Image of golden concentric waves. Transcending Shame

2. Transcending Shame


There are many forms of harmfulness that we will be writing about in this book. Harmfulness is a conscious, subconscious or unconscious act that damages oneself or another either mentally, emotionally, physically, or ethereally. Most humans are familiar with emotional abuse and the damage it causes to one’s life experience. Many are not familiar with unconscious abuse that occurs energetically.


Over the course of bringing many initiates through to the state of the Bodhisattva, the various forms of harmfulness have become more carefully defined and their karmic heritage revealed. We spoke in the last chapter about the personality and how in a state of disharmony, harmfulness is often perpetrated between humans while channeling fractured souls that are ego- and negative ego-based. In this chapter, we address the patterns of shame that also create a related form of harmfulness through human interactions.


The Game of Shame


Shame is a form of judgment that occurs in one of two ways. Shame occurs in the shaming or belittling of oneself, which is often experienced as a form of self-consciousness or self-judgment. Shame also occurs in the shaming of another, which causes the other to be belittled or made to feel less than or inadequate in some manner. When one is ashamed, they relinquish control of themselves to another or a non-physical entity. When one shames another, they seize control over another. Shame is considered by the Order of Dari a form of harmfulness, because it causes damage to the auric fields and subtle bodies within the human species.


In ascension, one continually expands upwards and outwards in energy as one builds in vibration upon a biological basis. Shame causes the exact opposite to occur. In the game of shame, the individual who shames another takes the chi from another causing them to contract and drop in vibration, and furthermore, expands their own field with the chi from another without increasing the vibration of the form.


The game of shame causes a redistribution of power and chi into the hands of the one who is talented at shaming others. Many humans have most likely experienced this on the physical plane. Many powerful individuals are talented at keeping others around them powerless and in a state of shame. In so doing, the empowered individual’s field artificially engorges to two to three times the size of all others, and all others conversely shrink in size as a result of handing their chi and power to another.


Patterns of Shame


When one human shames another, they send a blast of energy into the field of another which creates one or many holes in their aura and chakra system. This blast deflates the field of another. Cords are often anchored during the blast between the perpetrator and the recipient that are used to leach chi from the recipient’s field. Such a blast also causes the chakras of the subtle bodies of the recipient’s field to wobble or cease to rotate altogether. Such a cessation of rotation of a given chakra region will cause a loss of chi within a particular part of the etheric and subtle bodies.


If a loss of chi within a given region of the subtle bodies occurs continuously over a many year time period, disease will form in a related part of the embodiment. All disease is related to a loss of chi within the gridwork of the subtle bodies from which the form is manifested. The patterns of shame contribute to such a loss of chi and therefore are considered a harmful act by the Order of Dari.


The individual perpetrating the shame artificially inflates themselves with the power and chi of another. They have not earned their power based upon spiritual initiations and the embodying of unconditional love but rather by taking energy from another. This form of power will cease all together as more initiates ascend beyond such patterns. For as many of those surrounding such empowered individuals transcend their need to give their power and chi to another, the artificially empowered individual simply shrinks back down to size, so to speak, and loses power that has not been earned via the spiritual initiation process of biological ascension.


In dealing with patterns of shame in interactions with others, initiates learned over time to send the shame back to the perpetrator. They also learned to release the karma and patterning within their own genetics through intent so that such an experience would not occur again in the future. Energy changes with conscious intention. When one intends a particular pattern to be erased and the related karma released, so it is.


Ascending initiates also learned, through conscious intent, to remove chi from those who inflated themselves artificially through the act of shaming another and taking others energy. In so doing, such an individual’s field simply shrinks back down to the size that their biological vibration can sustain. One could imagine pricking such an individual’s field with a knife and watching it deflate much like a balloon that has been released.


Be a Vessel for Spirit


Our channel discovered that it was often a series of personality entities that enjoyed engaging in the patterns of shame, either by causing the initiate to feel ashamed or by shaming another. As she learned to toss all such entities from her field and channel only her I AM Presence and Oversoul, the need to shame another or feel ashamed for any reason also ceased.


