Image of ripe and succulent fruits on a plum tree. Blessings For Communing With The Land

3. Blessings For Communing With The Land


From the Fruit Bearing Tree Kingdom


It is the Fruit Bearing Trees that desire to communicate with you today. Fruit bearing trees include any flowering plant that produces a nut, seed, vegetable or fruit and holds the shape of a tree. Trees generally have a trunk and many branches, which distinguishes us from bushes or plants; however, fruit bearing bushes also often have a trunk too. So, some fruit bearing bushes are also associated with our collective kingdoms upon Earth including grapes and kiwis.


Fruit bearing trees upon Earth originate from many star systems. Humans have long perceived Earth as a terrarium in which most anything would grow. Much as humans today take plants, trees and shrubs and to other regions of parallel weather and soil conditions, so have humans over time taken plants and trees from other star systems and planted them here upon Earth. It is perhaps for this reason that certain plants, trees and shrubs are indigenous to certain regions as this is where they were originally planted on behalf of the traveling humans that have visited our planet.


Toxic Technology on Earth


As Earth turns her skin through massive volcanic eruptions ahead and plate movement that will sink entire continents, only those seeds will re-root upon the land that are nearby and have survived the impending change. In times past, it has been the turning of Earth’s skin that has led to many plants as well as animals becoming trapped in certain regions ceasing to be free to roam from continent to continent global wide. The last great turning of Earth’s skin followed the fall of Atlantis about 10,000 years ago (or 40,000 years as humans measure it). This turning was required to clean up the toxic mess that humans created due to the development of a load of technology that was poisonous to Earth and nature alike. Such technology much as today polluted Earth’s skin and waterways.


The toxins are only toxic due to the fact that the materials used for human technology are indigenous to another star system and not from a carbon-based system that Earth is formed from. The plastics and petroleum oil derived from the dinosaur and human remains are silica based. Humans have silica-based DNA even in present time; especially if one’s ancestry is associated with the Anu and one has white skin. Silica-based DNA or cells do not break down in a carbon-based system.


Both dinosaur and human remains with silica based DNA comprises the oil or fossil fuels that humans harvest today. Silica based humans died in many times periods and as entire cultivations were destroyed in nuclear holocausts. The remains never could break down, as Earth had not the right biochemistry for silica-based breakdown, and as a result the remains became a gooey sappy substance known as petroleum.


As humans harvest the petroleum of past human civilizations, they also harvest the dream for technology that is associated. The technology could be easily reformed through the dream associated with the oil into the systems and mechanisms of long ago. This is interesting for the Tree Kingdom to bear witness to, as Earth had thought humans had fallen too far in consciousness to be able to repeat another technological era in present time. Lo and behold, as Earth began to ascend, humans responded by evolving enough in the past century to recoup enough lost information to re-create a technological era yet again.


Turning Earth’s Skin


Earth had not anticipated the redevelopment of technology on behalf of humankind into her future, and this changes the future for Earth’s ascension as a result. What are the changes in Earth’s ascension? Another turning of Earth’s skin is required to cleanse her body of the technological poisons associated with the current human civilization. Therefore, Earth will go through a vast period of regeneration over the coming 1,000 years, sinking current continents and raising new ones to cleanse her skin. Some of the current land will survive, and it shall be through the fruit, nuts, trees and shrubs that the new land shall be re-seeded with plant life as it cools enough to grow something.


Asur’Ana has born witness to how long it may take land to grow something new. Upon the Big Island, there is loads of hardened lava from recent flows in Earth’s history. Some of such flow goes back less than 300 to 800 years and has yet to sprout anything but a little grass. It takes centuries for new lava to reach a biochemistry through which seeds may sprout from the plant and tree kingdoms. What kind of biochemical change does lava go through to become fertile again? Primarily through the action of sun and rain, the lava begins to decompose. In the breaking apart of a hardened mass, crevices are created through which seeds may sprout. As there are enough crevices in the lava rock to allow roots to grow, the land begins to sprout in full allowing shrubs and trees to begin to root. The shrub and tree roots then break apart the mass into smaller lava rocks.


