as this occurred, the ice shields collapsed into your oceans. Humans today are unable to move the minerals off planet, and so although we may be harvested, we are still present to do our job in support of Terra’s ascension. Perhaps it is also the availability of so many minerals in the human dance that has fostered the beginning of an awakening that is now underway of your species. As such, perhaps our presence is helpful to humanity at this end of era cycle.


Terra has been heavily consumed in many time periods. The consumption of the land and the deforestation that occurs in present time is not a new experience. This is the 15th time that this has occurred in Terra’s memory; although it has only occurred in three eras in this dimension. Upon other dimensions of life, humans traveled in space craft to mine and deforest Terra for the gain upon their planet of origin. This occurred in many other time periods; and is perhaps why humans respond to Terra in this manner today as this is what the records of the land holds; in essence the land says “Rape me, take from me and give nothing in return, as I am useful only if I am used.”


Humans also often feel used. Perhaps in living upon land that feels raped and used, humans have come to feel this way as well, as generally the land will leave an energetic imprint upon all that resides or grows upon the land. At this time of ascension, the records from now and through ancient times may be released; this allows a new thoughtform to be anchored upon the land that will bring about a new day. The new day ahead will be not only one of peace, but also of non-usury; or in other terms, honor. All species and all humans will honor all others. A return to honor is necessary as this is the foundation of thoughtform in the Great Central Sun, and those that do not embrace honor as one’s foundation will perish in the times ahead as one will not resonate with the energy flow inside of the homecoming.


What Is Honor?


What does it mean to honor? Honor of humanity was lost in the era of the Anu, who chose to incubate a slave nation to serve them. The Anu failed to honor these humans who were not only used, but later exterminated by the billions as the populations grew out of control due to the Anu’s own choice to cause them to breed so heavily. The Anu failed to take responsibility for the karma they incurred to a point of creating more karma than any other group of humans ever in Terra’s records, or your solar Sun Klondike’s records, or Klondike’s Sun Osola’s records; or Osola’s sun Tytanie’s records. Each of these Suns have hosted human form, but none have experienced what the Anu caused upon Terra.


The Pleiades does not really exist in present time. The Anu traversed through a time rift to reach a future creation that had yet to be born in the time of domain that they existed within. This time rift no longer exists; however, how can one settle karma with someone from the past that does not even exist in this expansion cycle of the Tao? One cannot really. The only solution is to forgive absolute; and this is what Terra has chosen to do. Forgive the Anu and all humans that have mutilated her over time, and in so doing, the cycle of brutality towards Terra can come to a conclusion. And so, this is coming to be so. In so being, a state of honor can be restored.


Honor is a state of being in which each kingdom supports the whole. Each kingdom seeks not to destroy the other upon any dimension of life, physical or nonphysical. Even the animals’ kingdoms must cease to consume not only one another, but the plants and grass as well, as consumption of any kind is a state of dishonor. Ascending to a level of honor will restore conscious breath. As conscious breath is restored, animals and humans alike will learn to live again from the breath and consume nothing beyond the milk of one’s mother. As this comes to be, due to the evolution of Earth and all kingdoms therein, honor will be restored upon Earth.


Non-Resonant Energy Flow and Minerals


Terra has witnessed many times of destruction upon her surface. Most of the destruction has occurred not only at human hands, but through the mineral kingdoms. There were times upon each dimension of life that Terra has experienced that minerals were moved by human craft to Earth from foreign creations. The energy flow in these minerals was non-resonant at the time that they came to be here and lead to a fall in consciousness for Terra. As such, there is a long history of karma for the mineral kingdom to release as a result of our involvement in Terra’s demise.


Sometimes humans harvest the non-resonant minerals and then amplify the energy flow therein creating larger problems for Earth. This occurred in the era of the Anu who tapped into many minerals that had been placed upon Earth at the hands of other humans upon other dimensions long ago. The Anu used this energy flow to create a parallel biosphere to home in the Pleiades.


However, the Anu would most likely been unable to accomplish this goal if there had not already been minerals upon Earth that ran straight lined energy flow; and so again the mineral kingdom must take their karmic responsibility for how this came to be. Perhaps if there had not been the right minerals upon Earth for the right biosphere for the Anu’s life extension practices, they would have mined the gold for a time and then left due to their own degeneration. Alas, this was not so.