Many an initiate has complained, “I can’t hear my guidance. I am not telepathic.” Every thought that one has is channeled. The biology of the form was designed to be a vessel for spirit to channel through. Thoughts that are demeaning of oneself or another come from the personality entities that are channeled through the form and exist in the vibrations of shame, pain, anger, fear or blame. As the consciousness of the form learns to be discerning as to what is allowed to channel through, such thoughtforms will leave along with the entities that sustain it.


Each level of ascension brings forth a new level of thoughtform that is heard through one’s telepathic communication from one’s Soul, Oversoul and God/Goddess/All That Is. As the form increases in vibration (much like a radio station), the telepathic channels can tune into a higher frequency of communication emanating from their Soul and God/Goddess/All That Is. There are always those beings who wish to run interference with the communications of one’s Soul and God/Goddess/All That Is. This is how such beings have ruled and owned the Earth plane. As one learns to cast out such entities through conscious intent and tune only into their soul and oversoul, only the pure communications of soul along with God/Goddess/All That Is shall be heard.


Soul does not shame, nor does soul belittle, nor does it damage another’s field. Soul sees the form as equal to itself and treats the form as such. Our translator learned to pay attention to all thoughts. Any thought that has any judgment inherent in it is has become just cause for casting out the entity behind the thought out of her field. It is only in paying attention to one’s thoughts that harmlessness is sustained on a daily basis.


Sometimes, the thoughts that are shameful can be very subtle. For many years, Asur’Ana had guidance that would address her as ‘child’. As a whole soul was anchored within her form, her soul would never address her as ‘child’. The soul views the form as God/Goddess upon the physical plane. Such a being is not a child but God/Goddess in form. Our translator learned that any being who addresses her as ‘child’ is shaming her or belittling her, and she has learned to toss such guidance out of her field and presence. Any being who utilizes shame in their guidance is not working with God Goddess/All That Is or one’s Soul.


As the pattern of shame was more closely examined by the Order of Dari, it was discovered that all shame-based patterns are the result of the use of electrical energy within one’s field. The human field was originally designed to be magnetic only as it was seeded about 200,000 years ago (or 50,000 Earth years). When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.


Magnetic Energy and Harmlessness


Magnetic energy is rotational, and all energy systems at that time in human history rotated in a figure-eight pattern within all subtle bodies surrounding the human form. In addition to magnetic energy is the energy that is electrical in nature. Such electrical-based signatures have straight lines inherent within them. Such straight lines cut through the circular energy signature of a magnetic system causing a ‘fall’ or dissension in vibration. If you could imagine a magnetic pattern that is rotational in nature interspersed with an electrical signature, which is straight or like a lightning bolt. The straight lines cut holes through the circular patterns causing them to wobble. The wobbling within any circular energy flow causes a loss of chi that then causes the human species or any species for that matter to descend in vibration.


Electrical energy when applied to the emotional body of the human form is interpreted as shame, blame, pain, anger, fear or doubt. This is simply the result of receiving too much energy at once, which the emotional body was never equipped or designed to receive. The original blueprint for the human form was a magnetic only system, which was rotational. Rotational energy provides a much smaller level of chi to all subtle bodies, including the emotional body, than electrical energy. Electrical energy is three times greater than magnetic only energy in force.


The emotional body existed in its original seeding of the human form on Earth in a state of joy, unity, oneness and unconditional love. As electrical energy was applied to the magnetic emotional body of the human form, a blast of energy was received that was far greater than the emotional body was ever designed to receive. Such a blast was interpreted as pain, anger, fear, doubt, shame and blame. It is as such a record upon the emotional body was received that the original ‘Fall’ from grace occurred within the human experience.


Those who shame another send a blast of electrical energy towards the emotional body which is then interpreted as shame or blame, which has the effect of putting the individual in fear or doubt or, in other cases, causes them to become enraged. It is for this reason that the use of such electrical energy signatures in any form is considered a harmful act by the Order of Dari and must be relinquished in order to sustain a state of harmlessness in ascension.


