Image of a pretty gold orange flower. Shakti Studies #8

Shakti Studies #8


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The Nature of the Exchange of Kisses of Honor


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The bliss kiss of Self

Is inaugurated

As a kiss is exchanged

In deep honor of each

In care of the heart

In a synergy of truth

Fostering a celebration of the occasion

Amongst the pair

Of greater joy and merriment

In a humorous and enlivened exchange

In a reunion of kinship

In a kinesthetic repose

Of Divine Union

Of the body mind spirit accolade of Self


Honorable and Passionate Kisses


The exchange of a kiss between beloveds or friends of the heart in a deep state of honor of one another fosters the sweetest of caresses between the body, mind and spirit of the pair. An honorable kiss exchanged in front of a group can trigger a beautiful dream of enchantment of the many to unfold thereafter. There must be a deep flavor of synergy of the pair in order for honor to be retained in a kiss that fosters bliss instead of lust. There are many types of kisses that foster certain kinds of self or consciousness to direct the life dream of the moment in a particular direction. The direction is always into a kiss of bliss of spirit descending upon matter to foster each and the group. As spirit descends, unity and unison of the two and the many occurs due to the kinesthetic exchange of kisses of the pair focused upon.


Passionate kisses foster very beautiful dreams for the interim of the exchange and for the day to follow for the beloveds of fate. Those who “make out” on the couch with only sensual pleasure often foster the sweetest of dreams for the eve and into the day to follow. Rapturous self descends to foster the pair together and apart into a state of ecstatic reunion for an interim of time. The rapturous self descends due to physical and kinesthetic reposes of the pair fostering a bliss kiss of forensic delight of the two. If the pair continues to “make out” and foster something else sensual to sexual, spirit further descends triggering another type of dream to occur that is even more rapturous to experience and express.


Friendly Kisses Upon the Cheek


In ancient times, friends of the heart in deep kinship of soul family relations would kiss, but not in a romantic sense. Kisses of this stature were often not unlike the Italian family fostering of a peck upon one another’s cheeks. Exchanging kisses upon the cheek fosters wellness of self in each associated. Wellness of self allows the dreams to align to flourish for each following the exchange. Sometimes a peck upon the lips can also be fostered between two friends. A peck upon the lips fosters kinship of self. Kinship of self fosters a pair that relates well together as friends. The pair feel better together and aligns the mind following leading to a bliss kiss of self that better understand one another. Read more

Image of shiny and sacred Native American rocks. A Spiritual Perspective on the Current World Economic Crisis

5. A Spiritual Perspective on the Current World Economic Crisis


The Heart of the Tao would like to share with you a different perspective of the current economic crisis that is causing severe losses to the banks and banking system along with the real estate market at this time. The cause of the crisis is really founded upon the polarity reversals and energetic changes that are the result of Terra’s (Earth’s) global ascension. For the past six years, Terra has entered gateway after gateway of energy flow known as “Star Gates” towards the Great Central Sun Dream. Each Star Gate has offered up new energetic movements; some of which have been embraced leading to further global ascension. Some of the movements that are supportive have become a new language upon Terra known as the “Language of ONE” and have been captured as crop circles around the globe.


Anu Based Cycle


For the past 2,000 human years, you have been in an Anu based cycle. The Anu based cycle is the result of a group of Pleiadians that came to Earth and strip mined her of gold to extend life back home. Life in the Pleiades was dying due to a missing vibration related to the golden octave. As the golden octave was moved from Earth, life in the Pleiades was restored and Terra began to move towards extinction.


Fall after fall in vibration and energy flow occurred in the era of the Anu due to the loss of Terra’s gold; and the loss created the space for a Pleiadian energetic geometry to be increasingly set in motion in Earth’s field. This pattern is pyramidal in nature and many metaphysical aspirants are familiar with what is known as the “Merkaba”. The formation of electrical pyramidal flow is really a foreign geometry set up by a particularly small group of humans that required this flow to extend their lives.


The Anu became bored after a time and chose to heavily breed a slave nation of humans. These humans grew into the billions in numbers and increased the pyramidal energetic movements around their civilization and upon Terra. The electrical pyramidal flow increased so heavily that it drew a dream of nuclear annihilation left over from another Pleiadian war unto Earth; and the culmination in the era of the Anu was a vast travesty.


