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21. Live In Joy


Joy is perhaps the greatest gift of the choice to evolve for any species. Evolution or ascension brings forth greater and greater joy in the life expression of any species. Such joy is an internal and external state of being.


There are many musical artists in human form that have been tuning into the dance of sound behind the molecular rotation in all living things upon Earth. One such artist is known as Enya. One will notice that the music of such artists has become increasingly joyful over time and far less mournful. The release of the grief upon Earth is creating a joyful dance. Such musicians are tuning into the new sound of joy that is permeating the molecular structure of Earth. Humans, in choosing to ascend, may join the dance of joy and leave the grief behind just as all other kingdoms are.


Authentic Joy Is an Internal State of Being


In the human dance, joy has been existent only in the moments perhaps of triumph when some creation within the life dance fulfilled upon one’s dreams. Therefore, those moments of seeing one’s dream come to fruition, whether it is in graduating from college, obtaining the job that one desires, getting married, having a child, or watching one’s offspring do the same, such moments bring humans joy. However, joy has become associated with success. What this means is that the human dance precludes those whom seemingly fail at manifesting one or more of their dreams from the dance of joy.


How many times have you sat in suffering because your dream failed? The job didn’t pan out or laid you off, or you didn’t qualify for the home loan, or the boyfriend/girlfriend ended the relationship, or the marriage ended in divorce. One then sits in non-joy because joy is associated with dreams succeeding, not failing. We would like to point out that joy has nothing to do with success or life manifestations. Joy is an internal state of being that comes from divine union between body, soul and form in a dance with God Goddess/All That Is. This is authentic joy. Success from our perspective is a form of inauthentic joy based upon “triumph”.


We would like to point out that ascension brings about change. The loss of job, spouse, friend, lover, house, car, or child, is the result of completion of karma. Karmic contracts and bonds come from unfinished business of one’s prior ancestors. Each human is related to millions of ancestors, and as a result, there is often a lot of unfinished business, particularly amongst those ancestors incarnate in the past 16,000 years. The life span of the human species has been so compromised over the last 16,000 years that most incarnations never completed upon the karma incurred, leaving many contracts to be fulfilled upon at a later time.


In the current dance, one marries the spouse, buys the house, has the children, creates the job, based upon unfinished agreements from a prior time. As the agreements are completed upon in the act of ascension, one ends the marriage in divorce, allows the children and friends their own choices in path, changes jobs, moves, or any one of thousands of other possibilities that are a reflection of karmic completion. Karmic completion means that the dance is over and a new dance can begin. From our point of view, this should be a time of celebration, for one has just allowed for karmic completion, which is a part of ascension. In the new dance, there is greater freedom, and perhaps the opportunity to draw others on a parallel path of ascension whom shall grow and change in relation to oneself.


The joy as a result of ascension comes from the increasing sense of freedom as karmic contract after karmic contract with other species and other planets or stars are completed upon. For a long time, the human species has reached out to the nonphysical realms. They could not connect with any other species due to veils of illusion that surround the human dreamtime creating a barrier and a false representation of nature. These veils have lifted at last due to Earth’s ascension beyond the vibration at which they once existed, allowing a true communion with any species by any human that so chooses to connect. Nature can act as guides and hosts to the inner worlds and dreamtime planes that can be confusing or frightening otherwise, and as such, can act as guardians to one’s own unconscious.


Authentic joy, when experienced and expressed, leads to unity amongst all species. For in a state of joy, one honors another and all of their gifts, talents or contributions, in full. One perceives not another as more important to oneself, as in joy, all species contribute, all humans contribute something to the dance of global ascension, even if it is simply the choice to complete upon Earth through the act of death. In understanding that each serves a purpose, each contributes, one can more readily embrace all others and all other dances unconditionally.


Unconditional Acceptance


Unconditional acceptance is a prerequisite for humans to attain the state of the Bodhisattva in their ascension. The Bodhisattva is one whom has embodied compassion and unconditional love in relation to all others, and acts in harmlessness in all that one does. Harmlessness means that one ceases to interfere with the evolutionary process of any other human, any other species, or Earth at large.