It may surprise initiates to understand that the Mer-Ka-Ba or Star of David energy signature is an electrical signature. All electrical signatures will have straight lines within them. The Mer-Ka-Ba is two inverted pyramids that create a six-pointed object. Beyond Initiation 3000, all such electric signatures are transmuted into a magnetic signature (Triple Sphere). The reason for this is that beyond Initiation 3000, the Mer-Ka-Ba signature requires more energy to sustain and contributes to the wobble of the magnetic patterns which causes a loss in overall chi than the form can sustain.


Attachment is Electrical in Nature


Additionally, we would like to point out that all attachment is electrical in nature and in the form of straight lines between two human forms or two souls. Such straight lines also interfere with the circular energy flow of the human energy field. Attachment contributes to an ongoing loss of chi within the human form, along with the experience of aging, decay, death and disease. All attachment must be released as one ascends.


Our channel discovered that attachment was held between her form and everything she had ever owned (home, furnishings, clothing, jewelry, etc.) and everyone she had ever known. Such cords continually drain chi from the field and interfere with the rotational flow of the chakras and auric field. All such attachment is in the form of a straight line that is electrical, and as all use of electrical signatures is released, so is all attachment to another person, place or object.


Electrical energy is at the root of disease, aging and decay of the human species along with all species on Earth. Your current molecular structure is rotational in nature, like a solar system, with many particles rotating around a nucleus. Electrical energy (which is a straight line or lightning bolt signature) rips holes in your current molecular structure, causing the particles to cease to rotate around the nucleus. As this occurs over time, the form ages and then eventually dies.


The human energy field is sustained by tightly condensed gridwork of energy lines that are made up of molecules that are neatly lined up in a third-dimensional grid pattern. There are major energy junctures known as meridians that feed chi through the subtle body that is then transferred to every molecule rotating throughout the gridwork so that the continued rotation can be sustained. In the examination of the gridwork of the human species, entire blocks of the grid system have generally ceased to vibrate on a molecular level. Wherever the molecules have ceased to vibrate, aging, illness or decay exists within the form as not enough chi is available to sustain life on a cellular level. The reason that some molecules have ceased to vibrate within the etheric gridwork is simply a result of electrical energy cords that have interfered with the rotation of the molecules.


If you could imagine, every attachment a human has causes a straight line cord to develop between the etheric gridwork and another gridwork of a person, place or object. Such a straight line pattern takes chi to sustain and will take away chi from the region that it is corded into. The ongoing loss of chi from certain parts of the gridwork weakens the regions surrounding the cords. The resultant decay and death from such a loss of chi supply to the gridwork of a form is a form of self-sustained harmfulness from the perspective of the Order of Dari. Therefore, in order to sustain harmlessness, all such attachment and cording must be relinquished within an initiate’s field and subtle bodies. At this time, attainment of Initiation 5,024 requires all such attachment to be released in full.


To create a biological ascension, all molecules must first vibrate. Once all molecules are vibrating, the rotational speed of the molecules can be increased until the entire form is moved into the next dimension. Due to the level of decay within the current human species, ascension first requires the repair of what has decayed and the resurrection of all molecules that have ceased to vibrate. At this time, this appears to require 15,000 segments of DNA to accomplish a complete resurrection of all molecules within the human gridwork. Attaining the Bodhisattva and embodying 5,024 segments of DNA along with a state of harmlessness is only the first step in a many step process to restore biological ascension to the Earth plane.


The History of Electrical Energy within the Human Species


When humanity was originally seeded on Earth, humanity was magnetic only in energy signature. The introduction of electrical energy signatures occurred over 160,000 years ago and preceded the first fall in human consciousness at the end of the era of the Annanuki about 120,000 years ago. The second fall in human consciousness occurred at the end of the era of the Mahavishnu about 60,000 years ago. We have coined this fall the ‘Fall of the Era of the Mahavishnu’.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


During the era of the Mahavishnu (60,000 to 74,000 years ago), two types of human form were on Earth, one known as Mahavishnu who were the spiritual elite in charge of retaining governance and peace on Earth, and the other were known as the Bodhisattva, who were the majority of the populace. The Mahavishnu had a head size and brain cavity three times larger than the other form of human species and, as such, had a much greater spiritual awareness. Their form was constructed with 15,000 segments of DNA and the remainder of the populace with 5,000 segments.