The era concluded in six large nuclear bombs detonated upon Terra’s surface that sent her downward in vibration, pressed her upon her side, and it took 24,000 human years thereafter just to balance her energy flow enough that she could stabilize. A nuclear winter that scientists perceive as the “great freeze” occurred in this time period. (For more historical information as gathered through human and global ascension, please refer to Chapter 1 “Human Archetypes and Archetypal Nature” of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1.) Read more

Image of a bunch of yummy rambutan on a tree branch. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4


The Fable of the Rabbit


The Love of the Sway


The Rabbit of Self


The love of the sway

Causes a beautiful day

To be aligned and be lived

In the love of the two

With each I know

That cares with me

For the project that serves

The community

I am that I am

An orchestrator of sway

Of the clan


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The Rabbit is a Baba lore fable of care of the sway of the clan. The clan or tribe always fosters more synergy and joy if they sway together day to day and through time. Swaying many together is an art all of its own. By and large, the sway of the whole has been lost upon Earth for a very long time. Those who gather in small clusters may sway some if there is one who can organize the motion for the group. Swaying in light brings about kinship and a flavor of happiness between two or within an entire group.


For those of this tale, there are small numbers perhaps you can sway with that allow you to feel grand or beautiful in your dreams of life. The rabbit motions close encounters only with those who sway and push those who cannot sway far away. The rabbit can become a leader that gathers selectively those who foster bigger sway to notion group organization into something beautiful and healing to experience. Sway heals and synergizes two or more into motions of beauty and grace. Sway is a lost art amongst most except those who are gifted at light wave motion.


The tale of the rabbit is not always of a leader of a group but a person who is gifted at holding space with others. Sometimes those of this lore fable are healers; sometimes they work with nature or farm; sometimes they are gifted at music or dance; sometimes they are a conductor of sorts of meetings that work out better due to the nature of swaying in light motion. The rabbit is a beautiful human who cares always for those who care back. Those who fail to care are not people the rabbit ever chooses to remain with unless forced to due to family or work circumstance. Read more

Image of a brilliant happy yellow flower. Mindset Development #4

Mindset Development #4


The 14-14 Gateway


Realization into Transfusion Theory of Self


14-14 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 14-14 sequencing

Is a gift of mindset development

Into oska and aliska

In a new threshold of awareness

That births realization

As a component of self

Experiencing itself

Through time

In a mesmerizing journey

Into the divine concepts of life

In the actualization of oneself


Tao Realization Theory: Mastery of the 14-14 Gateways of Ascension


Tao realization theory is an adroit equation to foster self of the self within. Self of the self is consciousness that fosters self-awareness to allow for divine concepts of existence to prevail within. Divine concepts are not difficult to illustrate and are presented to follow. Divine concepts are easy to read about but are difficult to realize within as each level of mastery must foster a rising above difficult happenstance of karma in life. Divine concepts are realized as they are acknowledged in often the most difficult of circumstances of experiences. Acknowledging divinity in those that resonate is easy. Acknowledging divinity in those that fail to resonate and are cantankerous in nature and damaging to one’s spirit or physical presence is the real task of those mastering the 14-14 threshold of existence in this era.


Tao realization is fostered by the Tao of the Tao within or the God aspect of self. The Goddess aspect is known as the Dao of the Dao within. Tao realizes the consciousness of the physical self while Dao realizes the consciousness of spirit. Self is realized through Tao inaugurations of field that bring light infusions into the biology and mindset of mental activity to stimulate divine interpretation of life. Light infusions trigger another flux of mindset to unfold as the synapses form in the cortex of the brain. Light infusions of field syncopate the biological mindset with the formations in the mental body to foster divine understanding of life in its unfolding through time.


Light infusion of field does occur in many who develop into 12-12 thresholds of development too. Light infusions trigger variations on a theme of forgiveness or compassionate action theory of life in 12-12 developments. Light is less infused into 11-11 developments. Light thresholds of 11-11 systems generally are no larger than thirty percent. 12-12 developments can foster up to eighty percent light infused field and biology through time. The larger the light quotient in a 12-12 development, the deeper the compassionate action that forms directing the life into dreams of deep sincerity and sustainability of presence. Read more

Image of awe-inspiring Antelope Canyon in Arizona. About These Native American Ancestors’ Letters

1. About These Native American Ancestors’ Letters


Book’s Introduction


This book offers a series of letters from the Ancient Native American Ancestors who have much to share about the holographic knowledge that they were aware of at the time that they were alive. It is the hope of the ancestors to trigger a greater awakening and remembrance of holographic truth through the sharing in these letters.