Many humans upon the spiritual path are confused. They believe that they somehow have to “heal others”, “fix Earth”, or repair Earth’s Lay Lines in order for Earth to ascend. Earth is taking care of herself and her own ascension, and requires not one or any human to fix lay lines or fix Earth. Such humans interfere, and often what is created has to be repaired by Earth as it does not serve. In so doing, such humans incur global karma, and if enough global karma is incurred for interference, one will not be able to ascend in this lifetime.


Few humans if any understand global ascension. Few humans understand the process of their own personal ascension. How can that which does not understand ascension ascend Earth? It is not possible and often the misconceived guidance comes from entities that are as lost as the human species but perceived as all-knowing or God. All species are God Goddess in form, and their souls ensoul Earth. It is the souls of all species that ascends Earth. There is a consciousness to Earth, and one may tune into such consciousness and listen. In listening one can understand Earth’s process and know how one can or cannot contribute. The greatest contribution any human can make is to choose to ascend oneself, as in so doing, one supports Earth in increasing in vibration.


Allow Earth to ascend. Allow yourself to ascend. If you are truly choosing to ascend, your focus should be upon your own inner process and inner mastery. This is more than a full-time job, the goal of inner mastery, and if one is truly mastering internal to self, there is no time to fix another. No other can truly be fixed by oneself anyway, as each must choose to ascend and heal themselves. Each must choose to master of their own volition, for the journey of self-mastery is an internal process that occurs in the “inner landscape” of one’s thoughtform.


Focusing on Inner Landscape


Much of the lack of joy occurs in the human dance when others fail to do as one wishes. The children pick a different path than oneself, or one’s mate holds no interest in spiritual endeavors, or one’s family or parents are born again Christian, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Buddhist, or Agnostic, or Atheists. Often more time and energy is spent trying to change those closest in one’s life to embrace one’s beliefs than mastering the internal landscape within oneself. You cannot ascend without mastering the inner landscape. We guide you to turn away from trying to convince others of your truth, and rather become your truth by self mastering and ascending.


There are so many teachers in the new age and metaphysical realms. Many believe that they hold “the truth”. Many entities that such teachers channel likewise believe that they hold the truth, when truth is multifaceted and an expansive expression beyond the ability for any one entity or human to comprehend while in form. Your truth is within. No two truths are alike. No other teacher’s truth shall be your truth. We invite you to turn inward rather than outward, and listen. Listen to your own guidance. Then follow it.


As you address the inner landscape, and allow the thoughtform of destruction, death and fear to be transmuted, your outer relationship to the world shall shift. You shall no longer perceive the world from the same viewpoint. Rather you shall perceive the world from a standpoint of unity. Unity sees the dance of all creations and of all species as one, and yet individual in contribution. Unity also sees the dance of life within the human species from the standpoint that all humans are of import, each contributes something to Earth, and each must be allowed their journey so that Earth may ascend.


Most humans are not choosing to ascend. You are perhaps a rare bird amongst a flock that has a different focus. Your focus is important to your truth of ascension. Their focus is important to their truth of non-ascension. Allow others their focus so that they may complete and in so doing Earth may ascend. Allow yourself your focus so that you may master and likewise ascend.


It is the intermixing of thoughtform that is so confusing for the human species. This is not so for other species. A web of thoughts that are from others surrounds most humans. Most of the time such thoughts are from one’s spouse, one’s friends, one’s teacher, one’s children, one’s parents or family, and one’s boss. As such, one is often thinking the thoughts of others and projecting your truth onto others rather than living your truth. Ascension brings about the gradual separation of thoughtform such that one only hears one’s own truth and then can live truth.


Live Your Truth


This is a complex and difficult journey, from intertwining to sovereignty of thoughtform. However, in understanding that most of what one may think is not one’s own thoughts, one can through intent choose to separate each day or several times per day from others. One may do so through the act of grounding and centering of self, anchoring one’s I AM presence, and then commanding the energy of others to return to their fields, retrieving one’s own energy in return.


The act of synthesis is another method of separating from others. Please refer back to the Synthesis Meditation in Chapter 11. Synthesis causes one’s tones of creation or frequencies that one has embodied to line up like a rainbow surrounding the form in such a manner that those energies that did not originate within oneself are returned to their source of origin.