Planning for the Future


The Hawaiians once harvested lava rocks to create their roads and fences along with the foundations for their dwellings. This further cleared the fields so that more plant life could grow in the islands. Hawaiians brought to the islands pigs, palm trees, papaya trees along with favored birds from their home, the islands of Tahiti. Palm trees grow readily in lava rock, assisting in breaking it down to create more crevices that yet further life may sprout. The Hawaiians planted many palm trees in lava fields near the shoreline, and this assisted in allowing yet other plants to grow. As enough lava broke down, the Hawaiians also planted another favored fruit bearing plant known as Noni.


Noni juice has been harvested again in recent times and has been found to be a useful medicinal tonic. Noni is high in potassium and trace minerals that can be useful to recovery from a long illness. In ascension, drinking Noni juice may be useful periodically if one muscle tests to consume it. Asur’Ana has witnessed how well the palm trees and Noni have survived in a sacred space that King Kamehameha once dwelled upon the Big Island; there are hundreds if not thousands of palm trees bearing coconuts along with Noni shrubs beside them filled with fruit, all growing in between the lava rock.


Humans sometimes can assist nature in replenishing herself, as with your hands and consciousness, you can move plants to places that perhaps would never come to be otherwise. The Plant and Tree kingdoms perceive that this will be so into the future, and in particular as humans migrate due to natural changes in the environment, they may take with them nuts and seeds of their favored plants and grow then anew wherever they relocate unto. This may also be necessary to provide the nutrition humans require for continued sustenance and survival along with ascension.


Therefore, the fruit bearing kingdoms suggest that ascending humans begin to plan for this eventuality. Perhaps you will make it a point in your ascending communities to create seeds each cycle of fruit bearing plants and store them away. Then if one is required to move due to natural changes surrounding the community, one can quickly leave taking the seeds with oneself to the new home. In this time period where seeds are readily available for many species of food humans enjoy, it will be easy to create the necessary garden for the community to survive the coming times of change. It also may be useful therefore to gather such seeds even if one cannot plant an ascending garden in the now for the future time when one can. In this manner, one will not be caught short potentially in the times ahead.


Preparing for Natural Disasters


The times ahead will bring about many natural disasters. The recent experiences of massive winter storms hitting heavily the coastal regions of the East are examples of the types of disaster that may become quite commonplace in the quarter century to century ahead. We state this not to cause ascending humans fear, but rather to speak to the requirement for each to go within and listen to the land. As one listens to the land, the land will tell one of a potential disaster years ahead of schedule so that one may choose to relocate long before the travesty occurs.


In Sri Lanka and following the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, the wardens of a large game park were stunned that not one animal drowned in the experience, not even a rabbit. Did the animals know of the impending tsunami? Earth will tell you yes, all the animals and plants knew eight years ahead of schedule that the tsunami was going to hit. Unfortunately, plants are rooted in place and therefore cannot move. The animals, however, all moved high enough above sea level to fail to be killed as the tsunami hit. Perhaps if the plants had moved, humans would have paid better attention understanding that something was up and perhaps there was a need to move to higher ground.


Why are humans so out of touch? Why do they not know as the animals do that a dream for a disaster is headed one’s way? Primarily, humans are out of touch as they exist in a dream disassociated from the natural world. The natural world has its own dream. The dream is held by the tree kingdom, and primarily pine trees and redwood trees. As one attunes to the dream that the pine and redwood trees hold for the land, one will be able to perceive clairvoyantly the coming 100 years of change to the associated region that one lives. This will allow one to know well ahead of time what one will require doing to be prepared for global changes ahead.