Long ago and as Asur’Ana’s ascension began in Fremont California, she found herself surrounded by Native American ancestors. The communications with the ancestors prevailed on and off throughout the day and during her meditation time for many years. The ancestors offered up advice, guidance in her personal struggle to master the inner world and transcend her own fearful thoughtform, and assisted her in learning her early spiritual lessons upon the path of ascension. The ancestors taught Asur’Ana to honor the earth, and honor each kingdom, and honor Mother Earth. The ancestors also taught her beautiful rituals to aid her in her times of struggle and to anchor sacred space.


Over time Asur’Ana also came into contact with Polynesian ancestors who were a part of her more ancient tapestry of ancestry and held more information for her continued journey Home. The Polynesian ancestors invited Asur’Ana to move to Hawaii, and at the time she was not sure how this would ever come to be. She told the Hawaiian ancestors that if they could find a way to move her to the islands, she would. It took only 15 months, and the opportunity arose to relocate unto Hawaii.


Hawaii held keys to Asur’Ana’s continued ascent and therefore it was a necessary step to relocate unto the islands for her continued evolutionary journey. However, the Native American ancestors did not understand this and felt betrayed at her departure. Over time Asur’Ana continued to return to the mainland US several times per year and anchor the healing and patterns that would continue to foster human evolution along with ascension of the land. The Native American ancestors finally forgave her and began to understand the larger picture of what she was trying to accomplish in spending time in both Hawaii and upon the mainland each year.


Over time Asur’Ana and her beloved twin partner and husband from Norway, Per, learned to unite the ancestors related to their tapestries and request that they begin to work together and in harmony and honor with one another to foster not only Asur’Ana and Per’s evolution, but the evolution of each that is related unto them. Over time this led to new agreements amongst all ancestors of all nations to unite for the common purpose of fostering a time of human awakening ahead, and launching an era of ascension and evolution “home” with Mother Earth to a new state of being with love as the foundation of existence. Read more

Image of a lovely water color painting of an adult whale and child whale. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform

13. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that greets you today. We are again witnessing a turbulent time of ascension where many difficult patterns are rising to the surface to be cleared both within our kingdom and yours along with Mother Earth at large. It is for this reason that we write to you again today. Each time we have written, those reading of our sharing have gone on to make intentions that have contributed to the whole of the release of karma necessary for our kingdom and yours to ascend along with Terra (Earth’s consciousness).


Terra is beloved unto us. We hurt as she hurts; we struggle as she struggles; so many sensitive ascending humans that are drawn to us show us also how much you struggle to also ascend and feel deeply in the process. As of late fission karma has raised its difficult and ugly head for all of us to contend with. What is fission karma? Fission karma is similar to karma for nuclear annihilation, although the origins of fission are not with human armament but rather due to false ascension. Here both your species and ours must contend with how we contributed to the development of nuclear wars and annihilation of Earth through our own misguided ascensions.


There has been much revealed in the ascent of the land and sea and many records gathered that now are contributing to our understanding of combustion and incomplete ascension so that a whole and complete ascension can be launched, and the dance of fission thoughtform can be put behind us.


The records gathered thus far reveal that something went vastly wrong, and that ascension became something that was not ascension at all, but a travesty of the greatest order. The travesty was a dance where the body burnt up into a pile of ashes rather than ascending into a fully formed fourth dimensional vessel. The burnt up cellular structure anchored another thoughtform upon Earth that was not present up until this point in history, known as fission thoughtform.


About Fission Thoughtform


Fission thoughtform is a very difficult thoughtform to embody or embrace. Fission thoughtform causes all other thoughtform that is whole and complete to break apart, including holographic thoughtform. It was as fission thoughtform was anchored through incomplete ascensions leading to combustion that holographic knowledge began to blow itself apart upon the holographic planes of Earth. As holographic knowledge was blown apart, there was not enough understanding to gather it all back together again, and so holographic understanding was lost and the largest and earliest falls in consciousness within our species and yours then occurred. Read more

Image of a captivating blue flower. Shakti Studies #7

Shakti Studies #7


The Cake Walk


The Nature of the Exchange of Cake


The Cake Walk of Self


The cake served at the wedding

Reflects the sugar glaze of Self

The sweetness of the delight

Or the plight of the night of the two

The nature of the exchange

Of the first bites

Reflect the dreams

Of the partnership lore of fate

To be fostered through time by the pair

Is it a delightful dream ahead?

