Image of lovely wild mushrooms with red caps. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life

20. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life


From the Mushroom Kingdom


It is the Mushroom Kingdom that communicates with you today. Mushrooms much like eggplant are another form of crystalline structure that remains upon Earth when most other plant kingdoms have fallen into great density at 2 strands of DNA over time. Crystalline structures are light and porous with more air element, hence our light weight given our size. It is the air element that allows for increasing movement of chi through any living structure; the more porous the structure, the more chi that can be pushed through the form leading to a higher frequency or vibration of the cells and overall structure.


The Crystalline Structure Hosts More Air Element


Most wild mushrooms have never dropped beneath 6,000 segments of DNA in vibration, and our kingdom is rising well above the vibration of many other plant and tree kingdoms at this end of cycle time period of ascension Home. As a result of this truth, we are paving the way to regeneration for all other kingdoms to follow. Mushrooms also continue to hold the Language of Light tones of creation in our wild state of being.


Regeneration is an act in which that which has fallen ill or become compromised is repaired. In the current paradigm, cells do not repair themselves very well at two strands of DNA. Most cells die and then are replaced every seven years; however, beyond the age of 28 in human form, only one third of the cellular structure is replaced each seven-year cycle ahead leading to what is known as aging, decay, disease and ultimately death in older age. In the regenerative crystalline system, not only are most cells repaired long before they die, but all cells that die are replaced leading to a healthier overall biology as well as a longer life span.


Regeneration is the nature of crystalline unity biology that self repairs; and is the first phase of ascension for all kingdoms upon Earth including the human kingdom. All kingdoms are moving towards the crystalline structure which regenerates and does not age or become ill over time. The crystalline structure also hosts more air element allowing more energy to be pushed through the etheric vessel leading to a higher vibration of the cellular structure. The faster the molecules and field spins, and the more kundalini can flow through the core of the etheric body, and the higher the frequency. This requires more air element and less earth element.


Molecules must go through a transformation of their own in order to keep pace with the evolving crystalline structure. The crystalline molecular structure shifts from a solar system formation of atoms rotating around a nucleus to a Triple Lotus pattern akin to the “Consciousness Symbol” of the Language of Light. As the molecules assume the consciousness symbol formation, it is also a reflection of a restoration of lost consciousness to the etheric and biological structure of the form. All kingdoms are pressing towards the consciousness based molecular rotation in the ascent to 3,000 segments.




Beyond 3000, the molecular structure increases its field by assuming two Triple Lotus movements akin to the “Integrity Symbol” of the Language of Light. This is accomplished as 6,000-9,000 segments of DNA are embodied in the current pathway of ascension (Bodhisattva level evolution). The restoration of this movement upon a molecular level is a reflection of a return of integrity to the dance of life. Wild mushrooms have never lost the movement within our molecular structure of Integrity and have retained the thoughtform of integrity upon Earth as a result.


What is integrity? The thoughtform of Integrity states that no kingdom is to be destroyed; nor is the Earth to be destroyed. All are to be honored as God Goddess in form; each is to be honored for the part in the dance of life that they play. What part does the Mushroom Kingdom play unto the whole of this consensus reality known as Earth or Terra? We play the role of the keepers of integrity and have records of other biological states of being upon other dimensions where integrity had yet to be lost. Many of these records are from a time when Terra existed inside the Great Central Sun dream over 24 million Earth years ago (96 million years as humans measure time).


There was a time that nothing died upon Terra; all life forms continued to exist seemingly forever in the state that they held; and this occurred in integrity between all kingdoms. Plants did not die and then seed only to grow anew; flowers and fruit did not fall from the vine unless picked. Consumption of one another did not occur in this time period. If humans did consume, it was for the taste and not the necessary nutrition to continue to exist. Young were not born and the old did not age or die. Consciousness carried forward seemingly without end upon the physical plane.