A New Continent in Hawaii


Humans tend to plant trees from nurseries that may have little connection to the dream that the species is associated with inside the natural world. Asur’Ana found most pine trees or redwoods in Hawaii had been planted by humans and had lost their connection to their kingdom. As she reconnected them with the pines and redwoods she had known in California, suddenly they too began to hold the dream associate with the land’s future. Then, she could attune ahead and see what the future holds for the Hawaiian Islands. Asur’Ana discovered that Hawaii will not flood into the future; and primarily the volcanoes will erupt over time creating new land.


In 100 years or less, Honolulu will be under volcanic lava from a large eruption of Diamondhead, a seemingly extinct volcano in present time. This is not going to happen today; the first signs of eruption may not occur until 2036. Therefore, Asur’Ana could perceive that it was safe to live in Honolulu for the time being. She also discovered that the land surrounding the islands would eventually fill in over the coming 1,000 years creating a new continent. This continent will first appear as many neighboring islands. Then as the land rises due to continental shifts and the sinking of North America, what was once undersea will be pushed aboveground with the islands becoming new mountainous regions. This is how the current continents formed following the last turning of Earth’s skin due to the nuclear devastation of Atlantis.


Relocation and Ascending Communities


Therefore, there is much time for humans along with one’s future ancestry to relocate into regions that will be safe to live within for many generations. As long as the future generations attune to the natural dream of the land, they will know when to relocate and long before a disaster strikes, as they will be in communion with the land. Each choosing land to relocate unto or purchase for community may wish to spend time communing with the trees to receive a vision and dream for the region; and pay attention to any natural disaster that may afflict the region in the coming 100-year cycle. Those regions non-afflicted will be the best choice for the construction of ascending communities.


In the times ahead of chaos, humans may leave the cities in great fear and move out into the country in large numbers. Such humans may overrun small country towns that were once peaceful. Some may even go into great lawlessness in their fear and steal or harm others that once lived peacefully in the country. Why do humans react this way out of chaos? Why cannot they work peacefully together instead?


Humans tend to be self-centered. If there is not enough to eat, they may go a little crazy and attack others for food. Humans by and large have not experienced starvation in your recent industrialized era where most have the bare minimum of their food requirements met in any given day. Take the food away, and hundreds if not thousands may go into a rampage due to the fear of starvation. Those who are not familiar with hunger or how to feed the body through the breath will not understand and may hurt others over a piece of fruit or other food source. It may be wise therefore to place your ascending community well into the hinterland and in a region that is less accessible by foot.


For those who are ascending, the development of the crystalline diaphragm is enough to feed oneself without the requirement to consume much of anything. The crystalline diaphragm takes oxygen collected from the lungs and combines it with certain enzymes and produces eight forms of sugar to feed the cellular structure. All that is required is to remember to breathe. Often when feeling hungry, Asur’Ana simply takes a few deep breaths, and suddenly the hunger vanishes as she has produced the sugar that the body is craving that causes the sensation of hunger. Ascending humans of the future can remember this and not worry about having little to eat in the greater understanding that through the breath, one can provide for one’s body.


Wild Food


While in Europe one year, the Swan Kingdom showed Asur’Ana a potential future dream in which those starving due to natural disasters would treat one another quite violently over the remaining food. Swan pondered along with Asur’Ana how sad this potential future was, given that there was so much food available in the forests nearby. Surviving humans could go out into the forests and harvest the food readily available therein, but had forgotten what was edible and what was not. Humans have also become heavily programmed to believe that food comes from a grocery store and not from the ground; and so much so that often humans are in fear of eating wild fruit, berries or mushrooms.


In a recent trip to Montana, an ascending initiate discovered that wild mushrooms abound in the regional forests. A local restaurateur discouraged her from purchasing dried mushrooms from a local fruit stand, as they might be moldy or problematic. “One should only buy what is certified and inspected,” he said. This initiate did not listen of course, and returned to her home state with a large bag of wild morels, which made many a lovely mushroom risotto or wild mushroom pasta dish in her cooking adventures. The wild mushrooms also provided some substances supportive of her ascension that are hard to find in farmed mushrooms. Why are humans afraid of wild food?