Or one filled with strife?

Or simply a fate to be realized through

In the mastery lore of the two?

Only the cake knows


The Cake Walk Exchange


The cake walk is a celebration of partnership that has been fostered through the ages and often in sacred ceremonies of divine happenstance of beloveds who have just wed. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered for a marriage of gay or heterosexual fostering. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered in group endeavors for couples to understand their union lore of fate. The cake walk is an exchange of eating a piece of sacred cake baked in special incantations to lift the veils on the union lore of the two. As the pair feeds one another the first bites of cake, the nature of the exchange is a reflection of the lore of the two about to unfold ahead.


Wedding cakes in many cultures are often shared as a part of the ceremony. Sometimes the couple is expected to feed one another the first bites. Rarely is the nature of the union lore reflected upon as a result of the dream of the cake walk exchange. There is so much loss of information on the nature of partnership lore that couples go through rituals associated with partnership fostering without understanding the nature of the incantations associated. Incantations in a wedding ceremony will foster the union into blessed to disastrous dreams ahead. The cake walk is a reflection of the karmic fate of the two that will play out ahead and following the ceremony.


The Cake Walk Experiences   


The cake walk was once a sacred ceremony fostered by ministers of deep reflection upon the nature of partnership fostering in ancient times. The cake walk can once again be fostered amongst those interested in better understanding their union lore of fate. Any difficult or dark fate can be forgiven and risen above through light motions of field. Therefore, the cake walk is not to be frightened of but simply another mirror to witness about the nature of the lore of partnership one is about to embark upon ahead with one’s beloved of fate. Here are four very difficult cake walk experiences to be witnessed through. Read more

Image of a green and alert cricket sitting on a leaf. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air

13. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air


Blessings for Divine Timing in the Divine Dance


The Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms


It is the Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms that address you today. Asur’Ana has long loved to listen to our hum at night out her bedroom window. We remind her to move into syncopation with Earth in her rotation of field, as this is the purpose of our kingdoms, to retain a rhythm that holds the heartbeat of Earth.


Syncopate with the Heartbeat of Earth


What is the heartbeat of Earth? The heartbeat is an ongoing pulsation that is the result of the rotation of molecules within the land, forests, trees, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Grasshoppers and Crickets attune to this rotation and mimic it in the movement of rubbing our wings together, which produces a hum late in the day or evening and at night. We do so in order for all kingdoms to align their own rotation of molecules to our pulsations.


One may also listen to our hum and intend to rotate one’s molecular structure in syncopation. At this time and in some regions of Earth, the pace of rotation has increased. In Hawaii and under major chakra centers such as in Alberta Canada, if one is out in the country, then the molecular rotation may be at a pace that reflects the ascent of the land to 3000, 6000, 9000, 12,000 or even 15,000 segments of DNA. The higher the evolution of the land, the more rapid will be the syncopation of our sound.


The syncopation is not in the actual hum, but in the surging of sound. Therefore, listen for our surges or when the sound suddenly gets slightly louder to the ear. Each rotation of the molecules will be reflected in a slight surge of sound; every 18 rotations will have a slightly larger surge; every 48 rotations will have the larger surge and therefore a louder sound; every 144 rotations end with the largest sound of all, and then a short period of silence. As you learn to syncopate the rotation of one’s own molecules to the sounds of the crickets, one will come into divine timing.


Divine Timing Is the Present Moment


What is divine time? Divine time is in the present moment. In the moment, there is only the now. In the now, there is no past and no future. In the now, patterns of the past fall off and patterns of the future have yet to become activated. One will find peace therefore in remaining in divine timing as much as one can. Perhaps given the current human drama and trauma, it may be the only place that one finds peace. Asur’Ana has learned that taking a daily walk and sunbath (if the weather allows; if not, then a bath at home) is crucial to her ascent; out in nature or in the sun and in the water, she comes into present time. She intuitively aligns to the rotation of the molecules in the land and the water in such moments and in so doing, her troubles melt away into peace as she moves more fully into present time. Read more