We would like to point out that most confusion upon the spiritual path comes from the voices of others. As one separates, one shall more clearly hear their own truth and then can follow it. As one stands more and more certainly in one’s truth, the joy increases exponentially! For there is a grand joy in living one’s truth and living the dream that one’s soul and form joined to dance within.


We have witnessed some ascending humans move into their living truth, their living dream. Such humans are beginning to express long lost gifts and talents that bring them joy. For some it is painting, for others writing as self-expression emerges again, for yet others teaching or offering healing services. For yet others such dreams are expressed in their own unique style that serves their own karmic completion. Regardless of how truth is expressed, when one stands in their truth, joy becomes the foundation. One ceases to compare truths when one is firmly in the center of one’s own truth within, for there is nothing to compare. Truth is truth, all are necessary, all important, no one truth is more important than another. All contributions are equal to the greater scheme of the dance of life.


In the current human thoughtform, one is always comparing oneself to others. Am I or they more beautiful? Am I or they more successful? Am I or they more joyful? Am I or they better for having or not have a spouse and/or child? Am I or they in better physical condition? The cause of the comparison is the intertwining of truth and human thoughtform, which causes one to look outside of oneself for validation that one is loved. One is loved if one is “better than” another, and if one is less than in some regard, one is loved less.


Beloved, you are loved unconditionally by all species upon Earth regardless of your size, marital status, job status, whether or not you have children, regardless of what you wear or the property that you possess. The comparisons fade as one separates from the thoughts of others. It is the thoughts of others that cause one to compare oneself to another. Move the thoughts and energy of another out of the field, and one shall cease to think about the other and cease to compare, cease to judge. One can then tune into their own journey, their own process of self-mastery, and focus upon what shall allow one to continue to ascend.


Only Success That Supports Earth Is Allowed


As one ceases to compare or judge, inner joy becomes one’s state of being. For one cannot be in authentic joy and judgement in the same moment. Judgement leaves oneself either feeling better than or less than another, and feeling better than is not joy. It may be equated to a form of triumph, but triumph is not joy. It is for this reason that we say that success is not true joy. Perhaps success shall leave one with a sense of triumph, but triumph means that one has triumphed over another. This means that another must lose; another must fail if one is to succeed. Success and failure are not a part of the new emerging unity paradigm. In unity, all may succeed, however, only success that supports the whole of Earth is allowed.


For a long time, humans have known success that does not support Earth. The mining and toxic mess created through the success of our technological industries does not support Earth. The hunting of whales and or dolphins and the needless killing of them in our fishing industries does not support Earth. The poisoning of land through pesticides in order to reap greater reward by our farming industries does not serve Earth. None of such forms of success are unity-based, and in the new dream for Earth and humanity for unity, such forms of success are disallowed and shall eventually fail. They shall fail due to the conscious choice of Earth to ascend and birth a new thoughtform that is unity-based. All that is non-unity based shall perish in the next quarter century.


Humans in their choice to ascend shall release the karma and thoughtform at creation of such expressions of greed, and as the karma is released, such forms of pollution and harm shall cease in due course. All that each human need to contribute to this dance is to choose to ascend, and master internal to self. In so doing, a new era of joy and unity can be born, and one shall contribute by participating in the birthing of a new era.


For those whom are ascending, there is success as one begins to live their truth and live in joy. However, such success may not at all resemble the current concept of success, which often requires making a fortune, of having a beautiful home, yacht, investment property, or an investment portfolio. These are not the forms of success that we are referring to, and from our viewpoint such are only false forms of success based upon the current paradigm of greed and non-unity.


Those whom are ascending live simple lives. They contribute to those whom their fields come into contact with regardless if such humans have any conscious idea that they exist. Those whom are ascending have powerful fields that often reach out touching others for thousands of miles from where they live. Sometimes such humans are retired, sometimes they are still working in the world, some are healers, some are teachers, and some are parents. Some are in partnership; many are single. Such humans are humble and simple; they seek not fame nor fortune, nor do they seek anything but their own ascension and wish to support the ascension of Earth in all ways possible.


Long ago, our prophets said, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”. The meek or humble are those whom wish to serve Earth through ascension. Such humans shall not be worshipped, because ascension and worship are contradictory states of being. All worship creates a form of arrogance in those whom are worshipped, and such arrogance causes the dance of self-mastery to cease.