Mahavishnu means conscious dreamer. The Mahavishnu had the capacity to consciously tune into the many dreamtime planes surrounding Earth at that time. Such dreamtime planes (which are also known as the planes of Vishnu) would receive the projections of the God/Goddess of your solar system from your Sun, which would emit a plan or design for all incarnating species on Earth. The Mahavishnu would tune into the vision of the God/Goddess of your solar system emitted on to the planes of Vishnu and guide human evolution upon the physical plane accordingly.


Initially, ascension was reserved for those who were Mahavishnu only in form. For a Mahavishnu form to complete a biological ascension, 45,000 additional segments of DNA were embodied a little at a time until the soul and form could merge as one energetic field. It was also the responsibility of the Mahavishnu to create a pathway for those who were Bodhisattva so that they could also ascend as a species and therefore to ensure the ascension of all species on Earth. It was for this purpose that the Pyramids of ancient Egypt along with two other sites currently under water were constructed.


Genetic records clearly show that the Mahavishnu successfully carved a pathway for those humans with only 5,000 segments to first embody all 15,000 segments and then a pathway for such individuals to embody another 45,000 segments of DNA, leading to a complete ascension between the soul and form. Such a path appears to have been successfully carved during the era of the Mahavishnu for the rest of humanity. Ascension for an individual beginning with only 5,000 segments could take upwards of 500 years to complete.


Initially, the projections on to the planes of Vishnu were peaceful, loving, and allowed for evolution of humanity and all species. Then, something occurred shattering all such planes and replacing them with dreamtime that was violent. Humanity tuned into the violence and began to act it out. The Mahavishnu either died off or lost consciousness. Ascension became a form of spontaneous combustion in which both the body and soul burnt up. Eventually, ascension ceased altogether.


There appear to be many contributing factors to the fall of the era of the Mahavishnu. One appears to be a series of inoculations from Pleiadian medical scientists who caused the biology of the Mahavishnu to become distorted and lose consciousness. Another cause of the end of this era appears to be the continuous mining of gold from Earth, which caused the overall vibration of Mother Earth to drop. The karma between the Pleiades and Earth was discussed in more detail in the last chapter.


Another contributing factor appears to be the introduction of electrical energy signatures into the genetics of the human species. Per the genetic records, approximately 160,000 years ago, the Andromedan species began to mate with humanity, producing offspring. The original human species had a 2,000-year life span. The life span of the offspring from Andromedan/Human genetic mixture dropped to 600 years, and aging, death, decay and disease became prevalent within humanity.


One may wonder why this is so. Well, the Andromedan species is an electrically-based species whose silica-based form is designed to thrive on electrical energy sources. The human species was designed to thrive on magnetic-only energy. The mixture of the two forms of genetics created problems with both. The resultant human form now ran on electromagnetic energy. Those cells designed to run on magnetic-only energy were destroyed by the electrical energy now running through the field and nervous system which was too strong a current to sustain life. Likewise, those cells designed to run on electrical energy only never received enough chi in the magnetic system and also began to die because the magnetic currents were not strong enough to sustain life.


The blending of electric and magnetic energy in the human species led to the experience of shame within the human emotional body. Prior to the mixing of human and Andromedan genetics, self-consciousness or shame was not a part of the human experience. Following the blending of two disharmonious genetics and related energy signatures, shame, pain, anger and fear became a part of the human experience. This is simply the result of a certain level of electrical energy being present in the embodiment which, when it hits the emotional body, records the emotion of shame.


The humans in Atlantis were a result of the blending of Andromedan DNA and human DNA. Only the Lemurian race retained its peaceful nature and is the lineage that remains pure to the original blueprint for the human form. This race was all but extinguished in the ‘Fall of Atlantis’. However, a few remnants of their DNA remain within the Polynesian Race, a few groups of Indians in South America, along with the Aborigines in Australia.