Another initiate discovered wild mushrooms growing in the yard of a neighbor who had replanted the vegetation in new compost. In the compost were many mushroom spores that rapidly sprouted. This initiate knew his mushrooms and saw that they were edible. The neighbor was happy to have this individual harvest the mushrooms, which they gladly did, but would not eat any themselves. Why are humans afraid of wild food?


Non-Conscious Food and Programming


The farming industry worldwide has become increasingly powerful in the human dream. Farms have become big business and the larger companies are squeezing out the family farmers in the United States in particular by undercutting prices so that they fail to make a profit. With the larger production of food through many large corporations, food is losing consciousness. The food is losing consciousness as the big business is consuming the remaining consciousness of the food. There is also the problem of genetic modifications by human scientists of the human food source. Genetically modified or non-conscious foods cannot ascend in most cases. Such foods will become diseased and go extinct creating the very food crisis we see stepping down the dreamtime planes towards humanity into the future.


All food harvested through big business and then packaged holds programming from the group souls associated. The programming is to cause humans consuming the food to become dependent upon the big business harvest, which will increase the profits of the farming industry. The end result is humans that are afraid to eat anything wild or unavailable from the grocery store shelf. The programming is so great and food is so cheap that few humans bother to create a garden of their own in present time, even if they have a yard large enough to do so. This happened in the era of Atlantis, and as the natural disasters hit, many starved in this era. Perhaps those who are ascending will release their karma for starvation from this time period, and redirect their life in another direction as a result, being better prepared for the times of cleansing ahead.


Even on the islands, Asur’Ana notices many a tree laden with fruits such as mangos, guavas, papayas, tangerines, oranges and grapefruit that are rotting on the ground and fail to be harvested. Why are humans not harvesting their fruit trees on the islands? Even the locals have become programmed by the current food production system that they too believe that they must purchase the fruit from the grocery store shelves rather than harvesting that which is right in front of them. It is time for humans to begin to tend to their gardens again.


Planting a Garden


Ascending humans can make intentions that affect all of humanity. As more ascending humans plant their own garden, humans will take a new interest in gardening into the future. This will put humans back in touch with the Earth and the land and the nature kingdoms associated with the fruits, vegetables and nuts that humans grow. As humans come into contact with the consciousness of the plant kingdoms, they will lose their fear of eating food that grows upon the land. Humans will also begin to attune to a new dreamtime from nature that will share with them an understanding of the impending Earth changes ahead. Perhaps this dream will not come to consciousness, but it will register in the subconscious, and as such, humans will be better prepared to know what to do to survive the coming times of change ahead.


Right now, there are limited numbers of disasters and other humans to fly in food and assist with the survival of those in regions hard struck by such problems. In the times ahead, there may be so many disasters occurring at once that such organized and orchestrated assistance may be impossible. Therefore, perhaps it is far better to listen to the land that one is currently living upon, and choose to relocate if a major disaster lies ahead in five years or less. If the disaster ahead is further into the future, one can begin to prepare now for the choice to relocate.


Humans are vastly mechanized. In the mechanization, there is a tendency to repeat day in and day out the same behavior and life dance. There is little room for change in the mechanization, as machines do not grow or shift, and humans have become like living machines at 2 strands of DNA. As humans ascend, the mechanization begins to be dismantled, and there is the possibility of a return of enough consciousness to allow another future to unfold. One can then begin to intend for a new future in a region that will be less afflicted by calamity, and will provide one the space to grow one’s own food. This is the dream that the fruit bearing trees are holding for humanity’s future, and it will assure the survival of your species in the centuries ahead.