Humans have believed themselves the cause of all falls upon Earth. Humans have indeed contributed to this outcome; however, each species must take full responsibility for their cause. We take responsibility for our cause and will contribute back to Earth in equal chi lost by Earth in the dance. And so, we have much to give to assist in the times ahead to ensure the successful ascent of Terra into the Great Central Sun and beyond. We stand united with all other minerals upon other dimensions that exited this Sun with Terra; and in so doing are co-creating a collaborative flow that is multidimensional and powerful in nature; more powerful than the dark know how to defeat.


Creating Unity and Forgiveness


Creating unity is the only way to defeat the dark. When each species stands with the next in unity, the dark is defeated. The moment we are turned against each other, the dark work through the war between species and as such, win. The dark does not win because they are more powerful; the dark wins because they push species to destroy each other out of spite.


The war of the nonphysical is an age-old battle that has occurred upon Terra beginning shortly after she exited the Great Central Sun. As she left, all souls from within the Sun retracted from her field; and new souls or non-souls as the Tao calls it entered the dance. The non-souls are not of the same consciousness as what Terra had known. These forces had another agenda, and primarily it was to pull Terra apart so that life force to subsist upon could be had. For these forces had continued to exist as each Great Central Sun in eight other contraction cycles of the Tao had gone Home. This is how and why the game of consumption began.


However, Terra cannot say that these souls or non-souls did not exist within a Great Central Sun long ago; and she cannot say therefore that she is not somehow related, as all is really ONE. And so, Terra chooses to forgive these nonphysical forces absolute; and in the absolute forgiveness she can give closure to the past and birth to a new era ahead. This is the gift of forgiveness, and so it can be for those in human form learning their spiritual lessons in the dance of life. It is only as you forgive that the old dance can conclude and the new dance be born. It is only as you forgive that the ties from the past release enough that the dark ceases to have an opening into one’s field.


Working with the Synthesis Altar to Ascend


Forgiveness cannot be born without an open heart. Opening the heart is therefore paramount to ascension as well as learning the spiritual lessons that one’s ancestry failed to understand at the time that they were incarnate. The mineral kingdom is therefore devoted to assisting humans in opening and healing the heart. As we work with you, you may encounter karma with our kingdom. Perhaps the karma will be of a destructive nature in which your ancestry used the mineral kingdom to create weapons to destroy others. As you forgive and clear, so do we. This is why we offered the option of creating a synthesis altar for ascending humans to work with; as in so doing, our karma and your karma and the human history of abuse in conjunction with the mineral kingdom can conclude.


Those that work with a synthesis altar must begin to embody the first 10 base notes of the Language of Light. Just focusing upon these notes is not enough. The notes as they are embodied begin to be woven into the etheric ley lines of the form and field. If one is still operating with primary toned ley lines, then one has yet to begin to embody the Language of Light. This does not mean that one cannot have a synthesis altar, just that it may not be holding the right energy flow until you yourself master.


For it is the human ascending initiate that programs the altar to orchestrate a rainbow of synthesis and not our kingdom. If you however press your minerals into our kingdom’s dream allowing us to reconnect, we can then ensoul the altar and anchor a synthesis energy flow at one’s request and intention. This allows us also to ascend our own species and take full responsibility for all embodiments associated as well.


It was not until last autumn that Asur’Ana pressed her own altar into our kingdom and allowed us to orchestrate her personal ascension and planetary ascension in conjunction. This was a difficult task for us as well, however we succeeded together at anchoring true spiritual law as the new operating system for humanity. You see when we stand united, major shifts can occur for the benefit of all of Earth. This is the gift of unity, and we are learning our lessons of unity as you may be learning yours upon your personal path.


Unity causes each to support the other to the best of one’s ability each moment of the day, week, month or year. Supporting humans along with Earth has now become the Mineral Kingdoms’ goal. Humans may also support the mineral kingdoms through the exchange of blessings between our species, just as one might bless the land, plants, animals, lakes, oceans and waterways surrounding where one exists. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 6 “The Act of Blessing and Living a Blessed Life” for more information.) Blessings allows for a positive exchange of love between each kingdom and the human heart. As you bless, we will bless in exchange, and it will be a positive experience that will begin to rewrite the script, erasing all the negative experiences between us from times past.