Many of our readers are also familiar with the blending of Grey and Reptilian genetics with the human species. The Grey and Reptilian races are also electrical in nature. In essence, the White and Jewish races are a blending of the human DNA from Atlantis (which was already a mixture of Andromedan and human DNA) with two strains of Grey DNA. The Japanese and Chinese races are the result of the blending of the Atlantean DNA with two different strains of Reptilian genetics. The black race is the result of the blending of Atlantean DNA with a race known as the Black Assyrians who happen to be magnetic rather than electric in origin. So, the Black race actually contains a closer replica of the original blueprint for magnetic genetics than most other races on Earth.


In such genetic mixtures, for the White, Jewish, Japanese and Chinese races, even a greater amount of electricity now runs through the field. This brought forth even a more shortened life span of the 60-90 years that humanity now experiences, along with a greater level of disease and decay within the human form. Such genetic mixtures also increase the level of pain, anger, fear, and shame that such humans live in.


As the genetics for ascension are embodied, the genetic material from all electrical sources, whether they be Andromedan, Grey, or Reptilian are gradually transmuted to a magnetic-only system. This brings forth the resurrection of what has decayed in preparation for biological ascension. Per the Order of Dari, Initiations 13-3,024 are utilized to transmute Grey or Reptilian DNA and transmute it to a magnetic only pattern. Initiations 3,024-15,000 are utilized to transmute all Andromedan DNA.


Which brings us to another point. The Andromedan Race, the Greys, the Reptilians and Black Assyrians have warred upon one another for eons of time. The reason the current human form also wars upon one another is a result of such genetic memories that are retained unconsciously between all races on Earth. As all of humanity ascends, all such unconscious karma will also be transmuted, thus allowing for the experience of peace on Earth to become a living reality.


Distortion of Earth’s Dreamtime Planes


Electrical energy appears to have distorted Earth’s dreamtime planes of reality beginning approximately 168,000 years ago. Upon review of the karma, such electrical energy appears to be anchored through a Lord known as Sananda. Sananda does not appear to have originated within your creation but rather is from another creation that is electrically based. As Sananda was anchored on Earth through the mating of the Andromedan and human species, such electrical signatures were also anchored surrounding Earth in the form of human dreamtime planes of reality. These dreamtime planes are also the planes that have perpetuated fear, war, terrorism, destruction and harmfulness within the human experience.


When humanity sleeps, they tune into eighteen layers of dreamtime planes of reality. During dreamtime, they experience many dances of creation in preparation for bringing such creations to their conscious daytime reality. As these dreamtime planes became increasingly violent beginning 160,000 years ago, violence also began to occur in humanity’s physical reality.


Sananda’s presence as a source of violence on Earth may shock many a metaphysician who may have come to appreciate Sananda’s guidance. However, from the standpoint of Earth’s history, Sananda’s frequency is not conducive to a peaceful civilization on Earth. Perhaps it would create a peaceful civilization on an electrically-based planet, and the problem is simply the result of mixing two energy signatures that are non-resonant in nature. Electrical energy distorts magnetic signatures, which then are interpreted as shame, anger, pain and fear by a magnetic emotional body within the human species. Introducing electrical energy to the eighteen dreamtime planes surrounding Earth had the effect of distorting them in a fashion that led to terrorism, shame, anger and fear. This was then picked up unconsciously as humanity slept and dreamed and then acted out by the human species as a whole.


Each initiate will need to assess within their own evolution which connections support their intent to ascend and which do not. Those connections that do not support one’s ascension will need to be cast off at some juncture, or one’s intent to ascend will simply not be fulfilled. We advise all initiates to call upon their own I AM, their own Oversoul, and their own Source for guidance and healing within their personal ascension. Each form is different, each soul is different, and each has a different purpose on Earth. As one learns to rely only upon their own soul in all that they do, they not only remain within the boundaries of their own unique truth, but they also fulfill their unique spiritual mission.