Fruit bearing trees can modify themselves in association with human nutritional needs through ascension. Most fruit bearing trees popular today have provided sustenance unto humans since the time that humans were seeded upon Earth. Humans were seeded with many fruit bearing trees from Sirius primarily. Apples, oranges, lemons, limes, pears, pineapple, star fruit, papayas, mangos, coconut, dragon fruit, and kiwi all trace their origins to Sirius. The same goes for almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, peanuts, olives and hazelnuts. Such trees have agreements to sustain human form that originated in Sirius, and we will therefore continue to do so in the times ahead.


Fruit trees are conscious and will reconstruct themselves to hold the nutrients necessary for humans to ascend. Local island oranges, lemons and limes have become increasingly acidic in Asur’Ana’s perception. The added acid assists in the breakdown of scar tissue and decay in an ascending form so that it may more readily become crystalline. Nuts also seem richer in the fat that they provide, macadamia nuts and coconuts in particular. The nuts are so rich that a small amount is quite filling to consume in her experience.


The oil from the ascending macadamias provides necessary fats for the construction of the ascending nervous system. Coconuts hold cholesterol, which surrounds all crystalline cells in an ascending biology and therefore is a good “ascension food”. As more ascending humans work with the fruit bearing trees and plants, the vegetables, nuts and fruit will ascend with oneself into new biochemistry that is supportive of one’s continue evolution.


As ascending humans bless the land of their orchard or garden, the amount of fruit harvested in any given cycle will increase, feeding larger numbers of people. Blessings allow for an exchange of love. The more love that the plant receives, the more flowers and fruit it will produce. Over time, the crystalline blueprint calls for two to four harvests per year instead of one. As the fruit bearing trees ascend into the new crystalline blueprint, one may end up with a spring and fall harvest in climates with seasons, or a summer and winter harvest in the tropics.


Some Trees Are Ascending and Some Are Not


Asur’Ana has been surprised to witness mango trees with ripening mangos upon them in the islands this winter. This is a sign that the associated mango trees have ascended more fully into the crystalline blueprint as now they are providing a summer and winter harvest. This does not appear across the board in all mango trees though; only certain ones that appear to have ascended into the crystalline blueprint fully enough to bear two crops each year.


Much like humans in present time where some can ascend and some cannot, and there are different levels of ascension each may master in a given adult form, so this is the same for fruit bearing trees, and all trees for that matter. Asur’Ana has witnessed how many of the pine trees in the forests of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are dying; they are dying to allow enough sun for the young trees to grow.


The young trees are ascending where the old trees cannot; and so, the forest is regenerating and ascending itself through the birth of the young. The young trees have also a different color pine needle than the old mature trees. The pine needles of the older mature trees are a deep yellow-green in color; the young pine trees have needles that are more the color of compassion green or turquoise in the Language of Light. This too is a sign of the new ascending forest holding the tone of compassion for the ascension of Earth. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of Light.)


Deciduous trees are going through a parallel shift in consciousness. Some mature trees can ascend and others cannot. Over time, one will see the trees that cannot ascend pull their life force from their branches giving way to death so that the energy for life can be put into the maturing of the ascending young trees nearby. The young ascending trees may also have a different color of leaf, reflecting the momentum up in vibration and into the Language of Light in the physical. Green leaves in the young trees may become more turquoise in color. This may be also for trees with other colored leaves such as deep plum, which will turn magenta pink in the ascending offspring.


Humans need not fear the death process of the forests as a result and can begin to take it all as a sign that the times of cleansing have begun. The times of cleansing are for all species; any species holding silica-based genetics and DNA that cannot transmute to a carbon-based biology and to the next level of ascent required by Earth are retracting from the physical plane. Those that have the right ancestry are producing offspring that can ascend to the next level. Those that have not the right ancestry for carbon-based biology will die and eventually the entire species will become extinct. This shall occur amongst most plant and tree kingdoms in the coming 100-year cycle.