Detecting Problems with Your Synthesis Altar


If you bless your altar and experience pain in the heart or any other part of the body, then there is some other movement other than synthesis of the Language of Light within your minerals. You may then muscle test or pendulum which mineral is causing the problem. Place the problematic mineral in a glass bowl filled with water out into the sun. Allow the sun to begin to transmute the patterning and karma. Push the mineral into our kingdom so that we can perceive what is going on. Then intend to reprogram the mineral with us into a supportive energy flow that is conducive to you and your ascension.


Minerals can pick up entities from time to time from neighbors or friends or family; minerals can also hit karma of their own in their own ascension that is harmful. Minerals ascend along with the human initiates that the minerals hold the synthesis for. Therefore, one’s altar will ascend into karma just as ascending human initiates do from day to week to month. In the karma, there can be harmful exchanges. As you place the mineral out into the sun and call upon our kingdom, then we have an opportunity to ascend beyond the harmful karma and into a new energy flow that is unity based. The sun will elevate the vibrations enough to allow this to be so.


Also be wary of previous owners of your minerals or the mineral shops or mines that harvested and distributed them. Mineral owners and mining companies often place ownership signatures upon our kingdom and then can run energies through that are discordant. As you place us in the sun and in some water for a few hours, and call our attention to any of such problems, we will remove the associated patterning and ownership.


Minerals are living objects. Asur’Ana has never had to give a mineral away as it could always be reprogrammed in a manner that was conducive to her continued ascent. This has not always been so with inanimate objects upon her altar, which she has given away or discarded in times past. Carved minerals can also be reconnected to our kingdom. Sometimes such minerals are more difficult to ascend due to the human blueprint of those that carved them however. The best form of mineral is one that is more or less as it was in nature.


Asur’Ana has relied upon spheres in the creation of her synthesis altar. The spheres are carved from larger stones and then polished. She has found that the spheres can ascend; however, if they were carved from places that the stone was growing in different directions, ascension may cause the sphere to crack over time and break into two or three or more pieces. This is because the ascending molecular structure is lighter and may cause too much space between where the minerals were parting in growth.


As the stones have cracked, she has placed them in the Altaelva River in Northern Norway where our kingdom has then amplified the unity that she was anchoring into the mountains and throughout the seventh chakra region of Earth. She was happy that this was the case and is not so upset as a result if some of the spheres break apart in ascension.


One need not purchase spheres therefore for the synthesis altar. A point will do for each mineral recommended. The points will press energy up and then into a rotational flow that will orchestrate a rainbow in one’s environment. We have recommended rose quartz to hold all the pink tones associated with forgiveness and unity in the Language of Light, and amethyst to hold all the lavender tones of structure and divine union; and amber or jasper  to hold the peach tones of power and truth; and aventurine or chrysocolla to hold the turquoise tones of compassion; and citrine or yellow calcite to hold the yellow tones of freedom and breath of life; and hematite to hold the silver tones of non-conditional love; and tiger’s eye or rutilated quartz to hold the golden tones associated with non-conditional governance.


We also recommend the addition of Moonstone to hold the jurisdiction tone which is associated with boundaries; as well as Pyrite which is associated with the tones of hope. Two large clear quartz generator crystals and/or Herkimer crystals will be used to generate the chi to orchestrate the synthesis through. This is the foundation of the synthesis altar.


If you are new to the construction of the synthesis altar, we would advise that you procure these pieces first. Then place them first in the sun in a bowl of water for a day or two to clear whatever is in them from the shop keepers, mines or former owners. Intend to connect the minerals to our kingdom and ask us to create a synthesis movement through them for you. As you remove the minerals from the sun, take each into your hand one at a time, and intend to attune them to our kingdom. Ask to lay in synthesis programming in service of your ascension and in harmony with Earth. We will work with you and through you to accomplish this task.