From the review of the Order of Dari of the karma released through the genetics of our translator and all ascending humans, beings such as Sananda, Thoth, Yahweh, and Voltaire are all electrically based. All originated from outside your creation. All have anchored electrical frequencies that have distorted the truth of your creation and led to multiple falls in consciousness on many dimensions, along with wars, terrorism and decay.


Whether or not they intended to do such harm is uncertain, and it may simply be the result of mixing two energy signatures that were not complementary. In any case, the Order of Dari is asking such beings to return to their creation of origin so that this creation can be resurrected to ascend. In so doing, every human form and species on Earth will shift from an electromagnetic energy source to a magnetic-only energy source in the process of ascension over the coming century.


The Eighteen Dreamtime Planes of Reality


At one time, it was the Mahavishnu who were responsible for holding the human dreamtime planes surrounding Earth that all of humanity dances with while asleep. It required six incarnate Mahavishnu to energetically hold one dreamtime plane, which meant that a minimum of 108 Mahavishnu had to be incarnate on Earth at any one given time.


Recently, many of the last souls to hold such dreamtime planes were resurrected. Each had shattered extensively. As electrical energy was anchored onto Earth through the increasing populations of half-human/half-Andromedan forms, the Mahavishnu holding the dreamtime planes literally shattered and fractured as the electrical energies reached their peak within the human populace on Earth.


We would like to state how the Mahavishnu held energy on Earth during their reign. The Mahavishnu were responsible for sustaining enough energy or chi through their form to hold a portion of a dreamtime plane of reality and to sustain peace and harmony within human civilization. Such peace and harmony were sustained through an energetic weaving that wrapped around every human incarnate and under the jurisdiction of a particular Mahavishnu.


As the populace became increasingly electrical due to the genetic blending of human with Andromedan DNA, the electrical energy cut up the weaving the Mahavishnu held and shattered their respective fields. Many physically died. Others descended in vibration and lost consciousness. Without the peaceful weaving surrounding humanity, war, rape, torture and discord broke out. This occurred over a 2,000-year time span per the genetic records reviewed by the Order of Dari beginning 160,000 years ago.


We would like to go into more detail about the eighteen planes held by the Mahavishnu during their reign. Each plane was responsible for sustaining harmony on Earth. Each plane will be reconstructed a little at a time as there are enough humans vibrating at the level of the Mahavishnu to hold such planes in the decades to come.


1. The Plane of Oneness: During the era of the Mahavishnu, the plane of oneness was responsible for sustaining oneness and unity consciousness within the human experience. As the electrical energy was added to Earth and the human experience, this plane resulted in the experience of separatism. It is through the vibration of separatism that unity consciousness amongst humans was lost.


2. The Plane of Peace: This plane was responsible for retaining peace on Earth and within the human experience. As electrical energy impulses were added to the plane of peace, discord or static resulted in the human experience. It is through the vibration of discord that confusion was created within the human experience, which led to barbarism and warring over time.


3. The Plane of Union: This plane was responsible for sustaining divine union between the Mahavishnu and the humans incarnate under their care. As electrical impulses were added to this plane, this had the effect of creating antagonism within the human experience. It is through the vibration of antagonism that humans turned against one another and against their own leadership.


4. The Plane of Unity: This plane was responsible for sustaining unity between all humans incarnate on Earth and harmony between all species. As electrical impulses were added to this plane of reality, segregation resulted not only between humans but also between all species on Earth. It is through the vibration of segregation that groups of humans were turned against one another and began to war on one another.


5. The Plane of Hope: This plane was responsible for sustaining evolution on Earth. Hope allows all species to move upwards in vibration to bring forth evolution and expand one’s auric field or ascend. As the electrical impulses hit this plane of reality, hopelessness resulted within the human experience. It is the vibration of hopelessness that causes humans to contract their fields. Contraction of one’s field causes a dissension in vibration.


6. The Plane of Love: This plane was responsible for sustaining the vibration of unconditional love within the human experience on Earth. As electrical vibrations hit this plane of reality, the experience of shame resulted. It is the vibration of shame that causes humans to become self-conscious. In a state of self-consciousness, one begins to distrust them self and distrust others. It is also the distrust of one self that leads to the distrust of God Goddess/All That Is.