Plants and Trees That Will Become Extinct


What fruit bearing trees or plants are due to become extinct? Hemp (marijuana) is an example of one plant that is due to become extinct. Hemp is a plant imported from the Pleiades and was used for making clothing for the Anu Slaves. The Slaves also smoked the hemp leaves, and this kept them docile and less likely to rise up against the Anu in association with their role as a slave. Clothing made from hemp in present time or the oil that may be used in the making of candles or in makeup is silica based. Much like petroleum products, hemp products may not resonate with ascending humans who are moving increasingly towards a carbon-based biology. Other fruit producing plants or trees destined to become extinct include sour sap, guava, some forms of peaches or nectarines, along with some forms of grapes. Each of the associated species originated in silica-based creations and most likely came to Earth via Pleiadian spacecraft.


Before an ascending human plants a garden with certain fruit bearing or nut bearing trees, each may wish to ask if the tree and its associated seed can ascend. If one muscle-tests or pendulums “yes”, then plant the entire fruit in a whole state rather than just the seed. One will find that a much healthier fruit-bearing tree will grow out of the entire fruit and seed as a result. The fruit provides nutrients necessary to the construction of a healthy young tree. As such, the tree will be less subject to disease and more likely to ascend along with the land and oneself.


Avocado is one fruit that is highly supportive of the crystalline nervous system. One will also find ascending avocados that have embodied the crystalline blueprint to be high in cholesterol. This may surprise your scientists of the future that have perceived avocado oil as non-cholesterol based. However, this is a good fruit tree for an ascending garden. One good sized avocado tree in the tropics could produce enough to feed an entire community once the full blueprint enters the dance; as the full blueprint will allow for four harvests per year.


Asur’Ana has also been surprised at the size of the local island avocados; they are the size of a grapefruit if not larger, and are very nutty in taste and creamy in texture. Some avocado varieties are less nutty in flavor and host more liquid or water in the flesh of the fruit. This variety of avocado is often grown in Florida in the United States. This variety of avocado cannot ascend and would not be a good fruit to plant for one’s ascending garden or community. This variety of avocado came from a silica-based creation.


Avocado seeds are also edible, but most choose to throw this part of the fruit away. Perhaps it is because the seed is bitter that humans choose not to eat roasted avocado seeds. Avocado seeds provide a useful form of fat and protein, and perhaps in time the Avocado Kingdom will work with ascending initiates to alter the chemistry to allow the nut inside the fruit to taste better. This is the gift of ascension. At another time, the avocado seed was more desirable than the fruit to humans, and this is what they ate more greatly of than the flesh of the fruit.


Tropical Fruit Trees


Banana, Papaya and Mango trees also abound in the tropics. Banana and Papaya trees do produce fruit all year long and are an example of two fruit bearing trees that has not lost its crystalline cycles. One large mango tree can also easily feed a community of people. As the mango trees embody the crystalline blueprint, they will produce fruit all year long. As fresh fruit becomes the norm, the requirement to can or jelly or dry the flesh will cease to be, unless one prefers the sweeter taste or convenience for travel. In South America, green mango is also eaten with a little salt on top. Much like green papaya salad of Thai recipes, green mango has a different set of enzymes useful for digestion and cleansing of the intestinal walls.


’Ulu or breadfruit may become very popular for the ascending human cultures of the future. Breadfruit is a popular food amongst Hawaiians along with those living in the tropics of South America. Breadfruit is large like a grapefruit, and yet a starch, like a potato. Breadfruit was another fruit bearing tree that came to Earth from Sirius with Sirian seeded humans. Breadfruit can be roasted whole in the skin; or cut up and dried. Roasted breadfruit tastes something akin to a potato in Asur’Ana’s experience, and is delicious with coconut butter or vegan butter upon it.