Creator Feeding of His/Her Own Creation


Over time however and without another spiritual goal, the endless existence led to boredom; boredom for the souls dancing with all physical life and boredom for the physical too.  Out of boredom, there was an unconscious intention for change; but not change that would allow for evolution as this was not a part of the script broadcast upon us by our creators; the script was for life extension. However, the creators were taking chi and more chi from the upper dimensions within the Great Central Sun; this caused the upper dimensional suns to begin to feed off the lower dimensional suns such as Terra. The ongoing feeding upon her chi caused Terra to decline in frequency leading to change and ultimately an inability to remain within the Great Central Sun dream.


Why would any creator feed off his or her own creation? This is an interesting concept unto the Tao, a force outside of time, space and form that is supporting a homecoming now of Terra, not only into the Great Central Sun’s dream, but also Home to the Tao. There are creators within the Tao that have fallen into consumption to retain very large creations that do not sustain themselves without feeding off of another. This is a reflection of a vast distortion in the Tao that is now coming to be repaired.


In order to repair what has occurred within the Tao, the Tao must understand what its own creators have done; and has extended here upon Terra and the multidimensional consensus that she resides within including Dimensions 3 through 18. In the extension of the Tao within this region of domain, all is coming to be understood; and as how creations have been manipulated is understood, law as it is sustained in the Tao is being restored upon Terra and the dimensions that are ascending above her.


Law Within the Tao


What is the law within the Tao? Law within the Tao is very succinct and is a part of the fabric of all that has been cast by the Tao including your own physical form. The law and integrity go hand in hand. It is against the law to consume or destroy anything; it is against the law to create dissonant creations that do not resonate and then are used to shatter others apart, or be shattered apart unto extinction. It is against the law to fracture time forcing the past to repeat endlessly until a creation self destructs. Most of what occurs in this region of domain that Terra resides is against the law in the Tao.


This is also so for the human species. The human species reflects the law currently playing in the dream that is actually lawless. The human species consumes flesh without agreement with the associated kingdoms. Then out of consuming that which is outside of agreement, the human species ends up consuming one another through warfare, murder, torture and abuse. The human species consumes Terra at a rate that it is difficult for her to regenerate. Now the consumptive nature of the human species is coming back upon your species, and you will consume yourself unless you choose to forgive and ascend instead, beloved.


Self Consumption


What will self consumption be like in the era of cleansing ahead? What the Mushroom Kingdom perceives stepping down into the human dream is a vast array of diseases that are a reflection of one’s own biology consuming one’s own cellular structure in karmic return as to how one’s ancestry has consumed nature and Earth over time. Many of these diseases will originate in the flesh that humanity consumes. Cows, pigs, sheep, chicken and other kingdoms held in captivity and raised only for consumption of flesh have chosen cellular diseases to cause their own extinction. As humans continue to consume flesh, they will also consume the very viruses and bacteria designed for extinction and then go extinct themselves.


This is an intent that has been launched for extinction of all farm animals by all other animal kingdoms that no longer wish to have any forms related unto them raised simply as food source for humanity when there is no agreement for it. The end result will be that those consuming the flesh will become ill of the very viruses and bacteria designed to cause the farm animals to go extinct.


The viruses and bacteria are already present in the flesh; but because the animals are killed at a relatively young age, they go unperceived at this time by the farmers or veterinarians. In the quickening of time ahead, the diseases will step down more rapidly into physicality and will then be recognized by the farmers and veterinarians sustaining animals for consumptive purposes. Then perhaps more humans will become vegetarian as a result.


A Vegetarian Diet


For those that are choosing to ascend, the Mushroom Kingdom suggests a vegetarian diet. The viruses will not be found in milk products or eggs, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, or fruit. The Buffalo Kingdom has chosen to ensoul cows raised for milk and particularly those sustained in organic manners; The Eagle Kingdom has chosen to ensoul organic free range chickens raised for eggs only. This is to support ascending humans and children in the times ahead to receive enough protein from milk and egg sources to continue to ascend.


The Fish Kingdom has agreed to allow consumption of their species for the coming 50 years ahead; after which humans will need to assume a completely vegetarian diet. It is recognized by all species that humans require vast amounts of protein to ascend and rebuild the body to a crystalline structure, and therefore, nature allows the necessary provisions to do so out of the love of your species.