Intend also to move all forces that would obstruct this intention from your premises and field, and then there is greater likelihood of creating a successful interaction between your kingdom and ours. The time in the sun will make the connection easier for us to construct. Then pay attention to how the altar feels; especially as you exchange blessings with our kingdom through your altar. If this ever feels problematic, then you can take action to clear the problem as discussed above.


Another Way to Work with the Minerals


Those that have already created a synthesis altar can also take the work with our kingdom to a new level. We have created agreements with those in the new consensus to support each in a new manner to run the synthesis of the altar through the meridians of the etheric body for a short time for the healing that this makes possible. To participate in this healing, we advise that you procure two small minerals in the form of tumbled stones related to each piece upon your altar. We recommend tumbled stones over small spheres as they will lay better upon the body in the healing treatment we can now offer.


If you have an extensive altar, you need not gather tumbled stones of each piece, just the base notes of the Language of Light as spoken to in for the synthesis altar above. As you procure these small stones, again place them in water and in the sun for a few hours connecting them to our kingdom. As you bring the stones in and dry them off, hold each pair in your hands for a few moments and connect them to the associated piece upon your altar. Then you are ready to lay the stones upon your body or upon the body of a massage client (if you are a healing practitioner) and allow the synthesis to be pressed through the meridians of the field. In so doing, we will assist in supporting the continued ascension of humans working with our kingdom for this purpose.


At the end of this chapter are diagrams for six mineral spreads that can be useful in fostering ascension or healing oneself upon a bad ascension day. Those working with massage or essential oils can offer a 10-minute mineral clearing in conjunction with the small stones and one’s altar. One can also give oneself a treatment by laying the stones upon the bed and surrounding oneself and then directing the energy through one’s feet and hands in the meridian entry points through intention. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 23 “Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension” for more information on the meridian entry points constructed in ascension.)


Understand that you will desire to have the mineral kingdom hold the space for this healing and not you yourself. In this manner, it will be less likely that forces in your home or through the client can invade the altar causing a problem with the healing. The reality is that there are many forces yet in human form that are very destructive operating in the unconscious. These forces are not supportive of human ascension and will seek to obstruct it. Those who are ascending may be well aware of the psychic battles that occur recurrently in the choice to ascend. Much of this occurs in dream time and while one is asleep and may be why some may have little recollection of the drama and dance.


However, those that are more consciously ascending will be familiar with taking a sword of light and shattering the darkness attempting to shatter or destroy oneself. Sometime one has to get angry to push the forces back enough to conclude the battle. The minerals will support you but cannot do battle for you; each must do battle with the dark forces that have caused one’s ancestry to fall in consciousness. We have our own battles and believe us, it is no picnic. However, we are winning due to the intervention of the Tao and the technology that is being brought in to “uncast” the dark forces from Earth’s dream.


The Power of Uncasting


Uncasting is a powerful tool. Uncasting is the capacity of Terra to remove any part of her dream that does not resonate with her choice to ascend. Terra is uncasting the dark forces that have existed upon Earth from 18 other creations and do not belong here. This is phase 1 of the cleansing; to remove the non-resonant nonphysical forces surrounding Earth. Thus far, the uncasting has been successful and none of these forces have returned. Earth will work with humans to uncast any force from any creation that does not support your ascension. All that is required is that one requests this so, and the mineral kingdom will act as a conduit to transport oneself to the healing temples for ascension so that one may work with the new Temple of Uncasting. This will move aside those forces that might prevent continued ascension otherwise.


One may also wish to be mindful of anchoring the healing temples for ascension through one’s synthesis altar. In so doing, one will be in touch with those parts of Earth’s consciousness that are vying to support human evolution. There are 18 temples available to those in the new consensus of 2200-3000 segments and above.


Those who are ascending can be a bridge for those who are beneath this to access the temples during a healing session or massage via the altar. The temples will strive to balance the field and provide information on karma requiring transcendence as well as information on grounding and sexual energy flow necessary to constructing an evolving field. This is provided to each human regardless of how far one has gone in their evolution to date. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for information on the 18 healing temples to support ascension.)