In Sirius, breadfruit was dried and then ground into flour and used as a form of starch one would make bread from. This may be far easier to grow, harvest, dry and make flour from than grains into the future and as the current machinery and planting modalities humans rely upon ceases to exist. The Tree Kingdom also perceives that breadfruit can grow in other climates as long as there is no snow, and may produce a seasonal fruit rather than fruit year-round as in the tropics. It is interesting to note that humans associate the breadfruit symbolically with the “Tree of Life”. To one’s Sirian ancestors, this was probably so, as it is one of the more ancient foods that has fed humans upon dimensions in which life has fallen into the requirement to consume food to subsist.


Coconuts are a common fruit in all tropical regions. Asur’Ana is often saddened how the fruit from such trees is generally stripped and thrown away before it can ever mature. Humans are more concerned about getting hit in the head by a falling coconut than having food that one can consume growing around oneself. The Hawaiians of ancient times would never have conceived of stripping their palm trees of its food; as this is what allowed them to thrive and survive in relative ease.


Coconuts are high in cholesterol. Ascension records have revealed that up until 2,200 years ago, Hawaiians held crystalline biology. They sustained their blueprint in the consumption of a large amount of coconuts, which provided the necessary cholesterol to support their crystalline cells. Coconut may therefore become another favored fruit to grow and harvest for ascending communities in the decade ahead.


Jackfruit grows on large tropical trees known as “Nagka” in Malaysia. Jackfruit trees are considered a part of the breadfruit tree kingdom. Jackfruit is another fruit that is more popular in the East than in the West. Jackfruit trees produce a fruit often the size of a watermelon. In the East, often jackfruit is dried, candied or used as a sweetener for ice cream. Jackfruit has many pockets of flesh that are filled with large seeds. The seeds can be boiled, the skin removed and then roasted with salt and oil in an oven. Asur’Ana who has enjoyed jackfruit on the islands found the seeds delicious and similar to roasted chestnuts in flavor.


Jackfruit much like breadfruit also holds biochemistry associated with the crystalline form. Therefore, one will find many nutrients that support ascension in each of these foods. Such nutrients include a particular form of salt useful in ascension that is available in both jackfruit and breadfruit flesh. Most ascending humans must learn to create this salt within their ascending biology, as it is so unavailable through your current food source. Inside the jackfruit seeds is also a particular form of oil useful to the ascending nervous system. This oil is also found in avocados, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts.


There are other fruit trees that are highly productive that are overlooked in the grocery shelves of current human interest in the West. One of such fruit is star fruit, which tastes like a mixture of a pear and a kiwi. Asur’Ana finds these delicious upon salads or in fruit salads. There is a tree in the tropics that produces a beautiful red grape upon its bark; this grape producing tree is known “Jabuticaba”. Asur’Ana has enjoyed the fresh grapes straight off the tree upon the Big Island. The grapes have tough skin and a load of tannin. There are also “Mountain Apples” that grow in Hawaii in the higher altitudes near the volcano. These apples are green or red in color, soft like a pear, and taste like a combination of apples and pears in a single fruit.


Mass Farming Practices and Loss of Taste and Nutrients


Many of the varieties of trees that are less commercialized in the West will retain a memory of crystalline genetics as they have lost less consciousness over time and in this era. Researching such flora and fauna and choosing to plant less common species may be useful to ascending communities of the future as a result. The fruit or nuts from less commercial varieties will be more likely to hold biochemistry useful to supporting the ascent into the crystalline cellular structure, and will more readily ascend as they are not losing consciousness as rapidly as other foods harvested greatly by humankind.


Humans have tended to strip the DNA from the food that they consume. Asur’Ana notices how the food grown through mass farming practices is tasteless and has little nutrients or life-force to offer. The cause of this is due to a loss of consciousness and how such species are farmed. Consciousness requires love to be exchanged. If humans loved their farms, the consciousness would return to the fruit, nuts, and vegetables grown. As consciousness returns, the food could evolve and thereby hold greater nutritional value as well as flavor. Because humans fail to love their farms, consciousness is retracting and has been retracting over the past 100-year cycle.