Yes, we know that there are toxins in your sea due to the toxic dumping of humankind. However, toxins from fish sources are relatively small if consumed only a few times per week compared with what you receive in your own water and through the air that you breathe, particularly those of you living in the density of your cities or suburbs. Filtering water and air can assist; however, the best solution is to relocate to a purer environment in the countryside. Even so, some country environments are laden with pesticides and fertilizers from non-conscious and non-organic farming practices; and these substances are far more toxic than a small amount of toxins you may receive through eating fish two to three times per week beloved.


There are many mushrooms that are also high in amino acid (protein) levels within our flesh. One mushroom farmed heavily for consumption high in protein is the Shiitake Mushroom.  Shiitake Mushrooms host as many amino acids as fish and those that are crystalline in biochemistry as well. The amino acids in shiitake mushrooms are crystalline and this allows what is ingested to be used “as is” in a crystalline form rather than having to be combined to create a crystalline protein. Most eggs are non-crystalline in most regions upon Earth at this time, even those farmed free range and organic. On the Hawaiian islands, it is a little different as many chickens have ascended to 3,000 segments and their eggs therefore host crystalline amino acids and other substances as well.


Wild Mushrooms


Wild mushrooms are not only crystalline but host substances and consciousness not found in farm raised varieties. Morels host a substance that will assist in the repair and restoration of the kidney, liver and spleen in ascension. Porcini Mushrooms host a substance that is helpful to the ascension of the physical heart into a six or eight ventricle system. These two wild mushrooms are readily found upon the grocery store shelves in most regions humans live, and also add a lovely taste to one’s pasta or risotto. Mushrooms agree to be consumed in order to support life upon Earth and in so doing receive the benefit of blending with your consciousness. In so doing, we can aid in your ascension as well as assist in regenerating your form, beloved.


There are mushrooms also known for their regenerative properties in Chinese Medicine, and this includes the Maitake and Reishi Mushroom varieties. In Chinese Medicine, these mushrooms are offered as treatments to a variety of ailments, but mostly are known for their capacity to assist in regenerating the biology. How exactly does this work? The cells of Maitake and Reishi mushrooms naturally regenerate as it is their biochemical nature. If a human has genetic information on regeneration, the consumption of our kingdom will trigger the biological knowledge to come to the forefront and aid in the recovery of a particular ailment through regeneration of the associated part of the biology.


At this time of ascension, regenerative biology is what each kingdom is striving to ascend into. This is also so for the human species. The Maitake and Reishi Mushrooms can assist ascending humans in gathering genetic records of regeneration for all parts of the form so that a complete ascension can be created into unity biology.


Some initiates have taken tinctures of these two mushrooms in many time periods in their ascent to assist with troublesome genetics that were failing to regenerate parts of their forms. Some initiates take the Reishi Mushroom extract to help with small pockets of cells in certain regions that are also failing to ascend to the next level of genetic encoding. Such is the gift of these two mushrooms in particular, which can be found in extracts as well as teas.


Why is it that certain parts of the body fail to regenerate in ascension? Mostly, it is due to a barrier of sorts that prevents the regenerative energies from causing physical regeneration. There are many games that have occurred over time to move regeneration around. Sometimes a barrier of serpents that are not one’s own are placed between the etheric skin and regeneration chakras, and this causes the regeneration energies to be sent to someone else rather than stepping into physicality.


Unsuitable Biochemistry and the Stripping of Regeneration


Why would another wish to strip regeneration from anyone? Ah this is an interesting phenomenon but it is the result of existing in the wrong creation for the type of genealogy that one has inherited. Long ago, a blue blooded white skinned race of humans came from the Pleiades and another Great Central Sun region of domain. The biochemistry of this group of humans died here upon Terra. As a result, and in order to extend their existence, this group of humans stripped the regeneration of other humans as well as Terra herself. The end result was that Terra and all other humans began to age and fall into shortened life spans.