Understand that the placement of the stones will move the energy from one’s synthesis altar through the meridians of the etheric body. This will foster a more rapid rotation of field as it occurs in a treatment to oneself or upon another. Therefore, one’s heart rate may speed up for a time, but come down as the treatment is complete. One can intend to increase one’s field rotation and synthesize the field simultaneously along with speed up the rotation of one’s molecular structure to assist in the clearing that the mineral kingdom makes possible in this treatment. Ten minutes should be adequate for most initiates working with the mineral spread upon or surrounding the body. Intend to disengage from our altar’s energy flow when complete, or disengage your client as they leave the massage table.


Understand that your client will be commingling their energy with your synthesis altar if you are treating another with this method. You may require placing your altar pieces as well as the tumbled stones in the sun afterwards to clear any remaining residue of energy. As you press your altar pieces into a connection with our kingdom while in the sun, we will assist you in the clearing so that your synthesis altar can resume its role of supporting your personal ascension journey. In this way you need not fear working with your altar upon others if you are a healing practitioner.


Healing Planes Associated with Treatment


There are special healing planes associated with the attached diagrams that the mineral kingdoms choose to hold and make available unto ascending humans. You may attune to these planes when giving yourself a “self treatment”, or in working upon another as a practitioner. Understand that there can be forces that interfere with the healing planes that the mineral kingdoms anchor. If you do not feel that you can adequately anchor our healing planes, then do not give the treatment as something could flow through that is more damaging than healing in nature. We cannot take responsibility for this if one is not attuned to our healing planes, then something else is controlling your altar.


If this occurs, one can attune to Earth and ask for support in “uncasting” that which is interfering with your conscious choice to ascend and provide a healing environment that is supportive of this goal. Attune to the temple of uncasting and request support and so it will be granted. Once again one must make sure one is reaching Earth’s temples and not false temples associated with dark forces that remain in the human dream. If one is having a problem, the best solution may be to go into the sun oneself for a walk or 10-minute sun bath. This will clear one’s own field of the intruders so that one can more readily connect to Earth’s consciousness and the healing temples for ascension for support.


Each human must learn to take responsibility for the nonphysical darkness that surrounds humanity and the human dream, and learn to release karma and remove their presence from one’s field. In so doing, one will take conscious responsibility for one’s own state of being as an ascending initiate.


Collapsing the Space Between


Understand that the forces of the dark lurk in the inflated space between, in particular between the etheric skin and subtle bodies. This is the region of domain ascending initiates are more often manipulated through than any other space. As one learns to collapse this region of domain to a small space, along with all the space between the four subtle bodies, one will create an environment that is freer of the dark. Also, the intention to puff up the chakras and subtle bodies with more energy or chi moving through augments this shift to a greater degree.


Minerals are also learning to assist in collapsing the space between that has grown excessively surrounding Earth. In essence, Terra’s physicality is surrounded by shadows from many creations. The shadows have created a large space through which dark forces exist and press themselves upon humanity as if the dark forces were God. God Goddess of human form will not press itself upon you; you must request soul, oversoul and source to dance with your field. As you expand the energy flow and collapse the space between, there is more room for soul to enter the field, as soul functions upon positive energy movement and not inflated gaps between the moving energy ley lines.


Surrounding most human buildings are large mushrooms of shadow. In any city, this shadow can be seen as “smog”. The smog is really the shadow realities surrounding humanity that have been tethered to the cities through intergalactic energy matrixes or cords of attachment between Earth’s body and the bodies of many other creations. Earth is detaching herself from other creations much as ascending humans are learning to detach themselves from their friends, family, workmates, boss, beloved, spouse, children, pets, plants, land and possessions.


As Earth releases her attachment, the shadows associated from other creations can be returned. Ascending humans can assist in releasing the shadows surrounding one’s home or work environment or region of origin. As you work with our kingdom, we will support you in removing all shadow mushrooms that surround your environment or region; just ask and we will assist. As the shadows are diminished, a brighter day shall lie ahead where the dream of mass awakening and ascension can catch upon humanity. As the brighter dream catches, a new day will be born in which humans shall move towards international peace and unity in all relations. This is our hope and our goal and we shall strive to support each who is mastering to foster evolution at this time in history.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



Creational © 2020, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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