7. The Plane of Trust: This plane was responsible for sustaining a connection between every form and their Soul, Oversoul and God Goddess/All That Is. Connection to one’s own Source requires trust. As electrical energy hit this plane of reality, fear resulted within the human experience. It is the vibration of fear that causes humans to distrust one self along with one another. It was also the vibration of fear that disconnected the human form from their soul and guidance.


8. The Plane of Honor: This plane was responsible for sustaining a state of honor between all life forms on Earth as well as within the human experience. As the electrical impulses hit this plane of reality, usury resulted. It is the vibration of usury that causes humans to prostitute themselves or another. It is also the vibration of usury that causes humans to prostitute the animal kingdom either as a food source or pets.


9. The Plane of Gold: This plane was responsible for sustaining the golden octave on Earth. The golden octave holds within it all of the prior eight vibrations or planes within its field. It is also the vibration of creation or matter or life. As the electrical energy hit this plane of reality, anti-matter was the result or a force that shoots holes through matter and causes death or decay. This resulted in the experience of a shortened life span for the human species, along with all species on Earth.


10. The Plane of Harmony: This plane was responsible for maintaining harmony and balance on Earth. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, the vibration of disharmony resulted. It is the vibration of disharmony that causes humans to be in disharmony within along with one another.


11. The Plane of Joy: This plane was responsible for sustaining the joy within the human experience in all human activities. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, it resulted in the vibration of joylessness. It is the vibration of joylessness that causes humans to experience boredom. It is out of boredom that humans seek entertainment outside of themselves rather than tuning into their own truth and guidance.


12. The Plane of Honesty: This plane was responsible for maintaining openness between humans on Earth in which nothing was hidden or veiled. As the electrical frequencies hit this plane of reality, altruism resulted. It is the vibration of altruism that causes humans to believe in perfection. It is out of the belief in perfection that one learns to value some things and not value others, which is competition. It is the also the vibration of altruism that causes humans to veil their real self out of the belief that it is not perfect enough.


13. The Plane of Collaboration: This plane was responsible for sustaining collaboration between all humans and all kingdoms on Earth. As the electrical frequencies hit this plane of reality, a hierarchical structure resulted in which some things were of greater value than others. It is the vibration of a hierarchical structure that causes humanity to compartmentalize their governance and their lives. It is through compartmentalization and competition that some are deemed of higher worth than others are. As some are considered of little worth, they become dispensable or used.


14. The Plane of Assessment: This plane was responsible for sustaining neutral assessment about all occurrences on Earth so that the lessons learned from a particular experience could be ascertained and then integrated. Such integration of lessons learned leads to evolution. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, the vibration of judgment ensued. It is the vibration of judgment that causes humanity to doubt themselves or another. It is also the vibration of judgment that causes evolution to cease, because lessons learned become something to be ashamed of or blamed of and then are hidden or erased out of fear.


15. The Plane of Non-Conditional Leadership: This plane was responsible for sustaining human leadership based on spiritual evolution and unconditional love on Earth. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, the vibration of anarchy resulted. It is the vibration of anarchy that causes humans to overthrow one leadership and embrace another. It was just such a vibration that also leads to leadership based upon power, wealth and fame rather than spiritual evolution.


16. The Plane of Non-Conditional Honor: This plane was responsible for sustaining honor amongst all human leadership on Earth. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, the vibration of vindictiveness resulted. It is the vibration of vindictiveness that causes humans to torture themselves or another. It is the vibration of vindictiveness that causes leaders to compete with one another for territorial reign or to war upon one another.


17. The Plane of Non-Conditional Acceptance: This plane was responsible for sustaining acceptance of all races of humans on Earth. As this plane was hit by electrical frequencies, the vibration of hatred ensued. It is the vibration of hatred that causes humans to destroy large groups of other humans in fear, or in other terms, to create war.