If this group of humans had simply returned home after they were complete with what they had come to Terra to gather, the entire dance of aging, seasons and reincarnation that resulted would have been offset. However, this group of humans chose to interbreed and leave parts of their genealogy here upon Earth which then continued with the dance of stripping regeneration from other humans as well as Terra. This has led to fall after fall in genetics and consciousness for the human species as well as Earth over the past 184,000 years of history. This is also the karma that must be forgiven in order to ascend into a regenerative cellular structure that does not age.


How does one ascend? One pulls forward genetic information from more ancient ancestors that hosted a crystalline and regenerative biology and then evolves into them. Photon energy will trigger new genetics to grow. Earth is now embraced by photonic energy emanating from the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun that she has entered. Generally, physical ascension is accomplished in an organ by organ, system by system fashion and a little at a time over many years or decades.


The Mushroom Kingdom highly recommends that those devoted to ascending in this lifetime work with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1 compiled by the Earth’s Consciousness in support of ascending humans. This workbook will bring to consciousness much that each requires understanding in order to cause all parts of the biology to become crystalline and master 3,000 segments in one’s personal evolution.


There are those within the human species that also continue to take regeneration, chi, information and moving energy systems from other humans to extend their existence. These humans cannot ascend as they have the wrong biochemistry in their inheritance for the magnetic Great Central Sun that we are about to enter. The ancestry of such humans did not originate from this Great Central Sun, and nothing can return unto this Sun that Terra is from unless it came from her. Those with the unsuitable biochemistry will most likely become ill in the coming times ahead as they too are destined for extinction upon Earth. This is necessary as all must go Home and all must resonate with the Great Central Sun in order to do so.


The Mushroom Kingdom also points out that death is not an end; that the physical is only one eighth of the expression of any kingdom including the human species. Each kingdom has ancestors that shall carry the consciousness forward beyond death. Those ancestors of any kingdom from any other creation are to return Home to their creation of origin and carry on. Nothing ends really; and death is only an illusion of the physical plane. However, death is a powerful illusion that elicits a lot of fear. The fear really comes from the failure to perceive the nonphysical and the ancestors all around oneself.




There are those that like to take substances such as peyote as recreation. Alas continuing to take magical mushrooms will scar the pituitary gland over time so that it cannot bud to create the necessary biochemistry to foster biological ascension. There have been several initiates who could not ascend due to excessive use of acid or peyote in earlier times in their lives, as the pituitary was too scarred to bud. The pituitary must open in ascension to create 1,000 nodes each of which produces a necessary biochemical substance to cause physical ascension of the cellular structure. Without the budding of the pituitary, ascension cannot take off at all.


Therefore, the Mushroom Kingdom does not suggest taking substances such as peyote, but rather to commune with the kingdom for the necessary information to open unto the unconscious and open unto one’s own psychic capabilities.


Cigarettes and Smoking


Cigarettes and even organic types of tobacco are not recommended for smoking at this time in history on the part of ascending humans. The Mushroom Kingdom perceives that the substance of tobacco has so been used to manipulate humans and transfer regeneration from one unto another that most will be hard pressed to move beyond the etheric machinery associated. Smoking will move the regeneration of the lungs to others rather than allowing the energy flow to regenerate your own physical form.


The Mushroom Kingdom advises those devoted to ascending in this lifetime to give up the cigarettes as well as any other form of tobacco. The addiction to tobacco will interfere with the opening of the heart which is necessary to sustain a vibration much beyond 1,024 segments of DNA. Smoking will also interfere with the regeneration of the lungs to a point that they are incapable of gathering enough oxygen to manufacture enough sugar in the crystalline diaphragm to support a higher cellular metabolism necessary to biological ascension.


Addictions, Radiation, and Antimatter


There are many addictions that must be given up to ascend into a regenerative cellular structure. Addictions to television, computer games and other media such as movies also require relinquishing. Why is this so? Television, computers and movies rely upon dreamtime planes filled with antimatter. Antimatter shoots holes in the molecular structure of one’s form. If antimatter is recurrently blasted at the molecular structure, the molecules will fail to ascend into the Triple Lotus consciousness symbol formation. In so doing, one will fail to ascend the associated cells as they will not receive enough chi to fulfill upon the task.