Perhaps at another time, family farmers loved their land. As farming has become big business, there is no one present really to love the land. The lack of love also acts as a vacuum through which the DNA of the plants is stripped. The DNA of farmed plants, fruits and vegetables has dropped so significantly in present time that there is little nutritional value remaining in the genetic blueprint. It is perhaps for this reason that not only is the food so tasteless, but humans have learned to create “supplements” and ingest them, as the food harvested en masse is not providing the necessary nutrition any longer to sustain life.


Humans have been primarily vegetarian throughout history upon Earth. In this last era and since the Fall of Atlantis, humans have failed to return to consuming a strictly vegetarian diet. Humans continue to consume flesh in counterbalance to their own loss of consciousness. Humans, like the very farms that they rely upon for food, are being stripped of their own DNA. As humans consume flesh, they are trying to replace the lost DNA that frayed so heavily following the last nuclear devastation of Atlantis. Furthermore, DNA of humanity is continuing to fray in present time.


Why is human DNA fraying at this time in history? You are falling again in consciousness, beloved. Although there has not been a global nuclear disaster, there is almost as much radiation that is being produced through your technological gadgets due to their high level of popularity. Radiation frays DNA. You are falling in consciousness due to your own technological era beloved. The solution to this is to intend to ascend. Through ascension, one will begin to restore one’s own consciousness to a level of greater awareness.


At this time, Earth is suggesting ascending initiates assume a 90% vegetarian diet, only resorting to small amounts of fish or wild game if one’s body requires more amino acids to ascend. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 11 “Vegetarian Diet Recommendations for Ascending Humans”   for more information.) Earth also recommends organic vegetation over the mass-produced vegetation readily available in the grocery store, if one is not growing one’s own food at this time. Farmers markets where one can buy organic vegetables and fruit grown in small batches may be another solution that better supports ascending humans. The best solution may be to create one’s own ascending garden. In so doing, one can begin to work with one’s own plants to ascend and provide one the necessary nutrition to evolve.


Natural World Dream and Living in Peace and Unity


The plant kingdoms will write more about creating an ascending garden from our point of view in later chapters of this book. It is our hope and dream that humanity awakens and moves towards working in harmony and unity with the land again. It is also our hope and dream that all species can live in unity and peace again. There have been time periods in which humans have lived with other kingdoms in peace. During such periods, humans have walked in the natural world dream participating in our consciousness and life dance. The further humans have gone out of harmony in each cycle, the further that they no longer resonate with the natural dream. This is how humans have fallen out of the natural world dream in recent centuries due to their dissonant and war mongering behavior.


Even the Native Americans and many other indigenous tribes around the globe began to war upon one another in recent centuries. As this occurred, they were thrown out of the natural world as the natural world chooses not to war. If we allowed humans to reside in our dream in the warfare, then we would destroy our own reality, as we too would go into great discord. If this were to occur, there would be nothing to sustain peace and the possibility of ascension “home” to the Great Central Sun. And so, the natural world has had to move humans out of our dream in each cycle of great dissonance.


As humans ascend and come to enough harmony within, they may dance with us again in the natural world. This can only occur as enough discord is ascended out of. Ascending into peace requires a complete ascension with all parts of the biology transmuted to the crystalline form. It has been human tendency to desire a rapid ascension that is incomplete, as if ascension were a race. Ascension is not a race, nor can it be accomplished any faster than the biology can detoxify itself to embody a new structure. Nature understands this; we know that we are here for the long haul. The ascension out of our collective declines in consciousness will take 1,000 years of continued evolution to transmute in full. Then there is a possibility of the ascension Home to the Tao.


We thank you for listening to what we have to share. Call upon our kingdom to assist in providing the substances you require to ascend into crystalline biology. Call upon our kingdom to attune to the land that one lives upon to discern if one will be safe to continue to thrive there in the decade ahead.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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