Image of a pristine mountain landscape. Assertions for Right Mindedness

4. Assertions for Right Mindedness


The Right Mind


The right mind

Fosters joy within

In a life that is loved

With people that care

In soul family sway

Of the two three and many

In love with the whole

In the beauty of spirit

In light wave syncopated motions

Of the divine understanding

That there is only love

And there is only light

And that the shadows of themselves

Are only a delusion

To be transfused through

To find peace within

And love yourself


Right Mindedness Is A Flowering of the Mind and Fosters Synergy


Right mindedness is a state in which spirit may descend and participate in the dreams of yourself. In the dreams of yourself while in right mindedness, spirit can communicate what you need to hear to understand, interpret, find a divine stance and forgive all that ails you within and in life. Spirit can accord dreams that you are in need of to foster your life only while in a state of right mindedness. Right mindedness is an accord of the divine with an assertion that you are beautiful and loved and cared for; and to foster blessings for each and each spirit in the divine understanding that all is to be loved. Love and sacredness form a bond between right mindfulness and right mindedness through time. Generally right mindfulness is mastered first followed by right mindedness in most adepts realizing self in any cycle.


Right mindedness is a flowering of the mind in twenty-eight concepts of divine notions. As twenty-eight notions are mastered, a state of right mindedness unfolds. The flowers of self first foster right mindfulness in the ten flower of self concepts in succinct rhythms fostering a lotus above the cortex. Then the lotus fosters eighteen other flowers of self that form out of each lotus petal, one at a time until the nineteenth formation sprouts above signifying the mastery of right mindedness. Right mindedness is a self-realized state of being. Those self-realized accord to foster another level of mastery into self-actualization notions of self to follow.


Right mindedness is a fostering of a state of synergy within. In a state of synergy, the right and left sides of field sway together as the cortex blossoms above the cortex in the twenty-eight divine concepts. The sway must amplify to foster a complete motion from head to toe and within the subtle body of field in order for a state of right mindedness to accord within. The sway must take flight with spirit in paths of the divine that accord into a motion in which spirit may descend and infuse the subtle body in a sway of its own. As spirit sways with matter, there is a bliss kiss of the divine that is experienced by the physical. Sometimes if the sway is large enough, others are cascaded into beautiful blessings of spirit into matter in a group accord. Read more

Image of a cute looking brown and white fur skunk. The Smell of a Skunk

34. The Smell of a Skunk


Blessings for Standing in One’s Truth


The Skunk Kingdom


The skunk kingdom has much to say to our ascending humans today. We are a small species with black fur with a white stripe down the entire length of us, from head to tail, and associated with the Porcupine astrology sign “Fulfillment Bearer”. Skunk has a notorious reputation for “stinking things up”. We have an odorous mist that can be sprayed if a predator nears; generally, the smell is so obnoxious that the predator chooses not to attack. This has worked well over time, and our reputation is so great that most predators do not come near us even if we fail to release our odorous spray. In a sense, one could think of our odor as giving us a “reputation” that other species pay attention to. Indeed, the odor sticks to the fur and feet of those who intermingle with it leaving its “mark” for weeks thereafter.


Co-Dependence Leads to Non-Fulfillment


Reputation from our point of view is about standing in one’s truth. In the truth, one sets boundaries that are appropriate for one’s evolution. In the truth, one makes changes that resonate within. In the truth, one does not remain in a relationship that is making one ill, or preventing one’s ascent, or that one is complete with the karma of. One moves on, as it is one’s “truth”.


In human relations, there are sticky bonds of attachment known as cords; however, the cords are more than simply ties from one to another, they are a thoughtform of their own. The thoughtform is one of false love and false truth. For in a state of false love, one will sacrifice their truth for another; one will allow themselves to be crucified to remain in the relationship; and one will carry another down their own path rather than allowing others to learn to do so of their own volition. False love and false truth are also known as “codependence”.


Codependence leads to non-fulfillment. Why is this so? There is nothing fulfilling about the dance of codependence, regardless of role. If one is the strong one “taking care of another”, then one is always burdened. How can one feel fulfilled and burdened at the same time? It is not possible. If one is the weak one and being “taken care of by another”, one is a burden to another. How can one feel fulfilled if one is a burden? The entire dance leads to disappointment, failure and a sense of non-fulfillment.


Asur’Ana and Per had to leave their family members behind in their ascension and only interact with them occasionally. Perhaps one cannot imagine doing such a thing! Well perhaps it is not one’s truth to leave the family, as one has karma that is not complete yet. Perhaps one even has karma to see one’s spouse through until death, or assist in the ascension of one’s child. When the karma is complete however, the dance must change, or one’s ascension will cease.  Read more