It is such human nature to believe that others are better than self, that others have mastered more than oneself, that others are more “perfect” than oneself, that it is natural to assume that those of great success somehow have it “all together”, have “mastered”. We guide you to focus on your internal transcendence and not compare yourself to those who are wealthy or famous.


All initiates create tests for themselves. Asur’Ana was offered last year the path of fame. She chose the path of ascension. She may never be well known, but she shall transcend, and this is her goal, and her goal supports Earth’s goal. So, may you contribute by transcending, by ascending, and your contribution shall be no more or less than Asur’Ana regardless of initiatory status.


Ascension Is Not a Race


It is human nature to compare. We have seen ascending humans compare themselves based upon initiatory status, amount of DNA segments embodied, or if they are or are not manifesting physical signs of their ascension, and on and on. Ascension is not a race nor is it something to compare oneself to!


Ascension has no scales. Mastery is mastery, and it is an internal and biological shift. Each shall take the mastery at a pace that their given form and lifestyle can handle. The body must detoxify upon a biological level the toxic thoughtform that your ancestry has existed within. Some forms are more toxic than others, and some are older than others. Some have lifestyles that allow for rapid momentum through the initiations; some have agreed to bridge and awaken others and are choosing a slower pace so that their fields may touch others that perhaps the higher-level initiates can no longer reach. All serves, and in the unity paradigm, each ascending and emerging truth is of equal import and equal value to the whole.


That which causes one non-joy is generally self-judgment, or judgment of others. All judgment comes from comparison. We guide each to stop comparing. There is nothing that your internal mastery can be compared to. It is one of a kind, unique, and of a distinct truth that is only yours! Asur’Ana has discovered that as she ceased to compare, others ceased to compare her. That her internal state of non-judgment and non-comparison caused a new relationship to others in which others ceased to judge her or compare her to anyone. This is how internal mastery works. One changes the inner landscape, and the external experience of the world alters accordingly.


It is out of the belief that one has no power to change their experience of the world that the concept of a victim has occurred within human thoughtform. There are no victims. There is not one experience that any human has made manifest that is not the result of one’s karma. However, the delay in the cause and the effect often make it appear as though the experience is a form of victimization.


We would also like to point out that there are humans gifted at displacing their karma on to others rather than experiencing it, or rather than transcending it. This can and does cause one to experience difficult circumstances that are not truly one’s ancestral cause. In understanding this, one may seek to return all cause, all karma, that is not truly one’s inheritance to the source of origin. In so doing, one shall only transcend and transmute fear-based thoughtform that is truly one’s inheritance, for karma and thoughtform are intertwined. In so doing, the thoughtform that creates difficulties in one’s life can be released in full allowing for one’s truth to be expressed upon the physical plane.


One’s karma is not one’s truth. One’s karma is simply unfinished business from prior ancestors’ lives. In a sense, all karma must be released and completed upon in order for one’s truth to shine through into all aspects of one’s life dance. This may mean leaving behind the spouse, home, mortgage, job, family, and entering the new paradigm of unity in full. Sooner or later, all ascending humans shall leave behind that which is not choosing to ascend and enter the kingdom of heaven and unity again.


However, the pace at which this may or may not occur is up to each initiate. Some may have contracts to support another through to their death, and this is a form of karmic completion. As such, leaving behind such individuals may not be possible until they die. Each has a unique path. Each has a unique destiny in the choice to ascend. The choice to ascend brings about a new future in which one shall not die, but live to see the new golden era emerge upon Earth. In so doing, one shall leave behind all that do not choose to ascend in due course.


Consciousness Does Not Die


As one ceases to compare, one shall cease to compare whether or not another chooses to ascend. There are many paths, much karma, and some karma simply cannot be fulfilled upon without death in a given incarnation. However, death is not an end. The consciousness from the life continues. If those choosing not to ascend are one’s parent, spouse or child, the consciousness of such shall join you in your choice to ascend following death. There is no loss. Only consciousness, only evolution, only the dance of life in all of its varied expressions.


As one opens to the inner landscape, one shall perceive the spouse, child, parent or friend that has exited physicality. One shall see that consciousness continues, and can continue to communicate and relate to such deceased humans at will. In so doing, one shall cease to believe that life ends with death, and assist in anchoring a new thoughtform for humankind that understands this grand truth in full.


