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2. Horse Power


Blessings for Power, Strength and the Fortitude to Ascend


The Horse Kingdom


Horse extends greetings and salutations to all involved in this ascension extension of the One; greetings as in hello, welcome on this path and salutations as in honoring your willingness to extend yourself for the greater good of the whole. We, the Horse species, admire those who undertake the work of ascension and we understand what a work it is.


Work has two connotations to humanity. One connotation of it is the amount of effort required to do a particular job as in how much work is that task. The second connotation is the task at hand being called work as in “I am going to go to work now”. For ascending beings, the entirety of the life is the ascension work and therefore to say how much work is the work is accurate as is how much effort is the ascension.


Why is horse, known for strength and power in the fleetness of foot as well as in the ability to do much work in the course of a day, talking about the work or effort of ascension to the human ascending initiates? Horse is about the power and strength to persevere until the completion of the task at hand. The ascension path is for those willing to extend in each moment the effort required to transcend all issues at hand, each day, week, month, year and decade of continued ascension.


For each the effort in the moment will be different although each is pushed to the extent of capability to see how will each choose in the moment of decision. Why is this testing embedded in the ascension process? Is it not enough to have to release the pain and heal the karma of the lineage?


Genetic Package and Karma


If the point of ascension were only to acknowledge the past and get on with the future, then perhaps the tests of life would not be necessary. However, ascension is the culminating experience for any genetic package and therefore ensuring the quality of the package is of paramount import to the whole of creation; as the movement forward for a genetic package says that this creational unit understands all lessons and can be trusted with creational knowledge and responsibility.


Each genetic package carries embedded within the karma of the lives of the ancestors. Karma is the history of what happened, how the lives were lived, the sort of “when and where did who do what to whom” with the addition that each incident will recreate itself unless previously acknowledged and released by the ascending initiate. This karma is biological in nature for each human and this makes the human body the ultimate in both recording and playback or repeat potential.


Each initiate has the potential to release the karma before it is replayed. This possibility allows for lifetimes to be reviewed and ancestors forgiven without the necessity of reliving or re-experiencing yet again a similar circumstance to the ancestor. This release process presumes that the lesson involved with the karma has been learned. If there is a question as to the choice the biology will make in the same or similar circumstance then a physical presentation or test is arranged and the biology can exhibit its choice. If the lesson has been thoroughly learned then an innate knowing in the biology will dictate the evolutionary choice regardless of any other input.


Transcending Destruction


Consistently in human history some lineages are destroyed, some lineages destroy others, and yet other lineages are destroyed or destroy others in similar ratios. The question is not whether it is better to destroy or be destroyed but one of when will destruction not be permitted? So, the physical plane presentation is made and each human form may choose to destroy, be destroyed, or transcend beyond destruction, which is transcendence ultimately of death; which is ascension.


Each vibration one exists within or transcends into contains the possibility for destroy, be destroyed, or transcendence. Why is this so? The human form is the recording of everything that ever occurred to any ancestor as well as in your current life. Every life has been functions of destroy or be destroyed and little transcendence. Therefore, the current life experience draws to it plenty of opportunity to experience again the experience of the past.


No doubt there is someone thinking that there is no destruction in my life. Look around, the Earth is being destroyed every second of every day. People are murdered, starved, live in rat infested cardboard housing. Children are sexually molested and mutilated with thoughtform so they can become anorexic or bulimic or drug addicts. Disease of the form runs rampant with no acknowledgment of cause being inward destruction, only that a germ or virus was contacted or contracted from somewhere or someone else. Do not tell us there is no destruction in your life beloved. We of the Horse species witness the human caused destruction every day.


The physical reality is a reflection of the energetic reality, which is constructed from the thoughtform of those in the consensus reality. Each participates in this reality by contributing their thoughtform. Until unity is the prevalent thoughtform, then destruction will continue to be the experience on a consensus basis.


Strength and Power


Earlier we talked of strength and power as being expressions of horse and we talked of the work necessary to create an ascending being. Now you might say to us, Horse how hard can it be to transcend, when after all, is not transcendence simply erasing what is present so I can rise above it, like cutting off the sandbags if I were in a hot-air balloon? “Sort of” we might say, with the difference being that each grain of sand must first be inspected, cleaned, heated until it becomes glass, and then given away so as to make the trip lighter. Then the balloon will rise one grain of sand’s worth at a time.


For any of you that have worked with a Horse to pull a wagon or plow a field or skid a log, you know that horse must work hard to succeed at the human defined tasks and does so for very little in return. If any have seen Horse in the wild, you encounter a different way of being where human interference is not tolerated. In both ways of being strength and power are brought forth in the expression of Horse.


Human and Horse on the ascension pathway have something to give each other. Horse in the wild understands strength, power, and freedom, but does not know about being a fully conscious being in each expression of Horse. Humans, while they have forgotten their role and duties as a fully conscious species, have an understanding of individual soul expression albeit without the expression of strength and power except in a destructive sense. This is the gift Horse has for humanity, the understanding and expression of strength and power without the need to destroy or be destroyed.


Strength and power exist as modes of expression used to bring forth the building of a dream or the continuance of a current reality. Strength and power can be soft and supple as a stag in fullness of leap or as direct as a buffalo awakened from sleep in staring you down. In either case, strength and power are an expression of being, not an affectation, not used as a tool to gain unrightfully an ascendancy over another.


Strength and power are to be used to sustain one’s fortitude and perseverance in the attainment of ascension. Each choice to ascend above the destroyer or be destroyed paradigm requires strength and power to see and live into completion. If one loses heart in the middle of transcendence giving up strength and power to another rather than claiming back one’s strength and power, then ascension gives way to destroy or be destroyed and one has the opportunity to transcend again.


Horse offers to humanity the opportunity to call upon the horse species when things look bleak or even if you want a friendly nuzzle in the middle of the day. We are open to assisting with your ascension as we are all in this ascension of Earth together. You might think that you are ascending by yourself or as a species, but that is just not so. We have much to say about ascension, yours and ours, if only you ask. We cannot help without being asked. So, we invite you to request assistance as needed or just the odd friendly chat when desired.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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