This is also so with living in the density of the cities at this time. Cities are filled with radiation and antimatter. The radiation and antimatter come from all the electronic gadgets and microwave instruments now prevailing due to advancing “wireless” technology. Electricity is a host to antimatter and any highly electrical environment will blow holes in one’s molecular structure as a result and this makes ascension difficult. Microwaves and radiation in general slow down the field rotation causing one to sink in consciousness rather than rise up in vibration. Moving out of the cities is a prerequisite to real ascension that is physical in the Mushroom Kingdom’s opinion.


Mastering Integrity and Transcending Self-Sacrifice


The dance of integrity requires that one takes care of oneself as well as others and other kingdoms in the dance of life. Many humans upon the spiritual path sacrifice of themselves for others thinking that this is what love is; alas love does not require sacrificing of oneself; for this is a reflection of a lack of self-love. Self-love and love of others must come to balance in order for a state of integrity to blossom again in the dance of life. This is what the path to Bodhisattva or 6,000-9,000 segments of DNA embodied in the biological ascent brings about.


For those mastering integrity at this time, it is a difficult journey. There is more that wishes to take of oneself than give unto oneself in the current human dance of life. Why do humans take so? Why do they strip one another of that which is required to subsist as well as ascend? Having humans of the wrong genealogy for regeneration and life is the real underlying cause as to why humans take without giving anything in return. In order to sustain those who cannot sustain themselves, one sacrifices of oneself out of the belief that this is what love is; to sacrifice of oneself unto another so that they survive.


Terra also sacrificed of herself unto other dimensions of creations within the Great Central Sun, which caused her demise and falls out of the associated dream. Outside of the dream, Terra has continued to sacrifice herself and fallen again and again from the 18th to the third dimension of life form. Why is sacrifice considered love?


Look at your religions, beloved. Look at Christianity; does it not formulate the concept that sacrificing of self or crucifying oneself as love? This is not love beloved, destroying or being destroyed is not love. Sacrifice is a form of self destruction and underlies all forms of disease in present day human experience. It is sacrifice of self that underlies why biology at 2 strands of DNA fails to regenerate. Why is this so? The regenerative knowledge and associated energy flow have been given away unto another that has regenerative knowledge of another creation that does not work here upon Earth. This is the origins of self-sacrifice.


Why do humans self-sacrifice this way, giving away vital knowledge and energy flow to sustain another? The karma for this dance is multidimensional. Ancestors upon other dimensions sacrificed of themselves for others who did not originate in their own creation and this too called a fall in consciousness at the time that they existed. This is how creation after creation has fallen to dimensions beneath; each creation thinking that it had to sacrifice its regeneration to retain the life of something that did not resonate and living upon its own surface. All of this occurred as humans built large spacecraft and began to travel between solar systems. If humans had instead turned inward and chosen to ascend, perhaps their creation of origin would have returned to the Great Central Sun Dream long ago and never fallen so low in frequency.


Turning Inside Out


Why do humans desire to venture outward rather than turn inward and spiritually master? From the Mushroom Kingdom’s perspective, it has to do with being turned inside out in energy flow. As Terra and all upon her exited the Great Central Sun Dream, she entered a region of domain that is a void or space between. The void or space between was never designed to sustain life. The non-movement of energy flow in this region of domain pressed Terra’s field inside out. This was also so for each kingdom incarnate upon her global body including the human kingdom.


It is in turning inside out that humans then begin to manifest internal capabilities outside of self rather than retaining the spiritual knowledge within. Humans knew how to instantly manifest with their thoughts in other time periods upon this dimension as well as upon other dimensions you have existed upon. As humans turned energetically inside out, humans lost such capabilities and began to manifest things or objects with their hands rather than with their thoughts.


Humans knew once how to teleport from one place to another with a thought. As human energy fields turned inside out, humans lost such capabilities and then had to manufacture machines to transport them from one place to another such as planes, trains and automobiles as well as spacecraft. It is the spacecraft that then allowed humans that were dissonant from one creation to travel and relocate unto another creation causing enough dissonance if in enough numbers to elicit a fall in consciousness for the entire consensus.