Often it is the experience of death that causes humans the greatest grief or times of non-joy in their life expression. In understanding the truth, the truth that consciousness does not die but continues, one can release the grief and move into the joy again. Perhaps the joy shall increase in understanding that those whom have seemingly perished will now support one in one’s choice to ascend!


The paring down of thoughtform and inability to see and access the nonphysical realms has created so much fear, so much misunderstanding, so much pain. Perhaps this journey shall teach all species that no species should be allowed to descend so low in consciousness again. In so intending this, this difficult experience known as Earth shall never occur again.




You, your awakening, your choice to ascend, is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to all species or Earth. Through your ascension, the nature kingdoms can come to understand the difficult human dance, and in coming to understand, they can honor, forgive and have great compassion in their hearts for all humans. Ascension begins with forgiveness, and it ends with forgiveness. It is forgiveness that allows the grief to fade into the joy again. For one ceases to blame, blame another, or blame self, for any experience or any creation.


We invite our human brothers and sisters to forgive, forgive oneself, forgive all others, and move into the joy again. Release the resentment towards those whom have harmed you and transit into the new paradigm of unity and honor. Is holding on to the resentment worth sacrificing the joy? Let it go, and we shall all heal together and become as ONE again.


The feelings or thoughts of resentment may or may not be your own. Sometimes, in the intertwining of thoughtform in the human dance, one experiences thoughts that are not one’s own. So, we invite you also to discern, and return those thoughts that belong to another, for you cannot forgive another’s resentment any more than one can release another’s karma.


Feel the Joy


Feel the joy of nature. Open your heart to all species and Earth and remember what unity and communion feels like! If you feel nothing, then intend to retrieve your ability to feel. For living in joy requires the ability to feel.


Some genetic packages in the human species have become so pared down that the ability to feel has been lost. Ascension brings forth the reconstitution of all abilities, the ability to feel, express or language, intuit and create. Often humans are afraid of emotions, or deem them unreasonable, hysterical, and the like. In holding on to such judgements, one rejects emotions internal to oneself. As one seeks to be whole again and to express all abilities that were inherent to the human species, one shall open to feeling or intuiting again.


Yet others are gifted at feeling or intuiting, but have a difficult time either manifesting or languaging their thoughts in a manner that others can understand. The ability to language or manifest also is repaired in the choice to ascend. Therefore, if one has difficulties of this nature, then intend to language and create again. And so, it will be in due course.


Unity and joy require wholeness. Wholeness is an internal state in which one recomposes the field to be whole and complete through the act of ascension. Such a shift brings repairs to the etheric body, chakra system, and subtle bodies (emotional, mental, intuitive and creative bodies), along with the biology of the form. It is in wholeness that joy becomes an ongoing life experience again.


Ascension also brings forth a return to authentic joy. Authentic joy seeks not outside approval of another, nor outside entertainment to elicit the state of joy. Authentic joy comes through becoming whole internal to oneself, and then as one is whole again, one can dance with all kingdoms in an ongoing dance of unity. It is as one is whole, with a mental, emotional, intuitive and creative body present, that one can commune with another species. In the communion, one not only experiences joy, but feels interconnected or ONE again with Earth. Such moments are grand gifts in the journey of ascension indeed.


Ascension is a gradual process towards greater and greater wholeness, greater and greater joy, and greater and greater time spans of communion and unity with all species upon Earth. Some days may be very difficult, as one pushes through another layer of fear-based and destructive thoughtform, causing one to feel alone, separate off, unloved and certainly not in a state of joy. As the difficult moments are pushed through, one returns to the joy, and the joy is more expanded than before, for one has become more whole in retrieving and reunited the part of self that had been separated off.


Allow the difficult moments. Do not judge yourself as less spiritual, less capable, less of an initiate or less of a master in such moments. Such moments are a part of the process of ascension and ancestral karmic release. One cannot ascend without integrating their own darkness, and sometimes such darkness presents itself as loneliness, or fear, or as a seeming energetic attack from another. All darkness must be confronted, transmuted and transcended in order for the associated lost parts of self to be reunited with the remainder of one’s field. As the reunion is complete, a greater sense of self, one’s truth, and a newfound sense of wholeness emerge.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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