18. The Plane of Non-Conditional Governance: This plane was responsible for sustaining a relationship between the leaders and masses based upon unconditional love and honor. As the electrical vibrations hit this plane of reality, the vibration of evil ensued. It is the vibration of evil that causes humans to believe in the concept of the anti-God or Lucifer and polarize into the thoughtform of good and evil. It is the thoughtform of good and evil that cause some leadership to become veiled, thus appearing to be only ‘good’, and the criminals or dictators to be viewed as ‘evil’ and therefore worthy of being destroyed.


Each initiate embodying Bodhisattva and 5,024 segments of DNA will discover that they have portions of their soul anchored on these eighteen dreamtime planes that are violent on Earth. These planes are respectively the planes of Discord, Segregation, Hopelessness, Shame, Fear, Usury, Anti-Matter (Destruction), Disharmony, Joylessness, Altruism, Hierarchical Structure, Judgment, Anarchy and Hatred. These dreamtime planes have ongoing sagas or broadcasts related to their vibration that are perpetuated 24 hours per day and are similar to a violent movie. Humans, as they sleep, venture on to these planes of dreamtime and experience the dramas based upon destruction that are broadcast. They then often act out their dreamtime experiences in physicality.


Many may wonder why the violence is increasing so at this time in human history. The increase in violence is the result of the unconscious coming closer to the conscious daily reality. The closer the unconscious becomes, the easier it is to bring one’s unconscious destructiveness into one’s conscious daily life. If one is not ascending and continues to tune in to the violent dreamtime, they will create violence in their conscious life experience.


The conscious and unconscious planes uniting into one plane is simply the result of the ascension of Earth. As Mother Earth ascends, she is embracing her unconscious dark side a little at a time. As humanity fails to ascend, the unconscious dark side of humanity will become closer and closer to consciousness and then play itself out until all the karma has been cleared. If all of humanity were ascending, they too would be integrating and transcending their own dark side, in which case such violence would not need to be acted out in physicality. You can see that the increased violence is actually a result of humanity’s choice not to ascend at this time in history as an entire species.


As initiates recall portions of their soul on these violent dreamtime planes of reality, they may also awaken with a conscious memory of their experience, which can sometimes feel like a nightmare.


Initiates will now better understand where much of the violent books and movies originate. Authors and movie directors alike simply tune in to such dreams and bring them to consciousness and write about them or produce a movie about them. Such stories are simply the sun’s projections that have become distorted with electrical vibrations. If there were no electricity on these planes of reality, the projections would be peaceful and loving in nature, and humanity would receive them unconsciously and then live accordingly. It is the electrical energy that distorts the projections coming from the sun so that the message received becomes violent, abusive, usurious and destructive. This assessment is based on the review of the Order of Dari of the history of humanity on Earth and the records released within those who are ascending at this time in history.


As initiates transcend the eighteen planes of dreamtime based upon shame, they will also release all use of electrical energy within their field and embrace an energy signature that is magnetic only (Triple Sphere). In so doing, all unconscious agreements with Sananda, Thoth, Yahweh and Voltaire must be released. As this is accomplished, a state of harmlessness is embodied.


Per the assessment of the Order of Dari, it will require one percent of the human population to attain Initiation 5024, and one percent of those who have attained 5024 to attain Initiation 15,000 in their respective biological ascension to restore all dreamtime planes to peaceful, loving projections based on honor and unconditional acceptance. As these eighteen planes are restored, humanity will begin to tune in to a dreamtime based on unity consciousness and unconditional love, and they will begin to restructure their lives accordingly. In order to make such an outcome for human civilization a reality, many more of the human populace must choose to ascend. We invite each of you reading this book to ‘intend to ascend’. In so doing, you contribute greatly to the unfolding of a new era on Earth.


It has been the thoughtform of the human species to believe that a new civilization can only be brought forth through an act of war or violence of some sort. The act of ascending is an inner job in which each initiate transcends his or her own internal darkness. In so doing, they become agents of peace, acceptance and unconditional love. They become walking examples of non-violence and harmlessness. If enough numbers attain such a state, they will bring the remainder of humanity along for the ride.


We hope you have found this information useful on your personal path of ascension. Please know that we love you and support you every step of the way.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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