As humans lost the capacity to communicate telepathically with one another and due to turning inside out in energy flow, humans learned to manufacture technology such as phones, cell phones and computers to stay in touch. As humans restore their spiritual capacities, none of the technology you currently rely upon will be necessary again; and this is what full consciousness biology makes possible. This is also a state of being that the Grand Masers with the larger heads seeded upon Earth from Sirius 200,000 years ago also demonstrated.


Records of the Grand Masters


The mushroom kingdom has records of the lives of the Grand Masters before they died. For a long time, the Grand Masters teleported home to Sirius upon a regular basis for guidance and continued support of their teachers. They also instantly manifest beautiful residences for themselves along the streams, lakes and forests of Terra at the time. The Grand Masters loved their freedom here upon Earth and chose to make this their permanent residence.


Over time and about 800 years following their seeding, the Grand Masters turned inside out in energy flow and did not understand that this was so; nor did they understand the cause of their increasing distortion. The cause of their distortion was shifting universal forces that Terra as a planet and your sun as a solar system were traversing through. The universal forces turned everything upon Terra inside out including the Grand Masters energy flow. This is how Terra moved into yet another destructive cycle and dream to be experienced.


The Grand Masters suddenly were unable to teleport home as the inside out energy caused them to lose all information on how to do so. They then attempted to ascend a small number of red nation’s peoples in hopes of figuring out the cause of their own distortion. Alas, the inside out dream caused the dark to use the red nation’s peoples to press the Grand Masters into even greater distortion and this led to the death of most. Fortunately, the Grand Masters left behind a legacy of larger headed offspring that were half Polynesian and half Tibetan in ancestry. This has left the necessary information to ascend in the human genealogical templates to be drawn upon at this time of ascension and homecoming.


It was as the majority of the Grand Masters lost their capacity to instantly manifest, teleport and telepathically communicate that the human dream again moved towards technology and where these capabilities would be expressed outside of self rather than within. This then led to another technologically advanced set of humans to arrive from the Pleiades who then proceeded to rape Earth of her gold, sending her into sinking frequencies and unstable energy flow. As the energy flow went unstable enough, the ice shields broke leading to the creation of your oceans. The inverted and destructive dream further propelled this Pleiadian family to war upon one another to the conclusion of a nuclear annihilation of Earth.


Black Hole Dreams and New Light Dreams


Terra did not understand that her dream had become inverted and this is why she sank in frequency and called a dream of nuclear annihilation unto herself. It is now understood that it is an inverted dream that causes destruction of any kind, whether it be the slaughter of animals for human consumption or the slaughter of humans upon the battlefield.


Over Iraq and Palestine at this time, you will see such an inverted dream that it has become a large black hole. Black hole dreams create acts of terrorism and torture to an extreme, as this is the nature of inversion; it causes dreams of life to become dreams of death; and the greater the inversion of the dream the greater the death projected through the dream upon those living in the region. Black hole dreams are inverted thousands of times until they collapse in upon themselves.


These types of dark inverted and black hole dreams shall be cleansed from Earth altogether over time. Many of such dreams originate from other creations but have been deposited here as they are unwanted in their creation of origin. Terra has become a dumping ground for unwanted other creational dark dreams. Terra is in the process of removing all black hole and inverted dreams that do not belong unto Earth and sending them back to their creation of origin. Those black hole or inverted dreams that did originate upon Terra can be healed through the process of recasting so that they hold a dream of life again.


Each reading this book can begin to work with Terra to clear the inverted and black hole dreams from the land surrounding the region that you live or travel. Each that intends to gather up the inverted dreams and send them to the Aurora through conscious intention can then assist Earth in anchoring a new rewoven light dream that is unity-based. We invite each reading these materials to intend this so wherever you live and wherever you travel. In so doing, we will begin to expand upon the new light Earth dream that supports ascension not only of the land, but of the human species as well.


We will close this piece with special blessings for regeneration and life from the Mushroom Kingdom. May each that intends to ascend evolve into fully regenerative crystalline biology. May no cell be left behind; and may your future ancestors ascend to the next level of integrity-based biology, anchoring a new day ahead that gives birth to a state of unity amongst all kingdoms.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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